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Can’t Wake Up? This Bed Will Literally Kick You Out


How the TV show in Xbox One exclusive 'Quantum Break' works

When Remedy released Alan Wake on Xbox 360, few people questioned the live-action cut scenes sprinkled throughout the campaign. It turns out those moment

Gamescom 2015: everything from Microsoft, EA, Bethesda and others

Xbox is going big this year

Mafia 3 - a heady mix of violence, ’60s rock, and feeding foes to the ’gators

Is this the coolest game of 2016? That’s what I find myself scribbling down on my notepad, as the very first demo of Mafia 3 reaches its explosive

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Mr. Robot: "v1ew-s0urce.flv" Review - IGN

After the shocking events of last week's episode, Mr. Robot took a leap forward in time. The jump was a smart move for the story. Elliot's immediate reaction to Shayla's death probably wasn't predictable, but it's not unfamiliar territory if you know what I mean. It may not have been compelling to watch. A month has given him more time to process what happened, and based on his internal monologue to the audience, it sounds like he's been pretty withdrawn. The leap ahead is also intriguing in that it served as a pause button on everyone's actions. You could make an argument for the decision being a weakness in the story -- why wouldn't the lives of others keep moving along? -- but I see it as symbolic of how long it takes the majority of us to pull our crap together and make changes in our lives.

Frederique Constant smartwatch review: Time-tested activity tracking in a beautiful Swiss watch

At the top of this review (and once again here), I’ve put the term “horological smartwatch” in quotes for a deliberate reason: It’s the term Fullpower and Frederique Constant use in their marketing materials, but I personally don’t feel the watch deserves full smartwatch status. Lacking so many features we’ve come to expect from smartwatches (smartphone notifications chief among them), I think the timepiece is better described as a beautiful Swiss watch with smart features. A full-fledged smartwatch, it is not.

Signily lets you use sign language on iOS

While it’s only available on iOS at the moment, ASLized has said that an Android version is coming soon. The app costs $0.99 to download and all of the proceeds go towards the nonprofit’s emoji project to have sign language shapes integrated into Unicode and approved by the Unicode Consortium .

Cord-Cutting Weighs on Pay TV

The latest round of earnings from major media companies is stoking fears that as more consumers drop their traditional pay-TV services, the long-term health of the industry’s biggest players will be threatened.

Can't Have It Both Ways: The Trouble With Reddit's Content Policy Update

Huffman came in following the departure of CEO Ellen Pao, who was pilloried by members of the Reddit community for what they saw as arbitrary firing of beloved staffer Victoria Taylor, who coordinated the site’s popular Ask Me Anything posts. Huffman promised more transparency and proper empowerment of Redditors, who already hold immense sway over the site’s operations. Part of that effort included creating a revised content policy that would stand as an impartial guideline for how management makes decisions.

PowerShell objects: A tutorial

One of the things most people do not realize about PowerShell, at least up front, is that PowerShell is based on the .NET Framework, which means that PowerShell can be considered a programming language. In fact, each response you get from running a cmdlet in PowerShell, no matter how simple or complex that cmdlet may be, is actually a .NET object. It might look like text to you, but it can be programmatically manipulated in ways that Linux and UNIX command line diehards can only dream about.

Big data in the application-centric cloud

An example is a major retailer that uses Storm to analyze and process data at the same time. This retailer puts in an HDFS file for further analysis with other programs. This is done in containers in an application-centric cloud. The retailer serves multiple users with these technologies and has gained what it believes is a competitive edge. As volume increases, the retailer spins up containers with these micro-services. Customers now have a choice of flexible, automated, and elastic virtual environments for big data, and the application-centric cloud provides a platform that integrates into the modern data center.

Tweet chat today: Talking about marketing personalization with VB Insight

Join VentureBeat on Thursday, August 6th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET/ 19:00 GMT for a special Twitter Chat with VentureBeat Insight analyst Stewart Rogers. We’ll be chatting about the state of marketing technology in regard to personalization — whether it’s through personalized messaging, app experiences or serving up ad content.

Synaptics will put fingerprint sensors in PC touchpads to enable Windows Hello

The SecurePad technology is actually a small 4mm x 10mm module that can be embedded within a touchpad, according to Synaptics. The module can read a fingerprint at any angle, and match it against its stored database. It can also be built into any of the Synaptics touchpads, including what it calls the ClickPad and ForcePad, and customers can ask that it be illuminated via embedded LED lights to help guide a user’s finger to the sensor. Integrating the sensor won’t affect touchpad gestures, Synaptics added, and the fingerprint information is encrypted.

Apple Music Has 11 Million Trial Subscribers

Apple Music is currently in three-month free trial phase so users aren't paying anything for the service. It will cost $9.99 a month after. Cue also revealed that there are 2 million subscribers to the $14.99 family plan, which gives access to Apple Music for up to 6 people. This is also free at the moment.

This Pot Noodle vending machine is the answer to your drunk food cravings

Mansfield Road, Nottingham has become home to the UK's first ever Pot Noodle vending machine, conveniently located on the walk home from many of the city's bars and clubs. Residents looking for a late night snack - or even just something to tide them over to dinner - can choose from chicken and mushroom, tomato, beef or spicy curry 24 hours a day.

As the world of TV crumbles, what does the future hold for ESPN?

One of the things that makes ESPN very different from other streaming success stories such as HBO and Netflix is that the sports broadcaster’s content has an extremely short half-life. Netflix may not mind paying hundreds of millions of dollars for a TV show because it knows it can rebroadcast and license that content forever, but ESPN’s library consists of things that only have value for a few hours.

Apple won't face class action lawsuit over iMessage problems

If you were hoping to get a payout from Apple after an iMessage flaw prevented you from seeing some text messages on your Android phone... well, you'll probably be disappointed. Judge Lucy Koh (she of the Apple-versus-Samsung trials ) has ruled that a lawsuit over iMessage's problems won't reach class action status. According to Koh, it's not clear that everyone who would have been included (basically, any American who switched away from an iPhone) was affected. Even if the plaintiff could prove that Apple's messaging tech has "systematic" problems, the judge says, that wouldn't prove that people missed out on important conversations.

Here, we made the Time virtual reality cover better

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

Say ¡Hola! To These Awesome 'Mexican Emojis'

They're just an artist's creation for now, but if they were official we'd use them all the time.

TechCrunch on Twitter

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'Oculus Cinema' will let friends watch movies 'together'

If you've ever peered into a VR headset , you'll know it can be a pretty lonely experience -- much like going to an empty cinema in the real world. VR heavyweight Oculus will kill these two birds, with a forthcoming "multiplayer" mode for its virtual movie theater app Oculus Cinema . The update for the app lets friends enjoy films at the same time, and see them next to you in the same virtual cinema. Features like this are part of the push to make virtual reality a little bit more social , something Oculus-owners Facebook has been eager to do ever since it snapped up the virtual reality hardware company.

Tesla unveils its mesmerizing car-charging snake because you didn’t want a Model S already

Teslas are already cool enough, but when Elon Musk teased the ‘snake’ charger a while back , it was too much. We almost hoped he was just kidding, but no — he wasn’t. The snake is real, and it’s amazing.

Dongle fans rejoice: As expected, HBO Now just added support for Google Chromecast with their latest

Dongle fans rejoice: As expected, HBO Now just added support for Google Chromecast with their latest iOS update, so you can stream your favorite HBO shows to your TV with hardly any hardware at all. An equivalent update to the Android version is expected shortly. Update: Chromecast support on Android has arrived too! [via Techcrunch ]

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21, One Of The World’s Biggest Stores, Gets A Redesign

As to why? My guess would be more people buying on mobile — a lot more. Switching to a ‘store’ tab doesn’t feel so onerous on desktops, but it could make or break conversion rates on an iPhone. If you can transition more seamlessly between researching an Apple product and purchasing one, then you’re more likely to make that conversion, and that’s all the more case on a smaller screen that requires you to tap around and scroll around to just ‘find the place to buy this thing’. Now, that’s all one experience.

The Stories Behind The Extreme Selfies We Can't Forget

HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps talked with a panel of selfie experts on Monday about how to take the most memorable, extreme selfie possible. Check out their tips and see their favorite selfies of their own in the video above.

James Franco to Play Twins in Porn-Themed Drama From The Wire Creator - IGN

According to Variety , porn industry drama The Deuce is set in the 1970s and '80s, exploring the legalisation and rise of the porn industry in New York. The project is inspired by twin brothers who became fronts for mob control of the sex industry - Franco will reportedly play both brothers.

San Antonio is getting Google Fiber

Nearly six months after the city cleared a steeplechase-worth of legal hurdles , Google has finally announced that it will be installing its ultrafast fiber-optic network in San Antonio, Texas. Google cites San Antonio's 1.4 million residents and thriving tech scene -- including the country's first all-digital library, the Bexar BiblioTech -- as reasons for the selection. The fact that San Antonio was recently chosen for the President Tech Hire and Connect Home initiatives didn't hurt, either. The company will spend the next few months coordinating with city leaders on how best to lay the 4,000 miles of necessary fiber-optic cable. There's no word yet on when the 1,000 Mbps service will actually begin.

Tesla's prehensile car charger plugs itself in automatically

Keep your flying cars and robot maids, we are already living in Elon Musk's future. Tesla officially unveiled its automatic charging system today and whaaaaa? When Musk first announced its development last December, he compared it to a " solid metal snake " and he was not lying. In the video below you can see the charger bend and flex like one of Doc Oc's appendages as it pokes around the backside of a Model S before inserting a nozzle on its tip into the vehicle's charging port.

Researchers Hacked a Model S, But Tesla's Already On It

Two researchers have found that they could plug their laptop into a network cable behind a Model S’ driver’s-side dashboard, start the car with a software command, and drive it. They could also plant a remote-access Trojan on the Model S’ network while they had physical access, then later remotely cut its engine while someone else was driving.

Carrot's smartass weather app comes to Mac

Just like the mobile app, Carrot Weather for Mac taps into Dark Sky’s accurate rain predictions to deliver the weather in entertaining ways. It talks using Siri’s voice to tell you today’s weather, complete with jokes, insults and actual predictions.

Facebook's new patent could make you rethink your friends list

Facebook secured a patent on Tuesday that could help filter spam emails and offensive content, improve searches and allow lenders to use your social habits to determine a credit approval.

Jeff Bezos Sells More Than $500 Million in Amazon Shares Inc.’s soaring stock price helped to boost proceeds from the sale of 1 million shares by Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos this week, allowing him to reap more than $500 million.

How smart watches work

However, as watch makers continue to blur the lines between traditional and smart watches, could the act of simply looking at the time at the wrong time eventually result in a fine? Like most recent battles between technology and the law, it'll probably be the courts that will eventually have to decide this one.

5 Predator movie quotes that perfectly describe Acer's insane Predator G6

You might think you've entered some pretty nasty warzones online, but you've not seen anything until you've gamed in glorious 4K. Paired with an Acer Predator X34 G-Sync monitor (or any G-Sync monitor), the GTX 980-equipped G6 being demonstrated on Acer's booth cranked out some impressive visuals at 3,440 x 1,440. High-res gaming is the way to go, and like Mike Harrigan's character in Predator, once you've gone Ultra HD it's like entering a whole new warzone.

​A guy in the UK called the ISS from his backyard and you can too

Contacting the ISS wasn't incredibly difficult for the 52 year old amateur radio operator, but it did take some legwork. Lane had to plot the path of the space station to figure out when it would be flying over his house. When the time was right he reached out to the sky and got a response: an American voice was welcoming him aboard the International Space Station.

Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One Movie Slated for 2017 - IGN

"Any film from Steven Spielberg is an event film, so it felt right to date this thrilling new project from one of our greatest filmmakers for the holiday season," said Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman.

IoT could demand a whole new, dedicated network — here’s why

Today, most networked appliances on the Internet of Things (IoT) are not too demanding from a bandwidth perspective. Often they just share simple data that only require a few bytes to transfer from one device to another. For example, a sensor may update a computer with a machine’s current fuel efficiency, or the temperature of a commercial refrigeration unit – and, in network terms, this doesn’t add up to much traffic.

How to tell your Facebook friends how to pronounce your name - CNET

Tired of everyone always messing up your name in person? Facebook wants to help you help them learn how to pronounce it.

The CIO Turned Digital Leader

When I was interviewing for the CIO role, we talked about the shifting world of restaurant technology, and how companies are trying to differentiate through digital. We talked about how marketing, technology and store operations have to work together to create and deploy digital solutions to deliver a great customer experience. And while collaboration between these groups is critical, we all felt that we needed one member of the executive leadership team to be on the hook for ensuring we had a holistic strategy, roadmap, and investment plan. As I had provided oversight to digital marketing and e-commerce at Avon, the team at Bloomin’ Brands felt it was appropriate that I take on that role. It was critical for me that both the CEO and the CMO wanted that to happen and were comfortable with how I would go about the role.

IBM's Watson Will Soon Be Able To See

Today, Big Blue announced a $1 billion acquisition of Merge Healthcare, and thanks to a marriage of Watson’s existing image analytics and cognitive capabilities and Merge’s data and imagery, the computer should soon be able to recognize many types of medical imagery. In essence, Watson will be able to "see," IBM said...and eventually save a lot of M.D. eye strain.

Hands-on with Outlook for Apple Watch: Microsoft’s app does smartwatch email right

As far as Apple Watch email apps go, Outlook does an admirable job of emphasizing quick interactions. Like the iOS app, the Watch version offers a “Focused Inbox” that tries to figure out which emails are most important. But the concept arguably works even better on a wrist-sized display, where saving time is crucial. (If anything, it’d be great if Outlook allowed the Focused Inbox to exist only on the Apple Watch, while showing a normal chronological inbox on the iPhone.)

Apple makes 12-inch MacBook available for personal pickup

Apple has finally made its new 12-inch MacBook available for personal pickup in retail stores across the U.S., four months after it made its debut. The device has been available for walk-in customers in some stores sporadically, but it’s a whole lot easier to get hold of now.

IBM's new $1B acquisition will help Watson 'see'

In effect, IBM believes the combination of the two firms will help advance its Watson cognitive computing system beyond natural language and give it the ability to “see.” The goal, it said, is to shed new light on current and historical images, electronic health records and data from wearable devices.

Another Android Bug That Lets Hackers Control Your Phone With One Text

Long story short, the Check Point team figured out a pretty straightforward way to create fake certificates and gain full access to an Android device with an mSRT installed. In the Black Hat demo, Check Point’s Ohad Bobrov and Avi Bashan demonstrated two ways of gaining access. One involved installed a fake flashlight app that requested very few permissions but actually gave them full control over the device thanks to the vulnerability. The other involved sending a single text message that could force the remote access tool to issue any command. The hack is pretty scary-looking in action.

Android faces an improbable challenge

Wednesday's moves are great for many users, but hundreds of millions of Android users will remain vulnerable to Stagefright and/or whatever the next Android security flaw is. The promises we have from manufacturers and Google to update devices apply only to certain flagship phones or phones that were recently released. It's unclear whether and when older and cheaper Android devices, which make up most of the Android ecosystem, will be updated or get the monthly security updates promised to some users on Wednesday.

Tapjoy hits its billionth app install

Tapjoy’s Video-to-Install product has seen the largest growth, increasing usage more than 85 percent from the last half of 2014 to the first half of 2015. Its Video-to-Install product offers advertisers the ability to market their app with a rewarded video that provides consumers with a full sense of the developer’s product. Consumers who chose to install an app after watching the video are considered high-quality users. Those users can drive superior lifetime value metrics for the app developer.

Sky's new £15 Now TV box is still the cheapest way to own a 'Roku'

However, the elephant in the room is the lack of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video streaming options. It’s obvious why Sky wouldn’t want these rivals offering subscription services alongside Now TV and Sky Movies on its own hardware, but it’s a business decision that hurts the user.

TechCrunch on Twitter

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Square's Latest Move Is, Sadly, Rare For A Tech Startup

Having just a single woman or minority member on a board can be problematic, as I explained in this story for HuffPost  last month. Being the only woman or black person on a board can mean you’re treated as the sole representative for an entire demographic. So instead of getting asked for input based on business expertise, women and minorities might just get asked for the views of their demographic. “Hey, Mary, will women like this new feature?” etc. It’s generally agreed that you need at least three women or minority members to get over that hump. 

Tesla Model S owners, take heart: Hack requires physical access to car's onboard computer - CNET

The Tesla hack required some serious legwork -- including physical access to a vehicle in order to connect a laptop to its onboard computer -- from Mahaffey and Rogers to truly take over the car. However, the researchers were eventually able to turn off the car while it was driving, which at low speeds will bring it to an immediate stop. If a Model S is going above five miles per hour, the car "shuts off its engine -- just like shifting a gasoline car into neutral -- while still providing the driver full control over steering and brakes so they can safely bring the car to a stop," Mahaffey wrote.

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Check out 17 minutes of explosive Crackdown 3 gameplay  #gamescom

Read The New Yorker's classic Hiroshima issue 70 years after the bomb was dropped

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the day the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, instantly killing about 80,000 people and marking the first time any nation used nuclear weapons in combat. And for something to help you reflect on the enormity of the devastation wrought, you could do a lot worse than to read John Hersey's astonishing book-length  Hiroshima essay, which took up almost the entire August 31st, 1946 issue of The New Yorker and has been  digitally republished today .

I visited North Korea and snuck out these eye-opening photos

It was an eye-opening experience. Upon exiting the country, my cameras were searched for over two hours in Sinuiju. Many photos were deleted — but I had backups.

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