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Apple Watch: A Pleasantly Plump Little Electronic

This parody shows us how many of the Apple Watch's features seem like downgrades from your typical non-smartwatch.

'Star Wars' Death Star clue in latest J.J. Abrams tweet? - CNET

"Star Wars: Episode VII" director J.J. Abrams tweets a photo about the Apple Watch, but fans are more interested in the background image, which looks a lot like the inside of the Death Star.

Diaper Detective smart pad senses dehydration, infection - CNET

Students at the University of California at Riverside have invented a cheap, easy and effective way to analyze urine in both infants and adults.

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Apple reportedly working to improve Watch's 'about a day' battery life before launch

Are you serious? It’s bad enough you have to CHARGE a WATCH, but every frikkin day? Like who has EVER done that in history? I don’t CARE how much technology is in a WATCH, it is not out of the question to expect a watch battery to last AT LEAST a week. EPIC FAIL, Apple!!!

10 Questions Apple Didn't Answer Today

Apple said the Apple Watch screen would be "Retina" quality, but it didn't specify a screen size or resolution. Although the size of the two models gives a clue — 38 mm and 42 mm — that's not definitive. What's more, we don't know the maximum brightness, which could make all the difference in bright sunlight.

And The Winner Of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Is…Alfred! | TechCrunch

After three days and incredible pitches from our 26 Battlefield companies (plus two Audience Choice winners), it’s now time to name the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield champion. This year’s finalists included Alfred, Partpic, PatternEQ, Shipstr, Stack And Vinli – all amazing startups. But there can only be one winner who walks away with the Disrupt Cup – and $50,000 in prize money.

Apple adds iCloud Drive and Settings to beta webpage

OperationSAFE is on JustCoz!

“You can learn emotional first-aid and help a child with trauma. via @operationsafe ”

Learn more about Reg Saddler (ZAIBATSU) on Empire Avenue

Bio: Just a guy who loves social media. Forbes Top 10 in Social Media | A Top 10 Web Winner | Top 10 to Follow on Twitter | On Alltop's "Pluserati" on GooglePlus

The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious

But not for the first time in apple lore, one sweet taste precipitated a fall. Stark Brothers’ soon secured the rights to the Hawkeye, changed its name to the Stark Delicious (only after the branding of the Golden Delicious, in 1914, did it become the Red Delicious), and began an ambitious marketing campaign. Over the next two decades, the nursery spent $750,000 to promote the new apple, dispatching traveling salesmen to farms across the country and exhibiting the Delicious at the 1904 World’s Fair. After the completion of the Great Northern Railway, Clarence Stark sent trainloads of seedlings to newly established orchards in the Columbia River Valley, their leaves trembling as the engines rumbled West.

10 Philosophical Bears Thinking Deep Bear Thoughts

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

With Qualcomm's Snapdragon 210, even the cheapest smartphones will get LTE

As you'd expect, this 28nm low-power Snapdragon 210 isn't quite the powerhouse you get in your typical flagship phone, but it's still a complete package. You get up to 1.1 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 CPUs, Adreno 304 GPU, Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11n WiFi, along with support for display resolutions of up to 720p, up to 8-megapixel cameras (1080p video capture and playback; H.265 codec supported to cut bandwidth by half) and QuickCharge 2.0 (separate chip required). More importantly, on the cellular radio side, this chip supports multi-mode 3G as well as dual-mode LTE (up to Cat 4 at 150 Mbps with 2x10 MHz Carrier Aggregation) and dual-SIM. Amon expressed that with this being the first chipset to offer LTE Advanced in the sub-$100 device category, he's not too worried about the competition.

Passwords For 5 Million Google Accounts Leaked

A database was uploaded to a Russian bitcoin forum (where else?) late Tuesday, but the list appears to contain many outdated logins.

Facebook Tests Post-Delete Scheduling Feature

“We’re running a small pilot of a feature on Facebook for iOS that lets people schedule deletion of their posts in advance.”

U2’s Forgettable Fire - The New Yorker

Yesterday, to help celebrate the celebration of a phone and a watch and the omnipresent-overlord vibes of Apple, its C.E.O., Tim Cook, announced that the new U2 album, “Songs of Innocence,” was being added automatically to everyone’s iTunes library. That’s right, even if you didn’t ask for the new U2, it showed up in your iTunes music library. Except if it didn’t. My iTunes Store cheerfully insisted that I already had the album in my library. I did not. Whether an iCloud mix-up or an iTunes glitch, early adopters and heavy users should beware of Apple products not working with Apple products (or iTunes Store copy leaving out a note about hinkty little preferences boxes that need checking). This heightens the feeling of the music and the gear—all of it—being for the casual user, and not of any great significance. What Cook and U2 probably wanted to duplicate yesterday was the organic delight when Beyoncé  released an entire album out of the blue last December on iTunes . Instead, U2 stuffed a locksmith card in your doorframe, which you’ve probably already tossed. In case you didn’t delete this modern-rock wet wipe, here is my track-by-track guide to “Songs Of Innocence,” by those  famous tax-avoiders U2 .

The Easy Trick to Drastically Increase the Life of Your Razor Blades

Today I found out how to drastically increase the life of your shaver razor blades, such as Gillette or Schick brand razors. This trick is incredibly simple and just as incredibly effective. It will also save you a nice chunk of change over time and make all your dreams come true.

The Revolutionary Technique That Quietly Changed Machine Vision Forever | MIT Technology Review

Contestants in this competition have two simple tasks. Presented with an image of some kind, the first task is to decide whether it contains a particular type of object or not. For example, a contestant might decide that there are cars in this image but no tigers. The second task is to find a particular object and draw a box around it. For example, a contestant might decide that there is a screwdriver at a certain position with a width of 50 pixels and a height of 30 pixels.

Canada Finds Ship That Vanished in the Arctic Nearly 170 Years Ago

TORONTO — One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic nearly 170 years ago during a search for the fabled Northwest Passage has been found, Canada's prime minister announced Tuesday in a discovery that could unlock one of history's biggest mysteries and swell Canadian pride.

The Apple Watch Will Be the Most Viral Apple Product Ever

In economics and business, a network effect (also called network externality or demand-side economies of scale) is the effect that one user of a good or service has on the value of that product to other people. When a network effect is present, the value of a product or service is dependent on the number of others using it.

Want a free copy of Destiny? Enter Joystiq's giveaway, meet a moon wizard

One simple question: Where did that wizard come from? Just kidding. We all know about that wizard's lunar origins. Now we just need to figure out what to do with him. Best bet is to form a three-person fire team, call up your personal Ghost, and show that fool how we do things downtown in Bungie's Destiny . With Destiny just a few days away from release, Joystiq is so pumped that it can't contain its enthusiasm for questing and wants its fans to join in the fun. To that end, Joystiq and Activision are giving away a whole mess of copies of Destiny . That's right. Free Destiny on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. We have three copies for each platform to hand out as well as one grand prize: one Destiny Limited Edition for PS4 . How do you get the goods? First, you must be an American or Canadian citizen over the age of 13. Second, just "Like" Joystiq on Facebook using the Rafflecopter widget here between September 3 and September 17. Want an extra shot at a copy? You can follow us on Twitter through the widget as well. Full prize list and giveaway rules after the break.

Medicine's Manhattan Project: Can The World's Richest Doctor Fix Health Care?

H-boxes, Glow-Cap medicine bottles, more doctor/hospital centered medicine. What is needed is low-tech, not high-tech, more 10-cent medicines, more self care. The only ethic for modern medicine is to work to put itself out of business by making people healthier, not seeing more people get treated. 125 million Americans using those Glow-Cap pill bottles would cost an extra $10 billion. We need diets that keep people out of the hospital. We need more public health efforts like what has been done to halt smoking which has driven down the mortality rate. Half of the older people institutionalized for dementia have drug-induced delirium. They need to have their meds changed and maybe a lot of them could be discharged. We need more of a free market where dietary supplements can compete with high-priced drugs since the biological action of most drugs can be duplicated with vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids. But what can we expect from Forbes — it is a showcase for the billionaires and it extols big business. Medicare is underfunded by trillions of dollars. I didn’t hear anything where this doctor’s ideas were going to save trillions.

Forget the Apple Watch, Think Drones In The Enterprise | TechCrunch

While you’re pondering how to deal with the Apple Watch and other wearables in the enterprise, you may want to add drones to your list of potential technology. You can make fun if you like or look at the technology with fear or even as toys, but you could also looks for ways they could help your organization process information.

Net Neutrality Foes And Advocates Rush To Control The Narrative As The FCC’s Comment Period Nears Its End | TechCrunch

Today, specifically, is Internet Slowdown Day , with hosts of websites showing a pop-up and faux loading spinner, indicating what might happen to the Internet if the FCC’s proposed rules are enacted. The FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler has been under intense vituperation following his NPRM’s inclusion of what is called ‘paid prioritization,’ a concept that is called by its foes ‘Internet fast lanes.’

The Click Clique

Affiliate marketing is almost as old as the Internet; it developed back in 1994 thanks to pornography sites, and it was implemented by Jeff Bezos at Amazon shortly afterward. Here’s how it works: Say you search for flights on Priceline. The hyperlinked airfare results aren’t just any old links. They’re affiliate links. The act of clicking one saves a Priceline cookie to your browser before sending you on to the airline’s website. If you buy the ticket, the airline website will see Priceline’s cookie and will pay Priceline a commission. Affiliate marketing companies like Commission Junction and Linkshare, which created these trackable links, were aimed at developers. A company called Skimlinks made them easier to implement, but it didn’t focus on the fashion market. Baxter, who had interned at a tech start-up in San Francisco, saw an opportunity. If they could make it easy for bloggers to integrate affiliate links to retailers into their posts, everyone involved stood to profit. Retailers could make more sales. Bloggers could earn commissions. And a company that facilitated the transaction and negotiated the commission could take part of the proceeds.

SwiftKey Shows Off Its iOS 8 Keyboard For The First Time | TechCrunch

SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard startup that was embedded on more than 100 million Android devices last year, and more than 200 million cumulatively, has demoed its software working on iOS 8 for the first time here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

How to Protect Yourself From Big Bank-Card Hacks | WIRED

But you don’t have to rely on the security of Big Box retailers to shield you. With a couple of precautions, you can dramatically reduce the hassle and expense of a bank card breach if you are hit. Though you can’t guard against every scenario, a little op sec goes a long way.

The politics of fiction

Listening to stories widens the imagination; telling them lets us leap over cultural walls, embrace different experiences, feel what others feel. Elif Shafak builds on this simple idea to argue that fiction can overcome identity politics.

11 Sleek iPhone 6 Cases and Accessories

If you want to keep your new iPhone safe and secure while you work out, this arm band will do the trick. You can use it without a case, and the sweat resistant design will protect the phone from griminess.

Tinder’s Sean Rad Says He Has Not Swiped Right To Benchmark Or Other Investors | TechCrunch

Crook set the stage earlier, asking the co-founder if he knew what a DTR is; Rad was unfamiliar with the term. “It’s a way to define the relationship,” Crook explained. “I want you to have a DTR with IAC” (Tinder came out of IAC’s Hatch Labs in 2012, and IAC still owns a majority stake in the company). Rad sighed and said, “Tinder is like every other company and you have shareholders and you have controlling groups.

SwiftKey Keyboard is launching for iPhone and iPad on September 17

SwiftKey offers plenty of great features, like a faster and more accurate autocorrect, so you can type more accurately without having to replace things so often on your own. The keyboard will also proactively suggest common words, and words you use often, as a selectable option, so you don’t have to keep typing away on the keyboard if you don’t want to. But one of the stand-out features for SwiftKey Keyboard is the ability to teach it, from words to people. This feature will also allow you to sync these “lessons” to other devices you’ve got loaded with the SwiftKey Keyboard, as long as you log in (which can be done through a social networking option).

Early Uber Investors Reveal Sherpa Ventures’ Strategy At Disrupt SF #Humbled #Blessed | TechCrunch

According to Stanford, the firm’s strategy is to come in as a co-investor in the early stage to track young startups, then take a significant stake in the companies at the A or B round. So far, it’s a strategy that seems to have worked out pretty well. The firm recently doubled down on its investment in the food delivery company Munchery, leading the Series B and committing a total of $25 million to the San Francisco-based company.

Obama's Plan to Fight Radicals Is Reasonable But Too Late

The Islamic State is "a terrorist organization, pure and simple. And it has no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way," he said, accurately describing the brutal group that has won territory, oil and vast wealth in a bloody, swift campaign across Syria and Iraq over the last several months. Given that many of the militants appear to be Western-born fighters, there are fears that the radicals could one day strike closer to home.

Why Did Tim Cook Announce The Apple Watch Now? Four Theories

The reason for this is three fold. One being is the fact that you had zero leaks of the Apple Watch before release. This is because all manufacturing to date has been inside an extremely small supply chain. Most likely one china factory and in house at Cupertino. The iPhone leaks so early, because the supply chain is massive. Second, the device needs FCC certification before it can launch the application. The FCC's process is open to public, so submitting for approval would allow the device to be picked up before Apple gave its official announcement. By announcing now (similar to the iPhone and iPad), they have made the announcement and the FCC is a non-issue. Finally, similar to the iPad, the third party developer group is key to Apple's success to date. By giving developers 3-4 months to work with the new WatchKit SDK, they ensure a large day one app store for the Apple Watch.

How to Make a Call in Google Hangouts

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Nearly 5 Million Google Passwords Leaked on Russian Site

The International Business Times reports that data for 4.93 million Google accounts of English-, Spanish- and Russian-speaking users was leaked and published on a Russian-language Bitcoin security online forum. The posters said about 60% of the accounts were active.

Path Will Build An Apple Watch App, But Dave Morin Won’t Talk About Those Acquisition Rumors | TechCrunch

Mobile social networking app Path was founded four years ago to help users connect and communicate with the people closest to them. But the startup is looking to branch into launching new apps and experiences, including building something for Apple’s upcoming wearable device.

Twitter Announces Flight, An Annual Mobile Developer Conference | TechCrunch

Twitter has announced Flight , a new developer conference focused on mobile. The conference will take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on October 22, with a keynote from CEO Dick Costolo, followed by technical sessions aimed at helping mobile devs to build on Twitter’s platform.

WhatWine Scans A Restaurant’s Wine List To Pair Your Dish With The Right One | TechCrunch

In terms of competitors, Maloux concedes that there are a plethora of existing wine apps, but says the majority of them, such as Vivivo, Drync, Hello Vino, and Delectable, let you take a picture of a wine label to recognize the wine after it’s already been served and is in front of you. “These apps are mostly a way to remember which wine you have had in the past but they do not help you choose wine,” says. “In term of use case, we arrive before these other apps, when you are staring at the wine list. We are the only one focussing on helping users make the best choice by pairing their food with the wine list of a restaurant.”

CrunchBase Grows Its Global Reach, Adding Incubators, VC Partners And A New Leaderboard Feature | TechCrunch

Everyone knows CrunchBase as the leading site for all the information that investors and the startup community may need. But now the site that’s given you so much for so little is adding even more features and announcing the results of months of labor.

Happy 15th birthday, Sega Dreamcast

Fifteen years ago today, Sega launched its final video game console. Arriving in stores on September 9, 1999, the Dreamcast stole our hearts with a plethora of amazing games. There are plenty of essential classics from the Dreamcast era – Power Stone , SoulCalibur and Phantasy Star Online , to name a few – but what are some of the lesser-known favorites? To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the machine that refused to stop thinking, the Joystiq staff presents a short list of obscure treasures. The system may be gone, but our love is eternal. What are some of your favorite, lesser-known Dreamcast titles? Tell us your picks and why and we'll add it to our gallery as a community choice! >>Obscure Dreamcast Gems<<

Microsoft Held In Contempt As It Battles A Domestic Search Warrant Demanding Overseas Data | TechCrunch

While Microsoft continues to believe that a contempt order is not required to perfect an appeal, it agrees that the entry of an order of contempt would eliminate any jurisdictional issues on appeal. Thus, while reserving its rights to appeal any contempt order and the underlying July 31 ruling, Microsoft concurs with the Government that entry of such an order will avoid delays and facilitate a prompt appeal in this case.

OkCupid's Christian Rudder On Human Experiments And Getting Ugly People Dates

Conducting ever more of our lives online rather than in the physical world may not be great for our retinas, our waistlines or our conversational skills, but it’s a big help when it comes to understanding our own behavior as individuals and members of society. Companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are primarily interested in using our data to improve their products and target their ads, but it also holds a lot of value for social science researchers — as millions of Facebook users learned this summer when news of a controversial large-scale experiment on “ emotional contagion ” got out.

Sony's internet TV service will carry Comedy Central, MTV, and other Viacom networks

Sony and DirecTV are each planning to offer internet-based TV in the coming months in separate attempts to lure in millennials and cord cutters. And while the exact details around how the streaming services will work (and their cost) aren't yet known, we're starting to hear more about the content that'll be on offer. Sony and Viacom today announced a deal that will bring nearly two dozen Viacom networks to Sony's upcoming cloud service, and  Bloomberg reports that Disney and Fox may also supply the company with programming .

EA is 'pretty excited' about gaming on the Apple Watch

So, it looks like EA is looking to not only build games that work as standalone products on the Watch, but that also work in conjunction with other games on other platforms, like tablets. Digging a bit deeper into that idea, Gibeau outlined how a user could do some smaller tasks, like crafting weapons, or trading with other players, on the watch when they’re away from their other gaming unit (be it the tablet or home video game console), and then return to the game with the changes made later in the day.

Living On The Edge: Australians Design House That Hangs Off Cliff

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Apple's New iCloud Storage Plans Go Live, Monthly Prices at $0.99 for 20GB, $19.99 for 1TB

After yesterday's media event, Apple updated its website to provide additional information on its iCloud pricing ahead of the launch of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. As of today, the company's updated storage plans are live, allowing users to purchase iCloud storage upgrades using the new pricing scheme. While customers will continue to get 5GB of cloud storage for free, Apple has dropped the pricing on the rest of its storage lineup across the board. Users can now get 20GB of storage for $0.99 per month, 200GB of storage for $3.99 per month, 500GB of storage for $9.99 per month, and 1TB of storage for $19.99 per month. The iCloud upgrade options can be accessed in the Settings app under iCloud ---> Storage & Backup ---> Change Storage Plan. The launch of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite will see the official debut of iCloud Drive, Apple's new cloud storage initiative. With iCloud Drive, users can store any type of document, including presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs, images, and more, and then access them from any iOS device, Mac, or PC.

Rocket Internet Confirms It Will Hold An IPO Later This Year | TechCrunch

After much speculation, German super-incubator and clone factory Rocket Internet has confirmed that it plans to launch an initial public offering later this year on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Rocket Internet intends to raise up to $970 million in the IPO and plans to use the proceeds to “finance its future growth through the launch of new businesses and [provide] further equity capital to its network of companies.”

NBA Team Owners Mark Cuban And Dan Gilbert Offer Advice To Steve Ballmer | TechCrunch

This week, at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, both Mark Cuban and Dan Gilbert stopped by for on-stage interviews. In addition to giving advice on building businesses and championing Detroit, the two outspoken NBA owners had a bit of advice for Steve Ballmer, the new owner of the LA Clippers.

With larger iPhones, Apple accepts that smartphones have evolved

And that's why the super-sized iPhones represent a milestone. Whether or not you think Apple needs to change to make a tidy profit, the company is clearly aware that the smartphone world has changed. It accepts that there's a lot more on your phone than just messages and albums, and that all your content should have more room to breathe, whether it's a Netflix video or a social update. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus in particular is a recognition that your smartphone can be good enough to replace a tablet, since it expands what you see in landscape mode. If Apple is afraid of losing iPad sales, it's not showing that concern -- it'd clearly prefer that you buy something from its lineup than risk losing you to a Galaxy Note.

Win the All New iPhone from the Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway [Deals Hub]

It’s finally here: The iPhone 6. It’s announced and will be available to purchase soon, and you can’t help but want to get your hands on it. We don’t blame you–we can’t wait to get it, either. But how great. would it be to get the iPhone 6 without having to spend a cent on it? It would make getting the new handset all the sweeter. You can experience the thrill of owning the new iPhone 6 without standing in line when you enter to win in the Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway, happening now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub .

You what? Player beats Dark Souls using a Rock Band guitar - CNET

Whatever you're doing right now, stop and take a moment to appreciate this magnificent crazy man. His name is Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin, and he has done something that is truly, madly, deeply wonderful: he has played through, and beaten, action RPG Dark Souls -- widely regarded as one of the toughest console games of recent years, if not ever -- using a Rock Band guitar.

Australian Man Isolated in Hospital After Possible Ebola Exposure

“Importantly, this patient doesn’t have a fever which is one of the first signs of Ebola virus infection, so it is very unlikely that he has Ebola virus from his history of where he’s been and also his symptoms," she said. "So there is absolutely no need for people to panic for any reason.” After an initial clinical assessment, Gold Coast Hospital Director Infectious Diseases Dr John Gerrard said it is exceedingly unlikely the patient has Ebola. Gerrard told a press conference the chance of the man having contracted the virus is "vanishingly small".

Coursera President Daphne Koller: 2014 Is The Year MOOCs Will Come Of Age | TechCrunch

Daphne Koller is the President and co-founder of Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company that works with the best universities to connect anyone around the world with the best education, for free. Prior to founding Coursera, she was the Rajeev Motwani Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where she served on the faculty for 18 years. In her research life, she worked in the areas …

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71 HBO Go direct access inches closer but still out of reach - CNET
72 Xbox One launch didn't ignite Japan, just 23K consoles sold
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