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Video shows SpaceX's Falcon 9 exploding on the launch pad

Video has surfaced of the Falcon 9 rocket explosion that happened this morning at SpaceX's launch facility in Cape Canaveral. US Launch Report, a nonprofit video production company that brings...

SpaceX's Falcon 9 explodes on Florida launch pad during rocket test preparations

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, meant to launch a satellite this weekend, exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida around 9:07AM ET. The explosion occurred during the preparation for the...

SpaceX's Falcon 9 explodes on Florida launch pad during rocket test preparations

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, meant to launch a satellite this weekend, exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida around 9:07AM ET. The explosion occurred during the preparation for the...

Apple Watch 2 component leak suggests bigger battery and thinner display

We’re less than one week out from Apple’s annual iPhone announcement, but we’re already seeing details leak out about the other big product on the agenda. The Apple Watch 2, which the company is...

Watch the first trailer for Christopher Guest's weird, star-studded Mascots

Christopher Guest, the king of mockumentaries, is bringing his latest to Netflix. Mascots stars Guest, Jane Lynch (Glee, The 40-Year-Old Virgin), Parker Posey (Dazed and Confused, Café Society),...

Everything Coming to Amazon Video in September

Amazon has lots of original content for the brand-new (school) year.

Windows 10 desktops with a difference: HP launches the modular Elite Slice and the Pavilion Wave speaker | ZDNet

HP has revealed two Windows 10 PCs with a novel take on desktop design.

TumbleSeed from Threes artist looks like a rolly good time

TumbleSeed is an upcoming title designed by artist Greg Wohlwend, who was behind the 2048-like number puzzler Threes, as well as Ridiculous Fishing.

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Book Reading 2016

But while print remains at the center of the book-reading landscape as a whole, there has been a distinct shift in the e-book landscape over the last five years. Americans increasingly turn to multipurpose devices such as smartphones and tablet computers – rather than dedicated e-readers – when they engage with e-book content. The share of e-book readers on tablets has more than tripled since 2011 and the number of readers on phones has more than doubled over that time, while the share reading on e-book reading devices has not changed. And smartphones are playing an especially prominent role in the e-reading habits of certain demographic groups, such as non-whites and those who have not attended college.

Mark Zuckerberg says he's 'deeply disappointed' in satellite explosion

Hours after the explosion of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on its launchpad at Cape Canaveral, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has released  a statement on the loss of an onboard satellite contracted by . The satellite, which Facebook launched in partnership with Eutelsat, would have brought wireless connectivity to large portions of sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with local service providers.

SpaceX Rocket Explosion Destroys Satellite for Facebook Project

A SpaceX rocket exploded in Florida, marking the second loss of a spacecraft by Elon Musk’s venture in a little more than a year and hobbling an effort by Facebook Inc. to spread internet access in Africa.

Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo 3DS

One of the Wii U's best games is going portable: Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Maker is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. The game allows players to build their own 2D Super Mario levels, and much like the Wii U version, the new 3DS edition will let players drag and drop obstacles, enemies, and items into their levels using the touchscreen. The portable version appears to be largely the same, but with a bigger focus on connecting locally; for instance, you'll be able to share levels with your friends over a local wireless connection. Super Mario Maker will be hitting the 3DS on December 2nd.

Google reportedly puts its Project Ara modular phone on hold

Unveiled in October 2013 by then-Google property Motorola, the handset was expected to have detachable hardware components that could be swapped out according to users' needs. Long the dream of the mobile industry, this would allow users to customize their device according to their preferences, such as a camera module with a higher megapixel count for camera enthusiasts.

Facebook Messenger's 'Instant Video' looks awfully Snapchatty

If that sounds familiar, it's because Snapchat allows you to do something similar. Inside that messaging app, you can tap to share video with the person you're already having a text conversation with in a flash. Facebook's version works pretty much the same way with an Instant Video icon situated at the top of the window. As long as you and the person you're talking to are both running the latest version of Messenger for Android or iOS, you'll be able to employ the feature. Instant Video only works as long as you keep the chat open and you can continue conversing via text while the window floats over your chat. Audio is turned off for the recipient of the video by default.

'Brave' is a new browser that offers both ad-blocking and publisher payments

Co-Founded by former Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, the browser encourages users to reward their favorite sites by making small deposits and anonymously sending Bitcoin-based tips to publishers, a solution that could provide middle ground on both sides of the ad-blocking debate. The debate hinges on two key points — revenue and user experience.

South Carolina Just Annihilated Millions of Bees By Accident

To prevent Zika-infected mosquitoes from taking root in South Carolina, officials in Dorchester County gave the go-ahead to spray a powerful insecticide over the countryside. The effort resulted in the unexpected deaths of millions of bees at a time when these critical pollinators are struggling worldwide.

Google said to unveil new phones, 4K Chromecast next month

Tech giant is also expected to detail its Daydream VR and Google Home plans, according to Android Police.

Tim Cook on EU tax ruling: 'It is total political crap'

Tim Cook on EU tax ruling: 'It is total political crap' Apple CEO Tim Cook is not mincing words when it comes to his thoughts on the tax battle facing his company. Check out this story on

Samsung may recall the Galaxy Note 7 following exploding battery reports

Samsung is considering a recall for its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, following reports of battery explosions, according to a report in The Korea Herald .

Apple is going to remove abandoned apps from the App Store

It’s cleaning time in the App Store. Apple sent an email to its developer community indicating that there will be some upcoming changes in the App Store. If an app no longer works or is outdated, it’s going to get removed from the App Store. And it’s about time.

HP Enterprise in talks to sell software division to Thoma Bravo for up to $10 billion

( Reuters ) — Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (HPE) is in talks with buyout firm Thoma Bravo LLC to sell its software division, hoping it can fetch between $8 billion and $10 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

Nintendo announces adorable Zelda amiibo’s and Skyward Sword on Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is available today on the Wii U. Nintendo announced the rerelease of its critically acclaimed Wii role-playing game during today’s Nintendo Direct stream.

Pikmin is becoming a 2D sidescroller for 3DS

The house of Mario announced that a new Pikmin game is coming out for the 3DS. This will be the series’ first portable entry. While the main games have a top-down, 3D view, the 3DS release will be a 2D sidescroller. It will come out in 2017.

Sony just unveiled its new flagship noise-canceling headphones

Sony says it has made a number of advances that give the MDR-1000X its best noise cancellation yet, but it has also made it much easier to find the right noise cancellation for you. The headphones include a personal noise cancellation optimizer that analyzes the shape of your head and other factors like hair style and whether or not you’re wearing glasses. Then, its new Sense Engine 2 takes that data and customizes the noise cancellation.

Explosion at SpaceX launch site at Cape Canaveral: media reports

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. An explosion destroyed a Falcon 9 rocket belonging to Elon Musk's SpaceX during routine test firing at Cape Canaveral in Florida on Thursday, shaking buildings miles (km) away and sending a thick plume of black smoke pouring into the air.

Here's the First Video Showing SpaceX's Rocket Exploding

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded in Cape Canaveral today. It was carrying Facebook’s $95 million satellite that was going to beam Internet to poor parts of the world as part of the company’s project.

Steve Jobs' Old Stuff Is Up For Auction (Including One Very Special Turtleneck)

This CD player is great for lots of reasons. One, it’s by Sony (a company we know Jobs was obsessed with ). Two, it was apparently the “primary sound system in the kitchen area where Jobs spent most of his time in the house.” I like to imagine that Steve Jobs used this CD player to listen to The Beatles and Bob Dylan, dreaming about how he would create his own portable music player that was much more beautiful. Starting bid is just $100.

Baidu and Nvidia to Build Artificial Intelligence Platform for Self-Driving Cars

Baidu also has considerable expertise in data mapping and artificial intelligence—both of which are used to develop self-driving car software. Much of that work is done at the company’s Silicon Valley office in Sunnyvale, Calif., which is led by artificial intelligence scientist Andrew Ng, the co-founder of online-learning company Coursera who conducted groundbreaking research at Stanford and helped create the Google Brain project.

Jabra's truly wireless earbuds track your heart rate during workouts

In terms of battery life, Jabra claims up to three hours of music and calls before you'll need to recharge. That can be done with a portable charge case that's included with the headphones. While Samsung noted that battery life took a major hit when fitness tracking was turned on, Jabra doesn't mention it. That's not to say battery life doesn't take a hit when the heart rate monitor is being used on the Elite Sport, Jabra just didn't clarify. For comparison, the $199 Gear IconX can be used for 3.4 hours or music or during a 1.5-hour workout if you're listening to tunes at the same time. Jabra's Elite Sport will also cost your $50 more, but if that doesn't deter you, they'll go on sale at Best Buy October 30th.

Hearthstone’s final Karazhan adventure episode is live

Blizzard has unleashed the last episode in the Karazhan adventure for its Hearthstone card battler. This introduces another round of boss battles as well as several important cards to help your deck stay competitive in head-to-head play. You can buy this latest wing right now for $7 or in a bundle with the other three wings for $20. For Blizzard, this kind of content helps it keep players engaged and spending money, and regular updates like this have turned Hearthstone into the top digital card game in the world with around $20 million in revenue each month .

Android developers can now apply to put public betas in the Google Play store

A couple months ago at its I/O conference, Google announced an effort to make it far easier for Android users to download beta software from the Google Play Store. Previously, downloading still-in-development software required joining a Google Group or side-loading an app completely outside Google Play.

Alas, the Sunrise App’s Dead—But Try These 7 Other Calendars

We knew this day was coming. No, literally; Microsoft said it was going to shutter Sunrise nearly a year ago, after it bought the popular calendar app for over $100 million. Some of the app’s features have been absorbed into Outlook, others are now just pixels fading to black. But don’t fret! This may be the first morning without Sunrise, but there are plenty of other darn good calendar apps to get you through the day.

White Supremacists Are Out of Control on Twitter and No One Will Stop Them

All of this begs the question: Given how much it’s gone after ISIS sympathizers, why isn’t Twitter doing more to curb the rise of white nationalist groups? Its policies prohibit the promotion of violence or terrorism, but a short visit to white nationalist Twitterland very quickly shows that it’s full of Adolf Hitler supporters and calls to “secure the white race.” And as Berger points out, online behavior (though not necessarily on Twitter) can move offline—Dylann Roof, who massacred nine black churchgoers in 2015, posted his manifesto online for the world to see .

Reliance Jio offers free voice calls, cheapest 4G data in India

Reliance, one of India’s largest corporations, is set to change the mobile landscape in the country. It’s launched Jio , a new carrier with a nationwide 4G LTE network that promises transfer speeds of up to 135 Mbps, free voice calls and roaming across the country, and, according to the company, lower data rates than any other mobile service in the world.

Four Unique Ways These Companies Are Finding The Best Job Candidates

The two are asked to work together to complete a task, but they’re told that the goal is to make their partner look good enough to be invited back to the next step. "We want good kindergarten skills at Menlo, and we test for them from the very beginning," writes Sheridan. "An existing employee observes and takes notes on each pair while it collaborates on a task typical of the company's work. They look for specific evidence of authentic collaboration, confidence, and humility."

Qualcomm built an eye-tracking VR headset that needs no PC

We knew it wouldn’t be long after the success of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, that a lot of other companies wanted to get on board with Virtual Reality. Following on from Acer and StarBreeze’s news earlier at the IFA 2016 conference, Qualcomm has debuted its own VR efforts. It’s not one you’ll be able to buy yourself, but the reference headset should give many different companies an option for their own branded VR hardware.

Witness Climate Change Anywhere on Earth With This Mesmerizing Visualization

Climate change is happening all around us, but when your life is far more driven by the day-to-day weather, it can be hard to grasp the reality of a process playing out incrementally, globally, and over the course of generations. It’s much easier if you have a compelling visualization—and thankfully, one climate scientist with a flair for data design has made one.

Hacker Guccifer, who targeted presidents and celebrities, gets 4 years in prison

A plea agreement means jail time for a 44-year-old who accessed accounts of two former presidents and several celebrities.

Major explosion at SpaceX launch site

On Thursday morning, during what is being described as routine rocket test in advance of a SpaceX Falcon rocket launch on Saturday, multiple explosions rocked the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, next to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Pause the #YouTubeIsOverParty: YouTube isn't pulling more ads from stars' videos

At least, Google's massive video site says it isn't pulling ads any more than it already was, despite a social media uproar sparked by online star Philip DeFranco.

Europe needs $800 billion investment in digital infrastructure: Commissioner

ALPBACH, Austria Europe needs to invest close to $800 billion in its digital infrastructure to catch up with the United States and China, the European Union commissioner responsible for the issue said on Thursday.

Hacker Guccifer sentenced to 52 months in prison

In all, Lazar admitted to hacking into accounts of about 100 Americans. He  pleaded guilty to the charges of unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft in May, and was facing a two-year minimum sentence.

Android 7.0 Nougat is fast, but not very flashy (review)

While you should jump on the Android 7.0 update as soon as your phone gets it, you'll be happier thinking of Nougat as the cherry on top of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, not a brand-new dessert. We hope Google follows up with more interesting updates in the months to come -- possibly when rumored new phones hit later this year.

Withings' Steel HR is its best looking wearable yet

The Withings Steel HR will be available in two sizes: 36mm (with a 18mm strap) and 40mm (with a 20mm strap.) You can pick up this smart analog watch from Withings’ website in the beginning of October. The 36mm version will cost $179.95 (about £136, AU$238) and $199.95 (about £156, AU$258) for the 40mm version. It will be available elsewhere at the end of October.

Samsung’s stock plummets amid reports of Galaxy Note 7 batteries catching fire

The recovery in Samsung's mobile business suffered a blow on Thursday as reports of exploding batteries forced the firm to delay shipments of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, and knocked $7 billion off its market value.

Yoshi's Wooly World is coming to 3DS, along with an adorable Poochy amiibo

Super Mario Maker isn't the only Wii U game  making the jump to the Nintendo 3DS :  the adorable platformer Yoshi's Wooly World is also going portable. Nintendo made the announcement today, and the portable version will feature all of the same levels as its console counterpart, but with a few additions. The 3DS game will be getting a new slate of levels centered around Poochy, the adorable wooly dog. Even better, you'll be able to buy a Poochy amiibo made out of yarn,  the perfect complement to yarn Yoshi . The game will be available on 3DS on February 3rd.

39 New 3DS StreetPass Mini Games, Mii Plaza Update Available Today - IGN

The f new Street Pass games, as introduced during the Direct, are: Slot Car Rivals, Market Crashers, Feed Mii, Mii Trek, and Ninja Launcher. Players can download either Slot Car Rivals or Market Crashers for free, and then purchase the four other games in a bundle at a discounted rate.

It's way too early to say whether Silicon Valley's highest-profile investor is a success or a failure

But it's still way too early to tell whether Andreessen Horowitz has lived up to its hype. Money isn't money until you can buy a beer with it (or return it to your investors), and there's a long runway before Andreessen Horowitz's funds can be called a success or failure.

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Microsoft fixes Windows 10's Anniversary Update freezing

If you never bothered to roll back from the Anniversary Update and are still experiencing the freezing issue, Microsoft has a workaround. If you have a second administrator account, sign in to that account, check Windows Updates for any updates, and install the patchreleased on August 31. Many users should already have a notice that a new update is ready for installation.

Withings Hides Top Fitness Tracking Features in Attractive Watch

Instead of using an LCD or OLED display to provide feedback on the wearer’s activities, the Activité and Activité Pop both featured a traditional analog watch face with a smaller dial in one corner showing how close the user was to their pre-defined fitness goal—be it steps taken, calories burned, or other metrics configured in the Withings app.

5 common mistakes clients make when using agencies to build mobile apps

The goal of the RFP process is to meet the agency, see how they work and what makes them special. It’s a two-sided process: not only do you (as a client) pick the agency, but the agency picks you as well. For example, don’t make them compete on price early on because most of these estimations are a shot in the dark, and pay attention to the questions they are asking. Don’t be blinded with the brands they’ve worked with and case studies they’ve published — maybe it was their A team, and you’ll get to work with a C team.

Apple gives a sneak peek of Siri's powers in iOS 10

Some people use Siri all the time, but if you’re anything like me, you consider your iPhone voice assistant pretty useless. That’s about to change in iOS 10, which we expect to roll out this month, and Apple is highlighting all the ways Siri is going to change your life.

Dyson's New Canister Vacuum Will Always Right Itself After It Falls Over

Upright vacuums with the dust bin and motor all attached to the handle can be a bit heavy to push around, but canister vacs are notorious for constantly tipping as they roll across your floors. Possibly taking inspiration from those classic Fisher-Price Weebles toys that never fall over , Dyson has created a canister vacuum that can always right itself.

Hands-on: ZTE's smaller, cheaper Axon 7 Mini downgrades the specs, but you won't notice

ZTE is rolling out a smaller version of its increasingly popular Axon 7. Like many downsized flagships, the Mini builds off of its larger sibling with similar design and slightly reduced specs, for a cheaper price tag. It will retail for 299 Euros, which is about $330 in the US.

Report: Windows 10 Adding Blue Light Reduction Option

At this point, Microsoft is just testing the feature, but if it actually makes its way to Windows 10, you'll likely be able to toggle it on from the Notification area of your PC or mobile device, according to WinBeta. From there, the feature will automatically adjust the color of your screen based on the time of day, and the location of your device, reducing blue light at night to help you sleep.

What Warner Bros. Needs to Do to Save the DC Extended Universe From Its Biggest Enemy, Warner Bros.

Virtually every decision made by Warner Bros. with regards to its DC superhero movies has been bad. But it’s been so desperate to recreate Marvel’s success that it keeps running forward, trying to constantly course correct, when what it really needs to do it take a break, a deep breath, and start over from scratch with a long-term plan that it will actually stick to.

Your ultimate guide to handling negative reviews

Yet, many businesses fear negative reviews, without realizing that they are easy to deal with and can can actually have a positive effect on your business.

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