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Drone company 3D Robotics lands an investment from Richard Branson

3D Robotics, a company which develops drones for both commercial and consumer use, announced that Richard Branson has invested in the company.

Panic! at the Disco Nails Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in Rowdy Cover [VIDEO]

A shirtless Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco channels his best Freddie Mercury in the rock band's superb live cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody."

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Verto Analytics Raises Another $2.4M, This Time From Open Ocean Capital | TechCrunch

Verto Analytics , a digital media measurement company based in New York, has raised $2.4 million in additional funding from Open Ocean Capital, which was also an early investor in MySQL. Back in April this year Verto raised a $5.4 million Series A from Conor Venture Partners.

IBM’s New Watson Analytics Wants To Bring Big Data To The Masses | TechCrunch

Watson Analytics is a cloud application that does all of the the heavy lifting related to big data processing by retrieving the data, analyzing it, cleaning it, building sophisticated visualizations and offering an environment for communicating and collaborating around the data. And lest you think that IBM is just slapping on the Watson label because it’s a well known brand (as I did), Eric Sall, vp of worldwide marketing for business analytics at IBM  says that’s the not the case. The technology underlying the product including the ability to process natural language queries is built on Watson technology.

Apple's iPhone 6 Pre-Sales Press Release, Annotated

Instead of re-writing Apple's press release about iPhone 6 pre-sales, we annotated it in Genius.

Humble Flash Bundle serves up shooters, Store launches summer sale

Humble Bundle's network offers all sorts of deals this week, with a new shooter-focused Humble Flash Bundle accompanying a series of discounts at the Humble Store. Today's 24-hour Humble Flash Bundle features pay-what-you-want copies of Boss Baddie's procedurally generated side-scroller Really Big Sky and Studio Evil's Amiga-inspired Syder Arcade , along with Danmaku Unlimited 2 and Aqua Kitty for buyers who beat the bundle's average purchase price. Pay $7 or more for the package and you'll also get Yotsubane's recently released vertical shooter Crimzon Clover: World Ignition . The Humble Store delivers its own collection of bargains this week, including Hitman: Absolution for $4.99, Goat Simulator for $5.99, Octodad: Dadliest Catch for $4.99, and Proteus for $1.99. New flash sales are introduced daily, and all listed prices are effective through September 22. [Image: Yotsubane]

Docker’s So Hot It Just Got $40M It Won’t Start Spending Until Next Year | TechCrunch

How hot is Docker ? So hot it’s getting money from VCs it doesn’t even really need right now. The company announced $40M in funding today, but CEO Ben Golub says they won’t actually start spending the new funds until at least late next year.

Codenamed “Moments”, Facebook Has Built An App For Super-Private Sharing | TechCrunch

Facebook has failed repeatedly to get us to use complicated lists and privacy settings to share intimate moments with just our closest friends and family. It’s clumsy and confusing doing that with the same composer for blasting News Feed updates to everyone. But now Facebook is polishing off a new app codenamed “Moments” designed to make this micro-sharing much simpler, multiple sources tell TechCrunch, including one who has seen a live internal version of the app.

JibJab Acquires Make Believe Studios, Makers Of Video Calling App Hello Santa | TechCrunch

The service also includes a video recording of your child’s call which you can keep for memory’s sake or post to social media. At $14.99, it’s pricier than a free trip to have your kid sit on Santa’s lap, but if you include the photo package you’re usually pitched through these traditional “meetings,” it’s more competitively priced. (JibJab is now looking to reduce this cost, and says a pre-recorded call with Santa will be around $10 and a live video call will be under $30. The $14.99 price point was from 2013 and was discounted from the official price at $24.99.)

Chinese Worker Detained for Giving Customers a Sneak Peek at iPhone 6

China Real Time Report is a vital resource for an expanding global community trying to keep up with a country changing minute by minute. The site offers quick insight and sharp analysis from the wide network of Dow Jones reporters across Greater China, including Dow Jones Newswires’ specialists and The Wall Street Journal’s award-winning team. It also draws on the insights of commentators close to the hot topic of the day in law, policy, economics and culture. Its editors can be reached at .

Visual Search Company Slyce Buys Pounce For $5M To Build “Amazon Firefly” For The Rest Of Retail | TechCrunch

However, Slyce had been focusing on retail customers until now, not the consumer. That will change in Q4 2014 when the company rolls out its own consumer app that will be capable of recognizing objects in the real world and enabling one-click purchases. Call it “Amazon Firefly” for the rest of retail, perhaps. Pounce fits in nicely by helping Slyce save on development time and investment with its B2C strategy.

Rackspace takes itself off the block, names new CEO

I float between surprised and not. With a market cap of over $5B only a hand full of players made sense. I kid of feel that toothpaste is out of the tube. When they positioned themselves as an OpenStack Public Cloud company there was a growth expectation built into the stock. That growth didn’t take place and I think they want to go back to their roots as a managed hosting company which isn’t as exciting from a growth perspective. It’s at least not as exciting from a story perspective.

iCloud's Two-Factor Authenticaion Now Protects Backups

As TechCrunch points out, Apple's official support documentation states that two-factor authentication only protects My Apple ID sign-ins and support, as well as purchases from iTunes, the App Store, and iBooks Store. There is no guarantee that anything else on an Apple account is protected by using two-factor authentication anymore than it would be with a regular password...which is a little absurd.

Your Amazon Account Can be Hacked via a Kindle eBook - The Digital Reader

This is potentially made worse by the fact that most of the cookies on Amazon’s site are not flagged Http-only. If a cookie is not flagged Http-only, it can be read by scripts. I see two different session tokens on my account, one of which is protected and one of which is not.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Sells A Million Copies Opening Weekend In Japan

Destiny may be all the rage right now in the West, but overseas, Japan has a new obsession. This past weekend was the debut of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and as expected, the game sold at an exceptionally brisk pace .

Boeing Takes Lead to Build Space Taxi

Boeing Co. appears positioned to beat out two smaller rivals for the bulk of a multibillion-dollar NASA contract to ferry astronauts to and from orbit, according to government and aerospace-industry officials.

OneNote for Android Wear and Share Extension for iOS 8

Microsoft today made three major OneNote announcements. The company launched OneNote for Android Wear and a Share extension for iOS 8, as well as updated Office Lens for Windows Phone.

Nvidia amps up Shield Tablet with 4G LTE, more storage - CNET

The 4G LTE connection will allow users to stream movies, music and games on the go, but it will cost extra. Users will need to pay a monthly fee for the mobile connection, though AT&T customers can receive a $100 bill credit when they activate their Shield Tablets through the carrier on certain plans.

Misfit Adds the $50 Plastic Flash to Its Lineup of Activity Trackers

The new Misfit Flash is plastic and costs just $50, unlike the company’s original Shine tracker, which is made of machined aluminum and costs $100. Like the Shine, it tracks steps, sleep and even activities like swimming, and wirelessly syncs that info to iOS and Android smartphones. The display-free tracker, which shows your activity levels via LED light indicators, will run for a year on a coin battery.

Nick Denton admits he was overly ambitious with Kinja, but insists the platform is on track

Even as it announces a move to a swanky uptown New York office, Gawker Media remains a work in progress, says founder Nick Denton — especially the somewhat balky commenting/blogging platform known as Kinja that was supposed to reinvent online media

IGN on Twitter: "EA has revealed it's completely removed Trade Offers from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team:"

“ @IGN : EA has revealed it's completely removed Trade Offers from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: ”

Journalism isn't just about informing readers, it's also about helping them take action

As Higgerson puts it , the newsroom of the future “needs to be full of people who spot communities forming on the spot, be it around an event or an issue. That could be outrage at the closure of a hospital, or it could be the reaction to a fire at a dogs home.” And those people need to do more than just tell readers about it — they need to help them do something about it.

Apple Watch under scrutiny for privacy by Connecticut attorney general

Jepsen had concerns earlier of a similar nature about Google Glass, and said Google had agreed about safeguards for third party applications. Through a meeting with the attorney general and subsequent communications, the company “implemented a policy requiring review and approval of third-party applications developed for the device before they would be made available to users,” the attorney general said.

Apple Patents A Strange Physics-Based GUI For iPad File And Folder Manipulation | TechCrunch

The patent describes an iPad interface where icons representing files and folders are displayed on a home screen, which automatically means this is probably something that we’re unlikely to see come to pass. Once you get into the nitty-gritty of what it actually means for interaction, it becomes even more outlandish: the patent basically lays out how users could do things like circle groups of icons with their finger to make those active, then move them around using gestures – or by simply shifting their device around, as files and folders will be assigned a virtual weight by the OS.

Mobile Photo And Video Platform Mobli Acquires Pheed | TechCrunch

Pheed has 5 million registered users, while Mobli has 22 million. Neither company isn’t disclosing daily or monthly actives and they declined to share to size of the deal, except to say that it was done with a combination of cash and stock. Mobli said it plans to invest $10 million in re-making Pheed, which will remain a standalone product.

24 Swiftype is hiring!

Swiftype is a growing team of talented search experts, with experiences ranging from machine learning to online commerce. We are looking for self-motivated and resourceful individuals who will work with us to deliver an outstanding product experience.

With $7.9 Million In Funding, Workpop Launches As A Job Marketplace For Hourly Workers | TechCrunch

Launching first in Los Angeles, Workpop hopes to target the 76 million hourly workers in the U.S., most of whom don’t have detailed resumes or work histories online. For them, the platform is designed to simplify the process of creating an application by importing education and work info from Facebook and LinkedIn, setting up a profile and recording a video introduction to help employers screen them. They can even provide hourly availability if they have child care needs or work another job.

26 Wikileaks releases FinFisher files to highlight government malware abuse

Germany has been criticised by the whistleblowing site for failing to block a ‘weaponised malware’ dealer selling to regimes with poor human rights records

NFC on the iPhone 6 Will Only Work With Apple Pay

During the launch, Apple revealed the iPhone 6 NFC chip will soon be able to unlock doors in some hotels and be double as a boarding pass for an airplane, which indicates the company is working with a few partners to use the technology to power various experiences. As of now, it is unknown when it will be opened up to all developers.

Enhanced FBI Database Lets Authorities Search Criminal And Non-Criminal Biometrics

Privacy advocates have concerns about the FBI's enhanced facial recognition database because it comprises both non-criminal photos and criminal mugshots. The database is reported to include 4.3 million non-criminal photos, which can be sourced from background checks. Fingerprints submitted to potential employers as part of these checks can also be stored in the FBI's database. Previously, the FBI did not link criminal and non-criminal fingerprint databases.

CEO Of Guess Watches Welcomes Apple To The Fray | TechCrunch

In what amounts to a “welcome” turned sputtering softball aimed at Apple’s broad side, the CEO of Guess Watches Cindy Livingston wrote an open letter to Apple while, at the same time, proclaiming her own interest in the smartwatch world. Guess, a fashion brand founded in the 1980s, is best known for dress watches known as “department store styles”: the kind of pieces available at jewelry counters in major department stores.

30 Leading tech investors warn of bubble risk 'unprecedented since 1999'

In August Snapchat, the social messaging service, was valued at $10bn after a new round of funding. The free service’s fans send 500m self-deleting messages a day, but Snapchat has yet to declare how it intends to make money. Among the other big tech valuations in recent months are Uber, the taxi app service, which was valued at $18bn after its last round of funding in June, and Airbnb, the short term rentals service, which was valued at $10bn in April.

Smart Shopping Tool PoachIt Scores An Additional $1.8 Million | TechCrunch

One of the challenges with online shopping is worrying that you’re not getting the best deal. Customers abandon shopping carts regularly, thinking they’ll spend just a few more minutes researching the product in question, but then never return. A company called PoachIt , which has now closed on an additional $1.8 million in funding, is helping turn those hesitant buyers into customers through its intelligent shopping assistant and mobile apps that help to find working coupon codes, plus tools that allow you to track price drops for any product.

Tesla prevails in top Massachusetts court over direct sales

In an unusual blog posting in April, three top U.S. Federal Trade Commission officials expressed opposition to laws banning direct sales, saying they could harm consumers. The case is Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association Inc et al v. Tesla Motors MA Inc, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, No. SJC-11545.

vArmour Exits Stealth, Defending New Data Defined Perimeter

vArmour says it helps an enterprise understand the nature of an attack’s progression across the entire network, showing intent and path, as well as “patient zero,” the initial point of compromise. Through software it provides distributed sensors and enforcement points in a single logical system that scales horizontally. The system provides insight into data center risk profile, as well as the tools to control and prevent breaches without requiring changes to existing policies or IT infrastructure.

Rumor: Killzone dev's new game has robot dinosaurs

Robot. Dinosaurs. Images posted on a Chinese forum present the next game from Killzone series creator Guerrilla Games, according to the forum member and corroborating reports. The two pictures show giant robot dinosaurs fighting against Viking-esque human warriors in a snowy landscape. One of the fighters is a red-haired woman with a compound bow, a description that fits previous rumors surrounding Guerrilla's next move. NeoGAF picked up the images, watermarked with the Chinese forum's name. NeoGAF says the game is code-named "Horizon," and initial reports suggest it's an RPG. If all goes according to rumor, Guerrilla should reveal this thing at E3 2015, with a planned launch that fall. [Image: A9VG]

IBM to Sell Watson as a Big-Data Tool

The field of big-data software is already very crowded. Few of these products have the name recognition that Watson does – or the financial backing of an IBM – but some are better tested and more specialized. For example, Splice Machine and 6Sense, startups that have each raised under $25 million, are tailored to enable companies to analyze their marketing and sales campaigns. Aviso helps companies better predict earnings. In recent years, many large enterprises have developed their own software to power querying and analytics systems.

Leica strips display from digital camera in 60th anniversary return to basics

The M Edition 60 is a special version of the M-P Type 240 digital rangefinder, but there's a twist — the new model features no screen at all, forcing you to use it as if it were a film camera. "Working with the Leica M Edition 60 intentionally demands the same care and attention as working with an analogue model," says the company in a statement. "Only the sensor and the entire electronics reflect the state of the art of contemporary camera technology." The screen has been replaced with an ISO selector dial, which at least means you'll be able to alter the sensitivity of your photos more often than you could with a 36-shot roll of film.

Introducing the Custom PS4 Air Jordan Sneakers, Complete With HDMI Ports - IGN

"I will be making a limited edition run of 10 of these and they will come with the HDMI cable and custom box," Barry says. "Price is unconfirmed as of yet, but will probably be around $950 USD for the total package."

Man demands iPhone 6 as dowry, report says - CNET

In Saudi Arabia, the brother of a bride-to-be is reportedly insisting that her fiance provide him with an iPhone 6 for her hand.

Thomas Was Alone Rated for Xbox One, Wii U - IGN

The versions of the puzzle game were spotted on the website of a German software ratings board . No formal announcement of Thomas Was Alone on Microsoft's or Nintendo's console has been made, although a representative from Curve Studios told IGN that they'll "have some news to share on Thomas Was Alone in the next few days."

App Annie Now Tells Publishers How Well Facebook’s App Install Ads Work | TechCrunch

However, despite Facebook’s access to rich profile data on those who click, App Annie isn’t currently providing demographic information about an app’s users – thought the company tells TechCrunch that’s a “super interesting” area and something it hopes to get into more over time. But for now, its focus is on offering publishers a look at their mobile ad campaigns across channels, so they can see which perform best, allowing the app makers to better allocate their marketing dollars in the future as well as make other adjustments, as need be.

Chromecast bulks up on content with support for Disney, Twitch, iHeartRadio

Opening the Disney vault may be the most welcome new feature for Chromecast owners with a brood of kids to satiate. They’ll be able to access content from Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior, and Watch Disney XD. Live streams of Disney Channel shows, and on-demand access to recent episodes will also be available, though users will need to have a correspondent TV provider.

Microsoft Debuts an Xbox Controller for Windows

Microsoft is launching a slew of new hardware accessories on Tuesday, including an Xbox controller built specifically for Windows. Other devices include new mice and a keyboard made for any kind of tablet, including an iPad .

Bellabox, Australia’s Largest Beauty Box Service, Raises $2.7M From Allure Media | TechCrunch

Sarah Hamilton, CEO of bellabox, tells TechCrunch that Allure Media’s investment in her startup fits into its strategy because “we see a huge amount of synergies with the Allure Media brands that we will continue to explore and where possible, bellabox will assist in closing the buying cycle for advertisers by pushing the ‘discover and then buy’ experience through our beauty box.”

How Medieval-Style Guilds Will Remake the Tech Behind Facebook and Google | WIRED

So, when Pearce was named the head of open source at Facebook, charged with overseeing the vast collection of open source software that helps run one of the largest online operations on earth, he felt that something was missing. “When I took over the Facebook open source portfolio, I was waiting for the invite,” he says. “I was like: ‘Is someone going to invite me to the open source guild?’”

New 'Facebook for Rich People' Costs Just $9,000 to Join

Chloe Albanesius has been with since April 2007, most recently as Executive Editor for News and Features. Prior to that, she worked for a year covering financial IT on Wall Street for Incisive Media. From 2002 to 2005, Chloe covered technology policy for The National Journal's Technology Daily in Washington, DC. She has held internships at NBC's Meet the Press,, the Tate Gallery press office in London, Roll Call, and Congressional Quarterly. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from American University... More »

46 Richard Branson Explains Why He Just Invested In Drones

Associated PressBillionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson Billionaire entrepreneur and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson just made it official on Monday that he became the latest investor in 3D Robotics, a commercial drone company founded by ex-Wired Magazine chief editor Chris Anderson.

Even YouTube doesn't want to listen to U2

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Cleantech Incubator Program Energy Excelerator Selects Its 2015 Class | TechCrunch

Since receiving its funding from the U.S. Navy, Energy Excelerator has gone on to raise over $55 million in follow-on funding. The program has two tracks for startup. For companies that already have strong customer traction, Energy Excelerator invests up to $1 million to develop a project in Hawaii or the Asia Pacific. For startups with that are looking to test go-to-market strategies, Energy Excelerator invests $75,000 and introduced them to mentors, investors, and strategic customers.

FiftyThree’s Paper Introduces ‘Mix’ To Give Creators A New Way To Collaborate With Others | TechCrunch

Up until now, the one thing that was missing from its app was the ability to share and collaborate on projects. Well, it’s taking care of that, too: The newest version of the Paper app will have a feature called Mix, which will enable users to view and riff on projects others have started, as well as sharing their own projects that can be added to.

Audi’s World-Class Manufacturing | MIT Technology Review

One project Bosch is working on is a German government initiative to use sensors and software to create even smarter factories. The idea is to take the automation in individual processes at a place like Audi’s factory and extend it so that every shipping box, component, and manufacturing station will log and share data, Müller says. Today’s highly automated factories share data mainly within a single process or on a single factory floor—say, between a machine that scans a car to determine its body type and a second machine that selects a tool of the right size for that body type. The government initiative aims to go much further.

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