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A song for women addicted to inappropriate wearing of activewear

It is a problem that is still beyond repair in Australia.

The most Boston man ever goes nuts after finding a 'sea monstah'

Two Boston men become hysterical upon discovering a sunfish on a fishing trip.

Lily isn’t just a quadcopter, it’s an autonomous personal cameraman in the sky

By using computer vision algorithms and several onboard sensors, the Lily is designed to be the first autonomous flying camera that follows you.

Beagle meets baby for the first time, totally melts

Buddy the beagle meets his new sibling for the first time and is totally enamored.

Presenter loses it after guest accidentally says ‘blow job’ on live TV

'This Morning' host Phillip Schofield struggled to contain his laughter after author Lynda La Plante said something unexpected on live TV.

How Netflix works in virtual reality, and why it's not HD

Movie studio requirements mean Netflix VR is in standard-def, but that's not as bad as it seems.

A water pouring optical illusion could break your brain [VIDEO]

This tricky optical illusion/video edit might make your brain explode.

Walt Mossberg reviews the iPhone 6S

Apple’s job every year is to bring out a new iPhone with enough improvements to justify an upgrade, a new purchase, or a switch from a competing phone. This year, the company has done it again with the iPhone 6S.

A sick dog's heartwarming road to recovery [VIDEO]

Caretakers at Animal Aid Unlimited, India took him in with the hopes of giving the animal a second chance.

I'm sick of getting sick from VR, but there's a remedy

Can VR developers take us to new worlds while leaving the motion sickness behind?

The six most insane things Volkswagen's board just said about its CEO's resignation

Following Martin Winterkorn's resignation from the world's largest car company a few minutes ago, the company's Supervisory Board put out a numbered list of "conclusions" it has reached about the...

iOS 9 security flaw grants unrestricted access to Photos and Contacts

Pebble's Time Round smartwatch sacrifices battery life for style

Pebble unveils the rounder, prettier version of its color smartwatch.

Humans can survive in space, but what about the microbes inside us? - CNET

A new video miniseries on the International Space Station's One-Year Mission focuses on how the microbes that live in the human body survive in microgravity.

Painting bot follows your eyes to create art

Robots that can interpret human gaze offer the chance to extend control outside our bodies

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Is a lack of enterprise apps killing BYOD?

Bring-your-own-device policies in the workplace often pit employee satisfaction and privacy against corporate security. And as the number of employees and companies participating in BYOD programs continues to fall, can enterprise apps be the linchpin of BYOD success in the workplace?

iPad Mini 4 review: A long wait makes for a potent upgrade

It's easy to imagine Apple just took a shrink ray to an iPad Air 2 and called it a day, but there's more going on here than meets the eye. You see, rather than carry over the modified A8X from the Air 2, Apple kitted out the new Mini with the same A8 processor that's currently powering the iPhone 6, albeit except it's paired with 2GB of RAM instead of one. I've never had much reason to complain about the iPhone 6's performance, and the combination of that chipset and the extra RAM means the Mini 4 is, unsurprisingly, a snappy performer (more on that later). My review unit was a 128GB model, although Apple also offers 16GB and 64GB options with prices starting at $399 for a WiFi-only configuration. Toss in an updated 8-megapixel rear camera, not to mention faster 802.11ac WiFi and 20 LTE bands, and we've got a much-improved device on our hands.

Obama announces 'understanding' with China's Xi on cyber theft but remains wary

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama announced on Friday that he had reached a "common understanding" with Chinese President Xi Jinping on curbing economic cyber espionage, but threatened to impose U.S. sanctions on Chinese hackers who persist with cyber crimes.

Hackers reportedly stole credit card data from numerous Hilton hotel properties

“Hilton Worldwide is strongly committed to protecting our customers’ credit card information,” the company said in a written statement, according to Krebs. “We have many systems in place and work with some of the top experts in the field to address data security.  Unfortunately the possibility of fraudulent credit card activity is all too common for every company in today’s marketplace. We take any potential issue very seriously, and we are looking into this matter.”

3 CEOs Who Have Made Customers Their Top Priority

Under Lafley, P&G tried hard to dig deep into their lives and experiences. It created a number of consumer immersion programs that brought customers into personal contact with employees. P&G used the program to draw up carefully segmented customer groups, establish live and electronic two-way conversations with customers, and ultimately bring innovative new products to the market. Lafley understood his customers were real people. More than that, he also knew his leadership was needed to change P&G’s corporate culture.

Telegraph Technology on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Science Knowledge Quiz

Test your knowledge of science facts and applications of scientific principles by taking our short 12-question quiz. Then see how you did in comparison with a nationally representative group of 3,278 randomly selected U.S. adults surveyed online and by mail between Aug. 11 and Sept. 3, 2014 as members of the Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel.

U.S.-China Deal to Ban Ivory Trade Is Good News for Elephants

China’s internal ivory control systems have failed . While 79 percent of Chinese people surveyed by National Geographic Society and GlobeScan said they’d support a total ban on ivory, the survey also found that 36 percent of those surveyed in China wanted to buy ivory and could afford it, while another 20 percent wanted to buy it but couldn’t afford it. (In the United States, 13 percent said they wanted to buy ivory and could afford it, while 22 said they wanted it but couldn’t afford it. The survey also found that a higher percentage of Americans who could afford it had no interest in buying ivory—24 percent, compared with 12 percent in China.)

Simulate Live Photos and 3D Touch on Older Devices

How to Simulate Live Photos and 3D Touch on Older Devices How to Jailbreak on a Mac: How to Jailbreak on a Windows PC: Subscribe: Follow us: Sign up for our Daily Newsletter:

“Tsundoku,” the Japanese Word for the New Books That Pile Up on Our Shelves, Should Enter the English Language

Another good Japanese invention would be a word for that perception of the heaps and heaps of credit card receipts, symbolizing meals and hotel rooms and entertainment and impulse buys for a lifetime, which hads up to a mountain of stuff for which one is still in debt? I always laugh at one fellow I know, under such a mountain, who says his first meal out paid with a credit card, back in his youth, was a cheap Chinese lunch, yet it pings in his memory as the beginning of the end of his financial happiness.

What a difference a word can make: How a single word can change your conversation

1. Are you willing? I’ve worked with mediation services that help people in a dispute with their neighbor, partner or colleague. By analyzing hundreds of calls between mediators and their potential clients, it became clear that some callers don’t really want mediation; they want a lawyer, police officer or housing company to arrest, evict or otherwise constrain the other party’s behavior. They have been referred to mediation as a last resort, and many callers reject it on the basis that the other party is the “kind of person who won’t mediate.” Without knowing how to overcome that hurdle, the call is over and the client is lost. However, I found that when mediators asked people if they would be “willing” to mediate, even resistant callers agreed to try the service. “Willing” was significantly more effective than other phrasing such as “might you be interested in mediation?” — and it was the only word that achieved a total turnaround from “no” to “yes.” My theory: it works because if the other party is the kind of person who won’t mediate, then the caller must be the kind of

Why we laugh

Did you know that you're 30 times more likely to laugh if you're with somebody else than if you're alone? Cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott shares this and other surprising facts about laughter in this fast-paced, action-packed and, yes, hilarious dash through the science of cracking up.

NASA Will Announce A Major Mars Discovery On Monday

The event will take place at 11.30 a.m. EDT (4.30 p.m. BST) on Monday, and you will be able to watch it live on NASA TV, which we have handily embedded below. Reporters will be onsite and asking questions by phone, while the public can get involved via #AskNASA.

Why we love, why we cheat

Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic – love – and explains its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its social importance. She closes with a warning about the potential disaster inherent in antidepressant abuse.

Tesla is officially launching the Model X at an event on September 29th

The Model X, with its bigger interior and unique "falcon doors" — is an important model for Tesla, but arguably not the most important one in the company's pipeline: everyone is looking at the upcoming Model 3 to help bring volume where the pricy Roadster and Model S have not. (The Model X will be just as expensive as the S, keeping it well out of reach of the mass market.) The 3 is  expected to hit dealerships in in 2017 .

The world's most boring television ... and why it's hilariously addictive

You've heard about slow food. Now here's slow ... TV? In this very funny talk, Norwegian television producer Thomas Hellum shares how he and his team began to broadcast long, boring events, often live — and found a rapt audience. Shows include a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition and a 5.5-day ferry voyage along the coast of Norway. The results are both beautiful and fascinating. Really.

20 words that once meant something very different

Words change meaning all the time — and over time. Language historian Anne Curzan takes a closer look at this phenomenon, and shares some words that used to mean something totally different.

Encryption might be the reason we've never heard from aliens, says Snowden

"When you look at encrypted communications, if they are properly encrypted, there is no real way to tell that they are encrypted. You can’t distinguish a properly encrypted communication, at least in the theoretical sense, from random noise," says Snowden. He suggests that over time all societies realize that encryption is a necessity. "So if you have an alien civilization trying to listen for other civilizations, or our civilization trying to listen for aliens, there's only one small period in the development of their society where all of their communications will be sent via the most primitive and most unprotected means."

The science of setting goals

A meaningful goal — one that truly inspires you to change — requires going deeper. “Give yourself permission and time to think about what it is you want to experience in your life or what’s getting in the way,” says McGonigal. Think about what you want in the coming year, then ask yourself why you want that — three times in a row. For example, if you want to quit smoking, ask why do you want to quit? Then, if you want to quit for your health, ask why do you want good health? Then, if your answer is to be alive long enough to meet your grandchildren, ask why do you want to meet your grandchildren? “You get to something that just feels so obviously important to you,” says McGonigal. It really drives home why that goal matters, and that motivation can bolster you as you work toward the goal.

Rhei - Time flows. Literally.

What is expected to be its primary function tends to remain in the shadows of its much more invaluable role: Rhei is a dynamic installation, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock.

5 Twitter Analytics Features You Might Not Know About (But Should)

We’re stopping at five, but once you start exploring you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about your content and your audience. Of course, data is only as valuable as the insights it brings to businesses, so take time to get familiar with all the reports and identify the best for your business. We'll be sure to keep the dashboards actionable, easy-to-use, and up-to-date with new, helpful features. Deal?


Mediagazer simplifies this task by organizing the key coverage in one place. We've combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors to present the one indispensable narrative of an industry in transition.

How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists

There's an organization responsible for more terrorism plots in the United States than al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and ISIS combined: The FBI. How? Why? In an eye-opening talk, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson reveals a disturbing FBI practice that breeds terrorist plots by exploiting Muslim-Americans with mental health problems.

New Pluto images reveal mountain ranges textured like 'dragon scales'

This panorama was created with multiple images taken by just before New Horizons’ closest approach on July 14th, 2015. About 330 miles (530 kilometers) of Pluto’s surface is shown. On the left you can see craters, mountains, and dunes, while the right side of the picture is dominated by the icy expanses of Sputnik Planum. For the first time we see that Sputnik Planum is marred with pits and ridges, whereas in previous photos it appeared smooth. This can be seen better in the high-resolution version .

Baby cages: Turns out not a great solution

Eleanor Roosevelt, who by her own admission “knew absolutely nothing about handling or feeding a baby,” bought a chicken-wire cage after the birth of her daughter Anna. She hung it out the window of her New York City apartment and placed Anna inside for her naps — until a concerned neighbor threatened to report her to the authorities.

Only 6 Percent of Americans Aced This Basic Science Survey

Perhaps unsurprisingly, people who had earned college or graduate degrees performed better than those without them. There were also notable differences between certain age groups. Eighty percent of 18- to 29-year-olds knew that radio waves transmit cell phone calls compared to only 57 percent of people over 65 who answered correctly. But when it came to a question about the developer of the polio vaccine, the over-65 population beat the 18- to 25-year-olds 86 percent to 68 percent.

A reversible 8-in-1 bra for office, workout and everything between

The Evolution bra, which will come in sizes 32A to 38DD and retail at $55, is made to be worn during any and all activities. "The idea was to create a bra we could wear to the office and then the gym," Grifiths explains. "Something that evolved with us throughout our busy days."

Apple wants its electric car ready by 2019

According to sources, the project has been codenamed Titan, and employees from across the company have been reassigned to the effort, reportedly tripling the original 600-person team spearheading it. The increased focus should give a clue as to how ambitious the effort is; the 2019 date is one year ahead of original projections for the car's debut. For Apple, getting the complex task of building a car ahead of schedule, even after hiring numerous experts from the auto industry, is a huge deal — especially since the company has no experience in car-making.

Maggie Gyllenhaal has joined David Simon's HBO porn drama

Maggie Gyllenhaal has agreed to join the cast of The Deuce , a David Simon pilot set for HBO that chronicles the New York porn industry during the 1970s and early 1980s. Gyllenhaal will play Eileen Merrell, a Times Square prostitute (otherwise known as Candy) with a nose for business. The only other confirmed cast member at this point is James Franco, who's set to play twin mobsters — yes, multiple — lording over the nascent industry with iron fists.

25 quotes that take you inside Elon Musk's brilliant, eccentric mind

25 quotes from Bill Gates that take you inside the mind of the world's richest man

How Zuck’s Old TA Helped Facebook Master Mobile Ads

Bosworth wasn’t that interested. He didn’t just need a break. He knew almost nothing about the ad business, whether the ads showed up on smartphones or anywhere else. But as Bosworth explains it, in his typically offhanded way, Zuckerberg is rather persuasive. “He was like: ‘There are at least four billion-dollar opportunities on mobile in the next six months. You can unlock one or two. And then you can go on your vacation.’ That’s an insane thing to say. But I was like: ‘Why not?'” Bosworth remembers. “He says a thing that you think must be crazy. But you end up leaving the conversation thinking it’s possible.”

Nexus 6P Presentation Leak Includes More Images, Confirms Metal Body, Gorilla Glass 4, And 3450mAh Battery

What do you want? What will make you happy? It has a bigger battery like you all wanted. A nexus with a good battery life. Is there a perfect phone? Do you think they should wait until 820 is out? Will you be happy then? Or would you find another reason not to like this and be unhappy? You're pathetic and I think you suck. Like the hump this shit phone has!! SERIOUSLY GOOGLE!!!!! THis phone sucks!!! I want a sony nexus samsung nexus LG NEXUS!! with shit camera and shit battery. Lg is the best!!! The H in Huawei stands for Hitler!!!! I'm not okay!!! Why I'm writing thesee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELp me

Twitch announces VOD feature and video uploads

At it's first-annual TwitchCon , the video-streaming service announced that broadcasters will be able to schedule saved streams and uploaded videos to play any time of day. Your favorite stream potentially just became a 24-hour source of awesome. Now when viewers hit a page they enjoy, even if there isn't a live stream, they will see a video playing. This gives the folks that use Twitch the ability to create shows with higher production values in addition to their live events. The company is rolling out beta access ( you can request access here ) over the coming weeks.

Technology’s Impact on Workers

The internet and cell phones have infiltrated every cranny of American workplaces, and digital technology has transformed vast numbers of American jobs. Work done in the most sophisticated scientific enterprises, entirely new technology businesses, the extensive array of knowledge and media endeavors, the places where crops are grown, the factory floor, and even mom-and-pop stores has been reshaped by new pathways to information and new avenues of selling goods and services. For most office workers now, life on the job means life online.

Samsung's new and improved $99 Gear VR ships this November

When Samsung released its revised mobile virtual reality headset, the Gear VR, earlier this year, it did so with the label "Innovator Edition" still attached since the hardware wasn't quite consumer-ready. Today, at the Oculus Connect 2 developer conference in Los Angeles, Samsung's VP of Mobile, Peter Koo announced a new Gear VR priced affordably at $99 and ready to ship in the United States in time for Black Friday this November and worldwide shortly after. Gallery | 9 Photos Samsung's new Gear VR + See all 9/

Telegram delivers 12B messages a day, CEO Pavel Durov says WhatsApp sucks

On the issue of privacy, which seems to be a major selling point for Telegram, Durov was asked about if there’s exceptions to the rule. Specifically, he acknowledged that ISIS is using the service, so does it keep him up at night knowing that terrorists use it? “That’s a good question,” he started. “Privacy is ultimately more important than our fear of bad things happening, like terrorism. If you look at ISIS, yes, there’s a war going on in the Middle East. Ultimately, ISIS will find a way to communicate with its cells, and if any means doesn’t feel secure to them, they’ll [find something else]. We shouldn’t feel guilty about it. We’re still doing the right thing, protecting our users’ privacy.”

How the Mason Jar Went From Farmers to Hipsters

When I was in college and graduate school, I was constantly attending dinner parties at which we drank cheap wine out of Mason jars, usually the small ones used for jams. My apartment, like those of most of my friends, was assembled from a hodgepodge of thrift-store finds, including a weathered daybed, a leather easy chair with a gaping hole in the back, and kitchenware that looked like it had seen 10 different households. I didn’t think anything of Mason-jar glasses then. It was just a part of being young and poor in the city. Now that I’m older, I find that I can pay decidedly un-thrifty prices to recapture a more minimalist time in my life. Mason jars suggest resistance to the mass production of food and culture; they emphasize the values of self-sufficiency and community. 7-Eleven’s marketing strategy, however, demonstrates how easily resistance to commodification can be commoditized.

Netflix knows the exact episode of a TV show that gets you hooked

Netflix's point, of course, is that its method of releasing an entire season of a TV show all at once is a much better way to win over fans. Whereas a pilot may get some people to come back the next week, letting viewers watch through a few episodes in a row appears to be a smarter way of ensuring that they'll return. "We found that no one was ever hooked on the pilot," Ted Sarandos, Netflix's content chief, says in a statement. "This gives us confidence that giving our members all episodes at once is more aligned with how fans are made."

9 signs your dog is running for president

In that case, your dog may be contemplating a presidential run. Don't worry; your dog is probably a long shot to win. But you should look out for these nine telltale signs anyway — you know, before the campaign starts.

The history of Oktoberfest is much bigger than beer

Today, Oktoberfest runs for 16 days from mid-September to the first weekend in October. It is considered the largest public festival in the world - it has been cancelled a few times, but only for reasons as dire as war and cholera epidemics.

Inside Mecca’s Life-or-Death Crowd Control Design

For five days every year, the population of Saudi Arabia increases by 3 million. That’s when Muslims visit Mecca for one of the religion’s most sacred rites: the hajj. Most cities aren’t built with that kind of surge capacity. And as the tragic stampede at this year’s gathering showed, at a certain density those crowds can become dangerous. So the Saudis have, over the years, turned to a series of the world’s best architects and designers to try to keep millions of pilgrims safe, healthy, awed, and (a few of them) very, very comfortable—while honoring the tenets of Islam. The result is a city of carefully regulated experiences, with more work yet to be done.  —Tim De Chant

Google Nexus 5X and 6P Preview - CNET

In addition, though the 6's pricing was consistent with the high-end devices of its time, it was more expensive than what consumers, who regarded the Nexus family as budget-friendly, were used to. But with two sizes and presumably two pricing structures, the Nexus line could be notably cheaper than the 6. This prospect is made more timely now that that so many premium unlocked handsets are more affordable than ever. If Google wants to be stay in the mobile hardware game, it's paramount that the Nexuses' prices be competitive to ensure the smartphones' success.

Your brain on improv

Musician and researcher Charles Limb wondered how the brain works during musical improvisation — so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. What he and his team found has deep implications for our understanding of creativity of all kinds. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)

Innovating undercover: A history of Apple S phones' hidden transformations - CNET

But take a closer look at the family, which range from the iPhone 3GS in 2009 to this year's iPhone 6S, which goes on sale on Friday, and you'll find Apple has introduced a pattern of subtle innovations that have helped shape the evolution of its blockbuster smartphone. They go against the grain of the wider belief that S iPhones are uninspired because they come in essentially the same chassis as their previous non-S iterations.

26 iOS 9 Tips for Apple Fanatics

Automatic Renewal Program: Your subscription will continue without interruption for as long as you wish, unless you instruct us otherwise. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the term unless you authorize cancellation. Each year, you'll receive a notice and you authorize that your credit/debit card will be charged the annual subscription rate(s). You may cancel at any time during your subscription and receive a full refund on all unsent issues. If your credit/debit card or other billing method can not be charged, we will bill you directly instead. Contact Customer Service

The 25 Most Remote Places In The World

In spite of the fact that our planet is undergoing a population explosion, there are still some places where it would be hard to find a companion. In just a few moments we are going to take you on a tour that will involve everything from isolated arctic islands to secluded canyons. By the end of it you will have probably gained a new appreciation for the people in your life (or maybe you’ll start packing your bags). Either way, we hope you enjoy our compilation of the 25 most remote places in the world:

Cancer Vaccine Exists, Goes Unused

Of note, teenagers do sometimes faint after HPV vaccination. "We think it's really important for the teens, the parents, and the clinicians," Schuchat said, "to observe them for 15 minutes or so after vaccine is given because kids are just running off and sometimes pass out. There was actually even a death from someone who fainted shortly after getting one of these vaccines and was in a car accident. So we think it's important to not jump off the table and run off and go about your business, but to actually rest for 15 minutes." 

#2030Now: How to be a stellar social good citizen

Mashable hosted a special Twitter chat to answer a simple question: "What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?"

Volkswagen estimates $7.3bn in damages caused by emissions software scandal | ZDNet

The mistakes have cost the company dearly, and not only in the matter of share prices. Volkswagen is setting aside 6.5 billion euros ($7.3bn) to cover repairs, services and "other efforts to win back the trust of customers." Earnings targets, as you can imagine, will also have to be adjusted.

‘Mom, let’s meet in the future’: Chinese sci-fi writer cryogenically freezes her brain in Arizona lab

‘Mom, let’s meet in the future’: Chinese sci-fi writer cryogenically freezes her brain in Arizona lab

51 Snoop Dogg debuts Merry Jane, a community site around the cannabis lifestyle
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81 The 'smart' way Barcelona is cutting costs and improving quality of life
82 Jeb Bush would wipe out the FCC's net neutrality rules if elected president
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