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Smart city success requires road maps, not free association

Governments overwhelmed with the endless choices for smart city projects need to take a breath and plan ahead, not opt for every choice at the buffet.

This might be the last Microsoft Nokia phone

Say hello (or goodbye) to the Nokia 216.

Download macOS Sierra now for ultimate Mac upgrade | Cult of Mac

Apple today released its big macOS 10.12 Sierra update, bringing Apple Pay for the web, Siri integration, an improved Messages app, and lots more. All comp

MIT researchers have figured out a way to detect emotions by using wireless signals

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created a way of detecting emotions using wireless signals.

Team of hackers take remote control of Tesla Model S from 12 miles away

Chinese researchers were able to interfere with the car’s brakes, door locks and other electronic features, demonstrating an attack that could cause havoc

Got a hot body? Now you can charge your device

A new research project from North Carolina State University has shown a possible way to charge wearables without having to take them off everyday.

How Amazon’s robots squeeze out mom-and-pop shops

Today in

Boyfriend tries his best to ruin his girlfriend's Snap Story

Patience of a saint or the straw that broke the camel's back?

Opera's browser comes with a free VPN service baked right in

Opera has updated its desktop browser with a handy feature to keep you safe on the Web: a free built-in VPN service that you can turn on with just a click.

Can you tell if this ad is pro-Hillary or pro-Donald?

Consider this your political Rorschach test. 

AT&T Labs unveils wireless broadband over power lines

AT&T Labs unveiled a project to deliver ultra-fast wireless broadband over power lines which could drastically extend global wireless web access.

The hamdog just flew out of your meat-filled dreams and into reality

Never choose again.

Man perfectly demonstrates how to not act in front of a bear

Do not feed the bears.

Volkswagen building new unit to protect autonomous cars

Volkswagen and three Israeli cybersecurity experts established a new automotive cybersecurity firm on Wednesday, called CYMOTIVE Technologies.

Elizabeth Warren calls Wells Fargo CEO “gutless” for not returning $200 million he made from “this scam”

Today was not a good day for Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, who testified in Congress about the bank's recent scandal invo

Brexit muddies waters for UK IoT firms selling into Europe

The Brexit, or Britain's plan to exit the EU, is creating uncertainty for U.K. Internet of Things (IoT) statups looking to sell gadgets in Europe.

Finally, we know how much money Krusty Burger would rake in

This detailed infographic tackles the one question you've always entertained while watching The Simpsons:

Consumers' group wants Uber to publicize self-driving tests

Nonprofit public interest group Consumer Watchdog has called on ride-hailing giant Uber to publicize self-driving tests in Pittsburgh.

Guy makes his cat a fancy gourmet meal better than your dinner

If only we were a cat and had this human.

Alexa gets more skilled every week and looks toward Europe

Amazon voice recognition platform, Alexa, has reached 3,000 skills. The e-commerce giant plans to bring the products, including the Echo, to Europe.

How to use Siri in macOS Sierra

A look at using the Apple's virtual assistant on the Mac. It's a lot like Siri for iOS.

Local Motors greenlights self-driving 3D-printed car

Local Motors and Mouser Electronics have chosen the winner of the Essence of Autonomy challenge, which calls on designers to create a self-driving car.

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macOS Sierra on the Mac App Store

Siri makes its debut on Mac, with new features designed just for the desktop. Your Mac works with iCloud and your Apple devices in smart new ways, and intelligent capabilities make your photos, music, and messaging even more enjoyable.

 Get things done by asking Siri, the intelligent assistant now on your Mac. • Enjoy your favorite features from iOS as well as new ones optimized for Mac. • Send messages, create reminders, search the web, and more while you work. • Drag and drop or copy and paste Siri results into your documents. • Pin Siri results in Notification Center and reference them later. • Find files, adjust settings, and get system information just by asking Siri.

 Copy and paste between your devices with Universal Clipboard. • Copy a quote, image, or video from an app on one device and paste it into an app on another device. Automatically log in with Auto Unlock. • Log in to your Mac automatically when you wear your Apple Watch — no need to type your password. Enjoy the convenience and security of Apple Pay when you shop on the web. • Use Apple Pay to make easy, secure payments when shopping in Safari on your Mac.

Samsung's replacement Galaxy Note 7s will be in stores tomorrow

Early this month, Samsung recalled every Galaxy Note 7 sold around the world over a manufacturing malfunction that causes some devices to overheat, catch fire and even explode. The recall affects 2.5 million phones globally, and Samsung has received at least 92 reports of batteries overheating in the US alone. The Consumer Product Safety Commission officially recalled the Galaxy Note 7 on September 15th. The Federal Aviation Administration and New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority have also warned against traveling with the phones.

All the New Features for Your Mac

Another feature included on MacOS Sierra is a universal clipboard. Now, you’ll be able to copy text, videos, images, and anything else on your iPhone or iPad, and you can then paste it into your MacOS device. The universal copy and paste button is available in the top bar on MacOS and makes transferring information between two Apple devices (such as the directions to a local restaurant) faster than ever before. Now, you can finally stop mailing yourself links or directions.

Here's how small the North Korean Internet is

So, here’s how we got this unprecedented look into the North Korean web.  Today at 10PM local time, one of North Korea’s top-level nameservers (which is used to map domain names to IP addresses) was incorrectly configured to allow global DNS zone transfers.

Apple's macOS Sierra is now available for download

In addition to the aforementioned virtual assistant hitting the desktop, the free update includes features like a universal clipboard, revamped Messages, a storage optimization tool, Apple Pay on the web and more tabs... lots of tabs. For a full rundown of the new features and our detailed impressions, consult out full review right here .

Facebook—Definitely Not a Media Company—Will Broadcast the Presidential Debates

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make one thing absolutely clear: “[Facebook is] a tech company, not a media company .” That may or may not explain why Facebook is partnering with one of the largest news organizations in America to cover three of the biggest nights in television history .

Microsoft Announces Nokia Dumb Phone

And as far as dumb phones go, this one is pretty basic. It has a 2.4-inch QVGA screen, a 0.3 Megapixel camera on the front and back (so you can take selfies, but terrible selfies), and is only 2.5G. It comes in single and dual-SIM varieties and three colors. It’s all very 2004.

Microsoft announces $40 billion buyback

Microsoft announces $40 billion buyback The tech giant also said it would boost its dividend to 39 cents from 36 cents. Check out this story on

Apple updates iWork for Mac, adding real-time collaboration beta to Pages, Numbers & Keynote

Alongside Tuesday's release of macOS 10.12 Sierra, Apple also issued an update for its iWork trio of apps for Mac, adding real-time collaboration with users on iPhone, iPad, and

Instagram's drafts feature is finally open to everyone

It's a small update, but an extremely useful (and long overdue) one. Previously, the app didn't provide a way for users to easily save posts to work on later. The feature will also likely be a welcome update to those who manage multiple accounts or oversee a professional account as they can now queue up several posts at once.

Donald Trump Jr. stole a refugee's photo for his anti-refugee meme

What's more, Kittos, who currently lives in Guildford, a small city about 30 miles southwest of London, is himself a refugee and he obviously wasn't happy about Trump Jr. using the photo without permission in a way that disparages refugees, saying, "I don't support his politics and I would never take his money to use it."

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

There's a more powerful GPU in the new phones, too. Apple's phones have always felt fast out of the box, and initially, it's hard to tell the difference between the 6s and the 7 series. (It's much easier to tell the difference between the 6 and the 7, as the 7 is twice as fast at heavy tasks like video exporting.) But differences begin to crop up when playing high-end games. In Riptide GP Renegades, for instance, you see deeper reflections in the water on the iPhone 7 series (at right) than on the 6s (at left), as shown below. These differences will come out more clearly as new applications take better advantage of the new processor.

Scientists Finally Figured Out Why Tardigrades Are So Indestructible

Tardigrades, also known as “water bears,” are microscopic animals capable of withstanding some of the most severe environmental conditions. Researchers from Japan have now created the most accurate picture yet of the tardigrade genome, revealing the neat tricks it uses to stay alive.

Americans Waste $2.1 Billion a Year on Premium Gas

Do you put premium gasoline in your car? You’re probably wasting your money. A new study by AAA found that 16.5 million Americans had filled up their cars with premium gas unnecessarily in the past year. That’s $2.1 billion, completely wasted.

Donald Trump's TelePrompter Is Trying To Tell Us Something

When the robot uprising happens, I don’t know which side Donald Trump’s TelePrompter will be on. But I can’t help but think that at the very least Trump’s TelePrompter is currently trying to tell us something. This photo was taken earlier today at a rally in North Carolina.

Home 3D Printing 'Just Not There Yet' Admits MakerBot

MakerBot was going to change the world. It was going to bring 3D-printing, long a product limited to designer offices and workshops, into the home (or at least the garage). But earlier today, under a veil of marketing speak and glitzy videos, the company announced a new focus on commercial—not consumer—products, and in so doing, finally admitted what we’ve all known for a while. No one really wants a 3D printer in their house.


The technology could widen the potential reach of AT&T, empowering the company to deliver service in rural areas outside of its geographic territory and even overseas. That means more people could get access to the super-fast internet necessary for streaming 4K video on Netflix or chatting via FaceTime.

Dark Sky’s Pretty Weather App Is Now a Pretty Weather Site

The Dark Sky site, for instance, shows microclimates in fine detail; zoom in on the Grand Canyon, and you can see how the temperature changes as you descend. That’s a feature that may wind up in the Dark Sky app someday, but for now, the site gives developers a sandbox to play in. The differences work the other way as well. The Dark Sky app is known for its notifications, which you won’t find on the web. They’re less reliable there, locations harder to pin down. Best leave them to smartphones.

Samsung Pay now lets you buy things using your retina

Samsung has just pushed a relatively large update to its mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay . The upgrade brings a handful of much-requested new features to the application, including the facility to pay for goods using your retina on the Galaxy Note 7 .

Forbes Welcome


Music industry heads towards recovery on streaming services like Spotify & Apple Music

U.S. music sales grew 8.1 percent to $3.4 billion in the first half of 2016, largely on the back of streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, according to industry data published on Tuesday.

What you love about Google Search — now for Drive

Posted by Josh Smith, Product Manager (Cross-posted on the Google Drive Blog) Innovation is critical for business success, so we're constantly trying to build tools that enable our customers to do more. Starting today, you can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other new and improved features in Drive search on web to find files easier and faster. You'll also see a couple of highly-requested Google Docs features that have been added based on your feedback (thank you!). Search faster and with ease Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fancy way of saying “search like you talk.” You can type things like “find my budget spreadsheet from last December” or “show me presentations from Anissa.” Drive will understand what you mean and give you the option to click for those specific search results. Drive NLP will get better with each query — so keep on searching. ;) Get help with speling — er, spelling When you're trying to find a doc fast, it's easy for typos to slip into your search. Drive now has a new autocorrect feature that suggests corrections to misspelled search terms — which can really help when your brain is moving faster than your fingers.

iOS integration and Siri aren't enough to perk up MacOS

Siri was slow when we first tried it in the beta version of MacOS, but it’s made great strides since then. Our test system, an aging MacBook Air from 2012 with a Core i5 processor, had little trouble keeping up with our voice input. It also recognized our voice input well, only occasionally missing quick, simple words (for example, Siri usually recognized “jig” as “J”). Chances are that if your system can be updated to MacOS Sierra, it’s probably fast enough to run Siri without issue.

SanDisk’s 1TB SD card has more storage than my computer

How Siri works on a Mac: Sierra OS review

How Siri works on a Mac: Sierra OS review Siri, Universal Clipboard and better ways to manage storage, highlight the macOS Sierra upgrade. Check out this story on

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's Interstellar Journey Goes Awry in the First Trailer for Passengers

Passengers tells the story of two people who mysteriously wake up from hibernation on a spaceship that still has 90 years left on its journey. From there, things go from bad to worse.

Google’s New Vacation App Was 280 Years in the Making

This week, Google unveiled a smartphone app that helps you plan your vacations. It’s called Trips , and among other things, it will automatically plan sightseeing trips through the world’s big cities. You tell it you’ll be in Paris for eight hours, and it maps out a path from one notable sight to another, giving you just enough time to enjoy one before moving to the next. It does this with two things: scads of online data showing sightseeing visits by others in the past, and Euler’s Geometry of Place.

'Erin Brockovich' chemical found in more than 200 million Americans' tap water

Over 75 percent of the water samples contained levels of chromium-6 above 0.02 parts per billion. That’s the threshold at or below which California state scientists say chromium-6 would pose a "negligible" cancer risk over a lifetime of consumption.

A Michael Jordan cardboard cutout meant everything to one young fan

Irene Liiao of Manhasset, New York, shared her third grade obsession with basketball legend Michael Jordan on twitter yesterday. Apparently, the Chicago Bulls great meant a great deal to the young Liiao, but she couldn't spend all her time around the real deal. So she found a cardboard solution.

After mastering EVs, Renault circles back to explore hybrids

“We’ve already got an affordable, purpose-designed EV; a lot of our competitors haven’t even gotten to that point yet. Now we’re circling back and exploring other forms of electrification. We’re starting with a mild hybrid, but we’re toying with the idea of introducing a plug-in system further down the road,” affirmed a spokesman for the company.

This ingenious Netflix hack saves you 6 minutes for each hour watched

Canon makes big strides with its fast-focusing mirrorless M5

Unlike Panasonic and Sony models in the same price range, it lacks 4K video and makes do with 1080p, 60fps shooting instead. The DSLR-like body style is not its strong point either, compared to nicer-looking options from Fujifilm and Olympus. Still, it should appeal to Canon owners, who can use their existing lenses with an optional adapter, and it's interesting enough to at least give mirrorless buyers pause. However, Canon is going to need to advance its mirrorless program, stat, or it risks staying behind fast-advancing rivals.

Make Little Japanese Omelets in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

Tamagoyaki—those sweet little Japanese omelets—are traditionally made by rolling thin layers of egg on top of each other into dense stacks. They’re delicious, but challenging, and Yuji Haraguchi of Okonomi has developed a way to make the tasty yellow squares in an oven.

Christopher Darden says he's guilty...of hooking up with Marcia Clark

After American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson made attorneys Christopher Darden and Marcia Clark's possible relationship the hottest gossip of 2016 — sorry Hiddleswift — Darden has finally admitted that he and Clark hooked up.

Self-driving car guidelines are a huge step in getting autonomous vehicles on the road

Perhaps most interestingly, the document goes into the ethical considerations of self-driving cars. It provides an example where a car is double parked on a two-lane road. Should the autonomous car overtake in the oncoming traffic lane if it deems it safe, or should the car request for its human occupants to take over?

Teva using wearables to monitor Huntington's disease

Teva and Intel want to analyze the disease in its mid-stage, when patients start to show more visible signs of Huntington’s. Patients will be asked to wear a smartwatch and connect it to a smartphone, which will send data back to Intel’s cloud platform.

This is how Oracle lured top-flight programmers away from Amazon and Microsoft to build its next big thing

This is how Oracle lured top-flight programmers away from Amazon and Microsoft to build its next big thing

6 other couples that will restore your faith in a post-Brangelina world

From "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" to "Drunk in Love" to the entirety of Lemonade , Sean " Jay-Z " Carter and Beyoncé Knowles Carter's relationship has provided us all with classic anthems during trying times. When they're not on tour together or hanging out with daughter Blue Ivy, they're usually slaying any and every red carpet. They met when Beyonce was 18 years old, and over the years the two musicians have given us more of a peek into their personal lives. Despite any rumors of infidelity that Bey's latest album suggested, it seems the two are crazy in love with no intention of ever letting us down.

Eying Nest, Canary Launches An Outdoor Security Camera Aimed At Businesses

The announcement comes months after Nest debuted its own $199 outside camera. While Canary’s new product may look like a tagalong, founder Adam Sager says his company had been working on the Flex for years before he knew about the latest addition to the Nest family. Canary has been called a formidable competitor to Nest, but up until today there hasn’t been much differentiating the two products in the eyes of many reviewers. To pull itself out of Nest’s shadow, the company is focusing intently on security, rather than on being a more general-purpose internet-connected webcam.

Artist turns dead cat into beautiful thousand dollar handbag

Seven years ago , New Zealand artist Claire Hobbs found a dead cat on a nearby road. After storing the cat in the freezer and searching through missing pets ads for three months, Hobbs decided she could put the cat's body to good use — and converted the dead kitty into a beautiful handbag. And now, she has now decided to sell it.

Explaining to your children that Brad and Angelina are getting a divorce

Even if you suspect that it is your child's fault (because they were too young to see By The Sea in theaters during its opening weekend, and you believe that if the film had stronger box office success, then the fault lines would have never formed in Brad and Angie's otherwise rock-solid relationship and there'd be no reason to end the marriage), do not say this to them. Instead, explain that this is a decision that two incredibly famous people are making themselves.

Human's wireless headphones grab onto your ears and don't use a headband

Like a handful of other headphone companies, Human’s goal is putting a computer on your ear. It is launching Sound with three modes: Social, which lets you daisy-chain a bunch of Sounds together so you and your friends can listen to the same thing simultaneously, silent disco-style. Amplify mode is the loudspeaker trick. With Fade mode, you can control the sound of the world around you, so you can hear your music and traffic at once. Human also is working on automatic translation, voice control, and more. So is Doppler Labs, Bragi, and others. What’s different about Human is that its headphones don’t look like headphones. They look like … oh, never mind. You get it.

Bridal party carried adoptable puppies instead of bouquets

According to Logan, they also calmed nerves and made the photos look more natural. "While photographing six rambunctious puppies definitely brought an added challenge, it also caused the bridal party to be more at ease," she told Mashable.

Nikon's $500 360-degree action cam aims to bring VR to the masses

The camera is set to arrive in October, and it’ll set you back $500. While a bit more expensive than Samsung’s ‘Gear 360,’ the impressive specs of Nikon’s VR-ready camera certainly make it worth spending a few extra dollars. While Nikon didn’t spend a lot of time on camera specs, we do know that it’s capable of 4k video recording, NFC, WiFi and features an entirely waterproof design. The KeyMission 360 comes with two 20-megapixel (1/2.3-inch) sensors, electronic image stabilization, in-camera footage stitching and a swappable battery.

Hackaday SuperConference 2016

SuperCon 2016 will take place November 5th and 6th (2016) in Pasadena, CA. Talks and workshops will cover hardware, engineering, creativity in technical design, product design, prototyping (and more) and will be set against a backdrop of a new creative space, the Supplyframe DesignLab. We will also be utilizing the Los Angeles College of Music, right next door!

GoPro's Hero5 cameras are cloud-connected and natively waterproof

In addition to the GoPro Hero5, there's also the Hero5 Session. The refined tiny cube cam does 4K recording at 30 fps and 10-megapixel pictures. Similar to the top-of-the-line Hero5, the latest Session is also natively waterproof and offers support for voice commands -- like "GoPro, start recording." Most importantly, both the Hero5 and Hero5 Session are now cloud-connected , meaning they can auto-upload photos and video to an account when the camera is charging.

TechRepublic on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Secret Lab Where Nike Invented the Power-Lacing Shoe of Our Dreams

Hatfield, Parker, and an army of designers, engineers, and data scientists were listening. And after 28 years of brainstorming and 11 years of R&D, after many false starts, delays, and blown deadlines, after the vanquishing of internal skepticism, after innumerable prototypes, iterations, and redesigns, Nike’s automatic electronic self-lacing shoe is scheduled to ship to stores this holiday season. The company is calling the technology “adaptive fit,” and the sneaker is the HyperAdapt 1.0—each shoe has a sensor, battery, motor, and cable system that adjusts fit based on an algorithmic pressure equation. When a foot is inserted, the shoe tightens automatically until it senses friction points. There are a pair of buttons near the tongue to adjust fit as needed. That such high tech shoes, with a likely (though still TBD) high price tag to match, would be desirable in a country that spends billions a year on sneakers was almost taken for granted. That Hatfield, now Nike’s vice president of creative concepts and probably the world’s most celebrated designer of shoes, a human icon inside a corporate one, would lead the team behind them was only expected.

Jared Leto will play Andy Warhol in a biopic written by Terence Winter

Sonic Mania looks like it could be a return to form for the beleaguered series, and much of that has to do with its retro style: it may be launching in 2017, but it looks like the classic Sonic many of us grew up with. Sega is hoping to capitalize...

Where We Will Grow Food After We Scorch the Earth

The eastern US, which grows much of the world’s corn and wheat, is going to be hit hard over this century. Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of South America are also going to see falling crop yields. In the world’s northern latitudes, however, there is actually going to be a bump in production, as hotter temperatures either increase yields or make it possible to grow crops in areas where it was previously too cold. The researchers predicted that both central Russia and Canada would see significant gains.

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