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Ellen DeGeneres Is One Step Closer To “World Domination” With Her New YouTube Series

“Ellen’s Show Me More Show” is a digital extension to her popular daytime talk show–but is it content overload? Ellen explains why that’s not the case.

Dude crashes his parachute in a packed stadium of football fans

'Oh, no!'

Dave Bautista Stars In A New Short Film Prologue For “Blade Runner 2049”

“2048: Nowhere To Run” continues the unique campaign for the upcoming sci-fi sequel starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, And Ellen DeGeneres Drop In On Netflix Drama

New ads see award-winning shows like “House of Cards,” “Orange Is The New Black,” “The Crown” and “Stranger Things” get some stand-up comic relief.

'Cuphead' behind-the-scenes clip speaks to my inner jazz geek

Watch the music of 'Cuphead' come together, live in the studio.

It looks like Jewish identity is a big piece of the 'Call of Duty: WWII' story

This story could be bolder and more thoughtful than we previously thought.

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Equifax Suffered a Hack Almost Five Months Earlier Than the Date It Disclosed

In early March, they said, Equifax began notifying a small number of outsiders and banking customers that it had suffered a breach and was bringing in a security firm to help investigate. The company’s outside counsel, Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding, first engaged Mandiant at about that time. While it’s not clear how long the Mandiant and Equifax security teams conducted that probe, one person said there are indications it began to wrap up in May. Equifax has yet to disclose that March breach to the public.

Drones deliver blood to health clinics across Rwanda

Weighing about 30 pounds each and carrying roughly 3 pounds of blood, the drones head to nine hospitals throughout the western side of the country after first receiving orders via WhatsApp texts.

Equifax Suffered a Hack Almost Five Months Earlier Than the Date It Disclosed

In early March, they said, Equifax began notifying a small number of outsiders and banking customers that it had suffered a breach and was bringing in a security firm to help investigate. The company’s outside counsel, Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding, first engaged Mandiant at about that time. While it’s not clear how long the Mandiant and Equifax security teams conducted that probe, one person said there are indications it began to wrap up in May. Equifax has yet to disclose that March breach to the public.

Fixing the ‘Brain Damage’ Caused by the I.P.O. Process

Perhaps the most ambitious and provocative effort is a company that until now was in “stealth mode”: LTSE (Long-Term Stock Exchange), led by the entrepreneur Eric Ries. Backed by a who’s who of venture-capital investors — Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman and Steve Case among them — the new exchange aims to reimagine what it means to even be a public company. Among its changes to the ecosystem: the voting rights of investors (the longer you own, the more voting power you have), new disclosure policies (including a moratorium on “guidance”) and a complete rewrite of compensation schemes so that executives truly focus on the long term (it recommends vesting stock over as long as a decade).

Here's Our New Look at Lara Croft and Her Freakishly Long Neck

It’s just so long, like Guinness Book of World Records long, with this giant curve that magically manages to make it even longer. Vikander doesn’t look like this —barely any humans do. And considering they’re trying to promote this film as having a more realistic Lara Croft, subbing boobs that changed size from scene to scene for a photoshopped giraffe neck doesn’t seem like the best foot forward. Just look at her. She’s a hybrid between a human and a desk lamp.

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Microsoft to hold a Mixed Reality event on October 3

iPhone 8 and iPhone X don't support the new T-Mobile LTE network that cost $8 billion

That's significant news for T-Mobile customers planning to buy one of Apple's latest iPhones. While T-Mobile's existing LTE network will continue to be accessible on the new iPhones, the devices won't have access to the extended coverage that T-Mobile is betting will help it compete with AT&T and Verizon in less urban areas.

8 How to protect your device from Avast CCleaner malware

If you've updated your software since September 12, you should be okay. This is when the new, uncorrupted version was released. Also, if you have the Cloud version, it should have automatically updated itself by now to the clean version.

Everything you need to know about iOS 11 in one place

iOS 11 will be available September 19, likely around 10 a.m. PT, if Apple follows its usual release schedule. Until then, bookmark this page, add it to your home screen or write it on a sticky note and keep checking back.

10 How to Prepare Your iPhone and iPad for iOS 11 Release

iOS 11 update generally require at least 2GB of free space, so if you’re running low on free space on your iPhone or iPad, it might be a good idea to free up some space by deleting unwanted stuff from your device. You should have at least 2.5GB or more free space to be on the safe side.

Samsung adds option to disable Bixby button on Galaxy smartphones | ZDNet

The update stops short of giving users complete control of the button, but it's a start.

Intel is collaborating with Waymo on self-driving car technology

Intel, which announced the $15 billion acquisition of autonomous vision company Mobileye in March, is pushing to expand its real estate in autonomous vehicles, a fast-growing industry. A collaboration with Waymo, considered by many industry experts to be at the forefront of autonomous technology, adds to its portfolio.

Why the Navy Plans to Use 12-Year-Old Xbox 360 Controllers on Its Most Advanced Subs

On Friday The Virginia-Pilot reported that the US Navy is beginning to use Xbox 360 controllers to guide periscopes on their newest nuclear-powered warfare submarines. Virginia-class submarines use mast-mounted digital cameras that naval officers can view on multiple screens, instead of the classic single-viewer rotating periscope built into previous crafts. Until recently, these contemporary photonics masts were controlled by joysticks that cost about $38,000 and required hours of training. But the Navy has realized that the Xbox 360 controller is cheaper ($39.95) and easier to learn. Senior Chief Mark Eichenlaub, assistant navigator of the USS John Warner, a submarine that has started using Xbox controllers, told The Virginia-Pilot, “I can go to any video game store and procure an Xbox controller anywhere in the world, so it makes a very easy replacement.”

Video: What is the fastest growing programming language?

According to a new report JavaScript is no longer the king of code. TechRepublic's Nick Heath explains what programming languages are hot, and which languages are fading.

iOS 11 release date is tomorrow. Here's how to get your iPhone or iPad ready | ZDNet

Before you go hog-wild, throw caution to the wind and start upgrading, be aware that there are risks. Things can go wrong, stuff may be broken, and you may lose data. Plenty of iOS launches have been marred by bugs and problems, so with that in mind, it's a good idea to have an up-to-date backup, because making a fuss isn't going to bring back your lost photos or documents.

Keybase launches fully encrypted Slack-like communications tool — and it’s free

It may seem like competing with Slack, the enormously popular enterprise communications tool would be a fool’s errand for Keybase. But by making it fully encrypted, open source and free, even for teams as large as 500 people, it could be attractive to cost- and security-conscious teams who are at all worried about anyone snooping on their communications.

Boston Red Sox used Fitbit to steal signs, not Apple Watch, reporter claims

Recent accusations that the Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal signs from the New York Yankees were misguided, since the team may have actually used a Fitbit instead, according to one reporter.

Hackers hid malware in CCleaner PC tool for nearly a month | ZDNet

Piriform said that 2.27 million users had the affected software installed on 32-bit Windows machines. "We believe that these users are safe now as our investigation indicates we were able to disarm the threat before it was able to do any harm," the company told ZDNet.

19 Toys ‘R’ Us might declare bankruptcy soon (update: now it has)

Bain Capital, KKR & Co. and Vornado Realty Trust engaged in a $7.5 billion leveraged buyout of Toys 'R' Us back in 2005 to take it private. The toy giant has struggled to emerge from under so much debt, which has blunted its expansions in physical and online storefronts. The company spent $100 million over the last few years to launch a new website this summer, but it still lags behind Target, Walmart, and most significantly, Amazon.

Android malware bypassed Google Play store security, could have infected 4.2 million devices

So, what does this malware do? The report said that it "sends fraudulent premium SMS messages and charges users' accounts for fake services without their knowledge." It also uses an obfuscation technique that allows it to encrypt the malicious code and sneak past certain malware protections.

Microsoft shows VMware and Oracle how to get real about open source

Open source tends to be the tool of the underdog and, yes, both Oracle and VMware are increasingly the underdogs in a world gone gaga for open source infrastructure. If they are smart, as was Microsoft before them, open source can revive their relevance. That "smart" ultimately comes down to code, both in terms of effectively embracing others' open source projects and in contributing heavily to these and their own.

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My mobile-only bank left me broke; but I'm still convinced it's the future

As wearables have evolved to standalone IoT devices, security demands have changed too | ZDNet

Samsung's Eric McCarty on how the evolution of wearables has changed the security imperative.

Announcing Startup Battlefield at Disrupt San Francisco

Each year, TechCrunch selects early-stage startups from a pool of thousands across the globe, and selects the top innovators to compete in Startup Battlefield.

Why 5G will revolutionize college campus technology

In the coming few years, 5G and other technologies will allow the university to take advantage of emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and wearables, Friskney said. This will be especially important for the hospital located on campus, as developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) will allow doctors and students to better monitor and care for patients.

This creepy clown mocks Apple's Face ID

While Apple's Face ID for the iPhone X is the first face-scanning system on a phone that's deemed secure enough to use for mobile payments (Samsung doesn't use its own facial recognition scanner for Samsung Pay), Face ID has also been a hot-button for security and  the butt of jokes  (also  here ).

Top 10 New iPhone X Features

Thanks to the new glass back, the iPhone X supports wireless charging. And surprisingly, Apple is using the industry standard this time. Any Qi wireless charging stand should work with the iPhone. But as this is Apple we’re talking about, they’re working on a better version of the wireless charging base that will charge the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. The AirPower charging pad won’t be available until the next year though.

Avast reckons CCleaner malware infected 2.27M users

Users of a free software tool designed to optimize system performance on Windows PCs and Android mobile devices got a nasty shock this morning when Piriform, the company which makes the CCleaner tool, revealed in a blog post that certain versions of the software had been compromised by hackers — and that malicious, data-harvesting software had piggybacked on its installer program.

Equifax Suffered a Hack Almost Five Months Earlier Than the Date It Disclosed

In early March, they said, Equifax began notifying a small number of outsiders and banking customers that it had suffered a breach and was bringing in a security firm to help investigate. The company’s outside counsel, Atlanta-based law firm King & Spalding, first engaged Mandiant at about that time. While it’s not clear how long the Mandiant and Equifax security teams conducted that probe, one person said there are indications it began to wrap up in May. Equifax has yet to disclose that March breach to the public.

Porsche’s all-electric Tesla rival could cost less than $100,000

That apparently means in performance terms, too. Unlike Porsche’s current range of hybrids the Mission E won’t be offered with any internal combustion engine assistance. And yet the concept promised a 0–60 time of less than 3.5 seconds and a top speed of around 155 mph through a dual-motor setup that also allows for all-wheel drive. While a Tesla Model S P100D may beat it off the the line in its most ludicrous of modes, the Porsche would ultimately keep up on an unrestricted stretch of Autobahn. Yet like Tesla, Blume says Porsche will offer the Mission E with different power levels, so your “basic” $90,000 version may not be quite as powerful.

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. @facebook 's head of design, Luke Woods, offers up design advice to entrepreneurs #TCDisrupt

Prosecutors Open Criminal Investigation Into Equifax Breach

While the investigation is focused on the data breach, actions taken by Equifax executives also could come under scrutiny. In the days after the breach was discovered — but before it was publicly disclosed — three Equifax executives, including its chief financial officer, John W. Gamble Jr., sold $1.8 million in company shares. Since the breach became public, Equifax’s shares have tumbled about 35 percent.

AWS announces per-second billing for EC2 instances | ZDNet

The new, more granular billing for compute resources will be introduced next month for Linux instances in all AWS regions.

Best Buy’s Secrets for Thriving in the Amazon Age

Best Buy also struck deals with large electronics companies like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft to feature their products in branded areas within the store. Now, rather than jamming these companies’ products next to one another on shelves, Best Buy allows them to set up their own dedicated kiosks. (Apple’s area inside a Best Buy, for example, has the same sleek wooden tables and minimalist design as an Apple Store.) It’s a concept borrowed from department stores, and it’s created a lucrative new revenue stream. Even Amazon has set up kiosks in Best Buy stores to show off its voice-activated Alexa gadgets.

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Steve Jurvetson of DFJ on how far we are from flying cars #TCDisrupt

An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership

In 2013, EFF was disappointed to learn that the W3C had taken on the project of standardizing “Encrypted Media Extensions,” an API whose sole function was to provide a first-class role for DRM within the Web browser ecosystem. By doing so, the organization offered the use of its patent pool, its staff support, and its moral authority to the idea that browsers can and should be designed to cede control over key aspects from users to remote parties.

Coworking spaces and IoT -- what could possibly go wrong?

It also lets coworking spaces integrate all of their systems to provide greater automation and efficiency. This has a knock on effect for coworking members, as Hersowitz explains: “The platform also allows for automation, which can increase the revenue for coworking spaces by allowing them to offer services like 24/7 meeting room access (as opposed to only when staff are present), create a better customer experience (through the portal or phone app that allows instant sign-ups and access to information) and increase efficiency of the staff.”

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Bored programmer built an app that puts the iPhone X notch on any Android phone

Lyft envisions future streets that actually reduce lanes to cut back traffic

Lyft’s focus on future autonomy isn’t just about partnering with self-driving car companies like, or with providing an open network upon which an autonomous ride hailing service can be built – it’s also working with design firms and other stakeholders to try to foresee future streets intentionally built to facilitate autonomous transportation.

Chattanooga's biggest smart city concern is security | ZDNet

After deploying 10-gigabit internet service across Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mayor Andy Berke says security is paramount.

Virgin Velvet Spiders Allow Themselves to Be Eaten By Their Foster Kids

Spiders are typically thought of as solitary creatures that don’t partake in social pleasantries unless it has something to do with mating. But as new research shows, the African velvet spider is an exception to this rule. Mother spiders are assisted by closely-related virgin females who, in addition to engaging in child-rearing tasks, offer themselves up as a sacrificial meal for the spiderlings.

How Hulu helped the TV networks (kind of) reclaim the top Emmys honor

The Handmaid’s Tale made history last night when it took home the Outstanding Drama Series prize at the Emmy Awards, becoming the first show produced by a streaming site to take home what is arguably the TV industry’s top honor. Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel had a big night at the Emmys: Elisabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, and Alexis Bledel all won for their work acting in the series, while Bruce Miller and Reed Morano won for writing and directing, respectively.

Firefighters spent 3 hours rescuing man that got his penis stuck in a barbell

The firefighters spent THREE HOURS trying to remove the dick from the disc, using a cutting grinder, a vibrating saw, and what they called "a hydraulic rescue device." We're not exactly sure what that is, but there is no way that was comfortable for this poor man.

Elf on the Shelf has become a rhyming, ridiculous meme

Elf on the Shelf started as a Christmas tradition where people placed an elf on a shelf and promote paranoia in their kids by saying the doll could see everything they did. I’m assuming everyone was aware of how bland of an idea this was, and it probably created an enormous amount of anxiety in children.

Snapchat's newest feature is the best thing it has ever done and here's proof

Snapchat's newest feature is the best thing it has ever done and here's proof

How to Track Calories and Macros in Homemade Meals

If you’ve ever experimented with food tracking, you probably know that it’s really easy to track the calories and nutritional macros in a can of chicken noodle soup or a box of chocolate chip cookies—the information is right there on the package, and it’s often pre-loaded into apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal—but it’s a lot harder to track calories and macros in the soup and cookies you make at home.

You've never seen anything quite as extra as these high school students and their ID photos

You've never seen anything quite as extra as these high school students and their ID photos

5 photos shot on the iPhone 8 Plus

Apple lent Mann, 32, an iPhone 8 Plus to use and send back early photos taken with the new phone. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus go on sale in stores on Friday.

A Google security chief considers the NSA a state-sponsored threat

Moderator and TechCrunch Senior Editor Frederic Lardinois asked Adkins if she thinks of the NSA as a state-sponsored threat in the same way as China and Russia. She confirmed, yes, she considers the US’ National Security Agency in that way. Does she worry about the NSA? Yes, she does and it’s good to worry about them because if they can attack, other organizations can attack too.

Shake Shack’s Test Kitchen Is Finally Moving Out Of The Basement

Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack has just signed a new location in Manhattan’s West Village, on Varick and Houston streets to be exact. But not only will there be a restaurant in this building–the entire Shake Shack operation will be moving its offices to this new spot. Most important, Rosati and his team will have their very own test kitchen for the first time ever. The space is slated to open the second half of 2018.

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