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Microsoft wants to bring Cortana to your car

Microsoft is experimenting with in-car technology that will let drivers interact with its voice assistant Cortana, reports Taipei Times.

Man watches burglars rob his apartment from his phone

Danny Wheeler got a surprising message from his phone around 1 p.m. Tuesday. Instead of a text or an email, it was an alert that his home was in the process of being robbed. Whe...

New 'Mockingjay Part 2' trailer brings focus back to Katniss and Prim

The newest 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' trailer focuses on the beautiful, sisterly bond between Katniss and Prim.

14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for bringing homemade clock to school

Police in Texas have arrested a 14-year-old boy for building a clock. Ahmed Mohamed, who lives in Irving and has a keen interest in robotics and engineering, put the device together on Sunday...

On Android? Like running? Spotify just got better for you

When Spotify got a big redesign back in May, one of the coolest new features was Spotify Running, a tool that selected music to match your running tempo. T

How to Make Playdough (Play-doh)

Playdough (aka Play-doh) is easy to make at home, and fun for kids of all ages.  Here's how to make your own non-toxic toy with custom colors and frag...

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Want To Replay A Few Snapchat Messages? That'll Be $1, Please

It's an interesting move for an app whose initial attraction is that it disappears your messages after a few seconds by default. The intimacy and urgency of Snapchat's ephemeral nature is what made it so popular. But it makes sense that this wouldn't always be so desirable, and that people would want a degree of control and customization—which is what Replay will provide for a fee.

iPhone 6s costs Apple just $234 in components

Around $127 goes on semiconductors, according to Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch. $36 of that is spent on the iPhone’s various cellular radios, $22 is spent on various sensors — including the Touch ID scanner and NFC — and $20 is spent on 64GB of flash storage.

'Software Update Failed' error reported while updating to iOS 9

Many other users are seeing the “Update Requested” message , which is likely Apple’s way to ensure that the traffic on its servers remains steady rather than comes in all at once. If you’re seeing this message, the update should likely begin in sometime. But if the message stays for more than a few minutes let us know in the comments below.

Ethereum Frontier

One of the many advantages of having a robot run your organization, is that it is immune to any outside influence as it’s guaranteed to execute only what it was programmed to. And because the Ethereum network is decentralized, you'll be able to provide services with an 100% uptime guarantee.

Obama and Clinton tweet support for student arrested over homemade clock

There's been uproar over Mohamed's arrest as news spread of it overnight and into this morning. Mohamed was arrested on Monday for bringing a homemade clock to school that police deemed to be a "hoax bomb," even though he maintained that it was only a clock. "Because his name is Mohamed and because of September 11th, I think my son got mistreated," Mohamed's father  told The Dallas Morning News . The Council on American-Islamic Relations has also commented on the arrest. "This all raises a red flag for us," Alia Salem, director of the council's North Texas chapter told the paper. "We’re still investigating, but it seems pretty egregious."

Q&A: How Slow Connection Speed Helps Opera’s Business in Indonesia

“Indonesia is a very important market for us,” said Ivollex Hodiny, Opera’s growth director for Asia. “It’s very important for us whereby we invest a lot of resources in terms of promoting our browser here.” The company earns revenue in Indonesia from its mobile advertising arm, Opera Mediaworks, and through partnerships with network providers, among others. On Tuesday, Opera brought its subscription-based app store to Indonesia as the company looks to tap the app-hungry smartphone users who don’t own credit cards. Under this model, users only pay with their phone credit from as low as 3,300 rupiah ($0.22) for unlimited apps download for a week. The Wall Street Journal talked to Mr. Hodiny about Opera’s business in Indonesia and the challenges of doing business here. Edited excerpts:

Bloomberg and Twitter Sign Data Licensing Agreement | Bloomberg L.P.

“For more than 30 years, Bloomberg has been an undisputed leader in real-time information delivery,” said Chris Moody, vice president of Twitter data. “Our agreement with Bloomberg highlights the growing importance of Twitter in driving investment and trading decisions. Increased access to this information through the Bloomberg Professional service will continue to accelerate as the adoption of Twitter data through the financial services community grows in importance.”

Facebook, Google roll out welcome mat to Ahmed Mohamed

Facebook, Google roll out welcome mat to Ahmed Mohamed Mark Zuckerberg invites Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Texas student who was detained after he brought a homemade clock that a teacher mistook for a bomb, to visit Facebook. Check out this story on

Review: iOS 9 delivers polish and stability

When you update via Wi-Fi, all of your settings, media, data and apps are left intact, but the update may take some time; potentially several hours depending on the size of the download. If time is of the essence, there's another way. Plug the device into a PC or Mac running iTunes and use the option to either Restore or Upgrade. With the Upgrade option, your settings, data, media and apps are left in place. With the Restore option, everything on the device is deleted before a fresh version of the operating system is installed. If you've been having issues with your device, or if you've modified the OS in ways Apple hasn't sanctioned, a Restore may be your only bet.

The Truth About "Stephen Colbert" Becoming Stephen Colbert

Shifting your identity that’s become your brand—on a public stage with millions of viewers, no less—is a leap of faith in the hope that those who got you where you are will take that leap with you. Colbert’s first week hasn’t been a runaway hit every night—and why would it be? After nine years in one skin, shedding it for another is a work in progress to find the right fit. But Colbert would be remiss to dismiss his alter ego entirely. What will be the determining factor in his success on network TV rests with his ability to package what he’s honed as a satirist and post-modern journalist on The Colbert Report into the existing late-night product, creating a place for himself that doesn’t rely on a rotating bevy of celebrities every night or skits made for next-day viral fodder, but instead on intelligent conversations and commentary that, while still entertaining, can take on shades of gravitas at the drop of a quip.

Google's open source attempt to undercut Facebook

"With Google's offering, nothing is published on the company's platform per se, since it doesn't really have one in the same sense that Facebook does.... All the company wants to do, sources close to the project say, is provide an open-source alternative to the Facebook service. Unlike Facebook, which offers to sell advertising around the content and share the proceeds... Google doesn't want any part of the advertising revenue that users of the system might generate. Nor does it want to control where or when that content is seen by readers, according to the source. But it is concerned about the potential competitive threat posed by Facebook."

Apple iOS 9 is now available for download

iOS 9 is finally available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As per usual, users can download the upgrade by navigating to the General tab in Settings and selecting Software update, or alternately connecting their device to the latest version of iTunes. It's a standard upgrade process through and through, but users needn't fret (as much, anyway) about required space for the download. As if to hint at the efficiency tweaks built in, Apple's new mobile OS only needs 1.3Gb of free space to work.

'Doctor Who' assistant Jenna Coleman is leaving the show

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 42 million monthly unique visitors and 24 million social followers.

Sharp is Selling the World's First 8K TV for $133K

And earlier this month, Samsung unveiled its first ultra-HD Blu-ray player. At the same time, Samsung announced that its current "SUHD" brand of TVs would begin supporting high-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) content. LG also unveiled a HDR-capable 4K TV -- seen as the near-term future in the industry

PlayStation VR is the new name for Sony's Project Morpheus

Sony's virtual reality headset has a new name. Previously referred to as Project Morpheus, the hardware has been rebranded as PlayStation VR. The Japanese company announced the hardware's new name at its Tokyo Game Show press conference today, and confirmed that the hardware, along with a number of games that utilize it, will be available on the try on the show floor.

Here's How Many Gigs Are In The Gig Economy

From the linked Intuit report: "The rise of the on-demand economy is part of a broader long-term growth trend in the contingent workforce, which has grown from 17 percent of the U.S. workforce 25 years ago, to 36 percent today, and is expected to reach 43 percent by 2020." Thirty-six percent is also the figure the Freelancers Union/Elance/Odesk report lands on. That percentage refers to, basically, anyone who's done 1099 work, whereas what's currently referred to as "the on-demand economy" is a subset of that (the 7.6 million by 2020 figure).

Hollywood Super Connector Anjula Acharia-Bath Joins Trinity Ventures

DesiHits! CEO Anjula Acharia-Bath has built her career on bridging the pop culture gap between Bollywood and Hollywood. Following an initial stint as co-founder of search firm Merchant McKenzie, the U.K.-raised entrepreneur moved to the United States to launch the site with her husband, Ranj Bath. The online destination has since grown into a multimedia platform and Acharia-Bath has raised …

HackChat - topic: Manufacturing

I do a lot of mechanical design for manufacturing, will definitely drop in on this chat next week and try to answer anything I can.  Would be neat to get someone who works at a manufacturer to chime in as well, I bet if someone contacted Protomold they could get someone to join in the conversation.  They are one of the industry leaders in the US right now for injection molding and machining.


For your message to resonate, you need to be thinking not just at a regional level, but at a global one as well. Localization efforts are a tough art. Your content has to be spot on and it has to get out the door quickly. But how can you balance speed, quality, and the right message for the right individual? We can help. Localization isn't limited to simple translation -- you can't set it and forget it. Companies shouldn't assume, for instance, that a campaign created for Spain will be equally as effective to all Spanish-speaking consumers in the U.S. or Mexico. It's not just language, but cultural differences. Consider the message you might send to someone in Berkeley, California, versus one you might send to someone in Phoenix, Arizona or New York City. And once your unique branding content has been sent out to different geographies, your localization efforts aren't over just yet. True experts understand that the campaign as a whole is not a sum of its parts -- a campaign's success can be in the granular regions, creating a truly unique customer experience with that added local flavor to resonate within the audience.

Microsoft Send is now available on Android

Send is a new take on emails that removes the subject line and signatures and takes you straight to your contacts list. It basically turns your emails into WhatsApp-style conversations.

iOS 9 review: Apple finally focuses on stability and smarts

Siri’s now faster and leaner than ever – you can search for more than you ever could have in the past, like sports game scores, and ask her to remind you about things you’re looking at on screen. If you’re looking at something cool on a store and want to remember it later, just hold the home button and say “remind me about this when I get home.”

Netflix Might Be Headed To The Oscars With The Excellent 'Beasts Of No Nation'

"Beasts of No Nation" is far from an easy film to watch. In one brutal scene when the rebels ambush a traveling group of soldiers, the Commandant hands Agu a hatchet and orders him to execute a man, reminding him that the man's allegiance is with those who killed Agu's family. It's a horrifying moment to watch, mostly for Fukunaga's commitment to keeping the camera on the faces of Agu and another young warrior as the man's blood splatters against their small bodies. At first, the scene recalls the ruthless killings by the child gangs in 2002's "City of God ," but unlike that scenario, these boys aren't murdering for power or acclaim. Slaughtering becomes Agu's and the other boys' purpose for existing in this world, scarred into them by their Commandant, who fails to ever pick up a weapon to do his own killing. Like Fukunaga's debut feature "Sin Nombre," which followed a teenage gang member and Honduran girl escaping Mexico for the U.S., the director's latest also depicts the harrowing scope of violence corrupting innocence.

Oracle revenue falls on strong dollar, weak packaged software sales

Oracle Corp's ( ORCL.N ) sales fell more than expected in the first quarter, hurt by a strong dollar and a continued drop in licensed software sales and the company warned revenue could fall in the current quarter even on a constant currency basis.

How to watch the GOP debate online without cable

Unlike last month's Fox News Republican primary debate, the first of the 2016 presidential campaign, tonight's 3-hour marathon on CNN won't require a cable subscription. It'll kick off at 8PM ET, and the news network says you'll find it front and center at The debate will also be available through CNN's various smartphone, tablet, and set-top box apps.

The Book No One Read - Issue 28: 2050 - Nautilus

It is here that we find Lem’s key strength as a futurist. He refused to discount human nature’s influence on transhuman possibilities, and believed that the still-incomplete task of understanding our strengths and weaknesses as human beings was a crucial prerequisite for all speculative pathways to any post-Singularity future. Yet this strength also leads to what may be Lem’s great weakness, one which he shares with today’s hopeful transhumanists: an all-too-human optimism that shines through an otherwise-dispassionate darkness, a fervent faith that, when faced with the challenge of a transhuman future, we will heroically plunge headlong into its depths. In Lem’s view, humans, as imperfect as we are, shall always strive to progress and improve, seeking out all that is beautiful and possible rather than what may be merely convenient and profitable, and through this we may find salvation. That we might instead succumb to complacency, stagnation, regression, and extinction is something he acknowledges but can scarcely countenance. In the end, Lem, too, was seduced—though not by quasi-religious notions of personal immortality, endless growth, or cosmic teleology, but instead by the notion of an indomitable human spirit.

iPhones and iPads compatible with Safari Content Blocking extensions in iOS 9

Among the major new key features in Safari for iOS 9 is the content blocker extension that makes it possible to block ads and other certain contents on websites.

Apple updates iCloud support documents to reflect new pricing tiers for all countries

The new pricing tiers offer more storage space to users at a rate that is lower than before. Previously, 20GB of storage space on iCloud costed $0.99, but thanks to the new pricing tier, users will get 50GB of storage space for the same price. For the 200GB and 1TB iCloud storage space tier, Apple has reduced the prices to $2.99 (from $3.99) and $9.99 ($19.99), respectively.

Six things you might want to prepare for the apocalypse

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself for the possibility of a disaster. You can load up on shelf-stable foods, clean drinking water and batteries . You can dig a bomb shelter in your backyard. You can stockpile first aid supplies and polish up your ham radio equipment. But there are a number of other cool disaster-proof designs that you may not even know about. You'll still probably need an emergency stash of food and water, but some of these things could guarantee your survival in apocalyptic times. Gallery | 6 Photos 6 things you might want to prepare for the apocalypse

Sound waves used to activate brain cells in a worm - BBC News

A handful of brain cells in the worm naturally express TRP-4, and so "wild-type" worms do react to ultrasound by changing their movement. But after genetically installing the channel in other cells, the researchers were able to trigger particular responses - such as the worms reversing - with pulses of ultrasound.

Cult of Mac on Twitter

Indian prime minister will meet with Tim Cook during U.S. visit

Uber is trialling easy-switching Business Profiles, broader rollout in ‘coming weeks’

Uber is currently in the beta-testing stage of its new Business Profiles, with “a broader rollout to take place in the coming weeks,” the company confirmed to VentureBeat on Tuesday.

8 reasons not to upgrade to Apple's iPhone 6s

While some services, like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon, have begun to dip their toes into 4K video support, not enough content is available yet to make this a must-have for a smartphone display. Then there’s the fact that devices capable of supporting all the 4K video you’ll capture with your iPhone 6s are still new to the market, so you might not even get to enjoy this super-high-def video anywhere but your 4.7- or 5.5-inch smartphone’s screen. That includes Apple TV, which had a new update announced on the same day as the 4K-capable iPhone 6s line but for some reason does not support 4K video playback out of the box.

Evernote, the first dead unicorn

The most interesting shift away from an Evernote-like model is Slack, which has seen its own meteoric growth into the unicorn club. Slack's power is not just as a messaging platform; it's a real, live, categorized and searchable history of business happenings sorted by channel. What might have once existed as a shared note can now feature multiple types of media, participants, and files, in a far more open and real time fashion than Evernote has ever been able to offer.

Hulu adds Picture-in-Picture with iOS 9 support

While Hulu’s latest update was actually released on September 2, it’s newest feature is now publicly available to those with iOS 9 installed on their iPad. The process is relatively simple enough, just by clicking on the icon that’s positioned next to the gear emblem during a show or movie’s playback. Once you tap on that, the video will be moved to hover over your Home screen, and from there you can launch another app to get things done while you watch.

HP says it will cut up to 30,000 jobs

Up to 30,000 of the layoffs will be in the enterprise business and up to 3,300 in HP Inc, the company that will continue to make personal computers and printers, HP said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks charity, coming out as gay on 'Late Show'

CEO Tim Cook explained to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday why Apple is giving more to charity than it did under his predecessor, Steve Jobs.

Apple might finally let you delete apps that come with the iPhone

"This is a more complex issue than it first appears," he said. "There are some apps that are linked to something else on the iPhone. If they were to be removed they might cause issues elsewhere on the phone. There are other apps that aren’t like that. So over time, I think with the ones that aren’t like that, we’ll figure out a way [for you to remove them]." So the critical apps aren't going anywhere, but Apple may be easing its stance on others. In iOS 8, Apple added Health, Podcasts, and Tips as built-in apps. With iOS 9, you'll be seeing Find My iPhone, Find My Friends, and News as the latest apps that can't be uninstalled.

Microsoft updates OneNote with support for iOS 9, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Handoff, and Spotlight

This is no small update, and Microsoft had to work closely with Apple to get it out. Indeed, the OneNote team hints as much: “If you thought our August update was big on small improvements, it’s because we were laboring behind the scenes (including a few trips to Apple’s secret underground bunker … shhh) to get everything prepped for this release.”

Could Facebook's 'dislike' button actually be a 'hug'?

Two of the scenarios that Zuckerberg mentioned when talking about the new button were the refugee crisis and the death of a relative. "It may not feel comfortable to like that post but your friends and people want to express that they understand and that they relate to you so I do think it's important to give people more options than 'like'," he said.

How to prepare your devices for iOS 9

The good news: You won’t have to delete a whole bunch of apps to get ready to upgrade. Why? The new OS will do the deleting for you. Apple said at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference that iOS 9 will take up 1.3GB of storage—way less than iOS 8’s space-hogging 4.58GB. If you’re using a 16GB phone and don’t have any room to spare, iOS 9 will delete apps and then reinstall them after the update is done.

The Verge on Twitter

AT&T bumps its "unlimited" plan to 22GB after major FCC fine …

Here’s the Real Way to Get Internet to the Next 4 Billion People

Satellite Internet has been around for years, but newer companies like OneWeb—backed by Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson—and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are taking a different approach. By placing satellites in low-earth orbit—roughly 100 to 1,250 miles overhead—these companies say they can provide access that is far faster than traditional satellite Internet, and with less latency (the time between sending a request and getting a response). The catch is that these lower orbit satellites can’t cover as much area as a traditional geosynchronous orbit satellites at an altitude of about 22,000 miles. That means these companies will have to launch hundreds of satellites in order to cover the planet with their wireless signals. And that’s going to be expensive.

Twitter is being sued for scanning direct messages

The suit has yet to be approved for class-action status, but observers are taking it seriously, in part because the plaintiffs have retained Edelson PC, a firm known for taking on high-profile tech privacy suits. At the same time, the expectation of privacy surrounding direct messages on Twitter is still unclear. Direct messages are encrypted between user's phones and Twitter's central servers, but similar to Gmail, the company still has the ability to observe the messages off company servers. It's also unclear whether automated scanning counts as a meaningful invasion of privacy. Google faced a similar lawsuit last year over its ad-serving mechanism in Gmail, although the company settled before a meaningful precedent could be set.

Inside The "Cult" Of SoulCycle

They'd rather miss a wedding, than miss a class. They say the company's name as if saying, "I love you." They wear the logo-splashed workout clothes everywhere . They are SoulCycle devotees—and in this week's installment of Secret Sauce, our hosts, Meatball Shop owners Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman, speak with their entrepreneurial Soul-mate, SC cofounder Elizabeth Cutler, to learn how she makes such delicious Kool-Aid. Take a look and then let us know what you think of SoulCycle's cult-like status with #SecretSauce.

Ahead of IPO Prep, Jack Dorsey Is Telling Key People He Won't Give Up Square CEO Role

Dorsey — who is the CEO of Square as well as the interim CEO of Twitter — has been telling insiders involved in the high-profile payments company’s current IPO process that he will not leave the top management role at Square, according to three sources familiar with the situation. That includes bankers, legal advisers and key execs. Dorsey is also prepared to tell public market investors that are interested in investing in Square once it begins the active part of its IPO process the same thing, even if he is also named permanent CEO of Twitter.

Reuters Tech News on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Mossberg: It’s time to free the smartphone

In 2010, Google tried an experiment — not with self-driving cars, or goofy eyeglasses, but with smartphone freedom. For the introduction of the very first Nexus phone — its showcase Android device — it attempted a disruptive business model.

A six-week search for the best place to watch TV online in 2015

I finally gave up my cable subscription in 2007. By that time, the culture was already awash in stellar serial narratives, and I had begun to think of TV the way I thought of reading fiction — all I really needed to keep me happy was one good story at a time. Thanks to Netflix DVDs, I worked my way through Battlestar Galactica, The Office , and The Wire. Fast-forward to today, and the problem feels way more complicated. We’re drowning in good TV, renting DVDs has fallen out of fashion, and shows are fragmented across a growing number of streaming services. How are any of us supposed to keep up?

Budweiser's owner is interested in buying the maker of Miller beer, standardizing party shopping

The two biggest beer brewers in the world are talking about potentially combining their businesses. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which makes party-friendly beers including Budweiser and Corona, said it is interested in buying SABMiller, the maker of party-friendly Miller Genuine Draft. Anheuser-Busch didn't put a number on the offer — estimates are that the value could be $245 billion — but even the whisper of a deal drove SABMiller's stock up 22%, adding nearly $13 billion to its market value in only five minutes.

The first 8K TV will go on sale soon for over $130,000

Sharp has demonstrated Super Hi-Vision 8K displays before (as seen above during CES 2015 ), but today in Japan it announced an 85-inch version is going on sale October 30th. Dubbed the LV-85001, it's a monitor (it has a tuner so you could call it a TV, but that can't actually receive 8K video) for professional use only, mostly since there aren't really any broadcasts or content to watch in 8K. Coming in at 16 times the resolution of 1080p screens, the 7,680 x 4,320 pixel LCD panel uses Sharp's IGZO technology. To actually watch any 8K video, you'll need to plug into all four of its HDMI inputs at once just to have enough bandwidth. If you're interested (and why wouldn't you be, even though there's almost nothing to watch), just contact Sharp's business-to-business sales unit , and bring along a check for 16,000,000 yen, or about $133,034 US.

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