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The Award-Winning MacLovin' Bundle | Cult of Mac Deals

Cult of Mac Deals is the marketplace for digital tastemakers. Get distinctive apps, gadgets, and digital resources at up to 90% off.

Logitech's new Bluetooth keyboard quickly switches between PC, tablet, and phone

Just flip a switch on this new keyboard to switch between writing that email and responding to a text.

PewDiePie switches off YouTube comments: 'It's mainly spam'

The star has told his 30 million subscribers that YouTube has failed to address problems with spam and trolls, so he will use other platforms to speak to fans. By Keith Stuart

Ebola patient escapes Liberia quarantine, chased in market

A patient suffering from the deadly Ebola virus leaves quarantine in Monrovia and searches for food at a local market before being caught by doctors and forc...

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Globe-trotting with Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

It wouldn't be fair to Lucid Games to say that Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is "just more Geometry Wars," and then leave one's impressions at that. Announced just a few weeks ago, the game literally takes the series where it has never been, primarily thanks to new three-dimensional visuals (with a pun-tastic title to match). In all honesty though, calling it "more Geometry Wars" serves as a reassurance to the twin-stick series' devotees that its fast-paced action hasn't gone anywhere. My time with Geometry Wars 3 at PAX Prime in Seattle demonstrated that the game fits perfectly with its 2D brethren. Piloting the iconic, angular cruiser through galactic grids felt as tight as ever, while slipping past threats and rapidly firing laser-like bullets at geometric baddies is as chaotic as ever. It took a few attempts to get acquainted with the game's latest twist, though the enemy and bullet behavior is just that, a "twisted" version of the previous games. The flat grid-like playing field fans are used to is now a sphere, tube, pill, peanut or one of numerous other shapes, depending on which of the single-player mode's 50 levels you jump into.

Sustainable Development Goes Massively Online As EdCast Launches With Sustainability Expert Jeffrey Sachs | TechCrunch

To achieve that scale-up, Sachs is leveraging his position as director of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an organization comprised of hundreds of universities and think tanks created by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Through EdCast Sachs will distribute a curriculum he’s designing including an introduction to the issues that climate change negotiators will face as they ready for the December 2015 Paris negotiations and, eventually, the mock negotiations among the thousands of students that are part of the SDSN’s network of universities .

Apple reportedly partnering with Nordstrom for mobile payments

Reports that Apple has been reaching out to different companies across varying retail segments, including fashion, electronics and others, have been swirling for some time now. With Nordstrom reportedly tapped as a fashion retail partner, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see other companies being name dropped soon. These reports also line up with a story published in January of this year that claimed Apple was gearing up to allow iTunes account owners buy physical goods through them, like they currently do with apps.

Game On For Apple As Samsung Refuses To Change Its Smartphone Strategy At IFA

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (touted by Samsung SVP Hyunjoon Kim earlier in the year as “the high-end model with a large screen” that would lead the recovery) retains the faux-leather backing, has a slight dome effect on the edge of the glass screen, and slightly better hardware all round (such as a wider front facing camera and improved accuracy on the S-Pen stylus). If the previous Note devices were not to your liking, there is nothing here to help you change your mind. Fans of the Note will enjoy it, everyone else will continue to ignore it. I can’t see how this will change Samsung’s sales trajectory.

Asus ZenWatch offers high-end design and Android Wear at a low price

The ZenWatch comes with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor and 512MB of RAM. The watch has 4GB of internal storage, a 1.4Wh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, and is waterproof with an IP55 rating. The ZenWatch is, of course, powered by Android Wear and features what Asus calls “What’s Next” smart notifications. What’s Next is really just Google Now, but may have a few added features. We’ll let you know after we check it out in person on the show floor.

Moment Brings High-End Camera Lenses To Your iPhone

Future compatibility is a big concern when considering add-on lenses. After all, the lens makers are at the mercy of Apple, who with each new release can change any aspect of the iPhone’s form factor. Moment has taken a very clever approach to mounting lenses. Their system consists of a very thin metal mounting plate that attaches to your iPhone with double-sided adhesive. The company even includes an extra adhesive strip should you need to remount the plate later on. The lenses attach via the plate’s bayonet mount. You mount a lens the same way you would on a traditional camera, by lining up the notches and giving the lens quarter-turn twist. Mounting plates are also available for select Samsung Galaxy and Google Google Nexus devices.

Toshiba's 7-inch Encore Mini could be the first $99 Windows tablet

The time when an inexpensive tablet had to run Android might be drawing to a close. Toshiba’s new 7-inch Encore Mini runs the full Windows 8.1 operating system and carries an MSRP of $120, but Toshiba expects the device to be discounted to $99 the moment it hits retail.

Is Your Food Safe? Baidu’s New ‘Smart Chopsticks’ Can Tell

The Chinese search-engine giant on Wednesday rolled out a so-called set of “smart chopsticks,” known as Kuaisou in Chinese, that it says can detect oils containing unsanitary levels of contamination.

My take: There are so many takes now because no one is guaranteed an audience

A profusion of similar “takes” erupts online after almost any major news event — and the driving force behind that phenomenon is the fact that readers are in control of the process now, not editors or writers. Is that good or bad? Good question

4 Odd Yet Effective Ways The Smartest People Prioritize Their Days

I"m all for lists and thinking about what is important, but wearing the same clothes everyday...really. It was interesting that this step made your top 4 and more interesting is the point was squarely focused on men. You did not have any women in your list of successful people who took on this philosophy. I think a better way to phrase this step would be to streamline or simplify the "non-urgent or non-important" hierarchy of needs in your life. I highly doubt that any successful, smart women would wear the same clothes everyday. I challenge you to write this article from a more balanced viewpoint of a including more support from both men and WOMEN.

Sony refreshes Xperia line, adds Android Wear smartwatch

Sony Mobile today announced three new Xperia smartphones running Android ahead of the IFA trade show. It also unveiled an 8-in. Xperia tablet, its first Android Wear smartwatch and a second-generation SmartBand Voice wristband that supports voice commands and calls with a smartphone.

Report: Disgaea 5 'could only be done' on Playstation 4

Following this weekend's reveal , publisher Nippon Ichi Software has spilled a few more details on the upcoming Disgaea 5 , a game it claims will feature more content than any prior entry in the series. According to the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine (helpfully translated by Gematsu ), Disgaea 5 stars a young demon boy named Kiria who is seeking revenge against Demon Emperor Void Dark. Kiria is joined on his quest by Seraphine, the princess of the Gorgeous Underworld, and Usaria, the unstable queen of "Rabbit Rabbit World" who goes "berserk if she does not eat curry." As for why the game is exclusively coming to the PlayStation 4, NIS president Sohei Niikawa explains: "We thought about going multi-platform with PlayStation 3, but doing so would've made the PS3 the standard," Niikawa said. "Since we're making it, I want to be able to offer something that could only be done with the PlayStation 4." As an example, Niikawa points out that Disgaea 5 will be able to feature 100 characters on screen simultaneously, where a PlayStation 3 version of the game could only handle 10.

Sony Xperia E3: An 'Affordable' Smartphone With Flagship Looks

BERLIN — As if the Xperia Z3 and its smaller cousin, the Z3 Compact, were not enough, Sony also decided to launch a more affordable smartphone ahead of IFA: the Sony Xperia E3.

Delivery Hero, Hungry For Growth, Orders Up Another $350M In Funding | TechCrunch

The new funding will also help Delivery Hero stave off any immediate need to raise money through the public markets right away. There may be some logic to that: with Zalando, Alibaba and Rocket Internet all potentially listing soon, and food delivery compatriots Just-Eat and Grubhub already public, there is a question mark over whether investors would want to sustain yet another e-commerce listing like Delivery Hero at the moment, in which case waiting at least until 2015 and raising privately makes more sense.

Don't like Facebook owning and controlling your content? Use tools that support the open Web

One way to resist the kind of proprietary lock-in that networks and platforms like Facebook seem to want is to use and support open-web tools like the kind blogging pioneer Dave Winer and the programmers behind the “indie web” movement are developing

Intel reveals MICA, its first luxury smart bracelet - CNET

The MICA, which was engineered by Intel, will be available by the holidays at luxury retailer Barneys New York and Opening Ceremony stores, and will be priced under $1,000, in line with similar jewelry from Opening Ceremony, Intel said. The device will provide alerts and notifications, including SMS messages, calendar reminders, meeting alerts and other notifications sent directly to the wrist display. Also, two-way wireless data communication through a 3G cellular radio will be available without the need to pair with a smartphone. The device can charge wirelessly or using a USB cable. Intel in October plans to provide more details on the bracelet's capabilities.

PS4 Games Are Coming To Sony's Z3 Phones And Tablets Via Wi-Fi Remote Play

Sony also went as far as to explain that, while not an officially supported feature, it will not prevent gamers from accessing their consoles for remote play via other networks, so as long as you have Wi-Fi, you will be able to play. There’s no way to make the service playable over 3 or 4G cellular services as yet though. Although 4G is almost certainly quick enough to handle the data rate.

How to Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Live

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Miele W1 Prestige Washer Preview - CNET

German appliance manufacturer Miele announced a new line of connected appliances at IFA today. At the front of the pack is its new flagship washer, currently called the W1 Prestige. Offering a top-level energy efficiency rating along with 9-kg (almost 20 lbs.) capacity and a spin cycle that can turn at up to 1,600rpm, the W1 gives users might and flexibility. The 3-hour cycle is efficiency rated, but you can clean your clothes in less than an hour by selecting one of up to 26 presets, supposedly without any loss of cleanliness.

Toshiba updates its Chromebook line with two new models at IFA 2014

Both SKUs have a 13.3-inch display squeezed into a thin-and-light, 12-inch chassis; and both are powered by Intel Celeron processors. Toshiba outfitted both models with 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapters, too. The new models have one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port, where the earlier model had two of the faster variety. The models retain built-in webcams with mics, HDMI outputs, and SD card slos.

This Is Why Twitter Is Cramming Faves Into Your Timeline

Twitter frustrated a lot of users when faves ( or "favs" if you're cool ) from folks they didn't follow began creeping into their timelines. On paper, this signaled the end of the straightforward, linear stream that has separated Twitter from social networks like Facebook, which uses a mysterious algorithm to decide what posts users see. After eight years, was Twitter about to become more random?

Everything You Need to Know About Destiny: Launch Edition - IGN

Um. No (as far as we know). But there are three different races and three different classes. Races are just about cosmetic differences, so pick whatever you like looking at. However choose your CLASS more carefully: each class has their own unique abilities and upgrades. Hunters are all about long range kills, Titans are good at wrecking enemy defenses, and Warlocks use magical blasts. Guns aren't restricted by your class so feel free to mix and match…like when you buy gelato and decide to get multiple delicious flavors that normally don't go together.

Samsung, Philips, Infineon fined 138m euros over chip price fixing | ZDNet

According to the European Commission, which began the investigation in 2008, Infineon, Philips, Samsung and Renesas -- at the time a joint venture between Hitachi and Mitsubishi -- colluded between September 2003 and September 2005 to fix the price of smart card chips in Europe. The companies all allegedly coordinated their market behaviour to control the price of these chips, which are also used in bank cards, passports, pay TV cards and other appliances requiring memory capabilities.

Sony’s QX1 Looks To Bring Interchangeable Pro Lenses To Your Smartphone | TechCrunch

The QX1 would apparently build on this by allowing owners to swap out lenses on a smartphone sensor mount base, with the range of Sony’s E-mount interchangeable lenses being compatible with the device. This means any lens that you could use on a Sony NEX-series camera would work here. The sensor in the companion unit is also said to be an APS-C, which is the same size as those found in most entry-level DSLRs, and it will also include a built-in pop-up flash.

Samsung Note Edge Hands-On: Curved OLED Never Looked So Cool

Samsung has always promised innovation, and we think it does so elegantly with the introduction of the Note Edge. The curve screen here doesn’t seem gimmicky; the Edge Panel serves a purposeful integration into the device and offers a subtle user experience that isn’t entirely novelty. There’s value here, though we’re still unsure if the addition makes the Note Edge a must-have as oppose to just… cool and different.

Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Wants a Piece of iPad Mini's Pie

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Sony Gives Lens-Style Cameras Another Go

It's essentially an adapter with a sensor and a flash; you need to add one of Sony's E-mount lenses to take photos, but that means you get versatility previously unseen on any smartphone camera. Sony's lens-style cameras are separate (and relatively costly) cameras, so it's not fair to directly compare them to any smartphone camera.

Building a Carbon Fibre Bamboo Bicycle From Scratch

Look no further for a free-range, organic, and gluten-free mode of transportation! Bamboo bicycles not only look resplendent, but they also provide fantastic road vibration absorption, higher strength to weight ratio than steel, and similar stiffness to aluminum. With a bit of time and sweat, you can be riding out into the sunset all thanks to your wonderful craftsmanship. Acknowledgements Thanks to all the bamboo bicycle builders below! Definitely couldn't have done this without the help of your instructables! Build a Bamboo Bicycle (And Light it up!) by ben_k How I built a carbon bike frame at home (and a bamboo frame too) by Brano Bamboo Bike #2 by BAMBOOBIKER Building a Recumbent Bamboo Trike Frame by kentdvm

The Samsung Gear S Gets a Smartwatch Keyboard You Might Actually Use

Gear S, with its petite 2-inch AMOLED screen, doesn't look like the easiest thing to type on for people with adult human fingers. I'd probably have an easier time typing on a girthy banana with a Fleksy keyboard projected on the side. The Gear S looks decent as far as smartwatches go, but it doesn't look leaps and bounds better for typing stuff on, curved screen or no curved screen.

Lenovo launches its first Intel-powered Android tablet

Lenovo today announced its first 8-in., Intel-powered Android tablet, the Tab S8, which will go on sale later this month, starting at $199.

The Daily Mail Just Pointed Out That iCloud Is Not A Real Cloud

The Daily Mail Just Pointed Out That iCloud Is Not A Real Cloud

Pulsing fluidic heart micropump

In any case it works on the same principle as a REAL HEART . Two expanding and contracting chambers (heart shaped) push fluid through one-way valves, thereby establishing a directional flow instead of just oscillatory motion of fluid. The "heart-beat" is generated by a fluidic ring-oscillator which as the electronic counterpart comprises 3 pneumatic inverter circuits connected in a loop. The whole circuit is powered just by compressed air or vacuum, which is supplied by connecting an external vacuum pump or compressor to one of the holes on the chip. In a more advanced version (with reduced air consumption) a small 8 g CO2 cartridge should be able to sustain the pumping for several tens of minutes but I have not yet managed to keep air consumption as low and so for the moment you will need an external small vacuum pump to make it work continuously. As a portable silent vacuum "power supply" for the moment I use two 60 ml syringes connected together. One syringe acts as a piston of a hand vacuum pump and the other as a vacuum chamber. Think of it as a "hand rechargeable air battery".

Google starts quantum computing research project

"With an integrated hardware group, the Quantum AI team will now be able to implement and test new designs for quantum optimization and inference processors based on recent theoretical insights as well as our learnings from the D-Wave quantum annealing architecture," Google's director of engineering, Hartmut Neven, said on its research blog. ( )

Samsung Mobile

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DWNLD Gives Web Publishers A Platform For Building Affordable, Customizable Native Apps | TechCrunch

DWNLD hopes to cash in on the trend of more and more publishers turning to native apps in lieu of mobile web sites. The platform was built to help media companies or brands or really anyone with a web presence to build those apps and submit them to the Apple App Store and Google Play market.

Readyforce Gives Students A Chance To Explore Options Before Picking Their First Jobs | TechCrunch

In a phone call with Readyforce CEO Alex Mooradian, he explained that the idea for the tool came from his discussions with students using the site. Readyforce primarily focuses on computer science and engineering students, many of whom would take one internship at a major company, get a job offer, and take it out of fear that other great opportunities might not be waiting for them if they decline. Mooradian thought that by giving students a last chance to see what’s out there, small companies could get a crack at top talent and young engineers can feel more secure about the job they do end up choosing. “We’re not trying to start a bidding war,” Mooradian says. “We’re trying to help make better outcomes for everybody.”

Phone Firewall Identifies Rogue Cell Towers Trying to Intercept Your Calls | Threat Level | WIRED

But GSMK’s CryptoPhone firewall aims to combat this by monitoring all connections to the phone’s baseband. It checks whether a particular cell tower lacks an ID like its neighboring towers—for example a name that identifies it as an AT&T or Verizon tower—whether it has a different signal strength, and whether the tower is operating as expected or trying to manipulate phones. It will also alert you when the mobile network’s encryption has been turned off or when the phone has suddenly switched from using a 3G or 4G to a 2G network—a less secure network that doesn’t authenticate cell towers and makes it easier to decrypt communication. IMSI catchers will often jam 3g and 4G signals to force a phone to use the less secure 2G network, and the CryptoPhone firewall will alert users when this occurs.

What It Means For Home Depot If Data Breach Is Larger Than Target's

“On the face of it [the breach] almost looks identical to Target,” says O’Farrell. The credit card information is even appearing for sale on the same website and as with Target the impacted company is the last to know. He later added, “If the attack was the same as Target – nothing more advanced than just tricking an employee into opening a phishing email, then we have a much bigger problem. There’s nothing advanced or sophisticated about that kind of attack, and it’s a warning that even the most basic of security – employee awareness – is not in place.”

Celebrity Nude Photos Scandal a Wake-up Call for Cloud Users

An apparent hack of cloud storage sites that caused a slew of nude images of female celebrities to hit the Internet over the weekend should serve as a wake-up call for the public, and for enterprises, to be more cautious with the information they store in the cloud.

Disney Taking 'Frozen' Out of Cryo for a Springtime Short Film

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

LinkedIn may loosen its Chinese censorship policies - CNET

Responding to a request from the news site China Real Time , LinkedIn spokesman Roger Pua said at the time that the company is "strongly in support of freedom of expression....[but] it's clear to us that in order to create value for our members in China and around the world, we will need to implement the Chinese government's restrictions on content, when and to the extent required."

42 Swiftype is hiring!

Swiftype is a growing team of talented search experts, with experiences ranging from machine learning to online commerce. We are looking for self-motivated and resourceful individuals who will work with us to deliver an outstanding product experience.

Latest Firefox adds protection against rogue SSL certificates

The feature, known as certificate key pinning, allows online services to specify which SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Security Layer) certificates are valid for their services. The certificates are used to verify a site is legitimate and to encrypt data traffic.

Broadcom releases a 650Mbps chip to link smartphones to gigabit Wi-Fi networks

Broadcom’s newest mobile device Wi-Fi chip boasts 650 Mbps in speeds. While that’s not exactly gigabit speeds, it’s a lot closer to getting our smartphones to match our network speeds.

Huffington Post Doubles Down, Has MIT Professor Spread Blatant Falsehoods About Creation Of Email | Techdirt

We already covered the bizarre situation in which one of the biggest names in PR has "teamed up" with the Huffington Post to write an entirely bogus "series" of stories on the "history of email" that is nothing more than a PR campaign for a liar . V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai claims to have invented email. He did not. We went into great detail on this on Tuesday, so you can check out the history there. Despite my requests to both Huffington Post and Larry Weber (the PR guy who kicked off the "series"), neither has responded and explained if any money is changing hands here. That means either it is, and Huffington Post is violating FTC rules concerning "paid" posts, or Huffington Post just made it clear that it is willing to post pure bullshit without the slightest bit of fact checking. I'm still not sure which is worse. Instead, it appears that they've gone forward and posted the latest in the series. Incredibly, they've convinced an MIT professor, Deborah Nightingale, to destroy her own credibility by writing a piece that is supposedly "debunking" the "myths" that everyone puts forth in proving that Ayyadurai is simply wrong in claiming to have invented email.

Sony reveals Android Wear-based SmartWatch 3, along with e-ink-equipped SmartBand Talk

Physically, the SmartWatch 3 is (in my opinion) a clear improvement on its predecessors, with the watch face blending into the strap rather than hanging on as a boxy attachment. It will cost €230 ($302) in Europe, though that’s including tax. Still, it’s on the pricey side for Android Wear. It comes in black or lime, with pink and white straps available for an extra €25 each.

Hands-On With Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge: A Curved Smartphone With A Purpose

For the record, I'm a lefty, but I usually hold my phone in my right hand, as I did with the Note Edge, so the design didn't bother me. But if there's a Galaxy Note Edge 2 in a year or so, I wouldn't be startled if its big new feature is that it's curved on both sides, letting you choose a left-hand Edge Panel or a right-hand one--or both.

We Need a "Private Photo" Mode For Phones

Yes, you can control sharing already . You probably do, if you're savvy enough to know that it's an option. And there are plenty of apps that don't auto-upload pics. But iOS devices upload photos to iCloud by default, from the minute you sign in with your Apple ID. And it's a safe enough bet that plenty of iPhone owners don't even realize they have an iCloud account, much less that they're beaming their giblets to it every time they take an undressed selfie in the mirror. A setting in your camera app that says, very explicitly, that this is for your most explicit moments? That's something anyone can understand, even if they don't know what exactly it does.

With Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung returns to comfort zone: hardware - CNET

But it's a new variant of the Note line, called the Galaxy Note Edge, that really offers something different for mainstream smartphone users. The phablet features a 5.6-inch display that curves around the side of the device -- giving a sort of infinity pool effect. Users can see quick notifications, such as sports scores or trending items on Twitter, or click on app shortcuts, even while watching a movie on the main screen. In a world where all smartphones have started to look the same, the Galaxy Note Edge stands out.

Acer launches $150 Windows tablet, upgrades Android offerings

The Iconia One 8 uses the same Intel Atom Z3735G processor and 1,280x800 IPS display as the Tab 8 W, but on a diet: The tablet is 8.5mm thick and just 340 grams in all.  Acer said the display includes a new anti-fingerprint coating, and its back cover includes texturing to make it more difficult to let it slip through your fingers. It ships in a number of color options: green, yello, orange, sky blue, white, black, pink, purple, and red. Otherwise, it runs Android 4.4 (KitKat).

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52 AVG To Buy Family-Focused Mobile Security Company, Location Labs, In Deal Worth Up To $220M | TechCrunch
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55 Samsung's Answer to the Oculus Rift Is a Phone-Powered VR Beast
56 Maternity to Non-Maternity Shirt Refashion
57 Hot on the heels of fiasco involving naked celebrity images and iCloud, Apple has said that it will
58 Cancer charity rejects Reddit's Celebgate money
59 The Next Web is Hiring Two Writers
60 Samsung’s new 32-inch 4K monitor could be a photo editor’s dream
61 Data shows Home Depot breach could be largest ever
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66 CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -
67 Justin Timberlake Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags
69 This Vine Of A Tiny Piglet Prancing Through Grass Will Be The Best 6 Seconds Of Your Day
70 A girl who demanded school
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72 Why aren't we more compassionate?
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85 The unstoppable TI-84 Plus: How an outdated calculator still holds a monopoly on classrooms
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