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13 things to know about the solar eclipse

On August 21st, the Great American Eclipse will descend upon the United States, casting its shadow from coast to coast for the first time since 1918.

T-Mobile’s new Unlimited 55+ gives seniors a much-needed upgrade on cell service

T-Mobile is launching its newest unlimited plan, which might be its best yet, offering two lines of unlimited data for $60 (including taxes, fees, etc.). There’s just one catch: the new T-Mobile...

YouTube roll out in-app video sharing and messaging to users worldwide

YouTube today is launching a new sharing feature in its mobile app, previously in testing with users in select markets. The feature allows YouTube users to..

YouTube adds an in-app messaging feature for sharing and chatting about videos

YouTube has added a new mobile-only feature that allows you to share a video with friends and chat about it in a private thread — all within the YouTube app. The function works like Android’s...

Flesh-eating sea fleas send Australian teen to hospital

The list of wildlife in Australia that will haunt your nightmares continues to grow.

Watch a wacky 'Guardians' music video with David Hasselhoff

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn shares disco-inspired "Guardians' Inferno" music video.

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Apple Jumps on the Instagram Bandwagon; Promotes #shotoniPhone Campaign

If you are on Instagram, make sure to follow @Apple to see what the iPhone’s camera is capable of in just the right hands. If you regularly post photos shot from your iPhone on Instagram, make sure to use the #shotoniPhone hashtag and tag Apple as well. Your post might just get featured by Apple on its Instagram account.

SoftBank CEO says interested in investing in Uber, Lyft

TOKYO (Reuters) - SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son said he was interested in investing in ride-hailing firms Uber Technologies and Lyft but had not made a decision.

Netflix’s first ever acquisition is indie comic book publisher Millarworld

The fact that Netflix made this acquisition, the company’s first ever in its long history, should give a sense of what Millar and Millarworld bring to the table in terms of storytelling ability. The Millarworld stable of titles and IP, as depicted in a tweet shared by Netflix after the announcement of the news, gives a hint of some of that depth, and Netflix has already said it’ll be bringing the portfolio to the screen through films, TV series and also kids’ shows, and Millarworld will continue to create new comics under the Netflix brand.

Google employee anti-diversity memo causes row - BBC News

In an internal memo, a male software engineer argued the lack of women in top tech jobs was due to biological differences between men and women.

Google cuts up to $200 off its Pixel phones

Google's Pixel phone has been on the market for a while now, but it's still one of the best handsets money can buy. If it's something you'd like to own, but are put off by the price-tag, today is your lucky day. As 9to5Google reports , the search giant has given the phone a heavy discount in the Google Store . The base-level model with a 5-inch screen and 32GB of storage will now set you back $524, rather than $649. The larger XL handset starts at $569, which is $200 cheaper than its launch price of $769. Oh, and you also get a free Google Daydream headset, which normally costs $79, with every order. So you're potentially saving close to $300.

Google engineer's anti-diversity manifesto sparks outrage

The 10-page treatise, titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber," argues that women are underrepresented in tech not as a result of bias and discrimination but rather biological difference between men and women. The document, which was first reported by Motherboard , reportedly went viral inside the company after being posted on an internal network.

Tesla seeks $1.5 billion junk bonds issue to fund Model 3 production

DETROIT (Reuters) - Tesla Inc ( TSLA.O ) said on Monday it would raise about $1.5 billion through its first-ever high-yield junk bond offering, as the U.S. luxury electric car maker seeks fresh sources of cash to ramp up production of its new Model 3 sedan.

We try Japan's non-melting ice cream to see if it's for real

It's made with polyphenol liquid extracted from strawberries, which apparently makes it harder for the water and oil in the ice cream to separate, allowing the popsicle to retain its shape a lot longer. Determined to put this to the test, I popped by the Kanazawa Ice shop in Tokyo and got myself a chocolate flavored ice cream bear.

Lightest laptops with big 15-inch screens

Weighing in at 4.4 pounds (2 kg), it's about as heavy as the Dell XPS 15, but can be used as a pen-enabled tablet just as easily as a laptop. For $1,500 (£1,500 or roughly converting to AU$1,670), it's an all-around good performer, too, with nearly 10 hours of battery life in our tests. Plus, it just looks really nice.

Samsung just announced a more durable version of its Galaxy S8 smartphone with a bigger battery

Most notably, the Galaxy S8 Active comes coated in a thicker frame with metal sides and a polycarbonate material on the back. The makes the phone a bit heftier than the standard Galaxy S8, but Samsung says it allows the device to meet military-grade durability standards. The company says the phone is water-resistant, too, and that its display can survive drops from up to 5 feet.

Everything we know about Google's upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 2

While that's a great deal, you might want to hold off — we could be expecting the Pixel's successor within the next few months. If you want the latest and greatest at all times, you may want to wait a little while, especially if Google's Pixel discounts aren't as steep as you hoped.

Why you should root for Mozilla's Firefox 57 in the browser wars | ZDNet

CNET's Stephen Shankland outlined Mozilla's master plan to make a comeback. The odds are daunting yet it's hard not to root for the underdog. After all, Microsoft has Internet Explorer, but wants you on Edge. Microsoft hasn't gotten too far. Google's Chrome, a browser that feels as bloated as the old Firefox at time, dominates desktop and mobile browsing. Apple's Safari has some traction, but doesn't go beyond the iOS ecosystem.

Google and Facebook could be fined billions

The UK will be able to fine companies 4% of their global turnover if they breach users' privacy under new laws.

FX will launch an ad-free streaming service for $6 a month

This fall, FX will launch an ad-free subscription service featuring the network’s current original series lineup and a few older shows. The service, FX+, will be available to Comcast Xfinity subscribers for $5.99 a month, The New York Times reports .

7 Video Marketing Hacks for Social Media

And now it seems that companies all over world are actually paying attention, practicing what I preach and putting video at the heart of their marketing mantra. Pretty soon, nobody will bother reading or writing anything online as the internet becomes totally submerged by the medium of moving pictures.

James McAvoy on Professor X's hard journey in 'Dark Phoenix'

I met with McAvoy to talk about how he shrugged off a (real) broken hand to star opposite Charlize Theron in "Blonde." McAvoy plays David Percival, a British spy whose extended exposure to the intrigue, backstabbing and double-crossings of Cold War-era Berlin turn him into what McAvoy describes as " a weird, feral dude ". That's a stark contrast to McAvoy's signature role, the urbane and cultured Professor Charles Xavier, the telepathic mutant leader from the X-Men movies.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review: doing it right

Some might also take issue with the X1 Carbon’s 1080p resolution, but I’m not among them. It’s perfectly adequate to give me a sharp picture, and I like that it’s more forgiving on the battery than the current trend for high-res displays everywhere. HP’s Spectre x2 might give you 6 megapixels of resolution, but it doesn’t last beyond six hours. This ThinkPad X1 Carbon gets me a solid eight hours of active use and is one of the rare new laptops (or laptop-replacement hybrids) this year that I can comfortably use for a whole day on a single charge. If I’m just writing and browsing the web, as I’m doing for this review, it stretches past the 10-hour mark. Lenovo’s charger is conveniently small, and it’s USB-C, so it charges my phone, too.


This gaming headset will have you ducking IRL

The gaming peripheral and PC maker announced today an update to its immersive 7.1-channel headset, the Tiamat 7.1 V2. The hook: Razer uses 10 discrete drivers -- five in each cup -- for "pinpoint positional audio." If you're sick of people sneaking up on you in your favorite shooter , these should do the trick.

Here's Your First Look at Deadpool 2's Cable

Last week , we got an excellent look at Zazie Beetz in action as Deadpool 2 's probability-altering mutant mercenary Domino. Now, after months of teasing, we finally have a look at the movie’s other mutant addition: Deadpool’s long-time comrade and time-traveling maniac Cable.

21 There are now over 3 billion social media users in the world

It reveals that out of earth’s total population of 7.524 billion, 3.028 billion, or 40%, of those people are social media users–thats up 4%, or 121 million people, since April 2017.

Netflix made its 'first ever' acquisition by buying Mark Millar's comic book publisher

"Mark has created a next-generation comics universe, full of indelible characters living in situations people around the world can identify easily with," said Netflix chief content office Ted Sarandos in a statement. "We look forward to creating new Netflix Originals from several existing franchises as well as new super-hero, anti-hero, fantasy, sci-fi and horror stories Mark and his team will continue to create and publish."

When Will Humanity Finally Die Out?

Homo sapiens have been around for at least a hundred thousand years, and civilization for maybe a few thousand. These timescales are far longer than your minuscule lifespan, but given our 13 billion-year-old galaxy, they’re shorter than a cosmic heartbeat. And unlike galaxies that require a major wallop to tear apart, humans are fragile things susceptible to disease, famine, war, meteors... really, we’re quite pathetic.

Apple Seeds tvOS 11 Beta 5 to Developers

Today, Apple has seeded the fifth developer beta for tvOS 11. Like the other major updates for the platform, this one has new features baked into it for Apple TV owners. One of those new features is the arrival of Amazon Prime Video, which Apple was more than happy to announce during WWDC this year.

25 Create a website or blog

Every website starts with an idea. provides the design, features, and support to bring it to life. Choose your theme, pick a domain, select a plan, and start building your future.

Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine: The smart person's guide

In 2016, Google gave businesses the ability to build machine learning models using its cloud platform. TechRepublic's comprehensive guide explains how it works and why it matters.

Spotify for Xbox One all but confirmed with Microsoft app store listing

A new app listing for Spotify has appeared on Microsoft's app store, suggesting that the service will be rolled out imminently for the Xbox One, although the app is not currently available for download. 


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Intel unveils full specs for its 18-core i9 Extreme Edition CPU

Yes, it might seem strange to see the company's most powerful processor with a base clock speed under 3GHz. But what's more important are the boost figures, which will kick in when you actually need more computing power. As for the other members of the X-series family, the 16-core model will feature speeds between 2.8GHz and 4.4GHz, while the 14-core version starts at 3.1GHz. As usual, Intel can reach higher speeds on chips with fewer cores, since there's less of a heat issue to worry about.

The death of Ruby? Developers should learn these languages instead

Ruby also does not allow computer scientists to gain the same types of insight into their data as other languages do, said Karen Panetta, an IEEE fellow and associate dean for graduate education at Tufts University. "It might be a good language for if somebody wants to start out doing programming, but true computer scientists don't look at it as introducing the true paradigms of computer programming," Panetta said. "If you just want to get the job done, it's okay."

Business Insider is hiring a paid tech and gadgets intern in NYC

Our tech section covers everything from the hottest startups to big tech personalities to Apple earnings. We need someone who is as enthusiastic about social media as s/he is about staying on top of the latest product launches and what people in the tech scene are buzzing about.

5 iPhone and iPad charging myths debunked

We’ve all heard a lot of charging myths. “Don’t keep your iPhone plugged in throughout the night,” “Don’t talk on the phone while it’s charging,” “Let the phone completely discharge, and only then put it back on charging” and so on. But how many of these are valid points, and how many are just myths? Let’s find out.

Blurry photo might confirm iPhone 8 Touch ID fears

An apparent iPhone 8 photo straight out of Foxconn has confirmed one of our biggest fears for Touch ID: It will be relocated to the back of the device.

23 tricks you didn't know you could do with your Apple headphones

Go to  Settings > Bluetooth  on your iPhone, and tap the blue "i" with a circle around it next to "AirPods." From there, you'll be able to change your AirPods' name. This will make your headphones easier to find when you're pairing them via Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV.

Spurned by Trump, Can Green Energy Count on Big Tech?

Before June, I will admit I had never heard of ARPA-E. Have you? The Department of Energy wing, formed in 2009, is charged with investing in new approaches to power energy. Its model agency is DARPA, the wacky Defense unit that birthed many things (GPS, advanced aircraft, the internet) that are now central to the technology industry.

Travis Kalanick explains why some Silicon Valley engineers are worth tens of millions

That's a lot of money for a startup that was less than a year old. But in his deposition, Kalanick gives a rousing defense of the "acqui-hire," or the practice of big tech companies buying young startups for talent, and also explains why the 25-person company may have been worth that much.

Google's Chrome for Android now asks users to pick their preferred search engine in Russia

Earlier this year, Google lost an antitrust case in Russia over the restrictions it places on Android devices. As part of a settlement with the country’s antimonopoly agency FAS, the US tech giant has made changes to its Chrome app, which now prompts users to select a default search engine when it launches for the first time.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Emmanuel Macron wants to crack down on tax avoidance by Google

Firefox's new VR support makes it easier to lose yourself on the web

There's plenty to do on the web with a PC, and plenty of apps to run on a phone. But for VR to thrive, there has to be plenty of stuff for us to do online virtually, too. WebVR is an important part of keeping keep us supplied with games, tourist attractions, educational lessons and other interesting things to do in virtual realms.

Raspberry Pi robot controlled from your Android phone? It's simpler than you think

Once this wiring and software setup is complete, the Blue Dot app should be able to turn the robot and drive it forward and backwards by pressing appropriate points around the edge of the blue dot. A slightly more advanced Recipe allows the app to precisely control the robot's speed and direction.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds expansion launches November 7

Horizon: Zero Dawn has been one of the biggest hits of the year, and now fans of the open-world PlayStation 4 exclusive know when they can get their hands on more content.

Samsung Galaxy S9 may have a much bigger battery than the Galaxy S8

The source also claims this would only be relevant for the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S9, so it wouldn't work on the Qualcomm Snapdragon versions of the phone.

Vizio adds Amazon Video to its list of SmartCast TV apps

As a Vizio TV owner, I actually find the tablet/cast option much more convenient than using onboard services. However, Vizio must have come to the conclusion that their sets were less competitive (despite the attractive pricing) than competitors' because of these missing integrations. It's always nice to see manufacturers adding, rather than taking away, features at the same price point. While I won't be using this, it's likely that there are at least a few Vizio users out there excited by this development.

Airbnb Won’t Put a Roof Over the Heads of Nazis

This Saturday, Virginia’s Lee Park is slated to be the meeting place of the Unite The Right rally, a much-publicized gathering of far-right personalities and their sycophants. With less than a week to go, Airbnb has taken active measures to delete the accounts of some members the company believes to be staying in Charlottesville for the rally—making lodging for planned attendees like members of the National Socialist Movement that much more difficult.

Cyber threats prompt return of radio for ship navigation

LONDON (Reuters) - The risk of cyber attacks targeting ships' satellite navigation is pushing nations to delve back through history and develop back-up systems with roots in World War Two radio technology.

Machine learning could make flying less terrible

As it relates to technology, the private aviation industry has been flagging lately. While some industries — health, retail, manufacturing, automotive — have adopted machine learning in recent years and used it to transform their businesses, our sector has fallen behind.

Public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud: What's the difference? | ZDNet

Since it started as a marketing term, the definition of hybrid cloud can vary. Some see it as mixing and matching your apps, data, and infrastructure. For example, storing your data in the private cloud while running your app in the public cloud. Others see it simply as the use of multiple cloud services, orchestrated to work together. The key point is that this approach moves away from a monolithic either-or policy for public vs. private cloud, but one that relies on adaptability and a best-of-breed approach, which is why it's rapidly becoming the most popular cloud posture.

Tesla to Sell $1.5 Billion in Debt Amid Launch of Model 3

Tesla Inc. will sell $1.5 billion in senior notes, the electric-car maker announced Monday, a week after Chief Executive Elon Musk said the company faces “manufacturing hell” as it prepares to ramp up production on its first automobile for mainstream customers, the Model 3.

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