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Mobiles cleared for use on flights

But that doesn't mean you'll have to endure the bloke next to you babbling on about his work for an hour during your next flight.

Chariot, Darksiders 2 join Games With Gold in October

Microsoft announced its Games With Gold lineup for October, revealing that Xbox Live Gold members will receive free access to Frima Games' co-op platformer Chariot upon its launch next week. Chariot will be available as a free download for Xbox One subscribers from October 1st through the 31st. Xbox 360 owners will get EA's 2010 FPS Battlefield: Bad Company 2 free of charge on October 1, along with a free copy of Vigil's hack-and-slash action-RPG Darksiders 2 starting on October 16. This month's featured games Crimson Dragon, Super Time Force , and Halo: Reach are still up for grabs through September 30, so act fast if you haven't yet claimed your free downloads. [Image: Frima Games] Chariot (Gamescom 2014)

Super Smash Bros 3DS tourney in US GameStop stores

NATIONAL TOURNAMENT SERIES CELEBRATING SUPER SMASH BROS. FOR NINTENDO 3DS LAUNCH KICKS OFF OCT. 4 Sept. 25, 2014 Fans that have what it takes to compete with the best Super Smash Bros. players in the country are about to get a chance to win a trip to New York to show off their skills. On Saturday, Oct. 4, a day after the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game launches in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS, 15 GameStop stores around the country (as well as the Nintendo World store in New York) will host local tournaments for the newly launched all-star fighting game featuring three rounds of four-player battles. Participants for the 64-player local tournaments on Oct. 4 are selected on a first-come, first-served basis with no pre-registration required. Participants may bring their own Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS systems and/or Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS games to the tournaments, but are not required to do so. The winners of each local tournament will win a trip to New York to participate in the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS National Open Tournament at Nintendo World on Oct.

Download iOS 8.0.2 with bug fixes and improvements

Apple has officially launched iOS 8.0.2 for iOS devices capable of running the new software. With it, Apple is aiming to fix keyboard, HealthKit and other issues that some users have complained about since the launch of iOS 8 earlier in the month. This new update, which bumps up the version to iOS 8.0.2, also allows people to use their cellular connection, make use of Touch ID, and keep Wi-Fi functioning as well.

CEOs Get Paid A Lot More Than People Think--And No One Is Happy About It

Around the world and around the political spectrum, people think the gap between CEO pay and worker pay is smaller than it is. And even then, they think it's too big.

Love Post-It Notes? You'll Love This New Productivity App That Digitizes Them

Which is why I'm pretty pumped by Post-it Plus , a new iPhone and iPad app out today. Say you're brainstorming ideas with your team. You have everyone slap a bunch of Post-its against a wall. Rather than lose all those good ideas when you're done--or worse, have a poor intern collect them all into a Word doc--Post-it Plus lets you quickly snap a photo of up to 50 Post-its at a time, which are then digitized for easy organization. You can cluster notes and boards together as you see fit, and anyone on your team can add to them as you go. Using it is a joy!

Apple: Only 9 customers have complained about 'Bendgate' - CNET

Our iPhones are designed, engineered and manufactured to be both beautiful and sturdy. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature a precision engineered unibody enclosure constructed from machining a custom grade of 6000 series anodized aluminum, which is tempered for extra strength. They also feature stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high stress locations and use the strongest glass in the smartphone industry. We chose these high-quality materials and construction very carefully for their strength and durability. We also perform rigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle including 3-point bending, pressure point cycling, sit, torsion, and user studies. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus meet or exceed all of our high quality standards to endure everyday, real life use. With normal use a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus. As with any Apple product, if you have questions please contact Apple.

Securing the Internet of Things

The new Mini ad reads, “High-Speed Mobile Device” and touts the car’s “digital hub that syncs with your devices and social networks. So now you can motor like the wind and tell everyone all about it.” Cars are just one of the everyday objects slated to become digitalized and connected as the Internet of Things, which impacts industries and products as we know them today.

A look inside the rapidly-expanding world of New York's new-media stars

Like most of the other companies in this list, VICE is expanding so quickly it is looking at moving, because it has used up all of the available space in the former railway warehouse it occupies across the street from a brewery in Williamsburg, the trendy area of Brooklyn. The office houses more than 400 people, many of them stuffed into a rabbit-warren style collection of video-editing suites, and hundreds more are being hired around the world — thanks in part to the massive injection of cash it recently got from A&E and a venture firm , which values it at about $2.5 billion.

FBI Director Says Apple Marketing Encryption Snubs the Law

Put another way, Apple and Google think that they're above the law because they built encryption into their mobile devices that protects users' privacy. These improved security measures also make it more difficult for police to get information off of the devices, and it's not a huge surprise that police do not like this. Comey's comments come just a day after a controversial column one of his former colleagues penned in The Washington Post . (That former FBI assistant director also got his facts wrong .) Comey said that this new approach "does not make any sense."

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

(How Segarra got herself fired by the Fed is interesting. In 2012, Goldman was rebuked by a Delaware judge for its behavior during a corporate acquisition. Goldman had advised one energy company, El Paso Corp., as it sold itself to another energy company, Kinder Morgan, in which Goldman actually owned a $4 billion stake, and a Goldman banker had a big personal investment. The incident forced the Fed to ask Goldman to see its conflict of interest policy. It turned out that Goldman had no conflict of interest policy -- but when Segarra insisted on saying as much in her report, her bosses tried to get her to change her report. Under pressure, she finally agreed to change the language in her report, but she couldn't resist telling her boss that she wouldn't be changing her mind. Shortly after that encounter, she was fired.)

Derek Jeter's Adorable Nephew Is the Real MVP

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Europe Opens the Door for Phone Calls on Flights

Barriers include the difficulty of getting a cell phone signal at high altitudes, as well as how passengers will react to sitting beside a chatterbox while flying across the Atlantic. However, that'll be up to the airlines to figure out, as they implement the new rules. In most European trains, for example, there are "silent" cars where talking on phones is prohibited, but it seems unlikely that a similar scheme would work on anything but the largest jets.

Eventbrite Now Has An All-In-One App For Event Organizers Called Neon | TechCrunch

While Eventbrite says it wants to just focus on processing tickets and offering sales insights to organizers at event venues like a concert hall or the box office, Neon actually has legs beyond just that. Eventbrite created their own custom credit card payment processing dongle and software a while back for At the Door. This is very much like what PayPal or Square offers in terms of payment processing in real-time using mobile technology. However, with Neon, organizers have access to proprietary sales data within Eventbrite. This gives insight into event sales information. With the ability to process sales merchandise, sell tickets in real-time and offer refunds, customers could potentially also use the Eventbrite software to process sales in a store or reserve seats with a fixed fare price at a restaurant just as easily as it could for an event. Eventbrite rolled out seating selection tools for organizers so Neon could potentially provide a bigger concert producer with real-time, organized in-app ticket and merchandise sales insight at a Jay-Z concert, for instance. This further provides Eventbrite with the ammo needed to take on bigger ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster.

Troy Hunt: Everything you need to know about the Shellshock Bash bug

The headlines state everything through 4.3 or in other words, about 25 years’ worth of Bash versions. Given everyone keeps comparing this to Heartbleed, consider that the impacted versions of OpenSSL spanned a mere two years which is a drop in the ocean compared to Shellshock. Yes people upgrade their versions, but no they don’t do it consistently and whichever way you cut it, the breadth of at-risk machines is going to be significantly higher with Shellshock than what it was with Heartbleed.

BitTorrent Adds Paygate Feature to Publishing Platform Bundle

BitTorrent today announced it is adding a new paygate feature to BitTorrent Bundle, the company’s direct-to-fan publishing platform. Paygates will allow artists to monetize their Bundle content directly, though fans will only be able to download it a limited number of times before it is locked.

Yahoo to Close Education, Qwiki and Directory Next Quarter

Yahoo Education will close down on September 30. The site is designed to connect users with education providers and content, but the company has concluded that education is an area outside of its core offerings “where users’ needs are already well served by alternative online resources.” For what it’s worth, we didn’t even know Yahoo Education existed.

HTC Hints at Coming Waterproof Camera

HTC this week released a video  teasing what is apparently a new waterproof camera to be launched on October 8. The video is shot from the camera’s perspective and doesn’t show the camera itself, but the footage suggests it can be attached to a person while playing sports, zoom in for selfies and go underwater.

Find a Massage Therapist

"My back pain is gone and I have a regular massage therapist through Pine now. Miracles do happen!"

20 Mashable on Twitter: "It's Friday. #ONA14"

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Samsung Galaxy Alpha review

A return to the blue-green horrors of Pentile displays The contraction to a 4.7-inch screen size is a total boon for the Galaxy Alpha's usability, but its display isn't all good news. I'm not worried about the 720p resolution, which is perfectly adequate at this size. The viewing angles are also not a problem, as you'd expect from an AMOLED display, plus the Galaxy Alpha is among the most readable phones I've used outdoors. It outdoes both the Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact in those performance measurements, but it collapses when it comes to color accuracy. That old familiar blue-green tinge that was the bane of earlier AMOLED displays has returned, and even though the Alpha's screen uses the same Diamond Pentile subpixel arrangement as on its more senior Galaxy Note and Galaxy S brethren, it's noticeably worse. The background of the Twitter Android app is supposed to be white instead of baby blue, right? Sony's latest phones not only get the white balance right, they also give you the option to customize that setting to your needs. Samsung offers a variety of screen color modes, but none of them neutralize the bluish shift in tone.

Why Tesla & SolarCity's planned factories are quite different

Tesla li-ion battery tech is far less established compared pv module tech. In addition, Silevo brings multiple decades of senior engineering experience from multiple successful and respected pv and semiconductor businesses. Tesla on a comparison, can’t say that since tesla automotive li-ion battery tech is first of it’s kind with only a few years of history under the current “skateboard” form factor. SIlevo’s “small” 32MW plant in China is designed and planned to take on 5 additional production lines bringing production up to 230MW capacity. They also have land to expand that to 500MWs. In addition, these are one of the most efficient modules on the planet. The Suntech 2GW plant was standard efficiency, same for yingli…. both not comparable as in production capabilities to what Silevo is doing. This is exactly what Elon was talking about when the vast majority of scaled out production is on standard modules and not high efficiency modules and the reason why Silevo scaling lower cost higher efficiency modules(compared to standard efficiency) puts them head and shoulders ahead of the rest.

Super Smash Bros. Review: Handheld Power, Tons of Nintendo Characters

One of the restrictions the handheld may cause is problems with online play. Multiplayer battles are the heart of Super Smash Bros. after all, and they need to work perfectly. During local play on the same network, there were never any connection issues, and the games ran smoothly. The story wasn't the same all the time for my online matches. I'd be met with lag a few times, and once it was bad enough to make the game difficult to play. At first I assumed this was because I was playing against Japanese players, but this even happened while fighting players on the same metropolitan area. There aren't easy solutions to create a wired connection for the 3DS, so you'll need to be sure you're connecting to something with great speeds if you intend to play online.

Apple opens the doors at iPhone stress-testing facility, shows off the inner workings

Bending an iPhone is all the rage these days . As is par for the course when these sorts of “things” happen, the internet catches fire and it’s all that’s talked about for days. Perhaps as a result, or just good timing, Apple has allowed journalists into the stress-testing plant to show off what an iPhone goes through before it heads out to the public.

Forget 'airplane mode': devices are decreed okay for inflight use in Europe

However, to ensure safety on board, passengers will likely be asked by the cabin crew to stow their devices during taxi on the runway and take-off, an EASA spokesman said, adding that airlines can still set rules on when devices can be used.

EU privacy watchdogs give Google guidelines to change privacy practices

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European data privacy regulators on Thursday handed Google a package of guidelines to help it bring the way it collects and stores user data in line with EU law after six regulators opened investigations into the internet giant.

BlackBerry Passport Pre-Orders Sold Out After Two Days

This morning, while announcing its quarterly earnings , BlackBerry noted that preorders for the Passport ($600, unlocked) hit 200,000 in just two days, and the phone is sold out. Chen noted that within 10 hours, the Passport was sold out on both BlackBerry's website and on Amazon.

HotelTonight now does one week advance booking. Is this the first step to it becoming Expedia?

That mix challenged the time-honored M.O. for legacy booking companies like Expedia and Priceline. After noticing the challenger in their midst, the traditional sites introduced their same-day-on-the-go booking features. With bigger brand name recognition of its competitors, it was initially a scary moment for HotelTonight, Shank and co-founder Jared Simon admitted. But they said their business continued to grow, with revenue increasing 100 percent year over year.

Apple Releases iOS 8.0.2 Update Promising Fix

Apple released iOS 8.0.2 on Thursday evening, promising to “fix an issue that affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who downloaded 8.0.1,” the company said in a statement.

Jawbone Makes Progress On Its $250 Million Funding Round As Apple Watch Looms Over

As a $3.3 billion hardware company, Jawbone’s overcome a lot of skepticism to date to get this far. By its latest funding, it seems like more investors are still lining up to show their faith in Rahman’s plans even within an Apple Watch future. But with so much of the money Jawbone’s targeting still left to collect, it remains to be seen how new investors will evaluate Jawbone within this new wearable landscape in which Apple is more than a hypothetical player. Fans of Jawbones products–and investors–had better hope that this new batch of funding is more of a blip than a major achievement in proving Jawbone’s future in that market.

The Vysk iPhone Case Ensures Your Camera And Photos Never Get Hacked

That’s where the second, software-focused, prong of the Vysk security case comes in. Users who have the EP1 get access to the Vysk Private Gallery app. The Private Gallery is an encrypted, password-protected app designed to be a secure repository for photos and videos. Users can store photos and videos in two separate inner galleries, effectively separating, say, life and work. Each inner gallery uses a unique PIN code for entry. The Private Gallery app encrypts the photos and videos before they are stored on the device. Even if a user backs up their phone’s data to iCloud, the files are still stored as encrypted data and cannot be deciphered.

Slack Buys a Collaboration Tool in First Acquisition

Slack is branching out to offer more types of collaboration tools to the more than 200,000 people who use the site daily, a number that has doubled in the past 11 weeks. Just as its messaging features are designed to replace the need for email, Slack plans to offer new tools like the document editor to keep users working inside the app instead of in apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365.

BlackBerry Passport sells out; CEO foresees profitability in 2015

BlackBerry's new qwerty Passport smartphone quickly sold out just hours after going on sale online Wednesday, with another 200,000 back orders waiting in line, BlackBerry CEO John Chen announced in an earnings call today.

Knowing When And How to Blend Your Work And Personal Lives

“Your lifestyle is defined by the set of habits on how you live your life: You choose technology. You choose brands. You choose how you spend your Sundays. Workstyle is the same, it’s just the choices you make at work,” she says. “It’s the habits you have at work to do your very best and you tend to want to use that workstyle to be comfortable and confident in how you get your work done. So there are all different kinds of workstyles, which creates an amazing opportunity for diversity of ideas, interests, and collaborations. The sum of the diversity of people working together is the magic that happens inside of companies that are able to create the best teamwork and therefore the best business results."

Amazon completes acquisition of Twitch | ZDNet

Earlier the month , vide president of Amazon Game Studios Mike Frazzini said that the acquisition of Twitch was based on meeting the company's leadership team and understanding the Twitch culture. The team, which Frazzini said was "an awesome fit with Amazon’s culture," is the key element which prompted the buyout.

Standing Desks Are Coming To Schools, To Cure Obesity And Increase Attention Spans

The work is at a relatively early stage. Benden needs to test the desks (which are made by a local company called Stand2Learn) with greater numbers of students and look at what effect certain instructions from teachers may have on the results. In this experiment, the kids were told very little about the desks; they were just in place when they turned up on the first day of a semester.

Playdate: We're livestreaming 'Forza Horizon 2' on Xbox One!

Welcome, ladygeeks and gentlenerds, to the new era of gaming. The one where you get to watch, and comment, as other people livestream gameplay from next-gen consoles. Because games! They're fun!

Apple Unleashes iOS 8.0.2 to Fix iOS 8.0.1

Apple is rolling out iOS 8.0.2 to iOS device. You can update now or wait. After yesterday , it might be better to wait. Just in case. Apple says the update will fix the issue brought on by the iOS 8.0.1 update yesterday that killed cell service and TouchID.

A Belgian Brewery Will Tap Its Own Underground Beer Pipeline

The famed De Halve Maan brewery in Bruges, Belgium has been cranking out tasty drafts for more than five centuries—all from the same historic building. But with its fleet of beer trucks now tying up traffic getting to a new processing plant two miles away, the brewery is taking the only logical course of action: It's installing an underground beer pipe.

Russia orders Google, Facebook and Twitter to comply with local storage and censorship laws

The U.S. firms have reportedly been told they must store Russians’ local data and metadata on Russian soil, and abide by the same restrictions on free speech to which traditional Russian media must adhere. If they don’t play ball, they may be blocked in the country.

Former Last Guardian devs' teaser trailer is so Vane

Friend and Foe Games offered a teaser trailer for one of its two introductory games this week, Vane . The Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer shows the game's desert-and-ruins environment, following a bird in flight before observing a shadowy sprinting child. The team of five at Friend and Foe Games includes credits on Team Ico's The Last Guardian , Bionic Commando , Battlefield 3 and the Killzone series. Head past the break to check out the trailer. Announced in June , the game's youthful character has an "odd ability" and is stuck in a "strange land." While the trailer doesn't shed any light on Vane 's setting other than it being prone to severe lightning strikes, the child does appear to leap off a platform and morph into a bird near the end of the video. Vane is in development for PC with other consoles to follow and does not currently have a release date. [Image: Friend and Foe Games]

Hilary Duff's new music video is basically an Amazon Fire Phone commercial

Gadget product placement has a long and mostly hilarious history in music videos. Nicki Minaj briefly held the title of "Queen of Egregious, Nonsensical Placement" for having a Beats Pill literally float through the air in her "Pills and Potions" video, but Hilary Duff's latest, "All About You," may just be the new winner.

43 Melting Away: Portraits of polar ice with personality

For many of us, the climate crisis is a giant social, economic and environmental specter; for photographer Camille Seaman , it’s personal. A Shinnecock Indian, Seaman sees “images of icebergs as portraits of individuals,” akin to family photos — only these faces are dissolving. Over the last decade, the Emeryville, California–based TED Fellow has been documenting icebergs in both the Arctic and Antarctic for her “Melting Away” project. She writes in an email: “I felt that whenever I would come home it was like waking up in a nightmare where no one seemed to be paying attention to the larger picture. How hard is it to understand that we are poisoning ourselves, our water, our air, our land — and we are taking down how many untold species with us?” Take a look at 15 of her shots of icebergs and glaciers (along with some penguins and a polar bear) to see the world through Seaman’s eyes. And check out  The Earth Academy , an awareness campaign she just launched to teach sustainability education.

How Chris McCandless Died - The New Yorker

From a cryptic diary found among his possessions, it appeared that McCandless had been dead for nineteen days. A driver’s license issued eight months before he perished indicated that he was twenty-four years old and weighed a hundred and forty pounds. After his body was flown out of the wilderness, an autopsy determined that it weighed sixty-seven pounds and lacked discernible subcutaneous fat. The probable cause of death, according to the coroner’s report, was starvation.

Paul Konerko video a fitting farewell to White Sox

Jennifer Konerko teasingly called her husband "a real (Martin) Scorsese" due to how dedicated he was to making the video reflect the reality of the grind he endured. That was obvious when Konerko insisted the reel include the time he grimaced injuring his knee, the day former Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija beaned him and shots of teammates helping him off the field. By design, the images remind everybody that not of all of Konerko's punishment in a Sox uniform was self-inflicted, not every game a day at the park.

Innovation By Design Awards 2014

The conference is a forum for the newest thinking in the field of design. Healthy debates among domain experts are mingled with fresh ideas from the forefront of business and culture, featuring luminaries ranging from iconic CBS/PBS newsman Charlie Rose to Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman. Where is design headed? Scroll down to learn more about our lineup of speakers and the day’s agenda. Later that evening, the winners and finalists of our third annual Innovation By Design Awards will be announced. The awards have become the preeminent honor bestowed on innovative solutions in the world of design and business. Winners and finalists are featured on Co.Design as well as in a special design issue of Fast Company magazine.

With RogerVoice, Deaf People Can Make Their First Phone Calls | TechCrunch

This is where technology shines — RogerVoice is not yet another Uber for X . It will potentially help millions of hard-of-hearing people by letting them make phone calls. Some of them might even make their first phone call through the app. To do this, RogerVoice subtitles phone conversations in real time, so that you can read what the other person is saying.

The Thermodynamic Theory of Ecology | Quanta Magazine

John Harte , a professor of ecology at the University of California, Berkeley, has a wry, wizened face and green eyes that light up when he describes his latest work. He has developed what he calls the maximum entropy (MaxEnt) theory of ecology, which may offer a solution to a long-standing problem in ecology: how to calculate the total number of species in an ecosystem, as well as other important numbers, based on extremely limited information — which is all that ecologists, no matter how many years they spend in the field, ever have. Five years ago, the Ghats convinced him that what he thought was possible from back-of-the-envelope calculations could work in the real world. He and his colleagues will soon publish the results of a study that estimates the number of insect and tree species living in a tropical forest in Panama. The paper will also suggest how MaxEnt could give species estimates in the Amazon, a swath of more than 2 million square miles of land that is notoriously difficult to survey.

How Apple's Innovative Design Became Boring Design

I couldn't agree with you more Dan. I've been using Apple stuff since my Apple IIe and I stayed through the worst of times. I relished the design renaissance of in the late 90s-early 2000's. Apple's industrial design then was second to none. They were influencing the design or everything back then, not just computers. I used to look forward to MacWorld Expos with great expectation. What would the next iMac look like? It could be anything! The colorful and curved designs were friendly and organic. Playful, as you said. They encouraged you to have feelings, even affection towards your computers like a pet. We've been locked in the doldrums of gray slabs for much too long. Apple's design is so dreary and unimaginative. I can't remember the last time I actually got excited about an Apple design. What's worse is, I hate sharp-edged aluminum. I still haven't found a laptop as comfortable to type on for hours as my iBook G3's curvaceous form was. Someone buy Jonny Ive some LSD already.

11 Photos of Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Erupting That Are Just Unreal

Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has been erupting since Aug. 29, with lava shooting out of the ground on the Holuhraun lava field about halfway between that volcano and a neighboring volcano called Askja. The lava has flown out of the collapsed crater of Bardarbunga, known as a caldera, in a nearly 30 mile long dyke, before reaching the Earth's surface.

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