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Tesla races to issue fix after researchers remotely hack its EV

Tesla issued a security update for its cars within 10 days of a report from security researchers who managed to remotely hack a Model S.

YouTube enlists volunteers to moderate its site via a new “YouTube Heroes” program

Earlier this month, YouTube launched its own social network of sorts with the debut of YouTube Community; now it's enlisting help from viewers to help..

Google takes on Siri and WhatsApp with its new Allo messaging app

Google has launched its new Allo messaging app the company first previewed this past May. The Allo app is another conten

Why the World Can’t Quit Dots, the Brilliantly Designed Non-Game

Although the game is three years old, it remains popular and has of late appeared in everything from magazines to promotional videos to fashion shows.

Nike's self-lacing sneakers finally go on sale November 28th

Nike has finally announced when it will begin selling its self-lacing sneakers inspired by the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to The Future II. According to a tweet from the company's Heidi...

Watch three minutes of creative executions in Dishonored 2

There's a new Dishonored on the way, which means a new world to explore, further revelations into the lives of Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, and, of course, more crazy abilities with which to...

GoPro's new cameras look great, but the company's future still lies in software

At first blush, GoPro’s new Hero 5 Black looks a lot different from the Hero 4 cameras. It’s rubbery and it’s chubbier, mostly because it’s now water resistant out of the box — no more bulky...

Today in stop it tech, you're drunk: this smartphone-controlled candle

Prometheus may have stolen fire from the gods, but even he couldn't have pinched the flame from this smartphone-controlled candle. Why? It's password-protected. This is the LuDela — which is a...

Of course machine learning can help you sort cucumbers

Google AI might be years from solving any major problems, but for one cucumber farming family in Japan, the platform has already improved productivity.

Google's car will automatically pull you over for the police

Google’s self-driving cars might yield the road to emergency vehicles, like police cars, automatically, according to a new U.S. patent.

The First Ghost in The Shell Teasers Are Here - IGN

Paramount Pictures has just dropped five teasers showing off footage from its live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

Are chickpea puffs the new kale chips?

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite potato chips, the snack aisle is loaded with packs of Pi

The Eyes have it: Bosch adds new camera to smart home lineup

Bosch reaffirmed its commitment to the smart home at IFA 2016 in Berlin, where it announced three new devices and integration with IFTTT.

We now live in a world where you can buy self-lacing Nike shoes

Great Scott! What a time to be alive

Verizon pumps up its smart city muscles with Sensity buy

In a move to boost its smart city presence, Verizon recently bought LED networking startup Sensity Systems for an undisclosed sum.

AT&T Labs unveils wireless broadband over power lines

AT&T Labs unveiled a project to deliver ultra-fast wireless broadband over power lines which could drastically extend global wireless web access.

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Twitter to livestream general election debates with Bloomberg Media

"We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Twitter to include our coverage of the U.S. presidential debates during this unprecedented and remarkable U.S. election," Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith said in a statement. "Bloomberg’s non-partisan political coverage stands out from the crowd for its independence and quality."

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announce $3 billion initiative to ‘cure all diseases’

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a company created  by Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan to “ unlock human potential and promote equality ,” today announced Chan Zuckerberg Science, a $3 billion project that aims to cure, prevent, or manage “all diseases in our children’s lifetime.”

Apple is in talks with McLaren for a potential acquisition, report says

McLaren is a high-technology company focused on high-performance sports cars, automotive products, technology consultancy, and tech businesses. It designs, builds, and operates Formula 1 cars; and road bikes. The company is also engaged in data collection and analysis; simulation and decision support; and high performance design and engineering, and the development and manufacture of electronic control …

Meet the new C-level executives born of smart cities

“The chief data officer would likely be responsible for championing and driving the use of data throughout every department in the city and for breaking down the silos of data, ensuring that data becomes part of everyone’s responsibility,” said TM Forum vice president Carl Piva. “Indeed, with the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation and an increasing push for a data-driven approach in cities, this role is likely to grow in importance.”

Michael Kors is releasing a branded Instax camera that isn't so bad looking

I was prepared to hate the look of Michael Kors’ new Instax film camera. I don’t love his style, and after seeing his idea of fashionable smartwatches , I just wanted Michael Kors to take a seat. Designing gadgets isn’t everyone’s calling, you know? But Kors’ new camera isn’t actually so bad. I’m kind of into it after using it for a few days. Yes, it’s gaudy. Yes, it comes with Kors’ signature printed on the back. But it’s also a reliable instant camera that's fun to use, so honestly, who cares how it looks. The Instax Mini 70 is already stylish. At least Kors attempted to innovate on design.

Supercar maker McLaren says not in discussion with Apple

Reports have suggested that Apple, which had no immediate response to the Financial Times story, is working on a self-driving car. The iPhone maker has hired dozens of automotive experts over the past year and is exploring making charging stations for electric cars. Apple also invested $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing earlier this year.

Google launches Allo smart messaging app for Android and iOS

Google today launched Google Allo , a messaging app for Android and iOS  with Smart Reply and Google Assistant . You can download Allo from Google Play and Apple’s App Store , though you may have to wait a bit, as this is a gradual rollout. Like its cousin, “the app will be live worldwide in the next few days,” the company says. Keep in mind, however, that both Smart Reply and Google Assistant are English-only for now, with “more languages coming soon.”

Hands-on with the new Photos features in macOS Sierra and iOS 10

The initial process can take some time. In iOS 10 on an iPhone 6s, a library synced from iCloud with almost 27,000 low-res “optimized” images took almost an entire day to process. And, wow, your iOS device may get very hot due to the computation involved; it also likely won’t charge, but will stay at the same battery level or even decrease. After the initial process, new images added to your library can be scanned in seconds. In macOS Sierra, it worked for me in betas and the release version, but stalled at times. Some readers report stalls on Sierra’s release day; there’s no way to intervene and force it to restart.

Tesla Sued by Norway Car Owners as Speed Not Insane Enough

Tesla Motors Inc. customers in Norway are seeking money back from the U.S. electric-car manufacturer, saying their models marketed with an “insane mode” of acceleration didn’t go fast enough.

Guy Builds a Water-Cooled 72,000-Lumen Flashlight and Boy Is It Bright

Unimpressed with the flashlights sold at your local outdoors store? Need to be able to spot bears at night from five miles away on your next camping trip? Just do what YouTube hacker Samm Sheperd did and build your own using eight 100-watt LED chips that produce somewhere around 72,000 lumens.

Apple's Not Gonna Buy McLaren, But It Really Should

McLaren—which happens to be profitable and privately owned—may not give a tuppenny toss about cars that drive themselves, but it is among the world’s premier engineering companies, and it has a lot to teach someone like Apple about engineering, materials science, manufacturing, and, yes, design.

Tumblr is the first place you can see Apple's Live Photos on the web

But will this move help Live Photos spread beyond mobile? It seems unlikely. While it's certainly good of Tumblr to add support (the site was also the first company to make Live Photos available on its iOS app), it's not clear if the format is a good fit for the web. Holding down a button to play a Live Photo is annoying when you're using to autoplaying GIFs and videos, and the little spool of footage isn't as smooth as the animation produced by, say,  Google's Motion Stills (which also exports regular GIFs). Still, having support is better than not, we just wish Apple had offered this from the beginning.

Tesla is about to start rolling out its biggest software update ever

Musk said Tesla has improved the accuracy of Autopilot by making more use of the radar sensor on Tesla vehicles. Until now, the radar sensor has been a supplementary sensor, but now it will play a greater role in determining whether an object is a danger. The camera and imaging-processing system that currently powers the semiautonomous system will still be used, but the data collected by the radar will carry more weight when deciding how the car should react when in Autopilot.

Get certified in Ruby on Rails web development with this crash course

Step up your app-building game in no time with this crash-course training bootcamp, and enjoy 24/7 access to all the material. Learn how to put Ruby on Rails to use for any project, from e-commerce to gaming, as you master prototyping, testing, the in terminal and more.

This Gigantic Working Clock Is Actually a Fleet of Trucks Driving in Circles

To maximize profit, tractor trailers need to stay on the road for as long as possible. So to show off the performance and reliability of its vehicles, truck-maker Scania had 14 of its vehicles, manned by 90 drivers working around the clock, circle an empty airport for 24 hours straight to create a gigantic real-time clock when viewed from the air.

Apple Seeds tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 1 to Developers

Apple has seeded the first developer beta for tvOS 10.0.1, which gives a look at the upcoming software before it’s available to the public. It’s still early for the release, so what Apple may have changed or updated in the new software is still unknown. If anything is discovered, we’ll update this post accordingly.

Clinton’s App Is Trouncing Trump’s in Pretty Much Every Way

Of course, apps are just one tool in a campaign’s arsenal. They’re not meant for broadcasting to huge audiences or persuading people to vote. If you’ve downloaded the app, you’re already a pretty passionate supporter. The app is merely another way of ensuring that not a single ounce of supporters’ passion goes to waste. “These people want to get to work,” Reed says. “Maybe the only thing they have is a phone. So how do they do that?” Apps, which encourage users to donate, commit to vote, and RSVP to events, give them an outlet.

Moneyball Could Offer Winning Strategy for Drug Development

Nearly one-third of drugs in development ultimately fail during clinical trials because the side effects are just too severe. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have developed a promising new AI tool that better predicts which drug candidates are likely to be too toxic—and it’s based on the Oakland A’s winning strategy, immortalized in the blockbuster book and movie Moneyball .

Mossberg: Apple's new watchOS 3 shows the virtue of starting over

The tech industry loves to extol its ability to recover from failure. It regularly brags that, in contrast to older, more staid sectors of the economy, tech sees failure as a learning experience and bounces back with something different and better.

North Korea's Internet Only Has 28 Websites But They Sure Are Sweet

North Korea is something of a locked box to the rest of the world, and even one of the handiest apparatuses through which you can glimpse cultural habits—the internet—is largely inaccessible to anyone outside the country. Thanks to what appears to be an accidental reveal, however, we can now peek inside North Korea’s internet tubes .

This Perverted Sex Act Prevents Male Widow Spiders From Getting Cannibalized

Normally, mature female widow spiders engage in sexual cannibalism—an evolutionary strategy that improves a species’ reproductive fitness as a whole. But in this case, the male widow spiders, who are normally monogamous, have adopted a strategy that’s allowing them to have sexual liaisons with multiple partners. It’s a completely selfish act but also one that improves an individual male’s reproductive success. As the researchers from University of Toronto Scarborough point out, this tactic is changing the sexual preference of male widow spiders, and it has the potential to change the evolutionary trajectory of this normally cannibalistic species.

Chinese Billionaire Buys His Dog 8 iPhone 7 Handsets Worth Over $6,000

Still struggling to get your hands on an iPhone 7? You won’t feel any better when you find out that one Chinese billionaire just picked up eight for his dog! Worth at least $810 apiece in China, the total cost of the collection is at least $6,000.

Solar Energy Is Cool, But It's Also Gorgeous

Wu used a Phase One 100XF camera for stills and a Canon 5D to make a time-lapse video of the array following the sun, with music composed by Zak Marcom. He even got to drive under the mirrors. “It was like being in a forest of metal and glass,” Wu says. A forest of metal and seen from the sky but best appreciated from the ground.

18 Quick Tricks for Google Docs

Behind the clean and tidy interface sported by Google’s online office apps , there are all kinds of features and tools you might not yet have stumbled across—and some of them can seriously improve your productivity. Here are 18 of our favorite quick tricks that won’t take long to learn but which will come in handy time and time again.

What Gives With So Many Hard Scientists Being Hard-Core Endurance Runners?

Many physicists and astronomers—and STEM professionals in general—compete in long, hard, miserable athletic endeavors like this one. Marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons, cycling centuries, Ironpeoples: You name it, they suffer through it. Or so it seemed to me as a sometime-participant in such races, whose Facebook timeline is filled with triumphant science-types crossing finish lines and climbing mountains. So I talked to Maune and 15 other running, biking, climbing, masochistic scientists who participated in an open-answer survey about endurance sports.

How to keep your Google Allo messages secure and private

If you've already been using Allo and you're suddenly worried about Google's ability to access your messages, don't fret. Hold your finger on any messages (or conversations) you're nervous about, then tap the trash can icon on the upper-right to delete them. Recipients will have to do the same to totally scrub the messages from Google's servers.

Fitness trackers can backfire when it comes to weight loss

Weight loss is complicated. A glance at the study data suggests that there was actually little difference in how much the two groups ate or exercised, but this is impossible. The difference makes sense once you realize people reported their own results — a method that is notoriously inaccurate. When it comes to the trackers, it’s possible that people who use these devices get a false sense of security, Jakicic says. They think it’ll solve all their problems, so they pay less attention to how much or what they eat. And everyone likes novelty, so it’s common for people with a new device to get “tunnel vision” and focus on that instead of on the counseling or dieting, says Sherry Pagoto, a professor of medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

One Shot As Protests in Charlotte Turn Violent Over Keith Lamont's Scott Death [Updating]

The live video from WBTV shows a phalanx of police officers dressed in riot gear in the middle of an intersection, once again outnumbering the protestors. A protestor told WBTV that the night’s protests started out peacefully, but the police started firing tear gas into the crowd without provocation. “They were really rude. They were even rude during our prayers,” she said.

Tinder's iMessage app involves swiping but not dating

Instead, Tinder has launched what's actually a pretty neat little voting tool, called Tinder Stacks. The app lets you choose a bunch of pictures and send them, as if in a stack of photos, to everyone in your iMessage conversation. Recipients will then be able to swipe left and right on the photos to indicate whether they're into them or not. As voting happens, the sender will be able to see how many likes and skips each image received.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Why would Apple want a piece of racecar maker McLaren and startup Lit Motors? @markgurman explains

The Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are here now, which means it is time to think about buying a case to protect your investment. Cases to accentuate your iPhone, cases to colorize your iPhone and cases to protect it. Before you take your pick, check out our round-up of some of the best cases designed exclusively for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

A closer look at Olympus' OMD-EM II flagship mirrorless camera

The OMD-EM1 II isn't the lightest mirrorless camera I've tried, but it's a feather compared to any flagship DSLR -- another plus workaday photographers. Purists may decry the lack of an optical viewfinder, but the 2.36-million-dot EVF has a minimal six-millisecond delay and very smooth 120-fps frame rate. During a brief test, it was just as good as an OVF for focus (if not better), to my eyes. Olympus also redesigned the grip for better handling, and, combined with the sturdy build quality, the camera feels very, very good.

Indigenous Australians the oldest living civilisation on Earth, study affirms

The findings debunk a number of previous theories. They include the idea (often used to delegitimise First Nations sovereignty) that Indigenous Australians may not be the first group to occupy Australia; that modern day humans spread from Africa over multiple migrations; and that the Aboriginal people's connection to the land wasn't as old as it's now known to be.

Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features

The new forecast model is a product of two decades of research.

Hacker group creates $30 DIY Epipen to expose corporate greed and save lives

Jack Ma’s Finance Business May Be Worth More Than Goldman Sachs

Leung estimates that most of Ant Financial’s value is in Alipay, China’s most popular online payment service, with a projected worth of $50 billion. Its micro loans service is probably worth another $8 billion, while Ant’s wealth management unit is given a valuation of $7 billion. The rest of Ant Financial’s valuation comes from investments and cash on hand, outstripping Goldman’s roughly $70 billion market value as of Monday..

How to Build a Homemade Tornado Humidifier to Battle Dry Winter Air

For some, winter means warm sweaters, skiing, and tropical travels. For others it means dry air, cracked skin, and uncomfortable sinuses. But instead of digging out the humidifier as the temperatures drop, you can instead build yourself this perfectly safe living room tornado machine that works using water mist.

P2P insurance firm Lemonade launches out of stealth, powered by chatbots, morals, and big bucks

Chatbots are used to automate interaction between Lemonade and its customers — a growing trend we’re seeing across the commercial spectrum. Users taking out a policy or making a claim may interact with Maya or Jim — these are actually real people at Lemonade, but it’s their automated “alter egos” that people will be dealing with for the most part. That said, the human incarnations of Maya and Jim are on hand to help.

3 reasons chatbots can’t replace B2B customer support agents yet

Even though chatbots aren’t quite ready to take over the world, the technology is certainly intriguing, and the customer support industry should definitely keep an eye on it. It wasn’t very long ago people were questioning the impact of email in the same way we’re discussing chatbots today. Although it seems unlikely chatbots will have the same impact on everyday life as email has, the possibility of refining and deploying automated assistance for daily use in business may only be a decade or two away. To echo my initial statement, technology can change an industry, and this type of technology is capable of wide-scale change. It’s just not there yet, especially in the business-to-business world.

How To Share Notes in macOS Sierra

The built-in Notes app in macOS Sierra is fairly basic. But for me it’s enough. It’s easy to add information into it using extensions and there are enough formatting options to keep me going. With the latest OS updates for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Notes has picked up a new trick – shared notes.

The CoWatch brings Amazon's Alexa to your wrist starting today

The software loaded onto the CoWatch holds more promise. Instead of embracing the rigidity of Android Wear, iMCO went with an upstart Android-based OS from an outfit called Cronologics. Navigating it is simple enough: Swiping down on the clock screen reveals your notifications, and swiping up brings up quick actions like toggling airplane mode and a battery meter. There's technically a separate page for your apps, but you're not going to use it much; Cronologics designed the interface so app shortcuts appear as complications on the watch face itself. Easy, no?

Elon Musk's Mars colonization plans: what we know so far

In less than a week, SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk will finally explain how he plans to colonize Mars within the next few decades. It’s a goal that he has adamantly championed for years, though he hasn’t given many specifics about it. That will change on September 27th, when Musk is expected to talk about the vehicles and technologies needed to bring people to the Red Planet, and then build a long-term settlement there.

Lyft Co-Founder Says Most Rides to Be Autonomous By 2021

Bloomberg’s Brad Stone and Alex Webb report on Lyft’s transition to autonomous vehicles by 2021 on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Samsung will keep hitting your recalled Galaxy Note 7 with notifications until you return it

Samsung has announced the rollout of a new software update for all variants of the Galaxy Note 7 sold in the United States. The upgrade will display a safety alert on all units subject to  last week’s recall .

How Call of Duty developer moved from studio chief to a fan

Mark Rubin worked on Call of Duty games for nearly a decade. He was in charge of Infinity Ward, the creator of games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, until early 2015. After he left, he experienced that surreal feeling of shifting from being the head of a 260-person game studio to being a fan.

Disney pulls 'Moana' costume after critics lambast it as 'Polyface'

"The team behind Moana has taken great care to respect the cultures of the Pacific Islands that inspired the film, and we regret that the Maui costume has offended some," the company said in a statement. "We sincerely apologize and are pulling the costume from our website and stores."

An ‘Interview’ With Google’s New Digital Assistant

Alphabet Inc.’s Google unit introduced a new digital assistant Wednesday. Bloomberg News put the system through its paces by asking questions, some of which were suggested by AI experts including Oren Etzioni, head of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Other questions were suggested by Google’s Allo messaging service, through which the interview took place. Edited excerpts follow.

Google enlists YouTube stars for U.S. voting campaign

“#voteIRL” is Google’s latest project to convince young people to vote.

Google Allo's generic auto-replies can't handle life's tough conversations

It's not a perfect experiment -- after all, I'm not talking to a bot per se, just to myself using bot-generated phrases, but the results were interesting. A few of Smart Reply's meaningless and circular responses quelled any previous fears I had that Google would succeed in replacing genuine human interaction as we know it. But in some ways, Allo impressed me with its measured responses to potentially disastrous situations. Let's just say that all in all, Smart Reply isn't any better (or worse) at handling your life than you are.

19 outdoor cameras that take home security seriously

Some have to be hardwired to an existing doorbell or light fixture. Others rely on batteries. Some have optional cellular backup and other still, like the Canary Flex (pictured above), come with a unique assortment of accessories so you can find the perfect install spot for your home.

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