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Mozilla Gives Firefox a 'Quantum' Speed Boost

Firefox Quantum, now in beta, should deliver a huge speed boost compared to earlier versions of Mozilla's browser.

Bill Gates ditches Windows Mobile, but not for iPhone 8

Bill Gates just got himself a brand new smartphone, and it isn't an iPhone 8.

Watch the Blade Runner anime from Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe

A short in the form of a prequel

Super fast bionic glass: iPhone 8 Review

Velcro music video begs you not to say 'velcro'

Velcro attempts to set the record straight on its trademark with a catchy power ballad.

Star Wars spoof video promotes dentist's laser root canals

An Arkansas dentist goes on a different kind of trench run in a Star Wars video about laser root canals.

Jennifer Lawrence, Gal Gadot, Emma Watson all have quick clapbacks for their 'Mean Tweets'

"That's probably true."

When you make a whole hip hop song as a job application, you'd better get the job

'Still live at my mama house, but I'm cool with moving out.'

A modder turned a MacBook Pro into a Samsung DeX laptop

It’s not the nicest laptop out there, but this modded 2008 MacBook Pro is definitely the nicest laptop running DeX — Samsung’s portable desktop software, which isn’t actually meant to be built into...

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Twitter to test 280-character tweets, doubling current limitation

A select set of Twitter users are being freed from their 140-character shackles, at least temporarily, as the ubiquitous social network tests methods by which users can better express themselves while maintaining the brevity that popularized the platform. Explained in a blog post on Tuesday, Twitter is doubling the upper tweet limit to 240 characters in a bid to better tailor the service for users who feel constrained by existing constraints. Penned by Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen and senior software engineer Ikuhiro Ihara, the suggests nuances in the world's written languages played a significant role in Twitter's decision to launch the pilot program. Depending on their native tongue, some users are able to express their thoughts in much less than 140 characters, while others might find the limit too restrictive. In essence, the change levels the playing field when it comes to logographic languages like Chinese, Korean and, with Kanji, Japanese. Those languages can relay a sentiment with a single character, something that might take multiple words in English or other languages that rely on Roman characters.

Dyson -- yes, that Dyson -- is working on an electric car

Dyson first dove into the automotive industry in March 1990, when it began work on a cyclone-style filter that could trap diesel exhaust particulates. Even with prototypes, nobody showed an interest in the tech, and it was summarily abandoned. But Mr. Dyson has remained interested in doing what he can to mitigate air pollution, and an electric car is a logical extension of that desire.

Twitter testing twice as much tweet

The company noted in a blog post that cramming thoughts to fit Twitter character counts is more of a hassle for some users in specific language. Tweets sent in Japanese use 140 characters just 0.4% of the time, while English-language tweets hit 140 characters 9% of the time.

US Homeland Security will start gathering social media information from all immigrants

The US Department of Homeland Security has amended its rules to require immigrants to disclose their social media accounts. The agency will now collect information including “social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information, and search results” on immigrants, including permanent residents and naturalized citizens.

Apple says fix coming for 'crackling' iPhone 8 audio

Apple on Tuesday issued a statement confirming a small number of iPhone 8 handsets suffer from an audio glitch that causes a "crackling" noise during phone calls, saying a fix for the problem is in the works. In the days following last week's iPhone 8 launch, a number of new owners have reported the audio bug to Apple's Support Pages forum ( 1 , 2 ) and Reddit's iPhone subreddit , saying their new device emits a "crackling" or "static" noise from its ear speaker. Apple commented on the matter in a statement to The Verge , saying, "We are aware of the issue which is affecting customers in a small number of cases. Our team is at work on a fix, which will be included in an upcoming software release." The company failed to elaborate on the bug's cause. A number of users have experienced the issue, however, and in each case the iPhone 8 in question emits a high-pitched crackling sound while on a phone call or FaceTime Audio call. The problem does not manifest in every call, and is not present when using the earpiece as a loudspeaker for speakerphone connections. Further, both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus units are affected by the issue.

Apple's macOS High Sierra will launch with a major security hole

"As a passionate Mac user, I'm continually disappointed in the security of macOS," he said. "I don't mean that to be taken personally by anybody at Apple -- but every time I look at macOS the wrong way something falls over. I felt that users should be aware of the risks that are out there I'm sure sophisticated attackers have similar capabilities."

We should upload human minds on Stephen Hawking's interstellar mission

In the future, we won't need to send wetware human bodies to the stars, because we'll be able to send software minds . I am persuaded that it's up to our post-biological descendants to colonize the universe. In the meantime, of course, we need to go on with "old fashioned" space exploration to stay energetic and mentally healthy as a species. It would be great if flesh-and-blood humans spread to other planets in this century, but then, the first Starshot launch could mark the beginning of our transition to post-biological life.

Saudi Arabia Agrees to Let Women Drive

Tuesday’s announcement acknowledged that many people in Saudi Arabia believe that it is dangerous to allow women to drive, but it said that the majority of the Council of Senior Scholars — the kingdom’s top clerical body, whose members are appointed by the king — had agreed that the government could permit women to drive if it was done in accordance with Shariah law. It is unclear whether women will need permission from their male guardians to drive.

4 industries that are making the best use of blockchain technology

As blockchain evolves, several industries are poised to take advantage of the distributed ledger technology. Here are four examples of how the blockchain can be used to get work done.

The 23 best ARKit apps to try on iPhone and iPad

The Machines is Apple's premier ARKit demo, and for good reason -- it's graphically one of the most impressive titles so far, turning your living room into a craggy battlefield where robot soldiers duke it out with sizzling weaponry as they push to victory. In our brief time with it so far, it's not quite as deep as your average MOBA, but it's a great example of what developers can do with diorama-like AR titles.

Your phone's GPS is about to get a massive upgrade | ZDNet

"We are glad to see the industry recognizing the advantages of dual-frequency GNSS receivers, including Galileo E1 and E5," said Carlo des Dorides, executive director of European GNSS Agency, Galileo market development. "We believe Galileo's contribution is instrumental to reach mass-market GNSS centimeter-level accuracy."

Chinese regulator: iPhone X has 3GB RAM, 2,716mAh battery, compared to iPhone 8's 1,821mAh

Chinese regulator: iPhone X has 3GB of RAM, and a 2,716mAh battery, compared to iPhone 8's 1,821mAh battery, and its A11 Bionic chip has clock speed of 2.4GHz

Facebook and the NFL team up to air game highlights

"These full game recaps and shows will deliver comprehensive coverage while enabling the active NFL fan communities on Facebook to watch and debate the top storylines from each week," Dan Reed, Facebook's head of global sports partnerships, said in a statement.

Man In a Vegetative State for 15 Years Stirs After Brain Stimulation—But He's Not Awake Yet

But these conversations would be much different if you could restore consciousness, as a new paper claims to do... kind of. A French patient received a traumatic brain injury fifteen years ago, putting him into a vegetative state. After stimulating a part of the brain, scientists were seemingly able to restore some of the patients’ consciousness. But no, we’re not quite at Awakenings yet.

Tindstagramming is the newest way to be a huge creep

While it would be nice if they would just get the message and stop pushing it, what are the odds of that? You can try your best to combat this plague yourself by wiping any trace of your Insta information from your Tinder profile. But even that's not gonna be enough to stop the most persistent of weirdos from finding you.

As Google Fights Fake News, Voices on the Margins Raise Alarm

The New York Times could not find the same level of traffic declines at all of those publications, based on data from SimilarWeb, a web analytics firm. Traffic coming from search engines for the World Socialist Web Site was down 34 percent during the months of May to July, compared with the preceding three months, according to SimilarWeb. Traffic that did not come from search was up 1 percent during the same period.

California mulls its own ban on internal combustion engines

California has its own goals on a similar timeline. The state hopes to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent (compared to 1990 levels) by 2050. Nixing the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles would certainly help that, but as Bloomberg points out, it would really rely on the automakers to boost their EV offerings in that time.

Google takes a page from Amazon Web Services and adds per-second billing for its cloud

The tech giant will apply its new per-second pricing to many of Google Cloud's core products, including its Compute Engine and App Engine, which allow companies to build software and store data within Google's servers. Customers will get per-second billing regardless of whether the servers they're using run Microsoft Windows or Linux.



21 iOS 11 battery woes? This might be one culprit

If you've ever searched for tips on prolonging iPhone battery life, you've almost certainly encountered this one: turn off email fetch. The reasoning: battery life suffers if your phone automatically checks for new mail every 15 or 30 minutes.

Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts

The company is adding a new feature that allows you to control who is able to comment on your posts. It's also adding new mental health resources, better comment filtering, and new "kindness" stickers.

Twitter to Test Doubling Tweet Length to 280 Characters

That is now set to change. Twitter said on Tuesday that it would test extending the text limit of a post on its service to 280 characters. (In effect, that would double the length of the first two sentences of this paragraph; those sentences, for the record, add up to 140 characters.)

Google Cloud acquires cloud identity management company Bitium

Google Cloud announced today that it has acquired Bitium , a company that focused on offering enterprise-grade identity management and access tools, such as single-sign on, for cloud-based applications. This will basically help Google better manage enterprise cloud customer implementation across an organization, including doing things like setting security levels and access policies for applications working across their Cloud and G Suite offerings.

Twitter increases character limit to 280, internet erupts into flames

This is a small change, but a big move for us. 140 was an arbitrary choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how thoughtful the team has been in solving a real problem people have when trying to tweet. And at the same time maintaining our brevity, speed, and essence!

macOS High Sierra comes with a flaw that leaves your passwords vulnerable

As if a flaw that lets hackers get at the entire contents of your Keychain password vault isn't bad enough, it's not just High Sierra that's vulnerable: Older versions of macOS and OS X can be exploited in the same way.

A Saudi woman who dared to drive

There's no actual law against women driving in Saudi Arabia. But it's forbidden. Two years ago, Manal al-Sharif decided to encourage women to drive by doing so — and filming herself for YouTube. Hear her story of what happened next.

Virtual Reality Installations to Start Arriving at AMC Movie Theaters Next Year

America’s biggest movie theater chain is putting $20 million behind a Hollywood virtual reality startup and plans to begin installing its technology at cinemas starting next year. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. is the lead investor in a $20 million series B round for Dreamscape Immersive, a location-based virtual reality company backed by...

Inside Dubai’s Bid To Become The Middle East’s Tech Hub

At the moment, no one, including the Dubai government, can really know if its road transportation will be a quarter driverless within the next 13 years, never mind whether a country with less than 2 million citizens can launch a credible Mars mission. The goal of being the “world’s smartest city”  is similarly grandiose and nebulous–which is not to say that it’s totally meaningless, either. Dubai has developed based on the idea that absolute monarchs can build a dynamic, 21st-century city. The startup ecosystem will be a crucial test case of how true that really is.

Bullies Torment Humans and Ghouls Alike in the Nasty Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Directed by Giddens Ko, everything about Mon Mon Mon Monsters is shot through with a grimy, nasty toxicity. The sets are filled with trash and dirt, almost every character screeches and sneers, and the idea of redemption gets treated like a joke. Shu-Wei is such a whiny doormat that it’s hard to root for him, and the sympathy-case girl who’s even worse off than him barely gets any spoken lines in the movie. Ren-Hao and his equally horrible girlfriend make each other worse instead of better. Shu-Wei does struggle a bit with trying to avoid turning as fucked-up as the members of the gang that tormented him, but he largely fails. His arc from victim to lesser monster happens by going along with whatever chaos the bullies have planned.

'Game of Thrones' costars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are reportedly engaged

After Game of Thrones brought them together, they're now making it official: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are reportedly engaged.

Kim Kardashian bashes 'fake' rumors about her reaction to Kylie Jenner's pregnancy

Kim Kardashian bashes 'fake' rumors about her reaction to Kylie Jenner's pregnancy

Rapper Post Malone tried to crowd surf but no one caught him and it's the best thing we've seen today

All he needed was a young Patrick Swayze to catch him and lift him in the air, because no one puts baby in the corner, or in this case, watch him hit the floor.

The Cleanup at Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant Has Been Delayed Yet Again

With the backing of Japan’s government, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) has decided to revise its plan to remove highly radioactive spent fuel from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. It’s the fourth re-think made by the utility since the plant suffered a meltdown following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami—and yet another delay to a plan that’s expected to take anywhere from 30 to 40 years.

12 ways we can get Trump to focus his attention on Puerto Rico

12 ways we can get Trump to focus his attention on Puerto Rico

SEC chair grilled by Senate panel over cyber breach, Equifax

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) told a congressional committee on Tuesday he did not believe his predecessor Mary Jo White knew of a 2016 cyber breach to the regulator’s corporate disclosure system, the exact timing of which could not be known “for sure.”

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Uber now lets drivers leave detailed feedback about riders

This App Helps Forest Rangers Without Internet Access Find Illegal Activity

“We monitor forests from space, and we can see deforestation happening every single week using satellite data and algorithms.” [Image: Global Forest Watch] The app is an extension of Global Forest Watch , a project that maps deforestation around the world . “We monitor forests from space, and we can see deforestation happening every single week using satellite data and algorithms,” says Rachael Petersen, acting director of Global Forest Watch at World Resources Institute, the organization that runs the program. “But the reality is that many of the people who are on the front lines of deforestation, whether those are park rangers in national parks or indigenous people who live in the forest, don’t have access to internet connections or desktop computers to be able to utilize this wealth of information that we’re producing.”

Google pulls YouTube off the Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show, if you’re not familiar, is the Alexa-enabled smart speaker that has a screen on it so you can do stuff like... watch video. And YouTube is the internet’s largest source of said video. One of the core use cases of the Echo Show for some people might be watching cooking lessons or music videos — on YouTube.

The Creator of Saw and Insidious Walks Through His Own Worlds at Halloween Horror Nights

That man is Leigh Whannell, who wrote the first Saw and Insidious films, as well as many of the sequels. Having inspired two HHN mazes in the same year is a pretty special thing. “It’s a complete honor,” Whannell told me. “I love what [creative executive] John Murdy and the Halloween Horror Nights team does. So I am, to quote a scientific term, ‘stoked’ to have two mazes there.” I can verify this, because I walked through both of them right at his side.

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Cadillac aims for Tesla with an Autopilot all its own

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Li Ka-shing and Jack Ma join forces to bring a digital wallet service to Hong Kong

Is it time to have that confrontational meeting with a poor vendor? | ZDNet

When a vendor delivers subpar service, you should work with them to try to resolve the problem. But if that doesn't help, you may need to up the ante. Here's a look at how to handle 'The Big Meeting'.

Instagram just rolled out a new tool to curb harassment

Instagram is trying to get more serious about one of the worst features on its site—trolls. The company is rolling out a new tool that will make it easier to block trolls, letting anyone with a public account  choose whether everyone can comment , or limit commenting capabilities to people they follow, people who follow them, or both. Previously, Instagram would only allow users to block commenting from people one by one.

Facebook Can't Say For Sure Whether Russians Bought Election Ads In France And Germany

Last week CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook Live video that the company has "not yet found a similar type of effort in Germany" when it comes to ads. The official echoed that, saying, "To date, we have found no significant coordination of ad buys or political misinformation targeting Germany from known clusters in Russia."

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Star Trek Discovery has Klingon captions -- for everyone but American viewers

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A federal agency that regulates apples wants to make regulations on Apple a little easier

Equifax’s CEO, Richard Smith, will become at least $18 million richer after stepping down

After owning up to one of the largest data breaches in recent history, and systematically botching the response , Equifax’s CEO and chairman, Richard Smith, has announced that he is retiring. The company has appointed two people to take over Smith’s roles: Board member Mark Fielder will act as non-executive chairman, and Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr.—who served as Equifax’s president for its Asia-Pacific region—will be interim CEO. “At this critical juncture, I believe it is in the best interests of the company to have new leadership to move the company forward,” Smith said in a press release.

Showtime Websites Rigged to Mine Cryptocurrency

The Coinhive code, which uses visitors' CPU power to mine the cryptocurrency Monero, was found on the CBS Corporation subsidiary's official site — — along with, according to Bad Packets Report .

MacOS High Sierra has arrived: here's how to download and install it

MacOS High Sierra is here. Find out if your Mac can run Apple's next computer operating system and, if so, how to download and install it.

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82 Casetext jobs
83 U.S. Slaps Duties on Canadian Jet, Raising Trade Tensions
84 iOS 11 battery woes? This might be one culprit
85 Google, Facebook, Amazon among contributors to Trump's education initiative
86 Sony: No Plans to Compete With Switch
87 Penguin video cameras catch birds snacking on unusual prey
88 macOS High Sierra, First Take: Solid foundations, but light on eye candy Review | ZDNet
89 iPhone 8 Plus First Impressions and Some Interesting Details
90 iPhone X could face delays thanks to Face ID
91 New Ataribox Details Don’t Make It Sound Any More Promising