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Short prequel for 'Blade Runner 2049' links back to original

"2036: Nexus Dawn" is one of three short films that will bridge the original "Blade Runner" and the sequel.

Tim Cook sells iPad while advertising his alma mater

Commentary: The Apple CEO manages to get the iPad and FaceTime into an ad for Auburn University.

Watch record-setting astronaut Peggy Whitson's return to Earth

Astronaut Peggy Whitson set a NASA record for staying in space, and now you can watch her return to solid ground.

Star Wars Rebels gets a new trailer and release date for its final season

The final season hits on October 19th

Build: Rugged High-power Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Hi guys this is my first instructable! :)This project started when i bought the JBL Charge 2+. I was very pleased with the sound but i hate the compression at hig...

Who is new Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi?

Uber's search for a replacement for its former co-founder CEO Travis Kalanick looks to have reached its conclusion. Dara Khosrowshahi, the current CEO of..

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No matter what kind of house, home is where the smart is

“We are an apartment company, that is our niche our expertise and what we exclusively do,” Livingstone said. “At Greystar we do three things, we manage apartments, mostly for third party owners, but we also manage apartments that we own ourselves. We also are a developer and construction company of apartments. We have about 6 billion dollars of development going on right now so domestically we are the largest developer of apartments. We are also an investment management company. We call that the three legs of the stool and that is what we do and how we do it.”

Microsoft's Windows 10 Fall Creators Update rollout to kick off October 17 | ZDNet

Once Microsoft does decide Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is stable enough to ship, it will continue to update features and fix bugs in it. That means when users download the Fall Creators Update, they likely will also be downloading updates for it right off the bat, as well as in subsequent weeks and months.

Making the case for API neutrality

Linkedin scaled their platform thanks to this free work, so it should not be their choice but the users’ choice to decide it they allow third party startups to access it to build a new generation of apps. Some will argue that Linkedin users have signed Linkedin terms of service, but in a context of such big monopolistic platform, not allowing public profile user-generated data to be publicly accessible by 3rd parties is, in my opinion, abusive and not in the best interest of the users.

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TerraMaster F2-420 NAS review: Storage device hampered by clunky management software

Best iPhone charging cables | ZDNet

Has your iPhone charging cable broken again? Are you tired of spending big bucks on cables for your iPhone that only last a few months? Here are replacements that have been tested for durability and performance.

The Common Traits Of The Most Successful People | Empeopled

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Huawei unveils Kirin 970 chipset with AI | ZDNet

Huawei's Kirin 970 smartphone chipset features mobile artificial intelligence with a dedicated neural processing unit, an 8-core CPU, and a 12-core GPU, along with 5.5 million transistors.

IFA 2017’s biggest announcements

The September time frame positions the Berlin show perfectly as a launch pad for holiday products. As such, some of tech’s biggest names, including Samsung, Sony, LG and Lenovo, use it to debut some of their biggest products of the year. It’s also proven a solid showcase for some of the wackier startups that have historically had a tough time getting noticed at larger shows. CES.

How using an iPad helped this cartoonist's career

Donnelly draws on her iPad using an app that allows her to change the tool she draws with, as well as its size and color. "I use the FiftyThree pencil when I want to do quick sketches, like drawing a live event," she said. She's done sketches during the Oscars, the White House correspondents' dinner and during CBS This Morning interviews, to name a few.

How To Master The Digital First Impression [Infographic]

It takes just 90 seconds for a potential employer to decide whether to give you the job, according to career experts – and these days, that first minute and a half is likely to be spent checking you out online. The printed resume is fast becoming a thing of the past, and with gatekeepers informally profiling you according to your web presence, it’s more important than ever to create a positive digital first impression. LinkedIn is the internet’s answer to the curriculum vitae, but it can be so much more than that. Unlike a CV, you’re encouraged to sell yourself through text and personal recommendations from your ‘connections’, and failing to do so will see others push ahead of the pack. Just as the choice of font could differentiate the professionalism of an old-school CV, with LinkedIn it’s all about the profile picture: a smart but friendly headshot carries far better connotations than a bathroom selfie or drunken group shot. Video is also gaining importance as digital tech advances, with Skype interviews now commonplace and video links (think: video biography or personal statement) ranking high in Google’s search results.

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New: Sensitive resumes for thousands of private security contractors have been exposed after a security lapse.

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How AR could radically change the way we use our smartphones

Hurricane Harvey victims can find help online

And people who want to talk to a mental health counselor can call the Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5950 or text "TalkWithUs" to 66746. If evacuees want to talk by video or chat by text with a licensed doctor online, they can sign up for a free week of service at .

Video: A Windows 10 redesign is coming

TechRepublic's Nick Heath explains everything developers and business needs to know about the Windows 10 Creators Update redesign.

Hidden iOS setting may stop you running out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad | ZDNet

Are you running out of space on your iPhone or iPad? There's a setting buried in iOS 10 that may put an end to running out of space forever.

HackerOne predicts its bug bounty payments will quintuple by 2020

The bug bounty platform believes it will draw 10 times more hackers than it does now and quadruple the number of bugs found and fixed, all in the next three years.

Princess ransomware targets hacked websites via RIG exploit kit

A new cybercrime campaign uses the RIG exploit kit to infect computers with PrincessLocker ransomware, and demands at least $367 from victims.

Kings of clarity: Etymotic ER4 in-ear headphones

I picked the Logitech UE 900 in-ears for another round of comparisons. This model has also been around for a while for good reason, it's a great headphone. It has four balanced armature drivers per earpiece while the ER4 XR has just one, so I was expecting the UE 900 would clobber the ER4 XR's bass oomph and fullness. It did, but not by all that much, and it couldn't touch ER4 XR's clarity -- the UE 900's overall sound was softer and blurrier. The UE 900's sound was also less open, more stuck inside my head than it was with the ER4 XR. Stereo imaging was also more precisely focused than the UE 900s.

Congress will vote to speed up self-driving car deployments next week

Next Wednesday, the US House of Representatives will vote on a bill to speed the deployment of fully-autonomous cars and stop states from banning self-driving vehicles, according to a Reuters report .

The shock of the new Dynaudio Special Forty speakers

The Special Forty is in step with the trend of shrinking high-end speakers size, and this speaker might be the best one yet for its size. Tonally, the Special Forty is smooth and easy, but as I continued to listen it was the speakers' clarity and resolution that made the biggest impressions.

Cell phones as lifelines: How to stay connected amid disaster

Be prepared for high call volume. During an emergency, many people are trying to use their phones at the same time. The increased call volume may create network congestion, leading to "fast busy" signals on your wireless phone or a slow dial tone on your landline phone. If this happens, hang up, wait several seconds and then try the call again. This allows your original call data to clear the network before you try again.

How to set up an additional security info source for your Microsoft account

Sometime after that, she forgot her Microsoft account password and couldn't sign into her Windows 10 laptop. When she went to use the Microsoft Account Password Reset service, she discovered that because she no longer had the cell number she used to set up her account (and because she didn't have an additional security info source), she would have to wait up to 24 hours to reset her password.

Pixar brings Day of the Dead to life in newest film, 'Coco'

Adding clothing to the characters presented another challenge. Pixar's computers typically try to mimic how clothing would react in the real world, but that means the animated cloth on a skeleton would fall into gaps between the skeleton's bones. To solve this, Pixar told its computers the skeletons merely didn't have gaps in their ribcages, and attached some pieces of cloth to the skeleton's joints to keep things like pants and shirtsleeves from snagging and getting stuck.

Big Bang: The science of sex in space

With long-term space travel moving ever closer to reality, would-be spacefarers may be wondering if they'll be able to join the 10,000 Mile High Club.

How to Use The New iOS 11 Safari Features on iPhone and iPad

Safari in iOS 11 gets an entirely new video player UI. It’s similar to what we’ve had in Safari on macOS. This time, it’s all black bars with rounded edges. Plus, controls for full screen, picture in picture mode and cancel are a lot more prominent and easier to hit.

How to Properly Use a Bath Mat

Now, if you have a towel-type bath mat, hang it over the side of the tub or shower to dry, then lay down a second dry bath mat if someone is going right after you. If you have the shaggy rug kind, leave it and hope you did everything right so it’s not soaking wet. There you have it! You’re ready for a proper shower now.

Roku files for IPO, seeks to raise $100M

Roku may not be as recognizable a name as some of its streaming box competitors, which are all monolithic tech companies like Apple, Google and Amazon, but its products routinely slay in CNET reviews and in sales .

Now you can hail a Lyft from 40 states

Starting Thursday, Lyft is live in 40 different states across the US . The coverage area includes more than 500 cities in those 40 states. Previously, Lyft offered statewide coverage in CT, DE, FL, HI, MA, NJ, NY, and RI. Today's expansion brings full coverage to 32 more states, though Lyft had already been available in select cities in states other than the eight listed above.

Report: Hurricane Harvey Has Flooded at Least Five Toxic Superfund Sites

As the AP noted, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has publicly called cleaning up Superfund sites a priority even as he has worked to undermine some of the agency’s core functions, such as the EPA’s role in regulating water and air pollution. The White House’s fiscal year 2018 budget request proposed slashing 30 percent of the Superfund program’s funding, while as Gizmodo previously reported , also asking for the elimination of the US Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board.

Google shares how-to search data for toilets, ties and more

Searching for "how to fix walls" topped the home improvement list globally. For overall how-to searches, "how to tie a tie," "how to kiss," and "how to get pregnant" were the top three. Top trending how-to searches since 2004 get a little more random: from No. 1 to 3, it's "how to do the cup song," "how to draw a Minion," and "how to contour."

Server hosting dozens of popular file converter sites has been hacked

"The impact of this incident is concerning to me," said the security researcher. "All data going in or out of the server was being tampered with for months on end without the server owner noticing it."

Bosch X-Spect scanner can see what your food is made of

Unique to X-Spect is the ability to also read the makeup of fabric and stains. Right now the X-Spect can determine up to two component materials in a piece of fabric, and also let you know their relative proportions. We saw a demo on a blended cotton-poly t-shirt, for example. The creators hope to bring X-Spect to the point where it can read three different materials. It's not there yet, but it can read four different kinds of stains. I saw it read chocolate and lipstick via a prepared demo at the Bosch booth. Dr. von  Bieren says he hopes to get it up to 16 different stains to match the stain-cleaning presets on certain Bosch washing machines.

DJI adds some variety to its Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro drones

And if you already bought the company's smallest drone, the DJI Spark, a firmware update was announced that will bring a new panoramic photo mode. Called Sphere, the mode sets the drone to automatically create pictures with a fish-eye lens effect. The update to the DJI Go 4 app and firmware is coming soon, but no specific date was announced.

Smallest GPS and Bluetooth trackers and finders | ZDNet

If you are looking for a hidden GPS or Bluetooth tracking tag to monitor and locate your lost items, have a look at these.

Free PDF download: Turning Big Data into Business Insights

This special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic looks at how companies use the massive amount of data that's now available to improve processes and increase revenue. Download it as a free PDF ebook.

Technics debuts the SP-10R, its most premium analog turntable to date

Panasonic displayed the SP-10R prototype at IFA 2017 in Berlin, and its high-end features see it falling in line with the brand’s turn toward audiophiles in recent years. At first glance, the turntable is simply beautiful to look at, with a weighty 7KG platter for stable rotation made of brass, aluminum, and rubber. It has a separately housed power supply that’s a departure from most turntables’ all-in-one design, meant to minimize hum and vibration. It also features an updated model of the coreless direct drive Technics has featured in other models (like the SL-1200G), which eliminates a rotation irregularity called “cogging” that can occur with traditional direct drive motors.

How to sync your Google Cloud on Linux with Grive2

If Linux is your operating system of choice, and Google Drive is your cloud storage solution, you'll be happy to know there's an easy way to keep them in sync from the command line. Jack Wallen shows you how.

How to Preserve Vintage Electronics

So as you store your electronics in a cool, dark, dry place, try to cover all potential points of pest entry with archival tape (if the surface is suitable and cleanable, such as polished stainless steel) or enclose the entire gadget in an archival safe paperboard box or paper bag so pests don't get inside. The paperboard box needs to stay dry or it will become a breeding ground for mold. Also, low humidity discourages the incursion of termites seeking cardboard boxes, which I have also had trouble with in the past.

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“Will trust in online interactions strengthen or diminish over the next 10 years?” Here's what the experts say

Toshiba Star Wars TV is a must-have screen for hard-core fans

We checked out the Star Wars TV at IFA in Berlin and found the monochrome designs -- one featuring X-wings, another featuring BB-8 and one showing a mix of characters -- were enjoyably cutesy up close. With a petite screen, this is unlikely to be the TV you turn to for watching blockbusters, but if you're looking for a second telly, or a TV for a kid -- little or big -- this is sure to please Star Wars lovers of any age.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Apple's Next iPhone Comes September 12 on Apple's New Campus

If all the reports pan out (Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has a good roundup ) it's going to be a doozy of an event. We're expecting not one but three new iPhones, including a complete redesign of Apple's smartphone with some impressive new features. It's also time for a new Apple Watch, and an upgraded Apple TV could be in the works as well. Add that to some final words and updates from Tim Cook on the latest from iOS and MacOS, and a few jabs at Android, and it'll make for a seriously busy morning. Whatever happens, we'll be there live with all the news, analysis, and attempts to steal brand-new iPhones you could ever want.

Mozilla is desperately needed to save the web, but does it stand a chance?

If I sound like I don't know what to propose Mozilla should do, it's because I don't. I simply feel strongly that the role Mozilla played in the early browser wars needs to be resurrected to save the web today. I'd love your thoughts: Is it too late, or is there something that Mozilla (or Apple or...?) can do to reverse this shift toward centralization and content closure?

The Best Web Browsers of 2017

Two features that I consider essential for consuming today's Web ad-free reading modes and share buttons. You'll find these included by default in several of the browsers, but for those that don't, you can find extensions that provide the functionality. So many sites are overloaded with ads of all stripes and auto-play videos that browsing the Web unhindered has gotten more and more difficult. And one of today's most common actions is, when you see an intriguing story online, to share it to your favorite social network. Why shouldn't the browser make this easier?

How to setup multiroom playback across all of your Alexa devices

Another kink to keep in mind is that each of your Alexa devices can only belong to one group. If you try to add those devices to a second group, you'll find them grayed out and inaccessible. I'm not sure why Amazon did this, but I expect it will change pretty soon. Plenty of users will want to create, for instance, both a Downstairs group and an Everywhere group. And it's worth noting that you can already add Alexa-supported smart home devices to multiple groups.

Top 15 Privacy and Security Settings iPhone and iPad Users Must Know

Everybody should be able to know how to be in full control of their privacy and security, especially in this day and age. While iPhone and iPad users should have a bit more peace of mind than Android users, developers, websites and even Apple still all collect personal information from your devices. To understand this in greater detail and learn ways to enhance your privacy and security even further on iOS, we’ve compiled plenty of options.

SpaceX has completed testing on the first stage cores for its Falcon Heavy rocket

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is hoping to launch his company’s Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in November , and with just a couple of months to go, the company announced that it has completed testing on all all three of the rocket’s first stage cores.

One of the world’s most influential math texts is getting a beautiful, minimalist edition

The publisher explains that this is an attempt to complete Byrne’s work. It is working with a group of mathematicians and academics to illustrate all thirteen books in the style of Byrne’s original book in a beautiful, minimalist edition.

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#Tech news overload? Get the story behind the headline. Become an MIT Technology Review Insider today -

Deal of the Week by Bloomberg on Apple Podcasts

As The Bachelorette wraps up another season, a mating dance is developing in the telecommunications world. SoftBank is desperate to find a match for Sprint, the fourth-largest U.S. wireless company, of which it owns 84 percent. It has at least two potential suitors in mind: T-Mobile, the No. 3 U.S. wireless company, or Charter, the second-largest U.S. cable company. With T-Mobile, SoftBank founder and CEO Masayoshi Son would probably have to sell majority control of Sprint. Charter, on the other hand, would be a takeover target -- and would come with an enterprise value price tag of $200 billion or more. Will Sprint find a match, or will both partners turn down Son's money-losing asset? Bloomberg reporters Gerry Smith and Scott Moritz give host Alex Sherman their predictions.

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