I ordered 'VRoom Service' in a Marriott hotel Video Description

Fortunately, Gallivan is waiting for me in another part of the hotel room. (The room is actually many rooms joined together -- go figure, it's the Park Lane Marriott.) She's clearly happy with how the video came out. "I feel like the VR space right now is dominated by gamers," she says. "The people that are looking for really intense, adrenaline-pumping experiences. Which is great, there is a time and a place for that, but, especially in a commercial setting, I really appreciated how gentle [Marriott] were with the topic and just allowing it space. Not only for the subject, the travellers, to talk about their own perspectives, but for the viewers to exist in that space, free from lots of distractions, guns and whatever else is going on in those crazy games." While I disagree with some of these gaming generalisations -- many VR titles are combat-free -- I know what she's getting at. Some of the best VR experiences are slow, deliberate affairs, giving you time to absorb and examine the environment.

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