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Watch the final trailer of Michael Fassbender still looking nothing like Steve Jobs

Aaron Sorkin's "Steve Jobs" flick premiered at Telluride Film Festival last week, but there's still several weeks to go before the wide release on October

Robot appears to drop F-bomb on BBC presenters - CNET

Technically Incorrect: A BBC breakfast show ends with a goodbye to Linda the robot, but her response sounds remarkably like "f*** you." See what you think.

The world's fastest human-powered vehicle just topped 85 mph

Let's just hope the breaks are working.

We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants

The increasingly conversational nature of your back-and-forth with your devices will make your relationship to technology even more intimate, more loyal, more personal.

Pressly: The DIY Almighty Smartphone Button

Most physical keys have been chased off phones, thanks to the rampant rise of touch-screen technology, but here’s a DIY project that wants to bring a ...

Green Thumb Grow Lights

To quickly and efficiently grow plants from seeds I built a simple and low cost LED grow light kit . I used a plastic storage bin to support the LED s...

'Invisibility cloak' could turn beer bellies into six-packs

Ultra-thin skin created by US scientists can be laid over 3D shapes to make them look flat using thousands of nanoscale dots to reflect light

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How to get started with Apple News, iOS 9's Newsstand replacement

You can edit or add more channels and topics later on, so don’t freak out if you forget to add a favorite at the start. After you select your favorites, you’ll find a sign-up option to “Get News in Your Inbox.” We signed up for this when iOS 9 launched on Wednesday, but we haven’t received a News digest yet, so it must not be a daily newsletter.

Pentagon designing cyber 'scorecard' to stay ahead of hackers

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. The U.S. Defense Department is building a massive, electronic system to provide an overview of the vulnerabilities of the military's computer networks, weapons systems, and installations, and help officials prioritize how to fix them, the deputy commander of U.S. Cyber Command said on Thursday.

The Coolest Cars at the Planet’s Biggest Motor Show

This year’s show, which opens to the public Saturday, hasn’t disappointed. Lamborghini and Ferrari debuted convertible versions of their latest supercars. Rolls-Royce and Bentley showed off entirely new models. Porsche and Audi gave us concepts that make electric driving more tantalizing than ever.

The Promise of an Ad-Free Internet

Ad blockers are controversial for good reason. To the person scrolling or clicking through a website, online advertising can feel like trip wire designed to trick you into clicking. Depending on the strength of one’s wi-fi connection and the reserve of one’s patience, navigating this ad-speckled landscape can be tolerable or aggravating. On mobile devices, where mere scrolling can trigger the unwanted click of an ad, the experience can be rage-inducing. So it’s understandable that ad-blocking apps seem to be gaining popularity now that iOS9, Apple’s latest operating system, enables such software.

IGN Live Presents Destiny: The Taken King - IGN

To commemorate the day, IGN Live will be streaming Destiny Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! So be sure to join us as we gear up to face the winged alien god Oryx, who’s hell-bent on revenge over his slaughtered son.

Icon A5 Preview - CNET

Vacaville, California-based ICON wants to turn aviation into the next motor sport -- think the logical progression from an all-terrain vehicle or powerboat to a plane. The startup's debut aircraft, the A5, is the first mass-produced light plane designed for recreational use. A "light sport aircraft," the A5 is accessible to regular people because it doesn't require a full pilot's license or extensive training.

Conflicted Developer Pulls 'Peace' Ad-Blocking App

Ad blockers, as it turns out, can be a bit of a poison pill. Unless they're fine-tuned to allow ads from sites that publish them respectfully and block advertising on those that do not, they can unfairly affect those who rely on advertising to keep a website afloat. In Arment's case, his app rocketed to the top of the App Store charts , and he undoubtedly got quite a bit of feedback about his work.

2016 Civic is the second Honda with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

In July Honda announced the 2016 Accord as its first car to support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay , while now it's revealed the next one up is its redesigned 2016 Civic . Our friends at Autoblog have some in person impressions of the new 10th generation model, but we're mostly focused on the compact car's new features. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display in the console (on EX models and above) that's Android-based just like the Pilot, but is of course ready to let your phone take over for apps, navigation and more. Besides a markedly better interior to match a wider and lower frame, features it can have include the ability to brake itself or steer itself back onto the road when it senses danger, and it's the first Honda to have Adaptive Cruise Control with low-speed follow. This year is also the first time we'll be able to get a Civic Type-R in the US, and choices for power include a 2.0-liter 4 cylinder engine, or a 1.5-liter turbocharged version. There's no word on pricing, but the new cars will be at dealerships this fall. Gallery | 6 Pho

5 reasons to buy Amazon's $50 tablet -- and one not to - CNET

Let me remind you, though, that the first two iPads had a resolution of just 1,024x768 pixels, as did the original iPad Mini. And those tablets had larger screens. I'm not saying the Fire's 7-inch display is fantastic, merely that it's probably good enough for its size. Reading small text won't be pleasant, but will your kids care? Nope. Will resolution matter when you're queuing up a playlist or playing a few rounds of Terraria? Definitely not. Tweak your expectations and you won't be disappointed.

GitLab Raises $4M Series A Round From Khosla Ventures For Its Open Source Collaboration Platform

GitLab’s focus on its open source solution sets it apart from some of these competitors, which Khosla Ventures Vinod Khosla also stressed in today’s announcement. “Investing in GitLab was an obvious choice,” he said. “Open source solutions are the future, and GitLab is leading the way as the most popular open source code collaboration platform on the market.”

Sony says China's censorship laws are stifling PS4 sales - CNET

The Japanese electronics giant launched the PS4 in China in March, but the strict censorship laws in the People's Republic are proving to be difficult to navigate, a company exec admits.

Member benefit: Get 20% off your ticket to ProtoHack, the code-free hackathon

We're offering an exclusive 20% discount off your admission ticket to the ProtoHack hackathons in the cities listed below. Pick the hackathon you'd like to attend, and you'll be directed to an Eventbrite page where the discount code will be automatically populated. This discount expires October 1, 2015, so get your ticket today!

Facebook opens first Thailand office as it pushes deeper into Asia

Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg announced Thursday that the company has opened its first office in Thailand, as it looks to lay deeper roots in Asia.

Konami calls it quits on AAA console games, reports say

Konami is shutting down much of its AAA console-game development for the foreseeable future, according to a report on French site Gameblog (as translated by Eurogamer ). The only two franchises on Konami's AAA plate are Metal Gear Online and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 . Otherwise, there are no plans to develop additional Metal Gear , Silent Hill , Castlevania or other AAA games at Konami, the site says. An additional report on Gameblog claims that Konami Worldwide Technical Director and head of the studio's Fox Engine, Julien Merceron , has left the company. We've reached out to Konami for clarification. These reports play into recent rumblings of unrest at Konami and a shift toward mobile-game development, following a series of odd events at the studio.

The Photog Who Captured Frank Lloyd Wright’s Epic Buildings

Guerrero saw Wright’s architecture as sculpture on a grand scale and photographed it as such. “He was able to photograph it in such a way you could see the reality of the material,” says Bernard Michael Boyle, an architectural historian at Arizona State University. This idea is perhaps most obvious in Guerrero’s photos of Taliesin West, Wright’s home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Guerrero (an Arizona native) made the images with a 4×5 large format camera at high noon. The desert sun was glaring down on the house, casting straight shadows that gave the photograph the feel of a page in a pop-up book. “All the lines were completely straight down,” Guerrero says in the segment featured above, “and if I had waited 5 minutes, the lines would have been different, and it wouldn’t have been as good a composition.”

Identity theft in the enterprise

Identity theft, historically considered a consumer threat, is expanding its horizons. Looking for bigger game, attackers are targeting the enterprise with similar tactics used to hijack online and financial accounts belonging to individuals.

Your Friends Are Liars: This Series Reveals The Reality Behind Instagram Posts

The main elements these photos tend to highlight are the effort that goes into taking a picture, and the illusion of being the only person that exists in the entire world. Since every entry on Instagram carries a whiff of carefully designed spontaneity, this series stresses how forced that forced perspective is. For every image of your friend at the beach, or on a tennis court, or out for a run, there are a bunch of people just outside the frame noticing the camera and reacting to it. In other images, such as the above yoga pose, some assistance from beyond the frame turns the photo into a cheat. All pictures shared through social media don't just crop out bland visual information—they crop out reality.

Microsoft working on fix for phones borked by Windows 10 update

According to Microsoft's Gabriel Aul, installing the update on non-supported devices will essentially break the phone -- and the only way to fix it is to reflash back to the factory image, which most users probably don't have. There's no fix available for users who have already installed the mislabeled build, but Microsoft says it's on the case. ""We're working on repair options for the devices that were not supported but got the latest build," Aul said on Twitter . "This is a high priority for us to solve and have a team dedicated to it. We will let you know as soon as we have info on recovery." Best course of action right now? Turn off Windows Insider updates, follow @GabeAul on Twitter , and wait.

Newsprint’s rise and fall, as read on a tablet

Since the early 2013 launch of the paper’s two-year-old tablet edition, La Presse+, the 131-year-old broadsheet has transformed its newsroom as bosses inculcate a tablet-first culture and hire dozens of techies. While almost every newspaper in North America has seen a decline in print readership, weekday circulation at La Presse has been cut in half to 81,000 in barely two years.

5 Great Free Apps for Automating Mundane Tasks

There are plenty of photo services on the market, but Shoebox ( Android , iOS , Mac , Windows ) is worth a look, thanks to its simple synchronization features and generous storage limits. Install the app on your phone, and it’ll automatically back up all of your photos in high resolution (10-plus megapixels). Install the app on your computer, and you’ll be able to access your photos without any cumbersome transfers. The free version gets you unlimited photos and 15 minutes' worth of videos, while the paid edition lets you upload photos at their original resolutions and houses up to 10 hours of videos.

Google starts testing its custom-built self-driving cars in Austin, Texas

Google today announced it has started testing its custom-built self-driving cars in Austin, Texas. The company said it is driving “a few” of the prototype vehicles around town, which are referred to as “the koala cars, panda balls and many other names.”

Facebook patent reveals what its 'empathy' button might look like

Facebook has its own set of emoji art, but based on the patent illustration, it may limit users to a handful of emoticons to avoid cluttering the post. The mockups below show that user icons may also appear next to the emoji reactions to display exactly who ‘liked’ or ’empathized’ with a post.

Shelfie Is Shazam For Your Bookshelf

If you’re like me, you have a lot of Mad Magazine books from the 1970s, a classic copy of Oui from 1979, and three Hungarian cookbooks. In other words, you’re a well-read individual. But how do you get those books onto your reading device? Shelfie , that’s how.

What The 2016 Presidential Candidates Talk About When They Talk About Inequality

Does all of this talk about inequality render the term meaningless? Especially at a time when wealthy donors have unprecedented sway on elections, the idea that government must work to reduce inequality risks becoming just another general economic platitude that no one is against. Kind of like being in favor of "jobs" and "growth." When this happens, candidates of both parties link generic terms to whatever economic and social policies that they would have proposed anyway, based on where their parties traditionally stand, says Rigby.

Gizmodo on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Google's next phones will reportedly be the Nexus 5X and 6P

We've seen a few snapshots of the upcoming Nexus phones and now we may have an idea what they'll be called. Droid Life reports that the pair of Google phones, one made by LG and the other by Huawei , will carry the labels of Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P (yes, six pee), respectively. The LG device is said to house a 5.2-inch display while the Huawei handset is rumored to carry a 5.7-inch inch screen, hence the 5 and 6 designations. We won't have to wait too long to find out, though, as reports indicate that Google is hosting event on September 29th where the duo is expected to be revealed alongside a new Chromecast . And, of course, a look at the latest version of Android Marshmallow . Hopefully we'll also find out what Huawei has tucked under that camera hump, too.

Virtual reality startup Jaunt reportedly raised $50M-plus funding round

Variety reported that the exact number wasn’t available, but it cited multiple unnamed sources. The funding follows a $27.8 million round that Jaunt raised last year to create non-gaming virtual reality content, such as 360-degree videos that immerse you in events such as a Paul McCartney concert.

A peek inside the new iPad Mini 4 reveals how it got so thin

The super-sized iPad Pro may have been the star of last week's festivities , but what about the iPad Mini 4 ? It brings the first major update to the line in a couple of years, and of course, the folks at iFixit wasted no time cracking one open. The spec sheet showed it's both thinner and lighter than the version it's replacing, and now we know what had to change to make that happen. First, the battery is a little smaller, at 5124mAh compared to the iPad Mini 3's 6471mAh . It's still rated for the same 10 hour runtime by Apple, but worth considering if you're looking to upgrade. It also has a fused, fully laminated display that helps a lot with weight, but could it make it more expensive to replace if it breaks. Whether you're considering its DIY potential or just curious about exposed wiring, check out the full teardown to see what's hiding within.

The British are coming: BBC to launch video streaming service stateside

Plenty of British shows have made their way across the pond to massive success — think:  Downton Abbey, Sherlock and the BBC’s own  Doctor Who —  so it seems reasonable to try to tap into the American market. However, those shows are already locked down in a deal with BBC America, and may not offered as part of the new service. As Lord Hall pointed out, U.S. subscribers would instead be given access to a vast array of shows that otherwise would be unavailable to them, though it’s still not clear what titles the service will offer.

Refugees are pouring into Croatia, but they don't want to stay

ZAGREB, Croatia — Thousands of refugees who arrived at Croatia's border cities have been transferred to the capital. They hope their next stop is either Hungary or Slovenia, where they then want to embark on a journey to their final destination in Germany.

Apple drops iCloud prices, matches rival storage services from Google and Microsoft

For the second year in a row, Apple reduced prices for its expanded iCloud storage plans, putting costs in line with rivals like Google, Microsoft and Dropbox.

Obama is now letting U.S. telecom carriers go to Cuba

You see, the Obama administration isn't just opening up diplomatic relations. By loosening its telecom restrictions, Washington is also making it possible, for the first time, for U.S. telecom and Internet providers to enter Cuba in a meaningful way. U.S. telecom companies will be allowed to set up shop in Cuba, partner with Cuban entities, and enter into licensing agreements with them to provide the country with connectivity.

iPad mini 4 teardown reveals 2GB RAM, smaller battery, and a slimmer FaceTime camera

Additionally, the teardown also reveals that the front glass and the display unit of the iPad mini 4 have been fused together and slimmed down, and most of its internals have been moved around to help achieve its thinness of 6.1 mm. The z-height of the FaceTime camera has been reduced and the Wi-Fi antenna has been moved around the top and bottom edges of the device, as well. Apple had most most of these changes on the iPad Air 2 as well, so this should not really come as a surprise now, especially since the iPad mini 4 is essentially a miniature version of it.

BlackBerry Venice hands-on video: Android slider has touch keyboard, universal search, and Google services

But all the leaks have shown Android. They also depict Google apps, suggesting Venice is getting a largely unmodified version of Android, unlike Amazon’s Fire OS, which is based on a fork of Google’s mobile operating system. We’ve also seen BBM (of course), an Android version of BlackBerry Hub, supposed Chromecast support, and Content Transfer for BlackBerry that will let you move phone data using Google Drive.

The Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3: A perfect balance of price and performance

I know, that sounds like pure, unadulterated crazy talk. How could a phone manufacturer use the initial setup of a device to make it stand out in a crowd of the same old, same old? What if I told you that Alcatel actually required you, during initial setup, to create a lock screen password/PIN/pattern? What if I told you that, during initial setup, the Alcatel device asked if you wanted it to enable an additional security measure (you should definitely enable this) to prevent others from gaining access to your data? That is exactly what Alcatel has done with the Idol 3... automatically add your device to your Google account device manager, so you can locate the device should it be lost or stolen. Let me say this again, enable this feature! This translates to more users enjoying a more secure experience, which is something every smartphone manufacturer should be doing at this point. That added layer of security (and the insistence upon a secured lock screen) could mean the difference between you keeping or losing your data.

Nextbit Robin makes all other smartphones look dumb

To my knowledge, this is the first smartphone to get the cloud right. This isn't just you saving and syncing files to remote storage, this is your device working smart with the cloud to serve you. Every device manufacturer should be paying very close attention to what Nexbit is doing here, because when it arrives on the scene, heads will turn and wallets will open. This is the device the masses have been waiting for. No more having to second guess how much internal storage you're going to need and then paying extortionistic-level prices to get that extra space. With Robin, you pay for 32 GB of space and you really wind up with 132 GB.

Monitor charging and range from your smartwatch with the MyFord Mobile app

Other features include the capability to remotely preset the climate control to a certain temperature and lock and unlock the doors, as well a vehicle locator that provides walking or driving directions to get owners back to a parked car they may have misplaced. The update that adds the electric car features also includes Google Maps with pinch/zoom capability, and the ability to check the location and availability of charging stations.

How is battery life after updating to iOS 9?

Apple released iOS 9 , its next-generation mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch yesterday. iOS 9 includes lots of new and hidden features such as Proactive Assistant ,  revamped Notes app , all-new News app , Transit directions in Maps , and also under-the-hood optimizations, as well as battery life improvements with the new Low Power mode .

Android Pay reaches Google Play, ready for all in the US

Sure, Android Pay started its slow rollout last week , but with Google's staged distribution you probably didn't have it yet. Now, the Android team has announced it's officially available on Google Play , so if you live in the US, you should have it on your NFC-equipped phone with Android 4.4 or higher, replacing the old Google Wallet app. Just add a card and you'll be ready to tap-to-pay (even if you were already set up with Wallet). Of course, even with the slow rollout, some people have had issues with compatibility, using the app on rooted phones or receiving errant messages about unsupported cards. Some of those may be fixed if you have the latest version of Google Play Services, so check that first, while others like fingerprint verification need Android Marshmallow .

Whoops, The Posters For This Movie And This Show Have Identical Taglines

I guess when you have the best tagline in the pitch meeting, all you can do is "never let go."

The inheritor of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series talks about the controversial new book

No, I think we all agreed, the family and the publishing house, on two things. It was quite easy. The readers should feel at home with the Millennium universe, they should think, "Yes, this is good old Lisbeth." But at the same time, I shouldn't pretend to be Stieg Larsson, because I'm not. I should have my own interpretation. I had to put something of myself into it, or it wouldn't be a good book. In the beginning, I had Stieg Larsson's demon over me all the time, I thought, "How would he have solved this problem, how would he have written it?" And I went back to his books over and over. But I think the minute I started to write [well] — if I did — it was when I forgot about him, when I felt his characters in my blood system and started to go wild and crazy. Because if you're going to write a thriller like this, you can't be scared. I had a moment of crisis in the process, and a sort of bipolar process, of thinking, "This is going great!" and then sinking into a depression. There were so many people in Sweden grilling me about this, I was like a bloody politician, seeing my face all over the headlines every day.

Why Slack could be the future of conferences

We go to conferences to meet people, whether for business or personal reasons, and yet often I meet far fewer than I hope to. Inside a crowded convention space, things can turn cliquish in a hurry. Come lunch time, I’m right back to being the new kid at school, sheepishly hunting for a table that will accept me. Want to know anything about the strangers around you? Just read the fine print on their name badge, and do it before they notice and think you’re staring at their chest.

Cheetah Mobile: ‘Ghost Push’ Android virus infects 600k+ users a day with unwanted apps

Called “Ghost Push,” it’s believed to be delivered via malware and is spread through commercial SDK or browser ads. Cheetah Mobile said that it has “affected 14,847 phone types and 3,658 brands.” Once on a device, the virus will install unwanted and annoying apps on your phone and is said to be pretty difficult to remove, even if you’re using an antivirus software or doing a factory reset. Ghost Push will gain root access and cause issues with your device, such as slowing it down, draining its battery, and even consuming lots of cellular data.

Peace is a $2.99 ad-blocking app for iOS 9 from the maker of Instapaper

Peace uses a blocklist compiled by Ghostery, covering 2,000 ad and tracker URLs. According to Arment, that makes it faster and less battery-intensive than other ad blockers, which rely on publicly compiled "hosts" databases. Other apps also tend to focus on the most visible ads, ignoring tracking scripts, and their databases are often managed by a small group of volunteers, limiting the scope of the content they block. Arment notes that the "privacy-focused" app will not collect any personal data, either, as iOS content blockers can only provide a list of blocking conditions for users.

The first 3D-printed 'supermodel' is wearing your next outfit

"Designing makeup looks for a doll was one of the most fun yet challenging projects I've worked on," Siciliano explains to Mashable . "There is little room for error. On a doll, once the product is placed, it doesn't move and you can't erase and start over. My inspiration for the looks came from observing the wardrobe and hair designs. I treated the whole process like any other photo shoot."

Pro tip: Manage Wi-Fi with Terminal commands on OS X

For those leveraging mobile device management (MDM) platforms to push settings, this is a non-issue, but if the cost of these suites remains prohibitive or connectivity is spotty, the following Terminal commands can be used to manage Wi-Fi settings in OS X. They can even be incorporated into a script and deployed to remote end users.

Xbox 360 cloud saves prep you for Xbox One backwards compatibility

Microsoft has done right by Xbox 360 users lately, making their games backwards-compatible on Xbox One consoles and introducing Windows 10 game streaming . A new update gives users of the last-gen console cloud storage, albeit a tiny amount -- 2GB. Still, the idea is to give you enough to port your Xbox 360 game saves over to an Xbox One for any compatible titles you decide to port over. The new feature is a good sign that backwards compatibility is coming out of preview soon, so you may want to get the update and upload your game saves forthwith.

'Star Wars: Battlefront' beta will be open to everyone, work offline

It seems like every time we see Star Wars Battlefront, it gets a little more exciting. Small, but epic missions. Huge multiplayer battles. Aerial combat with up to 20 players. Can this game possibly live up to its own hype? You're going to find out. Yes, you personally -- EA has announced that the Star Wars Battlefront beta is going to be open to everyone. It's more than just a simple multiplayer beta, though:this preview has a little bit of everything. Competitive players will be able to try out the Walker Assault and Drop Zone game modes (staged on the Hoth and Sullust maps, respectively). Players looking for a more solitary experience will have access to a Survival Mission mode, compatible with offline solo play and local and online co-op. Not bad! Unfortunately, EA still isn't sure when you'll be able to download the beta -- just that it'll be available to all Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 owners later this year. VIA: Eurogamer, EA Tags: battlefront ea gaming starwars starwarsbattlefront videogames

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