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An augmented reality Pokémon game is coming in 2016

The Pokémon Company is collaborating with Nintendo and Niantic on an augmented reality title for mobile devices that's slated to release next year.

John McAfee might run for president

Move over Donald Trump, there's a new wild card in the the US presidential race. The founder of security software firm McAfee has filed for presidency.

'Pokémon Go' uses your phone for real-life Mewtwo hunting

Pokémon battles in the real world, with your phone.

GM Took 5 Years to Fix a Full-Takeover Hack in Millions of OnStar Cars

A post-mortem on the first known remote car hacking technique.

How to Kill Yourself

So you want to kill yourself? Is that why you're here? OK, well, I'm sorry you feel that way, I know it can all feel horribly, tremendously wrong. I'v...

T-Mobile's $20 per month iPhone 6S is a good deal if you like T-Mobile

T-Mobile's new iPhone 6S deal is a good one, but only for certain customers.

Live Photos could be Apple’s most disruptive new tech

Imagine the influence you’d wield over photography if you made the world’s most popular camera. That’s Apple with its ubiquitous iPhone. So it’s a big deal when the company introduces a new feature...

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Microsoft showed up to demo Apple's new iPad

The irony of Microsoft being on stage wasn’t lost on the audience (or the staff here at TNW, which were just as surprised), which reacted with loud surprise that the company was getting up to demonstrate first.

Apple's September iPhone event by the numbers

It's that time of year again -- the magical season wherein Apple tells the rest of us which devices will serve as status symbols for the next 12 months. The company also revealed a massive new iPad Pro , its second watchOS iteration and a new Apple TV . Here's what went down, numerically.

Wikipedia brings link-previews to its mobile apps to help you navigate between articles

Starting today with the Wikipedia Android app , with the iOS incarnation to follow, the omnipresent online encyclopedia now offers link previews so you can get the gist of each article that’s linked. If you like what you read based on the snippet, you can click through to read the article in full. It’s basically designed so that you don’t have to keep clicking back and forth between articles, while still giving you a basic understanding of related topics.

SurveyMonkey names Meg Whitman to its board of directors

Online survey platform SurveyMonkey has added HP’s chairman, president, and chief executive Meg Whitman to its Board of Directors . In the company’s press release, SurveyMonkey’s CEO Bill Veghte said that Whitman’s expertise in “success and innovation at some of the most iconic software and Internet companies in the world” will be an asset to the company.

iPhone 6s, Apple TV 4 and iPad Pro Event Roundup: All the news and announcements from today’s event

Wednesday’s ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint’ event was a big one for Apple with announcements that encompassed several product lines. You would think the iPhone 6s and the 6s would be the highlight, but there were several other shining moments for Apple, including the debut of the iPad Pro and the the unveiling of the new Apple TV. We’ve compiled all the major announcements and rounded them up in this post for your convenience. Read on for a summary of Apple’s exciting September event.


Sponsored by Capterra Did you know that, according to Google data from 2014, B2B buyers do an average of 12 searches before engaging on a specific brand’s site? Twelve!! But with so many different channels to reach B2B buyers and hundreds of lead generation tactics to try, how can you stand out from your competition and break through the noise? Find out exactly how from three, expert B2B marketers doing exactly that. Our panel of savvy SaaS marketers will share their first hand experiences of what has worked well and what hasn’t in their journey to a fully-optimized sales funnel. In this webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of your B2B marketing peers about: *Under-the-radar B2B ad channels they’ve tried, like technology reviews sites and content syndication *How to make the most of search, display, and paid social media campaigns for B2B audiences *Low-risk ways to test new lead gen tactics before scaling your spending Plus, there will be time at the end for Q&A to ask your specific lead gen questions to our panel. Speakers: Nick Bhutani, Senio

Improve Your Time Management With These 3 Questions

We all have our foibles. I spend too much time surfing the web under the guise of it being "research." Look at your schedule and see what makes you embarrassed or unhappy. Is there a reason these tasks are there, or could you find a way to minimize them, or skip them completely? At what time of day are you most likely to lose control of your time? Plan ahead and block out that time for something better. Coffee with a colleague beats meaningless web surfing any day.

With New iPad Pro, Apple Makes Its Move To Dominate The Enterprise Mobility Market


Google’s return to China won’t be easy

(By Jeremy Wagstaff and Paul Carsten, Reuters) –  Google CEO Sundar Pichai has made no secret that he wants to get back into China via Google Play, the app store for its Android mobile operating system.

Amazon extinguishes the Fire Phone

That sales are now ending is not really a surprise. In fact, it's more of a surprise that Amazon was able to move its entire Fire Phone inventory at all. The phone tried to hook consumers with a complicated but not very useful head tracking feature that let you look around the edge of on-screen buttons and menus. In reality, it mostly just made for some cool lock screens and a bunch of extra tech inside the phone. In  our review , we called the phone a better store than smartphone.

6 new Google Drive features you need to know about - CNET

In the Google Drive Android app, there's a new Research tool for Docs that lets you search Google without leaving your document. You can use this to find and read information, copy and paste text from online into your document, insert images you find on Google and insert links.

iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM, claims Adobe | ZDNet

"During Apple's keynote, we also demonstrated the extraordinary speed and precision of Adobe's Creative Cloud mobile apps on Apple's new iPad Pro. iPad Pro is great for creative workflows with a high res 12.9-inch touch screen display at 2732 x 2048 pixels, A9X chip, and 4GB RAM."

IBM Buys StrongLoop To Add Node.js API Development To Its Cloud Platform

IBM says it will be integrating StrongLoop’s Node.js features into its wider software portfolio to sit alongside MobileFirst and WebSphere. The main benefit of adding a Node.js development framework is to address a demand from enterprises who are interested in building apps with APIs that can handle large amounts of data and also connect on the back-end with other enterprise applications. (It should also help IBM compete better with the likes of Amazon, which has been offering a Node.js development platform since 2013 .)

Apple demo says OS X El Capitan will ship September 30th

Get ready to scale El Capitan. The latest version of Apple's OS X operating system for Macs will be shipping from September 30th, according to a demo email message shown briefly onstage at this year's product keynote. The update, which has been  available as public beta since July , is a relatively small update for OS X, focusing on two major areas: "Experience" and "Performance." The former is all about integrating Apple's own apps more tightly than ever before (rewarding people who use the company's own products rather than third-party offerings), while the latter is about, well, faster performance.

Apple TV Apps Limited to Just 200MB - IGN

According to the app programming guide for tvOS, Apple's operating system for its all-in-one set-top box, "there is no persistent local storage for apps on Apple TV." That means every app developed for the Apple TV has to be able to store data in iCloud, and also "retrieve it in a way that provides a great customer experience."

16 Download iOS 9 GM for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

The new iPhones will also come pre-installed with iOS 9. As with all GM builds, you can’t do an OTA update from previous betas. You will need to download it from iOS Dev Center and install it on your device. We’ll update the download links for iOS 9 GM as soon as they’re available.

12 bad habits that slow IT to a crawl

When is IT too slow? Whenever any part of the business has to wait for IT to deliver the goods, that’s when. The magic buzz phrase these days may be “time to value,” but the true guiding principle is “ahead of your competitors.” If IT keeps that from happening, you can bet your organization’s business executives have lost patience with you.

FiftyThree's new Paper for iPhone casts a fresh eye toward photos and gestures

The new Paper has evolved into more of a photo and art tool, in that the app lets you snap a photo, type a note, or sketch an idea for each separate item. You can either shoot a new photo or choose one from your camera roll. Photo manipulation features let you resize an image, annotate, or use the flexible Spotlight tool to zero in on a specific part of a picture while desaturating the rest of the scene.

You're the Worst: "The Sweater People" Review - IGN

With the two now living together, one can surely expect, at some point, an uproarious culture clash. Jimmy, for all intents and purposes, is the adult while Gretchen is the scatterbrained packrat. But aside from Jimmy sneaking a coaster under her drink, this episode wasn't about that. It was about the sheer amount of noise, pain, and blunder the two of them were willing to bring upon themselves so as to not feel like they're in a stable, domesticated relationship. A game of chicken where neither of them want to let the other know that they'd actually appreciate a quite night at home with good book and a roaring fire. And so it went. Night after night, forcing themselves into doing endless shots, mounds of cocaine, and "butt stuff."

iOS 9 release date: September 16

Besides unveiling the new iPhones and the fourth-generation Apple TV, Apple also announced that the final build of iOS 9 will be released to the public on September 16th.

10 things to do before you lose your laptop

Losing your laptop is always an unexpected event, and the biggest casualty is often locally stored work documents that are still works in progress, or files that aren’t stored elsewhere (such as your entire photo library that only exists on your laptop, for instance). Consider that the pain of losing that data or those files can sometimes outweigh that of losing the physical laptop itself, it’s imperative that all documents and files of note are properly synchronized to an alternative location.

Translator (WatchOS 2) helps travelers chat in local languages

Microsoft has announced  updates for its Translator app for iOS and WatchOS 2 that should make it easier to communicate in a foreign language when you’re traveling.

Qualcomm wants to do for drones what it did for smartphones

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Qualcomm wants to be everywhere . So it's not too surprising to see the company delving into drones with its new Snapdragon Flight platform . Based on its Snapdragon 801 processor, Flight aims to simplify drone development by giving companies a single board for dealing with drone communications and camera technology. That's pretty similar to Qualcomm's strategy in the smartphone arena. Of course, 4K video is front and center for Flight, but Qualcomm also includes support for a variety of sensors and its "Quick Charge" technology. Flight is powered by a 2.26Ghz quad-core processor and Adreno 330 GPU, and it also has dedicated video encoding and dual image sensor support (for depth-sensing cameras). Expect to see the new platform hitting drones early next year -- the first customer is Chinese drone maker Yuneec , according to Fast Company .

Hands-on with Apple's new iPad Pro

There's Apple's best-seller — the iPhone — and then there's iPad. That's not to say that iPad is a poor product; quite the opposite, actually, with the word "iPad" having become synonymous with "tablet." The issue is around tablets themselves. Consumers don't upgrade them as often as they do smartphones, and iPad sales have been slumping.

Want To Pitch Netflix? Start By "Breaking" Into Their Office

Peace House is looking to Netflix to house their TV show Salahadin , a historical drama based on the titular 12th century Muslim ruler who defeated the Crusaders and reclaimed Jerusalem. After reaching their goal of raising $80,000 on Kickstarter, the crew at Peace House put together a three-point plan to get the attention of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and chief content officer Ted Sarandos:

Once seen as bulletproof, 11 million+ Ashley Madison passwords already cracked

Further ReadingLessons learned from cracking 4,000 Ashley Madison passwordsSecurity researcher could only crack weak passwords—just 0.0668% of trove. Now, a crew of hobbyist crackers has uncovered programming errors that make more than 15 million of the Ashley Madison account passcodes orders of magnitude faster to crack. The blunders are so monumental that the researchers have already deciphered more than 11 million of the passwords in the past 10 days. In the next week, they hope to tackle most of the remaining 4 million improperly secured account passcodes, although they cautioned they may fall short of that goal. The breakthrough underscores how a single misstep can undermine an otherwise flawless execution. Data that was designed to require decades or at least years to crack was instead recovered in a matter of a week or two.

The pink iPhone is here

The new iPhone has today been unveiled and it looks very much like the old iPhone, except for one variation: the iPhone 6S now also comes in pink. Or rose gold, in Apple parlance. It's still the perfectly chiseled metallic leader of the smartphone world, but now it's wearing a gentler shade of aluminum skin. How are we going to deal with that?

Shower Startup Nebia Drips In Silicon Valley Money and Influence

Mr. Winter, 25, got his feet wet by studying nozzle technology previously used in jet engines and in agriculture to understand how different nozzle types disperse water. He adapted that technology to the shower by designing nozzles that atomize water into tiny droplets that are a fraction of a millimeter. It creates a high-density mist, covering a greater surface area with less water. Nebia has a patent pending for its nozzle configuration for showers, Mr. Winter said.

Apple's Pencil looks great, but...

That said, Microsoft actually moved away from Wacom digitizers with the Surface Pro 3. The digitizer was the thing that made the original Surface Pro and Pro 2 so good for drawing, and with that gone, the stylus had to be active, introducing significant lag. I've spoken with a number of designers who tried the Pro 3, but quickly decided to stick with earlier versions for that reason. The decision was obviously well-thought-through by Microsoft: Lose a minority of creatives, and produce a thinner and cheaper tablet for everyone. Whether Microsoft will opt for a more sensitive digitizer in future Surfaces remains to be seen, but if it doesn't, moving away from the design community would represent a potential "in" for Apple. Unfortunately, the Pencil is also an active stylus, meaning there's going to be some lag. Apple claims this is down to a bare minimum, of course.

The Real Miss America: Celebrating role models who look more like you

We’ve had enough. Mashable ’s Real Miss America series is about creating an alternative vision for what it means to be a woman today. No more celebrating a woman’s potential only when we can score her body and beauty. Instead, we are recognizing people who have dedicated their lives to equality and fairness, and who are expanding the definition of womanhood.

Logitech's first iPad Pro keyboard never needs charging

Logitech says it worked closely with Apple on the keyboard’s design to make sure it complemented the iPad Pro. It will reveal more details about pricing and availability on the same day that the tablet launches in November.

Apple's dilemma: 'Surface-ify' the iPad?

Why? In part because of Microsoft Office. "Office on the iPad is one the best things to happen to Apple," Moorhead contended. "Office 365 has negated even the free productivity tools Apple provides," he held, talking about the free trio of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Armed with Office, an iPad Pro would be, in Moorhead's words, "enterprise ready" and suitable for more than just the usual tasks tossed to a tablet, like email and light browsing.

Official iPad Pro Specs

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the long-rumored iPad Pro tablet. The 12.9-inch tablet is a powerhouse with internals that put it at the top of Apple’s iPad lineup and rival the Macbook in performance. Read on for a breakdown of the specs that power Apple’s next generation tablet device.

Facebook Gives Verified Profiles Its Mentions App With “Live” Streaming And Posts Just To Followers

Now journalists with Verified Profiles and anyone else with the distinction will be free to share as much of their work as they want just to their followers without thrusting it on their friends. In the Mentions app when composing a status update, Verified Profiles can use an audience privacy selector to post publicly and be visible to everyone, but only appear in the News Feeds of followers, not friends. They can also still use the standard public posting to everyone’s News Feed.

Toyota Gets Weird to Make the Prius Different Again

Toyota is going the other way. The edgy (and, really, this car is nothing but edges) new look is an effort to stand out again, to reinvigorate sales of a model that has seen its popularity slip in a market that doesn’t place as great a premium on fuel economy. And the Prius always has been, first and foremost, about miles per gallon. It was born of a mandate by the brass to develop a car at least 50 percent more efficient that the fuel-sipping Corolla.

Tinder now lets you swipe ‘up’ if you REALLY like someone

Now, by swiping up, or simply tapping the new blue star icon when looking at someone’s Tinder profile, you let that special someone know that they stand out from everyone else. The person you Super Liked will take notice — when your profile appears and they’re deciding whether to swipe right, it will show up with a bright blue footer and star icon, highlighting that you Super Liked them. And when they do swipe right on your Super Like, it’ll be an immediate match!

iPad Pro: Hands-On With Apple’s New Tablet For Professionals And Creatives

Apple unveiled its tablet behemoth, the iPad Pro, today at its event. The gorgeous 12.9″ screen gives users enough screen real estate to engage in the split-screen multitasking that iOS 9 allows. That massive multitouch screen is powered by a next-generation A9X chip that’s 1.8x faster than the A8 before it.

Who Is The Next to Die?

The Next to Die aims to bring attention, and thus accountability, to these upcoming executions. As impartial news organizations, The Marshall Project and its journalistic partners do not take a stance on the morality of capital punishment, but we do see a need for better reporting on a punishment that so divides Americans. Whether you believe that execution is a fitting way for society to deplore the most heinous crimes, or that it is too expensive, racially biased and subject to lethal error, you should be prepared to look it in the face. Read more ↓

10 Questions I Still Have After Apple's Big Event

This is the first year in the history of the iPad that the version we used to call the "full-sized" iPad—the one with a 9.7" screen—didn't get a hardware upgrade. That's not a catastrophe: Last year's iPad Air 2 remains powerful and capable, and it's a logical part of the 2015-2016 lineup. But I still wonder: Now that the iPad Pro exists, will the Air become a second-class citizen in the iPad line? Or could Apple be working on an ambitious makeover for release at a later date?

DJ Three Dog Not Returning in Fallout 4 After All - IGN

"The bottom line: Fallout fans are the best. Wanted to be a part of Fallout 4 for them. Love their energy, loyalty and kindness. Fun fact: I auditioned for no less than 7 roles in Fallout 3. Can only wonder why no audition for #4? Bewildered.

Oops! Adobe’s iPad Pro press release points to 4GB of RAM

Apple’s extra-large tablet may have double the RAM of the iPad Air 2, and would quadruple the iPhone 6.

React v0.14 Release Candidate | React

As always, we have a few breaking changes in this release. Whenever we make large changes, we warn for at least one release so you have time to update your code. The Facebook codebase has over 15,000 React components, so on the React team, we always try to minimize the pain of breaking changes.

Hands-on with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, built for getting stuff done

A Lightning connector hidden in the end of the Pencil lets you plug it right into the iPad Pro for charging. An Apple rep told me that its quick-charging feature lets it grab enough juice for another hour or so of work in just a few minutes, and a full charge should last all day. You can plug it into an AC charger with an adapter that I didn’t get to see—and I dearly hope is included in the purchase price.

The stunning visual symmetry between the old Star Wars trilogy and the new movies

Here is a truly lovely visual comparison between the much loved, original Star Wars trilogy and the much maligned, newer prequel movies. The video, called Star Wars Poetry , shows off how the new movies are so strikingly similar with the old trilogy, honoring the original flicks while creating a sense of familiarity in the world.

The Verge on Twitter

Thanks Obama!! RT @verge : iOS 9.1 will let you send people the middle finger emoji …

Microsoft turns to Dell to push the Surface Pro into enterprise

Microsoft yesterday announced a partnership with Dell that will let the latter sell the Surface Pro tablet-slash-notebook, a recognition that the device needs more support and service than Microsoft can provide to break into the enterprise market, analysts argued.

Facebook rakes in users in Nigeria and Kenya, eyes rest of Africa

Nigeria had 15 million monthly active users as of June 30 this year, all of them using mobiles to like, share and upload content on the social network. In Kenya, 95 percent of the 4.5 million monthly active users did so via mobiles.

VentureBeat on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Playdate: Chatting with the developers of 'Tearaway Unfolded'

Want a game with adorable stylized visuals and quirky gameplay mechanics that defy convention? Play Tearaway . Oh, you don't have a PlayStation Vita? Okay fine -- let us introduce you to Tearaway Unfolded , the high definition PS4 remake of Media Molecule's papercraft platformer. Not only will Tim Seppala and I will be streaming this stylized beauty at 3:30PM ET (12:30PM PT) right here, on the Engadget gaming homepage and at , but we'll be doing it with Media Molocule's Rex Crowle. Join us, as we ask the developer how they folded this Vita game into a PS4 masterpiece.

Dell says to invest $125 billion in China over five years

TAIPEI Computer maker Dell Inc will invest $125 billion in China over the next five years, its chief executive said on Thursday, as the company continues to expand in the world's second-largest economy.

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