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5 YouTube shows you should be watching | News |

YouTube is great for two things: cat videos and YouTube poop. Okay fine, there’s some other stuff on there too, like educational shows, nonsensical “react” videos, and serialized stories from filmmakers who use [...]

Did Apple miss the mark on innovation this week?

While getting rid of the earphone jack may make the iPhone 7 a little thinner, is it really innovation, and is it really what we expect from Apple?

Japan Wants Self-Driving Cars In Time For Tokyo Summer Olympics

Mitsubishi Electric and ten automakers will start collecting high resolution 3D maps for self-driving cars to use, with help from the government of Japan.

Ford floors it for three startups from its accelerator

Ford announced on Thursday it has partnered with three Techstars Mobility startups from the accelerator’s second annual class.

Sony announces PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K HDR gaming for $399

Sony has officially unveiled the next big iteration of the PlayStation 4. The console — codenamed Neo, which the company discussed in brief just ahead of E3 in June — upgrades the three-year-old...

T-Mobile slams Verizon with a jealous Nicki Minaj

Technically Incorrect: The star hates the fact that her man is cheating on her with Snapchat. It's all apparently Verizon's fault. Yes, this ad is a touch twisted.

Self-driving truck moves deep underground

Volvo wants to make sure its new self-driving truck is able to operate in all environments, including inside a working mine 1,300 meters underground.

Everything Coming to Amazon Video in September

Amazon has lots of original content for the brand-new (school) year.

Don’t use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on planes, says the FAA

In the wake of several incidents involving Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching on fire and a global recall of th

Watch evolution in action as bacteria mutate to resist antibiotic drugs

It looks like a football field, but this four-feet by two-feet petri dish is playing host to very different sort of game — nothing more or less than evolution itself. The dish is known as the...

Playing Pokémon Go in church could send this Russian YouTuber to prison for years

A Russian YouTube star has been detained for two months and could face up to five years of prison time, reports The Guardian and many other outlets. His crime? Playing Pokémon Go in a church...

The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality | Quanta Magazine

A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank's Data Center for 10 Hours

Dozens of hard drives were knocked down during a fire drill that involved inert gas deployment.

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TechCrunch on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

What is the Difference Between Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch?

A lot of the technical details about Apple Watch Series 2 are still unknown. We still don’t know the Mhz at which the new processor runs or which GPU it has, or how much RAM was added. We’ll know all of that once the Watch Series 2 releases on September 13 and someone does a tear down. When that happens, we’ll be sure to update you.

Tesla Autopilot 8.0 uses radar to prevent accidents like the fatal Model S crash

Today, Tesla revealed Version 8 of its Autopilot software , going live in one to two weeks. Version 8.0 includes updates to the signal processing tech used to interpret images received from the onboard radar. The update focuses primarily on the radar component of the Autopilot sensor system, turning it from a supplementary part of the overall tech, designed to complement the cameras, into a primary control sensor that, according to Elon Musk himself, should prevent accidents like the one that resulted in Josh Brown’s death.

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Waiter will wait on hold for you and call you back when a representative answers #HackDisrupt 

Apple Watch Series 2 review

While the changes have been welcome on the Apple Watch Series 2, there's not a lot of information that can really be used well here. For instance, the Apple Watch can work out the size of your pool rather than you having to input it. Fine, that makes sense - it can also learn your stroke length over time to work out how far you've gone.

Social Good Summit 2016

The Social Good Summit is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held annually during UNGA Week, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time. Our theme, #2030NOW, asks the question, “What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?” During the Social Good Summit, global citizens around the world unite to unlock the potential of technology to make the world a better place.

CEO Secrets: Indiegogo co-founder reveals her business advice - BBC News

Danae Ringelmann, co-founder of crowdfunding website Indiegogo, offers the business advice she wishes she had been given when she started out.

The iPhone 7 will finally start at 32GB of storage

Apple is finally phasing out the 16GB iPhone. Today, as had been rumored by The Wall Street Journal , the company revealed that its new iPhone 7 will start at 32GB of storage, double the amount included in the base model iPhone 6S and 6 before it. The base model is priced at $649. Apple has also increased the step-up options for those who want more; the iPhone 7 comes in 128GB and 256GB — a new high for iPhone storage that brings Apple's smartphone to parity with the iPad Pro.

How to get your iPhone or iPad ready for iOS 10 | ZDNet

Chances are good that your iPhone or iPad has accumulated a lot of detritus over the months and years, so what better time to get rid of it than now. While iOS 10 doesn't need as much free space to install as earlier releases, getting rid of apps that you no longer use -- or perhaps have never used -- makes good sense.

How close are we to the robotic human heart?

In Carmat’s design, two chambers are each divided by a membrane that holds hydraulic fluid on one side. A motorized pump moves hydraulic fluid in and out of the chambers, and that fluid causes the membrane to move; blood flows through the other side of each membrane. The blood-facing side of the membrane is made of tissue obtained from a sac that surrounds a cow’s heart, to make the device more biocompatible.

2016 Social Media Marketing Stats for SMBs [Infographic]

Social media continues to grow at a tremendous rate, while also making it easier than ever for small businesses to connect with customers. Both SMBs and consumers are growing more accustomed to sharing and learning about product and services on social media.

Israeli Teens Arrested In Connection With ‘Majority’ of Recent DDoS Attacks

As with so many hacker and cybersecurity busts, the evidence trail that led to the two accused men was remarkably careless. The organization refused to attack Israeli sites in their “home country.” vDOS was hosted on a server that was traced back to Huri and SMS notifications pointed to both men. Most bafflingly, the two men co-authored a technical paper about DDoS attacks that was published in an Israeli security magazine, Digitals Whispers . Huri signed the paper with his real name and Bidani used the email address “” which was also the email for one of the admin of vDOS.

The dual iPhone 7 Plus camera explained

The iPhone 7 Plus camera certainly looks like it'll shake things up, but this dual lens approach is nothing new in the world of photography - Kodak even dabbled with it back in 2006 with the horrible EasyShare V705 digital camera, while the zoom technology has also been seen before with Nokia 's PureView technology.

How to Listen to Music While Charging Your iPhone 7

If you are looking for something more portable, you can buy the Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar. Belkin says that it has worked “closely” with Apple to develop this accessory. The catch here is that the accessory plugs into the Lightning port of your iPhone to offer you two additional Lightning ports itself. This means that while you can easily plug in a cable to charge your iPhone, you will have to connect another Lightning to 3.5mm adapter before you can actually connect your existing pair of headphones or earphones. This makes the whole setup unnecessarily complex and not-so-portable. If you end up using the Lightning EarPods then you obviously don’t need to meddle around with the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter.

Sorry, Pokemon Go isn't the Apple Watch killer app

Not that Pokemon Go's success can be denied. The game, which launched July 6, in just four days surged to the top of the US App Store's chart of most-downloaded free apps. The goal behind the augmented-reality game is to find Pokemon characters using your phone's GPS and to catch them with virtual Pokeballs -- a lure that could potentially earn $3 billion for Apple within the next year.

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5 essential trips for 'Game of Thrones' superfans, organized by house

Vaes Dothrak, the only city in the Dothraki Sea, boasts a large bazaar called the Western Market where merchants from around the world gather to sell their goods. You will recall the marketplace in Season 1 as the place where Khaleesi survived a wineseller's assassination attempt ordered by King Robert Baratheon. To capture the chaos and vibrancy of the market, lose yourself in the colourful souks of Marrakech — a labyrinth of exotic sights and scents. While you needn't fear assassination, do avoid drinking tap water and prepare to barter hard for any treasures you find.

Why I’m giving my company Election Day off

My biggest motivation is to respect the importance of being involved in the civic duties that are needed to protect the unique environment of the U.S. for entrepreneurs like myself. As a Muslim naturalized citizen of the U.S., married to a half-French, half-American Jewish woman with a two-year-old who holds three passports, I can assure you I sit at an intersection of culture, identity, race and religion that made the U.S. the only place where I could earn the trust and opportunities that I have. The opportunity to get a great education, the freedom from judgment by others and the support I needed to dream big — these are sanctities that I’ve uniquely felt in the U.S. throughout my life. The U.S. is the only business environment where I would be able to run the company I do, the way I have.

The Best Computer Mice of 2016

Most wireless computer mice connect to the PC via the same 2.4GHz wireless frequencies used for cordless phones and Wi-Fi Internet. A dime-sized USB dongle—small enough to plug in and forget about—provides the link to your PC. Companies use proprietary connections like these because they allow optimal battery life. These USB dongles also provide connectivity to more than one device, meaning that you can use the single adapter for your wireless mouse—or mice, if you have one at work and one at home—as well as one or more keyboard, assuming that all are the same brand.

Can You Find the Philae Lander Hiding on the Surface of a Comet?

Now that scientists know Philae’s final position, they can put its impact data into context—and that could bring them closer to fielding a viable deep space mission. Mark McCaughrean, senior science advisor for ESA, calls it the comet’s “ground truth.” The ESA now knows the probe’s orientation, what materials it’s leaning against, and how much solar radiation it’s exposed to. It can also compare the specs of Philae’s location to the characteristics of the rest of the comet with much greater precision. “We were very interested in what Philae has told us about the comet’s mechanics,” says Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries. “We now know it follows a crème brûlée model: The surface is crispy, but the interior is soft, and there’s not much to it.”

Elon Musk unveils ‘massive’ Tesla Autopilot 8.0 update using existing radar and fleet learning

UFOs and fluff : According to Musk, the limitations of Tesla’s vision and radar systems may cause its Model S and X cars to not automatically break for fluffy objects, or even “a small dear.” Fielding questions from reporters, Musk added: “It should work for something like a Moose, because a moose is quite a big mass.” With the 8.0 update, “the car should almost always hit the brakes correctly even if a UFO were to land on the freeway in zero visibility conditions,” Musk wrote on Tesla’s blog .

How To Send GIFs in Messages App in iOS 10

I really like using Gboard for quickly searching and sending GIFs and Emojis. This feature is great, but it’s limited to the Messages app. So when it comes to other apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, what kind of app do you use for sending GIFs? Share with us in the comments below.

Fifteen years on, our connected world is the shared legacy of 9/11

Tom Drake arrived at work on his first day as a full-time employee of the National Security Agency before sunrise on a cool, clear morning: September 11, 2001. As he shadowed the NSA’s director of signals intelligence in a briefing about a new $4 billion plan, codenamed Trailblazer, that would better apply the agency’s spying to the Internet, an aide opened a door and interrupted with news: A plane had hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Minutes later, the aide returned. The south tower had been hit, too. Drake, a thin man with severe, deep-set eyes, stood up and said the words everyone in the room had been thinking: “America is under attack.” The agency’s modernization plan was already too late.

Tesla to roll out autopilot that relies more heavily on radar sensing

The update to Tesla's autopilot system will rely more heavily on radar to identify objects in addition to a camera. Traditional cameras can have difficulty in certain lighting conditions. At the time of Brown's death, Tesla noted that autopilot didn't identify the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky.

Ford Mobility to acquire Chariot shuttle service, launch GoBike sharing in San Francisco - Roadshow

Today's news also brings the announcement that Ford is launching its Ford GoBike bike-sharing service in San Francisco Bay Area. In partnership with Motivate, a leader in bike share, and working with city officials, Ford plans to add new bike-sharing stations and 7,000 new bikes around the Bay Area by the end of 2018. Users will be able to rent their wheels through the FordPass platform when Ford GoBike launches next year.

Facebook Uses Plane Emoji To Remember 9/11 [Updated]

It’s unknown if a human Facebook employee chooses the icon for remembering specific events on Facebook, or if it is chosen by an algorithm. Regardless, there’s something not right about using cartoonish emoji of the weapon that was used to kill 3,000 people. The company uses other emojis to help users commemorate other events, like the American flag and a candle— both of which probably would have made a little more sense than using a plane.

Lego is so popular, it can’t keep up with demand

Lego’s sales slowed down during the first half of 2016, but it’s not because its popularity has begun to wane. Just the opposite: the colorful bricks are more popular than ever.

Wounded veteran helps Team USA to paratriathlon sweep on 9/11

Allysa Seely took the gold, Hailey Danisewicz the silver, and Stockwell got the bronze. This is the first year the paratriathlon has been an event at the Paralympic Games. The race consists of a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike ride and 5-kilometer run.

This may be the most accurate Milky Way galaxy simulation ever made

"You can see the Milky Way-like disk in the center, but also, around it are both the low-mass (dwarf) galaxies, and the 'diffuse' (almost circular) distribution of stars that we call the 'stellar halo'. It is the graveyard of dwarf galaxies that have been destroyed by orbiting too close to the Milky Way. This stellar distribution is quite diffuse (low density), so it appears really really faint, but ... this is how we think the Milky Way would look from afar if you could produce a really really deep image of everything around it."

5 SEO secrets you’ll be surprised you didn’t know​

the secret sauce for optimizing for RankBrain, and it’s easier than you might think: “If you try to write like a machine then RankBrain will just get confused and probably just pushes you back. But if you have a content site, try to read out some of your articles or whatever you wrote, and ask people whether it sounds natural. If it sounds conversational, if it sounds like natural language that we would use in your day to day life, then sure, you are optimized for RankBrain.”


All healthy relationships need space. Including the one with your phone. That’s why there’s the new Moto 360. It streamlines your mobile life by delivering the information that matters to you, giving you more time to do the things you love. With designs made specifically for men or women, it’s easy to find the color, size, and style that fits you best. Because you deserve choice when it comes to what you wear on your wrist.

Katy Perry says she'll collaborate with Taylor Swift on one condition

Katy Perry says she'll collaborate with Taylor Swift on one condition

47 no-fail ways to come up with blog ideas

Sometimes content marketers have to deal with a lot of emptiness, and turn all that blank space into content that attracts, and engages, and converts.

How To View Song Lyrics in Music App in iOS 10

As a non-native English speaker and a heavy user of Apple Music, I appreciate the inclusion of lyrics in the new iOS 10 Music app more than anything else. I like discovering new songs from Beats 1 and then adding them to my library. But I can’t really start singing along and obsessing over them until I’ve learned all the lyrics. And the only way for me to do that is to read them. I used to use Musixmatch for that, now I just swipe up when the music is playing.

ESPN's fantasy football app crashes on 1st Sunday of NFL season

It's not the first time fantasy football players have dealt with a massive glitch during game time. ESPN's app has crashed during opening week in the past. And Yahoo, which operates the second most popular fantasy site, experienced a similar snafu in 2013 when the app crashed on the first day of the season.

Snowden Movie Might Actually Be Worth Seeing

The central plot of “Snowden” is so straightforward it makes you pine for the wilder filmmaker of “Natural Born Killers” who would really dig into the zeitgeist of today’s digitally addicted society. Glimmers of the filmmaker’s unhinged tendencies crop up in some of the bigger sequences, chief among them an audacious sex scene that outdoes “Munich” in its overstatement: As Lindsay mounts her lover in the dark, his eyes drift to a dormant laptop camera as he grows increasingly paranoid about losing his privacy. It’s an absurd moment that works, as Snowden’s mounting fears mirror those of the American public in the wake of his revelations. [ IndieWire ]

Space Photos of the Week: A Lazy Supernova in the Sky

This supernova might be beautiful, but it’s also lazy. This composite x-ray image shows the remains of a supernova explosion called RCW 103 with a suspected magnetar star—aka “highly magnetized neutron star”—at its center. The magnetar has a mysteriously slow spin, rotating only once ever 6.67 hours, compared to the 10 seconds other magnetars typically take.

This year's Craigslist 'Missed Connections' for Burning Man are hilariously absurd

"I know this is a total longshot but we hung out Friday night after meeting at a camp 'bar' A huge group of guys followed me around the playa calling me Queen until it was late and just the three of us. I named you Twelve. I guess I passed out and woke up confused then ran away. I wish I had stayed and spent the rest of the burn with you. I wish I could remember where you were from. Hopefully that wasn't the last time I will see you. Also if you are Twelve give me some background details so I know it's really you."

Follow These Three Tips for Designing the Perfect Podcast Icon

Take the icon for The Trumpcast . Slate’s thoughtful, 20-minute overview of whatever unhinged lunacy Donald Trump spewed that week is a great piece of political analysis, but Temkin takes issue with the podcast’s busy icon design. “It’s got the name in clear type and a strong color and icon combination. But the effect is almost totally ruined by two separate banners for Slate and Panoply,” he says. “This is a real dog’s breakfast of a design, I feel bad for whoever took the time to make the great artwork.”

Clinton camp reveals pneumonia diagnosis after 9/11 event health scare

Clinton left the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony because she was feeling "overheated," a spokesperson said. The press wasn't given a statement until 90 minutes after Clinton left the event and no reporters were allowed to follow her.

Hydraulic Press Tries To Use a Soap Dispenser, Fails, Soap Is Everywhere

When a hydraulic press takes on the bathroom, things get messy. First, the ceramic toilet completely explodes. Then, the toilet paper is flattened into a useless disk of cardboard. Finally, the soap dispenser dispenses a little bit of soap and cracks in slow-motion before shattering in all directions into a mess of goo and broken glass.

Your smartphone could soon act as a glaucoma testing device

It should only take about five minutes per eye, and the results are supposedly straightforward and easy enough to understand. They're even shareable with your eye doctor. The idea here is to make it easier to monitor the progress of the disease and augment, rather than replace, traditional testing methods. The folks at Cambridge Consultants also hope that it'll have a positive impact in developing countries where traditional medical procedures and facilities aren't readily available. At around £20 ($26.53), it could be the most cost effective method, too.

Twitch-produced live shows will feature closed captions

While the stenographers Twitch has hired will only be working on company-produced videos, you can also take advantage of the new feature if you're a broadcaster. It won't be easy, since you'll have to provide the captioned content, but you can check out more details on Twitch's Help Center if you're interested. To note, the caption system is new, but this is more of an expansion than a debut. The AbleGamers Charity team took it for a spin back in August, when they held a weeklong streaming marathon featuring broadcasters with disabilities.

Dropbox tackles security fears surrounding its Mac app

The app only asks for the permissions it needs, Newhouse says. It uses the Mac's accessibility kit for certain tie-ins (such as in Office), and demands elevated access to your OS when standard programming interfaces fall short. The permissions aren't as "granular" as Dropbox would like, the developer adds. He stresses that Dropbox can't see your system's administrator password, and a privilege check on startup is only to make sure the software works consistently, especially across OS versions.

LG launches V20 smartphone with Android 7.0 Nougat

LG took the wraps off the V20, its latest Android flagship, at an event in San Francisco this evening. The phone, a successor to last year's V10, is the first to ship with Google's latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Like it's predecessor. the V20 contains a dual-camera system and a second display located at the top of the phone. Both have been upgraded in this year's model; the cameras are more capable and the second display is now brighter with bigger font. More importantly, the V20 not only retains the  headphone jack some phone makers are trying to phase out , but it also packs in some audiophile-grade features for music lovers who like lossless file formats and expensive headphones.

Settle Into 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries on Earth

Mexican design studio Anagrama designed a cozy reading nook inside this Monterrey bookstore to encourage visitors to linger and read. The sea foam blue walls shine through a latticed wood bookshelf that turns the space into a brightly colored cocoon. Stairs cut through the middle of the dome, while padded seats on either side afford comfortable reading spots. It’s visually striking, and clever, use of space.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Pricing: $649 and $769

Apple also made changes to the way it’s pricing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, keeping some variants available for folks who want to buy last year’s flagship. The company showed what typical month-to-month pricing will be for each handset at this point, with the iPhone SE starting at $17 per month, the iPhone 6s starting at $23 per month, and the iPhone 6S Plus starting at $27 per month. The iPhone 7 will start at $27 per month, while the iPhone 7 Plus will go for $32 per month. Each of these are the starting price points, of course, with higher storage models costing more per month.

CBS and Paramount Royally Screwed Up Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

Fifty years is an enormous milestone, especially when you’re talking about the relatively short history of television shows. So why on Earth and Vulcan did CBS and Paramount fail to capitalize on Star Trek’s 50th anniversary?

Google fixes two serious Android security flaws

There's more. Security company Check Point also revealed that Google Play had been hosting apps containing two forms of malware ( CallJam and DressCode ). CallJam both steered phones to websites that made bogus ad revenue and, if you granted permission, would call paid phone numbers. DressCode would also visit shady ad sources, but it could also compromise local networks. Google has since removed the offending apps, but the infection rate may have been high when users downloaded the software hundreds of thousands (or in a few cases, millions) of times.

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61 PC gaming beat consoles a long time ago, so now consoles are becoming more like gaming PCs
62 Audi's 2017 A5 Sportback is a coupe that's also a sedan that's also a coupe - Roadshow
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65 iPhone 7 probably won't juice Apple stock
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71 PepperPay’s robot photographer replaces cashiers
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82 A kid held up a sign with his Venmo ID on ESPN and thousands of people sent him money
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