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Cortana Makes Siri Insecure in New Windows Phone Ad

Cortana comes off as a bit of a mean girl in Microsoft's latest ad.

W-ORD Channel 7 News With John Oliver & Cookie Monster

Did you know John Oliver and Cookie Monster co-anchor a nightly news broadcast about words? Just kidding, that's not a thing. But you would TOTALLY watch tha...

What most schools don't teach

Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools.

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Microsoft just teased Windows 9 by mistake

Microsoft hasn't officially discussed Windows 9 yet, but its Chinese division is keen to get people talking about the upcoming OS. In a  Weibo posting today, Microsoft China asked "Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?" A Windows 9 logo,  mocked up as a wallpaper earlier this year, accompanied the post before it was quickly removed, and Chinese site  Cnbeta spotted it . It was clearly a mistake, but the wording suggests Windows 9 is indeed "coming soon."

Banks Say Home Depot Just Experienced a Big Credit Card Breach

If you just bought a new screwdriver, check your Visa card for strange charges. Several banks are reporting that Home Depot has experienced a credit card breach that may rival or exceed last fall's Target fiasco .

German court orders Uber to suspend services across the country

It’s not the first ban Uber’s faced in Germany, but it is the first country-wide ban and the stakes are much higher this time — up to €250,000 per infraction, plus possible jail time.

‘Umbrella Here’ light invites strangers to share your umbrella, saving them from a soaking

‘Umbrella Here,’ at its simplest, is a light that you plop on the top of your umbrella when it starts raining. As with a taxi, the light signals to others that you’re willing to ‘take a passenger,’ meaning anyone caught in a downpour without rain protection can join you to keep dry.

Uber Opens Up UberPool To All San Francisco Users | TechCrunch

Uber has spent the last four years transitioning from a service mainly aimed at helping so-called “ballers” get less expensive black car service to one that nearly anyone can afford and use on a regular basis. Now, with the launch of a fare-splitting offering called UberPool, the company is cutting costs of getting around town even more.

Mashr Resurrects A Tinder Experiment To Make You A Matchmaker | TechCrunch

In addition to the primary one-to-one matching aspect of the app, Mashr has a few gamification aspects to galvanize users to mash their friends together. MashPlay is a timed game where you try to match as many friends together as quickly as possible. MashFeed shows a list of all the mashes people are making–not just the successful ones. This aspect of the app is intriguing, but could backfire. The team hopes it will cause people to check the feed regularly to see who of their friends might be getting matched, but many people wouldn’t want others to see who they’re being matched with.

Mysterious Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Calls

Interceptors vary widely in expense and sophistication – but in a nutshell, they are radio-equipped computers with software that can use arcane cellular network protocols and defeat the onboard encryption.  Whether your phone uses Android or iOS, it also has a second operating system that runs on a part of the phone called a baseband processor.  The baseband processor functions as a communications middleman between the phone’s main O.S. and the cell towers.  And because chip manufacturers jealously guard details about the baseband O.S., it has been too challenging a target for garden-variety hackers.


We wanted to provide an update to our investigation into the theft of photos of certain celebrities. When we learned of the theft, we were outraged and immediately mobilized Apple’s engineers to discover the source. Our customers’ privacy and security are of utmost importance to us. After more than 40 hours of investigation, we have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet. None of the cases we have investigated has resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud® or Find my iPhone. We are continuing to work with law enforcement to help identify the criminals involved.

Washington Post Publisher Steps Down a Year After Bezos Acquisition

The greatest honor of my life has been serving as publisher of The Post these past seven years, working with all of you.  Now, after 17 years at this great institution, it is time for me to explore other opportunities.   I make this announcement with mixed emotions. I am enormously excited about this new era at The Post , but I will miss all of you tremendously.     The Post will be in excellent hands.  Effective Oct. 1, 2014, Fred Ryan, will become Publisher and CEO. Fred is a seasoned and well-respected executive with a track record of success at the helm of Politico and Allbritton Communications.  He knows Washington, and he knows media.  Fred is excited to take the helm and to meet all of you.   Fred and I will work closely together to ensure a smooth and easy transition. I will remain available as an advisor to him and to The Post through the end of the year.   I want to take a moment to tell you how proud I am of the talent we have in this company – both in the newsroom and business operations.  I promised you when I started that it would never be boring. Promise kept.

Euro Facebook Users Can Use Tag Suggest, For Photos Of U.S. Friends Who Have It Enabled | TechCrunch

*For more context…. the argument for Schrems and others opposed to things like facial recognition on Facebook is that it gives less control to individuals for how they are tagged and organised and potentially monetized in Facebook’s database. The other side of the debate is that this can be a useful way of tagging and alerting friends to pictures of them, and it’s not clear that the data is repurposed in the way that would negatively affect your experience on the service. I’m personally in favor of more control of your data, if that is what you personally want, because that still gives individuals the option of having less control if you actually don’t care one way or the other.

Gang of hackers behind nude celebrity photo leak routinely attacked iCloud

Other chatroom transcripts show that the gang had offered nude pictures of female celebrities and athletes for sale, and others offered to "rip" the iCloud backup accounts containing photos for anyone once they were given their user name and password. The iCloud backups come from the stars' iPhones, which automatically store photos online for up to 30 days or until they are downloaded.

Never Alone blends clever platforming with cultural insight

I like to think of Never Alone as a less depressing version of 2011's indie hit, Limbo . It features similar environment-based puzzle-platforming in an unforgiving world, but its buddy-system mechanics give an encouraging sense of optimism throughout. This isn't to say that you won't be challenged in Never Alone . You'll fail its platforming sequences frequently, and its puzzles are suitably vexing. It's a clever and solid entry in the genre, and its focus on Alaska Native culture gives it a weight and purpose beyond its inventive gameplay. Never Alone (9/2/14) I played a brief demo version of Never Alone at PAX Prime this weekend and was struck by its stark presentation. Taking on the role of a young Inupiat girl named Nuna, players trek through the harsh Alaskan terrain, bracing against overpowering winds as they hop gaps and scale steep cliffsides. At any point during gameplay, players can shift control to a white fox who follows in the girl's footsteps. Similar to last year's Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , both Nuna and the fox have unique traversal abilities that aid in clearing obstacles and progressing to the next checkpoint in a linear quest.

13 Concur Said to Explore Sale to Software Makers Including SAP

Concur Technologies Inc. (CNQR) , a developer of software that helps businesses manage travel expenses, has explored a sale and approached companies including SAP SE to gauge their interest, people with knowledge of the matter said.

Why does the universe exist?

Why is there something instead of nothing? In other words: Why does the universe exist (and why are we in it)? Philosopher and writer Jim Holt follows this question toward three possible answers. Or four. Or none.

Reddit Launches Mobile AMA App

The AMA format has become a runaway success story, with verified interviewees ranging from Bill Gates to a Disney princess performer . With its visual search cues and card-based design, the iOS app is clearly designed for Reddit newbies. But the arsenal of friendly typefaces and brightly colored icons are a significant improvement over the bare-bones look of the default web UI--a convoluted maze of nested nested text and GIF-related wit--that housed previous AMAs. The new design also prioritizes a more passive experience: users can ask questions and vote up comments in secondary areas of the app, but the homescreen defaults to streams of curated content.

Car sharing service Uber banned in Germany

The case against Uber was brought by the Taxi Deutschland Servicegesellschaft company, which offers a rival app that links users to registered taxi drivers. The company argued that Uber was not operating a legitimate service because its drivers did not have the correct permits, were not properly insured, and were not subject to checks. German law allows drivers without a commercial licence to pick up passengers only if they charge no more than the operating cost of the trip.

Finally win at fantasy football with numberFire’s new analytics app

In our time with the app, it felt a little plainer than what we were expecting. Advanced stats can be intricate and overwhelming, but numberFire seems committed to keeping it as simple as possible. For fantasy fanatics who just want to know who’s going to get them the most points in a given week, this makes fine sense, and the gamified approach for answering questions appears like a good way to keep already overly competitive fans engaged. We’d just like to get more details on numberFire’s own data. The math obviously yields solid results, but we want to see numberFire show its work.

Sony’s QX1 Looks To Bring Interchangeable Pro Lenses To Your Smartphone | TechCrunch

The QX1 would apparently build on this by allowing owners to swap out lenses on a smartphone sensor mount base, with the range of Sony’s E-mount interchangeable lenses being compatible with the device. This means any lens that you could use on a Sony NEX-series camera would work here. The sensor in the companion unit is also said to be an APS-C, which is the same size as those found in most entry-level DSLRs, and it will also include a built-in pop-up flash.

'Extant' Episodes 7-10 Recap: 'Everything Comes at a Cost'

Episodes 9 and 10 pick up right where 7 and 8 leave off: After fleeing from the contingency location, Alan quits his job and lies to Yasumoto over the phone, saying that the offspring escaped its chamber. He then takes young Katie and the offspring to a cabin resort called Wimberley Woods. In a last-ditch effort to reunite his family, Alan calls his ex-wife Anya to meet him, and eventually reveals Katie to her. Because he sees the offspring — which can conjure up visions of deceased loved ones — as the solution to his problems, Alan has been driven to commit and attempt to commit murder in the name of protecting the offspring.

NASA developing automatic traffic management system for drones

However, once the laws are ironed out and rules put in place, there could come a day when our skies are buzzing with swarms of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) performing a range of tasks for a huge array of businesses. And with news Monday that NASA is developing a traffic management system for the low-flying aircraft, that day could be closer than you think.

Nexus 9 keyboard case and 4:3 aspect ratio suggest productivity focus for Google's next tablet

Another reason that a keyboard such as this may not have made as much sense for the Nexus 7 is that tablet’s 16:10 aspect ratio. It’s a very wide device in landscape mode when you’d want to use a keyboard but there’s not much vertical working room. The case suggests a 4:3 aspect ratio for the Nexus 9, which would provide a better workspace for productivity apps that might require a keyboard.

Google Rebrands Enterprise Offerings Google for Work

According to Google for Work President Amit Singh, this is more than just a name change, this is the begining of a change in “how we launch products and communicate new features.” In addition, all products under the Google for Work umbrella will have the Google for Work moniker added to the end of their name.

Celebrity nude photos scandal a wake-up call for cloud users

An apparent hack of cloud storage sites that caused a slew of nude images of female celebrities to hit the Internet over the weekend should serve as a wake-up call for the public, and for enterprises, to be more cautious with the information they store in the cloud.

The power of Instagram's Hyperlapse, in one clever video

It’s the kind of video that would have been boring if it appeared at a normal pace, and nauseating if it didn’t have Hyperlapse’s stabilization technology. But with time sped up, as a new type of filter, the visual story changes. The content becomes easily digestible and addictive to watch.

Tesla has 'proved' electric cars are better, analysts say

That raises an interesting point. Tesla might well have an excellent product, but if the public doesn’t know that, has it really been proven?

Another flight was diverted after passengers fought over a reclining seat

customFields- published 1409672126/1409672126000/1409672126 tracking: {authors=Abby Ohlheiser, blog_name=post-nation, content_category=National, in_url_headline=another-flight-was-diverted-after-passengers-fought-over-a-reclining-seat, post_id=10702, section={section=national, subsection=null}, show_ads=true, show_comments=true} allow_comments: true published_date:Sep 2, 2014 3:35:26 PM close date: Sep 16, 2014 3:35:26 PM

New HTML Is About To Make Your Phone Way Better at Using the Internet

Mat Marquis and other developers have come up with a solution in the form of a new piece of HTML called <picture>, which wraps an extra layer of data around image files. This layer lets web pages and browsers make important decisions about how to display images. Decisions like "Maybe I shouldn't download those high-res photos since I'm on 3G right now." The end result? Much faster mobile internet.

SoftBank to Sell Robot in U.S. Stores Within 12 Months

SoftBank also has received between 300 and 400 inquiries about Pepper from companies in finance, food service and education, Fumihide Tomizawa, chief executive officer of SoftBank Robotics, said yesterday. The 1.2 meter (4 foot) robot dances, makes jokes and estimates human emotions based on expressions. Pepper will go in sale in Japan in February for 198,000 yen ($1,900) while the company hasn’t set a U.S. price.

To simplify whole-home audio, Sonos starts to embrace your Wi-Fi router

Sonos has been working on switching from its proprietary network to open Wi-Fi for about two years, and during recent months tested Bridge-less setups with thousands of customers and close to 400 different home Wi-Fi routers. Schulert said he feels confident that the company’s speakers will work on home Wi-Fi in most cases, in part because Sonos speakers still use their own mesh technology in multi-room setups. If you have one Sonos speaker in your living room and one in your kitchen, then only one of them will access Spotify through your router, and then relay the signal to the other one, provided both are within reach.


We've been duped. America is filled with fun-loving and caring people. The viral ice bucket challenge has combined both our sense of responsibility to our fellow human with fun. And it has been fun! Who didn't love seeing Sarah Palin doused?

This New Moleskine Is Like An iPad Made Of Paper

Cool. At first. Until you realize IP theft kills startups. It almost did so to mine. Regardless, some things are meant to be AFK... their too "rich" for silicon "chips". Sorry Moleskine. I love you nonetheless. Stick to basics... start a writing festival, experiential marketing tour and lace it with all the interactive tech your best & brightest might conjure... just accept the certain simplicity of the following statement: Paper has no network connection. (Hack me now.) OR roll in some next-gen encryption technology like LLE™ (Logic Lock Encryption™) to keep those ideas safe. Look ~ it takes a village to raise a child. My point? Ideas are my children. So, it should take a village to raise them. Yet, most people lock their (ideas) in an intellectual basement & wonder why they turn out like monsters. I think, believe, feel & know you cannot "own" a child... you simply love & nurture it... welcoming others into its life who share my morals, & ethics. The web is no place for my baby.

Awwww. Dad Makes His Goth Girl Feel At Home In This Charming Home Improvement Ad

Yelling at that girl and cramming her into pastels wouldn't make her like everyone else, it would make her a miserable kid in pastels who isn't even taken seriously or allowed to express herself. The dad is saying "I accept you." Believe me when I say that's what a kid needs. I say that as someone whose mother threw out her "dark" music, pushed pastels onto her, and became even more suicidal. I wear Lilly Pulitzer and J Crew now, after years of therapy.

Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests

"The more similar [they were] across all of these function words, the higher the probability that [they] would go on a date in a speed dating context," Pennebaker says. "And this is even cooler: We can even look at ... a young dating couple... [and] the more similar [they] are ... using this language style matching metric, the more likely [they] will still be dating three months from now."

34 How to teach a young introvert

One thing I think that educators should bear in mind: we allow adults all kinds of flexibility in terms of what kind of social life they want. Adults who have two or three friends, no one thinks twice about it. But we don’t allow children the same degree of flexibility. I often ask people to imagine their next big, milestone birthday and to think how they would want to celebrate it. Some people want to celebrate with a big bash full of friends, and other people would rather just go out with family or a couple of close friends. But think about what we expect children to do for their birthday parties. We expect them to invite the whole class, and make it this big, uproarious affair. I get letters from parents all the time, saying, “We invited the whole class over for the birthday, and my child seemed happy for the first 15 minutes, and then she went to her room and wouldn’t come out.” What I’d say is: celebrate the way the kid wants to celebrate. Don’t give the kid the idea that there’s only one way to do it.

Tech Elites Aren’t Ruining Burning Man. They Get Their Hands Dirty, Too. | TechCrunch

Don’t believe the hate. While it’s a juicy narrative that rich people spoil everything the common folk hold dear, there are plenty of tech bigwigs at Burning Man that work hard to contribute and embody the event’s ideals of inclusion. And the thing is, what they do has little impact on Burning Man as a whole. Whether they’re secluded in forts of cushy tour buses like The New York Times’ Nick Bilton rails, or they’re cooking food and giving it away to total strangers as I’ve seen in my six trips to the desert, you probably won’t notice. It’s a massive ad hoc city where your experience is what you make of it , so there’s no need to worry about how the upper crust burns.

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Chattanooga's Gig: how one city's super-fast internet is driving a tech boom

The city is one of the only places on Earth with internet as fast as 1 gigabit per second – about 50 times faster than the US average. Despite Big Cable’s attempt to block the Gig’s expansion plans, money keeps flowing into Chattanooga

The Psychology Behind Social Media Interactions

Social media facilitates a virtual form of interaction. The term ‘virtual’ is used to describe things that are not real, but which take on the important qualities of the real. When playing a computer war game, for example, we can experience excitement, frustration and tension, but we can never be injured. In fact, the creators of virtual war games argue that the virtual experience is better than the real one, because the dangers connected to the real experience are removed. In the same way, interactions via social media make visitors feel connected without the difficulties and complexities involved in face-to-face interactions. Compared to interactions with computers, interactions with human counterparts require more emotional involvement, cognitive effort and brain activation. When we are not in the mood to exercise these resources, we too often choose the easier, virtual option.

16 Books to Read Before the Movie Versions Come Out

Books are the prequel to countless up and coming major films these days. Rather than waiting for the movie to come out, refresh your reading list ahead of time, and you'll be first in line to say that the book was better when it comes out.

11 Student Confessions About the First Day of School

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Could 2015 Finally Be the Wii U's Year?

Let's face it, it's been a tough two years for the Wii U. But fans of the console may finally be rewarded this holiday and into 2015 — Nintendo confirmed in a tweet Monday that some of its biggest franchises would come to Wii U in 2015.

9 Nearly Worthless Gadgets You're Hanging Onto for Dear Life

You can't put a price on childhood memories, which explains why most of your favorite toys and gadgets from childhood aren't worth squat.

The Secret Service wants software that detects social media sarcasm. Yeah, sure it will work.

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The latest iPhone 6 leak assembles parts into the best video yet

There's been no  shortage of parts leaks and even "leaked" iPhones assembled from various parts on the internet in the past few weeks. But the latest leak of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, from Russian YouTube user Rozetked, might just be the best we've seen so far. As the camera slowly pans over the assembled device, you can get a clear look at the curved edges, large antenna bands, and relocated power button. As  9to5Mac notes, you can also get a (brief) look at the white front panel and compare the space-gray color to the iPhone 5S (spoiler: the colors look very similar.)

Should You Click on Those Hacked Nude Celeb Photos? A Flowchart

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Facebook’s Report Abuse button has become a tool of global oppression

Trang still isn't angry at Facebook for the troubles. She says that "without Facebook there would be almost no dissident groups in Vietnam." But she also has a few specific changes in mind: add more review to the Report Abuse process, require more background on users who report, and institute penalties for anyone making a report that's found to be phony. They're simple changes, but spread across a billion users, they could have a huge effect. It would be a messier Facebook, with more freedom for activists and more freedom for hostile groups too. The bigger question is whether, three years after the Arab Spring, Facebook is willing to loosen its restrictions, and whether vulnerable bloggers can survive if it doesn’t. "I just want Facebook to help these people," Trang says. "This is a fight for democracy in Vietnam."

The Verge's Back To School Guide 2014

Though Jessica Calvanico, 28, has been out of school for five years, this fall she returns to class. In September, she relocates from New York to California, where she’ll pursue a PhD in feminist studies from UC Santa Cruz. Despite not being a recent student, she's remained familiar with the classroom, teaching undergrad students the past few years. She’s got her study and relaxation rituals down pat: coffee and “listening to the same song on repeat” for the former, and a good comic book or graphic novel for the latter. She swears by paper note-taking, but relies on tools like recorders, microphones, and her iPad to conduct the fieldwork that’s a key part of her research.

75% Of Ikea’s Catalog Is Computer Generated Imagery

Ikea has made the shift to a majority-CG catalog in just eight years, and it seems that a decent chunk of that 25% holdout consists of creative set pieces that aren't part of Ikea's stock, though even some of that has been going digital, too. The company credits a cross-discipline approach to the quick transition. In the early days of CG at Ikea, the CG artists learned studio photography, and the photographers on staff learned 3-D rendering software. A sensitivity to real-world conditions grounds what could be cold, lifeless computer-based imagery.

Ifinity Unveils Battery-Less Beacon Tech | TechCrunch

Innovation in the beacon space — the micro-location technology that lets your smartphone trigger events based on how close you are to a beacon transmitter — doesn’t seems to be letting up any time soon. Polish startup Ifinity appears to be well on its way to solving one of the potential headaches of beacons: the need to periodically replace each transmitter’s battery. To do this it’s developed battery-less beacon tech that uses ambient electromagnetic waves.

Eric Cantor to Join Wall Street Investment Bank

Eric Cantor plans to join boutique investment bank Moelis & Co., as the recently defeated House majority leader embarks on a new career on Wall Street.

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