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'Real Genius' getting TV reboot from Adam Sandler - CNET

The beloved '80s film starring Val Kilmer about college geeks trying to make the ultimate laser will now be turned into a TV sitcom, according to reports.

Will the iPhone 6 Plus Survive the Blender Test? [VIDEO]

The folks at Blendtec are performing their classic blender test on the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Pete's Adventure Trailer

Children in refugee camps, war zones, poverty, and disasters around the world suffer permanent emotional scars from what they have experienced. The adults ar...

Jim Gaffigan Came Very Close to Playing for the Colts This Season [VIDEO]

The comedian tried out for the Indianapolis Colts, but didn't have much luck.

Everyone Wins When Kids Argue About the Weather

Raining versus sprinkling is a very cute dispute.

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Sendwithus Raises $2.3M To Help Marketers Optimize Their Emails | TechCrunch

Harris admitted that focusing on transactional emails sounds “super boring.” However, every company sends them, customers are more likely to open them, and they’re messages that “most marketers don’t get access to and don’t even think about.” Sendwithus allows marketers to test different variations of those messages without having to go through a developer. He also said that at larger companies, sending these emails “becomes a real pain to manage, produce, and automate … so what we’re effectively doing is productizing those systems better than these companies would ever do themselves.”

SK Planet Launches Wayfare In App Stores To Take Penpalling To Your Mobile Device | TechCrunch

If you’re looking for something more from your online or mobile social media than hot-or-not left and right swiping, the SK Planet, the media and messaging subsidiary of Korea’s telecom giant SK Telecom, has just launched a new app called Wayfare in android and iOS app stores to bring penpalling to social media.

Apple Details Official Fix For iOS 8.0.1 Woes, Will Release iOS 8.0.2 “In The Next Few Days” | TechCrunch

Apple has responded to the iOS 8.0.1 update bug , which saw iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices lose cellular connectivity and Touch ID functionality when applied, with an apology and a promise to correct things in an 8.0.2 update to come sometime “in the next few days.” The apology is accompanied by instructions on Apple’s official support website, telling affected users how to easily roll back to iOS 8.0 without losing their content or having to restore their phones.

NBA 2K15 gets back in the game: A look at the expanded career modes

Get in the game. When you first boot it up NBA 2K15 presents you with the option to scan your face with the Kinect or PlayStation 4 Eye camera. This will let you give your MyPlayer a true, 3D representation of your face. After scanning, you will be able to modify it further to correct any mistakes that the camera or nature made. Visual Concepts has scanned every player in the NBA using technology like this (give or take a few stragglers), up from the 80-percent or so last year.

Apple responds to iPhone 6 Plus bending issue

So you’re defending the iphone 6 plus because it’s not the WORST on the market? That’s one way to stay positive I guess. I’ve had 5 different iPhones in my life and swear by the apple brand but why should I put another £800 into something that is more fragile than my current iphone? I thought we were supposed to be progressing with technology? Or is going backwards the new forwards. If apple appreciated their loyal customers, they will issue a proper fix. Not a poor excuse based on the fact that the problem hasn’t been reported by a big enough number of people. And before you accuse me of just hating apple, I won an iphone, iPad, MacBook and have used this website for over 4 years. Maybe I’m just insane for wanting a robust piece of equipment for £789…

Maybe You Should Hold Off On Buying That New iPhone

It's too early to tell if this is going to blow up like the antenna issue did in 2010, creating a huge headache for Apple and for its customers. But maybe it's a good idea to hold off buying the bigger version of Apple's new phone, which starts at $299 with a contract and $749 without one, until things shake out.

Exclusive: EU regulators to approve Facebook's $19 billion bid for WhatsApp - sources

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Facebook ( FB.O ), the world's leading social network, will win unconditional EU approval for its $19 billion offer for mobile messaging startup WhatsApp in a deal pitting it against telecoms operators, two people familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

Helping Local Businesses Get the Five Star Review, FiveStars Raises $26 Million | TechCrunch

In the $60 billion market for customer loyalty among small and medium-sized services businesses companies are always looking for an edge. With coffee shops and artisanal stores springing up on every corner from Portland to Pittsburgh, differentiated solely by the wit on their chalkboard sidewalk displays, small store owners are always looking for new ways to connect with their customers.

Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman Sign on for Ted 2 - IGN

As it stands currently, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson join Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, and Mark Wahlberg in the line-up for Ted 2, which is set for release from Universal on June 26, 2015.

The iPhone 6, 6 Plus cameras wipe the floor with the competition, says DxOMark

If you’re thinking of stepping up to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from the iPhone 5S purely because of the camera, you’ll gain slight benefits mostly in the autofocus, noise, and texture categories – in all other aspects, the old iPhone fares just as well as the new ones. These results are hardly surprising, considering the consistently superb quality of iPhone cameras in the past and Apple’s choice to stick with an 8-megapixel sensor. The addition of optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 Plus and phase-detection autofocus make both devices a viable choice for the discerning mobile photographer.

Pixar Vets Reinvent Speech Recognition So It Works for Kids | WIRED

Oren Jacob and his daughter, Toby, had just finished a Skype call. They’d been chatting with some other family members on Jacob’s smartphone, and it was still sitting on the table in front of them, when the 7-year-old Toby picked it up and asked if she could call her American Girl doll. Jacob paused before answering. “No, you can’t,” he said. “But let me get back to you on that.”

One secret to the success of Quartz, BuzzFeed and Gawker: They look at news as a service

Most traditional media outlets are used to thinking of journalism or news as something they create and then distribute to a waiting audience — but seeing it as a product or service instead can change the way you think about your job in some fundamental ways

Samsung, LG and HTC Troll Apple Over Bendgate

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

The All-You-Can-Eat Apps Mobile Trend Coming From Asia | TechCrunch

Considering that Sprint is owned by SoftBank, Japan’s third largest cellular provider and one of KDDI’s bundling competitors, it is no surprise that they are the first carrier in the U.S. market to offer an app-bundled subscription. In fact, App Pass is the first coordinated service launched together by Softbank and Sprint since the completion of their merger in July 2013. Although Sprint now has a lead on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, I suspect that App Pass may soon face stiff competition. Much the way that NTT DoCoMo launched their own app-bundled service about a year after KDDI, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile may try to launch similar services in the near future.

Apple says bent iPhones are 'rare'

"With normal use a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus. As with any Apple product, if you have questions please contact Apple."

Google strikes back at News Corp.'s antitrust complaint to EU - CNET

The feud between Google and News Corp. comes amid a four-year antitrust investigation by European regulators into Google's practices around surfacing search results . In February, Google reached a tentative settlement with the commission over complaints that the company allegedly favors its own products and services over those of competitors in search results. As part of the settlement proposal, Google agreed to display search results for its own services in the same way as those for rival companies, but did not have to pay a fine.

Meet Wedg, Another Post-Snowden Personal Cloud Device | TechCrunch

But there are growing counter currents as a pro-privacy movement builds. And many newly minted startups are at the fore of this movement, seeking ways to put the user back in the driving seat when it comes to their own data. To that end meet Wedg , a self-hosted storage and email device, with sync and share features for cloud storage, plus support for media streaming, and website and app hosting. But this is a personal cloud — which sits in your home so your data does not have to be stored in a vast third-party repository just so you can access your own files on your phone or when away from home.

With Spinal Implant, Paralyzed Rats Can Walk Again | MIT Technology Review

To produce their results, the Swiss scientists severed the spinal cords of a half-dozen rats and then implanted flexible electrodes into the lower part of their spinal cords. The animals were also given a type of drug known as a serotonin agonist, which Courtine says readies the spinal cord to communicate with the legs, an ability that’s depleted after an injury. With their weight supported by a harness, the rats were placed on a treadmill or on a runway with obstacles.

Binge alert: Subscribers now watch more than 90 minutes of Netflix every single day

Of course, in reality, each consumer’s data consumption may vary widely. Netflix performs a lot better for customers of some ISPs, and worse for others. The individual service plan as well as the type of programming viewed can also impact a user’s data consumption. For example, Netflix advises its subscribers that 4K streams can consume up to 7 GB of data per hour. As the amount of 4K programming on Netflix increases, one should expect the average amount of data consumed to go up as well.

Forza Horizon 2 review: Fetch the Bentley, we're going for a drive

Forza Horizon 2 is the kind of racing game that expands the idea of 'simulation' to include less material, more ambiguous parts of driving. What it feels like to zoom along the breezy coast in a lovely LaFerrari. The cringe of your beastly Nissan GT-R scraping through a tight turn in the castle town of San Giovanni. Inhaling for your Ford Raptor as it squeezes through a green gauntlet of fir trees. Oh, and what it's like being a rich generi-dude who identifies every techno song on the radio as an 'anthem.' Forza Horizon 2 (Review) The finest quality in Forza Horizon 2 is that it inspires a sort of role-playing, none of which is – or needs to be – explicitly acknowledged. But I did turn into that guy: that intolerable guy who drove through Forza's massive chunk of Italy and France in a roaring Bentley made of pure gold. That guy who spent much of his time in a nu-disco haze, bopping his head to the radio on a road trip through Europe and its lush vineyards – perhaps better labeled as drive-through wineries. Going off the road just about anywhere and bouncing over the hills in a skull-shaking first-person view reveals Forza Horizon 2 's dirty, combusting heart.

Eric Schmidt believes Samsung had iPhone 6-level products a year ago

The answer is actually pretty straightforward, and Schmidt doesn’t go into a great amount of detail. Then again, considering the answer for what it is, he probably doesn’t need to. To start, when Schmidt was asked by Bloomberg about the iPhone 6, and how Schmidt feels when he drives around and sees people standing out front of Apple stores by the block-full. Schmidt says, plainly, that “Samsung had had these products a year ago.”

This Adaptable House Reshapes Itself For Your Growing Family, Or For Your Divorce

Inside the two-story house, flexible walls allow rooms to be reconfigured, and standard components can be moved from room to room without throwing anything out or requiring new materials. Downstairs, the kitchen and two living areas can be divided into three separate rooms or stretched into one large space. Upstairs, movable cabinet walls can create another large space, or bedrooms, a playroom, an office, and a walk-in closet. Stick-on outlets can be placed anywhere along the wall.

Hands On With the New BlackBerry Passport Smartphone

However, it's relevant and necessary to note that I did have a hardware issue with the first Passport device I received, and it was serious enough that I had to swap it out for another device. When I first removed my review unit from its packaging and tried to put on its case, the removable panel that covers the nano-SIM and memory card slots got caught and came off halfway. It wouldn't snap back into place, so I had to force it open. When I popped the cover back in place, my Passport went into a reboot loop, and it was stuck until I removed the cover again. If I replaced the cover, the device rebooted. After some experimentation, I determined that the cover was causing the power/wake/sleep button to stick and start the reboot loop.

What is the Shellshock bug? Is it worse than Heartbleed?

For instance, the widely deployed Apache web server software has Bash run in the background to parse CGI scripts - little programs that process data from web users, such as when they enter information into a form. As there’s no authentication on these CGI scripts, a hacker could call them with a web request and include lines of exploit code, which would then set malicious variables on the server via Bash. From there, they could play with programs on the server, including the website itself to launch further attacks on visitors, hence the fear of widespread impact. This is believed to be the most likely attack vector.

Apple apologises for update bug

While it is common for tech companies to issue bug fixes shortly after the release of a major new version of software, it is not usual for them to have to recall the code.

Apple Reports Only Nine Complaints of Bent iPhones

Do the math.  Nine complaints in three days.  People tend to become more familiar with their products and less protective of them over time.  3 per days = 1095 per year.  Not a problem for a company disconnected from their customers.  Certainly a problem for the customers.  Perhaps Apple is disconnected from it's customers.  Or, maybe there will be Apple corrective trousers on the market soon.

27 could gain Photos app ahead of Photos for OS X release

With the release of Photos for OS X not slated until early next year, it seemed that there might be no way for Mac customers to view pictures from their iCloud Photo Library without using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. A few different screenshots and error messages, however, reveal that Apple could soon be adding a Photos app to

Cobain, Tupac, Winehouse: Street Artist D*Face Portrays Artists Who Burned Bright and Died Young

Artists like Buddy Holly and Jim Morrison serve Stockton's purposes on a conceptual level, but the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Tupac Shakur, and Biggie Smalls affected him on a personal level. "As a fan, I was devastated," Stockton recalls. "I was a teenager when I heard about Kurt Cobain and couldn't get my head around why he would have killed himself. Then, as you get older you begin to understand the turmoil that often goes on in an artist's life. Our public fascination with the idea of stardom is actually quite frightening to me. I don't think anyone's every prepared for having that kind of celebrity thrust upon them and sometimes it sends them off the rails."

Why are you carrying your bendy iPhone 6 Plus without a case?

The iPhone is an expensive, sophisticated computing device. Tell us why you prefer your iPhone swaddled in protective gear or like to forgo a case enjoy its beauty


Astronomers have found water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet about four times bigger than Earth in the constellation Cygnus, which is about 124 light-years from our home planet. In the quest to learn about planets beyond our solar system, this discovery marks the smallest planet for which scientists have been able to identify some chemical components of its atmosphere. The team was led by Drake Deming from the University of Maryland, an expert in the study of exoplanets. The finding of water vapor and hydrogen in the atmosphere of exoplanet HAT P-11b is not only an astonishing piece of long-distance detective work, based on analyses of observations by three different NASA telescopes, but it also suggests that astronomers’ ideas about how the planets formed appear to hold true for other planetary systems as they do in our own. How do scientists detect water in distant exoplanets? They use a quirk of light that happens when a planet transits, or passes in front of, its host star. Material in the planet’s atmosphere absorbs some of the star’s light, and that makes the planet appear bigger.

Windows Server 2003 End of Support Looms

"While XP was primarily a desktop issue, we're advising our clients that Server 2003 end of service affects entire servers, with the potential to have widespread impact on many more business operations," Mayer says. "With less than a year to begin addressing the issue, we're outlining for clients we work with a series of timely steps and options to start exploring now so they can implement their own outcome."

Rithmio Nabs The Cash Needed To Build A Gesture Recognition Platform | TechCrunch

Rithmio hopes to build and release the first gesture recognition platform that other companies can build into their products. Co-founded by Adam Tilton and Prashant Mehta PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, the company just announced that it secured $650k in seed funding to make it happen.

Strange answers to the psychopath test

Is there a definitive line that divides crazy from sane? With a hair-raising delivery, Jon Ronson, author of The Psychopath Test, illuminates the gray areas between the two. (With live-mixed sound by Julian Treasure and animation by Evan Grant.)

Hackers exploit 'Shellshock' bug with worms in early attacks

Why the Heyday of Credit Card Fraud Is Almost Over | WIRED

In 1960, an IBM engineer named Forrest Parry was developing a new type of ID card for the CIA when he had an epiphany: Why not make each card a tiny data storage device in and of itself? He cut a short length of half-inch wide magnetic tape from a reel and wrapped it around a blank plastic card, secured it with Scotch tape, and then, at his wife’s suggestion, pressed it on with a warm iron.

r/Counting Is Your New Favorite Way to Waste Time

On r/Counting, lovers of numbers can gather to do what they do best. Users create threads titled with a predetermined counting goal, like 285,000 or 241,000. They also count (and list) their Jay Z-inspired 99 problems , the number of cats in photos and numbers written using the ancient Greek numeric system .

Why You Could Be At Risk From Shellshock, A New Security Flaw Found In Linux

The flaw has been rated a 10/10 serious (Bruce Schneir said Heartbleed was a spinal tap esque 11) and should definitely be taken seriously by any reader. That said I expect it to be less ubiquitous than Heartbleed given the conditions of attack. It is worth nothing that where it does work the attacker can actually execute commands, which could be very dangerous indeed. I suspect the greatest danger comes in the poorly managed, often ignored devices it may impact. I suspect embedded systems and Industrial Control Systems will expose these kinds of flaws a great deal where the features that must be exposed to be attacked are common place. These more unusual systems aside I have already found a few examples of vulnerable systems in more typical environments connected to the Internet just in a few hours of digging. While some web sites are saying that very large percentages of websites are vulnerable actually a lot of the popular web technologies have already come forward and stated “not vulnerable”. In my opinion it is no Heartbleed but it is very serious and likely to catch people out in places they typically ignore.

An App That Tells the Fascinating Stories Behind 5 Fonts | WIRED

Typographers, like most artists, are influenced by the world around them. The fonts you read on a page or computer screen are often a reflection of what’s happening in the world at any given moment. We tend to not think of fonts that way—they have a distinctly utilitarian purpose for most of us. And yet, if you look into their backstory, you’ll find that many have a rich, storied path to existence that tells a lot about history itself.

What Vizio’s $1,000 4K TV Can Do

Vizio is making an aggressive play in the Ultra HD TV space with its new P-Series models. Also known as 4K, these TVs pack in the resolution of four HDTVs. What’s surprising about this is that Vizio is not charging a significant premium: A 50-inch model will list for $1,000, while a 70-inch set will cost $2,500.

Nexus 6 reportedly to sport 5.92-inch screen - CNET

Codenamed Shamu, the Nexus 6/Nexus X will be powered by a Snapdragon 805 processor and come with 3GB of RAM. The device will include 32GB of internal storage, but other capacities should be available. It will also adopt a 13-megapixel camera in the rear that will be capable of shooting 4K UHD video, 9to5Google said. The front camera will be of the 2-megapixel variety, the same as the one on the new Moto X.

Hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt EU 2014: London

HACKERS & DEVS - Tickets are for Developers who wish to participate and work on hack projects to present ONLY.  If you are not working on a project please DO NOT register for a Hacker Ticket. Tickets are available on a limited basis. Any minors under 18 must have be accompanied by an adult at all times.

14 Facebook Tools You Didn't Know Existed

The Browse tool will filter out a randomly selected type of content through Facebook's Graph Search, whether it's videos that you've liked or people in your networks you haven't friended yet. For those using Facebook to kill time (and aren't we all using Facebook to kill time?), it's an excellent method of procrastination.

Devon Still's Pep Talk to Cancer-Stricken Daughter Is an NFL Highlight

It's hard to say which is more heartwarming: Still's devotion to his daughter, her smiling reaction or the fist bump that ends the video.

Why is “anti-Facebook” network Ello popping up on your social feeds now?

Ello fans are calling for the site to stick to its guns and charge users for premium features instead of introducing ads. “Asking users to pay allows Ello to do something no other online company is doing right now — optimize Ello for users. This is a great advantage for Ello, because it would mean they could actually listen to users and give them an experience that would, given enough time, be so much better than the massive social networks,” Ello user — and journalist — Quinn Norton   said in a post on the site.

Flipboard kind of launches a Windows Phone app (update)

We have been working with the team at Microsoft to launch on the new phones, including the Lumia 830 and other high-end phones. We had staged Flipboard in the Windows Phone store in preparation for the launch, but had wanted to fix a few bugs before officially releasing. That said, we do expect to officially be live in the Windows Store and announce Flipboard for Windows Phones very soon. The placeholder lets us test the app as we prepare for an upcoming launch as well as fix some bugs of the preloaded version of Flipboard.

Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home

“Insteon, I’m home!” With those words, an Insteon home automation system and a Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 handset, you could unlock your doors and turn on your lights.

Y Combinator-Backed Clara Labs Getting Funding From Sequoia Capital | TechCrunch

Y Combinator-backed virtual assistant startup Clara Labs might be getting an infusion of cash, rumored to be in the $3-4 million range from Sequoia Capital. Co-founder of Clara Labs, Maran Nelson, doesn’t want to talk about that just yet and neither does Sequoia.

Eric Holder To Step Down As Attorney General

Eric Holder Jr., the nation's first black U.S. attorney general, will resign his post after a tumultuous tenure marked by civil rights advances, national security threats, reforms to the criminal justice system and 5 1/2 years of fights with Republicans in Congress.

Amazon confirms that EC2 reboots are due to Xen issues

About 10 percent of Amazon’s EC2 instances will need to be rebooted starting Friday, according to an AWS update.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo calls out the President of Iran; on Twitter, of course

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo dropped the burn heard around the world on Thursday. After Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sent a series of tweets about the significance of negotiating a nuclear agreement with “the West,” Costolo replied chastising him for censoring his people from the platform he was using to communicate his thoughts.

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69 Price-Tracking Service Nifti Switches Gears, Launches Social Polling App Cinch | TechCrunch
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80 DHL will do delivery-by-drone, but only for one tiny European island
81 Mobile Master: KakaoTalk Creator Becomes One Of South Korea's Richest Billionaires
82 Are Tablets the Way Out of Child Illiteracy?
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84 Spruce Gets $2 Million In Seed From Kleiner Perkins, Baseline And Cowboy Ventures To Put A Doctor In The Palm Of Your Hand | TechCrunch
85 Comcast, TWC Blast Critics of Merger
86 Shellshock DHCP RCE Proof of Concept -
87 Mobile-First Hotel Price Comparison And Booking App Lodgeo Launches With £2M In Fresh Funding | TechCrunch
88 How do you solve a problem like the climate crisis?
89 Yikes: Big Amazon Web Services reboot on the way Friday
90 Your State's Most Popular Unique Google Search Is Super-Embarrassing
91 Finance Startup Nubank Nabs $14.3M In Sequoia’s First Brazil Investment | TechCrunch
92 Unleashing An Epidemic To Kill The Tumbleweeds
93 Hootsuite Reaches $1 Billion Valuation in Latest Funding Round
94 Earth's Water Is Older Than the Sun - D-brief |