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Rockstar shows off the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 in gritty new trailer

When Rockstar announced that it was delaying Red Dead Redemption 2 to next spring, the developer promised it would have more of the game to show later on this summer. Well, it’s a bit belated, but...

Is the Super NES Classic worthy of the hype? GamesBeat Decides

The Super NES Classic Edition is out this week, and we got our hands on one. On this week's episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, host and PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb asks co-host and reviews editor Mike Minotti whether it lives up to the excitement.

Watch Elon Musk’s Mars and Moon colonization speech at 12:30AM ET

A renewed focus on the Moon seems pretty likely

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Gizmodo on Twitter

Nvidia adds Google Assistant to Shield TV, making it a smart box to take on Apple and Amazon.

Toshiba Inks $18 Billion Deal to Sell Chip Arm to Bain Group

The agreement’s signing is a step toward completing a deal that’s gone through innumerable twists since January. Bain had been selected as the preferred bidder in June, but couldn’t reach a final agreement because state-sponsored Innovation Network Corp. of Japan and Development Bank of Japan backed out of the private equity firm’s consortium in the face of Western Digital’s threats.

Aston Martin just showed off designs for a limited edition submarine

Submarines are usually great big heaving hulks of metal. Aesthetically they’re pretty average most of the time but they get the job done. Now, Aston Martin, the luxury car maker known to be James Bond’s car of choice , has partnered with Triton Submarines to create a submersible that’s made for those who like nice things. Aston Martin says the partnership "has shaped a unique concept that will lead to an exclusive, strictly-limited edition vehicle." In other words: you’d better start saving now.

Apple Seeds tvOS 11.1 Beta 1 to Developers

Apple today officially seeded the first developer beta of tvOS 11.1. The new software is available for registered developers, and can be downloaded onto the set-top box via a profile that is installed via Xcode. From there, developers should be able to test out the pre-release software ahead of its public launch.

Amazon takes on the smart alarm clock with the $130 Echo Spot

The product features a 2.5-inch display in a half circle design. As Amazon put it, anything the Show can do, Echo Spot can do, too – including making hands-free calls and video calls. But the new Spot comes at the much more affordable price point of $130. Like the Dot (and unlike the Show), the Spot doesn’t have much in the way of on-board audio, owing to its palm-sized form factor. Though as with the smaller Echo, the product has audio out and Bluetooth so it can be hooked up to external speakers, if you don’t care for the built-in speakers.

Twitter just told Congress it found about 200 accounts linked to the same Russian agents found on Facebook

For its part, Twitter entered its meeting Thursday under pressure from the likes of Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, who had raised concerns that bots helped spread misinformation on its site. In response, Twitter highlighted in its blog post ways that it seeks to tackle these and other spam accounts, but the company noted it’s also contending with human-directed networks that spread falsehoods and fake news.

These Are the 25 Games the Game Boy Classic Edition Should Include

I’d certainly be first in line for an N64 Classic Edition, but I’ve always preferred portable gaming as developers were forced to focus on gameplay instead of graphics, given the hardware limitations of handheld systems. Besides, portable gaming is more popular then ever with the advent of smartphones. Even Nintendo knows this. Its current hardware lineup consists of multiple versions of the 3DS and 2DS handheld systems, and the Switch, a flagship console you can play on the toilet. Now’s as good a time as any to bring back the Game Boy, one of the best selling consoles of all time.

Elon Musk teases pictures of a SpaceX Moon base and Martian city

Musk isn’t completely off the Mars train, though. After revealing a Moon base rendering, he also shared a picture of what SpaceX’s future Martian city could look like, too. Perhaps he’ll also talk about the Moon being used as a stepping stone to get to Mars , as many others have argued for.

Twitter’s Apple Watch app has disappeared

However, we understand that all is not lost for Twitter users who are Apple Watch owners as a part of this change – in fact, the notifications experience should be improved. While the removal of the Apple Watch app removes the ability to browse Twitter from the Watch, notifications will actually have more context than before.

Lyft is getting close to selecting an IPO adviser

SAN FRANCISCO - Lyft is close to hiring an initial public offering (IPO) advisory firm, in the first concrete step by the second biggest U.S. ride service company to become publicly listed, according to people familiar with the matter.

Leaving the phone behind: Running with the Apple Watch Series 3 and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier | ZDNet

The Gear S3 Frontier requires a Samsung Galaxy or other Android smartphone or an iPhone to set up. The Apple Watch Series 3 requires an iPhone to set it up. Neither smartwatch can be taken out of the box and used without first connecting to a phone. With that out of the way, let's see how these two smartwatches perform with no phone connected.

New gravitational wave reaches Earth, three detectors notice

Three's a charm as a trio of gravitational-wave detectors make their first joint observations of a ripple sent through space-time by merging black holes.

Bitcoin blow as fund drops U.S. exchange application

(Reuters) - An effort to allow investors to trade digital currencies as easily as stocks in the United States stumbled when the backer of a bitcoin fund said an application to list on an exchange had been withdrawn.

How to virtualize macOS on VMware ESXi

10. By clicking the Play button, that will power on the VM and allow it to boot to any installation media that has been configured for the VM to use. For the purposes of this article, a USB flash drive was inserted into the USB port that contains the macOS 10.12 installer and configured the VM settings to be able to boot from that drive, kicking off the installation process for macOS Server. From here it is the straightforward macOS installation we are all used to ( Figure K ).

Amazon's Echo Spot is kind of like an Echo Dot with a screen

You could call the Echo Spot a mini Echo Show but it's probably more like an Echo Dot with a screen. That's because the Spot only has a 2-watt speaker and is more akin, sound-wise, to the Dot than the Show. Still, it feels appropriately weighty for a $130 device, with the same grippy texture of the Echo Show. If Amazon's goal was to find a middle-ground between its cheapest and most expensive Alexa gadgets (the Dot and the Show, respectively), then it succeeded -- at least in terms of design.

Windows 10 tip: Learn the secret shortcuts to jump straight to system folders | ZDNet

Windows 10 keeps a collection of shortcuts to system and user folders. If you know the registered name of one of those folders, you can get to it easily using shell: commands. Here are some useful ones.

Just look at all of Amazon's new Alexa devices

But wait, there's more! Amazon also announced the Echo Plus . It looks just like the original, but features better sound and a built-in ZigBee radio that'll let it communicate directly with smart home devices like lights and locks that would have otherwise required a hub. For gadgets like those, the Echo Plus is  the hub.

Apple's first iOS 11 update: iPhone users get urgent fix for broken Microsoft email | ZDNet

Given the large number people who use Microsoft email services from an iPhone and the importance of Exchange for work, this bug had the potential to have a serious impact as the iOS 11 upgrade gets into full swing.

Spotify's new 'Time Capsule' generates a nostalgic playlist based on your age

How does Spotify know how old you are? When you first sign up for Spotify (how long ago was that ?), each user has to fill out their date of birth — "Your Time Capsule" gauges your age from this. Spotify will create a playlist for every user in 60 markets, aged between 16 and 85.

Big data case study: How UPS is using analytics to improve performance | ZDNet

Projects such as Orion and Network Planning Tools form part of a collective of initiatives that UPS is using to improve decision making across the package delivery network. The firm, for example, recently launched the third iteration of its chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to help customers find rates and tracking information across a series of platforms, including Facebook and Amazon Echo.

Equifax Will Offer Free Credit Locks for Life, New CEO Says

Windows 10 next year: Microsoft shows off new look Start Menu starring Fluent Design | ZDNet

Moving the mouse over the apps in the Start menu displays each app button in a gray tinted box as the mouse moves over them. A GIF would have better illustrated the effect than Microsoft's image, however Windows Central has published a video of the new Start menu, which shows Reveal following the mouse along the menu and a circular light pulse when clicking on the app. It's a minor change but the Start menu is central to the Windows experience.

Apple Music now has over 30 million subscribers

Apple Music has managed to nearly keep pace with Spotify’s growth rate, racking up an average of 15 million subscribers per year, compared to 20 million for Spotify over the past two years. It’ll be tough for Apple to catch up with Spotify at this rate, but it seems like Jimmy Iovine realizes this.

Mark Zuckerberg fires back after Trump accuses Facebook of 'colluding' against him with the media

"After the election, I made a comment that I thought the idea misinformation on Facebook changed the outcome of the election was a crazy idea," Zuckerberg wrote Wednesday. "Calling that crazy was dismissive and I regret it. This is too important an issue to be dismissive. But the data we have has always shown that our broader impact -- from giving people a voice to enabling candidates to communicate directly to helping millions of people vote -- played a far bigger role in this election."

Twitter, With Accounts Linked to Russia, to Face Congress Over Role in Election

But there is evidence that Twitter may have been used even more extensively than Facebook in the Russian influence campaign last year. In addition to Russia-linked Twitter accounts that posed as Americans, the platform was also used for large-scale automated messaging, using “bot” accounts to spread false stories and promote news articles about emails from Democratic operatives that had been obtained by Russian hackers.

The 10 best features on today's top smartphones

Motorola’s, and now Lenovo’s, Moto Mods project is the only one that has doggedly ploughed through the raised eyebrows and low sales to carry on to today. Lenovo has announced the Moto Z2 Force and reaffirmed its belief in phone modules - and it seems others will follow suit, with the newly-launched Essential Phone packing pogo pins to attach accessories.

5 critical IT security questions enterprises need to answer now

At Microsoft Envision, Microsoft's president and chief legal officer Brad Smith shared some tips for how companies can gut check their own security strategy.

Twitter character limit expands from 140 to 280 to encourage more English tweets

While the company is famous for its 140-character limit, its brevity has proven to be a pain for English “Tweeters.” This week, Twitter Product Manager Aliza Rosen and Senior Software Engineer Ikuhiro Ihara took to Twitter’s official blog to announce the arrival of a new character limit for Twitter. Instead of the long-held 140-character limit, Twitter will now expand the character limit to 280 to help ease the frustration of cramming English expressions into 140 characters.

Google Offers Concessions to Europe After Record Antitrust Fine

Under the plan presented Wednesday, Google will create a stand-alone unit for its shopping service. That unit will remain part of its overall business, but will operate separately and will be subject to regular monitoring by the European Commission. Rival price comparison services, like Germany’s Idealo and a Dutch comparison site called, would earn money from merchants whose products, from refrigerators to electronic gadgets, they are advertising. But they would also pay Google to take up those spaces.

Facebook is making it easier to find blood in India

More tools will be rolled out in stages. If someone or a clinic needs blood, they can create a special post that includes information about where the blood is needed, contact information, and an option to identify the blood group required and an anecdote about the patient. When that request is posted, those nearby who have indicated they’re willing to donate blood will be sent a Facebook notification and given the option to respond through Messenger, WhatsApp, or a call. Donors’ details are kept private unless they choose to disclose it to the person in need of blood.

NBC News on Twitter

BREAKING: Hugh Hefner, iconic founder of Playboy, has died at age 91

WIRED on Twitter

We now live in a world where museums are built for Instagrammers:

Raspberry Pi laptop? Here's a super-simple kit you can build yourself

However, the computer's real purpose is to teach kids how computers work and get them interested in programming. There is a storybook that explains each step of how to build the laptop and how each component works. The Kano OS has a Story mode—effectively a game that teaches children about how computers work—a drag and drop coding app, step-by-step coding challenges and software for modding Minecraft using simple code. These coding challenges extend to teaching children JavaScript, Python and Unix commands.

Dad finds out the hard way to not swear in front of his toddler

"As a former U.S. Marine, now a father, there is perhaps one word I should try to cut out of my vernacular around my soon-to-be 2 year old," LaPorta wrote on Twitter along with a video of his kid using the word "fuck" in just about every tone imaginable.

GoPro’s Hero6 Black launches today for $499

Today, on a massive planetarium screen at San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences museum, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman revealed the next generation of the company’s venerable Hero action cam series, the Hero6.

South Korea bans raising money through initial coin offerings

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea’s financial regulator on Friday said it will ban raising money through all forms of virtual currencies, a move that follows similar restrictions in China on initial coin offerings.

Memo To Mayors Courting Amazon’s HQ2: Now’s The Time To Be Stingy And Smart

Creating a lavish new tax break for one big company can have costly, long-term consequences. In 1989, Sears Roebuck (now Sears Holdings Corp.) threatened to relocate its headquarters from Chicago’s Loop to another state. It demanded a “greenfield” TIF district 29 miles away, and the state conceded, gutting its anti-poverty targeting rules. Today, Illinois has more than 1,100 TIF districts capturing over $1.2 billion a year, and Highland Park, Ill. is believed to be the only U.S. city with both a TIF district and a Porsche dealership.

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Why James Dyson Could Steal Elon Musk’s Electric Car Throne

Some may laugh at this idea. “Sure he is the inventor of—arguably—the best vacuum cleaner and hand dryers,” you might say, “but coming up with a radically different electric car that will surprise the world and the auto industry is something completely different.” Well, yes. Maybe. But is that as laughable as believing the man who funded that clusterf–ck of UX atrocities and abysmal customer service known as Paypal could change the industry with Tesla? Musk had no track record on building rockets or electric vehicles when he decided to get into those businesses. Dyson, on the other hand, has a track record as an engineering genius, which has served him to revolutionize languishing markets based on clever engineering alone. And now he also has the deep experience in batteries, electric motors, and fluid dynamics crucial to create the “radically different” design that may eclipse Tesla’s alleged leadership.

Why DIY Kubernetes projects could be a really bad idea for your business

Having been involved in open source for over 15 years, I've watched as enterprises have embraced an open source project and tried to take on the full burden of supporting it themselves. Sometimes it works, but more often they have the same experience Badani described to me: "We often see that with our customers go through the same process: Tinker with open source projects for an initial proof of concept but then realize that it's far too much effort and not their business to customize and integrate everything with their own processes and tools."

For $70, This AI Job Platform Promises It Can Land You An Interview In 60 Days

 Chakrabarti details the average length of time to hire that spans submitting an application, interviewing, and getting an offer for a variety of positions, based on a subsample of TalentWorks data tracking about 3,000 job applications. The results show a bleak picture of the application process, which stretches well past a couple of weeks and sometimes even months. For example, among the most popular jobs on TalentWorks, it takes about three weeks for software developers to go from application to job offer, while it takes in excess of four months for a mechanical engineer to go through the process. The bulk of the time is spent on the interviewing process, which is similar to recent analysis by Glassdoor  that focused on that stage of hiring. 

Here’s why these fast-food chains have the most loyal customers

Today, Foursquare released its annual quick-service restaurant (otherwise know as: fast-food chain) loyalty index. The company analyzed foot traffic from more than 2.5 million Americans, then normalized this data to match U.S. Census data to get the most accurate picture of how this country eats. The index is not based on customer perceptions of a brand, but rather how frequently they actually go into the restaurant.

Microsoft CEO Details the Advice He Got From Bill Gates

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joins Bloomberg's Emily Chang for an in-depth conversation on the lessons learned from his family and the advice he received from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. (Source: Bloomberg)

How Smart Grid Technology Could Help Puerto Rico

A week after Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria, nearly all of the U.S. territory’s residents are still without power. It will take years to recover from the disaster, but experts hope Puerto Rico’s future electrical grid will be more resilient in the face of the next powerful storm to hit the island. They’re advocating for more distributed power generation, less reliance on imported oil, and a digital smart grid letting workers locate trouble in real time. But with Puerto Rico already struggling with massive debt and a decade-long recession before the storm, the future is still far from certain.

Moscow says its new facial recognition CCTV has already led to six arrests

The system taps into Moscow’s network of 160,000 CCTV cameras, which cover the entrances to 95 percent of the city’s apartment buildings. However, due to the cost of deploying the technology, only a few thousand cameras are active at a time. The cameras scanning for faces can be changed on the fly, says Ermolaev, to target “regions most concentrated with crime,” or to surveil areas where suspects are known to frequent. The city is currently working with NTechLabs for ways to minimize costs and expand its coverage.

Here’s How Apple Says It’ll Protect You In The Age Of Face ID

Face ID, for example, secures the data collected by the facial recognition technology in a similar way to how it secures users’ financial and transaction data in Apple Pay. A 3D infrared light source on the front of the iPhone X sends out as many as 30,000 tiny beams that, together, create a 3D map of the user’s face. Each one of these light beams (and the place where they met the surface of the face) is stored as a number. Numbers representing all the beams, taken together, create a mathematical expression of the unique contours of the user’s face.

Of course brands are already joking about Twitter's new 280-character limit

A few major brands are among the select group of accounts chosen to gain early access to Twitter's new 280-character tweets, and as with anything gripping the Twittersphere's attention, they haven't been quiet about it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active escapes AT&T’s orbit, headed to T-Mobile

For the first time since Samsung and AT&T teamed up to offer a rugged Galaxy S variant in the form of 2013’s Galaxy S4 Active, the U.S.-only annual handset will lose its single-carrier exclusivity. T-Mobile is poised to stock the well-received Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. (Sprint did in fact carry an S5 Active doppelganger in 2014, but it was branded S5 Sport.)

New gravitational wave reaches Earth, three detectors notice

Three's a charm as a trio of gravitational-wave detectors make their first joint observations of a ripple sent through space-time by merging black holes.

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