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Are happier citizens making Singapore a smart city leader?

On the global scene, Singapore has been a smart city leader for decades and is about to ramp up its efforts with its Smart Nations strategy.

Mac users, rejoice! This award-winning app takes the pain out of editing PDFs (50% off)

If you’ve never had to edit a PDF, consider yourself lucky. It’s usually a painful task involving multiple third party apps, clenched fists, and crushed dreams. Until now. PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac has changed the game, and for its efforts it’s even received the Apple Editors’ Choice award. A new era of tech events …

Nixon's Mission smartwatch is designed to take the drop

If you have a smartwatch, chances are you’re fairly protective of it, preventing it from getting too wet, too beat up, or too knocked around. After all, a smartwatch is little more than a computer...

Rebecca Minkoff took “see now, buy now” to a whole new level this year

Minkoff, forever on the bleeding edge of introducing technology into fashion, brought two key innovations to this year's

These are the most ridiculous features of Trump’s new ultra-luxury hotel in D.C.—”wine by the spoon”?

Today the Trump International Hotel, which Donald Trump has promised will be

Intense video shows the moment a diver was attacked by a great white shark

The diver escaped with two broken toes.

What's on your HDTV: 'Captain America: Civil War,' 'ReCore'

Also 'The Witness' on Xbox One, remastered 'Dead Rising' and 'Don't Starve Together' on PS4.

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Instagram lets anyone filter words out of comments

Co-founder Kevin Systrom is quick to admit that filters and similar user tools "aren't the only solution." Ultimately, Instagram itself has to be smarter about banning users and preventing hurtful comments from showing up in the first place. However, this latest move puts a lot of power in your hands -- you can set a baseline level of quality that keeps out some offenders without silencing comments altogether.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explodes, Burns 6-Year-Old: Report

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has reportedly exploded again, this time in the hands of a six-year-old boy. The boy experienced “burns to his body,” and is too afraid to be near any other devices, according to The New York Post.

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Samsung to sell its printer business to HP for $1.05 billion

Samsung’s board of directors approved the sale of its Printing Business Unit during a meeting in Seoul today, and a follow-up meeting with shareholders is scheduled for October. If given the go-ahead by shareholders, Samsung says it will spin off its printer business into a new standalone entity on November 1, with HP purchasing a 100 percent stake in the newly formed company. Samsung will then source its printers from HP and continue to market them under the Samsung brand in Korea.

This New Electric Bus Can Drive 350 Miles on One Charge

The secret to the new Proterra bus’s longevity is its twin mattress-sized battery pack, says Matt Horton, the company’s VP for sales. It can store up to 660 kWh, helpful when motoring a 27,000-pound, 40-foot bus. Compare that to the relatively mini batteries behind your favorite electric passenger car: 60 kWh in the Chevy Bolt , and 100 kWh in the largest Tesla Model S . (It helps that the Catalyst E2 has a lighter body than your average city steed.)

Star Wars Simon Looks Like Vader and Plays the Imperial March Theme

Even the phone in your pocket is capable of playing cutting-edge games, so why would you go back to Simon, that simple four-button electronic memory game that was popular back in the ‘80s? Because there’s a new Vader-shaped Star Wars version that plays the Imperial March, that’s why.

Larry Page is the reason we still don’t have a Google self-driving car

But Page might have a good reason: According to Bloomberg, Google noticed in tests of partial automation — like the kind Tesla uses, which is called Autopilot — that drivers' attention wavered if they didn't have to stay focused on the road, which made it harder for them to take over again if they needed to. If the recent Tesla crashes are any indication, partial automation is not foolproof and it still requires drivers to stay alert on the roads.

The MySQL 8.0.0 Milestone Release is available

With the introduction of an explicit data dictionary it becomes more important to note the difference between *system tables* and the data-dictionary. Historically, MySQL has stored some of its meta-data as normal MyISAM tables in the *mysql database* (schema), in contrast to meta-data information stored in special files (.FRM, .PAR, .TRG, .TRN). Note that the concept of system tables still exists in MySQL 8.0, but these tables are now stored in InnoDB. Some of the MySQL 5.7 system tables have now been folded into the data dictionary (event and proc) while the rest are kept as system tables. The distinction between the data dictionary and the set of system tables is somewhat pragmatic, but one can say that data dictionary contains meta data needed to execute SQL queries while system tables contain auxiliary meta-data like timezone and help information.   In the future it might be natural to fold additional system tables into the data dictionary in order to have a common infrastructure for all meta-data.

Sheryl Sandberg Grovels to Head of State After Facebook Botches Vietnam War Photo Removal

On Friday, Facebook fucked up yet again and flagged Nick Ut’s Pulitzer prize-winning photograph of Phan Thị Kim Phúc. After a massive wave of public backlash, the social network finally decided to apologize and reinstate the photo. Now, however, it’s going even further with its apology—all the way to Norway.

How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Nurture Leads : Social Media Examiner

Here’s a short TOFU video for a Korean custom shoe company. This video fits the formula because it’s short (who wants to see a long video from a brand they’ve never heard about?) and has a striking font. A large font size is crucial for mobile at least in the beginning of your video, since many videos on social media auto-play without sound.

Apps for iOS 10, including Messages apps, begin arriving on iOS App Store

Ahead of this Tuesday's launch of iOS 10, Apple has begun allowing apps designed for the new operating system onto the App Store, including downloads that tap into the new Messages integration feature. Starting Monday afternoon, apps updated for iOS 10 began arriving on the App Store. Apple first began asking for iOS 10 app submissions last Wednesday , following the golden master release of the update. Once users update to iOS 10 (the first release is actually numbered iOS 10.0.1), a new right-facing arrow will be seen in the Messages app. Tap it to expand and show three options, one of which is the App Store icon. Selecting the Messages App Store shows already-installed options, including recently used apps. Tap the four dots to the left to see all installed apps, as well as a link to the digital storefront in the form of a plus. Once opened, the Messages App Store presents itself in a pop-over window, with hints of the Messages app residing in the background. At the moment, as of Monday, the only "Featured" apps are Apple's own options: Classic Mac, Hearts, Hands and Smileys.

Alphabet and pharma company Sanofi are teaming up to work on new diabetes treatments

Onduo will initially focus on Type II diabetes, which affects 90 percent of those with the disease. This form of the disease develops when the body cannot properly use the insulin produced by the pancreas. It is usually treated with a combination of dietary change, careful monitoring of blood sugar levels, and insulin injections to correct the blood sugar levels.

Customers love fitness trackers, but smartwatches? Not so much.

A trend is starting to appear, fitness trackers sales continue to rise, while smartwatches start to dwindle. IDC’s second quarter wearable sales report continues the trend, revealing a 48 percent rise in basic wearables and a 27 percent decline in smart wearables.

New Showtime documentary accuses John McAfee of rape and involvement in two murders

Almost four years since his return from Central America, much remains unknown about John McAfee's time in Belize, and why the cybersecurity expert went into hiding after the still unsolved murder of his neighbor, American expat Gregory Faull.

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman offers $5M to see Donald Trump's tax returns

Hoffman made his offer Monday in a post on Medium calling attention to a veteran's crowdfunding effort challenging Trump to release his returns. If the Republican nominee releases his returns before the final presidential debate on October 19, the CrowdPac effort launched by Marine Corp veteran Pete Kiernan will donate the money raised to a handful of veterans groups.

iTunes offers 10-movie bundles for $10 each

Believe it or not, it's been a decade since movies arrived in iTunes ... and Apple wants to make sure you remember that. It's launching a 10th anniversary US promo that, appropriately, offers 10-movie bundles from five major studios (Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.) for $10 each. And no, these aren't all stinkers that wouldn't otherwise sell. There are gems like Live Die Repeat , Rush , Selma , Captain Phillips and No Country for Old Men in the mix, and the odds are usually good that you'll enjoy most of what a given bundle has to offer.

The Last Guardian is delayed to December 6

“[Directo] Fumito Ueda, [developers] Gen Design and Japan Studio have a wonderful vision for The Last Guardian’s touching, emotional journey of friendship and trust, and we want to deliver the most polished experience possible for our fans who have supported us for so long,” Sony noted on its blog. “A delay is a difficult decision, particularly with this game, but we have encountered more bugs than anticipated while in the final stages of development. To ensure that The Last Guardian delivers on the experience that the game’s creators have envisioned, we need to take the extra time to work on those issues.”

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Apple launches iMessage App Store with various iMessage apps, games, and sticker packs

Let the deluge begin… Not long after the Super Mario Run iMessage sticker pack was made available to iOS 10 users, Apple has unleashed the entire iMessage App Store. The iMessage App Store, which is available for iOS 10 users, features sticker packs from companies like Disney, Bandai Namco, Sanrio, and others.

Facebook made this upbeat automatic video of a guy's near-fatal car crash

It picks a bunch of photos from your camera roll and puts them together, combining geodata with the moment the pictures were taken. When it works, it’s a great way to look back on a trip or a birthday party.

Coding Confessional is the place to go if you hate your programming job

As the name suggests, Coding Confessional is a place where devs can anonymously vent their spleens about their workplaces, their colleagues, and the projects they’re working on.

How to Drill a Curved Hole

By welding a drill bit onto the end of a flex shaft attached to a curved rig, Swan’s unorthodox creation allows a standard power drill to bore holes through wood that curve in any direction he needs. It’s useful for running wires and cables through inside corners of a new home under construction, but also because the idea will also melt your brain a little.

Facebook Messenger’s audio and video calling reaches 300M users

Phase 1: Kill SMS. Phase 2: Kill Skype, FaceTime, and your phone. Phase 3: Profit? Facebook is making strides towards becoming a multi-media communication juggernaut, its head of Messenger David Marcus announced today at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. Out of Messenger’s one-billion users, 300 million people use its audio and video calling features each month. That’s around the size of Skype’s entire user base.

Take VR photos on iPhone with Google's new Cardboard Camera app | Cult of Mac

Google has finally brought its popular Cardboard Camera app to iOS today, allowing iPhone and iPad users to take perfect VR photos and share them with friends.

Google’s VR Cardboard Camera app is coming to iOS

The odds of you using Cardboard Camera, Google’s simple app for creating 360-degree VR images, just got significantly higher. The tool, which has so far only been available on Android, is now available on the iOS App Store. And both versions now include sharing features that realize the app’s raison d’etre : showing your friends and family the cool places you’ve visited. Where the old app made users share images through the generic Android photo gallery, the new one will support creating and sending links to either single images or collections.

Facebook Messenger's bots will soon take payments

This means Messenger users will be able to make payments directly in the app, without being sent to an external website to complete transactions, said David Marcus, Facebook's vice president of messaging products, at the San Francisco event.

Tesla's next Autopilot update will rely more on radar

Musk believes that the update would probably cut accidents by more than half. However, he cautions that it isn't flawless. "Perfect safety is really an impossible goal. It's really about improving the probably of safety," he explains. He adds that Autopilot is called beta is to reduce the driver's comfort level while it's on. "It's really not beta," he says.

Tiny drones are the best. They're fun to fly, and you don't have to register them with the FAA

The registration is not particularly onerous, though there is a processing fee. The whole thing starts to feel a bit Kafkaesque when you get to the end and realize that you can “display” your registration number by writing it on the battery and then tucking that inside the aircraft. WAT? It’s also unclear how often the regulations are going to be updated, or how the rules of flight are going to be enforced. For example, one rule states that a pilot has to maintain constant visual contact with his drone, but the signal range of some new models extends so far that it can fly up to two miles away from the operator. The technology will continue to advance faster than the laws. Meanwhile, it’s like the sheriff showed up, laid down the law, and then promptly rode off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

iMessage App Store adds stickers and games to iOS 10 texting

iOS 10 beta users can now explore a whole new world of add-ons for iMessage, according to 9to5mac . Cupertino has launched its new iMessage App Store for iOS 10 beta, and you can use it to download games and apps like OpenTable and SquareMoney. You can also download sticker packs from the store -- hey, it won't be complete without cute stickers in the mix -- some of which come from big-name companies like Disney, Bandai Namco and Sanrio. Some of the apps are tied to ones you'll have to get from the main App Store, but others are completely independent. If you're not a beta tester, don't worry: check your Settings app's Update section tomorrow, September 13th , to download and install iOS 10.

Moon Cycles Might Be Linked to Really Big Quakes

Not to say that this study is useless. The fact that spring tides might affect only really big quakes could tell seismologists new things about how quakes happen. And that might help them improve their estimates for the danger of living near any particular fault line. But likely not. The high-risk zones are well mapped, and the odds of recurrence are pretty well established. If you live in an earthquake zone, preparation is your best bet. Get your home seismically certified. Put together a quake kit. Practice those “jump in a doorframe” reflexes. Or just move to a place where the Moon’s gravity doesn’t have any fault lines to flex.

Absolut’s Facebook Messenger bot wants to buy you a drink

Absolut Vodka launched a Facebook Messenger bot today, and users can find a free drink in their area by chatting with the bot, said Messenger VP David Marcus.

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Netflix Wants the FCC to Get Rid of Data Caps

A data cap or allotment of 300 GB of data per month or higher is required just to meet the Internet television needs of an average American. This does not account for the other things that consumers typically do with their broadband connections, such as web-browsing or downloading games or apps from the Internet. An above average television watcher, a multi-occupant household, or a consumer wishing to watch in 4K requires a much higher cap or allotment. In this way, today’s ‘above-average’ Internet consumer is tomorrow’s average Internet consumer.

Twitter partners with finance news startup Cheddar for its first daily streaming show

"Twitter is the fastest way to find out what's happening in the world, and to engage in the live conversation about it," said Twitter CFO Anthony Noto in a statement. "Partnering with Cheddar will give people on Twitter another way to watch and discuss the day's top stories as they unfold live all on one platform."

TechCrunch on Twitter

Frederic Ladrinois talks with Twilio's Jeff Lawson about what drove the decision to go public, addressing the concerns of their userbase, and his thoughts on bots. - Follow @TechCrunch

How to Survive a Dog Attack

If the dog is clearly being aggressive, not playing (growling, snarling, barking), or obviously feral (dirty, no collar, not reacting to commands), Yin recommends you try and put something between you and the animal. A backpack, purse, jacket, or even a shoe can make for a great shield. Look at the dogs’ body language so you can prepare to block attacks. Tension in the body, raised hackles (the hair along the dog’s back), and ears that are flat against their head are things to watch for. Don’t try to hit the dog with the item, though, as this can make the dog even more aggressive. Just try to back away slowly. If the dog knocks you down, curl into a ball with your head tucked, make fists with your hands to protect your fingers, and use your hands and arms to cover your ears and neck.

SpaceX Crowd-Sources Clues to Rocket Blast as Missions Stack Up

SpaceX asked witnesses to share video, photos and audio of a launchpad blaze that destroyed a satellite-bearing rocket last week, a mystery that billionaire founder Elon Musk called the most “difficult and complex failure” in the company’s 14 years.

New Study Finds Teenage Rebellion Can Be Harnessed For Good

Teenage rebellion has consistently been one of the greatest threats to civilized society since we started living past the age of 40. Teens have a penchant for getting into trouble, whether it be eating Doritos in lieu of a balanced meal, sexting , smoking that sweet ganja , driving bad , perpetrating DDoS attacks , talking to their mothers with that mouth , or live streaming their sex-having .

10 Tips to Free up Space to Install iOS 10 on Your iPhone or iPad

Over a period of time, one tends to install a lot of unwanted apps and games on their iOS devices. The usual mentality is that you found an app or game listing interesting and thereby download it, but later on, when you did not like the app, you forget to uninstall it. Due to this, the app continues to live on your phone and occupy precious space. Considering that iOS apps are pretty heavy, removing a handful of apps from your iPhone or iPad will allow you to free up a significant amount of storage space easily.

Paying With Cash Really Does Make You Spend Less

The study looked at 14,000 credit union consumers who had a revolving balance on their credit cards. They wanted to see if financial “rules of thumb” could actually help these consumers lower their revolving credit card debt. They tested two rules: one was paying cash for purchases under $20, and the second was reminding customers that paying with a card can add 20% to a purchase when you revolve that credit card balance. They sent out these reminders via email and banner ads and even sent customers magnets that included one of two reminders:

Switzerland enlists robots to help deliver mail

Swiss Post, the national postal service in Switzerland, will test robots next month in three cities to deliver food and medicine. The robots, which are small, six-wheeled pods, travel slowly on sidewalks. They're designed to avoid obstacles, including pedestrians, animals and cars.

The solar panels and inverter we'd buy

Suniva panels are efficient, affordable, and backed by a reputable warranty from a company with manufacturing in Georgia and Michigan. These panels come with a 10-year warranty and a 25-year power guarantee, matching the coverage of most other top-tier manufacturers. Currently around $1 per watt, the price is competitive, too, but prices fluctuate, and a local installer may have competitive costs on a similar panel. The Suniva panels are right in the middle of the pack for efficiency, not so low as to require the extra space that cut-rate panels may need, but not so high that you're paying 50 percent more for engineering prestige you'll never notice. If you can find panels from a similarly reputable company with the same warranty and similar efficiency but a lower price tag, you'll probably be just as happy with them. But the Suniva panels should be the bar that you try to clear as you shop.

The Best Scanners of 2016

Do You Need a Flatbed? For photos or other easily damaged originals, bound material, and 3D objects, you need a flatbed. (Here we're talking about scanning 3D objects to two-dimensional images; 3D scanners—for scanning objects to 3D files for display or printing—are a different beast entirely.) Originals like photos and stamps can go through a sheet feeder, but you risk damaging them. If you need to scan this sort of original only rarely, you may be able to make do with a sheet-fed scanner that comes with a plastic carrier to protect the originals. Keep in mind, however, that even brand-new, unscratched plastic carriers can degrade scan quality.

How to Enable Screenshots Feature in watchOS 3

But what this meant for me was that the feature is disabled by default. I don’t know if that’s a bug but if you’re facing the same issue, here’s how you can turn it on.

First Data debuts contactless card reader that accepts mag stripe, EMV, and NFC payments

That said, First Data believes it has a leg up on the competition in the contactless card reader space because its device is able to accept all forms of card transactions, while others, like Square’s, can only process EMV and NFC payments. In this case, “a business owner has to switch over to their other reader to accept a mag stripe transaction,” a First Data spokesperson explained to VentureBeat.

Samsung is facing a lawsuit, and no, it’s not over the Galaxy Note 7

In the latest piece of bad news to hit the South Korean phone maker, Samsung is finding itself in hot (or rather, explosive) waters again. The incident in question involves a Galaxy S7 Edge that caught fire in its owner’s pocket and left him with second- and third-degree burns. The incident occurred on May 30, before the release and subsequent recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

How The World’s Most Beautiful Typeface Was Nearly Lost Forever

It was never supposed to make any money: The press was purely an artistic endeavour to reprint great works of literature — Shakespeare, Tennyson, Milton, that kind of thing — and was kept afloat by a subscriber system, like Patreon or Unbound. It produced books that were a polar opposite to the over-decorative medieval revivalist stuff that was popular at the time: off-white covers, plain pages, crystal-clear text. For their typeface, they took their design cues from William Morris, who had designed his famous Golden Type the year before, itself a flipside to the overly decorative Victorian era. Morris looked back 400 years to 15th-century Venice and adapted their designs, emphasising their unruly features while Doves calmed them. The Doves Press was rebellious and radical in its simplicity — severe and austere and pared down.

LinkedIn Placements helps students in India land tech jobs

It’ll be interesting to see if Placements, with its new assesssment tool, is successful in India; LinkedIn hopes that it will allow students in smaller towns and cities to apply for and secure jobs in prominent companies just as easily as if they lived in major metropolitan areas. It could also help level the playing field for candidates competing for jobs with people from higher-ranked schools, but that remains to be seen.

Singing Opera Helps This Media Mogul Find His Business Voice

"Many New York singers get paid to sing choir on the weekends; I do it for fun," says David Steinberger. That's because the Juilliard-trained vocal artist is also CEO and cofounder of comiXology , an subsidiary that's the largest distributor of digital comic books. He's been singing at Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood for most of the past 15 years—and he still follows theater and the opera with a passion similar to the one he has for comics.

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