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Worn in China: Chinese wearable shipments soar in 2016

China may become the world’s largest wearable customer in 2017, if sales continue to surge as they have in 2016, by 84 percent.

Tesla's AutoPilot Mixed Signals Forced Mobileye To Bolt

A few weeks after Tesla's first self-driving fatality, Mobileye decided to sever ties with the electric car company. CEO Amnon Shashua gives his side.

No gloves allowed: iPhone 7 home button needs skin contact

You weren't going to use it in winter, were you?

Google's car will automatically pull you over for the police

Google’s self-driving cars might yield the road to emergency vehicles, like police cars, automatically, according to a new U.S. patent.

The first fully soft autonomous robot is an octopus | ZDNet

Harvard researchers 3D printed an autonomous robot that demonstrates the advantages of soft robots. Just like an octopus, the robot is strong and dexterous enough to grasp objects.

Huawei bets tomorrow's smart cities are today's safe cities

Telecommunications giant Huawei is betting that safe cities will be a gateway strategy towards large smart city deployments.

Did Apple miss the mark on innovation this week?

While getting rid of the earphone jack may make the iPhone 7 a little thinner, is it really innovation, and is it really what we expect from Apple?

Someone put Harambe in Street Fighter so you can keep it in your pants

Since #DicksOutForHarambe is a thing, maybe you'd be better served keeping it in your pants and paying tribute to Harambe by throwing punches.

Elon Musk says the future of AI is in linking it to our brains

Elon Musk has more thoughts on artificial intelligence, but this idea involves merging with computers instead of fighting them.

It’s not just Zuck: FBI director also recommends putting tape over the webcam on your computer

FBI director James Comey was mocked for putting tape over his computer webcam to defend his privacy earlier this year an

Watch Miley Cyrus give Jimmy Fallon a very awkward yoga lesson

It was a short class.

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Mossberg: Choosing the iPhone 7 is tougher than in the past

At a glance, you’d be hard-pressed to tell Apple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, which go on sale Friday, from their 2015 and 2014 counterparts. They look almost identical, and are the same sizes. But once you get your hands on them, the differences are clear: better cameras, longer battery life, water resistance, doubled memory at essentially the same prices, and more.

'Grammar Snob' is the perfect app for people who are objectively the worst

The playfully pretentious app includes corrections for common grammatical mistakes written in red marking pencil for maximum snobbery. It's a delight for self-proclaimed grammar nazis and a headache for all who dare to contact them.

3 Log In - The New York Times

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Major Explosion Reported in Manhattan, Cause Unknown

At approximately 8:30pm on Saturday night, an explosion shook Manhattan near 23rd St and Sixth Avenue. The New York Police Department and Fire Department are on the scene but haven’t yet confirmed the cause. So far, there are 26 reported injuries and no fatalities.

sgaudin on Twitter

A.I. & #robotics could replace 6% of U.S. jobs by 2021. Are you worried?  #AI #ArtificialIntelligence


Here’s What It’s Like to Ride In Uber’s Self-Driving Car

The size of an iPad and mounted between the front seats, facing the passengers in back, this screen is the signature element of Uber’s latest disruption:  a fleet of autonomous cars in downtown Pittsburgh . As of Wednesday, when pre-selected customers in the City of Bridges order an Uber, they may be greeted by a self-driving Ford Fusion instead of the standard guy or gal making extra money off their Prius. An engineer will ride in the driver’s seat, ready to take over whenever things get tricky—but it’s this tablet that will teach Uber’s riders about this new mode of transportation.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing | MarTech

Some great tips here for anyone to use Douglas, I`ve found that following some of the above has really helped my website design business increase leads – it`s all about building trust and relationships. Getting yourself out there is key!

Best iPhone 7 cases and best iPhone 7 Plus cases

Urban Armour Gear (UAG) is bringing it's full line of cases to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which start at $40. I personally like Plasma, which features a translucent design in a few color options, and the Metropolis, which is a folio case with a slot for storing credit cards and cash (the Trooper also has a card holder). The extra tough Monarch Series is the current top-of-the-line, costing $60.

Microsoft to close Skype’s London office -

“This is disappointing. Skype is one of Europe’s iconic technology businesses and a genuine ‘unicorn’ with an amazing pedigree of innovation and talent,” said Russ Shaw, founder of industry group Tech London Advocates and previously vice-president of Skype Emea, who left when the company was sold to Microsoft.

How to Master the New Messages App in iOS 10

The biggest new change in iOS 10 is the Messages app, which is suddenly a lot more playful with the addition of animations, stickers, and more. Here’s how to make the most of it.

How blockchain is transforming business models

In this era of disruption, it’s absolutely necessary to redefine business models and archetypes as a whole. This post dives into the benefits of blockchain, its impact on the financial system, and how some companies are experimenting.

Pigeons Can Kind of Read

After the pigeons were conditioned with the autoshaping procedure, the scientists began to present word and nonword stimuli through the aperture of the hopper. “When a word was presented in the center aperture, the correct response was to peck the word,” the study’s authors write. They also displayed a “star stimulus” to the pigeons either above or below the center aperture, randomizing its location in each trial. When a pigeon was presented with a nonword, they were supposed to peck the star stimulus.

The first 7 apps you should download for your new iPhone 7

We've handpicked seven of the best apps that show off the new iPhone's upgraded camera and iOS 10 software. These apps will help you take better pictures, find places to eat, quickly send people money with Siri, and more.

Uber starts self-driving car pickups in Pittsburgh

The question that will be answered rapidly is how the public responds. The drivers encountering the 14 Ford Fusions — just a part of Uber’s self driving army — on the road did not opt into the experience of driving next to a robot. Uber’s users can opt in to hailing an autonomous vehicle, but they are likely to be new to the experience. Still another question is how Uber drivers will feel. Maybe they’ll become a ride-along engineer, or maybe they will have their job taken away.

How fear of nuclear power is hurting the environment

"We're not in a clean energy revolution; we're in a clean energy crisis," says climate policy expert Michael Shellenberger. His surprising solution: nuclear. In this passionate talk, he explains why it's time to overcome longstanding fears of the technology, and why he and other environmentalists believe it's past time to embrace nuclear as a viable and desirable source of clean power.

Apple's next iPhone probably won't have a home button

What we don't know is exactly what Apple's implementation of an on-screen button will look like. The easy route would be to do what Android does and include a small strip along the bottom of the display. That may not be ideal for Apple, though, since its single circular button wouldn't utilize the space to either side of it.

Can't compute: Russian police arrest robot

A robot has been detained by police at a political rally in Moscow, with authorities attempting to handcuff the machine.

Watch a Stuntman Complete Evil Knievel's Failed Rocket Bike Jump

Stuntman Eddie Braun has recreated Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon rocket bike stunt in every technical way but one—Braun actually succeeded. He is the first to pull off the jump in the 42 years since Knievel’s attempt was mired by a parachute malfunction.

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The Best Scanners of 2016

Do You Need a Flatbed? For photos or other easily damaged originals, bound material, and 3D objects, you need a flatbed. (Here we're talking about scanning 3D objects to two-dimensional images; 3D scanners—for scanning objects to 3D files for display or printing—are a different beast entirely.) Originals like photos and stamps can go through a sheet feeder, but you risk damaging them. If you need to scan this sort of original only rarely, you may be able to make do with a sheet-fed scanner that comes with a plastic carrier to protect the originals. Keep in mind, however, that even brand-new, unscratched plastic carriers can degrade scan quality.

Some iPhone 7 Owners Report Hissing Sound While under Heavy Load

It is going to be just over 24 hours now since the new iPhones made their way into the hands of their customers. Like with every new major iPhone release, some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus customers are facing some hardware problems with the device.

Is the MacBook Pro headphone jack next on Apple's chopping block?

We're well overdue a MacBook update (and a Mac Pro desktop revision too, which hasn't been touched by Apple in more than 1,000 days), though with an expected October release on the cards, it's unlikely that any findings from this survey will affect the next immediate generation of machines.

From open-source hater to no. 1 fan: Microsoft now tops Google, Facebook in GitHub contributors | ZDNet

The figures from GitHub only offer a single slice of the world's open-source activities, but given GitHub's popularity with the developer community, they are a solid indicator that Microsoft has put its money where its mouth is after Nadella in 2014 said, "Microsoft loves Linux" .

No one can find the last Pokémon in Pokémon Go

Excluding Legendary Pokémon — which are said to be coming at some point, likely in a bigger way than simply being capturable — Ditto is the only Pokémon of the original 151 represented in the game that's yet to be found.

Here's Some Clay Smashed, Burned and Dipped in Liquid Nitrogen

Pretty much any lab-based destruction of colorful clay you could ask for is covered in this video. Freezing, exploding, melting and crushing? Check. Fiery balls of molten metal and application of blow torch? Check. Combinations of the aforementioned methods? Double Check.

Udacity launches self-driving car nanodegree | ZDNet

The course, which spans three 12-week terms, covers deep learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, localization and controllers. Four major partners have committed to fast-tracking the nanodegree graduates into positions around the world: Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Otto (recently acquired by Uber) and Didi Chuxing. Thrun promised that more partners will be added to that list. Additionally, Udacity has partnerships in place, beginning with Nvidia, to provide scholarships for qualifying students.

What my religion really says about women

Strong faith is a core part of Alaa Murabit's identity — but when she moved from Canada to Libya as a young woman, she was surprised how the tenets of Islam were used to severely limit women's rights, independence and ability to lead. She wondered: Was this really religious doctrine? With humor, passion and a refreshingly rebellious spirt, she shares how she found examples of female leaders across the history of her faith — and how she speaks up for women using verses from the Koran.

iPhone Next: How iPhone 7 hints at next year's breakthrough

If history repeats itself, the new elements of the iPhone 7 -- the new static "button," the dual-lens camera on the 7 Plus and, yes, even the move away from the headphone jack -- may prove to be the foundation for some bigger changes ahead for next year's iPhone. If you're not happy with this year's edition, Apple's big 10th anniversary iPhone could be where the company pulls out all the stops.

Buying a new iPhone? Find out if Apple's payment plan makes more sense than your carrier's

After you’ve made 24 payments, you can keep the phone if you’d like. But if you’re upgrading sooner than that, you never get to keep the phone. This is standard across any payment plan, whether from Apple or a carrier, and it is a big turn-off for some. Also, if you’re upgrading, the iPhone you’ve been using for a year has to be in working condition with no noticeable physical damage. A cracked screen will cost you $29 to fix, and excessive damage to any other part of the phone will cost you $99. These are service fee rates for Apple Care+ customers. Yes, even with Apple Care+, you’re responsible for upkeep on the phone. And yes, you have to pay these fees before upgrading if Apple decides they’re necessary.

How To Quickly Open Mobile Data Settings in iOS 10

Ever since I got my iPhone 6s Plus, I’ve had workarounds that would let me quickly open the Mobile Data options in the Settings app. Toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth has always been easy – Control Center or the Settings 3D Touch action. But no such thing for Mobile Data existed.

Growth stage funding picks up in Europe

Growth stage or growth equity tech investing is on the rise in Europe. According to Invest Europe , growth investments rose 11% year-on-year in 2015 to reach €6.5 billion ($7.3 billion), reflecting the increasing number of European companies leaving their startup years behind them to embark on the next stage of their life cycle. But unlike in the US, where — due to the maturity of the ecosystem — growth stage is seen as a key investment category in its own right, in Europe it is still widely considered a mere branch of venture capital, with little to distinguish it from Series A or B.

Mobile games continue to spend big on TV advertising

Although it’s been spending sporadically throughout the year, Skylanders picked up the pace in a big way in August, running two ads 1,696 times on national TV for a total estimated spend of $2.8 million. That’s over half of the brand’s entire spend for 2016 so far. Though the brand is no stranger to TV, this increase came around the brand’s partnership with General Mills and advertised the availability of the game’s Battlecast cards inside select cereal boxes. Skylanders ran most notably during SpongeBob SquarePants; Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn; and the Loud House.

Should wired headphone owners think twice before buying an iPhone 7?

To get to the bottom of this I bought the Apple adapter for $9, (£9, AU$12), and the very first thing I noted was that its skinny wire didn't seem all that durable. I have my doubts that it will last more than a few months of day-to-day use. We'll see. I'm not sure why, but I had to update my iPhone 6S to iOS 10 to use the Lightning adapter. Next, I gathered a selection of wired headphones -- the 1More Triple Driver, Beyerdynamic iDX 200 iE, Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2, Etymotic ER4SR, Hifiman HE400S, and an Oppo PM3 -- to audition with and without the adapter.

How WebVR will make virtual reality massively available

The limitations Bernard refers to relate directly to performance issues that he has experienced because his simulation contains highly rendered images and relatively large videos. The solution has been to carefully compress all of the assets in order to avoid unnecessary lag. But another limitation is that few content converters and editors are making content available on WebVR — a gap we’re keen to see addressed in coming months.

How To Markup Images In Messages App in iOS 10

There’s just so many hidden features in the new Messages app in iOS 10 that I almost can’t keep count. If you haven’t discovered it, here’s a new one for you. You can markup photos directly from the Messages app. That’s right, drawing dog ears on your friend’s graduation photo and sharing it in a group chat just got infinitely easier.

3 things to know about tech M&A in 2016

With the tech IPO market still rolling in the gutter, tech companies looking for exits have begun to shift their focus toward being acquired.

Pulpstream gets rid of paper forms with mobile-based service

This idea comes from the most enthusiastic CEO that I met at Techcrunch Disrupt this week, Pankaj Malviya, the head of Pulpstream. He was introducing a new platform that enables employees to get rid of company paper forms and use their mobile devices to do their work. It was our second meeting, as we met many years ago at a DEMO event when he was pitching an earlier cloud startup called LongJump. He sold that one to Software AG .

Reports of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

By the end of 2019, it’s estimated there will be more than 2.9 billion email users worldwide  and 246 billion emails sent and received per day (up from 205 billion messages in 2015). Since we’re already inundated by daily emails, it’s easy to see this as a prime opportunity for alternative messaging solutions, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Yammer, Hipchat, Kik, or Google Hangouts. But with all the speculation about the next “email killer,” the truth is it hasn’t been invented yet — this decades-old form of communication is still relevant.

Investor Sues Twitter For Not Being Popular Enough

On Friday, Twitter shareholder Doris Shenwick filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly misleading investors about its growth projections. The lawsuit claims that in November 2014, Twitter promised investors that the size of its active monthly user base would increase to 550 million in the “intermediate” term and to over one billion in the “longer” term. Shenwick intends to file a class-action suit that would represent people who bought Twitter stock between February 6, 2015 and July 28, 2015. We reached out to Twitter for comment and did not receive an immediate response.

The Slightly Smiling Emoji Conveys the Complex Tragedy and Joy of Human Existence

“🙂.” The “slightly smiling face” according to Emojipedia . Every emoji has its opposite, and 🙂 is the perfect symbol to balance out 😁. While the meaning of 😁 varies depending on the device and platform you’re using—you could be grinning with joy or suffering a bout of physical or emotional constipation—🙂 remains constant. Things might not go the way you want them to go , 🙂 coos, but it’s all going to turn out alright .

The Wall Street Veteran Who's Helping Google Get Disciplined

Current and former employees also say the scrutiny goes hand in hand with the kind of cost cutting companies that aren’t Google have endured for decades. Some cuts are relatively minor: Employees are encouraged to use video conferencing instead of traveling to meetings, for example. But others have deeper strategic implications. One source close to the company says it’s now difficult for Other Bets to get new hires approved. The Bets are also being told to be self-sufficient administratively: They can rely on Alphabet for functions like legal counsel, human resources, and public relations, but only if they pay Alphabet for the services. (One Other Bets subsidiary was billed $500,000 for a year’s worth of PR help.) If these units were independent companies, of course, they’d be shouldering these costs on their own. But within Alphabet, they represent unfamiliar constraints, and for some, a signal that the culture Google was built on—­focusing on innovation over profits—is dissipating.

City Plan for Urine-Repelling Paint Is Extremely Misguided

In a misguided effort to address complaints about the smell and cleanliness of Philadelphia’s public transit system, the city will begin testing a pee-repelling paint called Ultra-Ever Dry in the coming weeks. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority spokesman Andrew Busch told the Chicago Tribune that SEPTA decided to try out Ultra-Ever Dry because “there’s been some success (with the coating)” in San Francisco and Hamburg .

Watching a Rocket Plug Explode Is Very Satisfying

NASA fits foam plugs inside of booster rockets to protect the innards ahead of ignition. And boy, they sure do put on a show, when they’re blown out with 9.2 million pounds of thrust.

Mom and daughter's have the best text convo about buying tampons ever

Ever wonder why tampons are so hard to find in the supermarket? So do this mom and daughter duo.

Fish Are a Bunch of Lame Posers

A new study has found that “schooling” is a horrendous process in which an individual’s unique personality is unceremoniously supplanted by groupthink and the notion of bravery is cast aside when a danger to the overall status quo is presented. School, in this case, is the group that fish swim in. What did you think we were talking about?

Chrome Beta 54 Now Lets You Play Video In the Background On Android

In Chrome Beta 54, if you’re playing a video in a tab and then leave Chrome, you’ll see a little notification showing the video you were watching. It will automatically pause (presumably so you won’t continue to be annoyed by auto-playing ads when you try to back out of a web site), but you can tap play to begin playing it again. Audio streams can also play in the background, but they won’t be paused when you leave Chrome.

9 Tips to Prepare for iOS 10 Update on iPhone or iPad

iOS 10 update generally require at least 2GB of free space, so if you’re running low on free space on your iPhone or iPad, it might be a good idea to free up some space by deleting unwanted stuff from your device. You should have at least 2.5GB or more free space to be on the safe side.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Justice League: First Look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon - IGN

In honor of today being "Batman Day," Justice League director Zack Snyder posted the first photo of Oscar winner J.K. Simmons as Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon in the still-filming DC superhero epic.

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