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Your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Questions, Answered

Mashable hosts a MashTalk Hangout on Air on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET to answer questions about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Gatorade | Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter

Ahead of his final playing days, Derek Jeter soaks in the atmosphere on a walk in the Bronx.

Which iPhone 6 Do You Want?

We showed the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to a bunch of strangers and asked them which one they want. Their answers may surprise you.

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Dice Wants To Be The First Gig Ticketing Giant That Music Fans Adore | TechCrunch

The team is bubbling with other fan-friendly feature ideas for the app but it wanted to get the product out stat, so additional elements will come in time. v1 doesn’t even have the ability to save payment card data yet — but of course that will be along shortly to sandpaper another bump out of the buying process. Payments are processed within Dice via Stripe. A search and filter function is also coming in the next release — which will allow Dice to ramp up to a maximum of 200 shows at any one time, since users will be better able to navigate the selection on offer.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera Review: Iceland

AE/AF lock is really useful when shooting macro shots like this one but also for high-speed photography or any shot you are lining up and waiting for. For instance, if I'm on the sidelines at a bike race and want to get a shot of a biker whizzing by with perfect composition, I would AE/AF lock on that composition ahead of time and then wait for the rider to cruise through. This is quicker because the exposure and focus have already been chosen and your phone just needs to actuate the shutter. 

Amazon Announces New Fire Tablets, E-Ink Kindles And A Special Fire For Kids | TechCrunch

Amazon released six new devices today with an eye on shipping them before the holiday season. The collection, which ranges from a new e-ink tablet called the Voyage to an 8.9-inch tablet that is lighter than the iPad Air and features Fire OS 4.0, an OS based on KitKat, is designed for reading, work and play.

California Wildfire Shows Explosive Growth, Threatens More than 2,000 Homes

POLLOCK PINES, Calif. — An out-of-control wildfire that was threatening more than 2,000 homes in Northern California showed explosive growth, consuming tens of thousands of additional acres, fire officials said Thursday.

Alibaba IPO prices at $68 per share: Dow Jones

(Reuters) - Alibaba Group Holdings priced its initial public offering at $68 per share, the top of its projected range, Dow Jones Newswires reported on Thursday, citing an unnamed source familiar with the situation.

Apple Pulls Apps After Last-Minute Delays To HealthKit

Health, which lets users chart metrics like weight, sleep and calorie intake, appears to be in working order and can be downloaded as part of today’s iOS 8 update. But a crucial section of the app is “Sources,” where Health obtains data from third-party apps who have requested permission to sync with the HealthKit framework. It would appear that until Apple can fully launch HealthKit, that section of Health will remain empty and the app itself largely unusable (unless users manually add data points like weight or body temperature).

5 Apps to Trick Out Your Keyboard on iOS 8

While many more will likely debut in the coming weeks and months, the first wave of keyboard apps is already hitting Apple's App Store. We've rounded up five of our favorites, so you can decide how best to trick out your keyboard.

Why Peter Thiel Thinks Social Entrepreneurship Is Broken

All the IT has been extremely important for cultural causes. We have this instantaneous transmission of information; there's a degree of transparency that has changed things a lot. If you look at things like the Arab Spring, Twitter made transparent the corruption inside the governments. Once you know what's going on in the sausage making factory, it doesn't work anymore. There are places where just having knowledge changes things [and] a lot of social institutions that only work when people don't understand them. I suspect every form of injustice involves people not understanding something that's going on. When they come to understand, it forces a different response. It's one of the reasons that Facebook is so powerful, because it goes to peoples' real identities.

CloudFlare’s New Keyless SSL Could Unlock Cloud For Financial Institutions | TechCrunch

Financial institutions crave cloud scalability, but have been reluctant to jump on the cloud bandwagon because of security concerns. In particular, they have been hesitant to expose their precious SSL keys to the open internet. The key identifies them as a financial institution and lets the other party know they can accept or send funds. As you can imagine, they don’t ever want this information escaping their control.

Tim Cook Takes a Couple of Shots at Google on Privacy

"Our business is not based on having information about you. You're not our product," Cook said in response to a question from Charlie Rose about the vast amount of information collected by Google and other tech companies. "I think everyone has to ask how do companies make their money. Follow the money. And if they are making money mainly by collecting gobs of personal data, I think you have a right to be worried...

'Extant' Episodes 11 and 12 Recap: 'Architect of Eternal Life'

Now in custody, Yasumoto reveals his fascinating backstory: Many years ago, while working as a miner for Claypool Industries, he fell into a meteor crater and resigned himself to death. However, Yasumoto discovered a life-sustaining substance from the meteor while trapped underground; it healed him, and he miraculously walked out of the mine one month after falling in. Claypool gave Yasumoto a stake in the company to buy his silence, and the CEO spent the next 140 years researching the rock's origins. Yes, that's right — Yasumoto is more than a century-and-a-half old (that also means Extant is set around 2055, as he discovered the substance in 1915). Now without his serum, Yasumoto begins to age, developing white hair and liver spots.

1Password’s iOS 8 Update Goes Freemium, Brings Touch ID To Some Apps | TechCrunch

1Password , the  app that keeps your accounts secure by generating long, complex passwords and letting you access them by a single password of your choice, arrives on iOS 8 today and brings with it Touch ID, extensions in certain apps (including Safari) and a new, low starting price: free.

New Zealand's highest court: Anyone can be a journalist, and that includes bloggers

New Zealand’s highest court has ruled that a blogger was engaged in journalism, and therefore is entitled to certain protections afforded to journalists, even though he was not affiliated with a traditional media organization

23andMe Responds To Controversy Over Relative-Finding Tool

Last Friday, 23andMe was poised to change its “DNA relatives” tool (a popular family tree-building tool for its hardcore ancestry community) from an automatic opt-out feature to an automatic opt-in to view close relatives for existing customers. This meant that all users would instantly be offered information about whether they might be related to other 23andMe members--and family Christmases everywhere could suddenly become a lot more dramatic. Customers had been alerted to the pending transition with a notice that they’d have 30 days to make their own explicit choice before the opt-in default was activated. But plans were halted after a Vox story was published last Tuesday by a biologist who learned via 23andMe's relative-finding feature that he had a secret half-brother and told his parents about it. The revelation ended up catalyzing his parents' divorce and serious emotional upheaval in his family. After a long weekend of internal company discussions, Wojcicki announced on Sunday that 23andMe had put the brakes on their opt-in plans in honor of the company’s more immediate concern for the privacy of its customers.

Microsoft lays off 2,100 as part of earlier job cut plan

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp ( MSFT.O ) will close its Silicon Valley research-and-development operation as part of 2,100 layoffs announced on Thursday, as it moves toward its new CEO's goal of cutting 18,000 staff, or about 14 percent of its workforce.

Amazon's new $99 6" Fire HD tablet is like a reverse phablet

I’m not entirely sure if consumers will warm to the idea of a 6-inch tablet, but that $99 price tag will likely turn heads. Even though Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire HD costs $40 more, the cheaper model will allow Amazon to promote the fact that it has a sub-$100 tablet ready to go. Google’s Nexus 7, the Fire tablet’s closest competitor, starts at $229.

Campus Job Connects Companies With Students For Part-Time Work | TechCrunch

College students are constantly battling between two goals: getting good grades and proving they’re ready for the real world. Combining those two goals, however, can be really difficult for the student with a demanding schedule. That’s where Campus Job comes in.

Apple May Take 2 Weeks to Fix Bug in New HealthKit Software

Apple told Mashable in a statement Wednesday that the company detected a bug in the platform and it's not ready for launch. It could take two weeks to fix the problem with the new Health app.

Toshiba Accelerates PC Business Restructuring

TOKYO—Toshiba Corp. on Thursday said it would accelerate the restructuring of its PC business to focus on the business-to-business field and would withdraw from certain consumer markets.

Institutionals to get lion's share of Alibaba spoils

Ma, who founded the company in a one-bedroom apartment, will have a paper fortune worth some $14 billion, vaulting him into the ranks of tech billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. The deal is also expected to make millionaires out of a substantial chunk of the company's managers, software engineers and other staff.

Elon Musk Says Tesla’s Self-Driving Cars Will Be 10 Times Safer Than Human Drivers

“They will be a factor of 10 safer than a person [at the wheel] in a six-year time frame,” Musk said.

iOS 8 Keyboard Makes Hilarious ‘Mad Libs’ for You

The result is so goofy that it is brilliant. For the last week, we—your WSJ personal technology columnists—have been conducting serious tests of the new iPhones and iOS 8, while also holding nonsensical auto-generated conversations with each other.

Apple publishes official iOS 8 user guide on iBooks | Cult of Mac

We’ve already cover the major new features that iOS 8 is bringing to your iPhone today, as well as some hidden tricks too , but if you’re ready to pour over the bible on iOS 8 straight from the mothership you can download it now on iBooks.

YouTube is a big success on cable boxes in Hungary. So when will it launch elsewhere?

TV viewers love YouTube, especially if it’s on their cable box: That’s the gist of new numbers coming out Hungary, where the video service is now streaming more than a million viewing minutes per day to cable boxes, according to UPC Hungary.

iOS 8 Third-Party Keyboards Roundup

No longer are iOS users chained to the default keyboard. If a developer can build it (and get it through the App Store approval process), you can add it to your iPhone and iPad. Get ready for an onslaught of keyboard apps .

Alibaba's IPO is testing American appetite for China - Telegraph

However, as Mr Ma is only too well aware, the success of this flotation does not just depend on a first day pop. Today Alibaba begins the tough slog that faces all public companies, of proving its worth quarter after quarter, year in, year out. It will be an exacting journey. Economists remain cautious about China’s continued economic growth path. Moreover, a business of this size is almost bound to run into problems at some point.

Apple Adds Bundles And Previews To Give App Developers More Ways To Reach An Audience | TechCrunch

Bundles allow developers to package up a selection of their software in one convenient location for users to buy en masse. So far, we’ve seen prolific devs like Readdle take advantage of this new feature, as well as image specialists Pixite and Juicy Bits. It’s a great way to help bolster the sales of parts of a developer’s catalog that may not have had much traction by yoking them to their more popular titles, enticing buyers with an overall discount. Apple even shows you the total price of the apps if purchased individually, and also lets you “Complete” a bundle for which you already own at least one title included in the package, at a prorated rate.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange talks about Bitcoin, Google, ISIS and censorship

As part of a publicity campaign for his book, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did one of Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” group interviews, and talked about Bitcoin, Google and its chairman Eric Schmidt, and what the U.S. should do about the terrorist group ISIS

Nomura no longer directing Final Fantasy 15, new TGS trailer [update]

STEP INTO THE WAR-TORN WORLD OF ORIENCE NEXT MARCH WITH FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD FINAL FANTASY XV Demo Voucher to Be Included As a Special Bonus with the Game LOS ANGELES (Sept. 17, 2014) – At Tokyo Game Show, SQUARE ENIX® announced today FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD is scheduled for release on March 17, 2015 for North America, March 19, 2015 for Japan and March 20, 2015 for Europe. Originally announced at this year's E3, FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD brings the world of Orience to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game allows for a new type of FINAL FANTASY experience, featuring a gritty worldview and an action-packed battled system. In addition, the company has confirmed that a downloadable playable demo of the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY® XV will be included with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD as a special bonus. Titled 'FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE-,' the demo includes elements from the opening sections of the full game, but alters story progression and more to create a unique first-play experience.

What Will Happen to the Union Jack If Scotland Votes for Independence?

Today, Scotland is holding a vote on independence —whether or not it should be a country separate from the United Kingdom. If the "ayes" have it, the decision could herald the break-up of Britain, which turns a political issue into a design issue: What will happen to the Union Jack?

iOS 8 Adoption Off To A Slower Start Than iOS 7, Say Multiple Usage Trackers | TechCrunch

Doshi suggests a couple of reasons for iOS 8 falling off pace compared to iOS 7, telling me that first, iOS 8 is “too big to [download] over the air — people have too many pictures,” and that second, “lots of companies are telling their employees not to update for a couple of days because of security holes found in previous years.” Many users took to Twitter to voice their disappointment that iOS 8 required so much space free on their devices prior to an update, and while a tethered update via the computer and iTunes eliminates this problem, it’s still an additional step that makes things more difficult than they were last year.

WomanServants Will Let You Order Around Hot Girls For $125 Per Hour | TechCrunch

The founders are busy expanding their business beyond the borders of San Francisco. They’re also in the middle of raising a seed round of funding and building an iOS app akin to Tinder. Soon you’ll be able to go through and order a woman servant to your liking with just the touch of a button on your phone. There are currently 12 women on staff and the co-founders are looking for more to join. Mai Lin, Khajah and their office manager Frank Pariseau will be at The Annex Studios in SF this Saturday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m. to hold tryouts for any women interested in signing up. Women who look like Kate Upton or Alison Brie from “Community” and know Disney songs are in particularly high demand. “No boobs pics, please,” says Khajah. “We don’t want to have to walk you through the hall of shame,” he laughs. Apparently this has been a problem with some women trying out from a Craigslist ad in the past.

Home Depot Confirms 56 Million Cards Hit By Hack

Home Depot started investigating the breach on September 2, the same day banks became aware of unusual activity for Home Depot customers. It's offering what it calls "free identity protection services," including credit monitoring, to anyone who used a Home Depot card in stores during the time of the breach, so if you're one of the unlucky shoppers affected, they should be letting you know. (And if anyone has been contacted by Home Depot about this, let me hear it in the comments.)

iOS 8 brings big boost for Web programmers - CNET

WebGL and IndexedDB are important for the gradual transformation of the Web from a repository of static documents into a foundation for dynamic software like apps. Curiously, that was the only way third-party programmers could get apps onto the initial iPhone: before the App Store arrived, the Web was the only door open. But since those early days, Apple has had tremendous success attracting programmers to build native apps that run on iOS itself, not the browser.

A design arms race: Apple & Google stock up

And this shifting landscape is also why the two tech giants that arguably most dictate the future of digital technology — Apple and Google — have been stocking up heavily on designers, launching design-led products and aggressively charging head with new design-focused innovations. Of course Apple has long been a design leader, with the original design-thinker Steve Jobs at the helm for so long, but Google has spent the last several years investing in design and giving Apple a run for its money.

Terry Gilliam on His Epic New Dystopian Film The Zero Theorem | WIRED

Six years ago, when we first talked about doing this movie, the budget was $20 million, and we ended up making it for $8.5 million. There's probably $500,000 of savings in there in improved technologies—for example, Christoph and Mélanie Thierry recorded some new lines on their iPhones while he was in Berlin and she was in France, emailed them back to me, and they're in the film. We couldn't have done that a few years ago. But the rest is people working for scale, working their asses off, being very clever, and filming in Bucharest. And getting actor friends to come in and work—but I can't take advantage of all my friends next time.

Apple flashes privacy credentials and reveals iOS 8 encryption bonus

This is something that has concerned me for quite some time. Not one specific feature or the other, but the overall commitment to respecting privacy or on the flip side, the pervasiveness of the prying. Although I use a few Google services now, my inclination has been to shy away from them where acceptable alternatives are available. I was one of the first to order the very first Nexus phone when it first came out, but now shy away from Android phones even though their features may be tempting. It is not just Google, but the whole ecosystem around them – the presumptuousness of the apps with their take or leave it attitude towards the trove of private data they demand. I currently use Google Maps and Gmail on my iPhone as well as their search engine. I was planning to slowly wean myself away from them to an Infrastructure of Apple and others. This letter (which I learned of from your article) appears to have read my mind, although I saw Cook earlier on Charlie Rose show make the point informally. Thanks.

Apple is one step away from an iPhone 6 launch in China

Apple has a wide reach in China, a country where its brand is still very popular, in spite of increased competition from Chinese smartphone manufacturers. The company sells its devices on all three major networks, including China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom Hong Kong. The larger screens of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are expected to go over very well with Chinese customers. Analysts say that if Apple can’t get the iPhones into China before the end of 2014, the company’s profits will take a sizable hit.

Ericsson gives up on modem business, with 1,000 jobs set to go

Qualcomm dominates the thin modem market and now Ericsson, like Broadcom before it, is pulling out. Around a third of the employees in that unit will be reallocated to radio network R&D.

40 Announcing Keyless SSL™: All the Benefits of CloudFlare Without Having to Turn Over Your Private SSL Keys

Senior Director of Trust at EMC Corporation, Davi Ottenheimer believes Keyless SSL is a fundamental innovation in security. “Everyone should be increasingly aware and concerned about the risks of handing their private keys over to service providers. The trade-offs between control and services are being solved by innovation in key management. Keyless solutions, where customers retain control, clearly improve security while maintaining the best service offerings. As we move to a more interconnected world with more localized-access to global providers, our trust has to be based on security controls that remain relevant within the latest advances of content delivery networks. Keeping control of your own private key, yet enabling a service provider to serve your customers with the same level of trust, is a real breakthrough in content delivery security.”

A Random Walk Down Hardware Alley | TechCrunch

Last week at TC Disrupt I took to the aisles of Hardware Alley armed with a microphone and a full glass of cold brew, highly potent Jittery Joe’s coffee. The result is a series of pratfalls, horrible jokes, and lots and lots of interviews.

BlackBerry's latest Porsche Design smartphone is real, ridiculous

Well folks, the rumors and leaks were true (as usual): the heated BlackBerry/Porsche Design love affair has once again borne fruit, this in time in the form of the new Porsche Design P'9983. At its core, we're looking at a device running BlackBerry 10.3 along with a few Porsche-produced bits like a custom wallpaper and watchface, but you're not going to buy this thing just for BBMing your dearest pals (did we mention you get a specific BBM PIN perfect for remote flaunting?). No, if anything, you'd buy this thing for its peculiar (some would say silly and overwrought) sense of style.

Amazon's new high-end e-reader, the Kindle Voyage, starts at $199 but has fancy page turns

purchased a kindle keyboard 3G model in sept 2010 when the price was about $200. in november 2013 bought the lowest price kindle model ($65) for my girlfriend. each of the two models has been replaced since the original purchase. in july of 2014 the budget kindle froze on a FRIDAY afternoon; a replacement was delivered on SUNDAY morning. in july of 2012 the keyboard model froze. although the warranty had expired, amazon offered me a replacement for $80. really have no complaints; the devices are used regularly and when they ceased to function, amazon customer service acted quickly and efficiently. have 2 kindle fires- the 7″ 2nd generation ($159) and 8.9″ hd (refurbished $139) models. read on them in bed at night. bought a dimmer application to lower the backlight even more than the device brightness controls allow. also use the kindle reading app on my android phone. would not buy a dedicated e-reader in the future as the reading experience on kindle fire models has improved, the weight of the devices has diminished significantly and i can read and/or listen to books via the kindle app on the phone for short periods when out and about.

Larry Ellison stepping down as Oracle CEO

Safra Catz and Mark Hurd, Ellison's top lieutenants, will replace him as co-CEOs. Catz has been Oracle's president since 2004, and Hurd joined Oracle after his unceremonious ouster as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ, Tech30) in 2010.

Twitpic says it's getting acquired but it won't say by whom

The official Twitpic account just tweeted that the company isn’t shutting down after all. It’s being acquired, although the tweet didn’t specify what company is saving the day. “We will post more details as we can disclose them,” it said. The announcement comes a few weeks after Twitpic announced it was shutting down its service due to a trademark conflict with Twitter. Thursday, a web Archive Team went to the press upset  that Twitpic wasn’t letting it archive all the photos in light of its closure. The move may have pushed Twitpic to release the acquisition information before it was ready. We’ve reached out to Twitpic for more information and will update this if we hear back.

Breaking: SAP buying Concur Technologies for $8.3 billion - GeekWire

WALLDORF, Germany and BELLEVUE, Washington – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) and Concur Technologies, Inc. (NSDQ: CNQR) today announced that SAP’s subsidiary, SAP America, Inc., has entered into an agreement to acquire Concur. With more than 23,000 customers, 4,200 employees and 25 million active users in over 150 countries, Concur is the leader in the multi-billion market for travel and expense (T&E) management software. With Concur, SAP’s business network – the world’s largest – will transact more than US$600 billion annually, deliver frictionless commerce across more than 25 different industries and address annual corporate travel spend of US$1.2 trillion worldwide.

Dropbox and Google Create Simply Secure

While that’s a grand picture to be painting, it’s a difficult one to achieve. Even if Simply Secure manages to create the tools it describes, getting other tech companies to offer them to their own users, especially ones who are competitors with Google and Dropbox, will be no easy feat.

Artist Defines Untranslatable Words Through Charming Illustrations

The book features more than 50 obscure, untranslatable words from around the world, accompanied by Sanders' whimsical artwork. Among her favorite terms are "kilig" (a Tagalog expression for "the feeling of butterflies in your stomach") and tretår (a Swedish term for a third cup of coffee).

Explore Black Holes and Destroy Planets in the Awesome New Interstellar Game | WIRED

Once your perfect universe is finished, you can pilot your own starship through space. It feels a bit like a NASA simulator turned into a game and—because it uses real science—requires that you travel the way an exploratory crew would have to. Navigating around black holes to avoid being drawn into the void? Yes. Avoiding crashing into various bodies? That too. Using gravity to slingshot around and save fuel? You got it. You’ve even got the option of traveling through wormholes. It’s like Galaga , but with Newtonian physics. There are no pew! pew! pew! noises, but we won’t judge you for making them at your desk.

AOL Shares Just Went Vertical — Here's Why

Investors may seek to have upside exposure to shares of AOL for two reasons, 1) the company is heading into the seasonally stronger December quarter and 2) post the Alibaba IPO, there is a possibility that Yahoo may seek to deploy its cash by pursuing AOL as an acquisition target. While AOL may not seem like a flashy target, there is considerable overlap between the two businesses that may make a tie-up compelling. Using Bloomberg consensus 2015 revenue estimates of $4.4B for Yahoo and $2.8B for AOL, acquiring AOL could accelerate Yahoo’s revenue by over 60%. With a market capitalization of $3.3B, AOL may prove to be a tempting target.

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