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What is Ford's strategy in its latest buying spree?

Automotive giant Ford has acquired ride-sharing shuttle service Chariot, and plans to expand the service, while launching GoBike in San Francisco.

Blockchain drives Wanxiang’s $30B smart city project

Wanxiang said that it will invest $30 billion in a project that will integrate blockchain technologies with smart city innovations.

Smart city success requires road maps, not free association

Governments overwhelmed with the endless choices for smart city projects need to take a breath and plan ahead, not opt for every choice at the buffet.

Chicago takes aim at driverless cars in proposed legislation

Despite all the positive press around the technology, in recently-proposed legislation, the city of Chicago may well ban automated vehicles entirely.

Google's car will automatically pull you over for the police

Google’s self-driving cars might yield the road to emergency vehicles, like police cars, automatically, according to a new U.S. patent.

Study hints that wearable fitness trackers do more harm than good

If you've been wearing a fitness tracker and have been disappointed in the results you've received, you're not alone. Results may not be as advertised.

'Minecraft' October updates are big deals for tweakers and VR

Add-Ons, Oculus Touch support and a China-inspired realm are coming in the weeks ahead.

Bill Maher rages at Apple for releasing dull iPhone 7

Technically Incorrect: The talk show host insists that the only people who want you to buy the new phone are Apple shareholders. He's also appalled by those who stand in the "nerd line."

José Fernández's perilous journey out of Cuba changed his life

It took four attempts and multiple prison stints for defection before José Fernández made it to the U.S.

Sylvania shines a light on smart tech

A new report issued by LEDVANCE, a lighting company that sells Sylvania lightbulbs, gives valuable insight about the smart technology that people have.

Coding Rainbow is a gorgeous, free guide to creative software development

Coding Rainbow is a gorgeous, Reading Rainbow-inspired guide to creative software development. And did I mention it's free?

3 reasons self-driving cars aren't driving public support

Despite new US government regulations, there is still a long road ahead to gain public support for self-driving car technologies.

iPhone 7 Users Report 'Hissing' Noise

Initially noticed by Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels, the smartphone appears to make a cicada-like sound.

Snapchat reveals its $130 Spectacles and rebrands as Snap Inc.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has finally taken the wraps off the company's long-rumored glasses project, Spectacles.

TV Shows Every Self-Respecting Geek Should Watch This Fall

A quick guide to the sci-fi/fantasy shows sure to get the nerd-rage/love as we start a new round of TV watching.

Lawnmower confronts apple-stealing moose, moose wins

Technically Incorrect: Some animals realize that gadgets can be defeated. Quite easily, as this delightful YouTube video shows.

Miley Cyrus sang 'Rebel Yell' with Billy Idol and geeked out so hard

The two took the stage together on Friday evening at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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China Powers Up the World's Largest Alien-Hunting Telescope

You had a good run Arecibo , but there’s a new big dog in town. China has switched on the massive dish that now officially holds the record for the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. Among other things, researchers hope it will provide a big boost in the hunt for extraterrestrial life.

New Law Forces IMDB To Remove the Age of Actors on Request

The governor of California signed a bill into law today that will make it illegal for entertainment websites like IMDB to post the ages of actors if that actor requests the information to be taken down. Needless to say, free speech advocates are outraged .

iPhone 7 Review: Ready or Not, This Is the Future

At a glance, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might be confused for their predecessors, the 6s and 6s Plus. It’s deceptive. The iPhone 7 is perhaps the most drastic revision of the phone since it was first released nearly a decade ago. It’s not just the missing headphone jack. There are several other big ideas, including a new dual camera system (on the 7 Plus), a new touch sensor home button, and mercifully, newly added water resistance. These are substantial changes, and they hint at what we can expect from the future of Apple phones.

7 Most Common iPhone 7 Problems and How to Fix Them

These are some of the common issues that owners are facing with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. If you are unable to fix a problem with your phone then the best thing to do is to take it to your nearest Apple Store and ask a support staff for help.

Barbara Krasnoff on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Meet the new C-level executives born of smart cities

“The chief data officer would likely be responsible for championing and driving the use of data throughout every department in the city and for breaking down the silos of data, ensuring that data becomes part of everyone’s responsibility,” said TM Forum vice president Carl Piva. “Indeed, with the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation and an increasing push for a data-driven approach in cities, this role is likely to grow in importance.”

Facebook or Twitter for the presidential debate? You want to agree or argue?

The face-off will be virtually identical on both networks. But that doesn't mean your experience will be. Which social network should you tune into? That depends on how much you want to throw down yourself.

Here's a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Built using a dead Commodore 64c, Raspberry Pi 3 and an assortment of connectors, this thing really captures that beautiful ground between hi-tech and outdated that defines cyberpunk in the popular consciousness. I’m sure once you’ve strapped this thing on you feel confident in your abilities to jack-in, break some ICE and topple corporate scum.

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TPBClean is The Pirate Bay but without the porn

TPBClean is a direct mirror of The Pirate Bay. As you would expect, it contains all the ill-gotten movies and music you could possibly want, but it has some pretty major differences. It has an updated UI and contains no adverts. It’s also completely excises the pornography section, and filters searches for explicit content.

Don't Look Into This Robot's Eyes While It Learns to Play the Ball-and-Cup Game

Pepper’s human overlords have demonstrated that their robotic baby can learn how to play the ball-and-cup game virtually on its own. At first, they guide its arm to swing the ball on its rope into the cup. And then they let it go to work through trial-and-error until it achieves complete mastery of the game. After 100 tries, the little guy is a pro and gets the ball in the cup every single time. All the while, it stares at us the viewer with the same deadlocked side eye. It’s unnerving.

A 'Fruit Ninja' movie might really happen

We wouldn't count on the as-yet undated movie being a critical smash. On top of Vinson's notable-but-not-exceptional pedigree, the writing team is best known for penning an Emmy Awards show and the TV series Anchorwoman . However, it's doubtful that New Line is expecting something Oscar-worthy in the first place. This is really about capitalizing on one of the most popular mobile games in history before a rival studio gets a chance. At this rate, we're half-expecting a Crossy Road flick to materialize any day now.

Watch 5 defining moments from José Fernández's career

The young pitcher originally from Cuba — whose Major League Baseball career began in 2011 as a first-round draft selection for the Marlins — has been characterized over and over again as a rising star following reports of the Miami crash. Below is a look back at some of the moments that earned him that distinction.

Win Friends and Influence People With This Rubik's Cube-Solving Program

Do you remember that Will Smith movie where he got the big high-powered Wall Street job by solving a Rubik’s Cube in front of the company’s CEO? With a little deception, that could be you, by using this Rubik’s Cube-solving application.

Google's self-driving car is the victim in a serious crash

"A Google vehicle was traveling northbound on Phyllis Ave. in Mountain View when a car heading westbound on El Camino Real ran a red light and collided with the right side of our vehicle. Our light was green for at least six seconds before our car entered the intersection. Thousands of crashes happen everyday on U.S. roads, and red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes in the U.S. Human error plays a role in 94% of these crashes, which is why we're developing fully self-driving technology to make our roads safer."

Korean Air doesn't offer in-flight Wi-Fi because it doesn't want to disappoint anyone

In-flight Wi-Fi is still very much a rarity in Europe, but in Asia and America it’s everywhere. That said, some carriers still steadfastly refuse to implement it on their fleets. One of these holdouts is Korean Air – the flag carrier of South Korea, and a four-star Skytrax airline.

Marc Andreessen suddenly deletes all his tweets, goes on Twitter break

Samsung Electronics delays South Korea re-start of Note 7 sales by three days

SEOUL Tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said on Sunday it was delaying the start of new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone sales in South Korea by three days to Oct. 1, a move it says is needed for speedy completion of the ongoing recall in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan to spend $3B to cure disease

Chan said she and Zuckerberg spent two years talking to scientists. "We believe that the future we all want for our children is possible. We set a goal: Can we cure all diseases in our children's lifetime? That does't mean that no one will ever get sick. But it does mean that our children and their children should get sick a lot less. And that we should be able to detect and treat or at least manage it as an ongoing condition," she said.

THE CONNECTED DEVICE PAYMENTS REPORT: Market opportunities, top stakeholders, and new use cases for the next frontier in payments

Consumer-facing IoT companies have much to gain from enabling payments in their devices, including improving the value of the device, being able to cross-sell products through the device, and laying the groundwork for future opportunities to earn incremental revenue. For payments companies, connected payments offer a new revenue stream and an opportunity to gain market share ahead of competitors.

Microsoft Has a Whole New Kind of Computer Chip---and It'll Change Everything

With its TPUs, Google sacrifices long-term flexibility for speed. It wants to, say, eliminate any delay when recognizing commands spoken into smartphones. The trouble is that if its neural networking models change, Google must build a new chip. But with FPGAs, Microsoft is playing a longer game. Though an FPGA isn’t as fast as Google’s custom build, Microsoft can reprogram the silicon as needs change. The company can reprogram not only for new AI models, but for just about any task. And if one of those designs seems likely to be useful for years to come, Microsoft can always take the FPGA programming and build a dedicated chip.

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If Sony's Playstation VR won't make virtual reality mainstream, what will?

Elon Musk's Mars colonization plans: what we know so far

In less than a week, SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk will finally explain how he plans to colonize Mars within the next few decades. It’s a goal that he has adamantly championed for years, though he hasn’t given many specifics about it. That will change on September 27th, when Musk is expected to talk about the vehicles and technologies needed to bring people to the Red Planet, and then build a long-term settlement there.

The Best Password Managers of 2016

A data breach from 2012 recently resurfaced in the news, as Dropbox forced anybody who's been using the same password since 2012 to choose a new one. Of course, you may have been using that same password on dozens of other sites since 2012, too. I mean, who can remember a different password for every site? And once you've memorized one, the last thing you want to do is change it, right? But that kind of thinking leads to identity theft, or worse. Proper security requires that you use a strong and unique password for every website, and change those passwords regularly. Don't worry, you can do it. All you need is a password manager utility.

Thermal Photography Shows Even Pizza Emits Radiation

These beautiful photographs of fast food were taken by Brea Souders using a radiometric thermal camera. They demonstrate that all matter with a temperature greater than absolute zero emits electromagnetic waves—no microwave oven required. And that Day-Glo Warholish quality is more than appropriate for junk food.

The Glass Frog Isn’t Made of Glass But That Would Be Pretty Cool

The Glass Frog Isn’t Made of Glass But That Would Be Pretty Cool

Movie Review: The Osiris Child Is a Fun Throwback to B-Movie Scifi of the '80s and '90s

Twenty-years ago, you could walk into a video store and pick out a certain kind of low-budget science fiction movie. Movies that looked the same, but if one had lasers, starships and a cyborg suit in it, it was probably worth watching. Big budget visual effects have all but killed that level of film, but director Shane Abbess hopes to remind you of it with The Osiris Child .

Everything You Need to Know About On-Page SEO | SEJ

When you’re adding images to the page, it benefits the user experience. But, you can also help your SEO strategy by optimizing the image. Make your top targeted keyword the alt text and create a title that is unique, but stays applicable to the image. The featured image of this article has a unique title and the alt-text of what this post is about.

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Which programming languages are most popular (and what does that even mean)? | ZDNet

Finally, if you're starting a project, you need to choose what language to build in. Your first criterion should always be to use a language that can get the job done. If one language is hugely popular but would take two years to code, and another is less popular but would take two months for your application, you clearly should choose the less popular language. But, all things being equal, choosing a more popular language generally means access to more programmers and resources, so that's an important consideration as well.

Blue Bottle Coffee is raising another big round of funding

Blue Bottle, too, is finding itself with new potential revenue streams in the form of distributing its New Orleans style ice coffee — packaged in a cute little milk carton that you might have had during elementary school — and cold brew coffee, as well as selling beans. Sightglass, too, sells beans, as do other emerging coffee shops like Ritual. All this is turning the coffee market (at least in the San Francisco Bay Area) into an incredibly competitive space, with only a small number of hipsters to really tap until the companies find a way to break into the mainstream.

Another Psychological Study Fails the Reproducibility Test

Strack himself raised questions about the methodology and statistical analysis in an accompanying commentary to the new paper, arguing that the findings should not be deemed conclusive just yet. For instance, the pool of participants were drawn from psychology students, who were very likely to have read about the original 1988 study in their textbooks and guessed the true purpose of the recreated experiment, which could have skewed the results.

🎶 Can’t wear Snap sunglasses at night 🎶

Snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment with friends. You control how long your friends can view your message – simply set the timer up to ten seconds and send. They'll have that long to view your message and then it disappears forever. We’ll let you know if they take a screenshot! Build relationships, collect points, and view your best friends. Snapchat is instantly fun and insanely …

Google's new Pixel phones probably won't survive a slip in the bath

Google's upcoming Pixel phones won't be waterproof but each will be water resistant to help it battle against rain and splashing, according to a new report.

Where Clinton, Trump stand on 7 big tech issues

Trump Trump wants to encourage US companies to build at home by instituting a 35 percent tax on products made outside of the US. He singled out Apple during a January stump speech saying, "We're going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries." Apple, which declined to comment on Trump's comments at the time he made them, designs many of its products at its Silicon Valley headquarters and has them assembled in China. If Apple products were manufactured in the US, the price of an iPhone potentially could rise to around $900 to offset worker wages.

Apple Releases iOS 10.0.2 With Fixes for Photos, Headphones, and More

The new release is iOS 10.0.2, and it’s focused primarily on behind-the-scenes fixes and tweaks, improving the overall experience for users, while also squashing some bugs that have been discovered since the release of iOS 10 earlier in September. The new software can be installed as an over-the-air (OTA) update. Simply head into Settings –> General –> Software Update, and then follow the on screen prompts.

These three premium courses will turn you into a marketing guru for just $19

The Digital Marketing Management training features 10 courses on mastering digital marketing principles. You’ll learn everything from how to craft compelling copy to utilizing social media to pursue marketing campaigns, giving you what you need to drive growth, revenue, sales, and much more.

Quick take: The iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black really shines

While the iPhone 7 is essentially all-new under the hood, aesthetically, the new kid on the block is the Jet Black model. It's the one that offers the biggest visual differentiation from last year's iPhone 6S -- the shiny surface finish is the result of a nine-step anodization and polishing process lovingly spelled out at the iPhone launch event.

Those Used Coffee Grounds Could Get the Lead Out of Your Water

Those used coffee grounds you dump into the trash every morning might just help remove lead and mercury from drinking water one day, according to a new study by a team of Italian scientists.

Marlins' manager sobs as he remembers José Fernández's infectious joy

Marlins manager Don Mattingly wraps his arm around José Fernández in a June 2016 photo. After Fernández's death Sunday, Mattingly sobbed as he described the pitcher's passion for the game.

2009's HTC HD2 is immortal

On my trip to Berlin for IFA , a friend of mine showed me his ancient, but still functional, HD2, and I remarked how well its design had aged. It’s not too thick a brick, even by 2016 standards, and its screen bezels are thinner than most devices on sale today. So yes, I can totally see why people would feel attached to the phone and want to keep it going with new software. It’s just absolutely wild to think that the HD2 has endured nearly seven years — it’s almost as old as Android itself — and now it’s powering up with the latest instance of Android. That’s not to say that the HD2 can actually run Google’s latest software, as the mod author notes the RAM limitation cripples what the HD2 can achieve, but this is an achievement just by itself. An achievement that might embarrass Android phone manufacturers whose loyalty to their devices is oftentimes measured in weeks.

'Magnificent Seven' tops the final box office in a weak September

Estimates could slide September 2016 up by one spot in the all-time rankings — the total gross for September 2001 was $268.5 million — but it was still a poor performance by any measure.

How Venomous Creatures Can Kill You--Or One Day Save Your Life

If you’ve ever been stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean, you know firsthand the pain that a venomous creature can inflict, even if it doesn’t outright kill you. But scientists studying the chemical properties of venom might one day be able to develop therapeutic drugs that could save lives.

Justin Timberlake Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, comedy skit best friends and the human couple equivalent of a pair of colorful striped socks, teamed up yet again to shed light on a disease that's been plaguing phone-connected humans for years now: the ridiculous overuse of hashtags .

Self-driving trucks threaten one of America’s top blue-collar jobs

On Sept. 20, the Obama administration put its weight behind automated driving, for the first time releasing federal guidelines for the systems. About a dozen states already created laws that allow for the testing of self-driving vehicles. But the federal government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will ultimately have to set rules to safely accommodate 80,000-pound autonomous trucks on U.S. highways.

Oculus CEO and studio chief weigh in on Palmer Luckey’s apology

Meanwhile, Jason Rubin, head of studios at Oculus, wrote on his Facebook page, “I wanted to give Palmer Freeman Luckey a chance to respond before I said anything, and having read his post, I take him at his word. Those of you who have known me before I joined Oculus know that I would not work in a place that I thought condoned, or spread hate. Nor would I remain silent if I saw it raise its head. I have always believed that games, and now especially VR, have the potential to bring people together. My view is unwavering. I continue to believe that Oculus can make the world a better place.”

A pair of cute robots run into unexpected peril in short film Planet Unknown

The pair of robots work as a team, Wang said. The orange robot was the smarter and braver of the pair, because it was designed to carry out more complicated tasks, while the blue robot was a bit simpler, responsible for transporting the samples. Wang noted that he acted out the parts in his room to "find the correct performance to convey the emotion." The end result is a cute film about teamwork and friendship.

The decline of Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has always been a better-than-average resource for finding answers to programming questions. In particular, I have found a number of helpful answers to really obscure questions on the site, many of which helped me get past a road block either at work or in my hobby programming. As such, I decided I’d join the site to see if I could help out. Never before has a website given me a worse first impression. In an effort to keep the community as clean and orderly as possible, new users have very little rights from the get-go. On paper, this is a pretty nice idea. In practice, it makes it difficult for new users to gain any traction. I read through a number of questions today and had several comments for the original poster. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make my comments, since new users cannot post comments on articles they themselves didn’t write (you have to gain “reputation” in order to gain that privilege). Posting my comment as an “answer” to the original question seemed like bad form, so I didn’t do that. Looking elsewhere around the site, I found a few questions I felt I could answer.

10 daily apps to help caregivers take care of their loved ones

To best care for someone else, caregivers need to take care of themselves. Pacifica is a mindfulness app that aids in relief of anxiety, depression and stress. Users can track their moods and health, while also keeping track of moments during the day that trigger mood shifts. The app has in-app exercises, too, which help reduce stress and anxiety.

After four years in a refugee camp, one 19-year-old journeys home to Somalia

When the repatriation effort was announced, Hassan decided to go home to his aging mother. After he was told he and his family would be sent to Somalia, officials informed him their papers had to be reviewed because his daughter had decided to stay. The 14-year-old married a fellow refugee in January and said she and her husband wanted to stay longer at Dadaab. Hassan and the rest of the family couldn't be released until the necessary paperwork was processed to show that his family was now less one.

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