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Curiosity rover to take up mountain climbing on Mars - CNET

After two years of exploration and driving, NASA's Curiosity rover has finally reached the base of Mount Sharp, a major goal of the mission.

5 LEGO Facts to Build Your Knowledge | #5facts

LEGO just became the most profitable toy company in the world. So what makes this Danish juggernaut tick? Read up on all the facts from this video: [link to ...

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Mystery Solved: The People in the 9/11 Wedding Photo

Mahe told Keefe that all the people in the photo are still alive, but much of the conversation revolved around her efforts to return the photo to its owner, he said. "The conversation was me just listening to her, 13 years of what she’s done, and what she’s gone through. She’s looking at the pictures, the perished, the fallen, trying to match them up to the people in the photo, and the whole time she’s been keeping this photo safe in her favorite Ernest Hemingway novel."

How Jack Ma Went From Being A Poor School Teacher To Turning Alibaba Into A $160 Billion Behemoth

Screenshot / Crocodile in the YangtzeJack Ma donned a crazy wig and sang a song from the Lion King to celebrate Alibaba's tenth anniversary. With a love of performance (probably inherited from his parents), Ma also helped create a quirky, fun atmosphere at the company. When Alibaba first became profitable, Ma provided every employee with a can of Silly String to go wild with. When the company decided to start Taobao, its eBay competitor, in the early 2000's, he got the team working on it to do handstands during breaks to keep their energy levels up. 

Places Is A Sharing Platform That Puts Privacy First | TechCrunch

Places is privacy for the masses. An open-source messaging and file-sharing application based on end-to-end encryption. Only a user and their recipients can access the user's content. Places is a privacy-centric startup that’s building a secure Dropbox-style platform for file sharing and messaging — but one that has end-to-end, client-side encryption built in. It’s currently launched in …

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Galaxy Note 4: The ultimate big-screen smartphones take each other on

Though the iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s first venture in the phablet market, it’s apparent the electronics giant knows what it’s doing. Apple found the perfect blend of iPhone and iPad when constructing the Plus and the finished product is superb. If the other electronics in your life have the same Apple logo on them, then the Plus 6 is an easy recommendation. With an improved approach to connecting all your devices, and Apple’s patented ease of use with its operating system, the iPhone 6 plus doesn’t disappoint. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a welcome upgrade over the Note 3 but its hard to bet against Apple and its impressive first foray in the phablet game.

Awwww. Dad Makes His Goth Girl Feel At Home In This Charming Home Improvement Ad

By referencing My Chemical Romance and Pierce the Veil I'm guessing that you were somewhere in high school somewhere around...2004-2008? Me too. But it's not 2004-2008 any more and music is allowed to change. Goth kids in the 80's who worshiped the cure probably had "real goths" who listened to Bach telling them to fuck off. Music changes, and the frameworks of our social references change, too. She made a clear reference to Die Antwoord and is doing what EVERY kid in high school does, did, or will do, which is doing their best to form an identity. High school is where it is allowed to be stupid, so I'm excusing her...slightly. She's a dumb highschooler and this is your chance to introduce her to things that don't suck. By telling her she isn't good enough, she will now defend her stupid tastes more. For real, Ashton, either stop calling yourself Goth, find a new term, or put some research into it and commit.

OperationSAFE is on JustCoz!

“Help children. Learn about trauma. via @operationsafe”


Marcus attended the University of Minnesota, where he assisted research on Intelligent Transportation Systems and developed his lifelong passion for Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Psychology. After years of working in the automotive and semiconductor industries, a motorcycle accident inspired him to found SKULLY in 2013. Marcus holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology and is a motorcycle fanatic with an obsession for human-centered technology and design.

Our loss of wisdom

Barry Schwartz makes a passionate call for "practical wisdom" as an antidote to a society gone mad with bureaucracy. He argues powerfully that rules often fail us, incentives often backfire, and practical, everyday wisdom will help rebuild our world.

4 Habits Of Punctual People

I admit it; I read this article because I am habitually sliding in right on time or a couple minutes late and was hoping for some insight on what I could do differently. However, I am highly organized, very routine-oriented and completely realistic about time. I do enjoy and plan down-time in my day. So reading this, it would seem that one of my problems is not providing myself buffer time and I would completely agree with that. But here's something you didn't mention: I don't like to be early. On occasions when I am early, all I can think about is what I could have been getting done at home. (I am a homemaker and also work from home.) That is usually why I am late, too, come to think of it. I'm always trying to get one more thing done before I leave. I guess maybe that could come under not being realistic about time??

Apple says a silent goodbye to iPod classic - CNET

Through all that the iPod classic persevered. Thanks to a diminishing price tag -- $249 for the 160GB by September 2009 -- and position among music enthusiasts as the best all-purpose gadget for those that wanted a no-frills MP3 player, the iPod classic held a nostalgic place in Apple fans' hearts. Oh, and who could forget the beloved click-wheel.

Totally Transparent Solar Cells Could Turn Our Windows Into Solar Panels

This is a good beginning on a technology of the future. Speaking as a green energy manager, windows are the biggest problem in a building's energy efficiency dollar for dollar, and at this point it is best to spend the money on ways that make a bigger difference there, such as double and triple panes, insulated curtains, better wall and roof insulation, etc. The 1% efficiency wouldn't be worth it because even if the windows were free, the cost of installation and wiring could be budget breaking.

12 Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution

It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: That we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably will always exist to get people to love their servitude. This is the, it seems to me, the ultimate in malevolent revolutions shall we say, and this is a problem which has interested me many years and about which I wrote thirty years ago, a fable, Brave New World, which is an account of society making use of all the devices available and some of the devices which I imagined to be possible making use of them in order to, first of all, to standardize the population, to iron out inconvenient human differences, to create, to say, mass produced models of human beings arranged in some sort of scientific caste system. Since then, I have continued to be extremely interested in this problem and I have noticed with increasing dismay a number of the predictions which were purely fantastic when I made them thirty years ago have come true or seem in process of coming true.

How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities

Today in the U.S. there are some 60 million of those cobrahead streetlamps blazing pink-peach all night long, heedless of inactivity below and absurdly lighting the sky above. Forty percent of the average city’s electric bill goes to street lighting, and close to half of that is wasted. Excessive outdoor lighting, including exterior fixtures on office and industrial buildings, wastes about $3.5 billion in energy per year, according to the International Dark-Sky Association, a not-for-profit that works to reduce light pollution. The number of truly dark places on Earth is shrinking rapidly. Upward light emissions have been growing at least 6% per year across North America, according to satellite images and computer modeling done by researchers at the National Park Service and research institutions in Italy and the U.S. Two-thirds of the world’s population, including 99% of those in the continental U.S. and Europe, no longer experience starry nights.

Meet Apple's Super-Sized iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus | WIRED

On the iPhone 6 line, Apple updated the camera hardware and software. Apple’s using a 8-megapixel camera with a f/2.2 aperture. There’s also a new sensor inside that’s an improvement over previous iPhone cameras, and a faster auto-focus. There’s the standard digital image stabilization at work in both phones, but in the bigger iPhone 6 Plus, there’s also an optical image stabilization system that uses the phone’s gyroscope and M8 processor to cancel out movements and shaking hands. Video is stabilized too, and there’s a new slow-mo mode that shoots at 240 fps.

Dangerous memes

Starting with the simple tale of an ant, philosopher Dan Dennett unleashes a devastating salvo of ideas, making a powerful case for the existence of memes — concepts that are literally alive.

Discover Withings Activité

Activité reinvents traditional watch-making expertise and introduces the Swiss Made Connected Movement™, certified for its precision and long lasting accuracy. No need for a winder button, Activité is connected to your smartphone and automatically displays the exact time, always. Should you go abroad, Activité will instantly adjust to the corresponding time zone, anywhere.

8 Signs You've Found Your Life's Work

Amber Rae, I've commented twice already, and am glad for all who have degrees (!) of contentment, satisfaction etc. I am also glad that BMAN spoke his mind and others too who have been neither "hot nor cold" ! So, Amber Rae or any one else (Suzie etc.), could you take this a little further and elaborate- write in another 8 points of the hassles you face even while you are enjoying the more dominant 8  positives that you have already referred to  . Maybe this will help more people to relate to this "way of life", also I believe I can say with confidence that all those who identify with the 8 positives are those who have gone through the mill, quite certainly they did not groove in from day one. And, how do you move from negatives only to positives, and ensure that the positives become more and more dominant.

The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

Hugh Herr is building the next generation of bionic limbs, robotic prosthetics inspired by nature's own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago; now, as the head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, he shows his incredible technology in a talk that's both technical and deeply personal — with the help of ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost her left leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, and performs again for the first time on the TED stage.

Working Out Doesn't Just Make You Stronger, It Makes You Smarter

In the last couple months a highly particularized type of brain exercise that taxes (and therefore builds) working memory has been shown to boost performance on IQ tests 10-15 points as well. It requires you to identify prior patterns as cards are flipped sequentially moving to left to right. The further back -- 2 cards; then 3; then 4; etc.)  -- you can hold in your mind and bring forward to compare to the current flip card, the smarter you get.

The Mathematics of Ebola Trigger Stark Warnings: Act Now or Regret It | WIRED

Daliborlev (CC), Flickr The Ebola epidemic in Africa has continued to expand since I last wrote about it, and as of a week ago, has accounted for more than 4,200 cases and 2,200 deaths in five countries: Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. That is extraordinary: Since the virus was discovered, no Ebola outbreak’s toll has risen above several hundred cases. This now truly is a type of epidemic that the world has never seen before. In light of that, several articles were published recently that are very worth reading.

SanDisk beats rivals to 512GB SD card -- at a whopping $800 - CNET

"The new 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I card offers incredible speed and capacity," Grant Petty, CEO of video post-production house Blackmagic Design, said in a statement. "Our Pocket Cinema Camera customers shoot in every type of circumstance and location, and get amazing wide dynamic range RAW images capturing the brightest highlights and darkest shadows at the same time. The additional capacity of the SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I card will extend the creative freedom for our customers shooting in RAW and open up the ability to use wide dynamic range RAW files with even more productions."

The Legend of Korra: Book Four Premiere Date Announced - IGN

Nickelodeon revealed today that The Legend of Korra: Book Four is premiering on and the Nick app starting Friday, October 3. (Yep, as in this year!)

19 Incredibly Impressive Students At Harvard

We spoke with campus leaders, sought the counsel of student journalists, and combed the internet to find the 19 Harvard College undergrads who will knock your socks off. 

Airbnb Under Fire From New 'Share Better' Campaign

The battle over the so-called sharing economy is heating up as New Yorkers question the impact of home-sharing sites like Airbnb.

Sony Moves Forward with 23 Jump Street - IGN

As for director's Phil Lord and Chris Miller , it's unclear if the duo will return to helm 23 Jump Street. They helmed the first two entries in the series and also directed The LEGO Movie, which released earlier this year. Though, the report states that they are overseeing Rothman's screenplay, as well as producing 23 Jump Street with Neal Moritz , Tatum, and Hill.

How To Master The Fine Art Of Small Talk

I have a real problem with the philosophy of number two. Perhaps it's because I'm content to be quiet, and I once had a roommate that would prepare stories for social occasions, and dutifully walk them out to terrible response by the listeners. Follow the last line of number 1, and number 2 will take care of itself. I'm an introvert that does improv. Nothing is more beneficial than simply having the right energy. Speaking of improv, Number 3 is poor in improv, because a question forces the other person to work to come up with an answer (which isn't relaxing). If you're going to lead with a question, go with something easy to answer like, "Did you see that cake?" Alternatively, you could go with a funny question, but it has to be tailored to the group you're in, or it could fall flat. You run the risk of asking a question that would put a person in an uncomfortable position of agreeing with your sense of humor. I love the idea in the last paragraph.

6 Google Analytics tools your company probably isn’t using but should

Google Analytics is a strong tool for marketing analysts and offers a variety of data that can serve almost any industry. The platform can be rather exhaustive so there is a lot to explore. With a little bit of investigation, you can access tools that truly make a difference for your company’s bottom line.

The animated GIF photography of Julien Douvier

"Cinematographs," gently animated GIFs by photographer Julien Douvier. Mesmerizing. More: Behance , Tumblr , Facebook . [via Asylum Art ]

Google Hires Leading Researcher to Build a Quantum Computer | MIT Technology Review

Chris Monroe , a professor who leads a quantum computing lab at the University of Maryland, welcomed the news that one of the leading lights in the field was going to work on the question of whether designs like D-Wave’s can be useful. “I think this is a great development to have legitimate researchers give it a try,” he says.

San Diego School District's New 18-Ton Armored Vehicle Creates Stir

"They can call it a 'love buggy,' a 'student patrol limo,' or a 'campus police fun bus' and then paint it pretty colors," a reader wrote, "but that doesn't change the fact it's a piece of military equipment that is unnecessary and sends the message that local officials are at war with students."

Windows 9 leaks: How to get its best new features today

Those reviews have all the nitty-gritty details, but you’ll probably want to start with Classic Shell since it’s donationware. Classic Shell includes options for both Windows XP- and Windows 7-style Start menus, along with numerous customization options. You can tinker with what’s listed in the Classic Shell Start Menu, or even change the look of its Start button to an icon of your choice. Cool stuff, indeed.

Why Most Product Managers Suck

Unfortunately, nearly everyone seems to think they’d make a great PM (engineers, consultants, you name it), but the reality is that most folks just can’t hack it. I’ve worked with countless PMs at huge companies like Yahoo and Google, and over the past two months have interviewed over twenty PM candidates.

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily

The TheTechNewsBlog Daily, by TheTechNewsBlog: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

The Gold Apple Watch Could Cost As Much As $1,200 | TechCrunch

A jewelry contact familiar with the matter told TechCrunch that the gold, 18-karat version of the Apple Watch could cost around $1,200 retail when it launches in January. This has been corroborated, based on size and weight, by jewelers familiar with the material Apple is using to make its Apple Watch Edition pieces. It should be noted that this is an estimate and the piece could come in well below that price.

Google Offers Early-Stage Startups $100,000 In Cloud Platform Credits For 1 Year | TechCrunch

In some way, though, Google’s $100,000 credit for one year is a bit of a marketing gimmick. Most startups won’t need anywhere close to this many resources to get going unless they either become extremely popular (Google loves to note that Snapchat uses its services) or plan to use Google’s servers for very heavy computations (I assume Google would ban a startup that would use these credits for Bitcoin mining…).

Is iPhone 6 Apple’s Most Popular Model? Let’s Ask Google

Pre-orders of the i Phone 6 and 6 Plus  began at 12 a.m. PST today with a flood of orders and the  attendant Apple Store hiccups . How popular will the new, bigger iPhone model be? Apple posts overall iPhone sales but doesn’t break out sales by model… so we turned to Google.

8 Female Leaders On How To Overcome What's Holding Women Back

As this article shows, what's holding women back is part external circumstances and part inner blocks. I love that these women are redefining how business is done while also looking inside at the fears and insecurities that are holding them back. For too long, women have just taken what's given to us instead of asking for what we want unapologetically and exactly how we want it. While, undoubtedly, sexism and gender bias are pervasive and very damaging, these women do not seem to use it as an excuse to not do or say what they really need to do or say in the world. Keep on!

How Fake Is Food Styling?

A new embrace of imperfect-looking food, compared to the stodgy, pristine look that once dominated the covers of Gourmet , means that what you’re looking at in the pages of a magazine probably does taste as good as it looks. "Most everything is starting to look really natural and organic,” Mucci says. “It’s awesome, because most of the time if that's the case, the food isn’t being messed with in a way that you can’t eat it.” On the shoots she styles, there’s almost always edible food left over that the crew takes home.

10 Job Openings Around the Country, Including Some You Can Do From Home

You know how to navigate through the noise of fast-paced environments to fast-track the adoption of business-accelerating technologies. You identify what needs to be accomplished and partner with others in the organization to ensure successful, on-time delivery. You want to be an integral part of a cross-functional team that prides itself on effectively and efficiently delivering to the needs of our customers. You are known for building smart, effective, efficient processes and templates to deliver projects. You are able to communicate, build relationships, and influence across all levels of the organization. You care deeply about driving business value at a customer. You are always operating from the perspective of “How will this positively impact our customers?” and “How can we help our customers achieve greater business value with our product?

Japanese woman is first recipient of next-generation stem cells

The procedure took place at the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation Hospital, next to the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) where ophthalmologist Masayo Takahashi had developed and tested the epithelium sheets. She derived them from the patient's skin cells, after producing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and then getting them to differentiate into retinal cells.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Stunning Visual Evolution - IGN

As the first game of the series that used 3D graphics, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time pulled out all the stops. Link appeared in not one, but two forms: a younger version at the beginning of the game, and an older one that resembled his look in Zelda II. Link’s green tunic came from his life as a Kokiri, the children of the forest. Link’s signature shield featured the crest of the Hyrule kingdom, and the Master sword also settled into its iconic role as the Blade of Evil’s Bane.

Three Beginner Mistakes To Avoid When Eating Cannabis

Cooking ground cannabis in an oven at 240 degrees for 90 minutes is practically turning the trichomes into vapor- effectively vaporizing most of the THC in the cannabis. Please! If you are a novice and are cooking with cannabis, do not do that. Try this instead; Grind and place in a bake-safe dish, heat oven to lowest temperature (usually it stops at 180 or 200 degrees) and 30 minutes at that temperature is more than perfect. Here in Arizona, if cannabis is left outside in the summer, the outside heat will decarboxylate it. Decarb'ing is really achieved at just over 120 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Moto X review (2014): from also-ran to amazing in one year

So far, Motorola has a done a fine job of fixing what it didn't nail with the original Moto X, but the camera experience on this year's model still isn't as consistently good as I'd hoped. The new X hosts a 13-megapixel camera (up from the 10-megapixel ClearPixel sensor we got last year) surrounded by a dual-LED ring flash, and when the sun's out or you're in a nicely lit room, your shots'll feature punchy colors and plenty of detail -- especially if you've got HDR mode on. Expect to see quite a bit of grain in all but the best-lit conditions, though, and waiting for the camera to focus properly can be an exercise in frustration sometimes. I've found it's best to enable the manual focus and exposure controls so you can just take matters into your own hands. In the event that you need to fire up the flash to throw around some more photons, you'll notice that the ring around the LEDs smooths out the otherwise harsh light, but it isn't staggeringly better than other flashes I've seen on modern smartphones. Gallery | 13 Photos Moto X (2014) sample shots

15 Clever DIY Anthropologie Hacks for Your Home

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

The Upsides Of Being A Non-Technical CEO

Sampat is keen to evangelize this multi-disciplinary approach. Her firm partners with the University of California, Berkeley to teach an applied course on mobile innovation and entrepreneurship where students build a mobile app in teams made up of both technical and non-technical majors. “It’s really fun to watch students be very frustrated with one another at first but recognize, by the end of the semester, that they are more effective as a mixed group,” she says. This was a lesson she also learned early on in her career, when she was thrust into working with people who were very different from herself.

165 Ways Design Is Changing Your Life

Thanks for stopping by Fast Company’s Co.Design. Our focus is on highlighting the world’s best examples of design and innovation, working in concert. We started this site with a few simple premises in mind. First, design is a window onto the world at large, and the culture we live in. Designers create objects that meet some unrecognized need. All businesses strive to do the same thing.

After balloons and robots, Google's next moonshot is a vibrating spoon

A new technology's joining those diabetes-monitoring contact lenses at Google X's Life Science division, one that'll make eating a lot easier for people with Parkinson's or essential tremor. This technology takes the form of a spoon that vibrates to counteract its users' tremors, making it possible to eat without spilling food. It's called Liftware, and it was designed by San Francisco company Lift Labs , which Google has just acquired and integrated into its moonshot division, with all its other far-out , ambitious projects. Liftware's makers designed it, so those afflicted with the aforementioned conditions can still function independently and socialize during meals. The company's founder Anupam Pathak even believes his high-tech utensil's technology could be used for things like keys, make-up brushes and other handheld tools. With Google's money now backing the project, who knows -- that might actually happen in the future.

Medicine's Manhattan Project: Can The World's Richest Doctor Fix Health Care?

H-boxes, Glow-Cap medicine bottles, more doctor/hospital centered medicine. What is needed is low-tech, not high-tech, more 10-cent medicines, more self care. The only ethic for modern medicine is to work to put itself out of business by making people healthier, not seeing more people get treated. 125 million Americans using those Glow-Cap pill bottles would cost an extra $10 billion. We need diets that keep people out of the hospital. We need more public health efforts like what has been done to halt smoking which has driven down the mortality rate. Half of the older people institutionalized for dementia have drug-induced delirium. They need to have their meds changed and maybe a lot of them could be discharged. We need more of a free market where dietary supplements can compete with high-priced drugs since the biological action of most drugs can be duplicated with vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids. But what can we expect from Forbes — it is a showcase for the billionaires and it extols big business. Medicare is underfunded by trillions of dollars. I didn’t hear anything where this doctor’s ideas were going to save trillions.

Twitch malware spends users' money

A spokesman for Twitch told the BBC that the vulnerability was the "first instance" he had seen, but that the site would "remind our community about not clicking on links from unknown sources just like they wouldn't on other social media sites".

How America’s Murder Capital Is Using Innovation Strategy To Reduce Violent Deaths

The innovation delivery method was developed by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Nesta, the U.K.’s innovation foundation, as one model to increase the ability of mayors to develop bigger ideas that address the major challenges facing many cities today. Modeled on the work of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg as well as other cities around the world, it basically involves a team of in-house consultants at a City Hall tasked with analyzing data and bringing in global expertise to brainstorm and implement new approaches to tackling intransigent local problems. In 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies funded five cities, including New Orleans, to trial the approach.

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