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Dollywood is building the world's first launched wooden roller coaster

Lightning Rod will open to visitors in March of 2016, according to park officials.

The FDA has approved the first drug designed using 3D-printing technology

The FDA has just approved the world’s first 3D-printed medication, SPRITAM. The seizure drug is meant to be customized for high dosage treatments, and was

NASA's EPIC video shows dark side of the moon passing over Earth - CNET

We often see the moon sailing through our night skies from down here on Earth, but a new NASA video shows a perspective we never get.

Fort Lauderdale Cops Fired for Racist Texts and Video About Killing Black People

Three Fort Lauderdale police officers have been fired and another resigned before he could be fired after an internal affairs investigation found the cops spent time on the taxpayer clock sending each other racist text messages and sharing a racially-charged video using racial slurs and images. The officers' names are...

2015 is the year of Hollywood’s practical effects comeback

The biggest set piece in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation is also its first scene. We’ve all seen it in the trailers: a frantic but determined Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) clutches the side of an...

Study says horses make faces like humans, no offense intended - CNET

Why the long face? A new study from the University of Sussex says horses use their lips and eyes to express emotion much like humans do.

How to Stop Hackers from Stealing Your Data on Public Wi-Fi

You enjoy “free internet” through Wi-Fi hotspots libraries, coffee shops, at bars, and other public places. It seems harmless. Little do you know, a strang

Review: Fantastic Four desperately doesn't want to be a superhero movie

How do you solve a problem like the Fantastic Four? Created back in 1961, Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing were Marvel Comic’s first great superhero team,...

DJI Phantom 3 Standard gives first-time drone pilots a less expensive option

It's still not cheap, but the Standard's $799 price will put DJI's high-performance aerial-photography drones within reach of more hobbyists.

Robot learns to escape the most brutal human bullies — children

Robot learns to escape the most brutal human bullies, tiny children

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EU Finds No Evidence of Apple and Music Labels Colluding to Kill Free Music

The FTC, however, is said to be looking into questions surrounding Apple’s treatment of rival apps in its store. Apple takes a 30 percent cut on purchases for digital goods made within the app — which include streaming subscriptions. Competing services have complained this policy forces them to charge more or sacrifice profits. Other policies prohibit using the app to inform consumers that they can buy directly from the company’s website, or offering variable pricing (say, a discounted family plan or a student plan), sources say.

Project Zero: One font vulnerability to rule them all #1: Introducing the BLEND vulnerability

Last month, I presented parts of my PostScript font security research at the REcon security conference in Montreal, in a talk titled “One font vulnerability to rule them all: A story of cross-software ownage, shared codebases and advanced exploitation”. This talk discussed the exploitation process of a vulnerability found in the implementation of a BLEND Charstring instruction, discovered in a user-mode Adobe Reader’s CoolType library and a kernel-mode Adobe Type Manager Font Driver (ATMFD.DLL) used by Windows, both of which are responsible for supporting Type 1 and OpenType fonts in the Reader and system GDI environments. This research was performed as part of my Project Zero work, and more generally resulted in a multitude of vulnerabilities discovered in different modern font engines, which all share a common ancestor of the Charstring interpreter routine – ranging from low to critical severity flaws. The full breakdown of the identified security issues can be found below, with links pointing to corresponding google-security-research bug tracker entries, c

Job seekers, get ready for the hiring season

On the other hand, a ton of summer jobs become available that will put some dollars in your pocket. But if it’s a career that an active job seeker or a new grad is looking for, it’s a tough time simply because, in my observations, you just can’t get three managers to sign off on a new hire during the summer. One, if not all of those signatures necessary for final approval, are usually "on holiday and won’t be returning for three weeks." And so it goes.

Sense8 Renewed for Season 2 by Netflix - IGN

There was a bit of concern as to whether or not the show would be canceled, as Netflix usually confirms whether or not one of its original series will continue soon after its release. Just the other week, the Wachowskis fellow executive producer J. Michael Straczynski said he was "cautiously optimistic" the show would be renewed  as he awaited Netflix's final decision.

Researchers find major security flaw with ZigBee smart home devices

Manufacturers of smart home devices using the ZigBee standard are aiming for convenience at the expense of security, according to researchers from the Austrian security firm Cognosec . By making it easier to have smart home devices talk to each other, many companies also open up a major vulnerability with ZigBeee that could allow hackers to control your smart devices. And that could be a problem if you rely on things like smart locks or a connected alarm system for home security. Specifically, Cognosec found that ZigBee's reliance on an insecure key link with smart devices opens the door for hackers to spoof those devices and potentially gain control of your connected home.

Zidisha is hiring a remote engineer

Zidisha is a Y Combinator nonprofit and first direct peer-to-peer lending service to bridge the international wealth divide, allowing individuals in the US and internationally to lend to and communicate with borrowers in developing countries without local intermediaries. We’ve been featured in numerous press and media for our groundbreaking work in using internet and mobile phone technologies to connect entrepreneurs in some of the world’s most isolated and impoverished places with the international peer-to-peer lending market.

How infosec can really shine

Not that I want to sound cocky. In fact, I always find it a good idea to refer to one of my favorite quotes: “There ain’t a horse that can’t be rode, and there ain’t a man that can’t be throwed.” Nonetheless, I am confident that truly effective information security programs can exist. In fact, I’ve seen some of them. Not a lot of them, it’s true, but their very existence suggests that more organizations can join them. I’ve reviewed hundreds of information security organizations over the years. The vast majority were mediocre at best, but every once in a while, one comes along that restores my faith in the art of the possible. I encountered one recently, in fact. Let me tell you about it and certain attributes that make it stand out.

Dear Microsoft: When will the Surface get an external graphics dock?

Pricing would be an important variable, but even if people don’t immediately order a dock with a theoretical Surface Pro 4/5, I’m willing to bet many would invest in the tablet simply on the promise they could upgrade the graphics at a later date when they need to. An external graphics dock would add a huge amount of value and longevity to Microsoft’s devices, without forcing customers to pay up for it if they don’t want to.

Big-time Twitter investor says Jack Dorsey should be full-time CEO

Sacca took to Twitter Friday afternoon with a series of tweets calling for Jack Dorsey, currently the social network's interim CEO, to remain chief executive. The investor also suggested Twitter elevate Adam Bain, Twitter's president of global revenue and partnerships, to chief operating officer, and cofounder Ev Williams become executive chairman of the board.

Microsoft challenges Google with its own translator app - CNET

With the new app, Microsoft is entering into Google territory -- the search giant has long offered translation services on the Web as well as for iOS and Android. Google's Translate app is more advanced in one respect. It lets you point your mobile device's camera at a sign, book or other object with text on it and watch as that text is automatically translated into the language of your choice. But Google's Translate app supports only 27 languages for text and voice conversion. Google does not make a version of its app for Android Wear smartwatches, offering an advantage to Microsoft.

Apple Swaps Online ‘Store’ for ‘Buy’ Buttons

Apple’s e-commerce redesign is long overdue, analysts say. It is among the most-visited websites worldwide, and has become an increasingly important cog in its retail sales. For instance, when it debuted its watch in April, Apple sold the device only online. Most of Apple’s products are distributed through wholesalers, according to Sucharita Mulpur, an e-commerce analyst for Forrester Research.

How to make the OS X dock appear faster

It can be a little annoying if you're in a hurry, but you can customize the speed at which it appears with this little hack — you can even make it show up almost instantly. Continue reading and we'll show you how this can be used to customize the autohide delay on your Dock.

Bring on the learning revolution!

In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning — creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.


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Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear

Dave Isay opened the first StoryCorps booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2003 with the intention of creating a quiet place where a person could honor someone who mattered to them by listening to their story. Since then, StoryCorps has evolved into the single largest collection of human voices ever recorded. His TED Prize wish: to grow this digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity. Hear his vision to take StoryCorps global — and how you can be a part of it by interviewing someone with the StoryCorps app.

Dear Veronica: Your brain on code

Welcome back to the show, everyone! In case you missed it, we now have an iTunes and RSS feed for the show, so you can subscribe to it however you like. Thanks for your patience on that! As for the episode, we've got some great questions this week. We tackle how and when you should call out companies on Twitter for bad behavior (if it gets really bad you can always take the nuclear option like my husband and I did, but I don't recommend it). My friend Anthony Carboni of 3 Scientists Walk Into a Bar pops in to answer a fascinating question about how our brains work when we code, and I take on yet another dog question. Because dogs are awesome. Don't stop sending those questions in! You can email them to me, or post online using the hashtag #DearVeronica. Have a great week! Read More: Get More Engadget: •Subscribe to Engadget on YouTube: •Like us on Facebook: •Follow us on Twitter: •Follow us on Instagram: •Add us on Snapchat: gadgetsnaps •Read more: http://www.

Tech's Hottest Lunch Spot? A Strip Club

The Gold Club, a San Francisco strip club, has become the go-to lunch spot for many tech employees with its all-you-can-eat buffet. Some say it’s an obvious manifestation of a Silicon Valley boys’ club. Read Forbes reporter Ryan Mac’s full story here: Subscribe to FORBES: Check out our full video catalog: Follow FORBES VIDEO on Twitter: Like FORBES VIDEO on Facebook: Follow FORBES VIDEO on Instagram: For more FORBES content:

We Need Brain: Songify the G.O.P. Debate!

10 Republican dudes disagree about things, including who has hugged who. Read our NYTimes director's statement to see the serious side of this video - if you don't click this link, you're a monster: WE'RE THE GREGORY BROS; FIND US ON YOUR GLOWING SCREENS: snapchat - songifythis Produced with Tony Rodini: Mixed by Mike Onufrak, he played guitars too: Music Assistant - Alexander Tso: VFX with Sean Pierce Editing Assistant - Elisabeth Sokol LYRICS -------------- Why should you be the next commander in chief We got a lotta contenders so please keep it brief We need someone that understands the world today In this country, we need brain Obama's finally tryna make a deal with Iran Is it gonna stop em from getting the nuclear bomb You terminate the deal on day one Its failed f

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iCracked : On-Demand iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy Device Repair, Worldwide.

At iCracked, we strive to make every interaction with the people who use our services as fantastic as possible. If you love solving complex problems, while making people smile because of stellar customer service, then you'll be right at home!

A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided

Ten days after 9/11, a shocking attack at a Texas mini-mart shattered the lives of two men: the victim and the attacker. In this stunning talk, Anand Giridharadas, author of "The True American," tells the story of what happened next. It's a parable about the two paths an American life can take, and a powerful call for reconciliation.

The 15 most expensive cars for sale at Floyd Mayweather's favorite luxury dealership

With the top car almost hitting $4 million, here are the most expensive cars available in the exotic car dealer's inventory.

Physical therapy is boring -- play a game instead

You’ve just been injured, and you’re on the way home from an hour of physical therapy. The last thing you want to do on your own is confusing exercises that take too long to show results. TED Fellow Cosmin Mihaiu demos a fun, cheap solution that turns boring physical therapy exercises into a video game with crystal-clear instructions.

7 TED Talks to remind you that life goes on

In a single moment, it can feel like the world has ended. These talks are proof that it's possible to rebuild after disaster, illness and heartbreak.

Set a Default Finder Window Size with a Relaunch

Finder windows on OS X are a bit finicky. One time you’ll open it and it’ll be tiny, another time it’ll be huge. Over on MacWorld, they take a look at why this happens and came up with a way to set a more default behavior.

Why I love a country that once betrayed me

When he was a child, George Takei and his family were forced into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, as a “security" measure during World War II. 70 years later, Takei looks back at how the camp shaped his surprising, personal definition of patriotism and democracy.

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Cameron Russell admits she won “a genetic lottery”: she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16 years old.

Our buggy moral code

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely studies the bugs in our moral code: the hidden reasons we think it's OK to cheat or steal (sometimes). Clever studies help make his point that we're predictably irrational — and can be influenced in ways we can't grasp.

Make a Cool, Robot-Looking DIY Air Conditioner

The supplies for this cost under $60, and Buzz Feed shows that the air coming out of it is a cool 64-66 degrees. The best thing about this project, though, is that you can paint it any way you like to fit in with your room. Or perhaps paint it to look like R2D2.

Your State's Most Popular Unique Google Search Is Super-Embarrassing

There is one search term that your state Googles more than any other state and, unless you live in Maine or Tennessee, it's probably really, really embarrassing. Estately compiled these unique searches, which range from the sad — Arizona's "Conjugal Visits" — to the disturbing — Missouri's "Family Circus."

Watch the World Switch from Internet Explorer to Chrome

Somewhere deep in the cobweb-filled recesses of your brain, you might remember a time when checking your email meant booting up Internet Explorer. But as this infographic shows, it wasn’t long ago that the world was filled with Internet Explorers. Then, a couple years back, nearly every country switched to Chrome.

A garden in my apartment

Britta Riley wanted to grow her own food (in her tiny apartment). So she and her friends developed a system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles — researching, testing and tweaking the system using social media, trying many variations at once and quickly arriving at the optimal system. Call it distributed DIY. And the results? Delicious. (Filmed at TEDxManhattan .)

Roast Chiles Before Cooking to Bring Out Their Smoky, Spicy Flavor

Fresh chiles are delicious, but once roasted they take on a whole new flavor—one that’s perfect for tons of dishes. In this video, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen explain how easy it is to roast large chiles like poblanos and anaheims, or even a ton of chiles at once, in the oven.

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

Yet despite all the benefits to mind, body, and society, plenty of people find it hard to sit down and start reading. It seems like we just don’t have the time to read more. We have work and family commitments; we have smartphone pings and social media mentions to respond to. But both Billington and Wilkinson say you can become a more committed reader—and reap the major benefits of reading—without putting your life on hold and locking yourself in a library. Here’s how:

Some Genius Turned Fisher Price Cassette Player into a Bluetooth Speaker

If you still own a Fisher Price cassette player, it’s probably buried deep in some ‘80s nostalgia-filled corner of your closet. But where most of us see a beloved electronic fossil, Matt Gruskin saw a retro-styled Bluetooth speaker.

Gaming can make a better world

Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

How baseball’s tech team built the future of television

It was the first week of April, 2015, and New York’s Chelsea Market, typically packed with hordes of noisy tourists, was quiet. It was close to midnight, but five stories above, things were tense. The building is a former cookie factory, and the outlines of ovens still scar the brick walls. In their place, a vast array of screens are now mounted, each tuned to a live video feed. Joe Inzerillo and his team had their eyes glued to the glass, hard at work trying to wrangle the internet into doing something it was not built for.

How to Create a Shortcut for Any "Modern" Windows App

With Windows 10, lots of built-in apps (like the calculator) are now “Modern UI” apps. Other Modern UI apps (like Netflix) are a lot more useful now that you can run them in a window. There’s just one problem: There’s no obvious way to make shortcuts of these apps so you can put them on your desktop, or start them with an app like Launchy .

Five Places People Have Turned the Water a Crazy Unnatural Color

On Thursday, a breach during an acid mine cleanup effort sent a million gallons of wastewater seeping down the Animas River. Overnight, the popular waterway was abandoned as its color quickly changed from blue to an acrid, neon orange.

This Material Could Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

In the energy world, carbon capture technology is often seen as the Holy Grail: Imagine if we could just suck all pesky climate-changing CO2 out of the atmosphere. Scientists at the DOE are hot on the problem. They’ve just identified a new material that not only captures CO2, it helps convert the greenhouse gas into fuel.

Incredible space stone seems like it has a nebula trapped inside

This is just a stone. Not a photo of a stone with a Hubble Space Telescope image pasted over it. Not a hologram made inside some piece of glass. Not a portal to another dimension. Just a stone. It's like a some spacetime wizard captured a piece of the Universe and trapped it inside.

Tesla's Model X will launch in September

The Model X will indeed launch in September, Tesla confirmed today in its  quarterly letter to shareholders . Deliveries to the crossover's first buyers will begin in late Q3, although Tesla expects only a "small number" will make it out during the quarter. "We are building more validation vehicles, executing final engineering and testing work, enabling our new manufacturing equipment and finalizing arrangements with our suppliers," CEO Elon Musk wrote in the letter. "We have been producing release candidate Model X bodies in our new body shop equipped with more than 500 robots as we fine-tune and validate our production processes."

Vote now in the T3 Awards!

Welcome to the T3 Awards 2015 Shortlist. If you already voted on the longlist, now is the time to vote again for your favourite. If you didn't vote on the longlist, shame on you: cast your vote for the tech you love right now. You may also win one of five Acer Chromebooks (UK residents only, full Terms and Conditions apply) Voting runs until August 31 so get stuck in. Your favourite tech needs you!

The 10 Most-Pirated Movies

When you're done, please be sure to let us know what you think about the movies on our most-bootlegged film list. If you've seen these pictures (legally or otherwise) and think they're worth watching by any means possible, share your opinions in the comment section below. We'd love to hear them! If you have strong thoughts about piracy, on either side of the equation, let us know about that, too.

45 Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security

It might be a fairly typical office scene, were it not for the extraordinary security procedures that everyone in this room has had to complete just to get here, the sort of measures normally reserved for nuclear launch codes or presidential visits. The reason we are all here sounds like the stuff of science fiction, or the plot of a new Tom Cruise franchise: the ceremony we are about to witness sees the coming together of a group of people, from all over the world, who each hold a key to the internet. Together, their keys create a master key, which in turn controls one of the central security measures at the core of the web. Rumours about the power of these keyholders abound: could their key switch off the internet? Or, if someone somehow managed to bring the whole system down, could they turn it on again?

46 Scientists: we are 'condemning' forest elephants by ignoring evidence

One U.S conservation group, the Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD), is attempting to push the issue to forefront. CBD has sent a 110-page petition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service making the case that forest elephants should be considered a distinct species. The group also called on the government to upgrade all of Africa’s elephants to Endangered status giving them extra protection under the U.S.’s landmark Endangered Species Act. The U.S. is commonly cited as second only to China for ivory trafficking.

This map shows how obsessed America is with Donald Trump

The one exception to Trump's apparent dominance, interestingly, is in Wisconsin, where local Gov. Scott Walker leads many of the counties. No other Republican candidate holds his or her home state against Trump as clearly.

Top 10 Tips for Having a Perfect, Stress-Free Vacation

If you only take a vacation once in a while, it puts a lot of pressure on that time period for everything to be perfect. Try taking breaks every quarter or twice a year and keep your vacation itinerary flexible so you don’t end up stressing out on your vacation .

Freight Startups Attract Silicon Valley’s Attention

But some of Silicon Valley’s biggest venture-capital firms are betting on the new technology. Since the start of 2014, venture-capital firms have pumped over $1 billion into startup freight-forwarding companies, twice the amount invested in the five years before that, according to research firm Pitchbook Data. It is a large sum for an industry that wasn’t on most tech investors’ radar even two years ago, Pitchbook analysts say.

Retweets Kinda are Endorsements if You're Retweeting ISIS

A detailed report by the Huffington Post describes the myriad ways in which the FBI is ramping up its monitoring of social media, including, yes, busting people for their ill-conceived retweets. Among recent terrorism cases that made use of Twitter, the feds brought criminal charges against 17 year old Ali Shukri Amin of Virginia, whose past tweets include instructions describing how to use Bitcoin to support ISIS. Bilal Abood, 37, was arrested in May after making a false statement to the FBI about his Twitter activity, which included retweeting information on and and ‘pledging obedience’ to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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