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After you get iOS 8, here are three great new iPhone keyboards to try

Once the floodgates open today, tens of millions of older iPhones will upgrade to iOS 8. There are several new features in the software but perhaps the most used one will be support for third-party keyboards. Here are three options to consider on day one.

What most schools don't teach

Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools.

Music Brings Your Neighborhood to Life in This Audio Visualizer

A creative technologist and a dancer-turned-designer came together to build this awesome, interactive product.

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Apple to unveil new iPads, operating system on October 21: report

(Reuters) - Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 21, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

2 Top Five Reasons not to Install iOS 8 right away

While most developers are working hard to get their apps ready for iOS 8, some won’t have their iOS 8 updates in the App Store when iOS 8 debuts on Wednesday. As a result, these older apps may not be compatible with the new OS right away. If there is a mission critical app on your phone that hasn’t been updated recently, then you should probably wait until that update rolls out before you install iOS 8. For example: We’ve heard several reports that popular apps like Skype were crashing quite a lot on iOS 8 GM, which is likely to be same build as the public release. Users are reporting that Whatsapp is draining battery.

Indiegogo Tries Out “Forever Funding” Campaigns Without End Dates | TechCrunch

Indiegogo is expanding beyond temporary crowdfunding projects and into hosting permanent crowfunded businesses. In the next few days it plans to launch “Forever Funding”, a source close to Indiegogo confirmed to me. This will let creators raise money indefinitely rather than having to set a date for their campaign to stop.

Conquer Insomnia In 6 Weeks? There's An App For That--And It Could Change Your Life

Sleepio loosely models its central character, the Prof, on Espie. A personal sleep expert, the animated professor doles out step-by-step directions to set users' bodies back on course to healthier sleep. The app essentially repurposes the content from its web app, which repackages the chapters from Espie's book into short video segments. But the technology behind it can tailor the experience to individuals based on their historical sleep data. "We know even exposure in just a short period of time can help people with their sleep," said Hames. "The more you work with it, the more data is in the system, the more refined it is to you."

10 Things You Should Know About Jack Ma, Founder of This Year's Biggest Tech IPO

"We expanded too fast, and then in the dot-com bubble, we had to have layoffs," Ma said in the Inc interview. "By 2002, we had only enough cash to survive for 18 months. We had a lot of free members using our site, and we didn't know how we'd make money. So we developed a product for China exporters to meet U.S. buyers online. This model saved us. By the end of 2002, we made $1 in profits. Each year, we improved."

SwiftKey’s Predictive Keyboard App Is A Free Download On iOS | TechCrunch

However much momentum there is in the short term, there’s no doubt it’s a huge opportunity for SwiftKey — and one it’s aiming to maximize by having no price on its iOS app. As noted above, there’s currently no store in the app, which it recently launched to monetize its Android app after switching to freemium, by selling custom themes. That may come in time. In the meanwhile users get a choice of two (free) themes at launch: Nickle Light and Nickle Dark.

SF visitors prepare: Airbnb's occupancy tax kicks in October 1st

In an email and blog post announcing the news, Airbnb told users it would be managing the tax submission for them. That means hosts won’t have to deal with unwieldy paperwork or government bureaucracy. Instead, the tax will be charged to visitors — an extra fee on top of the listing fee — and automatically deducted from the host’s earnings before they receive them. It will appear for guest receipts as a line item labeled “Transient Occupancy Tax.”

What You Should Do Before Downloading iOS 8

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UK Recipe Kit Subscription Service Gousto Raises Further $8.3M | TechCrunch

Founded in 2012 by Timo Schmidt and James Carter, Gousto operates a recipe kit subscription service in the UK where you are sent three recipes per-week out of a choice of ten, along with the required fresh ingredients needed, so that you can get busy in the kitchen to make each meal for two. The idea is to tap into the trends of grocery delivery and living a healthier lifestyle. It differentiates itself from competitors mainly by offering the ability to choose from a list of ten meals each week, rather than being more random, but also by using organic ingredients and offering better prices than HelloFresh, for example.

Human-Powered Flight Search Engine Darjeelin Acquired By Voyage Privé | TechCrunch

To that end, L’Officiel des Vacances says Darjeelin brings its experience of crowdsourcing and “sourcing and management of an online expert community”, and that it will offer a complementary service to L’Officiel des Vacances by building on its proposition as an alternative to automated meta-searching, with an emphasis on human-peered search.

Halo: Reach free, Valiant Hearts discounted for Xbox Gold members

Welcome to the back half of September, which means Xbox Live Gold members can now grab Halo: Reach gratis from the service. Regularly priced at $25, the Halo prequel covers the events of the planet Reach's evacuation before it was overwhelmed by The Covenant. It's not an uplifting tale. Following that heavy theme, the emotional Valiant Hearts is also discounted for the week on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for gold members. If you're looking for something a little bit more playful, both Tales of Vesperia and Eternal Sonata are $4.94 apiece. Those are full-on 40-hour+ JRPG experiences with digestible melodrama. Halo: Reach (demo)

JW Player Raises $20M To Help Video Publishers Look Beyond YouTube | TechCrunch

While using the player is free, the company charges for additional services, like running ads. Otten said that early next year, customers will start seeing more products that take advantage of all the data that JW Player has access to. Mahl argued that these data products should benefit video producers, publishers, advertisers, and even consumers, who will get access to things like smarter content recommendations.

Learn How to Switch from Android to iPhone with Apple's Guide

Unsurprisingly, Apple would like to help Android users move to the iPhone. So with the new iPhones currently available for pre-order, the company has released an in-depth guide to moving your content from your Android phone to the iPhone.

Banks spend more on IT, hoping the cloud is silver-lined

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PeerSpace Raises $1.5 Million To Create An Airbnb For Creative Work And Meeting Spaces | TechCrunch

Airbnb has built a huge platform that allows users to rent out their rooms and homes to people looking for a place to stay. But what about when businesses want to find interesting spots to hold meetings, brainstorming sessions, or team offsites? For that, they have a new startup called PeerSpace .

Destiny is the best-selling game franchise launch of all time

Grossing more than $325 million worldwide in its first five days on shelves, Bungie’s long-anticipated, massively multiplayer shooter  Destiny is the best-selling new video game franchise launch of all time. That’s good news for publisher Activision, for which the series is a  reported $500 million investment . According to the developer, fans have already logged more than 100 million hours of online play in the first week, putting Destiny  on par with the much more established Call of Duty games.

Metareview: Destiny

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

NASA Picks Two Firms To Build 'Space Taxis'

NASA has chosen SpaceX and the Boeing Corporation to build spacecraft to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station, the space agency announced in a press conference held today at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The agency will award a combined $6.8 billion to the firms for the first phase of the program.

Cisco Buys Metacloud As Big Companies Suddenly Hot For Cloud Startups | TechCrunch

Metacloud offers OpenStack as a service allowing customers to operate like a public cloud, but inside their own datacenters. The idea is to give companies that same agility, scalability and flexibility you get from public cloud offerings, but instead of being on the open internet, it’s inside a private data center. Metacloud actually also offers a hosted service in the cloud or a hybrid offering for those companies who want a combined offering (which is often the case).

From Geek To Chic: The Meta Watch M1 Smartwatch By Frank Nuovo

“Smartwatch” has become a buzzword in the tech industry that has caused something very interesting to happen for myself personally; all of a sudden, my love of watches and technology has been combined. The tech industry hopes that connected wearable devices (often referred to as “smartwatches”) will be the next “big thing.” As mobile phone and tablet markets stabilize the major players in both “big tech” and start-up investment firms are eyeing the potential growth and development of a market of wearable products for industrial, commercial, and consumer use.

Airbnb to Start Collecting Hotel Tax in San Francisco

“There’s no way to put the genie back in the bottle," Supervisor Scott Weiner, chair of the Land Use Committee, said at the meeting Monday. “The reality of San Francisco … is it’s technically illegal under the planning code yet is happening all over the city. At some point it becomes a farce to say this is illegal but keeps happening so will keep going under the radar.”

6 Months of DLC Support for Alien: Isolation's Survivor Mode - IGN

When Alien: Isolation is released next month will come with one playable map (Basement), but from October 28th the first of five expansion packs will roll out for purchase. The first drop will contain three additional maps, each with specific objects and challenges, a new playable character and will vary the enemy types (on top of the alien itself, of course). In the coming months, four more expansions will be released, each containing a new character, new maps, and a variety of challenges.

Mesosphere Snags OrlyAtomics In Talent Acquisition Deal | TechCrunch

Mesosphere, which is based on the open source Mesos project, wants to build what they call a datacenter operating system that allows companies to operate at web scale inside the datacenter while achieving much greater efficiency than is possible using traditional datacenter management techniques. OrlyAtomics is a highly scalable database technology. On the face of it, the two may not seem like a perfect match, but under the surface they have a lot more in common than you might think, Mesosphere co-founder and CEO Florian Leibert told me.

Sears Becomes First Major Retailer To Allow Returns & Exchanges From Customers Who Wait In Their Cars | TechCrunch

Online shopping’s impact is taking its toll on brick-and-mortar retailers, who are now struggling to compete by offering their own spin on instant gratification and convenience. One such retailer is Sears, which last year introduced a “Shop’In” feature within its own mobile application in order to connect in-store and online shopping. Today, mobile users are offered e-coupons, price comparisons, and personalized deals, and now, online shoppers can pick up merchandise, as well as return or exchange items without having to get out of their cars.

Apple’s iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Cases Offer Comfort And Light Protection With Few Concessions | TechCrunch

Apple’s choices in terms of colors are also nice, and should provide an option for most tastes. The Mac maker hasn’t always had the best luck in creating accessories and add-on kit for its own gadgets, but in the case of these cases and those for the iPhone 5s that preceded it, they’re now just about the only option I’ll look at in this category (though I generally prefer to go caseless). Judging by the example of my iPhone 5s cases in red and leather, they’ll also age well with continued use.

Apple releases iOS 8 as a free update

Relonch camera case brings an APS-C sensor, f/2 lens to your iPhone

That all sounds great, but there are two major challenges here. First, the company is targeting "late 2015" for orders to ship, which means your iPhone 6 will probably be a year old by the time you get this case. Given that each version is designed to fit only one phone, you'll need to buy a new case whenever you upgrade your phone, unless the next iPhone has an identical footprint to the current model. Additionally, Relonch will charge your credit card for $499 as soon as you place an order, and given that you're sending funds to a company with no track record of delivering products, handing over half a grand is risky at best.

Join Us For NVIDIA's Live Stream - IGN

You can watch all of NVIDIA's live stream on pretty much every connected device in your home or pocket. Here are some links to the apps (download them today!) and other places where you can watch the NVIDIA live stream and IGN's show coverage as well. Watch the live stream on...

Arrow Season 3 Premiere Photos - IGN

The below gallery features several photos from the season premiere including a fully suited up Roy as Arsenal, Black Canary, and of course, the Arrow. You'll also see Peter Stormare as the new Count Vertigo and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, AKA The Atom. Take a look:

TouchPal Raises Significant New Round As It Launches Its Third-Party Keyboard For iOS | TechCrunch

The close of the round gives TouchPal new ammunition to continue its research and development efforts, according to Wong, and it comes on the heels of another victory for the company. TouchPal had been embroiled in a patent dispute with Nuance for the last year, since Nuance filed a claim against it with the U.S. International Trade Commission in December 2012. Late in 2013, the court ruled in favor of TouchPal and the company settled its case with Nuance.

Box Goes iOS 8, Adds Support For App Extensions | TechCrunch

App Extensions allow applications to swap and share data between themselves, meaning that you can now use your Box data that is stored in of the app itself, inside of other applications. So, you will be able to select a file in Box, and, provided that your favorite editing software supports App Extensions, open it in the editor.

Amazon’s New Kindle Could Be Called “Voyage,” Offer High-Res Screen And Bezel Page-Turning | TechCrunch

Amazon is almost certainly getting ready to push the launch button on its next-generation Kindle dedicated e-reader hardware, and new leaks from the site’s German and Japanese stores (via The Verge ) reveal it will likely be called the Kindle Voyage, and sport a new high-res display and bezels that can be pressed to turn pages. The Voyage is slated for a November 4 release date, according to the leaks, at least in Germany, which means it could launch stateside even sooner.

How to configure and use widgets in iOS 8

Once you get the new iOS 8 software on your iPhone, consider adding widgets for quick-glance info with just a swipe down from any screen. Here’s how to add them for a more personalized iPhone experience.

Journalism school shuts down its print newspaper, will publish everything on Medium

Students at the Mt. San Antonio College journalism school were depressed about how no one was reading their print newspaper, so their instructor shut it down and now they are publishing long-form journalism on Medium through a unique partnership with the site

In-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo scores Virgin Atlantic deal

Virgin Atlantic will become the first European carrier to retrofit its entire fleet with Gogo connectivity — and, thankfully for the passengers, it will use Gogo’s satellite-based 2Ku system.

23 of The Best Typefaces from August 2014

Voltage is an unexpected and energetic standout in the world of script fonts, breaking free from formal classifications while retaining the degree of personality we treasure in hand lettering.

iOS 8 Review: Refinements And Relaxed Limitations Add Up For A Better Experience | TechCrunch

Apple’s iOS 8 is arriving tomorrow, and while it isn’t as overtly dramatic a change as iOS 7 was last year, it’s still a big update with lots of new features and tweaks. Using it on the new iPhone 6 hardware revealed lots to love in the new mobile OS from Apple, some easing of restrictions that could lead to big advantages for third-party apps, and a lot of potential to change the basic mechanics of the iOS ecosystem.

Cozy Makes Its Rental Management Service Free | TechCrunch

How is this not something that is just automatically set up when a person decides to become a landlord? Willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (or a lot more than that) to be responsible for the place people live, including upkeep and even maybe services, and at no point a person involved though to Google for “free rental software?”

What's The Best All-In-One Printer For Your Dollar?

With that in mind, we looked at 110 all-in-ones, and a midrange inkjet is as good as it gets for a home or home office. For around $150, you can expect an automatic document feeder, two-sided printing and scanning, Wi-Fi connectivity, and native support for mobile standards like AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. Pay more, and you mostly get features that only matter in offices, like extra paper trays and speedier output. Pay less up front, and you’ll spend a lot more on ink in the long run.

Kuaidi Girds For Global Battle As The Ride Sharing Wars Heat Up In China | TechCrunch

Competition for cabs on the streets of China’s urban centers is cutthroat, and hailing a cab on a rainy day is nearly impossible, especially given how comparatively cheap taxis are in China’s major cities. “A lot of people can afford a taxi,” says Kuaidi co-founder Joe Lee. “The constraint is supply. It’s a lot easier to get users to use our app because that’s our pain point.”

Logitech Finally Made a Harmony Remote for Your Whole House

Like its competitors in this space, the Harmony Living Home uses a central hub to create an internet of things in your home. Appropriately, it's called the Harmony Home Hub and uses RF, IR, Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi to talk to various devices. The hub alone goes for $100 on its own. For $350, you can also buy the hub along with a touchscreen remote that can control all of your connected home devices—again, so long as they're compatible—and up to 15 of the 270,000 home entertainment devices that already work with Harmony. A non-touchscreen remote version will be available for $150, and all of the Harmony Living Home products work with a smartphone app. All products hit stores on September 21.

First iPhone 6 unboxing video

As some readers have pointed out, it does look like the video was taken after the iPhone 6 had already been taken out as things like peeling the plastic from the front and back of the device was not shown. So not a very authentic unboxing video. But don’t worry, we will be doing an unboxing video when we get our hands on the new iPhones. We can’t wait.

Everyone Is In Love With The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are significantly redesigned compared with last year’s iPhone 5S and 5C. Both devices utilize an ultrathin unibody aluminum enclosure, one that bares a startling resemblance to the original iPhone from 2007, and the devices can be bought in “space” gray, silver, or gold. The iPhone 6 is just 6.9mm in thickness (in comparison the 5S seems flabby with its 7.6mm profile), while the 6 Plus is only 7.1mm. Both feel svelte and lean in your hand—solid, with good weight, but incredibly skinny. Though I must say, while the iPhone 5S stood out in a crowd of Android smartphones with its chamfered edges and Leica-esque controls, you might not know the iPhone 6 next to the latest Galaxy S5 or the HTC One. And while the design is still impressive, some details feel a bit off. The bold antenna lines that run around the back of the devices and the protruding camera lens make the phones seem slightly less disciplined compared with the company’s previous work.

Four reasons why you may want to wait on iOS 8

If you were hoping that iOS 8 would be the start of a new you thanks to fitness and health tracking capabilities built into Apple’s HealthKit platform and the new Health app, you may be putting it off for another few days. Although several Healthkit-enabled Apps were updated on the App Store this morning, they have since been pulled because it appears that HealthKit is not yet ready and Apple has found at least one issue. Apple is reportedly contacting HealthKit developers to warn them about the issue and that it might not be an easy fix. Brian Muller, developer of Carrot Fit, tweeted that he received a call and that it “sounds like HealthKit won’t be working at all this week .”

Easel To Shut Down Nine Months After Being Acquired By GitHub | TechCrunch

Back when GitHub acquired Easel, a collaborative, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get HTML web design tool, Easel’s blog post on the matter implied that it would be sticking around. “Easel continues to run as it has,” it read .

Former Qualcomm Exec Named Head of Google Fiber

Former Qualcomm executive Dennis Kish replaced Milo Medin, a key visionary behind the project. Medin remains a Google vice president for access services and adviser to the Google Fiber team, a spokeswoman said, while working on other, unspecified Internet-access projects for the company.

Coming Soon To Netflix: A New Judd Apatow Comedy Series

Although the terms of the contract weren't announced, Amazon and Hulu were reported to be serious bidders before Netflix scored the coup. "Judd Apatow has a unique comedic voice that manages to be delightful, insightful, and shockingly frank--often at the same time,” said Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos in a statement . “Together with Paul and Lesley, he’s bringing a whole new level of agony and ecstasy to this modern-day comedy of manners."

48 iPhone Hacks on Twitter: "iOS 8 is out: Download it now! #iOS8"

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Save Time, Type Faster & Create Keyboard Shortcuts For All Your Mundane Tasks

Save Time, Type Faster & Create Keyboard Shortcuts For All Your Mundane Tasks

Fantastically Wrong: Magellan's Strange Encounter With the 10-Foot Giants of Patagonia | WIRED

In 1520, Ferdinand Magellan took time out of his busy schedule of sailing around the world to stop in what is now Patagonia, where he found a naked giant dancing and singing on the shore. Magellan ordered one of his men to make contact (the unwitting emissary’s no doubt hilarious reaction to this sadly has been lost to history), and to be sure to reciprocate the dancing and singing to demonstrate friendship.

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