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First iPhone 6 sold in Perth is dropped by kid during an interview

This poor guy drops his iPhone 6 sold in Perth during an interview.

Chevrolet corvette 1984 Commercial

Chevrolet corvette

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Destiny attracts 5 million unique viewers on Twitch in first week

Destiny drew in 5 million unique viewers and 20 million total views on Twitch last week, making it the "biggest console game launch of the year" on the streaming service, Activision said in a press release. Viewers watched 240 million minutes of Destiny gameplay during the week. It's difficult to directly compare these numbers to other console game launches on Twitch, since those stats aren't readily available. "We can't provide those numbers since it is up to our partners to determine what they want to publicize about their channel's engagement," a Twitch spokesperson told Joystiq. However, there are Twitch engagement numbers for the Xbox One and PS4: Titanfall was the game most often broadcast on Twitch via Xbox One in its first month, with 10 million minutes of streaming. Players broadcast 23 million minutes of gameplay in Xbox One's first month with Twitch, and on launch day, Xbox One players accounted for 30 percent of all Twitch streams. In its first month, PS4 players accounted for 10 percent of all Twitch streams , with 20 million minutes of live broadcasting.

What PBR Says About America... According To The Russian Company That Just Bought It

"Pabst Blue Ribbon is the quintessential American brand--it represents individualism, egalitarianism and freedom of expression--all the things that make this country great,” Eugene Kashper , the chairman of Oasis Beverages, said in a statement . "The opportunity to work with the company's treasure trove of iconic brands, some of which I started my career selling, is a dream come true. It will be an honor to work with Pabst's dedicated employees and partner distributors as we continue to build the business."

Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion in Largest U.S. IPO Ever

That puts Alibaba well ahead of the $16 billion that Facebook raised from its IPO in 2012 and tops Visa $17.9 billion IPO in 2008, which held the title of largest U.S. IPO. However, it falls a little short of the Agricultural Bank of China, which raised $22.1 billion in the world's largest IPO to date.

Veteran Venture Capitalist Pierre Lamond Joins Formation 8 As An Advisor | TechCrunch

So when they heard that Lamond was leaving Khosla Ventures, he and Yu reached out to see if their mentor would be interested in joining Formation 8. Lamond didn’t want the full responsibilities of a partner, but agreed to be heavily involved in the firm. And as part of his advisory role, he’ll be allowed to invest along with Formation 8 whenever they choose to back a company.

Ice Climbers won't be in the new Smash Bros, and here's why

Fans of the Nintendo Entertainment System launch title Ice Climber (yes, they exist) may be disappointed to learn that stars Popo and Nana will not return for the latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. series, due out this year for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. In a recent issue of Famitsu, Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the pair's absence was due to technical limitations, rather than any ill will aimed at Ice Climber . Sakurai notes, via a Nintendo Everything translation, that the Ice Climbers were up and running in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros , but the 3DS lacked the hardware horsepower to render the team, making a roster cut necessary. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee , players controlled both Popo and Nana simultaneously, requiring hardware capable of rendering eight playable characters at once in the event that all four players chose the Ice Climbers. As consolation, players can look forward to a similar retro-inspired team making its debut in Super Smash Bros. No, it's not Balloon Fight 's heroes, sadly, nor is it a pair of whatever-they-ares from Clu Clu Land .

SAP To Acquire Expense Software-Maker Concur For $129 Per Share | TechCrunch

Enterprise software company SAP just announced that it has agreed to acquire Concur Technologies, maker of expense and travel management tools that are used by 23,000 businesses (including TechCrunch and its parent company AOL).

What does the rise of brand journalism mean? For one thing, it means journalists have to up their game

What happens when brands become media entities in their own right, with all the same tools for reaching readers or viewers? Journalists and traditional media outlets have to try harder to provide something valuable, or their audience will go elsewhere

In Real Life: A gaming graphic novel giveaway from Joystiq

With the fall gaming season in full swing now, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the flood. Do I play Destiny ? Hyrule Warriors ? What about good ol' Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call ? Too many games! Let's step back from playing, give our brains a collective breather, and just read about playing them instead. Doesn't that sound relaxing? Lucky for you, Jen Wang and Cory Doctorow have just released In Real Life . With slick writing and warm art, In Real Life is a graphic novel about a teenage gold farmer that will soothe the savage gaming beast inside. Read a preview of the book in the gallery below. We're giving away five free copies of In Real Life. All you need to do to snatch one is Like Joystiq on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter using the widget below. Check out the full rules below as well! In Real Life: A gaming graphic novel giveaway from Joystiq [Images: First Second Books] In Real Life (Excerpt) JoySwag Giveaway Rules

Irreplaceable? Larry Ellison Steps Down From CEO Position At Oracle

Ellison, a graduate of the Stalin and Mao School of Management, is one of the biggest tyrants ever to have run a multinational, let alone an IT company. He has packed the board of directors with his minions and underlings so that they would keep on increase his compensation even if Oracle’s results didn’t justify it. His senior managers are yes-men who are so scared to tell him the truth that whatever his whim of the day is they clap their hands enthusiastically and Larry thinks his every decision is a brilliant move. He hired Mark Hurd as co-president despite his having been fired from HP for fiddling his expenses and hiring a porn actress as his “personal” marketing assistant.

Capcom slashes prices on PSN, from Okami to Street Fighter

Capcom fans with access to the PlayStation Network have good reason to be excited, as the publisher has unleashed a deluge of discounts on games ranging from classic 2D fighters to modern survival horror epics. Highlights of the sale include fan-favorite PlayStation 2 crossover fighter Capcom vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001 at $5 and Lost Planet 3 at $13.49. The Resident Evil games are likewise discounted, with Resident Evil 4 HD at $6.80, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition at $15 and the HD remake of Resident Evil: Revelations at a mere $13.49, among other sizable survival horror discounts. Capcom's discounts on Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen are especially tempting, as both the classic 2D fighter and the uneven but compelling third-person fantasy adventure can be purchased together for less than $10. For full details on all of Capcom's newly-announced discounts, visit Capcom Unity . Not only are all of the discounted games listed in an easy to read format, but Capcom also links directly to the Sony Entertainment Network, saving potential customers the hassle of looking up each game individually on their Sony console of choice.

The New Habit Challenge: Work The Exact Amount Of Time Science Tells Us To

For the utmost productivity you can squeeze out of yourself, researchers say you should work for 52 minutes at a time and take 17-minute breaks in between. By analyzing the work habits of a pool of its most productive employees, the company found the most productivity came from workers who stepped away from their computers 17 minutes at a time and went about offline tasks like taking a walk, chatting with coworkers about anything but work, or reading a book.

Klarna Announces U.S. Team As It Plans For 2015 Launch In The U.S. | TechCrunch

Behind Klarna’s network is a complicated set of anti-fraud technologies that can help the company assume the credit and financial risks that an individual merchant might have to otherwise carry. This means that when a customer buys a product online, Klarna assumes the risks even before a customer has potentially paid for the product. They have a one-click purchase option that they say allows merchants to see on average a 10-30 percent uptick in sales.

Tim Cook visits Palo Alto Apple Store line to launch iPhone 6 sales

Cook didn’t have to travel far to get to the store. He lives just a few blocks away in the leafy Silicon Valley town. Steve Jobs lived nearby too and used to turn up at the store to check the atmosphere on launch day, but perhaps never shook as many hands and posed for as many pictures as Cook did.

After 'No' Vote, Scotland's Leader Steps Down

"I spoke to the Prime Minister today and, although he reiterated his intention to proceed as he has outlined, he would not commit to a second reading vote by 27th March on a Scotland Bill," Salmond said. "That was a clear promise laid out by Gordon Brown during the campaign. The Prime Minister says such a vote would be meaningless. I suspect he cannot guarantee the support of his party."

iPhone 6 launches in 10 countries: #iPhoneLine tweets from the street

Happy iPhone 6 Day Plus, everybody. Apple’s newest smartphone goes on sale Friday, and in 10 countries around the world people are finally buying their phones, some after waiting in line for heroic stretches of time. All night the #iPhoneLine hashtag has been sizzling on Twitter and Instagram, as Apple fans do what they love—take pictures with their iPhones and post them online as artfully filtered squares. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Bloodborne in the USA February 2015 (Europe too!)

From Software's Bloodborne is bringing its Victorian violence to North America and Europe on February 6, 2015, just a day after it lands Japan. The news hits as Sony Europe began issuing out alpha invites for the Souls dev's latest action-RPG, but there's no word yet if we can expect similar tests stateside. Also, there's a new trailer (which you'll find below the break) offering a glimpse at the game's yet-to-be disclosed online systems, which Sony Japan's Masaaki Yamagiwa noted includes "co-operative and asynchronous play." Yamagiwa also teased that some of the asynchronous play is tied to companion nightmarish creatures called Messengers. Bloodborne (Gamescom 2014) Sony also revealed a collector's edition is coming to the US, but in contrast the Euro branch kept shtum on that. As per the one coming to Japan, it features the PS4 game's soundtrack, an art book and a steelbook collector's case. If you're interested, it's $80 a pop, and Yamagiwa said it's coming to participating retailers in limited stock. As we saw at E3 and then hands-on at Gamescom , there's a familiar Soul to Bloodborne and yet there's plenty the game's doing different, including guns, the ability to recover health, and a seeming shift from defense to offense.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: The Review

The home screen, for example, offers a landscape view that puts the persistent menu items (mail, Safari and iTunes) in a vertical bar on the right. Email also gets a boost. Try turning your current iPhone sideways and see how mail looks. You get a list of emails, but no inbox view. With the iPhone 6 Plus, the landscape email view offers an inbox list on the left and open email on the right — the same view you see on the iPad. With iOS 8’s new swipe-left-to-delete action, this is one of the best ways of scanning and acting on email. I wish Apple would implement the horizontal email view option on the iPhone 6, as well.

Get started with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

You can transfer your contacts one of two ways. If your old device uses a nano-SIM card, you can copy all your contacts to its SIM; once you’ve set up your iPhone, you can copy those contacts by swapping out your iPhone’s card with your old nano-SIM and heading to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Import SIM Contacts. Once the import has completed, eject your old SIM and put the one that came with your new iPhone back in its tray. (If you’re worried about doing this yourself, you can always head down to your nearest Apple Store—any employee should be able to do it for you.)

iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

If this has 1GB of RAM, it's going to be bricked like iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 with 3GS specs and 4x pixels can't run iOS7, like iPhone 4S can't handle iOS8, like iPad 1's 256MB of RAM, like iPad 3 with 4x pixels on iPad 2 specs. iPhone 5 will run iOS11 fine with 1GB and iPhone 6 Plus will lag with less available memory.

Some consumers say Apple is losing its 'cool' factor

This is such a weak, silly article. For a company that just broke the record in pre-sale phone launches @ over 4 million, I guess uncool is the new cool again. As far as “copying Samsung” – how can Apple “copy” Samsung, when the entire industry has copied Apple’s phone since 2007? A larger screen is merely the result of Apple’s product research and consumer sentiment. Should Apple just ignore that? Of course not, they’ve been listening to consumers since the beginning. As far as lacking “innovation”, Apple launched it’s own programming language earlier in the year – how is that not innovative? Forget about screen size – we’re talking about an entirely new way of programming, which is more innovative than any product can be. What’s more is that Apple is about to disrupt the entire health insurance industry with the Health Kit and watch. What has Samsung innovated, exactly again?

This week in bitcoin: Price falls below $400 as market plunges

While it’s likely a factor, it’s hard to blame Alibaba’s IPO for the grand drop in price this week. The Apple Pay news may be rearing its ugly head on the price, and there’s still the pressure on the market of more sellers than buyers. With no trigger event, like another MtGox scandal, it’s hard to guess why the price slumped — or what direction it will go next. While some may be jumping at the chance to buy bitcoins at a lower price, many are just happy they sold their coins when they did.

First iPhone 6 Drop Tests Show Mixed Results

The new smartphones have been on sale less than 24 hours and the first wave of drop test videos are already making the rounds. The results are somewhat varied, but there are predictably tragic endings for some displays.

Sony's Google Glass rival will go on sale by the end of March

Sony is  releasing the software development kit for SmartEyeglass today and promises to have hardware kits available for developers to buy by the end of March. Other than the battery setup, the key difference between this heads-up display and Glass is that Sony uses a green monochrome display to overlay information atop the user's general view. SmartEyeglass will work in sync with compatible Android handsets to provide the wearer with notifications and other useful information like navigation directions. The Japanese company is now keen to recruit augmented reality devs who can start to provide SmartEyeglass with more and better functionality as it looks to progress beyond the concept stage.

How to turn on Android encryption today (no waiting necessary)

On Thursday Google announced that the next version of Android will have encryption enabled by default, protecting user data from anyone who lacks password access. It's a feature lauded by privacy advocates, and matches Apple's new iPhone policy. But Google's new policy isn't very helpful if you own an Android phone that won't be updated to Android L for a while (if ever).

iPhone 6 Plus tidbits: iOS 8 build number different, 1.38GHz A8 chip with 1GB RAM confirmed and more

Nice post. Some interesting points here. I think I read somewhere once that the amount of unavailable space on any system always increases with the amount available. So for instance, with the 128gb iphone, 18gb is lost giving you 110gb, but with a 64gb iphone, you may only loose 8gb (this is the case with my iphone 5 as I have 56gb available with a fresh restore). No idea why this is the case, I just read that it is. Ha! So in the future when we see 1tb iPhones, we will probably be able to utilise 900gb of the space! Maybe a tech guy could explain further as to why this is?

UPDATE 2-Home Depot breach bigger than Target at 56 mln cards

BOSTON/CHICAGO, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Home Depot Inc Thursday said some 56 million payment cards were likely compromised in a cyberattack at its stores, suggesting the hacking attack at the home improvement chain was larger than last year's unprecedented breach at Target Corp.

Final Fantasy Agito+ is a free Vita game for Japan

Final Fantasy Agito is coming to Vita in Japan as a free game called Final Fantasy Agito+ , due out on January 15, 2015. A new trailer details the Vita game, with information translated by Final Fantasy Union . Final Fantasy Agito+ contains the content in the original mobile RPG launched in May in Japan. The new game will be available digitally for free or at retail for 3,800 yen ($35). There's no word on a western release of Final Fantasy Agito+ or its original counterpart for iOS and Android. [Image: Square Enix]

A New Startup Finds Money in Email Bounce-Backs

The origin story he tells goes like this: Brown’s experience in email eventually led him to a coffee date with a domainer, a guy sitting on 50,000 web addresses. Domainers, also known as domain name speculators, buy domain names that they think might be desirable to someone else in the future, often generic words or phrases that they can then flip to business for a profit. Brown asked the guy what happened when people emailed those dormant addresses he owned. The guy said, people don’t do that. Brown borrowed a few, 12 in all from two different guys, and it turned out that people, as well as bots, did email those addresses, to the tune of some 200,000 emails a day, 8% from real humans. All of a sudden, he had a business.

Uber hits road block in France as taxi lobby gains upper hand - CNET

"Limiting consumer choice is bad for consumers, bad for drivers and bad for France and that is precisely what this law does," the spokesperson said. "In contrast, with innovation and competition everyone wins. France is a progressive country and shouldn't be left behind as Europe embraces new and innovative technologies. Citizens are voting for change with their fingers by downloading apps like Uber, which have vastly improved on entrenched transportation options. French parliamentarians should respond with equally smart policies, embracing tomorrow's smart cities, today."

3D printer heading to space could enable lunar exploration - CNET

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will soon have a new high-tech tool at their disposal. CNET's Sumi Das visits Made In Space, the startup that's developed a 3D printer which works in microgravity, allowing crews to print tools, parts and more on demand.

FIFA 15 booting up for EA Access members today

In FIFA 15, Authentic Player Visuals come to life on a Living Pitch where everything is alive and the turf evolves at every step, plant, or slide. For the first time ever, the FIFA development team utilized physically based rendering to bring atmospheres and players to life, further blurring the line between the virtual and real world of football. The new rendering works in combination with a new player model and rigging system to make every athlete look and feel athletic, lean, and true to their natural form. FIFA 15 is played on a Living Pitch where boots and hard slide tackles will leave their mark as each match progresses; players will get mud and dirt on their kits. Other visual details including animated LED ad boards, corner flag and goal frame movement, and realistic atmosphere conditions will keep fans immersed in the game.

So Apple doesn't collect as much data as Google. Maybe it should

A few things worth mentioning. iOS devices and Macs can use search with DuckDuckGo, which doesn’t rely on data mining to function and heavily protects privacy. Apple apps can grab significantly less data than Google apps, regardless of whether they collect anything at all. Apple has discussed iAd in their privacy policies, and collects significantly less data than Google and other ad networks. Lastly, it hasn’t been “rumored” that Apple uses Azure and Amazon. It can be easily proven if you simply do a packet dump from your Mac while using their services. But their practice of maintaining keys and storing the data as unidentifiable data blobs is admirable.

Apple faithful line up for latest, larger iPhones

Sales predictions from investors tend to be optimistic. Apple watchers tracking the early sales of the new iPhones note that the precise number of units sold in the first weekend will depend on the strength of the supply chain. A Friday report from Barclays cited the long lines outside stores as a positive sign for demand, suggesting that combined first-weekend sales for the new phones could rise as high as 11 million units.

How to Set Up Your New iPhone the Right Way

You got a new iPhone! Maybe it's a slightly bigger iPhone 6 or a bigger-still 6 Plus. Either way, what now? Here's what you need to get started with your new iPhone, whether you're a first-timer or an iOS pro.

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - IGN

The iPhone 6 looks great in its natural state, but that can all be spoiled by a combination of gravity and the unforgiving ground. If you want to keep your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus free from scratches and dents, you'd best case it up. Here are a handful of the best iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases out now, courtesy of @IGNDeals .

Russia considering separation from global internet in 'emergencies', report says

A Friday report in Vedomosti suggested that, on 22 September, President Putin will meet with the country’s security council to discuss the possibility of cutting out the foreign internet in times of strife. However, the Kremlin has denied this.

Dad can use Facebook to serve child support papers, judge rules

Times are changing. For the first time, a New York state judge ruled that Facebook is an acceptable way to serve legal papers.

New Nintendo eShop releases: Curtain Call, Smash 3DS Demo

Sure, there are a few new releases on Wii U, but this week the eShop's really all about the 3DS. For starters, if you've yet to grab a code for the Super Smash Bros. demo, the good news is it'll be available for all starting 9AM PT/midday ET tomorrow, September 19. The demo includes Mario, Link, Pikachu, the Villager and Mega Man (where's my Wii Fit Trainer dangit!) and a single stage, namely Battlefield. Other things to note : The demo supports local multiplayer but not online, its save data isn't compatible with the full game, and like other eShop demos you can only open it 30 times. If you'd rather wait it out, the game proper hits stores on October 3. If you're more a lover than a fighter, there are plenty of other activities to explore on the go. Musical types can take on Theatrhyhtm Final Fantasy Curtain Call , which Danny Cowan said "easily surpasses its predecessor" in our review , and there are fishing RPG (yup) and culinary larks in Legend of the River King 2 and Cooking Mama 5 . River King dev Natsume has another Virtual Console game this week in arcade-style western shooter Wild Guns , available on Wii U.

The best apps for iOS 8

Some of the best apps in the App Store are already updated for iOS 8 with new features, and others will be live in the store shortly. Here are Cult of Mac’s best apps that take advantage of what iOS 8 has to offer:

How and where to find your photos in iOS 8 - CNET

Sure, I may grow to like the Years, Collections, and Moments views now that I'm forced to use them, but the new organization of the Photos app is already causing problems with other apps. For example, you can't post a photo older than 30 days using the Facebook app unless it's in an album. The Facebook app doesn't let you access the Years, Collections, and Moments view; it restricts you to combing through your albums, where the Camera Roll previously resided. At the present, the Facebook app looks like it gives you access to your old Camera Roll, but it's really just the Recently Added folder. I'd wager that Facebook will address this issue with a future update, but for now your next #tbt post may require you to take the extra step of popping that old photo into an album in the Photos app before uploading it.

Live blog: What's happening with Alibaba's IPO?

Of course, one of the reasons few people seemed excited about Alibaba is that the e-commerce and payments giant is ubiquitous across China—and its import is taken for granted. Even if Chinese early adopters aren’t talking about it, they’re using it to buy everything from clothes to books to food. And investors are betting that tens of millions of people in China, Brazil, Russia and other markets will too.

Apple fans queue to be the first to own an iPhone 6 – in pictures

As huge crowds of people around the world queue to get their hands on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Apple says more than 4m pre-orders were received in the 24 hours after the sale was announced

Video: Man Buys The First iPhone 6 In Perth, Immediately Drops It Onto Concrete | TechCrunch

Video: Man Buys The First iPhone 6 In Perth, Immediately Drops It Onto Concrete

iPhone 6 Haters Gonna Hate

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Apple fan buys iPhone 6, promptly drops it - CNET

Early on Friday, Jack Cooksey was first in line at an Apple store in Perth, Western Australia. After the doors opened and he purchased an iPhone 6, he ecstatically showed it off to a local news channel. During the interview, Cooksey appeared to have some trouble opening the iPhone 6 box. As he popped off the top -- perhaps getting a little too excited to see Apple's latest iPhone -- the brand new iPhone 6 fell to the pavement below .

WATCH: First Australian to Snag an iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It on the Pavement

As the first person to leave the Perth Apple Store with an iPhone 6 in hand, he was hounded by the local media who had come to cover the event. When he attempted to open the iPhone’s box, the handset flipped out of its container and bounced on the pavement, provoking a huge reaction from the crowd and for the reporter to double over laughing.

Notion Ink Quietly Releases The Cain Windows Tablet | TechCrunch

Notion Ink Design Labs is a privately held OEM based out of Bangalore, India. It's scope of operations cover Industrial Design, User Experience, Software Engineering and Logistics management. Notion Ink launched their first tablet PC titled 'Adam' in December 2010. It was the first tablet PC designed in India. 'Adam' is the first Android device marketed to contain Pixel Qi's …

Scotland Votes No: Friday's Front Pages

After a long day (and night) of voting and counting each and every paper ballot, Scotland rejected independence from the United Kingdom. The voter turnout was extremely high — up to 90% in some districts —although the result was a No, the political landscape in Scotland has forever changed. It was a night of history.

Let's Go Visit Some Random Useless Website

There is a whole load of internet that you’ve probably never seen, and won’t ever see in the future. Since it’s Friday, we recommend that you check out , a site that — as the name suggests — will magically take you a random “useless” website on demand.

Why was it only men who queued for an iPhone 6? - Telegraph

That people queue for days to get their hands on a new iPhone is bad enough - but why are they nearly all men, asks Josh Warwick

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