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One traveler loved annoying his girlfriend, while she slowly lost patience

This is a masterclass in annoying your travel partner

Celebrities Are Reliving Their Darkest Days Of Puberty For A Great Cause

Nick Kroll’s and Stephen Colbert’s #PuberMe campaign calls for celebrities to share pics of their awkward teen years to raise relief funds for Puerto Rico.

Elon Musk’s idea for commercial rocket travel on Earth would be a logistical nightmare

‘The reentry would kill people’

Besides Elon Musk's, there's another plan to live on Mars

SpaceX is working on huge rockets to take us further than ever before, but Lockheed Martin has a plan for how astronauts could actually live at Mars.

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Whole Foods Discloses Data Breach

In the latest data breach involving consumer data, Whole Foods Market said card-payment information of customers who drank and dined in its taprooms and full-service restaurants has been hacked.

Flawed Apple Mac firmware updates may leave them vulnerable to attack | ZDNet

Researchers have found ​the pre-boot Extensible​ ​Firmware​ ​Interface​ ​(EFI)​ ​in​ ​many​ ​popular​ ​Macs​ ​is​ ​not always​ ​receiving​​ ​security​ ​updates​ as expected.

Apple reportedly buys French computer vision startup

Regaind says its technology sorts and gives meaning to photos using AI. Will it show up on your iPhone?

Indie game reveals the sad truth about your childhood friendships

"When we're sitting down to work out situations that are best to convey a childhood, things that come up all the time: acts of creation, acts of play, acts of exploration," Bradbury said. "Those things where we step outside of ourselves and find something new or create something new — that's the stuff that sticks. We definitely do focus on those situations because we feel that's a very universal experience."

Feds asking Facebook for info on anti-Trump activists

Facebook in a statement acknowledged the warrants and a gag order preventing the company from telling the activists they were being targeted. "We successfully fought in court to be able to notify the three people whose broad account information was requested by the government," the statement read. "We are grateful to the companies and civil society organizations that supported us in arguing for people's ability to learn about and challenge overly broad search warrants."

iPhone vs. Note: Which dual camera dominates?

This time around it might be too close to call and in most instances the "best" shot depends on the viewer's preferences. I personally prefer the cooler temperature and crisp detail on the Note's for landscapes, but for people I'm partial to the warmer tones and more natural skin texture of the iPhone. What is clear is that the cameras on both these phones are top notch, but they still can't quite compete with a DSLR for shallow depth of field effect on portraits.

SNES Classic Edition available from Amazon Treasure Truck

Customers can order the SNES Classic via the Amazon app, then schedule a pickup time at a Treasure Truck. The offer is available from noon to 8 p.m. local time, or until the consoles sell out. (An Amazon spokeswoman declined to say how many consoles will be available.)

Disney World is having some real spelling trouble on one of its new road signs

Disney World is having some real spelling trouble on one of its new road signs

Bring your SNES Classic Edition into modernity with this wireless controller

The good news is that 8bitdo is releasing a wireless controller for the SNES Classic Edition, which looks almost like the native one but with a slightly grayer face. Just pop the wireless accompanying wireless dongle into the slot where you'd place the standard controller wires and you're good to go!

SNES Classic: Yes, some people could actually buy it today

But it wasn't until we tried Target and Best Buy that we saw how much closer Nintendo has come to satisfying (very early) demand. The Camden Avenue Target offered a full 90 units, despite only having 58 customers in line by the time it opened its doors at 8 a.m. Thirty-two additional people were able to walk right into the store, line up at the electronics counter and purchase an SNES Classic. Only three people left disappointed when Target sold out, half an hour later, and a rep suggested they try another Target store instead, which had an even greater allocation of 120 units.

We’ve Grossly Underestimated How Much Cow Farts Are Contributing to Global Warming

A new NASA-sponsored study shows that global methane emissions produced by livestock are 11 percent higher than estimates made last decade. Because methane is a particularly nasty greenhouse gas, the new finding means it’s going to be even tougher to combat climate change than we realized.

People are freaking out over this brand-new invention that is actually just a tent

Have you heard of the “Pause Pod?” Well, if you haven’t, have I got a pitch for you. It’s a collapsable structure that makes a cube-like space–covered by fabric–and people can crawl in and out of it. Insider posted a video about the contraption, which depicted people climbing into the pod, zipping it up, sitting down, and sometimes lying down. Good wholesome pod fun.

Samsung's latest fitness tracker won't work with iPhone until Apple signs off

The Gear Fit 2 Pro is advertised as iPhone compatible -- but the app to make it so hasn't been approved by Apple yet.

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New smart ink tattoos are being developed to help detect dehydration or blood sugar levels -

Now the Commodore 64 is getting the miniature makeover

Keeping with the trend of blasts from gaming consoles past , the Commodore 64 — you know, the best-selling home computer from the 80s — is being revived and shrunken down into the C64 Mini.

Alibaba is leading a $27M investment in open source database startup MariaDB

Formerly known as SkySQL, MariaDB is attractive to Alibaba due to its presence in the industry. It has offices in Sweden and the U.S. and claims around 12 million global users of its databases, with some of the larger names including, HP, Virgin Mobile and Wikipedia. Its solutions are used in private, public and hybrid cloud deployments and it is the default in a number of Linux distributions like Red Hat, Ubuntu and SUSE, which adds a further reach of 60 million users.

Google reportedly working on Echo Show competitor

The device, internally codenamed "Manhattan," will have a similar screen size to the 7-inch Echo Show, people familiar with the matter told the tech site. The device, which may run a version of Android, was expected to be released in mid-2018, but there is pressure to release it as soon as this year, TechCrunch reported.

Forget planes. Elon Musk imagines Earth travel via rockets

Musk says we could use SpaceX's BFR (that stands for "big f*****g rocket," if you're wondering) to transport people between any two points on Earth in under an hour. Most destinations would take less than half that time. New York to Shanghai, for instance, would be a 39-minute trip, a fraction of the exhausting 15 hours it currently takes via airplane.

Uber Ex-CEO Travis Kalanick Names Directors in Power Play

Uber Technologies Inc.’s ousted chief executive, Travis Kalanick, is appointing two new directors to the ride-hailing firm’s board, a surprise move that would bolster his clout as the company faces several critical decisions including a possible multibillion-dollar investment from SoftBank Group Corp.

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FCC wants Apple to enable nonexistent FM radio chip

Apple Investigating Reports of iPhone 8 Plus Devices 'Splitting Open' - Slashdot

Apple is currently investigating reports of the iPhone 8 Plus splitting open while being charged with the included cable and plug adapter. The first claim comes from a Taiwanese iPhone 8 Plus owner, who posted photos which show damage consistent with a swollen battery. The second claim is from a Japanese owner who posted similar photos of his device, which he says arrived in this state . The Next Web reports : The phone belonged to a Ms. Wu, who recently renewed her phone contract and purchased a 64GB rose gold iPhone 8 Plus. The issue emerged five days after purchasing the phone. Wu placed her phone on charge, using the supplied cable and adaptor. After three minutes, she reported seeing the front panel bulge, and eventually lift completely from the device. According to multiple Taiwanese outlets, the phone was later recovered by the carrier, and has since been shipped to Apple for analysis. 9to5Mac adds: While any incident affecting a new iPhone model is bound to attract media attention, it's worth noting the usual disclaimers. First, any device manufactured in the millions will include some faulty models -- the real news would be if this were not the case.

Digital Currencies Are Growing on Faltering Foundations

Such drawbacks have not averted a marked increase in interest over the last few months. The total market value of all digital currencies was $140 billion on Sept. 18, according the research firm Sanford C. Bernstein, a more than tenfold increase over 12 months. Bitcoin accounts for around half the total value — and its price has surged 10 percent again in the last 10 days.

New Black Boxes Will Be Easier to Track in Plane Crashes at Sea

But a new generation of recorders, announced this summer by Airbus and set to roll out on new A350 airframes in late 2019, will make those boxes easier to retrieve. Instead of going down to the bottom with the plane, a recorder will be released and float back to the surface. It will then send a signal that satellites could pick up, allowing searchers to pinpoint its location.

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Elon Musk wants to blast you from New York to London in 29 minutes

VIDEO | Helvetica Is Not Only A Font, It's Now A Coffee

Sudden Coffee has created an instant coffee that they promise tastes just like pour-over based on the classic font.

AT&T asks U.S. Supreme Court to overturn net neutrality rules

As the FCC prepares to roll back the controversial rules, AT&T and others appeal a lower court's ruling that upheld the rules to the Supreme Court.

US Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Won't Work in Europe

So in Europe, the US version of Series 3 is the the Apple Watch Without Cellular. (The US and Canadian models are the same one.) Tourists visiting the US with the urge to shop for an Apple Watch should go for the Series 3 without LTE, which we think is the best buy in Apple's lineup anyway. Otherwise, you're buying features you can't use back home.

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This AI can predict how long your relationship will last

An indie game that aims to preserve an indigenous culture and its mythology

In the game, you play as a Sukurúame (or a Tarahumara shaman) who must call upon the power of the demigods. In my playthrough, I embodied cumecócari, the culture's imperial woodpecker demigod, "who allows you take the physical form of a bird whenever you need. Because your task is to convince the higher gods — like the moon and the sun — not to destroy the earth," said Vizcaíno. "No pressure, though."

Apple Investigating Reports of iPhone 8 Plus 'Splitting Open'

As 9to5Mac reports, so far two cases of the iPhone 8 Plus case splitting have been logged. The first occurred in Taiwan where the smartphone was being charged when it split open. According to the owner, they were charging using the official cable and power adapter that ships with the handset. The phone had been in use for five days and the split happened after about three minutes of charging. Images of the split phone from Taiwan are available on ifeng .

The Equifax hack may have been state-sponsored — Fast Company

Click here if the story doesn't open after a few seconds.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just appointed 2 new board members, a defiant move the company is calling a 'complete surprise'

Their backgrounds include successfully leading large public companies as chief executives and chairs, navigating dynamic, technology-powered and regulated industries, and guiding tens of thousands of employees around the world. Both Ursula and John have engineering degrees and are incredibly talented and proven problem solvers. There is no doubt the Board will be well-served by their valuable insights, counsel and independent perspective as Uber moves into the next phase of growth and prepares for a public offering. I am grateful for their enthusiastic support of Uber.

The Insanity That Is the Cars Universe Can Now Add Motorcycles and Cinderella to the Mix

The problem is the eyes and the mouth. A motorcycle has one eye. It has a headlight, not headlights. So that’s difficult. Where do you put the eyes when they don’t have a windshield? ... And then the mouth is somewhere south of the headlight? It really is difficult to bring a motorcycle to life as a character. With the shape of a car, it’s like the head of a horse, or the head of a dog. It has a long snout, you can put the eyes back in the windshield, and it works very well to emote.

Amber Rose refuses to change the name of her SlutWalk to make critics happy

In September 2015, she starred in a Funny or Die video called "Walk of No Shame." It begins with her leaving a man's house early in the morning, wearing a sexy dress, and carrying her high heels. She smiles confidently as passers-by congratulate her for having sex and celebrating her body. It feels like an alternate universe, but Rose is doing everything she can to make that scenario a reality.

78/52 Is the Nerdiest Movie About Movies We've Ever Seen, and We Love It

It starts with the basics—why Hitchcock made the film and his thoughts going into it—and then presents Psycho in the historical and social context of the time. Philippe talks to people who were at the premiere who explain how Hitchcock used Psycho to change how films are exhibited. (They don’t say it outright, but it may have been the beginning of the “spoiler.”) He talks to Janet Leigh’s body double, who was there for filming, and she confirms several longstanding rumors about the production along with some new secrets. Film historians explain how the scene changed movies going ahead. Famous editors and composers watch the scene and geek out about the choices Hitchcock, his editor George Tomasini, and composer Bernard Herrmann make with every single shot.

IdeaFestival 2017: Algorithms, AI and other Frankenstein-like technologies

The fake news of the 2016 election is another variable that has had a vast effect on society. Dreyfuss said, "Facebook has been accused of not being thoughtful about how it allowed fake news to be targeted to specific people who were voting in the 2016 US election. And at first, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said, 'I don't think that's a thing. I'm really not worried about it.' But, recently, when it was found that these proponents of fake news actually bought ads on Facebook that allowed them to directly target their swarms to certain voters in certain areas in America, Zuckerberg said, 'Whoa, okay, you guys, there's like, indisputable evidence now, we're going to do something to fix this.' And they added new reporting tools for fake news, and they are announcing a whole new team. They hired a ton of journalists to help and they really seemed to be taking it more seriously, especially in the wake of this news that happened last week, which showed that Facebook's algorithm, which is charge of how ads work."

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This tech billionaire believes in biblical principles

Google warns that govt is demanding more of your private data than ever | ZDNet

Google received more government requests for user data in the first half of this year than ever before. It also admits it's significantly underreported the number of non-US accounts targeted by US intelligence.

22 awesome photos taken with Samsung phones

This shot demonstrates the Galaxy Note 8's Live Focus feature, which blurs the background in order to focus on a subject, in this case a CNET photographer.

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Let's face it: The best part of RollerCoaster Tycoon was killing tourists

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What ’80s sci-fi movies can teach us about bad UI

DHS cyberinsurance research producing insights about security trends

The US Department of Homeland Security says it's starting to see interesting security trends based on a long-term research project into cyberinsurance markets.

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Uber's new 'Sign Language' campaign is a step in the right direction

Researchers say your Mac could be at risk from flawed updates

The missing updates highlight an area of computer security Smith said doesn't get as much attention as it should. It's especially dangerous for firmware to be left vulnerable to hackers because it runs very powerful code. A hacker could use the code to gain complete control over a computer and potentially access any network that the computer can.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just appointed 2 new board members, a defiant move the company is calling a 'complete surprise'

Their backgrounds include successfully leading large public companies as chief executives and chairs, navigating dynamic, technology-powered and regulated industries, and guiding tens of thousands of employees around the world. Both Ursula and John have engineering degrees and are incredibly talented and proven problem solvers. There is no doubt the Board will be well-served by their valuable insights, counsel and independent perspective as Uber moves into the next phase of growth and prepares for a public offering. I am grateful for their enthusiastic support of Uber.

What is Microsoft's AndromedaOS? | ZDNet

Microsoft is continuing to advance its long-time goal of a truly common operating system across different Windows form factors with its 'AndromedaOS' effort.

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Arrow's Big Bad Prometheus Will Return for the DC Crossover, But With a Twist

The last season of Arrow centered around the mysterious arrival of Prometheus, a masked bowman seeking vengeance against everything Oliver Queen has been working toward since becoming the Green Arrow. But even though he perished at the end of the season , Promethus will rise again in the CW/DC crossover event.

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QWOP developer releases new game where you climb with a sledgehammer

51 The Guy Who Called Bitcoin a Bubble Now Wants to Help You Store It
52 Feds asking Facebook for info on anti-Trump activists
53 Following Mysterious 'Sonic Weapon' Attacks, US Pulls Most of Diplomatic Staff From Cuba
54 Forever 21 and Taco Bell got the sauce in this unconventional fashion collaboration
55 Google Will Retool User Security in Wake of Political Hack
56 This company invented a nap tent for adults and the reactions will have you weak with laughter
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59 SpaceX rocket could cut business flights to anywhere on earth to 60 minutes or less
60 The SEC comes down on 2 cryptocurrency-based fundraising schemes
61 The horror of discovering porn for the first time lives on in this video game
62 Tata Motors Wins India Contract to Supply 10,000 Electric Cars
63 How to deploy and use a MySQL Docker container
64 When it comes to asking for data, don't let perfect be the enemy of good
65 Hungry skunk got into a sticky McSituation, but one officer came to the rescue
66 California Lawmakers Approve Anti-Offshoring Legislation - InformationWeek
67 Big week for dollar, records on Wall St. as quarter ends
68 3 things infrastructure pros need to know about nested virtualization on Google Cloud
69 Amazon Said to Seek Dublin Space, Adding to Brexit Squeeze
70 This is the Best MacBook Pro Clone For Windows Die-Hards
71 New Virtual Currencies Hit Barriers in U.S. and 2 Other Nations
72 Apple pairs with artists on song & decorations to promote Chicago's Michigan Ave. store
73 Nintendo will close its Wii Shop Channel in 2019
74 Nikolaj Coster-Waldau thinks Jaime is doomed to become a wight on 'Game of Thrones'
75 Beyoncé's 'Mi Gente' remix is huge for reggaeton, especially after 'Despacito'
76 China's bitcoin market alive and well as traders defy crackdown
77 FCC head, a critic of net neutrality rules, likely to be reconfirmed
78 I'm Completely Mesmerized By This Tunnel-Scrubbing Beast of a Machine
79 Are you buying the SNES Classic Edition?
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81 Product reviews, how-tos, deals and the latest tech news
82 Are there now too many Amazon Echo devices?
83 Sick of digital interaction? Put a fabric tube on your face
84 Google Removes Catalan Referendum App From Google Play After Catalan High Court Issues Take Down Order
85 FCC head, a critic of net neutrality rules, likely to be reconfirmed
86 Oracle's Larry Ellison Adds $2.9 Billion to His Fortune
87 Netpicks: Everything coming and going on Netflix this October
88 Paying $15 to Send $25 Has Bitcoin Users Rethinking Practicality
89 12 Artificial Intelligence Terms You Need to Know - InformationWeek
90 Justice Department Demands Names of Thousands Who Liked Anti-Trump Facebook Page
91 Face ID on iPhone X: Bad with kids, good with sunglasses
92 What Insurance Do You Even Buy for a Smartphone?
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94 Women students are still leaving computer science. Here's why
95 Musk’s 100-Day Race to Biggest Battery Starts in South Australia
96 Amazon is developing three new high-profile sci-fi TV adaptations