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Samsung Galaxy Gear S

Samsung has come out with a new iteration of their Gear smartwatch, this time with a 3G antenna baked in. This allows users to send texts and make phone call...

All of April Ludgate's Best Burns on 'Parks and Recreation'

Hats off to television's most lovable bully, April Ludgate of Parks and Recreation.

This guy shutdown the police

Never Open the Door for the cops, but if you do, never consent to warrantless searches.

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Vice Media Confirms Another $250M Investment, From New Investor TCV | TechCrunch

In scenes from the series an IS press officer (yes, the militants have a press officer) is seen accompanying the Vice reporter, sanctioning the reporter’s access to  occupied territories, while the reporter verbally refers to being inside “the world’s newest state” — a phrase that apparently normalizes the IS occupation (although lower thirds on the video badge the location as ‘Raqqa, Syria’). Vice has rebutted this criticism, arguing its audience is sophisticated enough to understand an implicit critique of the subjects being covered.

Lenovo Vibe Z2 (pictures) - CNET

The Lenovo Vibe Z2 is the company's first 64-bit phone, which promises powerful performance. / Read Editors' take

When Websites Peek into Private Lives

OkCupid occasionally collaborates with outside academics to further our understanding, but some companies have internalized that partnership. Facebook has built a world-class research team to parse their data for findings of academic value. In just the past year, they've traced the memes that we share in status updates to examine the way rumors spread; they've published a paper investigating the friend networks of romantic couples (surprisingly, having a dispersed network makes for a stronger marriage); and they've tracked the depopulation of Southeast Asia's villages, as people migrate en masse to urban centers.

EMC CEO defends federated business model, debunks storage myths

In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, EMC's Joe Tucci spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the federation model's value for IT leaders and how the partners -- including security provider RSA -- coordinate strategies to deliver innovation and choice. He also debunks what he views as nonsense being spewed by newcomers to the storage market and talks about how EMC is empowering customers to build private/hybrid clouds that stand up to the best the public cloud has to offer.

29 NFL Players Suspended to Start the Season: The Definitive Guide

Some of the suspensions may strike you as overly harsh. Some may strike you as not strong enough . But either way, NFL suspensions are a hotter topic than ever before heading into the 2014 season. So, in true hashtag-2014 form, here's a definitive listicle of all 29 NFL players missing their respective teams' season openers and why.

Big App Fund, With Marketing Help From Facebook, Wants To Back Europe’s Best Young App Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch

Facebook is throwing its marketing and PR weight behind a new competition to find and invest in the best young mobile app entrepreneurs in Europe. ‘ The Big App 2014 ‘, underpinned by Worth Capital’s new ‘Big App Fund’, which itself is currently equity-crowdfunding on Seedrs, is open to app entrepreneurs aged 18-35 with a retail or e-commerce-focussed app, from anywhere in Europe.

Disunited Kingdom: The Clash Over Scotland's Independence

But, amid massive street-level campaigning involving tens of thousands of people, the gap has narrowed. And there are massive unknown variables. If, as expected, the turnout reaches way above the 50% common in British elections, then what pollsters call the “missing million” –- young people and poor people normally turned off from politics –- could swing it for independence. The implications would be massive both politically and economically. Scotland first joined with England in Shakespeare’s time (1603) becoming a single country 100 years later. But its legal system and culture were always different. Under devolution, it has resisted some of the privatization moves pushed by both Labour and Conservative governments –- in health and education — so it has the feel of a leftist Scandinavian country. And it has oil. Most of Britain’s remaining oil and gas fields are in the sea north-east of Scotland. Though they will quibble over the details, the London government has already agreed that Scotland will keep most of the oil. In return, it has to shoulder its share of the massive government debts Britain has run up since the financial crisis of 2008.

Apple design head Jony Ive ahead of iWatch debut: 'Switzerland is in trouble'

Maybe so, maybe not. An iWatch would obviously never replace a Patek, Vacheron, etc., in terms of history, prestige, etc. But that’s not the right way to think about it given the additional potential functions of an iWatch – as a mechanical watch lover myself, if I only have space on my wrist for one device and there’s a device that is mechanically interesting and beautiful, and a competing device that can potentially improve and lengthen my lifespan through health monitoring, assist me in making secure mobile payments on the go, provide no-hassle access to my car, smart feature home, etc., you can bet the latter is what’s going on there at the expense of the former.

How a Dentist Popularized Cotton Candy

“Perhaps you have seen the mysterious vaudeville man eat handfuls of cotton on the stage. You can do the same thing with the candy floss that this new Candy Spinning Machine turns out. It is good to eat and lasts a long time, and doesn’t cost much money -- 5 to 10 cents.”

DataStax Raises $106 Million in New Pre-IPO Round, Chips Away at Oracle

In putting together the funding round, which was oversubscribed, Mr. Bosworth said he combined public-facing investors like ClearBridge that could help DataStax through an IPO with strategic investors like Comcast and international investors like PremjiInvest, which has ties to global communities of developers who will build applications.

Sony's Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact will be the first smartphones with PS4 Remote Play

The Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablet Compact are joining the PS Vita in being able to  stream and play PlayStation 4 games away from the console. Starting in November, the three members of the new Z3 family will allow you to play your PS4 games directly on their screens so long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network as the big games machine. This is a major step on the way to Sony finally making good on its perpetual promise of PlayStation gaming on mobile devices. The Japanese company even says that PS4 Remote Play will be "theoretically" possible over a web connection, but is hedging its bets by recommending that you have both the console and remote device hooked up to the same Wi-Fi network and plugged into a fast internet connection.

Apple announces live stream for Sept. 9 iPhone event

I still am getting the Note 4…..the Iphones are tiny with tiny batteries. No expandable storage……One speaker…barely customizeable…no multitasking…way too many animations…what are you trying to do, put me to sleep. Do you all remember when you can only change the wallpaper in IOS….my bad, that’s still true. That’s as far as customizations go in IOS. Oh yeah, don’t drop the thing in water or even at all…metal easily bends but I hear that their screen is suppose to be nice which is a plus. If this phone has a 2500 mah battery I am going to be so surprised……I am happy with My Note 3 and my Droid Maxx HD because they have the best battery life out of any phone and I do office work and school from my phones. A 4.7 inch screen isn’t going to cut it. Since I love a big phone, the 5.5 inch will be cool, if they make if different than the 4.7 inch….don’t make it just a bigger 4.7 inch Iphone. Give it some variety since it is a phablet. it deserves to be the more premium of the two and have extra features on it.

Nvidia launches patent suit against Qualcomm, Samsung | ZDNet

But with the ITC, Nvidia is taking things a step further by asking for a ban in the United States on the shipment of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets containing Qualcomm’s Adreno, ARM’s Mali or Imagination’s PowerVR graphics architectures.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Preview - CNET

A smaller, on-ear Urbanite is available now. That retails for $50 less or $199 (£150 UK), but I haven't gotten my hands on it yet. This XL model is quite comfortable and manages to passively seal out a decent amount of sound without clamping down on your head too firmly. The headphones fold up into a more compact form factor and they come with a carrying pouch, but it's pretty skimpy, which is a little disappointing.

12 Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice They Received From A Teacher

“My high school chemistry Dr. Minne taught me a lot about atoms and bonds, but it was a lesson of actions, not words, that has stuck with me. I missed the spring final exam because of sports commitments, and Dr. Minne let me make up the test at his house. When I arrived, he sent me up to his study and simply said ‘Leave the exam on my desk after an hour and a half. I have to run.’ As I looked around the room, I quickly realized that his bookshelves were filled with every chemistry book imaginable, all of which held the answers to the questions laid out before me. The temptation was obvious, but I resisted. Putting me in this situation taught me about my own character, but also silently passed along the piece of advice to trust in others, and to believe in them as he believed in me.” --Matthew Bellows, founder and CEO of Yesware, a software provider

Dreadnoughtus, The Huge Dinosaur Species That Scoffed At T-Rex

To reach its gargantuan size, Dreadnoughtus would have had to have spent most of its time eating large amounts of plants. The dinosaur’s body was comparable to the size of a house, with a 37-foot-long neck balanced by a 30-foot-long tail. Lacovara says it likely would have spent hours just standing in one place and eating everything it could reach.

Facebook Rolls Out Privacy Checkups to All 1.3 Billion Users

Five months after Facebook introduced a cartoon animal to select users to teach them about its privacy settings, the social network said it will show the dinosaur to all of its 1.3 billion members.

Twitpic is shutting down after Twitter threatened to block access to its API

After six years of operation, image sharing site Twitpic will be closing its metaphorical doors  after a legal trademark battle with Twitter. Twitpic’s founder Noah Everett  said in a blog post  announcing the news Thursday that it doesn’t have the funds to wage a fight with Twitter, which Everett said is asking Twitpic to abandon its trademark application or lose access to the Twitter API. The blog post doesn’t elaborate on why Twitpic wouldn’t just change its name instead of shutting down entirely.

Publishers Push For EC To Reject Almunia’s Google Antitrust Proposal | TechCrunch

“Genuine and fair competition in the digital market are essential conditions for a thriving free and independent press sector that contributes to democratic debate all across Europe. Yet the current proposed commitments would have the reverse effect and effectively legalise Google’s abusive self-preference,” President of the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV), Helmut Heinen, said today. “As a respected competition authority, the Commission must act decisively now and reject those commitments. It is time to enforce EU competition law properly putting an end to this anti-competitive conduct that is holding back the digital market in Europe to the detriment of consumers and businesses alike.”

Getty Images sues Microsoft over new online photo tool

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A new Microsoft Corp product that allows website publishers to embed digital photographs on their sites is a "massive infringement" of copyrighted images, Getty Images Inc [GETTY.UL] claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York on Thursday.

Google To Pay Out At Least $19M To Settle FTC Complaint On Kids In-App Charges | TechCrunch

The FTC notes that the charges range from 99 cents to as high as $200. “In many apps used by children, users are invited to accumulate virtual items that help them advance in the game, though as the FTC’s complaint notes, the lines between virtual money purchases and real money purchases can be blurred,” the FTC notes in its statement. “The FTC’s complaint alleges that Google billed consumers for many such charges by children without obtaining account holders’ authorization, leaving consumers holding the bill.”

In A Business Platform Play, Square Adds Sales Tax Reporting Through TaxJar | TechCrunch

The advantage of adding TaxJar is twofold for Square: on one hand it gives businesses another feature, and one that is usually a pain for businesses to sort out, which may sway more of them to using Square for front-line payments. On the other, if you are an existing business, something like this could help to keep you as a customer of Square’s and choose this route for transactions and other business services.

Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive Exodus Blue map struts its stuff in new trailer

Sony previews its timed-exclusive Destiny multiplayer map in the newly-launched trailer above, giving players an early look at what they can expect from the Crucible mode on PlayStation platforms. Taking place in and around the derelict Exodus Blue colony ship, the map boasts plenty of hidden alcoves and opportunities for surprise attacks throughout Skirmish, Control, Salvage, Clash, and Rumble gameplay modes. Destiny premieres on September 9. [Video: Sony / Activision]

With Intercom’s New In-App Messenger, Businesses Can Get Smarter About Talking To Customers | TechCrunch

To show off the new messenger, Adams demonstrated it on the Intercom site itself. Again, if Intercom added a new feature, it would want to ask users what they think. In this case, however, those users get the message within the application itself, right after they used the feature. The message would be formatted to look like a natural part of the app, and it wouldn’t appear as if came from the company, but from a specific team member. The person sending the message would have data about the person they’re messaging (whether they’re a long-time user, for example), and they could choose the format of the message, as well as add photos, videos, and emoticons (because “(grin)” just doesn’t have the same effect).

Microsoft announces new Lumia handsets, camera update

Microsoft announces new Lumia handsets, camera update Microsoft on Thursday announced two new Lumia phones aimed at the entry-level smartphone market and an update to its Windows Phone operating system for current Lumia phones. Check out this story on

Technics makes a hi-fi comeback at IFA 2014 - CNET

The new gear represents the first new hi-fi products under the Technics name in six years. The Technics brand was once a fixture of the European audio scene, most frequently spied on DJ decks or on massive sound systems.

Take a Look at Baidu Eye, China's Version of Google Glass

Unlike Glass, Baidu Eye has no screen or any optical display. Instead, the device looks like a wraparound headset that rests on top of a user's ears. There is an earpiece on its left arm and a camera on its right arm that takes photos, recognizes objects and analyzes information in its surroundings, according to the company.

White House Names Google's Megan Smith as U.S. CTO

“You have a generation of kids who grew up with the iPhone, and their service and design expectations are different as a result,” said Clay Johnson, chief executive of the nonprofit Department of Better Technology, also interviewed before Smith and Macgillivray’s names were made public. “If these problems don’t get solved and government doesn’t become a tier one technology service provider with people, then the federal government is doomed.”

3 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Feeling Less Busy

Experimenting with your peak hours for each task makes you more aware of how you’re spending time--whether it’s a stray 30 minutes on Facebook at 3 p.m. or a hyper-efficient mid-morning of organizing your workspace at the expense of real work. Slot your most thought-intensive duties into times when you’re naturally more energetic, and the mindless stuff for when you’re feeling drained--whether that’s after a morning coffee or mid-afternoon break.

Rdio redesigns its service to emphasize radio and recommendations

Scroll through your Home feed and you’ll find songs your friends are listening to in real time, albums that are trending in your network, and albums from artists that you like that you haven’t listened to yet. Free users will see stories related to stations, which they can listen to without paying the $9.99 a month that gets you unlimited on-demand streaming. The first story in the feed is always "keep listening," which shows you the most recent things you’ve listened to on the service so you can easily pick up where you left off. There are around 20 other types of stories, and Rdio plans to add more over time. "You have a personalized music magazine," says Chris Becherer, senior vice president for product at Rdio.

Skype for iPhone Now Lets You Host Group Audio Calls

The first feature is made possible via a new call button in the bottom navigation bar when you’re in a group, while the second is made possible via the new “add participant” button shown during any voice or video call. While four people is the limit for group audio calls now, Skype says “you can expect to hear further news on this in the near future.”

Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not

“Anthony Noto suggested that the service will offer algorithm-driven curation of feeds much like Facebook does, in order to try and improve the relevance for users” – REALLY ?? Straight off the bat, you can smell the idiocy in action. Do honestly think people are that stupid or are really just phoning it in ??? relevance for users?, its relevance for ADVERTISERS and the end financial goals of Twitter! Pure and simple. Stop trying to patronize users and just come out and say it. Leave the bullshit excuses to the politicians.

Women, You Don't Have to Be Loud to Be Good Leaders

The world won't change overnight, but there's still hope for today's new women's movement. It's time to rebrand the message: Stop telling all women to be the type of leader the workforce supposedly wants them to be; it's false. Stop touting the type of leadership that's "worked for men so it will work for us." Start broadening what it means to be a leader in the first place, then celebrate and reward its differences.

Nevada looks like the winner in the fight for Tesla's battery factory. Here's why it won

The battery factory will potentially cost $5 billion, will be developed in partnership with battery giant Panasonic and will mean 6,500 jobs for the Northern Nevada region. A high profile company like Tesla bringing in that many jobs could be a game changer for the Reno/Sparks area, which had been hit particularly hard by the recession (see my story on Reno’s revitalization ).

Go To TechCrunch Disrupt For Free #TCDisrupt | TechCrunch

Haven’t been picked for our giveaway contest yet? Don’t fret, dear reader. We’re giving away yet another ticket to Disrupt. This contest starts now and ends in one hour at 4 PM Pacific. All you have to do is enter to win. You can earn extra entries to the contest by sharing the giveaway link with friends and following our social accounts.

Dyson Debuts First Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the Eye 360

The 360 Eye will have “more suction power than any other robot vacuum on the Japanese market,” the company said in a press release. Mr. Dyson noted that robovacs hold a world-leading 8 percent market share in Japan. Because of this—and the fact that Dysons sell very well in Japan—the 360 Eye will debut in that market in early 2015, for a price upwards of 100,000 Yen (about $1,000). It will appear in other countries, including the U.S., in fall 2015.

Nokia Lumia 830: flash photography reinvented - Telegraph

“Our strategy is to help people do more with stunning products that unite and showcase the best of Microsoft’s digital work and life experiences,” said Chris Weber, corporate vice president of Mobile Devices Sales at Microsoft. “The Lumia 830, Lumia 735 and Lumia 730 Dual SIM combine popular Microsoft services such as Skype, Microsoft Office and OneDrive with amazing Lumia innovations in design and imaging to bring experiences that people value, at prices they can afford.”

Apple Patents A Way To Make Sapphire Screens Even Stronger | TechCrunch

Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider ) that could help explain leaked videos showing a front screen material that is incredibly durable, and resistant to bending, scratching and shattering. The screen is thought to be based on manufactured sapphire, a material that has a toughness rating above glass, but a new patent reveals how Apple might be stacking the odds in its favor with a process to make it even stronger.

5 lessons from the celebrity iCloud hack that we should all think about

Big points about ‘decentralization’ and backup mania. If you don’t want some compromising pics of yours to end up anywhere from hacker apps to a sniffing bot, or simply in the hands of someone who doesn’t need to see you in birthday suit – keep it in your personal hard drive or memory card. Simple. It’s easy to forget that cyber security starts with your own habits – strength of password, diligently avoiding phishing emails and spam links, and yes NOT uploading your ‘selfies’ which you might not want people to see- are about the most basic things you can start with to counter internet security threats ( Also, NSA has been doing this sniffing for ages. So yeah ..

Many users are outraged at the idea that Twitter might use an algorithm to filter their feeds

A number of users noted that one of the main benefits of Twitter is that they get to control what they see by choosing whom to follow, and that giving up any of that control wasn’t something they wanted to consider. Even if Twitter does provide filtering in a non-default tab, or allows for an opt-out, or is simply talking about experimenting with more algorithm-driven relevance features, it’s quite clear that for many devoted users, tampering with their following list or stream is like touching the third rail of a subway track. Here are some more responses:

Intel and Nvidia tapped to power a pair of new HP Chromebooks

HP is updating its Chromebook line with new chips from Intel and Nvidia while keeping the price of both models under $300. The larger 14-inch version gains a full HD display and runs on Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor.

WordPress 4.0: Embedded Content Previews, Expanding Editor today launched WordPress 4.0, which adds a slew of new features to give you a “smoother writing and management experience” with the blog management tool. You can download the new release now from (6.3MB).

Apple attacked over 'worsening' factory conditions in China

A new report by China Labor Watch and Green America revealed forced overtime, fire and safety risks, poor compensation and exposure to toxic chemicals at a factory in Suqian, China, operated by Apple supplier Catcher Technology.

Nest Protect Update Brings Pathlight Controls and Steam Check

“It will use its built-­in humidity sensor and new algorithms to understands the difference between steam and smoke. Even with a very conservative approach – Nest Protect has to be 100% sure there’s no fire – Steam Check cuts down nuisance alarms from steam by more than half. That’s based on data from real homes, not lab testing,” Nest said.

NoSQL is growing up, and DataStax just raised $106M to prove it

DataStax, like a couple other of its NoSQL peers, has come a long way since it launched a few years ago. Now valued at $830 million and selling into some of the world’s largest companies, life is a bit different.

FCC's Wheeler: US needs more high-speed broadband competition

“Americans need faster broadband and real competition in the broadband market, and we welcome Chairman Wheeler’s intent to bring his agency into the 21st century,” Free Press policy director Matt Wood said by email. “Some of the chairman’s predecessors liked to pretend that slow DSL was still a viable and competitive option for innovators and consumers, so change on this front is long overdue.”

It's time for your "privacy checkup" from your Facebook doctor

Next time you log into Facebook, you may meet a little blue dinosaur who will walk you through your privacy “health” on the site.

Step into the Digital Leadership Void

Iyer admits that CIOs who have been operationally focused for most of their careers have some work to do before stepping into the digital leadership void. In this respect, CIOs are often their own worst enemy. CIOs are good at delivering operational excellence. But the reward for that excellence is often additional operational assignments, not strategic assignments. “As CIO, you will need to continue to oversee operations. But ask for strategic assignments, as well,” he says. “Don’t cede the digital leadership role to someone else. It is time for CIOs to evolve.”

Uber Already Planning For Bigger Headquarters In S.F's Mission Bay

Uber’s is racing to deploy its service as quickly as possible across the globe — and that breakneck pace is being mirrored in a landgrab in its home of San Francisco.

Is this the sound of Comcast's merger hopes dying? FCC Chairman declares U.S. broadband uncompetitive

Don’t say that. I pay $40 for uncapped 40/5. With what this article says about Tom Wheeler’s vision for broadband you should be paying no more than $1/gb like myself and many other people. You know how I got to pay that little? (compared to current standards) Competition. Don’t let these companies know that you’d be willing to pay more for uncapped plans when these companies have been making billions of dollars already without capping their customer’s plans.

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55 Firefox Beta Gets Built In WebRTC Video Calls On Desktop, Chromecast And Roku Video Casting On Android | TechCrunch
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