How To Make Presidential Debates Better Without Breaking Them Video Description

There are other ways to approach this idea of instant sentimental feedback. Designers at the innovation and design firm IDEO, for instance, have been working with the Sundance Institute on a panel format. Creative Tensions, as the program is called, requires everyone in a room to stand on their feet. Nearby are two speakers and a moderator. On the wall a "spectrum" is presented, which is bookended by polar opposing opinions of a subject. "The entire room—speakers and audience—move in the space along that spectrum," explained IDEO's Creative Tensions manager Anna Silverstein, while presenters discuss their opinions. The idea is to get in-the-moment movement that echoes sentiment. For example, if I were in the audience and a speaker said something I disagreed with, I would move away from him or her. So too would everyone else in the room, depending on how they felt. "It forms an interesting conversation that is less political and more nuanced," says Silverstein.

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