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The Islamic State (Full Length)

Subscribe to VICE News here: The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had ties to al Qaeda, has ...

Drone sneaks peek at Apple's 'spaceship' campus in progress - CNET

A GoPro strapped to a quadcopter offers the best look yet at Apple's "Campus 2," currently under construction.

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4 Ways & 14 Tactics to Drive More Revenue With Community

Knowing what your customers think about you and your brand is clearly invaluable information, but you’d be surprised by how many companies build for themselves rather than for their customers’ needs. Yes, we all like to work on projects we’re passionate about, but a business needs to be profitable (eventually), or at least break even for now.

Twitter launches bug bounty program

According to its page on HackerOne , Twitter will pay at least $140 per vulnerability found in its services or iOS and Android apps. The reward amounts may vary depending on the severity of the reported flaws and there is no predefined limit to how high they can get, Twitter said.

Why Google Has Become Germany's Bogeyman — And Why It Matters

In recent weeks things have calmed somewhat: next month Mr Gabriel is due to appear on a discussion panel with Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman (who is also on the board of The Economist's parent company). But Germany's Googlephobia is a big reason why Joaquín Almunia, Europe's competition commissioner, is likely to announce shortly that he plans to renegotiate a deal with Google to settle antitrust charges.

Senior Rails Engineer job at Fixed in San Francisco, CA

We’re looking for an experienced Rails engineer to join our growing team. You’ll be joining as engineer #1, and working alongside the founders. This means you’ll get to work in a ton of different areas, have direct feedback on the product and help shape our technology stack and define our culture going forward. If you’re interested in learning mobile dev you can even get your hands dirty in that as well. We believe a small team of great engineers is far more valuable than a much larger team of decent engineers. We believe in strong engineering fundamentals over experts in one specific language. We never run out of new and interesting problems to solve.

Download the Moto X (2014) wallpapers

Motorola has launched a bunch of new devices at this year’s IFA. Their new Moto X and Moto G smartphones along with the long-awaited Moto 360 smartwatch and Moto Hint bluetooth headset. Moto X is Motorola’s new flagship and sports a 5.2-inch 1080p AMOLED display along with 2GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of non-expandable internal storage. The device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chip clocked at 2.5GHz and comes with Adreno 330 GPU for graphics processing. 13MP camera can be found at the back of the device while there’s 2MP shooter up front. Android 4.4 .4 KitKat and a 2,300mAh battery are also part of the package.

Home | TWiT.TV

Hands-on reviews of tvtag, Series Guide, TV Show Favs, and Run Forrest Run.

Win a White PS4 with a Limited-Edition Copy of Destiny - IGN

Bungie's hugely-anticipated shooter Destiny is nearly here, and to celebrate, we're giving away a glacier white PS4 along with a limited-edition copy of Destiny and a Destiny strategy guide.

How Sitting Is Killing Us

There’s also intriguing evidence that sitting less may short-circuit some bodily processes that lead to diabetes. When we eat meals, our bodies experience a surge in blood sugar that peaks about an hour after we eat. If we’re sedentary and relatively immobile, our muscles and cells aren’t soaking up that glucose to fuel its daily activities. So all that extra sugar gets turned into fat. If we take a walk after lunch, however, some of that sugar is burned off in order to keep us on our feet and propel us forward. The less sugar that’s left after that activity, the less that gets turned into fat and contributes to obesity and eventually diabetes.

Wireless Hard Drive Adds 2TB to Your Phone Without the Cloud | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Unlike most other storage devices, you’ll need to charge this one up. WD says the My Passport Wireless gets up to 6 hours per charge for non-stop video streaming or 20 hours of standby time. It’s a relatively cheap way to add a ton of non-cloud storage to any device: It’s available now as a 500GB drive for $130, a 1TB drive for $180, and a 2TB drive for $220.

This Magical Inkless Pen Never Needs a Refill | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Italian design firm Pininfarina—famous for shaping such iconic Ferraris as the Daytona and the F40—is now applying its automotive eye to the world of high-end writing instruments. The wood and aluminum Cambiano pen, made in partnership with Napkin, takes both its name and its visual cues from Pininfarina's latest concept car, a plug-in electric with a range of 500 miles. But this sleek stylus can go forever without filling up: Rather than transferring anything to the page, the alloy tip makes its mark by oxidizing the paper it touches. You can use it to write an entire novel—or even a six-volume set. Your hand will give up before the Cambiano does.

Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL | TechCrunch

Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don’t want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter?

📙 Emojipedia — 😃 Emoji Meanings 💁👌🙊🎍😍

✅  Emojipedia has the list of all emoji names and meanings. 🔍 Search for an emoji by name, or by inserting an 🔣 emoji symbol into the search field. Find out what is this emoji , or any emoji meaning in the search result.

IBM wants to kill the hard drive it invented

Saving files to memory is something that's supposed to be mostly invisible for the end user. We don't need to think about it; it just has to work. But whether it's a solid-state or hard disk drive, conventional storage solutions have their limitations -- namely, speed, rewritability and durability. A team at IBM Research's Almaden facility in California has a cure for all of that and it's called " racetrack memory ."

How to escape education's death valley

Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish — and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk he tells us how to get out of the educational "death valley" we now face, and how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of possibility.

Killing Kennedy

Press and hold anywhere to share any piece of content.

Scientists Discover Vast 'Ocean' Hidden Deep Underground

"Geological processes on the Earth’s surface, such as earthquakes or erupting volcanoes, are an expression of what is going on inside the Earth, out of our sight," geophysicist Dr. Steven Jacobsen , an associate professor at Northwestern University, said in a written statement. "I think we are finally seeing evidence for a whole-Earth water cycle, which may help explain the vast amount of liquid water on the surface of our habitable planet. Scientists have been looking for this missing deep water for decades ."

Toilet seat with built-in fan sucks out the stench - CNET

The installation process involves removing your old seat, attaching the Fresh Air Plus in its place, plugging the seat into a wall socket, and then connecting a hose to an exhaust vent running outside. The biggest issue here is that you probably don't already have a small round vent in your wall, so you'll have to get handy and put one in or hire somebody to come do it. It gets a little trickier if your bathroom doesn't have an outside-facing wall. This situation requires running the hose through the wall to connect up with the ventilation pipe used by your bathroom ceiling fan.

You Never Thought You'd Want A Vacuum So Badly

This is one vacuum you won't want to hide in the linen closet. In fact, we'd recommend displaying it in on your coffee table. It's that gorgeous...

Apple's Plan To Kill PayPal Has Finally Become Clear

One of the biggest problems with mobile payments has been the sheer number of different apps and services needed to pay for the things you buy every day. Between the Starbucks mobile app, Venmo, Square, Amazon, and PayPal, most users need to download, install, and hand over their card data to a variety of companies. But if Apple has united three major cards together, then it could save users a ton of time by letting them go to one place to make mobile payments.

Esurance Learns An Expensive Lesson On Why Kerning Matters

Auto insurance provider Esurance just learned a painful and expensive lesson that anyone named Clint could have told them for free: kerning is important. In fact, it's the difference between trying to sell people insurance with a "click," and insurance with a "dick."



NASA confirms ‘impossible’ thruster actually works, could revolutionize space travel

Now, American scientists at NASA have given the EmDrive a go, and once again confirmed that it actually works. The test results were presented on July 30 at the 50th Joint Propulsion Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, and astonishingly enough, they are positive. The team behind the drive still doesn’t know why it works, just that it does.

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The Truth About The Left Brain / Right Brain Relationship

Over the past decade or so, a lot of effort has been put into "mapping" the human brain – that is, linking areas that differ anatomically (have different inputs, outputs, types or arrangements of neurons, and/or neuropharmacology) to different functions. From this, we hope we can learn something about how and why these anatomical differences matter. However, in doing this, the field has also uncovered a lot of hemispheric asymmetries – cases in which, for example, a left hemisphere brain area becomes active and its right hemisphere homologue (with the SAME basic inputs, outputs, etc.) is much less active (or vice versa). This should really surprise us: here are two brain areas that are essentially the same on all the dimensions the field is used to thinking about, yet they behave strikingly differently. There must be physical differences between them, of course – but then, this means that those "subtle" differences are much more critical for function than the field has appreciated.

The art of asking

Don't make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them. In a passionate talk that begins in her days as a street performer (drop a dollar in the hat for the Eight-Foot Bride!), she examines the new relationship between artist and fan.

A closer look at LG's circular G Watch R (hands-on)

Other than that, it's a nice display, at least at first glance. The 320 x 320 resolution is a step up from the 280 x 280 resolution we groused about on the original. As you can imagine, it was bright enough to view indoors, but that was never the problem: Is it readable outside? That's the sort of question we'll need to revisit later, when we get to take one home. LG has said that the watch will go on sale sometime early in the fourth quarter, so I'm placing my bets on October, maybe November. It will ship with Android Wear 1.0, but will be eligible for the next version of Google's smartwatch OS, whenever that becomes available. We'll be back, as ever, with a full review. Until then, enjoy the hands-on photos.

How to live passionately—no matter your age

Author Isabel Allende is 71. Yes, she has a few wrinkles—but she has incredible perspective too. In this candid talk, meant for viewers of all ages, she talks about her fears as she gets older and shares how she plans to keep on living passionately.

Clover Food Lab's Quest To Become The Vegetarian McDonald's

While constant variety would work against any other fast-food chain--where customers have been trained to order old standbys by number--it has become central to Clover's brand. When people go to Clover, they don't expect the same burger and fries, they expect good food. (Clover has no tie to any food genre, serving dishes inspired from all over the world.) The dining experience feels, as one Cambridge local explained it to me, "very MIT." It looks like a lab crossed with a Chipotle, with crisp, clean, white spaces. Clover, like any beloved brand of this era, prides itself on transparency. All of the food sits in clear fridges or bins waiting to be spooned into pitas.

Motorola's new Bluetooth headset hides inside your ear

Though the Hint can be used with any smartphone, it was specifically designed to go along with the new X thanks to its ability to recognize the new Moto Voice. As a reminder, that means it'll recognize your custom voice prompt along with special phrases like "What's the weather?" and "Navigate home." The Hint even comes in six different design styles in fabric, leather and wood to compliment the X. Though we're not sure when the availability of the Hint is yet, it's set to be out this fall for $149.99 each. Gallery | 21 Photos Moto Hint and Power Pack Micro + See all 21

3 Signs You Should Not Become an Entrepreneur

There are plenty of reasons why most should not start businesses. Below are three significant signs that the risks of entrepreneurship are not for you.

Seven lessons I learned from the failure of my first startup, Dinnr

On Thanksgiving 2012, we received an order from a lady whose family was visiting from the US. She said that their 10 year old son had fallen ill and was in the hospital. They were ordering our product so that they could prepare the food at home and bring it to the hospital to have a Thanksgiving dinner there, with the boy. Afterwards, the lady sent us a picture that gave us goosebumps: The family are sitting around a table with the boy who apparently had contracted a serious disease. He was sitting at the head of the table, with no hair and a drip in his arm. The customer told us that we made a big difference to their day and that the boy was really happy.

5 Things You Need to Know to Read The Death of Wolverine - IGN

Together, writers Jason Aaron and Rick Remender have focused a lot on Wolverine's darker nature, his efforts to rise above, and the terrible consequences violence can have on him (Aaron in books like Wolverine: Weapon X and Wolverine Vol. 4 and Remender in Uncanny X-Force and Uncanny Avengers). Both writers have written stories where Logan has killed members of his own family. In Aaron's "Wolverine Goes to Hell" storyline from 2010-11, Logan's soul was banished to Hell while his body was possessed by demons. After escaping, he went on a warpath of revenge against a cult called the Red Right Hand (comprised of members who had lost family and loved ones to Wolverine in the past). He engaged in a bloody battle with the cult's bodyguards, only to find that the Red Right Hand had committed suicide before he could kill them himself. The cult leader left behind a video message revealing that the bodyguards Wolverine had killed were his own bastard children. Needless to say, Wolverine went a little insane and lit for the hills for a while.

Three Steps To Writing The Perfect LinkedIn Summary

I’m a personal branding pioneer and consultant, founder of Reach Personal Branding, and bestselling author of the definitive books on executive branding: Ditch.Dare. Do! and Career Distinction. I'm passionate about how personal branding can inspire career-minded professionals to become indispensable, influential and incredibly happy at work—and I teach my clients (major global brands and 20% of the Fortune 100) to increase their success by infusing personal branding into their cultures. BBC TV, the Discovery Channel, NPR, Fox News, Time, Entrepreneur, GQ, The New York Times and dozens of other national and global publications have featured me as a personal branding expert, and my leadership in the field has inspired hundreds of coaches in 41 countries to become Certified Reach Personal BrandingStrategists. Here's a fun fact: I have the distinct privilege of having delivered more personal branding keynotes to more people, in more countries, than anyone on earth.

'The Sims 4' Punishes Pirates By Pixelating The Entire Game

The Sims 4 has debuted to muted fanfare this past week, mainly due to a lack of early review copies and much grumbling about the game rolling back more than a few features found in earlier games. But so far there at least haven’t been any SimCity-level disasters, and it remains to be seen how the game will sell.

Inside the strange and seedy world where hackers trade celebrity nudes

These invasions are all the more disturbing because they were probably happening long before the victims ever noticed. There was no public market for these images, so they likely circulated in private for months or even years before accidentally breaking into public view. And researchers say there may be a far greater number of images from other celebrities that have yet to be exposed. Messages from some of the underground boards Kaminsky studied mentioned returning to compromised accounts again and again to harvest new photos. "This is one of the major stories in all of information security over the last decade," says Kaminsky. "You don’t smash your way in and make a big noise grabbing everything you can and selling it. You look to establish a persistent threat. That is an important thing for people to realize, you don’t know when you’ve been hit, and they will come back and visit you again and again."

What's Apple Really Up To? Keeping You in Apple World.

Finally, does it really matter that Apple is playing catch-up in some of the features ? I don' think so. I think both Android and iOS are very valid platforms and it is a matter of preference as most apps are available in both environments, most of the time with the same look and feel. I picked iOS because I feel it's a more polished experienced, compared to Android. Also, I can hardly feel a performance difference between my original ipad mini and my iphone 5S (I don't play games, where the different would be more noticeable), again that speaks a lot about the why I will stay with Apple, they make sure most of their older products will run their operating systems as smoothly as possible. My 2012 ipad miniW still performs very nicelly on 2014 operating system and with iOS8 supporting the ipad mini, I can rest assured that the hw will live well until late 2015 or even longer! Oh and I still have a 2010 original ipad that also runs fairly nicely on most new apps, even though it's running ios 5.

The doubt essential to faith

When Lesley Hazleton was writing a biography of Muhammad, she was struck by something: The night he received the revelation of the Koran, according to early accounts, his first reaction was doubt, awe, even fear. And yet this experience became the bedrock of his belief. Hazleton calls for a new appreciation of doubt and questioning as the foundation of faith — and an end to fundamentalism of all kinds.

Here's What Successful People Eat For Breakfast

How the rich and famous start their day.

4 Tips for Moving on From Your First Post-Grad Job

The factors that led you to get your first job may still be strong assets for your next role. Are you good at interviewing? Do you have unique experience traveling abroad? Are you skilled at networking? These useful skills still lay the groundwork for your future success — but building upon the lessons you've learned from your first job and other professional experiences add layers to the foundation of your long-term path.

How to make a ‘Lord of the Rings’ game that doesn’t suck

The fact that the orcs get stronger from killing you also forces you to play the game smarter. If you just keep going up against the same enemy and dying in combat, you'll never get anywhere. But since you have a list of what they're weak against (usually just two very specific things), it's better to experiment with different techniques aside from just straight combat. For example, my troublesome orc was particularly strong against beasts but weak against ranged attacks. I was able to wait until he went out on a hunting mission, and while he and his subordinates were battling with monsters, I used my bow to dispatch them amidst all of the distraction. "We really just didn't want people settling into any rut, where they're always going to do the same thing," de Plater explains.

Analyst: iPhone 6 will not feature sapphire glass but have 128GB storage option, programmable Power button

The report was shared with AppleInsider , and outlines Kuo’s updated expectations for the iPhone 6. First and foremost, the analyst believes that Apple will not be using a scratch-resistant sapphire glass panel in the new iPhone 6. And while some reports had suggested that the 4.7-inch variant would skip this feature, but the 5.5-inch model would indeed be getting the sapphire glass treatment , that is reportedly not the case after all. Kuo believes that neither handset will feature the harder surface.

Spanish PM’s Twitter Account Surges With Fake Arabic Accounts

What raised those eyebrows even further was that almost all of the the PM’s new followers were Arabic-speaking Twitter accounts with all the tell-tales of fake accounts—or bots—as experts call them: few or no followers, extremely little activity, and very limited information about the user.

Elon Musk: Tesla Stock Price 'Kind Of High Right Now'

This isn’t the first time Musk has said publicly that Tesla stock is too high. In August 2013, he said, “I actually think the value of Tesla right now is, the market is being very generous. And they’re obviously giving us a lot of credit for future execution. So we’ll do our best to honor the faith the market has placed in us.” In November of last year he reiterated: “I believe I said several times that the valuation was more than we had any right to deserve… I was not the one who thought the valuation should go up to such levels.”

Samsung Gear Circle Preview - CNET

Overall, the Gear Circle seems a bit swankier than LG's competing products, but it's unclear how sturdy it is. This is the type of headphone that has its fans and critics, with some folks liking the secure, around-the-neck design, while others don't like the feeling of having something wrapped around their neck (I tend to like the design).

The Man Who Will Build Google’s Elusive Quantum Computer | Enterprise | WIRED

John Martinis is one of the world’s foremost experts on quantum computing, a growing field of science that aims to process information at super high speeds using strange physics of very tiny particles such as electrons and photons. And now, after years as a physics professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, he’s headed for Google.

Weird Facts About 5 of the World’s Most Famous Logos | Design | WIRED

Logos often take on nicknames, and NASA’s are no exception. For its first 15 years and change, the agency was represented by a mark affectionately known as the “meatball,” depicting the agency’s name inside a blue circle, surrounded by clusters of stars, a whizzing white spacecraft and a stylized red arrow. Its replacement, designed in 1976 by New York design studio Danne & Blackburn, was significantly more streamlined, simply spelling out NASA in thick, curvy letters. With an “N” and “S” reminiscent of tubing and crossbar-less A’s evoking rocket nosecones, it’s the wordmark that likely popped in your head when you read “NASA logo.” It, too, had a nickname: the worm.

uiGradients - Beautiful coloured gradients

Adding a gradient is easy. All gradients are read from a gradients.json file which is available in this project's repo. Simply add your gradient details to it and submit a pull request.

How prisons can help inmates live meaningful lives

In the United States, the agencies that govern prisons are often called ‘Department of Corrections.’ And yet, their focus is on containing and controlling inmates. Dan Pacholke, Deputy Secretary for the Washington State Department of Corrections, shares a different vision: of prisons that provide humane living conditions as well as opportunities for meaningful work and learning.

200+ Job Openings From New York to Oklahoma

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

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