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Rio Throws An Upbeat, Gold-Medal Olympic Dance Party

Directed by "City of God" filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, the event celebrated history, diversity—and getting down.

How two expats found themselves at the center of Moscow’s entrepreneurial scene

It started with snacks. When Simon Dunlop and Victor Frumkin met in their mutual adoptive hometown of Moscow nearly 20 years ago, they hit it off well enough to go into business together. The Soviet Union had collapsed, yielding a vacuum in which every consumer product could be updated or reimagined; with communist politics phased …

How to Boost Your Engagement With Visual Content : Social Media Examiner

Do you want more engagement on your social channels? In this article, you’ll discover how to use visual content to boost engagement.

This app makes adding multiple Instagram hashtags so much better

An app called Magnify makes it so that you can add up to 30 hashtags as easily as a single one - without ever having to leave Instagram.

Hackers arrested after stealing more than 30 Jeeps in Texas

Over a six month period, a pair of hackers broke into and stole more than 30 vehicles in the Houston area.

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How To Watch the Olympics Without Cable

This is the most straightforward approach, but also the most limiting. Because most of the Olympic coverage will be on cable channels, you’ll only have access to NBC and Telemundo if you spring for a $30 HD antenna. If that’s all the Olympics you need in your life, check out this great Lifehacker article on how to make sure you get the very best antenna for your home .

iOS Hacker Luca Todesco Claims to Have Jailbroken iOS 9.3.4

The tweet, which says “out here at defcon”, is accompanied by an image of a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 9.3.4 with Cydia installed. This isn’t the first time the hacker has teased a potential jailbreak. Back in June, he demoed a  JailbreakMe-like Safari-based iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak  which he didn’t intend to release to the public. This time, we also don’t expect him to release any jailbreaks for iOS 9.3.4.

Gregg Keizer on Twitter

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The So-Called Alien Megastructure Just Got Even More Mysterious

For the first 1000 days of Kepler’s campaign, Tabby’s Star decreased in luminosity by approximately 0.34 percent per year. For the next 200 days, the star dimmed more rapidly, its total stellar flux dropping by 2 percent before leveling off. Overall, Tabby’s Star faded roughly 3 percent during the four years that Kepler stared at it—an absolutely enormous, inexplicable amount. The astronomers looked at 500 other stars in the vicinity, and saw nothing else like it.

The social app redundancy engine

Tumbled glass has a definite appeal: It’s eye-catching, has a pleasant variety of colors, and feels nice in the hand. And making it just takes time, and repetitive motion – throw some glass in a rock tumbler for about a week and voila – what comes out is better than what came in. But it’s also ultimately just glass.

Spotify's Release Radar Is Like Discover Weekly For New Music--And Just As Good

More so than Discover Weekly, Release Radar offers a simple practicality: Few of us have time to browse the list of new releases each week and pick out the names we recognize (let alone the artists with which we're not yet familiar, who may tragically go undiscovered without a tool like this). When I first tapped on Release Radar, about half of the artists were familiar to me and some of those were bands I really like. I had no idea that True Widow, a stoner rock band from Dallas, just released a new single three years after their most recent full-length album came out. Or that Toro y Moi just put out a new track of funk-laden psychedelia. I knew that I liked some songs on the album Sunflower Bean released earlier this year, but I didn't realize that they just released a three-track Spotify Sessions EP. Now I do—and as much as I hate to admit it, I have an algorithm to thank.

Airbnb Files to Raise $850 Million at $30 Billion Valuation

Airbnb has been restrained about how much capital it takes on compared with ride-sharing company Uber Technologies Inc., which has raised more than $15 billion in equity and debt. Airbnb and Uber are often discussed together because they were founded within a year of each other and have come to define the on-demand economy. Uber is valued at almost $68 billion.

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Intel recalls Basis Peak wearables on concerns over burns  #IoT #News #recall

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Everything you need to know about Instagram Stories

The photos and video you chose for your story will now be a series that people can swipe through for 24 hours. A colorful circle will appear around your profile photo to let your followers know you have a story to view and profile picture will also pop up at the top of your followers' Feeds. All they need to do is tap on your face to see your story.

11 Shuts Down Forever! End of Biggest Torrent Search Engine

Over two weeks after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents and arrest of its admin in Poland, the world's biggest BitTorrent meta-search engine has apparently shut down its operation. The surprise shutdown of Torrentz marks the end of an era. was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine that hosted no torrents of its own, but combined results from dozens of other torrent search engine sites including The Pirate Bay ,  Kickass Torrents and ExtraTorrent. The meta-search engine has announced " farewell " to its millions of torrent users without much fanfare, suddenly ceasing its operation and disabling its search functionality. At the time of writing, the Web page is displaying a message that reads in the past tense: " Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines. " When try to run any search or click any link on the site, the search engine refuses to show any search result, instead displays a message that reads: "Torrentz will always love you.

Instagram Rolls Out 24-Hour Stories: This Week in Social Media : Social Media Examiner

Instagram Introduces Instagram Stories : Instagram debuted Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you “share multiple photos and videos… in a slideshow format: your story.” With Instagram Stories, “you can bring your story to life in new ways with text and drawing tools” and “the photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.” According to the Instagram blog, Instagram Stories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks and will be available on both iOS and Android.

How Gisele Bundchen stole the spotlight at the Rio Olympics opening ceremony

The Olympics symbolize so much for our global community. The unity that is felt is amazing and gives me goose bumps. There is so much dedication and love the athlete’s themselves pour into their chosen sport. Each athlete has given their all to achieve lifelong dreams and their journeys have led them here to Rio to compete for their countries with pride. The energy is electric and contagious. I am so happy to be part of the opening ceremony in my homeland and to celebrate these bright stars from around the globe. I truly believe that each Olympian lights the path for the next young child dreaming of being at the Olympics and encourages the practice of sports. As I walk down tonight on the longest runway I have ever been on I will be sending out all my love and positivity. I am humbled and honored to be part of this historic moment for my country. I believe that the unity is the key to creating a world filled with kindness, gratitude, peace, and love.❤️🙏🏼🇧🇷🌎 Os Jogos Olímpicos simbolizam muito para a nossa comunidade global. A união de todos os povos é maravilhosa e me dá arrepios.

Apple Seeds macOS Sierra Beta 4 to Developers

macOS offers other new Continuity features, including the ability to unlock your MacBook –avoiding the part where you input your password– by having your Apple Watch on your wrist. Another big addition to the software is Picture-in-Picture support, which will let users pop out a video and continue to watch it while they navigate other apps behind it. The picture can be resized, moved around, and it will stay on the top of other apps as the user moves from one virtual desktop to another.

It's Official: The LHC Didn't Find a New Particle [UPDATED]

Well, shoot. It’s been confirmed that early hints of a possible exotic new particle at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland have vanished. That disappointing news was announced this morning at a physics conference in Chicago.

CTO of Google's self-driving car project is hittin' the road

Chris Urmson, the project's chief technical officer, is moving on. Two other key players are also reportedly leaving.

The first website went public 25 years ago

There wasn't exactly a rush to embrace the technology, mind you. The big leaps toward the mainstream came in 1993, when NCSA released the first widely popular web browser (Mosaic) and CERN helped adoption by making the web's software both free and open source. Berners-Lee's original approach to the web treated it more as a platform for academic collaboration than a revolution. Still, there's no denying that the events of 1991 got the ball rolling on a fundamental shift in communication.

Instagram taps Facebook data to sort its new 'Stories' feature

Months back, Instagram switched its reverse-chronological timeline to an algorithm that sorted posts it thought you wanted to see, much like Facebook’s. Now, it’s taking the Facebook comparison a step further by actually including actual Facebook data in its algorithm in an effort to measure engagement, and thus algorithmic placement on your timeline.

'Overwatch' hero spotlight: How to suck less with Genji

Deflect is also a semi-effective counter to a Bastion or Torbjörn turret. You won't often deflect enough damage to wipe out the threat, but having Genji draw the turret's fire allows teammates to step in and assist.

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The future of driving: a look at the car of 2026

Drones, driverless cars and virtual reality; much of today’s technology once seemed like science fiction. Next Up is a handy hub for the best tech innovations of tomorrow, brought you by EE, the UK’s No. 1 network. Join us as we take a look at the exciting inventions you can expect to see stocking shelves in the near and not-so-near future.

Watch Over 1,000 Robots Dance Since Robots Aren't Creepy Enough Already

Robots already have the potential to be creepy (those cold, dead eyes and unmoving faces only just add to the uncanniness of it all), but have you ever seen them dance? What about over 1,000 of them?

A Hacker's Tips for Overthrowing the Government

Rock thinks that there’s a semblance of a coup taking place in America, although a very sloppy one. “You [Americans] are seeing a coup take place in your own country. It’s being leaked out very slowly, and it’s probably not the method I’d use.” Rock says he doesn’t know who’s propagating the supposed coup, and that you’d probably have to study it for a few years to figure out who is doing it. He cites the recent dump of Democratic National Committee emails from what US intelligence services believe to be Russian hackers as evidence. “The important part is the technique, that’s what I’m interested in. But they used the right target, Wikileaks will publish anything.” Which, Rock says, is great for someone attempting to stage a coup, as they don’t have to go through the process of fooling the media and verifying the documents.

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[NEW POST] How to slash U.S. healthcare costs by billions with sm...  #IoT #Tech #healthcare

Mercedes will reportedly challenge Tesla with four new EVs (confirmed)

Executives from Mercedes-Benz haven't been coy about the company's EV plans -- it wants to go head-to-head with Tesla . As part of this strategy, Bloomberg reports that Mercedes is getting ready to introduce four electric vehicles, including two sedan models and two SUVs. The new fleet is said to be the starting point of a new sub-brand for Mercedes , although the German automaker still hasn't decided what that will be called. Last month, Mercedes' David McCarthy revealed that a concept electric would be shown sometime in September . In other words, it won't be long before we see what Mercedes has up its sleeve.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Looks to Have Prequels Cameo

Not surprising, considering the recently released Star Wars Celebration reel appeared to show Smits on set reprising his role. Smits wouldn’t confirm, but close enough, guys. In fact, that’s what the ladies of The Talk pointed out to Smits, prompting his sort-of confession. You can see what looks to be him right behind the camera in the screengrab below.

Why Snapchat should be very worried about Facebook's latest move

Plus, Snapchat's advertising business is still very young. The company just launched a bunch of new tools and ad products in June and looked like it was finally ready to usher in a "new era" that advertisers have been craving . By contrast, brands have been familiar with Instagram's format and tools for a long time, in particular because they're largely the same as Facebook's. The platform doesn't offer Story ads yet, but many brands have already started creating organic Stories, and it makes sense that a sponsored option will eventually roll out.

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Israel telco giant Bezeq dives into smart city market  #SmartCity #Israel #IoT

NASA Captures Details of a Rocket Test With Its New Camera

You’ve never truly seen what a rocket plume looks like. They are extremely bright and therefore, have never been photographed properly and unless you want to stare directly into one, it’ll be nearly impossible to imagine. Although that’s difficult, considering there haven’t been cameras that could capture its image before.

Will the swimsuit wars end after the Rio Olympics?

"It's not that we are opposed to science, but we want the performance on the athletes to be gauged on their hard work, on what they're able to accomplish without technological aids, specifically swimsuits," said Chuck Wielgus, executive director of USA Swimming. "The swimming suit manufacturers are always pushing the envelope, and that's understandable, and then they become sponsors of governing bodies. This is what happens in Washington D.C., right, with our government?"

First teaser for Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' will have you ducking for cover

This is how you drop a teaser, folks! The idea of Nolan directing a go-for-broke war movie should have you drooling with anticipation for next summer, especially after the current crop of blockbusters stinking up theaters.

Everyone is underestimating Walmart's ability to crush Amazon

"Wal-Mart will gain significantly from Jet’s logistics and delivery expertise," Michelle Malison, retail analyst for Euromonitor. "By strategically locating its distribution centers and streamlining its logistics, Jet has doubled its one-day delivery (of its own first-party products) penetration rate from 25% to 50% of US households since launch, and is approaching 99% of US households for two-day delivery. In select high-density regions such as New York City, Jet often is able to offer same-day delivery at no additional cost to both Jet and its shoppers."

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We Need To Save Large Mammals From Extinction Before It's Too Late

Elephants are majestic, amazing creatures, but they could be in trouble, along with other species of large mammals. If they disappear, we’d be robbed of the chance to see these giant animals roaming the Earth in their awe-inspiring glory.

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Investors keep ignoring catastrophically disappointing Tesla earnings

On Wall Street, everyone is reassessing their investor relationship with Elon Musk's electric-car maker — especially now that Tesla has decided, through the $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity, to transform itself into a full-service purveyor of green energy and sustainable lifestyles.

Bosses don't love it when you play Pokémon Go at work — here's how they're responding

Bosses don't love it when you play Pokémon Go at work — here's how they're responding

Apple is launching an invite-only bug bounty program

Apple is planning a new bug bounty program that will offer cash in exchange for undiscovered vulnerabilities in its products, the company announced onstage at the Black Hat conference today. Launching in September, the program will offer cash rewards for working exploits that target the latest version of iOS or the most recent generation of hardware. It’s the first time Apple has explicitly offered cash in exchange for those vulnerabilities, although the company has long maintained a tip line for disclosing security issues.

Why Every Entrepreneur Must Follow the 10X Rule

Entrepreneurs and startup leaders must adhere to this 10X mindset, and here are ways to put it into action.

Airbnb is now worth $30 billion

In New York, the state Senate passed a bill that will prevent people from advertising short-term rentals, which would basically make it impossible for Airbnb to operate in the state if the governor signs it into law, and the company's home city of San Francisco passed legislation holding Airbnb responsible for enforcing laws related to short-term rentals.

Get 3 gourmet meals from Blue Apron delivered for just $9 each (54% off)

Whether you’re deep in the startup grind, or you’ve been playing too much Pokemon Go to have time for much else, Blue Apron is the perfect solution.

Best iPhone Apps for Rio Olympics

With the 2016 Rio Olympics lurking around the corner, we thought we would help you during this time by listing the best apps that you can have on your iPhone for the upcoming games. Whether you are in Rio or at home on your couch, these apps will help make the most out of the Olympics and ensure you don’t miss out on much of the action.

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It's been a month since Pokémon Go came out: Here are the 15 craziest things that have happened so far

It's been a month since Pokémon Go came out: Here are the 15 craziest things that have happened so far

Antibubbles Are Bubbles' More Flimsy, Bizzaro World Cousins

Bubbles are made up of a thin film of liquid enclosing a gas. Antibubbles, on the other hand, are a thin film of gas enclosing a liquid. This isn’t quite the same as an air bubble, which is just a bubble floating in liquid. Instead, an antibubble forms when a droplet of liquid pulls some gas down along with it when it enters through the surface of another liquid. Air bubbles tend to rise to the top. Antibubbles tend to float submerged and slowly rise.

China has actually built an elevated bus that travels above car traffic

If you’ve ever been surfing through random videos on Facebook or another social media site you’ve probably seen the concept video of that Chinese train/bus hybrid thing that can travel over cars (and over traffic).

Google tag-teams with Facebook on eco-friendly servers

Google says its Open Rack 2.0 is "ready-to-use" for companies that want to transition to more efficient servers. It's pitching the project to the OCP community at a conference next week, and industry players including Microsoft, Intel, Facebook and IBM will vote to accept it. If that goes as planned, Open Rack 2.0 will form part of the OCP spec and others manufacturers will be urged to adopt it.

Channel Your Inner Outlander with This 18th Century Whiskey Infusion

Not all the recipes are from 18th-century Scotland, because the characters travel through space and time quite a lot over the course of the series, giving Carle-Sanders three different centuries and half a dozen countries to work with. But even then, it’s not realistic to expect modern cooks to, say, boil a sheep’s head and scrape out all the nose hairs. “Your house will stink for weeks,” Carle-Sanders told Gizmodo. “A lot of people think they want to eat like Jamie and Claire [the main characters], but I’ve done it with my husband, and you don’t. It’s fun for about a day.”

Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed

Roman Mars is obsessed with flags — and after you watch this talk, you might be, too. These ubiquitous symbols of civic pride are often designed, well, pretty terribly. But they don't have to be. In this surprising and hilarious talk about vexillology — the study of flags — Mars reveals the five basic principles of flag design and shows why he believes they can be applied to just about anything.


Keras code and weights files for popular deep learning models.

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56 Dropbox's answer to Google Docs is now available on iOS and Android
57 Pangu Confirms Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.3 Is Not Coming
58 There's Growing Evidence That Venus Was Once Habitable
59 The Most Reliable Hard Drive Models, According to Backblaze
60 Watch the latest Philando Castile protest in 360 degrees
61 Mini review video: Our quick verdict on the new Moto Z phones
62 macOS Sierra Public Beta 3 Now Available to Download
63 Meet Kripa Krishnan, Google's queen of chaos
64 Iran ban on Nidoran: Pokémon Go not permitted due to ‘security concerns’
65 ICYMI: Area man gets robo-legs and scientists invent brain dust
66 Thieves use chip-and-pin cards to steal up to $50k from ATMs
67 NSA denies ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark' stockpile of security vulnerabilities
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69 Trump makes recurring donations great again (by not letting you cancel)
70 Will the US elections be hacked? It's doubtful, but machines could be 'rigged'
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74 iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods Shown Off on Video
75 $200M acquisition of Turi proves Apple's dead serious about AI
76 NBC didn't show the opening ceremony live, and its explanation is eyebrow-raising
77 Did Neanderthals Die Because They Didn’t Have Jackets? It’s Complicated
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79 Mars rover Curiosity singing Happy Birthday to itself is the saddest thing
80 The 10 biggest European tech stories this week
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84 'Pokémon Go' creators really want you to play safe
85 Samsung's pricey Galaxy Note 7 refines pen, security
86 MIcrosoft opens up HoloLens sales to anyone in the US or Canada
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88 PC monitor hack manipulates pixels for malicious effect
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90 Facebook Isn’t Just Good at Mobile. It’s How Mobile Works Now
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94 Apple acquires Turi, a machine learning company
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