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Apple launches Apple Music ‘Guided Tour’ videos as first free trials end

Apple on Monday rolled out a bunch of how-to videos for Apple Music, just as the first of millions of free trials come to a close. The videos, each of which lasts just a couple of minutes, explain various features of Apple's fledgling streaming service.

'Downton Abbey' stars battle like Jedi in 'The Evil Butler Strikes Back' - CNET

Put down your tea and grab a lightsaber in honor of this epic Star Wars parody created by actors from "Downton Abbey," all for a good cause.

Ridiculously Simple Device Ups Your Dog's Selfie Game

Why didn't we think of this?!

Matt Damon reacts to hilariously erotic tweets about his ponytail

Matt Damon appeared on The Graham Norton Show and discussed the feverish reaction to his ponytail.

See an unreleased 'South Park' game running on the original Xbox

It probably would have cost about tree fiddy.

Incredible 'Breaking Bad' routine was the 'Dancing With the Stars' MVP

Mark and Alexa outdid themselves in Week 3 with an ode to the late AMC drama.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus torture test: Bending, dropping and extreme heat

The durability of the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 are pushed to the extreme.

Blackphone 2 now on sale in North America for $800

The security-focused smartphone allows you to encrypt calls and keep your personal and business life separate.

This New Campaign Wants To Help Surveillance Agents Quit NSA or GCHQ

The new activist project Intelexit appeals to spy agencies' staff to consider the morality of their surveillance work and offers a way out.

There's a ramen rave coming to Australia because it's the lucky country

Hardcore ramen fans don't think anything is more delightful than slurping down a bowl of Japanese noodles. But on Oct. 28, things are about to get real.

A social media guru's daily, weekly and monthly checklist

Hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something.  OK, where to begin? These thoughts will sometimes race through my head when I’m sitting down to focus on social

GoPro’s Hero+ action camera brings Wi-Fi capture for just $200

GoPro has unveiled the Hero+, a new action camera that offers Full HD video capture along with Wi-Fi connectivity for $200, making it one of the company's most affordable cameras yet.

I ordered 'VRoom Service' in a Marriott hotel

Would you like a VR experience with your room service, sir/madam?

Leaders' climate change pledges fall far short of 'safe' target, report finds

The global warming ambition gap is what stands between the path we're currently on and the one scientists say we need to be on.

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The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Libraries at the Crossroads

American libraries are buffeted by cross currents. Citizens believe that libraries are important community institutions and profess interest in libraries offering a range of new program possibilities. Yet, even as the public expresses interest in additional library services, there are signs that the share of Americans visiting libraries has edged downward over the past three years, although it is too soon to know whether or not this is a trend.

Samsung to shutter Milk Video service in November - CNET

The app's retirement marks another setback to Samsung's efforts expand into media, where it has an unimpressive track record. In 2014, it jettisoned its Samsung Media Hub, which was similar to the iTunes and Google Play stores for movies and TV shows. Milk Music -- a Pandora-like online radio offering -- is generally an afterthought in the crowded music-app landscape, overshadowed by the likes of Pandora, Spotify and a slew of others.

Microsoft splits financial results into 3 new operating groups, in line with Satya Nadella’s vision

Operating segments are the domain of Wall Street analysts, and it’s not unusual for public companies to rearrange their structure for financial filings, but today’s news is the latest example of chief executive Satya Nadella exerting influence on the company.

Facebook privacy hoaxes prey on your fears -- again - CNET

The social network's users are being inundated with messages that their Facebook privacy concerns can be assuaged by reposting a legal-sounding statement or signing up for a paid monthly subscription.

'Twin Peaks' Log Lady, Catherine Coulson, dies at 71

The Log Lady was Twin Peaks' resident crazyperson about town, always seen with a log cradled in her arms, to which she claimed a clarvoyant connection. Though the reason was never clear, it was at one point suggested that her husband, a lumberjack, died in a fire on their wedding night; alas, her musings from the log turned out to be mostly nonsensical.

iPhone 6S has twice as much RAM as iPhone 6, teardown confirms

Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone, there are certain things the company keeps secret for one reason or another. RAM is one of those things — year after year, Apple simply refuses to officially comment on how much memory its phones have to work with. Thankfully, all it takes is an iPhone and a few tools to see exactly what changes Apple has made.

Introducing: Samsung Pay

Using both NFC and MST technology, Samsung Pay is accepted almost anywhere you can already swipe or tap your card. To learn more, visit:

Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features

Kanye West has a way with words. He's not known for often, if ever, holding back on whatever thoughts cross his mind . In a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians , the musician-turned-self-proclaimed-designer had an interesting thing to say about 3D printers : He believes they will ruin the fashion industry. During a visit to the Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia, Kanye was shown a 3D printer and said , "This is what I'm afraid of here, 3D printing, because the internet destroyed the music industry and now this is what we're afraid of right now with the textile industry." The school guide tried to defend the machine by telling him it doesn't print designs on its own, pointing out that you need someone to bring those to life in the first place. "Yeah. What I'm saying [is] there will come a time where it's, like, people are making the shoes at home," he replied.

Vin Diesel promises Fast & Furious fans one final trilogy

"The fans of the Fast & Furious SAGA are the best fans in the world..." he wrote. "Since I became the Producer in 2008, you have been with me every step of the way... literally giving me feedback that proved invaluable. Thank you... Universal has been so good to me and so trusting of the vision... they have been like family... I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga."

Exclusive Video: First "Glowing" Sea Turtle Found

This find has opened up a whole universe of questions that Gruber is eager to explore. They include whether these turtles can see the biofluorescence, where they get the ability—do they take in compounds from their food that let them fluoresce, or do they make their own compounds—how they're using it, and whether other sea turtle species possess a similar ability.

I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much

Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn’t, she’d like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. In this very funny talk, Young breaks down society's habit of turning disabled people into “inspiration porn.”

Meet the Nepalese-American death metal guitarist who just found water on Mars - CNET

When Ojha returns my call shortly after I leave a message on his cell phone, he's quick to clarify that he doesn't consider himself an astrobiologist or a planetary scientist. That's not just because he's only 25 years old and still technically in graduate school, pursuing a Ph.D. at Georgia Tech, but because he sees himself more as a "jack of all trades" as far as science goes. He also spends a lot of time studying earthquakes on our own planet, for example.

Man mistakes plane exit for toilet door, tries to open it at 30,000 feet

As soon as the flight landed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Gray was placed in a detention centre overnight before receiving his fine. He didn't realise he was also banned from the airline until he attempted to fly back home and staff refused to let him get on the plane.

50 Websites to Waste Your Time On

So if you prefer procrastination to productivity, this list of 50 websites should keep you amused for a few hours. Or you could sit there and keep refreshing Facebook until something interesting actually happens.

Climate Change Is So Bad That the US and China Agree on It

For years, China and the US have kept each other locked in a regulatory stalemate over climate change. As political rivals, neither one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters was going to budge unless it was sure any action it took to curb carbon dioxide emissions wouldn’t let the other run away with the world’s economy. Then, within 60 days of each other, Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping each released detailed plans to curb coal power plants. Has the world gone completely sane?

Two geniuses post selfies with stolen money, are promptly arrested

The police were tipped off when Mogan posted Facebook photos of himself and 24-year-old girlfriend Ashley Duboe posing with the alleged stolen money. Which was, you know, maybe not the greatest idea ever.

Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette

It turns out that people think different kinds of public and social settings warrant different sensitivities about civil behavior. For instance, fully 77% of all adults think it is generally OK for people to use their cellphones while walking down the street and 75% believe it is OK for others to use phones on public transit. But only 38% think it is generally OK for others to use cellphones at restaurants and just 5% think it is generally OK to use a cellphone at a meeting.

The 10 highest-paid professional gamers in the world

Over 100 gamers have earned more than $250,000 in prize money alone, without counting the sponsorship deals and income that many of these players receive from streaming their practice games on services like Twitch.

This futuristic razor shaves your hair with an actual laser — and it's already raised over $650,000

The Skarp razor can be used on any part of your body, from your face to your legs, and is being marketed at both men and women. And the promise of a smoother, more pleasant shave has clearly captured the imagination of the Kickstarter community. Now that the fundraising goal has been met, we will see if the initial product lives up to expectations.

Google and NASA are getting a new quantum computer

The famous Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab is getting some powerful new hardware. A joint project between Google, NASA, and the Universities Space Research Association, the Quantum AI Lab today announced a multiyear agreement to install a D-Wave 2X, a state-of-the-art quantum processor released  earlier this year . With over 1,000 qubits, the machine is the most powerful computer of its kind, and will be put to work tackling difficult optimization problems for both Google and NASA.

DARPA is testing implanting chips in soldiers' brains

*We’ve updated the headline to make it clearer to reflect comments from DARPA. The story is based on an interview with journalist Annie Jacobsen, who wrote a new book on the history of DARPA, but who does not name sources when reporting on chips implanted in soldiers’ brains. After publication, we added quotes from DARPA saying that it will be several years before chips are ready to be permanently implanted in soldiers.

Paris imagines a world without cars

Bicyclists, pedestrians, and rollerbladers swarmed the streets of central Paris on Sunday, taking advantage of the city's first ever "day without cars." All private, non-electric cars were banned from Paris' historic city center for seven hours yesterday, as part of a campaign to promote clean transportation. It comes as the city prepares to host the UN climate conference in December, where world leaders will seek an agreement on limiting the rise of global temperatures.

US government releases new design standards so its websites can stop being ugly

You’d think the United States, a country that hosts many of the world’s most powerful tech companies, would show off some strong design chops on its official websites. Alas, that is rarely the case; just look at the FBI’s page , which looks like it was pulled out of 2005.

Hola, World! The new Taco Bell is here

Olivia Mears, aka Taco Belle, is creating "wearable art" and pushing the boundaries of fashion design.

iPhone 7 could ditch metal design for a new waterproof material

The so-called iPhone 7 could be the first iPhone since the iPhone 5C to have a non-metal body and instead opt for a "frame using a new material next year."

Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015

Both of these kinds of apps are particularly popular among young adults. Half (49%) of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use messaging apps, while 41% use apps that automatically delete sent messages. These apps are free, and when connected to Wi-Fi, they do not use up SMS (Short Messaging Service) or other data. Furthermore, they offer a more private kind of social interaction than traditional social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

A nightshooting pocket camera hopes to be the GoPro for stargazers

Tan says he estimates there is a niche base of about 2 million astronomy enthusiasts in North America that Tinymos will market its camera to first. If things kick off, you might start seeing the Tiny1 on store shelves soon after.

Fairphone wants you to take apart your smartphone

I’ve never dropped a smartphone on purpose before, but at the London preview of the Fairphone 2 that’s exactly what I’m asked to do. I hold the handset nervously to my ear as if making a call and then let it go, flinching as it crashes onto the pavement. When I pick it up, though, there’s only a slight scuffing on the phone’s chunky rubber case, and a Fairphone engineer assures me that even if I had cracked the screen, a replacement could be fitted in a minute. No screws, no wiring, no glue, just pop the old one out and clip a new one in.

Stunning photos from last night’s rare super blood moon

If you missed out on the show, it's going to be a while before you can see it again. The last time a supermoon coincided with a total lunar eclipse was in 1982, and the next one won't happen until 2033. To tie you over until that happens, check out some of the stunning photos people took Sunday evening.

U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees: 'Diversity is a richness, not a problem'

The Social Good Summit is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held during U.N. Week on Sept. 27 and 28, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time.

How mushrooms can erase bitterness from your coffee

Using all manner of mushrooms (shitake, maitake, reishi, etc.), the company found initial success when it grew the mycelium in a liquid culture and then introduced ingredients into the aqueous matter to eradicate the unwanted elements, like chlorogenic acids, hydrolyzing gluten, metabolizing glucose and nitrogen. Once complete, the food item could be finished and sold in its new, more universally palatable form.

Climate change activist takes aim at the 'most irresponsible companies in the world'

“2015 is the hottest year the world has ever seen,” McKibben said. “It is going to smash the record set in 2014. July was the hottest month ever recorded on this planet. We see what’s happening in places like California. The U.S. is about to set a new record for the most wildfire acres burned. It’s tons of bad news, but lots of good news, too.”

PayPal's new chip card reader accepts Apple and Android Pay

PayPal Here – the company’s Square -like transaction system – now accepts chip cards and NFC payments in the US. The company today announced a new card reader with support for Apple Pay and Android Pay in the US, in addition to old-school magnetic swipes.

Inside the original pitch for Uncharted

One of the ways the game manages to do this is through animation. Drake and other lead characters have expressive faces that let you know how they’re feeling with a raised eyebrow or curled lip. The game also introduced something called "additive animation," which was cutting edge at the time. Essentially, the system added in new animations depending on context; Drake will sprint with confidence when nothing’s going on, but if he’s being chased and shot at he’ll flinch and duck while he runs. For Scherr — who currently works as a writer but got his start in the animation department — it was a big challenge. "It looks very simple now compared to [how it looked] back then," he says. "But we were doing a lot of things that we had never tried before."

Prescription Drugs Are So Expensive That People Die Waiting to Get Them

As Maura left the bar around closing time that Saturday night, she realized her phone had gone missing. She talked to bouncers and bartenders who professed ignorance, then had a friend call her phone, which went directly to voicemail. She’d gone out that night with the battery fully charged, which suggested that someone had found the phone and turned it off. When Maura got to her computer later that night, she went to her iCloud account and selected Find My iPhone. Since the phone was off, she wasn’t able to bring up a GPS-generated map of its location. But she checked the “notify me when found” box so she’d receive an email when her phone connected to the Internet again. She also put the phone in “Lost Mode,” which meant her phone display would flash a number where she could be reached so a sympathetic party could get in touch to return it.

37 Built for Eternity

I can’t tell if this the most beautiful or most terrible thing I can think of; if it is unbearably presumptuous and egomaniacal for one person to have appointed themselves responsible for the sole, everlasting piece of evidence of human life at this moment in time, sent into space with private money; or if it is a genuine offering to eternity on our species’ earnest behalf. Are any of these monuments we try and erect for the far future really about deep time and the Long Now, or are they only about us in this brief moment, just as caught up in our own historical ego as any other monuments of a now bygone civilization?

iOS 9's WiFi Assist is killing your data plan

If you have data plan with a cap, it's probably a good idea to dive into iOS 9's Settings and turn off WiFI Assist. The feature switches an iPhone's data connection to the mobile carrier when it's experiencing shoddy WiFi. If you have an unlimited data plan, it's great --it ends the need to turn off WiFi when the local connection goes south and you can no longer load that hilarious goat video you found. It's not so great, however, when you have a pretty low data cap and it switches from WiFi to cell without your knowledge. If you're part of the latter group, head to Settings > Cellular then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to turn off WiFi Assist to keep your mobile carrier from taking all your money on your next bill.

What I learned spending five hours in the Apple Store for my iPhone 6s

So how did I leave the Apple store with a phone in hand? To put it simply, luck and pity. The management team at the store recognized my agony and decided to just tell Verizon that my mom had shown up. She texted me her driver’s license, and with clearance I walked out five hours later with my new phone, plus a free case and a discount to the Apple store in gratitude for my pleasant demeanor while being dragged through the hot coals of bureaucratic hell.

Women refugees face rape, displacement and death

There are currently 60 million people displaced from their homes as refugees, Milner said. She added that 80% of those people are women and children. With conflict as a constant reality in our world, it is women who feel the brunt of the violence.

Drones, electric barriers and sonar to help keep sharks away in Australia

Various technologies have been used to deter sharks in Australia since the early 20th century, said Vic Peddemors, who heads the shark research section of the NSW Department of Primary Industries. For more than 80 years, for example, NSW has been setting nets off a number of the state's beaches to protect swimmers. There are now 51 nets between Stockton and Wollongong, as well as surveillance from the beach and air.

5 Key Quotes From Narendra Modi’s Speech in San Jose

Mr. Modi’s speech was filled with examples of how his efforts at the U.N., conversations with tech company leaders in Silicon Valley and meetings with heads of state are paying off. “Earlier, India had to try very hard to make a place for itself in the world,” Mr. Modi said. “Now, the world is courting India.”

The ‘Hot Hand’ Debate Gets Flipped on Its Head

a game setting isn’t ideal for testing the hot hand because there are too many other variables".  I've experienced the hot hand while playing basketball but I've only experienced while playing in an actual game.  I've never experienced it just by shooting around.  Also, the hot hand is not defined by the fact that you hit a few shots in a row.  It's defined by an extended streak of successful shots accompanied by a very relaxed and confident feeling that you can't miss.  This doesn't happen often but when it does happen the feeling is very real.  It's apparent that the individuals who conducted the study didn't understand what they were testing.  However, I am still not clear as to how flipping a coin is related to the hot hand.

Paul Walker's daughter sues Porsche over father's fatal crash

Meadow Walker's lawsuit contends Porsche didn't include a stability control system in the Carrera GT model Rodas was driving but includes it in other models. It also claims the car lacked proper reinforcements in its doors and used rubber fuel lines that didn't break free to prevent a fire in a crash.

Android apps can now be twice as big

Google’s is giving developers a little more breathing room for their apps. Android APK files – the file extension for downloaded apps – can now be up to 100MB on the Play Store, up from a previous 50MB:

The World of “Wagyū”: Aussie Challengers Closest to Perfecting Japanese-Style Beef

The wagyū beef cattle raised in Japan comprise four breeds: Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu), Japanese Brown (Akage Washu), Japanese Polled (Mukaku Washu), and Japanese Shorthorn (Nihon Tankaku Washu). All four are the result of crossbreeding since the nineteenth century between breeds long established in Japan and newly introduced breeds.

Facebook's Nearby Friends feature launches in Australia

Even though Vaccari said at the time any location data collected would never be used except by Nearby Friends, the feature could leave you a bit apprehensive. After all, everyone has "friends" on Facebook they'd probably rather avoid in real life. For that reason, if you do chose to use it, it might be advisable to make a select group of friends to share your location with.

3 features that Windows 10 needs to copy from Android

However, it’s not perfect yet — not by a long shot. People live with the same version of Windows for years at a time, and most businesses stick with them even longer. So why not learn some lessons from an OS that’s been evolving steadily over the past few years with a wide variety of users?

Medical journal will 'clarify' its bogus investigation of US food committee

In  a response to the  BMJ 's investigation, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee called the article "woefully misleading and in many cases, factually incorrect."  As we reported on The Verge , Teicholz's article contains a number of inaccuracies. She suggests, for instance, that the committee "deleted meat" from the list of recommended foods. This is simply untrue; the report clearly states that "it is not necessary to eliminate food groups or conform to a single dietary pattern to achieve healthy dietary patterns" and that "lean meats can be a part of a healthy dietary pattern." Teicholz, who is the author of a book entitled The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet, also suggests that the committee ignored a number of important studies in its analysis — even though many of these studies are, in fact, irrelevant to the committee's mandate.

Microsoft is preparing to take on Google Cardboard with VR Kit

With the company striving to tie its mobile and desktop OSes together, it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft has in mind for VR applications in the near future.

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