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Pharrell's 'It Girl' Video Mashes Up Anime and Video Games

Add an animated hat to Pharrell's list of noteworthy headgear. Pharrell runs around as a video-game character in between vibrant anime scenes in "It Girl."

How Developers Should Adapt to Larger iPhones

The next generation of phones is big. How can developers make sure they're adapting their apps the right way?

'Taken 3' Trailer Is So Much Liam Neeson Ass-Kicking

The 'Taken 3' -- excuse us, 'Tak3n' -- trailer has dropped and it's basically the Liam Neeson variety hour.

Jay Pharoah Reads Your Basic Tweets About Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Comedian Jay Pharoah reads seasonal tweets about pumpkin spice lattes.

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Apple is showing off its watch to the public in Paris for just one day

When Apple debuted its watch  earlier this month, it was keen to invite fashion bloggers and the press. Now it's letting anyone see it, as long as they're in Paris today and don't mind staring at it through glass.  The company is showing off its watch at fashion store Colette in Paris, marking the first time it's being shown off to the public since an invite-only event Apple held in Cupertino a few weeks ago. The watches are behind window displays that went up overnight, though people can get a closer look at them on the inside of the store from 11 AM to 7 PM local time.

CDC Director: 'We Will Control' First Ebola Case Diagnosed in U.S.

"A Texas hospital patient has tested positive for Ebola, making the patient the first case diagnosed in the United States. The test was conducted at the state public health laboratory in Austin. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the positive result," the Texas Department of State Health Services said in the statement :

Microsoft Will Start To Explain The Future Of Windows Tomorrow Morning | TechCrunch

Why do the technical, and not consumer bit first? Windows 7 has a shelf life. Windows XP is dead, and Windows 8 is not something that business customers have welcomed. Microsoft has a massive interest in catering to its enterprise clients as they provide it with mammoth revenues and profits. And since Windows 8 didn’t do the trick, Windows 9 will have to land with a touch more poise. Also larger companies need more time to make choices, so showing off what is being built for them first is a reasonable exercise. This of course sets aside the technical

Dan Schulman To Lead Newly Independent PayPal, Devin Wenig Will Be CEO Of eBay Inc. | TechCrunch

“eBay and PayPal are two great businesses with leading global positions in commerce and payments,” said eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe in a statement. “For more than a decade eBay and PayPal have mutually benefited from being part of one company, creating substantial shareholder value. However, a thorough strategic review with our board shows that keeping eBay and PayPal together beyond 2015 clearly becomes less advantageous to each business strategically and competitively. The industry landscape is changing, and each business faces different competitive opportunities and challenges.”

Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Golden Master Candidate to Developers

Apple today released a candidate golden master version of OS X Yosemite to developers, just over two weeks after releasing the eighth Developer Preview alongside the third public beta of the upcoming Mac operating system. The latest update for developers, which arrives as Build 14A379a, can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and through Apple's Mac Dev Center. Apple has also released Xcode 6.1 GM seed and a new version of OS X Server 4.0 developer preview. OS X Yosemite brings a flatter, more modern look to OS X, with an emphasis on translucency and redesigned dock, windows, and more. It also includes a multitude of new features, such as improved integration with iOS 8 through Continuity, a new "Today" view in Notification Center that offers integration with third-party apps, a retooled Spotlight search with new data sources, and several new features for apps like Mail, Safari, and Messages. Over the course of the beta testing period, each Developer Preview has added new features and refined the look and performance of OS X Yosemite, although changes have become less obvious in more recent builds as Apple begins finalizing Yosemite ahead of its public release, which is expected in late October.

Cloudflare’s Matthew Prince To Speak At TechCrunch Disrupt Europe | TechCrunch

In 2013, Matthew made the San Francisco Business Times’ 40 under 40 list and CloudFlare was named the most innovative internet and network company by the Wall Street Journal. He is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, winner of the 2011 Tech Fellow Award, and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law. Along with being a regular contributor to TechCrunch and PandoDaily, Matthew has spoken at the RSA conference, Black Hat Summit, Web Summit, and is a frequent panelist for TechCrunch Disrupt.

How Trying The New GoPro Cameras Made Me A Believer

The biggest issue I had to deal with was that wrangling high-resolution video taxed my poor little MacBook Air in ways that most jobs do not. The GoPro Studio software sometimes felt painfully sluggish, and the conversion process required to prep raw footage for editing took so long that I went off and did something else while my Mac chugged away. I also needed to prune away some unneeded files to make room for my raw footage and the final video. (If you buy a GoPro and don't have hundreds of gigabytes of spare disk space, pick up a USB hard drive--you'll need it.)

Antarctica Has Lost Enough Ice to Cause a Measurable Shift in Gravity | WIRED

The new results in West Antarctica were achieved by combining the high-resolution gravity field measurements from the ESA satellite with a longer-running but lower resolution gravity-analyzing satellite mission called Grace, which is jointly operated by the United States and Germany. Scientists hope to scale up this analysis to all of Antarctica soon, which could provide the clearest picture yet of the pace global warming is taking in the frozen continent. Current best estimates show that global seas could be as much as 50 inches higher by century’s end, due in large part to ice melt in West Antarctica.

The Basis Peak wants to be the first heart-rate monitoring wristband that isn't a joke

With all these improvements working in concert, the quality and consistency of the heart-rate data improves significantly—enough for Basis to claim its breakthrough. I can testify that the Peak is more comfortable to wear then the Carbon Steel Edition I tested earlier this year, and an improved black-and-white LCD display is indeed much easier to read than Basis’ previous dim, low-contrast screen. Still, only real-world testing in November will prove out the company’s sensor claims.

Hackers charged with stealing over $100m in US army and Xbox technology

Four men have been charged with breaking into the computer systems of Microsoft, the US army and leading games manufacturers, as part of an alleged international hacking ring that netted more than $100m in intellectual property, the US Department of Justice said on Tuesday.

Akamai: Broadband Speeds Tip 4 Mbps Globally; DDoS Attacks Down 15% | TechCrunch

Internet speeds, fuelled by the growth of cellular networks and low-cost smartphones and tablets, are on the rise, and this last quarter the world finally reached a tipping point. Globally, we have finally passed average connection speeds of 4 megabits per second — the threshold for global “broadband” connectivity. The figures come from Akamai, which provides quarterly updates on connection speeds and security in its State of the Internet report.

Windows 10 is the official name for Microsoft's next version of Windows

The "Metro" start screen and Microsoft's traditional Start Menu have been combined; no longer is the screen one huge grid of tiles for desktop users. "The tiles and icons that are shown are a blend of classic apps and new universal apps," Belfiore said. But Live Tiles are still here and can be resized to a user's preference. More than anything else, Microsoft is working to make everything feel way more cohesive. "In Windows 8 when users launched a modern app, it sort of had a different environment," Belfiore said. "We don't want that duality. We want users on PCs with mice and keyboards to have their familiar UI."

Reddit Raises $50 Million, Promises To Share Stock With Community

Online community and link-sharing site Reddit said Tuesday it has raised a $50 million Series B round — and in classic Reddit spirit, will be sharing 10 percent of investors’ equity with the community via a custom cryptocurrency.

Galaxy Note Edge ready for launch in Japan, giving hope to the rest of the world

A recent report from Korea indicated Samsung would struggle to produce enough Galaxy Note Edge devices for a major launch, and that the phone would be a limited edition, perhaps only with a local release. This was also the impression given when the phone was revealed during the IFA show at the beginning of the month, and Samsung employed the same limited run strategy with the curved Galaxy Round.

Microsoft Skips Windows 9, Heads Straight to Windows 10

Windows 10 makes no sense to me. It seems to prove that Microsoft, not only doesn't understand ordinal numbers (Mobile first, cloud first), but also basic counting. And with this "the last major release of windows" does that mean that we are going to get yearly versions of Windows 10? Isn't there already a major tech company has versions of a OS X? At least Apple had 10 follow 9. I am very excited for for what comes next for Windows, and if it is good no one will care what the name is. But I admit, this name makes me think the people in charge aren't thinking very clearly.

Pebble Gets A Permanent Price Cut, Plus Background Sleep And Activity Tracking | TechCrunch

While the price drop today definitely indicates that Pebble is interested in exploring a more entry-level position relative to Apple’s and other wearables, it isn’t necessarily the beginning of a race to the bottom. Migicovsky says his original inspiration for building the inPulse , his first foray into smartwatches, was seeing one of the original Sony versions and wishing he could have something more affordable, so that partly informed his goals in building Pebble, too. He demurred when asked if we might ever see a $50 Pebble, however, but the price and feature changes today might give the startup a way to ride the awareness wave for smartwatches begun by Apple, with an option that won’t break the bank for newly curious customers.

Y Combinator president upvotes Reddit with $50M investment

The news ends months of rumors and speculation about the site’s investment activity and reveals more details on what that funding means for the site. Reddit is one of the largest and most active news-sharing sites, with over 5 billion page views and nearly 115 million unique visitors per month. Its community is known for polarizing around important political issues, smaller acts of kindness, and most importantly keeping lots of people informed and connected about topics they’re interested in. But the site’s biggest issue has been one of monetization, specifically the lack thereof. The problem is that Reddit’s powerful user community typically rejects traditional methods that a company of its size would use to bring in money, such as ad networks, sponsored content, and the like.

SAM: A DIY internet of things - CNET

"SAM's Bluetooth-connected modules can be used to build anything from fridges that create grocery lists, to skateboards that record and post tricks to the web, to bicycle signalling jackets; all easily programmed with the SAM app," SAM Labs CEO Joachim Horn said. "We want to level the playing field in innovation development, away from corporations with millions of dollars to spend on development and empower kids, young designers, and SMEs."

Mapping Session: Chasing Standards - Securing the Internet of Things

Beginning with recent data and device breaches, we will outline the risks inherent in an open, connected, evolving system, discuss the demands and tolerances of users, evaluate the role of standards bodies, and assess the security and priorities and strategies of leading adopters and developers. With your feedback, we will identify and prioritize key concerns that will inform our research over the next year.

Forza Horizon 2 Review: A Driving Game That Could Even Win Over People Who Hate Driving Games | TechCrunch

If I have any complaints about Forza Horizon 2, they’re mainly about the wrapper the game is sold in. The premise of the plot is that you’re at some kind of music/car festival, so there’s a pretty ridiculous intro with a woman’s sultry voice narrating a countdown alongside videos of attractive club kids dancing around cars which strikes me as incredibly cheesy. But it’s a relatively short thing to have to wade through to get to the meat of the game, which represents hours and hours of entertainment. Maybe it’s the old RPG grinder that hides within me, but Forza Horizon 2 has managed to sidestep my anti-driving bias, and that’s impressive.

Ebay And PayPal To Split: Carl Icahn And Elon Musk Wish Comes True

As I’ve written (many times) before–money is going mobile. Research firm Gartner estimates that mobile payments will top $720 billion a year by 2017, up from $235 billion last year. The upside remains enormous: Humans made $15 trillion worth of retail transactions in 2013. Everyone wants a piece of that market. In addition to apple and PayPal there’s Alipay, Amazon, Google and Square. Let’s not forget the traditional titans: Visa, American Express and MasterCard. As Apple showed demonstrated this month, the payment arms race is on–PayPal is getting battle ready.

General Catalyst Dedicates $10M for Startups Built on Stripe Payment Tech

General Catalyst’s Mr. Taneja told Venture Capital Dispatch that his firm is interested in companies that will be “adding value to the Stripe ecosystem” in ways that the company itself does not have time to do given its main focus.

The Powerful Protest Art Behind Hong Kong's 'Umbrella Revolution'

Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, when the UK handed it back to China. In a deal at the time, it was agreed that Hong Kong could elect its own head official — democratically — in 2017. Then, in August 2014, Beijing backtracked, saying the elected chief executive would have to be approved by a Beijing-loyal committee. Hong Kong's residents have long felt their city stood apart from mainland China under the "one country, two systems" principle.

The Shocking Evolutions of 8 Iconic Female Gaming Characters

One major exception is in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time . The 1998 game, widely regarded as the best in the series , follows Link as he fights the evil Ganondorf, who's set to destroy Hyrule. Link receives help from a mysterious character called Sheik. About the same age, Sheik is a young man with blond hair, hidden beneath swaths of skintight gear and a face mask. Later in the game, it's revealed that Sheik is — gasp — actually Princess Zelda.

Netflix Announces First Movie: A ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ Sequel

For those who still prefer the big-screen experience, the movie will also appear in select IMAX theaters on August 28, 2015, the same day the streaming service makes it available. Michelle Yeoh, will reprise her role from the original film  alongside  Donnie Yen , with veteran fight choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping ( “The Matrix,” “Kill Bill,” “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” ) directing. In a press release, Netflix described the plot as telling a story of “lost love, young love, a legendary sword and one last shot at redemption.” Principal photography is already underway in New Zealand.

Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon Preview - CNET

Here's what you need to know about the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon for Walmart's StraightTalk network: It's got Android 4.4 and 3G, and it'll cost less than $150 all-in.

'Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor' turned me into a 'Lord of the Rings' fan

And, like seemingly all action games, you play as a man out to avenge a woman. The game stars Talion, a ranger who is forced to watch as orcs kill both his wife and son at the beginning of the game. The twist is that they kill him too, only instead of dying completely he finds himself trapped in a sort of undead limbo, where he meets a helpful ghost-like creature called a wraith who bonds with him and brings Talion back to the land of the living. Imbued with fancy new ghost powers — like the ability to see bad guys through walls or slow down time for the perfect bow-and-arrow headshot — Talion ventures into Mordor to get his revenge on Sauron and his legion of angry orcs.

Q&A: What Lenovo Plans to Do After IBM Server Buy

Yang: I think IBM has very good technology and very strong engineers. But the industry is changing. With IBM’s current cost structure it’s hard to compete in the industry. We must address this challenge. Fortunately Lenovo’s own enterprise business has grown very fast and we have a very efficient operational platform. As we integrate the business, we can take advantage of both IBM’s technology and Lenovo’s cost efficiency. We expect profit margins in our enterprise business (such as servers) to be higher than those in our PC business.

Apple Just Patched The Shellshock Bug In OS X | TechCrunch

While Apple was quick to proclaim that the “vast majority” of OS X users weren’t susceptible to the bug and that only users who’d tinkered with “advanced settings” needed to act, that doesn’t mean they want to leave the door open even a bit. They’ve just pushed a security patch for the bug, and you probably want to nab it sooner than later.

Jeremy Allaire Opens His Long-Awaited Bitcoin Product Circle Up To The Public | TechCrunch

“We created this frictionless ability to on-board and link a bank card for spending,” Allaire said. It’s really easy and fast to add credit cards to Circle. Coinbase, one of Circle’s biggest rivals with backing from Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures, has the ability to connect banking and checking accounts. But its credit card function has a one to two day lag because you have to verify a couple small test charges from the platform.

WunWun, The Service For On-Demand Anything, Rebrands In Time For San Francisco Launch | TechCrunch

While automatic may be better than on-demand , there’s something truly special about being able to type in exactly what you want, press a button, and have it delivered to your door for the exact same price as going to the store yourself.

Apple suing Steven Lamar for claiming to be Beats co-founder

Earlier this year, Steven Lamar, a pioneer of Beats headphones in 2006, filed a complaint against Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine that claimed he was owed royalties on certain models of headphones that the celebrity-endorsed brand sells. Now, Apple is firing back with a lawsuit against Lamar for allegedly falsely claiming that he is a Beats co-founder.

Report: An iMac with retina display will launch this fall alongside OS X Yosemite

Apple is planning to launch a line of iMacs with high-resolution Retina displays, according to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman . It’s not totally unexpected — snippets in OS X Yosemite beta code reveal references to several resolutions, including 6400 x 3600, 5760 x 3240 and 4096 x 3204. Those resolutions would qualify as HiDPI displays and would likely be downscaled for regular use the same way Apple handles resolution on the MacBook Pro with Retina. There’s a chance that only the 27-inch iMac will receive the new display this year.


I have been a daily reddit user for 9 years—longer than pretty much any other service I still use besides Facebook, Google, and Amazon—and reddit's founders (Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian) were in the first YC batch with me.  I was probably in the first dozen people to use the site, and I shudder to imagine the number of hours I have spent there

Gotham: "Selina Kyle" Review - IGN

That being said, the episode was a bit of a let down if you simply consider the title “Selina Kyle,” as the story didn’t really benefit Selina all that much, or reveal anything all that great about the character. Also, Camren Bicondova’s overall “presence” (of which acting plays a huge part) isn’t that great. Hopefully it will improve over time so that when we do get to an episode that focuses more on her character - even delivering some backstory in the process - her delivery won’t feel as choppy. I do cut her some slack, being so young and all, but if the character’s to remain a big part of the show, this leeway will shrink proportionately.

Microsoft's Windows 10: What's new and how to get the preview bits | ZDNet

If I want a solid quality product, 4 months will not be enough time, I have to design, test and build and depending on the capability, complexity, user base I'm aiming for... etc. I'd probably want quite a bit of time. I'm not talking about sloppy apps that seem to find their way into these stores these days, I'm talking about a well thought out, well designed and throughly tested application here. No, its not enough time. But I do agree Aug/Sept is not just a big IF, its a HUGE IF. So you may be right, April may be okay if Microsoft slips to late 2015, which by using what they presenting today would be a reasonable schedule if still an aggressive timeframe. To be honest, looking at what they showed and what they talked about... its almost like they don't really even have a Product right now, just basic building blocks and they will "build as they go", this approach makes me think more mid to late 2016, not mid to late 2015.

Basis Peak: A $200 Fitness Tracker With Smartwatch Dreams

Still, what Basis is primarily selling here is what it's been selling all along: a device which tracks your activity and sleep cycles more intelligently, with more sensors than the competition, up to four days of battery life, and actionable daily goals. Now it's getting updated for the smartwatch era. Will it be enough? We'll find out this November when it hits the market.

Track, time Destiny public events online

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

Meditation Techniques For People Who Hate Meditation

Thank you Stephanie--I enjoyed your article. I have been practicing off and on for the better part of a year and I always feel better afterwards. I've been using an app called Headspace that provides a guided journey each day. The sessions start at 5 minutes and work up to 20+. The instruction has not only helped me be more aware of the process but it removes the need to think about what I 'should' be doing. Best wishes...

Chief analytics officer: The ultimate big data job?

Catamaran , a provider of pharmacy benefits management services, has made a significant investment in analytics capabilities. Senior leaders knew there was a lot of intrinsic value in the clinical and patient data the company was collecting, but they weren't sure how best to utilize it to improve its services and create a better consumer experience. In May 2013, Catamaran hired Andrea Marks as its first CAO. Marks, previously a chief informatics executive at Blue Health Intelligence, has an extensive background in analytics in the healthcare industry.

Intel's Basis Takes Second Stab at Health Watch, With Peak

The Peak also has a faster processor and an improved optical heart rate sensor. The previous B1 Band has an optical heart rate sensor, which infers your heart rate by shining light through your blood and capturing minute changes in the blood flow, but in my experience with the B1, the continuous heart-rate tracking wasn’t always accurate. Basis’s general manager Jef Holove says the optical heart rate sensor on the new Peak should be powerful enough to replace a heart-rate chest strap.

21 Awesomely Well-Designed Products We're Dying to Own | WIRED

At WIRED , we’re always scouring the world of products for whatever’s most innovative, clever, and beautiful. And we collect the result of all that labor in our yearly Design|Life special edition, which you can find on newsstands today. Don’t have a newsstand handy? You’re in luck. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be unveiling a series of galleries that feature 180 of the best-designed products in the world. But to offer you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve culled 21 of them. Enjoy!

Path’s Talk App Gets Updated So You Can Send Messages To Places | TechCrunch

Now those two pieces are coming together, as the company has released a new version of its messaging app that enables users to reach out to businesses via text. Path Talk version 1.1 has added a ‘Places’ tab alongside ‘Messages’ and ‘People’ so that users can ask questions and communicate with nearby businesses directly from within the app.

Barry Bonds Discovers Glassing | TechCrunch

Bonds is new to this whole social media thing. He sent his first tweet out this Sept 3 and joined Instagram just a week and a half ago. He seems to have the hashtag concept down, though. Bonds notably added #onlyinthebay as a possible reference to both his friend’s sudden love affair with the phenom of “glassing” and the popular appearance of such head gear in Silicon Valley.

Barclays Debut London Fintech Cohort Eyes Real Estate, Wider Access And Hardware | TechCrunch

A couple of themes emerge from this 2014 fintech cohort, including ideas targeting the real estate vertical — unsurprising given that housing, and house prices, is an ongoing preoccupation for anyone living in London. And a preoccupation with ways to widen access to financial services by building products for those on the margins of traditional services.

Bungie: Leaked Destiny DLC descriptions are real, not final

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend. Destiny delivers an all new way to experience first-person action games. A sweeping adventure set within a bold new universe, featuring an unprecedented combination of cooperative, competitive, public, and community activities seamlessly woven into an expansive, persistent, online world.

Mozilla Brick -

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Native Ad Company Sharethrough Raises $10M From British Sky Broadcasting And Others | TechCrunch

In addition to funding European growth, Greenberg said the new round will go towards expanding Sharethrough’s engineering and marketing teams. Asked if partnering this closely with one big media company might make it difficult to work with BSkyB’s competitors, he responded, “I thought about it, but I think that they have such a strong presence in London and such a well-respected brand out there — it’s not a question of competitiveness.”

Magma Venture Partners Closes $150M 4th Fund For Early Stage Israeli Startups | TechCrunch

Commenting on the fourth fund in a statement, Yahal Zilka co-managing partner said: “We are very pleased with the interest, trust and support of leading Limited Partners (LP’s) in Magma and its activities with Israeli entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to partner with the most sophisticated global technology investors from the US, Europe, Asia and Israel. The strong LP interest provided for an expedited and swift fund raising process during the mid to late summer time frame.”

First look at Windows 10 (pictures) - CNET

"We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius," said Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of operating systems, "and now with Windows 10 it's like we got them a Tesla."

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52 New 3DS themes invade Japan in October firmware update
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55 SoftBank, DreamWorks Animation Talks Cool
56 Nextdoor Now Lets Public Agencies Join Its Social Network For Neighborhoods | TechCrunch
57 EBay to spinoff PayPal in 2015
58 Gumroad Launches An iPhone App Where Users Can Access To Their Digital Content | TechCrunch
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60 Why Las Vegas needed a lot more than Tony Hsieh's cult of personality
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