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Apple Pay Cash ad shows us how to argue over dinner bills in 2018

Apple Pay Cash is the easiest way to send money between iPhone users. And it gives us a whole new way to argue over who pays for dinner.

Today in Apple history: It’s time to ‘Think different' about Apple ads

On August 8, 1997, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iconic slogan, "Think different." It became Apple's most famous catchphrase.

News anchor's 'farting' slip-up brings hot air to report on wildfires

A real stinker of a slip-up.

Stephen Colbert declares Infowars’ Alex Jones has lost his 'war on info'

Jones has taken the L in the great Info War.

Use an Apple Pencil with your iPhone with this dumb hack | Cult of Mac

Using nothing but a $100 ApplePencil and a wet paper towel, you can make an unreliable, messier version of a $2 iPhone stylus.

This wild new skyscraper is topped with a functioning waterfall

Forget elaborate spires and soaring atriums. Waterfalls are the hot new tall building design trend.

Oscars announce new category honoring 'popular film,' but WTF does that even mean?

'If popcorn movies are bad, then why is popcorn so delicious?'

Airbnb cancels Great Wall of China contest following backlash

Chinese citizens weren't too happy about Airbnb's latest promotion.

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Magic Leap's Mixed Reality Headset Is Finally on Sale

Magic Leap has built up endless hype and increasing skepticism along with more than $2.3 billion in funding. Now its Magic Leap One Creator Edition is on sale for a cool $2,300.

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3 ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ bundle includes a GameCube controller

Nintendo has been dribbling out more info on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ahead of its release this December. Aside from new characters , the company announced -- unsurprisingly -- that the title will be compatible with GameCube controllers, which are preferred by pro players. After today's Nintendo Direct, the company tweeted that a limited edition of the game will be available that includes one of these controllers along with an adapter to use it on the Switch.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Castlevania's Simon Belmont and 3 Echo Fighters Announced - IGN

Chrom from Fire Emblem and Metroid's Dark Samus were also announced as Echo Fighters. Echo Fighters will be available to pick as separate characters on the character select screen, or "stacked" onto the core fighter's entry to save space.

You can now disable conversation view in Gmail for iOS

It’s that simple, but you’ll need to do this for each of the accounts you use in Gmail. If you already have conversation view disabled in Gmail on the web, it will be turned off automatically inside the Gmail app for iOS as well.

Samsung commits $22 billion to AI, 5G and future tech

Thanks to the success of its smartphones, TVs, appliance and especially chips , Samsung is sitting on a large pile of cash. The company just announced that it will spend a lot of that to develop artificial intelligence , biopharmaceuticals, 5G wireless systems and other futuristic tech. The aim is to become more diversified and less dependent on declining smartphone and electronics markets. In total, Samsung will spend 25 trillion won ($22 billion) over the next three years, as part of an overall 180 trillion won ($160 billion) plan.

The iPhone doesn't spy on users, Apple tells US lawmakers | ZDNet

A section reads: "We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and purposely design our products and services to minimize our collection of customer data. When we do collect data, we're transparent about it and work to disassociate it from the user. We utilize on device processing to minimize data collection by Apple. The customer is not our product, and our business model does not depend on collecting vast amounts of personally identifiable information to enrich targeted profiles marketed to advertisers."

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 is the first Android tablet that gets productivity right

But even though I mostly liked using the Tab S4, its pricing is hard to stomach — $650 for a tablet is already a lot to ask. Factor in Samsung's Book Cover Keyboard and the cost balloons up to $800. Add a Bluetooth mouse and that price jumps even further. Compared to an iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil ($910 total), the Tab S4's a better value, but it's still pricey.

Magic Leap One mixed reality glasses launch in six U.S. cities

Virtual and augmented reality company Magic Leap is starting to ship its mixed reality headset, with the Creator Edition of the Magic Leap One initially being made available in a number of cities across the United States for $2,295.

Jin Lee’s Korean epic Pachinko is headed to Apple TV | Cult of Mac

The iBooks review of Pachinko says, “An immersive and compulsively readable saga, Min Jin Lee’s novel follows one family for more than half a century, tracking their winding course from a seaside village in occupied Korea to gambling halls in Japan. We adore this 2017 National Book Award finalist for its beautifully realized characters, historical insights, and flawless depictions of family strife, loyalty, and love.”

Power Rangers Movie Sequel in the Works - IGN

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner revealed the news in an official statement , saying Hasbro will be working with a studio to develop the new movie. Further details, including when this sequel would be released, weren't provided.

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14 Magic Leap One AR headset is out now for $2,295, but not everywhere

The included controller is meant to be held in one hand, much like the Oculus Go controller or Samsung Gear VR. It has a rear trigger and an above-the-trigger shoulder button on the front. There's also a circular trackpad with a ring of 12 multicolor LED lights that can activate to indicate where to press in apps, and a home button below that. The controller has six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) tracking like desktop VR controllers, a step up from the more limited controls on mobile VR headsets like Oculus Go and Google Daydream, which means it can move around and work with 3D AR seamlessly. (we had ours turn into a blaster gun in one game). The controller lasts for 7.5 hours on a charge and recharges with a 15-watt USB-C charger.

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Google Fiber's TV service beats Comcast, Spectrum in survey of cable providers

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Google Pixel 3 XL leak shows taller notch than iPhone X coupled with big chin

Google is seemingly following the same trend as other Android smartphone producers for the next generation of Pixel devices, a video leak suggests, by copying the iPhone X's use of a notch at the top of the display in a device believed to be the Pixel 3 XL.

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A device called Palm brings back a once promising name | Cult of Mac

The new Palm-named device expected out later this year is likely to be a budget phone device powered by Android 8.1. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi but only at a frequency band of 2.4GHz, according to the filings.

New Apple patent suggests future iMacs could have built-in subwoofers

However, as this particular technology could improve not only the sound quality of iMacs and other machines, but also their overall efficiency, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in future versions.  

Adobe Lightroom might be the best camera app on iOS | Cult of Mac

And that’s before we get to the editing tools. To use the entire Lightroom app, and to store and sync your images between devices using Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you have to pay $5 per month. But the app is free to download, and is excellent. It offers presets (like Instagram filters) to get you started. But you can also do full image adjustment in the free version, with a curves tool, exposure, effects like clarity and grain, and more. It really is impressive. And, unlike early versions of Lightroom on iOS, it’s really easy to use.

Qualcomm Juices Up Midrange Phones With Snapdragon 670

The new Snapdragon 670, announced today, is notable because it's going to bring some high-end features to midrange phones. The 670 replaces the 660, which has been very popular in $300-$500 phones in China and India. Here in the US, because that price bracket tends to be pretty empty, it's best known for being the processor in the BlackBerry Key2 .

This swallowable chip uses glowing bacteria to spot hidden illnesses | ZDNet

"The first step was to design and test a circuit that could measure the luminescence but without consuming too much power. For the proof of concept, we built a system based on a lower-power chip that we made that can sense bioluminescence, and at least in a benchtop form factor, we showed we could read the luminescence from the cells that Mark and his lab had designed. The second step was to take that and miniaturise it down, and combine it with a small button-cell battery and a wireless transmitter and show that you could actually build a fully wireless, battery-powered luminescence system," Philip Nadeau, a former MIT postdoc and another of the lead authors of the project, said.

Uber's 'Real-time ID Check' doesn't deal well with transgender drivers

The companies deploying facial recognition technology with total disregard for its technical limitations are, apparently, more interested in profits than civil rights. It wouldn’t be acceptable to sell a smart phone that doesn’t work for white women or open a company break room that gay men aren’t allowed to use. Why is it acceptable for any company to deploy identification software that doesn’t work for its transgender employees?

Facebook mistakenly celebrated a devastating earthquake

You would think Facebook wouldn’t want to be accused of the same thing. Two words, with two very different meanings, should not be a difficult thing for the site’s animation gremlins to grasp. But it appears this one, basic feature of the site, as with the rest of it, is still going to need some tweaking before it can be trusted not to make light of a terrible experience.

Tim Cook: We’re not doing Apple Music for the money | Cult of Mac

Apple, on the other hand, can use Apple Music to get more people into the Apple ecosystem, and provide extra incentive for them to stay. With so much cash on hand, Apple can basically afford to play a war of attrition in this arena, and others simply aren’t going to be able to compete long-term since they’re required to, well, actually turn a profit.

How to win (or at least not lose) the war on phishing? Enlist machine learning

"They'll copy the .zip file over to the server, or they'll leave directory indexing turned on so you can just walk back a directory and download the kit," said Jeremy Richards, a threat intelligence researcher at the mobile security service provider Lookout. "Some of the kits are backdoored. Others store logs in text files on the server. And then we can do things like track the IP address of the successfully phished users—and in some cases, the IP address of the phisher logging in to download the credentials."

Snapchat blames big redesign for decline in active users | Cult of Mac

Fortunately, the news was not quite so bad this time. Snapchat beat its quarterly earnings expectations with $262.3 million in revenue, compared to the expected $249.8 million. Snap’s net loss also decreased by 20 percent year-over-year, with a loss of “just” $353 million this quarter next to $385 million last quarter. It did, however, managed to garner a $250 million investment from Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Talal for a 2.3 percent stake in the company.

Roku's free streaming service is on the web now

Aside from the update to The Roku Channel, Roku has also announced a new feature on its platform called Featured Free that directs you towards free content on various streaming services like Crackle, ABC, The CW, Pluto TV and, obviously, The Roku Channel itself.

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Amazon’s Prime Now app lets Whole Foods shoppers get curbside pickup | Cult of Mac

“Pickup from Whole Foods Market is a perfect option for customers who want to grab healthy and organic groceries at their convenience, all without leaving their car,” said Stephenie Landry, worldwide vice president of Prime Now, AmazonFresh, and Amazon Restaurants. “A customer can order at 5:00 p.m., pick up at 5:30 p.m., and we’ll have their groceries loaded into their car just minutes after arrival. For an even faster experience, customers can tell us they are on their way using the Prime Now app and groceries will be ready as they arrive.”

What happens when an animal influencer dies?

"One of our clients, Wolfgang2242 , he adopts senior pups all the time, and he sees a lot of turnover because they are senior pets," Edwards said. "People follow for the family, so when one pet passes the account is still the same account. But when an account is about one specific pet and that pet is no longer here it's a much different situation and it's a lot harder to continue."

4 essential business features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

While this is an Android tablet with a 10.5-inch screen, most users won't use the standard Android interface; instead, they'll likely spend much of their time using it in DeX mode, which is an Android-based interface that feels like you're using a PC. Using the included multiport adapter, DeX makes it easy to connect to an external monitor. DeX can also be used by simply launching it from the Quick Panel. The fastest way to use DeX is by attaching the optional book cover keyboard accessory. Any external monitor needs an HDMI port.

How Neiman Marcus's top-down innovation strategy transformed retail and increased revenue | ZDNet

Following the success of the smart mirrors, the lab rolled out Memory Makeover Mirrors as well, which allow beauty associates to record makeover sessions with customers and send the personalized tutorials home to them. This also gives the beauty associate a full record of the customer interaction and products used, Emmons said. The store also added AR beauty components that allow customers to try on makeup virtually when looking in the mirrors -- similar to Sephora's Virtual Artist app feature .

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Ghost World's Lasting Lesson About Fandom and Pop Culture - IGN

Is any art truly “worthy?” It's all just stuff, after all. Perhaps the prevailing theme of Ghost World is that culture bears only the value one places in it. Enid and Rebecca both engage in snarky, “ironic” cultural consumption - Enid with some measure of criticism, Rebecca with shallow dismissal. Seymour adores his blues records to the point of obsession, while his friends use their collections as status symbols. Side characters genuinely love material for which the protagonists have only scorn. And all of these practices are looked down upon by one character or another. But Clowes and Zwigoff have such clear affection for everyone in their movie that each approach seems equally valid. What difference does it make how people engage with culture as long as they get something out of it?

38 Wearing Magic Leap One for the first time

Magic Leap, a mysterious technology company promising to change reality through its futuristic AR headset, has teased great things for years. The company's first product has arrived, the Magic Leap One. CNET tried it. And we visited Magic Leap's Florida headquarters. This is our photo diary.

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RED's Hydrogen One phone is delayed again

A developer's prerelease model, called Houdini, is supposed to ship in late August and September. Pre-order customers should begin to receive their smartphones on October 9th. The black models will ship first, followed by titanium for both the developer and the pre-order releases. Carriers AT&T, Verizon and Telcel are supposed to the RED Hydrogen One on November 2nd in aluminum (colors Black and Shadow only) at $1,295. Carriers will not get the titanium version until sometime in 2019.

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my women bartender friends don't tell their patrons they have boyfriends because it affects their tips. dudes want the illusion that they have a chance and so they tend to tip better when they think they have that chance. if they think they don't have a chance, they tip shit.

Hacker swipes Snapchat's source code, publishes it on GitHub

The other thing that’s especially interesting is that it seems as though the source code remained online for a long period of time before it was removed. I5xx’s commit history shows eighteen commits, all occurring between May 23 and 24, and pertaining to the same repository.

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Meet Vector, Anki's charming new robot

It is limited at launch and fits in more as a companion than a full-fledged robot for the home. Anki will launch an SDK in early 2019, that should bring more capabilities. The company is teasing some future features like music recognition, the ability to take 360-photos, reading news updates, smart home control, and even acting as a security camera. Given that many of these smart home standards have open APIs, Anki can easily tap into them.

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Sean Wolfe / Business Insider: Jack Dorsey defends Twitter on Sean Hannity's radio show for not taking action against Alex Jones, denies Twitter “shadow bans” users based on politics

'Ant-Man and The Wasp' will be the last Marvel movie to hit Netflix

Sometime after Ant-Man and the Wasp finishes its theatrical run, it will stream on Netflix. But that's the last Marvel Studios movie that will appear on the service, the New York Times reports. Starting with Captain Marvel, all Disney movies will land on the Mouse House's upcoming streaming platform instead. So, Marvel fans will have to head to theaters find out the resolution to that Avengers: Infinity War cliffhanger , or catch the fourth Avengers movie on home video or Disney's own streaming platform.

Video app Cheez is rolling out a cryptocurrency integration… but it’s centralized

While users will be eligible to receive COS tokens for each completed task, they will only be able to claim Bitcoin or Ethereum rewards for every three, six, and 10 tasks completed. The downside is that COS tokens have no value outside of Cheez. Indeed, the token has not yet been listed on any exchange desks.

51 Hackers found and cracked this fake electricity substation network in just two days | ZDNet
52 5 best Chromebooks for school in 2018 | ZDNet
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54 5 unspoken rules of being a manager that no one tells you about
55 Coinbase is giving USers immediate deposits and higher cryptocurrency trading limits
56 Mozilla's latest Firefox test: Can this new tool really tell where you should go next? | ZDNet
57 Now ​Windows 10 lets you draw in your emails | ZDNet
58 How to watch Note 9 Samsung Unpacked event, start time, livestream and more
59 Facial recognition is Tokyo’s secret weapon to beat the heat at the 2020 Olympics
60 Georgia defends voting system despite 243-percent turnout in one precinct
61 Inside Google's plan to stalk your social media accounts
62 Cloudflare Stream makes it easy (and cheap) for developers to work with video
63 Apple's iOS Health Records has 75+ backers, uses open-source frameworks for easy adoption
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65 Chrome now using native Windows 10 notifications, Action Center
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68 Some 2018 MacBook Pro Units Suffer From Crackling Speakers
69 5 job categories AI will disrupt, and how mid-market companies are responding | ZDNet
70 Roku's platform drives quarterly revenue beat, shares jump
71 Alex Jones even lies about his app store rankings
72 Intel sold $1 billion of artificial intelligence chips in 2017
73 On 'Castle Rock,' The Kid is not all right
74 Pivoting to TV is the new pivoting to video
75 This cryptocurrency-mining router heated up enough to serve fried eggs
76 Google Pixel 3 XL leaks out in early unboxing photos | Cult of Mac
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78 Bird-herding drones could make air travel even safer for people and birds
79 New CVS smartphone app offers medical attention 24/7
80 Are the Oscars about to recognize the total domination of the Avengers?
81 'We Happy Few' has a trippy PSVR teaser
82 Blizzard confirms “multiple Diablo projects” in production, news by end of 2018
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84 Luigi is dead
85 Get an HP laptop on sale for $999, down from $1400
86 Remembering Advice Animals, one of the internet's first viral memes
87 Amazon basically wants to turn Whole Foods into a drive-thru
88 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate adds Castlevania's Simon Belmont, Donkey Kong's King K. Rool
89 Airlines in Australia face increasing pressure over refugees
90 This $300 KitchenAid mixer is on sale for $220 today
91 The 10 best states to launch a tech startup in the US
92 9 smart doorbells to watch over your front stoop