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Volkswagen building new unit to protect autonomous cars

Volkswagen and three Israeli cybersecurity experts established a new automotive cybersecurity firm on Wednesday, called CYMOTIVE Technologies.

Forget self-driving cars, self-driving boats are coming to Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) has announced a new five-year research initiative to study the

Google wants to help you plan your next trip

Google has a long-standing—but somewhat erratic—interest in travel information. (The company bought big-name travel info

Next 'GTA Online' expansion will make a biker out of you

Are you ready to join the other one percent?

Brexit muddies waters for UK IoT firms selling into Europe

The Brexit, or Britain's plan to exit the EU, is creating uncertainty for U.K. Internet of Things (IoT) statups looking to sell gadgets in Europe.

New Stripe feature will pay out Lyft drivers instantly

Stripe, an e-commerce payments provider for on-demand services like Lyft and Instacart, is rolling out a new feature tod

Is this Google's Pixel smartphone?

Google is expected to unveil its new smartphones a couple week from now, but an early look at them appears to have slipped out. Android Police caught two different leaks today. The first,...

Local Motors greenlights self-driving 3D-printed car

Local Motors and Mouser Electronics have chosen the winner of the Essence of Autonomy challenge, which calls on designers to create a self-driving car.

You can literally make your own iPhone 7 headphone jack

It's easier than you think.

Dog joyfully slides across floor with her human

"I'm just like you!"

Google launches a personalized travel planner, Google Trips

Google today is launching a new mobile application, aimed at helping you better plan your vacations and other travels. Called Google Trips, the iOS and..

Nikon Is First Big Camera Maker To Get Into VR Video

Nikon says image quality will be the killer feature in its rugged, $500 KeyMission 360 virtual reality camera.

Introducing Barkos, a 'Narcos' parody for bad dogs

Who's a good kingpin? Who's a good kingpin?

Google will announce its next smartphone on October 4th

Google has teased that it will be holding an event on October 4th, where it will likely unveil its latest smartphones (which may or may not be released under the Nexus brand). The company uploaded...

Fence-climbing robot could be priced within your reach

The Ghost Minitaur can also climb stairs and open doors.

Are happier citizens making Singapore a smart city leader?

On the global scene, Singapore has been a smart city leader for decades and is about to ramp up its efforts with its Smart Nations strategy.

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A first look at GoPro's foldable Karma drone

We only spent about ten minutes testing the Karma, but that was enough to deem it as an impressive device. Namely because of how easy it is to fly and pair with either the GoPro Hero5 Black or the smaller Session (Or Hero4 Black/Silver). Speaking of which, GoPro's pricing the Karma at $799 on its own, or $999 and $1,099 if you get it in a bundle with the Hero5 Session or Hero5 Black, respectively. It'll hit in just a few weeks, on October 23rd.

Your tweets are now officially getting longer

The microblogging site (do people still call it that?) will no longer count media attachments and quoted tweets against the 140-character limit. You can now upload photos, GIFs, videos and polls without those docking your character tally.

Google Steps Up Travel Presence With Trip-Planning App

Trips adds to Google’s presence in the travel market and steps up the search giant’s competition with dedicated travel and review apps such as TripAdvisor Inc. and Yelp Inc. TripAdvisor Chief Executive Officer Steve Kaufer has said in the past that Google has the potential to be a “serious threat.” Home-sharing startup Airbnb Inc. also is working on a trip-planning app of its own. Google’s effort gives people another reason to use the company’s Gmail and Maps apps, which feed data into Trips, instead of using similar services offered by rivals like Apple Inc.

How to tell if a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is safe

Samsung has launched a new site to let Galaxy Note 7 owners know if their device is safe or not. It comes around two weeks after Samsung started  recalling Galaxy Note 7 handsets worldwide due to exploding battery fears. More than 90 Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have overheated due to defective batteries in just the US alone, and some users have reported battery explosions that have been blamed for  fires in a Jeep and garage . The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a  formal recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 on Thursday.

Facebook just bought a small hardware startup called Nascent Objects

Imagine designing, building and delivering a hardware product in just weeks. Instead of months, or even years. Nascent Objects, a 2016 FastCo Design ‘Innovation by Design’ finalist, has brought this closer to reality with their modular electronics platform. And they’re joining Facebook to work with us in Building 8. Together, we hope to create hardware at a speed that’s more like software. Welcome, Nascent Objects! Get a first glimpse here:

The iPhone 7's sleeper hit feature is its display

To start, the 7 has two standard color gamuts to the 6’s one. Most smartphones use the smaller, more traditional gamut, but the 7 has the standard gamut and the wider DCI-P3 gamut, which is 26 percent larger and is the color gamut used in 4K TVs. The iPhone 7 will automatically switch between the two when showing content so the colors render accurately. DisplayMate found that the 7 implements both gamuts accurately, calling its absolute color accuracy “virtually indistinguishable from perfect.” Not bad.

Silicon Valley VCs Pay the Highest Rent in the U.S.

Located in Facebook Inc.’s hometown of Menlo Park, California, Sand Hill Road has the most expensive office space in the U.S., even as the startup market moderates, according to data from commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield. At an average of $129.91 per square foot annually, it’s up about $6 from last year and exceeds the cost of renting high-end offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, and on New York’s Park Avenue. It is also far more than the $75.39 for comparable space in San Francisco’s south Financial District, which saw a price increase over the last year similar to its neighbor in the Valley, said Robert Sammons, a regional director at Cushman & Wakefield.

Tesla-SolarCity Deal May Face Delay From Suits as Cash Burns

The suits by four different shareholders, outlined in a regulatory filing Monday, all allege that Tesla’s executives and board breached their fiduciary duty by entering into the pact because Chairman Elon Musk and other Tesla insiders hold shares in both companies. One plaintiff seeks an injunction to stop the transaction, potentially holding up a deal until a hearing on Oct. 18 at the earliest. The cases are without merit, Tesla said in the filing.

Do Tech Companies Know What It Takes To Make A Car?

It’s the headquarters of Magna International Inc., the world’s biggest contract manufacturer of cars, which helps steer automakers through the laborious stages of design, engineering and assembly. For years, Magna has eased production bottlenecks for Volkswagen AG, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd and BMW AG. The carmakers go to Magna when they need assistance manufacturing high-end vehicles. Its engineers do everything from working out the complex jigsaw puzzle of components sourced from a plethora of suppliers, to designing the automated factory that can build the car. Now, the $16 billion Canadian company is ready to build cars for Silicon Valley’s biggest companies—and become the Foxconn for a new generation of automakers.

5 charming Joe Biden & Jill Biden moments from the Social Good Summit

As if we weren't already eating out of the palm of his hand, the goofball's charming opening line was, "My name is Joe Biden, I'm Jill Biden's husband."

Google acquires natural language understanding startup

Google today said that it’s acquired, a startup with tools for speech recognition and natural language understanding. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Chevy Bolt price revealed: here's how much you'll pay for all-electric fun

The Bolt's base MSPR is $37,495 including destination charge, which is right in line with earlier rumors. Depending on your tax situation, however, you could receive a tax credit of up to $7,500, bringing the net value of your new car purchase to $29,995.

Watch a Gigantic RC Fighter Jet Tragically Disintegrate in Mid-Air

RC planes aren’t cheap, and crashing even a $200 model can be heartbreaking given how much work is required to build and test it before your first flight. So imagine how these guys feel when their half-scale Saab Gripen, measuring 26-feet long and weighing over 220 pounds, simply disintegrated in mid-air .

Rules of the road for self-driving cars set to be released

So far, manufacturers of self-driving cars have operated in uncharted waters, with regulations governing the rules of the road varying from state-to-state. Now the federal government is stepping in with a major new effort to bring order to the chaos.

Smartphones in NYC get emergency alert in search for bombing suspect

It’s the first time this kind an emergency alert has been sent to aid the search for a wanted suspect — normally the system is used only in cases of extreme weather warnings, AMBER alerts and crisis situations. Because of the text-only nature of an emergency alert, the message asks to look for a picture in the media.

Kristen Bell's Afterlife Comedy The Good Place Isn't Just Good, It's Great

There are a few too many elements introduced too soon in the show—god knows we don’t need another show with a ton of flashbacks—but it’s consistently laugh-out-loud funny in a way that not a lot of shows are right out of the gate. If the actors and or the premise look even mildly interesting to you, definitely watch tonight’s premiere—and then be ready for the show to immediately move to its permanent home on Thursdays at 8:30 pm.

Indonesia Plans to Bill Google For Back Taxes and Fines

JAKARTA, Indonesia—Indonesia’s tax agency plans to bill Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit for up to $380 million in back taxes and fines that the search giant allegedly owes from 2015.

Best Travel Gadgets That Will Only Wreck Your Budget a Little

In late August I spent to weeks traipsing through Europe—on very important work assignments in London, and taking in the local culture of Amsterdam. Being a gadget blogger, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to completely load up my European adventure with every conceivable gadget I could possibly need. I wanted to travel like a 21st-century tech nerd—and it all went according to plan...for the most part.

What's on your HDTV: 'Labyrinth' 4K, 'NBA 2K17,' 'Mr. Robot'

On Friday keep an eye out for 'Transparent' and 'Forza Horizon 3.'

GoPro Unveils Camera Drone in Effort to Boost Sales, Stock

GoPro Inc. unveiled its long-anticipated drone, adding a new dimension to the action-and-adventure film-making it has become famous for through tiny, cube-shaped cameras, and sparking a rally for the company’s flagging stock.

Apple working on fix for iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods remote control issue

Apple on Monday acknowledged consumer complaints that a glitch in the gratis iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods causes the attached multifunction remote control to intermittently stop functioning, saying a fix is in the works. According to numerous social media reports, the new Lightning EarPods found in every iPhone 7 box suffer from a glitch that renders the multifunction remote control module useless. The issue appears to be sporadic, but its reproducible nature suggests a flaw is present in Apple's software. In most cases, users claim the EarPods' volume and call answer/end buttons become unresponsive after a few minutes of inactivity. Audio continues to play, and the microphone remains active, but users are unable to adjust volume settings, start or stop calls, or invoke Siri with the embedded remote. A fix is in development and should roll out in the near future as a software update, an Apple representative confirmed to Business Insider . The initial troubles are unfortunate for Apple, which bet big on the future — or lack thereof — of the 3.5mm headphone jack by removing the component from its flagship iPhone 7 smartphone.

If you found a purse at the Emmys, please return it to Amanda Abbington

The actress thanked everyone for their congratulatory tweets and went on to explain that her purse, which held her phone and driver's license, had disappeared. She even hung around after the ceremony to see if it would turn up.

We Finally Know What Made the Huge Heart on Pluto

Almost as soon as Pluto came into view, we saw it: A big heart splashed across half the dwarf planet’s surface, like something left it there on purpose for us to see. A year after we spotted it, we have an answer as to what put it there.

iPhone 7 has best LCD display ever tested | Cult of Mac

The iPhone 7’s display may be the most underrated feature on Apple’s new device, based on an in-depth analysis by the folks at DisplayMate.


At a press event in San Francisco, Shapiro said that 62 percent of consumers plan to buy a consumer electronics viewing device in the next 12 months; 33 percent plan to buy a smartphone, and 29 percent plan to buy a TV. "Consumers are showing a strong preference for 4K," which has four times as many on-screen pixels as HDTVs, Shapiro said. "It's faster and more robust than HDTV." By 2017, 4K UHD TV sales will hit 20 million a year in the U.S. That number will grow to 23 million in 2018, and 26 million by 2019, Shapiro said. The 2016 growth rate is 105 percent above the units sold for 2015.

Etsy buys Blackbird AI to bring more machine learning into its search platform

“Buyers come to for items they can’t find anywhere else and our goal is to help them discover exactly what they want among our 40 million unique listings. Leveraging Blackbird’s technology, we believe we can enhance the buyer experience by making search quicker and easier and by surfacing even more relevant, tailored product recommendations,” said Chad Dickerson, Etsy, Inc. CEO, in a statement. “Our team has already made substantial enhancements to the search & discovery process on Etsy, especially through features like Exploratory Search, and we are excited for Blackbird’s world-class team and technology to accelerate our progress in this key area.”

Dear Tech Companies: Focus on Diversity, Not Foosball

Let’s pretend I’m looking for a job in tech. I navigate to your careers page, and the first thing I see is a photo. In the photo are 10 people hovered over a ping-pong table. Sometimes it’s a foosball table, or a pool table. There are people drinking what looks like beer, laughing, foosing all over the place, having a great time. One is petting a dog. Some have their hands in the air, though I can’t exactly tell why. Is there music in the background? Are they cheering for the game? Who are these people? Ten out of ten of them are male, and 100 percent of them are white. Hell, even Rick’s dog made it to the photo. But women? People of color? Nope.

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Bowers & Wilkins' P7 Wireless Are My New Favorite Headphones

Testing headphones is a fun job for a music lover. Even if they suck, you get paid to listen to music. Yet sometimes, a set comes along that makes you want to listen because it’s suddenly more fun. The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless are those headphones for me.

GoPro sets the standard for action cameras with the Hero5

Additionally, the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session come with electronic image stabilization, which should translate into smoother shots during your adventures. Going back to the voice control feature, there's only going to be support for seven languages at launch, including English and Spanish, but GoPro says more will be added in the near future. And that's good news, because that's without a doubt one of the most exciting and convenient things you can do with the cameras.

Google sends invitations for October 4 hardware event

Google today tweeted out an indication that it will unveil new devices on October 4. People have been expected Google to show new mobile devices — at least — on that date, and the smartphone-shaped outline in the tweet confirms that.

George H.W. Bush Is Voting for Clinton, Facebook Overshare Reveals

Earlier this year, a spokesperson for George H.W. Bush said the 91-year-old was “retired from politics” and did not plan on endorsing a candidate in the upcoming election. Thanks to the unparalleled outing capabilities of everyone’s favorite social network, however, the former president’s preference was revealed anyway this week.

President Obama says self-driving cars could save tens of thousands of lives

But in order to do that, Obama says automated vehicle manufacturers should follow the rules of the road being presented by the US government tomorrow, as well as sign a new 15-point safety checklist. The government also plans to help states implement rules on a country-wide scale, "so that when a self-driving car crosses from Ohio into Pennsylvania, its passengers can be confident that other vehicles will be just as responsibly deployed and just as safe." In addition to traffic dangers, the president addresses problems self-driving cars may cause off the road. The technology has the potential to both create new jobs, and make old jobs obsolete, making it "critical" that the government provides new resources and job training "to prepare every American for the good-paying jobs of tomorrow."

Google launches Android Studio 2.2 with Layout Editor, Firebase plugin, and APK Analyzer

Google today launched Android Studio 2.2, the latest version of its integrated development environment (IDE), with over 20 new features across every major phase of the development process: design, develop, build, and test. You can download the new version for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly from . If you are already using Android Studio, you can get the latest version in the navigation menu (Help => Check for Update on Windows/Linux and Android Studio => Check for Updates on OS X).

Microsoft's Surface phone could have a new kind of fingerprint scanner

The patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) shows that to make this feature possible, Microsoft would have to build a wave guide under the phone's screen. This would be alongside a filter which would enable sensors at the side of the screen to sense when a finger is placed on the glass.

The Panasonic Lumix G85 gives you premium video features at an affordable price

The new mirrorless camera is essentially a beefed up version of the G7 with an augmented 16MP sensor that gets rid of the low-pass filter. Although it's not Panasonic's new 20MP MFT sensor, users will be able to shoot 4K video at 30p and 24p while recording audio through the external mic.

It Looks Like Google Is Doing a Phone Soon

Hopefully, unlike Project ARA the Pixel will be a phone people want. It’s currently rumored to come in two sizes—the 5" Pixel and the 5.5" Pixel XL. Android Police predicts the Pixel will cost around $649. The site also posted leaked images of the phone earlier today.

NYC’s Subway Gridlock Could Trigger a Transit Renaissance

If Transportation Alternatives gets its way, the 14th Street PeopleWay will have dedicated bus lanes, two-way protected bike lanes, and wider sidewalks. The group’s rough calculations show the reconfigured street could move twice the amount of people it currently does (assuming cars carry 1.4 riders on average). It hasn’t yet drummed up a cost estimate, but White points to a quickly-deployed Michigan Bus Rapid Transit project that cost $40 million .

The Chevy Bolt will start at $29,995 after federal tax credit

The Chevy Bolt electric car will start at $29,995 after a federal tax credit of $7,500, GM announced today. For almost a year, GM had been saying that the car would start under $30,000, so it made that mark — just. That makes the Bolt the first electric car to achieve more than 200 miles of range for under $30k.

Horrifying bejeweled crocs hit the runway in London's Fashion Week

London designer Christopher Kane teamed up with Crocs to create this sparkly monstrosity for his Spring 2017 in London's fashion week. The theme of his show, "Make Do & Mend," is inspired by 1940's pragmatism and questions our faith in high fashion standards. Kane's metallic crocs are decorated with precious stones, such as diaspro, red leopard malachite and zebra jasper and will actually be produced and sold .

This is what's next from the team behind Pokémon Go

"You can't corner the market on creativity," Hanke said on the podcast . "There are a lot of great ideas out there, great teams out there. Our goal is to enable them with our unique real world technology and the data." Hanke's speaking to the same technology, albeit in an older form, that powered Niantic's previous game (under the Google umbrella), which was called "Ingress."

This intricate box is an old-school porn collector's dream

When it comes to hiding porn, the computer has revolutionized the game. Gone are the days of stashing magazines and VHS tapes under a mattress, or in that box in the closet. Now, we can easily encrypt entire drives, folders or files containing all our ‘for your eyes only’ material.

Larry Ellison says ‘Amazon’s lead is over’ as Oracle unveils new cloud infrastructure

Just as Larry Ellison said  it would, Oracle has unveiled its second generation of cloud infrastructure for third-party developers to run their applications in Oracle data centers. The announcement was made at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco today.

Spotify launches PlayStation 4 podcast support — and it’s spotty

Both Sony and Microsoft consoles now support playing podcasts in the background while you’re in games or other apps — although the PlayStation 4 requires you to jump through a few extra hoops to get this working.

Fujifilm Enters Medium Format Market With GFX 50S Camera

Instead of opting for 35mm format (24 by 36mm), Fujifilm has gone with a larger medium format sensor. The new camera, dubbed GFX 50S, sports a 51.4MP image sensor that is 43.8 by 32.9mm in size. It's not the first medium format camera to use a sensor of this size and resolution, but Fujiflm states that its version of the sensor is designed in-house and includes micro lenses to optimize image quality.

Watch: The Samsung Galaxy S7 will drown before Apple's iPhone 7

After five minutes at 35 feet, Samsung’s S7 eventually turns off and refuses to come back on. The iPhone 7 survives the submersion, but not without any damages as both the display and the home button appear to suffer minor glitches.

GoPro launches Karma drone and voice-controlled Hero5 - BBC News

But it also helps the firm address the fact that DJI - the bestselling drone brand - has ditched support for GoPro's cameras in favour of its own, while 3D Robotics - another popular manufacturer - is now promoting the use of a rival camera made by Sony.

Reverse Your Workout to Make It More Enjoyable

It’s tempting to want to start your workout with the easiest part, and build up to the more intense stuff by the end. But if you’re having trouble motivating yourself to come back for another sweat session, flipping your workout around could leave you with better parting memories.

Google sends invitations for October 4 hardware event

Google today tweeted out an indication that it will unveil new devices on October 4. People have been expected Google to show new mobile devices — at least — on that date, and the smartphone-shaped outline in the tweet confirms that.

DistractaGone wants to put smartphone addicts in time out

To use it, just open the lid and place up to four smartphones inside. Close it and set the number of hours or minutes you’d like to go on a digital time out. The box won’t open again until time expires.

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