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This Is Phil Fish

A case study in internet celebrity.

10 Best-Kept Business Secrets in the World [VIDEO]

Some of the greatest well-kept business secrets from All Time 10s.

YouTuber Spends Months Planning Adorable Marriage Proposal

After months of planning, YouTube user WheezyWaiter (aka Craig Benzine) finally popped the question to his girlfriend. But he didn't do it at Disney World on Christmas Eve or us...

Samsung Trolls iPhone 6 Plus in Sarcastic New Ad [VIDEO]

The ad for the Galaxy Note 4 features tweets from folks who joke that the iPhone 6 Plus is copying Samsung's phablet model with its larger display.

5 Lego Facts to Build Your Knowledge

Get smart, ya blockhead.

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How 20 Minutes Of Meditation A Day Helped Me Deal With My Anxiety

I found this meditation to be extremely effective at quelling my anxiety. Throughout the day life’s stressors would often quickly signal a churning in the pit of my stomach and shorter breaths, but after I started meditating I gradually found over the week that my triggers took less of a hold on me. I was able to face things like looming deadlines, wedding planning, and general money-budgeting with more ease than usual. Everything was still real and in-focus, but the negativity associated with each was less oppressive.

First Wave Of “Affordable” Android One Phones Breaks Cover In India | TechCrunch

Google has announced the first Android One devices — which are targeting the Indian market, starting at Rs 6,399/$105. Hardware partners for this first wave of affordable ‘Droids are Micromax, Karbonn, Spice and chipmaker MediaTek. It added that the Android One program will be expanded to Indonesia, the Philippines and South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka) by the end of the year, with more countries to follow in 2015.

Why This Media Startup Is Betting On Print Newspapers

McGray has been working on new ways to deliver media at night for some time. In 2009, he created a live magazine show called Pop-Up Magazine , in which writers, filmmakers, radio producers, photographers, and illustrators perform new, reported stories at San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall. His new company will continue to produce that show as well as what it considers weekend reading: meaty narrative storytelling--even on its apps and website--which will feature the exact same content as its print magazine. There will be no daily news updates. Most stories will be sourced from California, elsewhere on the West Coast, Latin America, and Asia.

DisplayPort 1.3 announced w/ support for upcoming 5K displays, enhanced 4K performance

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced today that it’s introducing the latest DisplayPort technology that brings support for upcoming 5K monitors and more. DisplayPort 1.3 for audio and video increases the standard to a maximum link bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps and as a result supports 5K displays with resolutions of 5120 x 2880 on a single cable without compression methods. In addition, users will notice enhanced performance for 4K displays in multi-monitor setups over a single DisplayPort connection:

Over 4 million people pre-ordered the iPhone 6 on the first day

Lots of people want the iPhone 6: Apple announced that first-day pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus topped 4 million, which is twice as many pre-orders as Apple reported for the iPhone 5 in 2012.

For the next five billion: Android One

Knowledge is a game changer. I’ve long been inspired by the Internet and how it opens the doors to opportunity. It provides access to knowledge, no matter who you are or where you are. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Nobel Laureate at a world-class research center or a young student at a rural school in Indonesia, with Google Search, you have the same information at your fingertips as anyone else. If we look at how people are getting online and accessing information today, increasingly it’s through a smartphone. While 1.75 billion people around the world already have a smartphone, the vast majority of the world’s population—over five billion more—do not. That means most people are only able to make simple voice calls, rather than connect with family through a live video chat, use mapping apps to find the closest hospital, or simply search the web. We want to bring these experiences to more people. That’s where Android One comes in. At I/O, we first talked about this initiative to make high-quality smartphones accessible to as many people as possible.

Panasonic Announces An Epic Cameraphone | TechCrunch

Meet the Panasonic DMC-CM1 cameraphone. Inside is a massive image sensor on par with top-tier pocket cameras, yet the whole package is still rather svelte. With the DMC-CM1 Panasonic is returning to the smartphone market in an important way.

Innocence of Muslims actor sues Google to block controversial film

Gaylord Flynn said he has received death threats and fears for his life while Google continues to provide its users with access to the film through pirated content websites known as torrent sites, according to his lawsuit, filed on Friday in a California federal court.

“Moment of Truth” arrives for smallest of the Five Eyes | ZDNet

Summary: Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald have accused New Zealand's prime minister of deception over new internet laws. John Key responded by declassifying documents that he says prove he never implemented plans for mass surveillance.

City in China tests sidewalk lane for cell phone users - CNET

Chongqing thinks it might be a good idea if those who permanently look down could be separated from anyone else. But is there anyone else?

America Movil Said to Seek AT&T Bid for $17.5 Billion of Assets

The assets could be valued at five to seven times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of $2.5 billion, the people said, implying a value of as much as $17.5 billion. America Movil hasn’t yet asked for bids because the preliminary information, or teasers, didn’t provide enough details for a company to make an offer, two people said.

Recruitment Trainwreck BranchOut In Talks To Be Acquired, May Sell Mobile Team To Hearst | TechCrunch

Now BranchOut is cutting its losses by trying to find its team a new home and sell the data people gave it about where they worked and studied. Overall, entrepreneurs should take away the realization that if you’re dependent on another company, you’re vulnerable. While Facebook supercharged BranchOut’s initial growth and made it easy for people to hand the app their professional data, that reliance turned into an addiction. When Facebook forced BranchOut to go cold-turkey, the withdrawal wasn’t pretty.

Canon Launches A DSLR Built For Speed And A Competitor For Sony’s RX-100 | TechCrunch

The new camera has a 20.2 megapixel APS-C sensor, a new ISO range of 100-16,000 with expandability up to 51,200, 10fps image capture at full resolution, and a 65-point cross-type AF system (better than the 5D III and 1D-X). Dual card slots mean you can use both CF and SD, and it has both USB 3.0 transfer speeds and built-in GPS, but it doesn’t pack built-in Wi-Fi. Dual Digic 6 processors and dual pixel AF, plus Canon’s ‘Movie Servo AF’ for better continuous focus tracking while filming should also make this a much better video camera than its predecessor.

Apple makes it easier to delete the new U2 album from iTunes libraries

U2’s manager Guy Oseary defended the move, in an interview with Mashable . “It’s a gift from Apple. If someone doesn’t like the gift, they should delete it,” he said, in response to criticism. “We just want to share it with as many people as possible. If you don’t want it and you don’t need it, delete it.”

B2B Marketplace Kinnek Raises $10 Million From Matrix To Help SMBs Find And Purchase Supplies | TechCrunch

B2B marketplace Kinnek wants to change all that. It’s working to connect SMBs with suppliers that will offer up the goods they need and provide competitive prices for them. Based on its growth in recent months, the company has raised $10 million from Matrix Partners and others to continue expanding its marketplace into new verticals and markets.

Ahead of its expected IPO later this week, Alibaba raises the price of its shares

With less than a week to go before Alibaba’s expected IPO, the company has decided to make a little more cash by charging a higher amount for its shares.

The Latest Urban Outfitters Controversy? A Blood-Stained "Vintage" Kent State Sweatshirt

It is unclear how the Kent State sweatshirt made it online in the first place. Perhaps Urban Outfitters grants its sellers some level of autonomy? (If so, so much for "a careful edit of true and re-worked vintage.") Perhaps a 21-year-old intern who had no idea what the blood splatters were referencing was in charge of the vetting process? We've reached out to Urban Outfitters to hear the company's side, and will update this post if we hear back.

7 Explosive Ways to Upgrade Your Volcano Science Project

If you want a higher eruption, diet soda and Mentos are an alternative to baking soda and vinegar, but it isn't the trick to making your project glow. In fact, the key is to shine a black light on tonic water that has the ingredient quinine, a chemical that glows blue-white under black light.

Vikings Reinstate Adrian Peterson After Child-Injury Charge

"I am not a perfect son. I am not a perfect husband," Peterson said in a statement released Monday. "I am not a perfect parent, but I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser. I am someone that disciplined his child and did not intend to cause him any injury. No one can understand the hurt that I feel for my son and for the harm I caused him. My goal is always to teach my son right from wrong and that’s what I tried to do that day."

Minecraft’s Notch: ‘I Can’t Be Responsible for Something This Big’

I love you. All of you. Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can’t be responsible for something this big. In one sense, it belongs to Microsoft now. In a much bigger sense, it’s belonged to all of you for a long time, and that will never change.

Hachette authors urge Amazon board to end contract dispute

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More than 1,000 Hachette Book Group authors including Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen King and James Patterson have urged Inc's directors to end a contract dispute with their publisher that has cost some writers' 90 percent of their sales on the online retailer's website.

Android alternatives to the Apple iPhone 6 - CNET

The Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge -- If you want a touchscreen with more real estate and the iPhone 6 Plus doesn't quite cut it either, consider Samsung's new Galaxy Note handsets. Both are productivity machines and come with intelligent S Pen styluses. And the latter device is sure to turn heads due to its unique design in which the right side of the screen curves off the edge.

Google launches Android One, phones to be priced at around $105

There are at least 80 smartphone brands in India and analysts say the Android One phones must offer customers more than just affordability if Google wants to compete with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Motorola and China's Xiaomi, which all make similarly priced devices.

Gaming Your Way To Better Problem-Solving At Work

It's that quality that keeps Williams gaming. "Just being able to see something from someone else's perspective, looking at a problem in a new way, thinking outside the box--is there something I’m not seeing?" she said. "I feel like software is like that."

Netflix begins fresh European push with France launch

This month will see Netflix roll out in many more European countries, and France is the first. It’s also announced a partnership with French ISP Bouygues Telecom.

New The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer - IGN

After a teaser a few weeks ago, the full trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is here. Check out what happens as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) goes to war against the Capitol - with the help of her bow and some newly amped up explosive arrows.

Richard Florida Slams Tesla's Nevada Battery Factory Deal

The more damning allegation, as far as the size of the deal goes, is that Tesla was going to build the Gigafactory in Nevada anyway. The past few months have been nothing but tax-incentive theater, with Musk directing the show. For Florida's perspective, this is not a good way for states to do business, and he concludes by calling for " an end to incentives once and for all."

'Minecraft' Creator On $2.5 Billion Deal: 'It's Not About The Money'

Erik Kain will have more on whether or not the exorbitant price tag worth it from Microsoft’s point of view, but for now it’s nice to know that Notch is as contradictory and odd as he’s always been, even in the face of this deal. He’ll continue to spend his time on small projects and the like, that I have no doubt, but he will also be doing so as a likely billionaire. Still, he can be hard to hate. He writes:

Fourth Doctor Dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Hours After Request for Evacuation

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Sierra Leone has lost a fourth doctor to Ebola after a failed effort to transfer her abroad for medical treatment, a government official said Sunday, a huge setback to the impoverished country that is battling the virulent disease amid a shortage of health care workers.

After downloading the U2 album to your phone, Apple now helps you to delete it

Don’t want the U2 album that Apple has added to everyone’s iTunes library? Now you can use Apple’s dedicated opt-out page to permanently delete it.

Apple Lets You Remove Free U2 Album You Didn't Ask For

Hasn't anyone ever used those free track cards for iTunes, you find in Starbucks? Then decided you don't like the track and hide it from your purchases? No one was violated, nothing was "Pushed" to your phone (everyone's pretending to know what that actually refers to). If the tracks downloaded to your device, it's because you have automatic downloads enabled for your music purchases. I mean, you spent enough money for you iDevice, wouldn't you want to learn how to use the software? It's almost 2015 and people don't know how to use iTunes and mange their purchases. Do you want companies to stop offering free music and apps? What if you did want the new U2 album, but they required you to manually activate the offer, and missed the deadline? One of these days you're going to have to take a course or read a book and learn how to use these things called computers. Are you going to be one of those old people that can't work the TV? Not me; I'll be setting up and playing my holographic game console, while listening to tracks from the cloud, at 101 years old (and I'll still kick you ass at Street Fighter).

Apple Pay is as safe as your selfies, says PayPal ad - CNET

In a newspaper ad reacting to Apple's new payment system, PayPal suggests it's not secure. And, well, PayPal is.

The $3.2 Billion Man: Can Google's Newest Star Outsmart Apple?

On a substantive level, too, the seeds of this Google-Apple synthesis are beginning to blossom. In June, Nest announced a $555 million acquisition of Dropcam, a polished video-monitoring system. Fadell says the deal never would've happened without Google's support (read: dollars). The purchase signaled that Nest would continue to build out its own hardware ecosystem as it expanded into more parts of the connected home. Days later, the company unveiled "Works with Nest," a developer program that lets third-party companies such as Jawbone tap into Nest's products to deliver more integrated experiences. The combined approaches--creating end-to-end hardware and software versus relying on outside partners--represent a melding of the Google-Apple design dichotomy, which Fadell says he and Page have had "very, very pointed conversations" about. "It's not a zero-sum game; there's value to both systems," Fadell says. "In this connected age, no company can stay bound to 'I'm just going to make this one piece of the puzzle.' You're seeing Samsung, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft all trying to do it.

Emergency Room Communication Sucks. Could This Twitter-Like Tech Save Lives?

Last year, Law decided to tackle this problem head on. At the Disrupting Medicine Hackathon sponsored by Brigham and Women’s hospital, Law met Yi Ding Yu , a doctor who had similar frustrations with emergency communication, and John Rodley, a developer eager to use technology to solve medical problems. The outcome: Twiage , a platform that allows first responders to send tweet-like messages and pictures from their smartphones straight to the emergency room. “Users live-update Twitter with a news event using videos, pictures, and words,” says Yu. “Why can’t that same story be told for patient care by physicians and first responders?” (While Twiage is inspired by Twitter, it is not affiliated with Twitter in any way.)

How Watch Dogs' Bad Blood DLC Changes the Game - IGN

In short, Bad Blood is still Watch Dogs . It’s not a tonal or stylistic change of gears like Far Cry’s Blood Dragon. But with the introduction of co-op it teases out a highly enjoyable mode from its existing mechanics and the introduction of T-Bone makes the game, well, a bit friendlier. The easiest way to convey that difference is a quick comparison of Aiden and T-Bone’s secret hideouts. After all, you can tell a lot about a man from their high-tech lair. Aiden’s was something straight out of the Dark Knight – clean, clinical, banks of surveillance monitors. This was a man blighted by paranoia. T-Bone’s is set into the basement of an old factory; it has a well-stocked beer fridge and on the wall is a talking moose which, when activated, recites old gags. It’s funny the difference a talking moose can make.

Coca-Cola is bringing back the worst 1990s soda because the internet

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Is Apple Watch's Pressure-Sensitive Screen a Bigger Deal Than the Gadget Itself? | WIRED

Although the Apple Watch is flailing to find a killer app , this subtle UI tweak could help move critical functionality from PCs to smartphones and tablets. For instance, double-tapping a word in a text editor highlights it for selection, but pressing it could cycle through font styles rather than forcing the user to dig through an obscure menu. If a user taps on a photo in the eponymous app, a “copy” option pops up, but with this new technology, pressing and holding could open an editing tool palette. Likewise, Reachability, a new iPhone feature that moves the user interface closer to the user’s thumb when the home button is double-tapped, is a nod toward keyboard shortcuts. Viewed in the context of Continuity , the iOS 8 feature that lets you seamlessly transfer actions between an iPhone and a MacBook, Apple’s embrace of UI input complexity could be positioning iOS to supersede OSX as the primary operating system for most users.

Hurricane Odile Hits Mexico's Vacation Paradise

Thousands of residents and tourists in Mexico's beachside towns hunkered down in shelters and hotel conference rooms as the powerful and sprawling hurricane rolled through an area that is home to gleaming megaresorts, beachfront timeshare condos, tiny fishing communities and low-lying neighborhoods of flimsy homes.

PSA: Today's Destiny update causes interruptions

Destiny is getting an update today, meaning players may see the above alert in their games. This warning popped up for us on PSN while our ship was in orbit. offers the following message: "Pardon our dust! Destiny is being updated. You will be returned to the title screen to install a title update and will be able to continue playing afterwards." With the game running in the background, we also received a message to exit Destiny and apply the update, and for more information to search "cat" on The cat error means there's an update ready to roll. See our ongoing review of Destiny' s online functions in the State of Service series .

Volition Creative Director Steve Jaros Departs for Valve - IGN

The Volition creative director revealed on Twitter that he's accepted a job at Valve Software, ending his involvement with the Saints Row series in the process. "The past 10 years at Volition have been life changing," he wrote. "I've gotten to work with amazing people and made friends that will last a lifetime.

Bose unveils SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker and SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth headphones - CNET

The speaker remembers the last eight devices you've paired it with and gets up to 8 hours of battery life, which is pretty decent for a very compact Bluetooth speaker (a lot get 5 or 6). It recharges in 3 hours. We haven't heard it yet, but based on Bose's efforts with its previous Bluetooth speakers, we expect it'll play loud and sound comparatively decent for its size class. (We'll post our first impressions as soon as we get our hands on a review sample).

Snowden weighs into New Zealand election with surveillance claims

Pushing back against the Americans wouldn’t be unprecedented in New Zealand. For 30 years, New Zealand has barred nuclear-powered or armed ships from its ports and territorial waters, much to the consternation of American officials. Even John Key, who is certainly no hippie, has pledged to uphold the ban, which is popular in New Zealand. Five Eyes is almost surely no more useful than nuclear warheads to the New Zealand populace. It exists mainly for the American spooks and their “War on Terror”. If New Zealanders don’t fancy being just another province of the American empire, they should cut the cord to Fort Meade. I don’t expect National to embrace this idea – they’re New Zealand’s version of American Republicans, more or less – but I hope at least one of the opposition parties has the wit to make these arguments to the electorate.

Apple sold 4 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in first day

"Demand for the new iPhones exceeds the initial pre-order supply," Apple said in a statement. The company noted that an additional supply of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones will be made available to walk-in customers on Friday Sept. 19, beginning at 8:00 a.m. local time at Apple stores. People have already begun camping outside Apple Stores around the world to be among the first to get their hands on one of the new iPhones.

What's In Your Cloud?

What applications or data have you moved to the cloud. Which ones have you not moved to the cloud? Join us on Monday to talk about how you’re using the cloud today, and how you’ll be using it in the months/years ahead.

Audacious comet landing site chosen

"We'd like to complete the first science sequence, which is two days on the comet. But for understanding activity on the comet, we also need the long-term science. That would be a matter of a few weeks, not necessarily a few months."

46 Is Launching a Major Redesign. Here's an Early Look

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act

Now that you've signed up for email or text message updates about the Health Insurance Marketplace, you're one step closer to getting the health coverage you need. We'll send you tips and alerts that will help you stay on track to get health insurance that fits your budget and meets your needs.

How to make hard choices

Here's a talk that could literally change your life. Which career should I pursue? Should I break up — or get married?! Where should I live? Big decisions like these can be agonizingly difficult. But that's because we think about them the wrong way, says philosopher Ruth Chang. She offers a powerful new framework for shaping who we truly are.

I am the son of a terrorist. Here's how I chose peace.

If you’re raised on dogma and hate, can you choose a different path? Zak Ebrahim was just seven years old when his father helped plan the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His story is shocking, powerful and, ultimately, inspiring.

France's Bizarre Three-Wheeled Buggies May Be the Perfect EVs | WIRED

Ha:Mo solves neither problem, but sidesteps both. On a full battery, the i-Road and COMS can each drive about three hours at a presumably limited speed. That’s actually excessive for vehicles meant to be used for a few minutes at a time and charged in between. Cost isn’t an issue because people are renting the vehicles (at a reasonable rate), not buying or leasing them. EV ownership may not happen on a grand scale for years or decades. In the meantime, these vehicles fill the niche that is open to them.

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