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Write catchy songs in your browser with Hookpad 2 | Cult of Mac

Hookpad 2 brings the awesome music composition and study tool to the iPad and iPhone.

Sam Bee crashes Sean Spicer's book release parties with hilarious results

The former Trump mouthpiece gets no rest from the resistance.

How new fathers use private online groups to make sense of their roles

When it comes to talking about parenting, some fathers would rather do it anonymously than in public online spaces.

Hip-hop edition of 'Mean Tweets' features rappers reading out nasty comments

Remy Ma will fight you because of your mean tweet.

The First Palm Phone In Years Just Got Certified -

Get a little misty when you think about your old Palm Pre? Well, dry those eyes, nostalgic geeks! An unexpected check-in at the Wi-Fi Alliance ha revealed that a new Palm device is …

Submerged Stone Age Settlement ‘Opens Up New Path’ for Finnish Archaeology

The prehistoric settlement submerged under Lake Kuolimojärvi provides us with a clearer picture of the human occupation in South Karelia during the Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Stone Age

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a whole lotta smartphone

As predicted, the Note 9's not cheap: $999.99 for the 128GB model and $1,249 for the 512GB version. In the U.S., it'll be available on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Xfinity Mobile, which is apparently a thing, in two colors: Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple. International markets will get two additional colors. Pre-orders start on Aug. 10 and devices ship on Aug. 24.

Apple is cracking down on gambling apps | Cult of Mac

Apple is cracking down on gambling content in the App Store. The problem is that some of the apps caught in the crossfire don’t have very much to do with gambling at all.

4 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on: All about the S Pen

Still, it's not a major feature of the Note 9, which I'm pretty impressed with so far. Sure, most of the upgrades are performance bumps, but that's what Note fans want. The new S Pen features are clearly the highlight, and I already know from experience with the S9+ that the cameras will be great. I'd still need to spend more time with the phone before I know how I feel about it, but if you're already sold (without waiting for our full review), you can pre-order the Note 9 tomorrow. The 128GB model will cost $1,000, while a 512GB version is also available for $1,250. Those who pre-order get their choice of either a set of AKG headphones or 15,000 V-bucks in Fortnite for Android (which will be arriving on Galaxy flagships first). Or you could shell out $99 for both. The phone won't officially hit store shelves until August 24th.

Nine reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is best for business | ZDNet

The Note series has always had an enterprise focus and this year's Note 9 is no exception to that strategy. After reviewing all of the details on the Note 9 and getting some hands-on time with it, here are nine reasons the Note 9 is best for business:

Samsung preps rivals for Apple Watch and HomePod | Cult of Mac

Along with its newest smartphone , Samsung just unveiled two more products designed to take on some of Apple’s. The Galaxy Watch isn’t the Korean company’s first Apple Watch competitor, but this is the first time it’s unveiled a HomePod rival.

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Samsung Galaxy devices will get an exclusive look at Fortnite Mobile on Android for a "few days" before the wider release. Note 9 and Tab S4 users get a special Fortnite Galaxy skin.

Why IBM is offering $200K to developers to create tech solutions for natural disaster relief

IBM invites developers to Call for Code, a hackathon competition aimed at building digital tools to help with some of nature's worst disasters.

DC Universe's Doom Patrol Series Finds Its Cyborg in The First Purge's Joivan Wade - IGN

Doom Patrol is described as "a reimagining of one of DC’s strangest group of outcasts: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Led by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder they're called into action by the ultimate hero for the digital age, Cyborg. Banding together these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe." Orange is the New Black star Diane Guerrero was cast as Crazy Jane last month .

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

The Note 9 is billed as the phone that will never run out of physical storage space. Uninstalling games and deleting movies you’ve downloaded isn’t something you’ll need to worry about here – take all the photos you want at full resolution, and all the 4K video you want, no compromise needed. 8GB of RAM is also likely to work best for Samsung’s Dex desktop mode, second screen workflows, and virtualization software.

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Sony to release limited-edition PS4 in celebration of 500 million sales

The special design sees the classic black PS4 traded for a deep blue translucent console with copper PS4 logos, with the unit’s individual number (1 to 50,000) inscribed on the front. Only 50,000 of the limited-edition consoles will be made available – so you’ll want to move fast. 

16 Facebook is blocking links to 3D-printed gun files

Facebook is blocking links to sites that host 3D-printed gun files. The company has determined that such designs are not allowed under the regulated goods section of its community standards -- Facebook doesn't permit person-to-person gun sales.

Samsung Galaxy Owners can download the Android Fortnite beta right now

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney revealed the exclusivity deal at Samsung’s Unpacked event, where the company also revealed its new Galaxy Note 9. He also announced that Note 9 and Tab S4 users would have exclusive access to a skin called “Galaxy.”

Benchmarks Show the iPhone X is ‘Still Faster’ Than the Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and more for 08/09/2018

Benchmarks Show the iPhone X is ‘Still Faster’ Than the Brand New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 By Evan Selleck on Aug 09, 2018 05:51 pm The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was officially announced on Thursday, and the company made sure to hype up the brand new device’s power during the unveiling. Continue reading → Apple Promoting GiveBack Trade-In Program While You Browse for a New Device By Evan Selleck on Aug 09, 2018 02:46 pm Apple has had its trade-in program in place for quite some time, but now it’s starting to promote the service a bit more across its website. Continue reading → iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9: Specs and Features Compared By Rajesh Pandey on Aug 09, 2018 02:25 pm Earlier today, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9, its latest Note flagship featuring a massive 4,000mAh battery and a dual-camera setup at the rear. The Note 9 will take on Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup which is scheduled to be unveiled next month. However, until the 2018 iPhone X Plus launches, the Note 9 competes with Apple’s latest year iPhone, the iPhone X.

Trends With Benefits Podcast: Samsung Unpacked, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Home vs Google vs Amazon

On today's episode: Samsung Unpacked presented some of the latest products from the company. We'll cover the best features of the Galaxy Note 9, including the water carbon cooling system designed for gamers. Can the Galaxy Home with Bixby, take over Google Home and Amazon's Alexa? Plus a new Galaxy Watch appears to be the refresh of the Gear series. Today's podcast cast includes: Caleb Denison, Parker Hall, and Greg Nibler. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Series--- Awesome Tech you can't buy Yet: Innovators: Connect my Crib: FOLLOW US! Simulcasting with

Neo-Nazi deletes anti-Semitic posts from 'alt-right' Twitter

A neo-Nazi deleted two posts on Gab, a social media company popular with the alt-right and white supremacists, after Microsoft's cloud computing service threatened to block the platform.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X: We compare specs and features | ZDNet

On the other end of the spectrum is the 512GB model, with comes in at $1,249.99. So for $250 more, those opting for the higher Note 9 model will enjoy half a terabyte of storage, 8GB of RAM, and have the ability to bump that storage up to a whole terabyte if they throw in a 512GB microSD card (a 512GB microSD cards retail for around $350, so they're not cheap).

Brand new Macs at risk of hacking during setup process | Cult of Mac

Getting a brand new Mac usually means you’re getting the freshest, most bug-free system possible, but security researchers have discovered that there’s a way to hack brand new Macs before they’ve even been turned on.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Seems to Be Teasing Some Kind of Boss Mode - IGN

That Dracula section actually shows him on a stage with an entirely different layout than the Castlevania stage’s reveal, though it could just be the Omega version of it. But it also shows him using a wide range of complex moves against a single player character, similar to the Rathalos scene. Finally, the Direct said “Under what conditions will he appear? Time will tell,” implying that Dracula may not just be a simple stage hazard.

Black Hat 2018: Xerox CISO on why the tech industry needs to simplify

Dan Patterson interviewed Alissa Johnson, Xerox Chief Information Security Officer, at Black Hat. She discussed defining IT processes, simplifying the tech industry, and more.

Google's new Cameos app gives celebs a bigger voice on the internet | Cult of Mac

The new Cameos app focuses specifically on video. Celebrities can see a list of the top questions people type in about them on Google, then they reply with a video message. When people search for a question they’ll get a direct answer from the person they’re curious about.

How to silence certain notifications in Google Drive

If you want to silence other notifications, some tools in the Google landscape (such as Sheets) allow you to manage notification rules from within the Tools menu. If you don't see a Notification rules entry in the Tools menu, that means you're out of luck, and you'll keep getting notifications, whether you want them or not. It may not be perfect, but at least you have some control.

Mike Pence says Space Force will be established by 2020

The reality: You can get the visions of humans fighting in space right out of your head—what’s being proposed is an Earth-based group to protect American satellites. Ultimately, though, the decision to establish the Space Force will fall on the shoulders of Congress, which will have to approve the creation of a new branch of the military as well sign off on the funding.


This is probably due a lack of WebM (VP9) video codec support in iOS devices, which YouTube is pushing. I think all new 4K content is WebM with H.264/5 (supported in iOS) limited to 1080p

You can now enjoy Roku’s free channel on your iOS devices | Cult of Mac

Want to give the Roku experience a go, but don’t own a Roku TV streaming device? Today may be your lucky day, since Roku has announced that its free, ad-supported streaming service, the Roku Channel, is now available for people to watch, via the internet, on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Huawei P20 Pro snaps this stunning photo of the Milky Way

He took advantage of a clear, star-studded sky on a recent trip to  Reunion Island , a French island in the Indian Ocean, to capture his Milky Way money shot. The sky was “free of light pollution, so it was the ideal conditions to test astrophotographers with the Huawei P20 Pro,” he said.

Today in Apple history: Apple becomes world's most valuable company | Cult of Mac

By August 2011, Apple had been closing in on ExxonMobil for some time. Then Apple reported record-breaking earnings for the previous quarter. With revenue up 90 percent year-on-year, the company reported the sale of 20.34 million iPhones, more than twice the number sold in the same quarter a year earlier. It also sold 9.25 million iPads, triple the number sold during the tablet’s 2010 debut quarter.

Best compact camera 2018: 10 top compact cameras to suit all abilities

Panasonic invented the travel-zoom camera genre - compact cameras that you can fit in a pocket but that have long zoom lenses built-in. Despite strong competition, the ZS range (known as TZ outside the US) has continued to dominate sales, and it looks set to continue this with the brilliant Lumix ZS200 (called TZ200 outside the US). As we first saw with the Lumix ZS100 / TZ100, Panasonic has been able to keep the camera body about the same size as earlier ZS-series cameras but squeeze a much larger 1-inch sensor into the camera to deliver much better image quality. The zoom lens isn't quite so extensive as some, but the versatile 15x zoom should be more than enough for most users, while you also get (an admittedly small) electronic viewfinder, 4K video and a great touchscreen interface. If you're looking for a neat all-in-one compact camera that delivers great images, this is it.  

iPhone supplier sees increasing Face ID orders ahead of new devices

One of Apple’s manufacturing partners is enjoying a sizable boost in revenue off the back of increased orders for Face ID components.


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Jokey Tinder profiles are ruining the internet (and online dating, for that matter)

After so many years of profiles going viral, the novelty of the jokes has well and truly worn off — the bar for Tinder humour is pretty high and the chances of going viral are pretty low. The time has come for jokey dating profiles to become a thing of the past (unless you're just a really, really funny person who happens to be looking for love).

Apple and Verizon begin an 'exclusive partnership' with music deal | Cult of Mac

While Apple Music has many fans, this is just an extended trial period. After half a year, Apple Music goes back to $9.99 a month. Unless Verizon can come up with other incentives, just a temporary break on a music service doesn’t compare well to the carrier’s rivals.

Video game developers are set to shine in Apple comedy show | Cult of Mac

Apple doesn’t openly talk about these shows because has yet to spell out exactly what it’s going to do with them. The most obvious strategy is launching an Apple TV service. Whether that is the plan is unknown.

Baltimore officials will pay consultant $176,800 to help police department maintain Lotus Notes system

“It’s intriguing to me that we’d be investing so much into Lotus Notes when we know it’s an outdated system and we know through the technology study that we need to update Lotus Notes, along with a bunch of other systems,” he said. “I'll be asking the Baltimore Police Department, ‘Why we are still with Lotus Notes? And when will we make an investment in a new, 21st century system?’”


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Galaxy Note 9 starts at $1,000 with new Bluetooth S Pen, AI camera, giant battery, 128GB storage

Luckily, we don't have to rely on just a list of specs for long. I got a chance to go hands-on with the Note 9's new Bluetooth-loving S Pen, new AI camera features, and a fun, colorful addition to the way the S Pen writes on the Note 9's screen. I'll fully review the phone in the coming days. By the way, you'll be able to preorder it on Aug. 10 and the Note 9 hits store shelves on Aug. 24.

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45 Is SpaceX the model for a private Tesla?

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Tesla Inc ( TSLA.O ) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has held up his closely held space transportation company SpaceX as a model for taking his loss-making electric car company private, saying he wants existing Tesla investors to continue to hold stock.

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Look at you, all utopian ideas and shit, adorable. This is the dumb cyberpunk dystopia we all deserve. No florescent magenta streetlights for anyone, just a constant stream of drug-fueled unreliable narration.

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" And get this: there’s a new water cooling system inside the phone. That might be the most overboard Galaxy Note thing I’ve ever heard of, but why not, right?" I’m going to bet right now that this just means a heat pipe. Microsoft pulled a similar truthiness.

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51 Qualcomm settles with Taiwan antitrust regulator for T$2.73 billion
52 Red Dead Redemption 2 Confirmed to Run in 4K on PS4 Pro - IGN
53 Fortnite on Android plays just as well as you'd hope
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56 Exclusive: Tesla's board seeking more information on Musk's...
57 Watch this 15-year-old hacker play DOOM on John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ crypto-wallet
58 The quest to redesign NYC’s garbage cans
59 Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is a welcome return to obscene specs
60 Alex Jones content that prompted bans vanishes from Twitter
61 'God of War's' New Game+ arrives on August 20th
62 This account shows everyone is living the same life on Instagram
63 Open, Cortana: Voice assistant used to bypass locked Windows 10 machine security | ZDNet
64 Discord Goes Up Against Steam With New Game Store
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66 You're probably trying to swipe way out of your league on dating apps
67 Samsung announces Galaxy Watch with improved battery life, LTE, health features | ZDNet
68 James Bond producer says 'it is time' for a black 007
69 Space Force: 5 things to know about Trump’s controversial plan, announced today by Mike Pence
70 Tesla stock sinks as reality sinks in
71 Is an Oscar for Best Popular Film a good idea? Let's do the math
72 Hack causes pacemakers to deliver life-threatening shocks
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75 Two of Ubisoft's artsy 'indies' are coming to Nintendo Switch
76 Wirecutter's best deals: Save $50 on a Nintendo 3DS XL Super NES Edition
77 Tesla shares fall 5 percent on Wall St. skepticism, SEC probe reports
78 Big data architecture: Navigating the complexity
79 Palm might be launching a tiny Android phone and it's adorable
80 New comedy special from Demetri Martin arrives on Netflix
81 Lost Norse of Greenland Fueled the Medieval Ivory Trade, Ancient Walrus DNA Suggests
82 Computex 2018's case mods are freaking sweet
83 Stephen Colbert calls Trump's Space Force 'stupid,' says 'we already have NASA'
84 Doug Field returns to Apple's 'Project Titan' after stint at Tesla
85 How to Make YouTube Run Faster in Firefox and Edge
86 6 tips for creating effective big data models
87 Thai Police Arrest Suspect in $24 Million Bitcoin Scam
88 Why you should always use liquid detergent
89 Millennials Keep the Movies—and Probably MoviePass—in Business
90 Best Portable DACs: The best external DACs to replace your phone's awful amp
91 Denon and Marantz roll out AirPlay 2 support for select AV receivers
92 Iconic astronaut Mark Kelly just blasted Trump’s "Space Force" in scathing rebuttal
93 Video Game ROM Site Bows Out Fearing Nintendo Legal Action
94 New emoji in 2019 could feature more diversity, including couple variations