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Why Colin Kaepernick’s 2013 Beats By Dre Ad Is Perfect For Right Now - The future of business

As the issue of NFL player protest simmers, the brand that seemed willing to stand up for controversy is missing in action.

Elon Musk to detail updates and new uses for SpaceX’s interplanetary rocket

Elon Musk revealed the Spaceship Interplanetary Spaceship and Rocket at last year's International Astronautical Congress (embedded below), detailing a very..

This working Nintendo Switch helmet raises the bar for cosplayers everywhere

Seriously. This is WILD.

Google wants to be Apple again. Here's the problem

Commentary: To succeed in mobile hardware, Google will have to master something for which it has never shown expertise: product marketing.

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How the iPhone 8 Plus sees San Francisco

A portrait of CNET's Lexy Saviddes shot on an iPhone 8 Plus with Portrait Mode Contour Lighting. The setting gives her face a dramatic, model-sculpted look and adds highlights and darkened lighting effects.

Macworld on Twitter

Bada Bing! Apple dumps Microsoft for Google in Siri and Spotlight search results

7 things to know before upgrading to MacOS High Sierra

The successor to the ancient HFS+ file system, Apple File System (AFS), was rolled out last year, but with High Sierra became the default. At the very least, AFS' 64-bit addressing is essential to the upcoming iMac Pro for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to support that system's configuration with a 4TB SSD and higher. Plus, SSDs have different failure characteristics than hard disk drives -- one bad bit and buh-bye -- so the file system needs different types of redundancies and checks for reliability.

China blocks WhatsApp

China has blocked WhatsApp, security experts confirmed today to The New York Times . Over the past few months, WhatsApp has experienced brief disruptions to service, with users unable to send video chats or photos. Now, even text messages are completely blocked, according to Nadim Kobeissi, an applied cryptographer at Symbolic Software, a Paris-based research firm that also monitors digital censorship in China.

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macOS High Sierra: How to use Reader mode in Safari 11

Twitter explains leaving up Trump's North Korea threat

President Donald Trump's escalating war of words with North Korea's leadership on Twitter has many wondering why some of his tweets aren't being deleted by the social media platform, despite their apparent violation of its rules.

Verizon discontinued its bad smartwatch

The Android Wear 2.0 device launched in May for $350. We didn't think it was very good , and clearly it didn't sell well. At the time, we pointed out that the actual hardware was mediocre, including the built-in speakers. The software also encouraged wearers to use Verizon's Messaging app both on their phone and the watch. This app highlights words and turns them into monetized links. That's a feature no one wants.

Twitter explains leaving up Trump's North Korea threat

President Donald Trump's escalating war of words with North Korea's leadership on Twitter has many wondering why some of his tweets aren't being deleted by the social media platform, despite their apparent violation of its rules.

Yet Another Giant Iceberg Has Broken Free From Antarctica

Satellite images taken this past weekend show a new 100-square-mile iceberg emerging from Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. The calving event did not come as a complete surprise, but it’s a troubling sign with regards to future sea level rise.

How the flash storage market could lead to more expensive iPhones and iPads

This deal, which also puts TMC outside of Toshiba's ownership, will also create medium- to long-term changes on the NAND Flash industry. The expenditure of this independently managed company will not be influenced by the financial problem of its former parent company, and it does not have to share resources with other group companies. The spun-off NAND Flash maker therefore can totally concentrate on developing technologies and building up production capacity. On the whole, the newly independent memory business is likely to achieve greater operational efficiency and become more proactive in making strategic decisions.

Trump basically blamed Puerto Rico for the devastation from Hurricane Maria

Trump seemed to blame Puerto Rico for the devastation in a series of three tweets sent out Monday night. He negs all over Puerto Rico, from its infrastructure to financial issues, as he describes the disaster.

How you can help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

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Fitbit's Ionic smartwatch goes on sale October 1

And the new Apple Watch and Android Wear rival won't be alone: the new wireless Fitbit Flyer headphones also go on sale the same day. The sweat-proof headphones cost $129.95 / £109.99 / AU$199.95 and will be available at major global retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

Deloitte hacked, cybersecurity attack compromises client emails and plans

According to the report, Deloitte discovered the breach in March of this year. However, it is possible that the attackers could have breached the firm's network back in October or November 2016. Because of the sensitive nature of the breach, only senior partners and legal professionals were initially informed.

What's the Difference Between Parchment and Wax Paper?

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of parchment paper , but what of its less-expensive, but still non-stick friend, wax paper? Why does it exist? And do you need it?

How to virtualize Windows on VMware ESXi

The Virtual Machines pane also lets you manage the VMs. Clicking the Play button will power on the VM and allow it to boot to any installation media that has been configured for the VM to use. In this case, an ISO has been configured as a boot option, which kicks off the installation process for Windows and proceeds normally, just like booting it directly off a computer or server ( Figure G ).

More Windows 10 S PCs, starting at $275, are on the way | ZDNet

Microsoft also noted that, "in a future update," these Windows 10 S devices will be upgradable to something called Windows 10 Enterprise in S mode. Via this upgrade -- no price yet available -- 10 S users will be able to use Windows 10 Enterprise features like Credential Guard, Application Guard, and central Store management with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Oh noo: FEMA accidentally tweeted the number of a sex hotline

There are a lot of ways to help those affected by Hurricane Irma. FEMA accidentally tweeting the phone number of a sex hotline instead of an Irma helpline, though? That's decidedly unhelpful.

Entrepreneur, Charged in U.S., Recounts Abuse in Colombia Prison

Mr. Tuzman is home in New York awaiting his trial. But he said he rarely forgets what happened after the rape: “A few days after the assault, I was put on what they call a prison trial, where the guards purposefully leave their lookout stations and go away. I was put on a table and accused of being a snitch for reporting what had happened to me. That’s the worst thing you can be accused of in prison. My knees were shaking. I thought it was the end of my life. I’m only alive now because I hadn’t given up their names.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson Signs Off on Game of Thrones' Super Scientific Dragons

So there you have it, Game of Thrones ’ dragons would make just as much sense in our world as they do in Westeros—even if we can’t all agree on what Viserion was cooking up in his undead lungs. But what I think one thing we can all agree on was pulling Viserion out of the frozen lake didn’t make a lick of sense. As Tyson pointed out on Twitter, not only was it established that wights can’t swim, but the physics of the chain-pulling were actually completely off base.

When a power company gets a letter from a little girl asking for a hamster, magic happens

Utility company Potomac Electric Power Company (Pepco) accidentally received an 8-year-old girl's letter asking for a hamster from Petco, an animal supply company, which only makes sense since the names are so easily similar to one another.

Waymo clarifies it actually wants $1.8 billion from Uber

Two days ago, Uber’s lead counsel told the Court that Waymo is asking for $2.6 billion in damages for one trade secret. (Dkt. 1723, 9/20/17 Public Hrg. at 73:25-74:10.) That is false. Waymo is asking for $1.859 billion for Trade Secret 25 (not $2.6 billion) and less for the remaining trade secrets. Furthermore, Waymo’s numbers are not additive; if the jury finds that Defendants misappropriated every asserted trade secret, Waymo still only seeks $1.859 billion.

Lyft ups its driver game, adds 24/7 phone support

Lyft's new support updates are focused on giving drivers immediate assistance, something that's important if they get into trouble while on the road. Beforehand, if drivers had a question they wouldn't get a response for a couple of hours. Now, they'll be able to talk to someone immediately.

Inside High Sierra: Safari's Javascript engine much faster, accursed autoplay videos (mostly) killed

While marquee features like APFS have stolen most of the spotlight, Apple has implemented significant improvements to Safari with the goal of making a user's time with it easier, and less annoying. Editor's note: This story originally ran in July when High Sierra was in beta. It has been updated and republished for the public release of macOS 10.13. Javascript improvements During the WWDC rollout of High Sierra, Apple claimed Javascript is 80 percent faster on the new Safari than it is on Chrome on the same machine. This is all fine and good, but for most Mac users, a better comparison is between Sierra's Safari, and High Sierra's version. Our test machines are a 2015 MacBook Pro running High Sierra, and a 2016 MacBook Pro on Sierra. Both are i7 machines, with 16GB of RAM. General computing benchmarks are very close, with the 2016 MacBook Pro edging it out just a bit. This isn't just relevant to High Sierra —iOS users get the improvements too. We spent a few hours doing timing, and looking at possible vectors of speed or slowdown, and there really wasn't much to glean.

Mark Berman on Twitter

Puerto Rico's governor pleads for help, saying: We're U.S. citizens and "we've been essentially devastated"

Here’s our closest look at the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen yet

The most controversial feature of the year’s most hotly anticipated car is a touchscreen, a 15-inch display perched on the dash of the Tesla Model 3 like an affront to decades of automotive design. Everything runs through this screen: gear shifter, music, HVAC, navigation... even the windshield wipers and sideview mirrors. There is no instrument cluster and no heads-up display.

The Verge on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Football announcers go nuts after a squirrel interrupts a game to run in for a touchdown

is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Klingons on 'Star Trek: Discovery' feel a little too real in the age of Trump

In the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery , you see a split leadership gradually give in to T'Kuvma's fervent Klingon supremacist views. He's an outsider, not born of a noble house, who embraces other Klingon outcasts — the perfect populist to rally Klingons who are feeling impotent as their increasingly irrelevant empire loses ground to the progressive Federation while the Klingon elite bicker among themselves.

Dubai begins testing self-flying taxis

The flying taxi developed by German drone firm Volocopter resembles a small, two-seater helicopter cabin topped by a wide hoop studded with 18 propellers.

8 TED Talks on comics and cartoons

Enjoy these talks on two-dimensional art that can give joy, color and surprising honesty to our three-dimensional lives.

In Trump Era, Boeing Trade Case Boils Over Into ‘Multicountry Feud’

The Commerce Department’s ruling will be the first in a series of decisions about what, if any, level of duties to impose on Bombardier planes coming across the border. The International Trade Commission, an American government agency that reviews unfair trade practices, could ultimately uphold or eliminate the Commerce Department duties in a final ruling early next year. Bombardier or the Canadian government could also eventually challenge a ruling against Bombardier in a number of venues, including at the World Trade Organization.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra: The Ars Technica review

That's not because there's nothing here but because most of Apple's development work this time around went into under-the-hood additions and updates to foundational technologies. Changing filesystems, adding external graphics support, adding support for new image compression formats, and updating the graphics API to support VR are all important, and none of them are small tasks. But the UI doesn’t change, apps get only minor updates (when they get them at all), and multiple features continue to be more limited than their iOS counterparts. Updates like Mountain Lion and El Capitan have drawn comparisons to Snow Leopard for focusing on refinement rather than features, but High Sierra is the closest thing we've gotten to a "no new features" update in years. High Sierra is so similar to Sierra in so many ways that it’s honestly pretty hard to tell them apart.

Pandas Are Probably Still Screwed, Sorry

Last year brought some rare good conservation news: the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the folks who determine which species are endangered and which aren’t, bumped pandas from endangered to vulnerable. That’s a sign that conservation efforts have begun to reverse the effects of the human activity that wiped out the original bamboo-filled panda habitats in the first place. It also makes sense I guess, because science journalists spent all of last year talking about pandas screwing .

A Visual History of the iPhone

Apple's second phone that year was the iPhone 5c , aka the plastic iPhone. It was pretty much the same as the previous year's iPhone 5 inside, but with multiple color options (blue, green, pink, yellow, or white) for the polycarbonate back. In fact, it was so much like the 5 (albeit slightly thicker and heavier) that Apple discontinued the 5 and named 5c the replacement. It had a more reasonable price than the 5s, but it was still $99 for 16GB of storage (with a phone carrier contract). When it arrived, our review said it had "zero gee-whiz factor." For that, in 2013, you needed the 5s...or a Samsung Galaxy S4 .

The It Sequel Finally Has an Official Release Date

Here’s some joyful late-Monday news for all the Stephen King horror fans and devoted Pennywise meme-makers . The It sequel finally has an official release date, and you won’t have to wait 27 years to see what happens to the Losers Club. You will, however, have to wait a couple of years.

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Cryptocurrency jobs are popping up like crazy — even for non-techies

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Report: Steve Bannon attempted to plant a mole at Facebook

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iPhone users complain iOS 11 slows down their apps

Trump teaming up with Facebook and Google to boost STEM education in public schools - The future of business

President Trump will sign a presidential memorandum this afternoon that commits the administration to expanding access to STEM and computer science education, senior White House officials tell Fast Company . As part of that initiative, the administration will devote at least $200 million per year in grant funding to this priority, as well as other actions to increase the focus on computer science in K-12 and post-secondary programs. To emphasize the need for such an initiative, the White House cited statistics showing that less than half of high schools currently offer computer programming and that nearly 40% of high schools did not offer physics in 2015.

Paul Rudd's Ant-Man and the Wasp Stunt Double Is a Badass Amputee

At 16, Brett Smrz lost his leg after a freak trampoline accident. Today, Smrz is a professional stunt driver and one of two Ant-Man stunt doubles you’ll see in Ant-Man and the Wasp .

Dad bod Batman drawn by an 11-year-old girl is the hero this city needs

Dad bod Batman drawn by an 11-year-old girl is the hero this city needs

Police arrest and remove protestors with disabilities at Senate Graham-Cassidy hearing

Well, at least a solid majority of Americans do , and pretty much everyone who came to watch the Graham-Cassidy hearing Monday afternoon. Activists from the grassroots disability rights group ADAPT disrupted the hearing multiple times, causing Senator Hatch to briefly recess the hearing and prompting Capitol Police to arrest protestors, some of them in wheelchairs.

LeBron James expands on his 'U bum' tweet, calling Trump out for not understanding his own power

At first, he made light of Trump rescinding his White House invitation to Golden State Warriors MVP Steph Curry. James compared it to not getting invited to a party you were never planning to attend. But he then got more serious, addressing Trump's misunderstanding of his presidential role and impact on others.

97-year-old WWII veteran takes a knee in support of black athletes' right to protest

97-year-old WWII veteran takes a knee in support of black athletes' right to protest

Women dominate this year's National Book Foundation '5 Under 35' honoree list

"At a moment in which we are having the necessary conversations surrounding the underrepresentation of female voices, it's a thrill to see this list of tremendous women chosen organically by our selectors," said Lisa Lucas, executive director of the National Book Foundation, in a press release. "These writers and their work represent an incredibly bright future for the world of literary fiction."

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Study: Millennials most concerned about losing their jobs to robots

Visualizing What Makes Rap Lyrics So Unique - Where business and design collide

Lastly, Daniels and the Data Face applied a machine learning algorithm to see which artists were most similar wordwise. Turns out Nicki Minaj is most similar to Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott is most similar to 50 Cent, and Future is most similar to Gucci. To learn more, explore the full Language of Hip Hop data viz here .

Microsoft is going all in on Teams and plans to phase out Skype for Business

Until now, Skype for Business was the company’s product for this. Over the course of the last few years, Microsoft improved the Skype infrastructure to allow for better and faster text chats, calls and video conferences (though some Skype users would surely argue that the quality hasn’t actually improved all that much). But as Ron Markezich, the company’s corporate VP for Office 365 noted ahead of today’s public announcement, Microsoft Teams will evolve “as the core communications client” for its cloud-connected users running Office 365. Teams will become the “hero and primary experience for all voice, video and meetings.” Over time, Teams will replace the current Skype for Business client.

Tom Welling Is the Devil's New Frenemy in This First Look at Lucifer Season Three

Lucifer is one of the most enjoyable shows on TV. Somehow, it manages to effortlessly balance mythology, police business, romantic intrigue, and (secret weapon) wickedly cheeky humor. Based on this new season three promo, we can expect even more of that when the show returns.

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56 Air France's Ridiculous 'Airline for Millennials' Promises VR and a 'Rooftop Bar'
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79 A curious little kitten is really invested in learning about pottery
80 Miami Dolphins' Michael Thomas tears up while responding to Trump's NFL insults
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91 Ivanka Trump Used a Personal Email Account for White House Business, Too
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94 Microsoft makes play for next wave of computing with quantum computing toolkit
95 Instagram just blew through another important milestone
96 Target Embedding Pinterest Camera Search Tool in Its App