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Forget single platform iMessage: Google releases Allo smart messaging app for Android and iOS | ZDNet

Most of the smartphone world is divided into Android and iOS users with many iOS users sticking with the platform to continue using iMessage with family and friends. Google's offering a cross platform messaging app for all.

Nike's self-lacing sneakers finally go on sale November 28th

Nike has finally announced when it will begin selling its self-lacing sneakers inspired by the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to The Future II. According to a tweet from the company's Heidi...

Netflix wants its streaming catalog to be 50% original content in the next few years

Netflix CFO David Wells made the announcement at Goldman Sachs' Communacopia conference Tuesday, reports Variety. The co

Hackers were able to remotely control a moving Tesla Model S

But the exploit they used has already been patched.

AT&T Labs unveils wireless broadband over power lines

AT&T Labs unveiled a project to deliver ultra-fast wireless broadband over power lines which could drastically extend global wireless web access.

Opera's free VPN is now available in its main desktop browser

VPNs or virtual private networks are services that reroute your traffic through different countries. They're good if you want a little more anonymity or are trying to find your way around...

Local Motors greenlights self-driving 3D-printed car

Local Motors and Mouser Electronics have chosen the winner of the Essence of Autonomy challenge, which calls on designers to create a self-driving car.

Netflix wants its streaming catalog to be 50% original content in the next few years

Netflix CFO David Wells made the announcement at Goldman Sachs's Communacopia conference Tuesday, reports Variety. The c

Social Cues: International Day of Peace? Not on Twitter

A spate of fatal police shootings keeps protesters calling for justice on social media.

Sega harnesses nostalgia to sell you 'Sonic Mania'

Welcome to the next level.

iPhone 7 review: Its speed and camera are crazy-good, but it still drives me crazy

The A10 Fusion chip screams. The camera takes great photos with no effort. But the iPhone 7's missing headphone jack has made my life a little harder, and that's too bad.

YouTube enlists volunteers to moderate its site via a new “YouTube Heroes” program

Earlier this month, YouTube launched its own social network of sorts with the debut of YouTube Community; now it's enlisting help from viewers to help..

Apple was so impressed by this Canadian doctor’s YouTube videos that they hired him

Dr. Mike Evans, a doctor best known for his YouTube videos that explain common medical problems, has joined Apple's 

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Twitter to livestream general election debates with Bloomberg Media

"We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Twitter to include our coverage of the U.S. presidential debates during this unprecedented and remarkable U.S. election," Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith said in a statement. "Bloomberg’s non-partisan political coverage stands out from the crowd for its independence and quality."

Tumblr is the first place you can see Apple's Live Photos on the web

But will this move help Live Photos spread beyond mobile? It seems unlikely. While it's certainly good of Tumblr to add support (the site was also the first company to make Live Photos available on its iOS app), it's not clear if the format is a good fit for the web. Holding down a button to play a Live Photo is annoying when you're using to autoplaying GIFs and videos, and the little spool of footage isn't as smooth as the animation produced by, say,  Google's Motion Stills (which also exports regular GIFs). Still, having support is better than not, we just wish Apple had offered this from the beginning.

Hands-on with the new Photos features in macOS Sierra and iOS 10

The initial process can take some time. In iOS 10 on an iPhone 6s, a library synced from iCloud with almost 27,000 low-res “optimized” images took almost an entire day to process. And, wow, your iOS device may get very hot due to the computation involved; it also likely won’t charge, but will stay at the same battery level or even decrease. After the initial process, new images added to your library can be scanned in seconds. In macOS Sierra, it worked for me in betas and the release version, but stalled at times. Some readers report stalls on Sierra’s release day; there’s no way to intervene and force it to restart.

Supercar maker McLaren says not in discussion with Apple

Reports have suggested that Apple, which had no immediate response to the Financial Times story, is working on a self-driving car. The iPhone maker has hired dozens of automotive experts over the past year and is exploring making charging stations for electric cars. Apple also invested $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing earlier this year.

Microsoft Plans $40 Billion Stock Buyback and Raises Dividend

This year’s increase, to 39 cents per quarter, from 36 cents, raises Microsoft’s dividend yield to 2.7% from 2.3%. The dividend is payable Dec. 8 to shareholders of record Nov. 17. Microsoft, based in Redmond, Wash., enjoyed torrid revenue growth in the 1990s fueled by the spread of personal computers. After its growth slowed, the company began offering increasingly generous dividends as well as buybacks. The latter tactic tends to prop up a company’s stock price by reducing total shares outstanding, thereby increasing earnings per share.

14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros : Social Media Examiner

You can make changes at the global level in terms of your logo , images or branding , as well as at the image level , but the overall layout, spacing, and sizing is pre-determined, hence it’s “automated.” No need to fiddle with font sizes, spacing or positioning. The templates and layouts adjust automatically for you. Hundreds of images are at your fingertips if you use Relay’s Batch Imaging functionality.

Tesla is about to start rolling out its biggest software update ever

Musk said Tesla has improved the accuracy of Autopilot by making more use of the radar sensor on Tesla vehicles. Until now, the radar sensor has been a supplementary sensor, but now it will play a greater role in determining whether an object is a danger. The camera and imaging-processing system that currently powers the semiautonomous system will still be used, but the data collected by the radar will carry more weight when deciding how the car should react when in Autopilot.

North Korea's Internet Only Has 28 Websites But They Sure Are Sweet

North Korea is something of a locked box to the rest of the world, and even one of the handiest apparatuses through which you can glimpse cultural habits—the internet—is largely inaccessible to anyone outside the country. Thanks to what appears to be an accidental reveal, however, we can now peek inside North Korea’s internet tubes .

Apple is in talks with McLaren for a potential acquisition, report says

McLaren is a high-technology company focused on high-performance sports cars, automotive products, technology consultancy, and tech businesses. It designs, builds, and operates Formula 1 cars; and road bikes. The company is also engaged in data collection and analysis; simulation and decision support; and high performance design and engineering, and the development and manufacture of electronic control …

Solar Energy Is Cool, But It's Also Gorgeous

Wu used a Phase One 100XF camera for stills and a Canon 5D to make a time-lapse video of the array following the sun, with music composed by Zak Marcom. He even got to drive under the mirrors. “It was like being in a forest of metal and glass,” Wu says. A forest of metal and seen from the sky but best appreciated from the ground.

North Korea accidentally allows world to access its entire internet

GitHub, a source-code hosting site, explained this week: "One of North Korea's top level name servers was accidentally configured to allow global [Domain Name System] transfers. This allows anyone who performs [a zone transfer request] to the country's name server to get a copy of the nation's top level DNS data."

Gametime raises $20 million for last-minute sports tickets

Griffith got the idea for the company a while ago, when he and his brother were trying to buy last-minute tickets for a San Francisco Giants game. They were at a bar and realized they had to print the tickets. They talked to the bartender and got permission to go to the office and print the tickets. But they accidentally printed in color, so the process took extra time, even though all they really needed was a barcode or QR code. After all that, they arrived late to the ballpark. To solve this problem, they decided to create an app, and Griffith founded Gametime in 2012.

13 Google Allo's generic auto-replies can't handle life's tough conversations

It's not a perfect experiment -- after all, I'm not talking to a bot per se, just to myself using bot-generated phrases, but the results were interesting. A few of Smart Reply's meaningless and circular responses quelled any previous fears I had that Google would succeed in replacing genuine human interaction as we know it. But in some ways, Allo impressed me with its measured responses to potentially disastrous situations. Let's just say that all in all, Smart Reply isn't any better (or worse) at handling your life than you are.

Ancient Skeleton Uncovered at the Antikythera Shipwreck

Marine archaeologists have found the partial remains of a 2,000-year-old skeleton while conducting an excavation at the Antikythera shipwreck, the famous site that yielded the freakishly-advanced Antikythera Mechanism. Incredibly, the ancient remains could still contain traces of DNA.

Music industry is finally making money from streaming (even if artists aren't)

But the music industry's problems aren't entirely over. Users still overwhelmingly prefer their music to be ad-supported on streaming services, rather than paying a monthly subscription.

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature

The version of Allo  rolling out today will store all non-incognito messages by default — a clear change from Google’s earlier statements that the app would only store messages transiently and in non-identifiable form. The records will now persist until the user actively deletes them, giving Google default access to a full history of conversations in the app. Users can also avoid the logging by using Allo’s Incognito Mode, which is still fully end-to-end encrypted and unchanged from the initial announcement.

Tinder's iMessage app involves swiping but not dating

Instead, Tinder has launched what's actually a pretty neat little voting tool, called Tinder Stacks. The app lets you choose a bunch of pictures and send them, as if in a stack of photos, to everyone in your iMessage conversation. Recipients will then be able to swipe left and right on the photos to indicate whether they're into them or not. As voting happens, the sender will be able to see how many likes and skips each image received.

Hackaday SuperConference 2016

SuperCon 2016 will take place November 5th and 6th (2016) in Pasadena, CA. Talks and workshops will cover hardware, engineering, creativity in technical design, product design, prototyping (and more) and will be set against a backdrop of a new creative space, the Supplyframe DesignLab. We will also be utilizing the Los Angeles College of Music, right next door!

What It’s Like to Shoot With the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple lent Lowy the phone so he could put it through its paces. He had some criticisms, among them the device’s mischievous habit of turning things pink or brown through underexposure and—even more annoying—zooming in when you’re trying to use the exposure slider. The controls are too close.

Troops raises $7 million for its Salesforce-powered bot

Troops, a bot that lets you speak with your Salesforce data, announced the end of a $7 million funding round today, and that the bot is now available to the public. Until today, Troops had been a private beta testing with about 350 companies.

Twitter to livestream general election debates with Bloomberg Media

"We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Twitter to include our coverage of the U.S. presidential debates during this unprecedented and remarkable U.S. election," Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith said in a statement. "Bloomberg’s non-partisan political coverage stands out from the crowd for its independence and quality."

Fitness trackers can backfire when it comes to weight loss

Weight loss is complicated. A glance at the study data suggests that there was actually little difference in how much the two groups ate or exercised, but this is impossible. The difference makes sense once you realize people reported their own results — a method that is notoriously inaccurate. When it comes to the trackers, it’s possible that people who use these devices get a false sense of security, Jakicic says. They think it’ll solve all their problems, so they pay less attention to how much or what they eat. And everyone likes novelty, so it’s common for people with a new device to get “tunnel vision” and focus on that instead of on the counseling or dieting, says Sherry Pagoto, a professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Here's how much the iPhone 7 costs to make | ZDNet

"Total BOM costs for the iPhone 7 are more in line with what we have seen in teardowns of recent flagship phones from Apple's main competitor, Samsung, in that the costs are higher than in previous iPhone teardown analyses," said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost benchmarking services for IHS Markit. "All other things being equal, Apple still makes more margin from hardware than Samsung, but materials costs are higher than in the past."


Michael Kors is releasing a branded Instax camera that isn't so bad looking

I was prepared to hate the look of Michael Kors’ new Instax film camera. I don’t love his style, and after seeing his idea of fashionable smartwatches , I just wanted Michael Kors to take a seat. Designing gadgets isn’t everyone’s calling, you know? But Kors’ new camera isn’t actually so bad. I’m kind of into it after using it for a few days. Yes, it’s gaudy. Yes, it comes with Kors’ signature printed on the back. But it’s also a reliable instant camera that's fun to use, so honestly, who cares how it looks. The Instax Mini 70 is already stylish. At least Kors attempted to innovate on design.

China's 'Heavenly Palace' space station is crashing to earth (in 2017)

China's first space station is expected to burn up in the atmosphere next year. Where's Sandra Bullock when you need her?

Oculus Touch controller price is likely more than you were hoping for

The third Oculus Connect developer conference kicks off October 5, and it's here we expect more details on the Touch controllers, including official pricing and a set release date. We'll be on the ground at OC3, as it's being called, and will bring you the latest on Touch, Rift, and all things Oculus.

Police Accidentally Record Themselves Conspiring to Fabricate Criminal Charges Against Protester

Perhaps it just comes as shocking to have actual audio of this happening. It's easy for police to say, after he has charges, "ok he's a criminal, do you really believe him?" But the increasing amount of audio and video of police behaving badly is showing us a startling truth: the police have broken the law for so long, that were actually accustomed to it, and we see it as no big deal, because it happened to us, too! But you see how wrong that is, right? We should be absolutely infuriated that our children's rights will be violated, and it will be accepted because it's normal!! It is not okay!! And the proof is in the audio and video obtained by people who will also be labeled --except, that's not the police reality any more. They will have to change their ways, or become criminals, themselves. No longer will we stand quietly and take what they offer. They will act appropriately when dealing with those who pay their salaries.

How to think like a hacker

In fact, most of the groups perpetuating today’s cybercrime are not rebellious hackers wearing cool sunglasses and black (a la Neo), fighting to free humanity from the machines or even rebellious teenagers living in their parents’ basement, but rather are typically part of organized crime rings or state-sponsored hacking groups.

Moneyball Could Offer Winning Strategy for Drug Development

Nearly one-third of drugs in development ultimately fail during clinical trials because the side effects are just too severe. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have developed a promising new AI tool that better predicts which drug candidates are likely to be too toxic—and it’s based on the Oakland A’s winning strategy, immortalized in the blockbuster book and movie Moneyball .

Pfizer's Senior Intern Program Is Retiring Office Age Bias

Meet Paul. He's 70 years old, and part of a surprising experiment that brings millennials and baby boomers together in the workplace.


Musical genius turns 'Stranger Things' theme into hip hop mashup gold

Zed claims in his Twitter bio that he only tweets about "hip hop and Stranger Things." You have to admit, he stays on brand.

This Is How Much D'oh "The Simpsons" Businesses Would Be Worth

Created by the team at U.K. small business marketplace Bizdaq , How Much Would The Simpsons Businesses Be Worth In Real Life? crunches the numbers to reveal how much green these yellow people spend. Along with Moe's, the infographic examines Krusty Burger ( "I don't mind the taste!" ), Ned Flanders's Leftorium, the Kwik-E-Mart, and comic book shop The Android's Dungeon. The team at Bizdaq factors in information from the show, such as the number of Krusty Burger restaurants that exist (27) to estimate annual revenue, property value, asset value to arrive at an overall valuation. It's like reading slash fiction between The Simpsons and Shark Tank . Find out which of these going concerns would make Shelbyville the most jealous by sheer profitability below.

Enter to win the Virgin America $1000 Giveaway

Summer is fast fading, which means it’s the perfect time to sneak in one last getaway. You deserve a break, and TNW is hooking up one lucky winner in the Virgin America $1000 Giveaway , featuring flight credits to virtually anywhere you can imagine!

Get certified in Ruby on Rails web development with this crash course

Step up your app-building game in no time with this crash-course training bootcamp, and enjoy 24/7 access to all the material. Learn how to put Ruby on Rails to use for any project, from e-commerce to gaming, as you master prototyping, testing, the in terminal and more.

Tesla Sued Because 'Insane Mode' Isn't Insane Enough

According to 126 Tesla customers, the Model S sedan P85D performance version can eat dirt, because its “insane mode” isn’t as insane as the company claims.

Why A 70-Year-Old Retiree Went Back To Work--As An Intern

"Rule number one: Never lie," said Paul, launching into the next slide. "Here’s a quiz. Say you learn that during clinical trials a prominent new drug is showing some serious side effects for its users. The trials are not completed yet. A reporter has been tipped and calls you for comment . . . What should you say to the reporter? One: ‘It’s none of your business.’ Two: ‘No, the tests are going fine.’ Three: ‘We’re having some issues, but it’s early.’ Four: ‘I’m not in a position to comment right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.’"

Samsung will keep hitting your recalled Galaxy Note 7 with notifications until you return it

Samsung has announced the rollout of a new software update for all variants of the Galaxy Note 7 sold in the United States. The upgrade will display a safety alert on all units subject to  last week’s recall .

Suspected New York City bomber bought components on eBay, feds say

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man accused of planting bombs across New York and New Jersey over the weekend, purchased components for the explosives on eBay, according to a complaint filed this week. The complaint also describes a cell phone video in which Rahami ignites "incendiary material" days before the attack, and claims that the 28-year-old "liked" two jihad-related videos on YouTube.

Why Your Backup Plan Is Holding You Back

People who focus on contingency plans never realize the highest potential of what they otherwise would achieve, adds Tony Sarsam, CEO of Ready Pac Foods , manufacturer of convenience fresh foods. "Providing a backup plan would be similar to a sports team saying they can’t bear the thought of losing so they’ll plan for a tie," he says. "I believe that a company that opens itself up and takes risks will, in the long term, have better growth, be more successful, and will win," Sarsam explains. "This is what drove my approach three years ago in turning Ready Pac Foods around," he adds, "aligning the organization against goals to win, with no other option."

The Week in Mac Apps: Byword 2.7 goes all in with the new macOS Sierra

The app allows you to manipulate ebook content in a variety of ways; for example, you can rescale images and change font sizes, perform powerful searches with tags and advanced filters, and adjust how the text is displayed to make reading it easier. Calibre stores your ebooks online for extra convenience, and can even import news directly from your favorite websites.

CNET on Twitter

A text message changes everything in "Happy this, Congratulations That" by @laurenfoxwriter

18 Quick Tricks for Google Docs

Behind the clean and tidy interface sported by Google’s online office apps , there are all kinds of features and tools you might not yet have stumbled across—and some of them can seriously improve your productivity. Here are 18 of our favorite quick tricks that won’t take long to learn but which will come in handy time and time again.

Tesla Sued by Norway Car Owners as Speed Not Insane Enough

Tesla Motors Inc. customers in Norway are seeking money back from the U.S. electric-car manufacturer, saying their models marketed with an “insane mode” of acceleration didn’t go fast enough.

U.S. cities push for local laws to oversee police surveillance

SEATTLE A number of U.S. cities are introducing proposals to mandate community oversight of police use of digital surveillance technology as evidence mounts that black or poor neighborhoods are being more heavily scrutinized than others, civil rights activists said on Wednesday.

VentureBeat on Twitter

D.light raises $22.5 million to push its solar-powered products into more off-grid communities

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Why would Apple want a piece of racecar maker McLaren and startup Lit Motors? @markgurman explains

11 wireless earbud headphones that aren't the Apple AirPods

If your next phone doesn't have a headphone jack, what are your listening options? CNET's David Carnoy and Justin Yu round up their favorite headphones and devices on both the high and low ends with Mike Sorrentino in this excerpt from Open_Tab. Want to get involved in Open_Tab? We go live on CNET's Livestream and YouTube pages on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. ET, 12:30 p.m. PT and 8:30 p.m. UK. Send in your questions and comments for our show either by dropping a line in the comments of this article, by sending a tweet using #OpenTab, by joining the live chat on Livestream or YouTube during the broadcast or by emailing us at

Google Maps' shining blue beam guides Android users' travels

Google has replaced the tiny Maps arrow on Android with something that can better represent the way you're facing. When you fire up the updated app, you'll now see a blue beam that shines towards your destination like a flashlight. This directional beam can also indicate whether your phone's compass is malfunctioning and directions aren't as accurate as they should be. All you have to keep in mind is that the narrower the beam, the more accurate it is. If you see it widen up, then your phone is having issues.

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55 This Perverted Sex Act Prevents Male Widow Spiders From Getting Cannibalized
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57 AT&T to launch DirecTV Now streaming video service before 2017
58 Go Exchange Your Explodey Galaxy Note 7 Right Now
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60 Mossberg: Apple's new watchOS 3 shows the virtue of starting over
61 The state of 4K gaming: What you need to know, from pricing to performance needs
62 Pokémon chief says Nintendo's NX is both handheld and console
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65 Dark Sky’s Pretty Weather App Is Now a Pretty Weather Site
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67 Comcast confirms plans to launch mobile phone service in 2017
68 Want a new slim PS4? Tesco has the cheapest deal going
69 3 ways social media is warping politics more than ever
70 Identify a Safe Galaxy Note 7 After the Recall By the Green Battery Indicator
71 Windows 10 Settings menu: The Time & language tab
72 Donald Trump Jr. used picture taken by refugee for controversial anti-refugee tweet
73 Speed matters: Does your site need a content delivery network?
74 Microsoft launches Azure regions in Germany out of preview
75 Google weakens Allo chat app privacy promise - BBC News
76 Here's How Google Allo Lets You Message Friends Who Don't Have The App Installed
78 Just kidding: Turns out Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are probably not married
79 Pepperfry raises $31M to expand its online furniture sales business in India
80 New messaging platform Mobilize raises $6.5 million
81 ​First Apple store to open in Korea: Report | ZDNet
82 Climate change poses a major security risk to the U.S. today, intelligence report warns
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86 Zuckerberg Family Fund to Invest $3 Billion in Research Technology
87 Apple in talks on McLaren supercars takeover -