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American Red Cross is launching a drone disaster-relief program

The program will start by assessing the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

RED finally reveals what its 'holographic' phone screen actually is

A couple of months ago, cinema camera maker RED made the surprise announcement that it was working on a smartphone, and the even more surprising announcement that said phone would have a...

Alexa, Cortana, Google, Siri user? Watch out for these inaudible command attacks | ZDNet

For as little as $3, an attacker can silently tell any voice assistant to open up a malicious webpage.

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143 million US consumers' data stolen in Equifax breach

$257 Million: Filecoin Breaks All-Time Record for ICO Funding - CoinDesk

Blockchain data storage network Filecoin has officially completed its initial coin offering (ICO), raising more than $257 million over a month of activity.

Google hiring artificial intelligence talent in China despite being banned

Google is building an artificial intelligence team in Beijing, China, despite having its search engine and mobile app store banned in the country.

Most popular Instagram accounts - in pictures

Controversial musician Chris Brown is the 26th most popular person on Instagram. Brown offers his 31.7m followers gritty pictures of him performing and hanging out, along with some Donald Trump and Michael Jackson memes.

The Galaxy Note 8 isn't Samsung's only dual-camera phone now

Both much more affordable, much more basic Android phones, the presence of two lenses on the back is basically the only thing the Galaxy J7+ and Galaxy C8 have in common with their top-notch sibling. There's Android, but no integrated S Pen stylus; there's a fingerprint reader, but no Bixby Voice software .

New report unveils top 3 cybersecurity threats facing business data

For organizations securing sensitive data, ransomware, insider vulnerabilities, and denial of service attacks are their most-feared threats, according to a new report from the SANS and Infoblox.

Security firm Mandiant said to be helping Equifax in hack aftermath | ZDNet

The domain -- which we are not naming or linking to as the registration data identifies the employee and what appears to be their personal information -- appears to be an attempt to prevent cybersquatters registering the domain related to Equifax's efforts to respond to the hack.

Google is pulling the plug on its Google Drive desktop software

Business users will be advised to switch to Google Drive File Stream , which goes live on September 26. The main difference between the two tools is that File Stream doesn't store any files locally. Instead, they're always kept in the cloud and are streamed to your desktop on demand.

iPhone 8 Production Said to be Delayed 'About a Month'

The Wall Street Journal has a report detailing a look at the production of the iPhone 8, and says that the device’s production has been delayed by a month, which is sending “jitters” for Apple leading into the holiday season. The story itself isn’t too far apart from what has been reported on a semi-regular basis for months now, suggesting that stock for the upcoming flagship iPhone will be pretty tight right after launch.

More Or Less Technology In The Classroom? We’re Asking The Wrong Question

Rather than having famous experts deliver the answers for neophytes to master, he believed it was the job of education to provide the “conditions for invention.” He posed problems to his students and let them figure out their way to the answer. He preferred to mix experts and nonexperts, specialists and novices, computer scientists and artists, and thought his role was to keep asking ever-more challenging questions. If he had been teaching Ken’s middle-school trig class, for example, he would have encouraged the kids to use calculators as a starting place for active learning. He might have them calculating sine, cosine, and tangent trigonometric functions in order to then be able to explore more complex trigonometric problems in areas where they had passionate interests: astronomy, programming, acoustics, optics, biology, chemistry, computer graphics, and other subjects far beyond the syllabus of eighth-grade math. In other words, they would learn that technology is a tool–and so is trigonometry.

America's Mayors Line Up to Woo Amazon

Amazon is breaking from its history of secret expansions with a public hunt for a second headquarters, spurring quick interest from cities eager to land a workforce of as many as 50,000 people.

Apple considers using the iPhone’s backlight to improve runner safety

The application also notes that the backlight could be configured to act like a light beacon for night runners. This can be used to alert other pedestrians or cars of the runner’s presence. The light in its beacon mode could blink, fade in and out, pulsate, or strobe. Apple envisions this use case with an illustration of a runner with the device strapped to their arm.

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How Alteryx can kill Vlookups while preserving self-service:

Where to Find the Best Collections of Regional Dialects and Local Accents

If you’re trying to learn an accent for an acting role , understand an ESL speaker, or just hear some funny British accents, the Internet has a vast wealth of recordings of English spoken in every dialect. You can google any accent and find a relevant YouTube video, but you might want some more quality control, or to specifically hear less camera-conscious speakers.

Apple's iPhone event: Join us Sept. 12 for a live blog

The company will host its event at the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple campus in Cupertino, California. The event starts at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET Tuesday, but CNET will open its live blog to comments an hour ahead of the event. CNET's Connie Guglielmo, Scott Stein, David Katzmaier and I will be there to bring you live news, photos and commentary.

How to optimize your company's big data for future use

With IoT, you can start with your own top-down big data initiatives and analytics when it comes to utilizing data and imagery that gets sent from sensors on board drones—but what if you looked into each individual pixel of data that the drone was sending back—and discovered that there was additional data value captured that could answer questions that you weren't interested in today, but could be in the future?


us2000ahv0_ciim_geo_imap.html (49KB)

iPhone 8 could face supply shortfalls following production issues: Report | ZDNet

Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone came upon production glitches early in the manufacturing process, according to The Wall Street Journal, which could lead to shipping delays.

Heartland Tech Weekly: Luring big fish back to a small pond

The idea of how to get  skilled workers to stay in — and return to —  the Heartland is something we discuss frequently here in the Heartland Tech channel. City leaders might be tempted to cite cost of living stats, like the price of an average 2-bedroom apartment, to convince big city transplants to come home. But the reality is that for many, the decision to return home is driven by nostalgia.

How To Stop Your Boss From Bothering You While You’re On Vacation

My family stood eagerly by the hotel room door, trying their best to be patient while simultaneously gauging just how much longer I’d be stuck there. Considering the fact that we were attempting to enjoy a family vacation, they were excited to get down to the pool–which was being delayed by yet another needless conversation with my supervisor.

iOS 11 Beta 10 vs iOS 10.3.3 Speed Test

Apple yesterday released the tenth beta of iOS 11 for all compatible iPhones and iPads. This is presumably the last beta of iOS 11 before Apple releases a golden master build of the OS to the public after its September 12 event.

How to stop stakeholders from sabotaging projects

To address any form of stakeholder sabotage, Brzychcy recommended that leaders "maintain a holistic approach to projects and carefully game out several courses of action for any undertaking." He believes that "by listing the different stakeholders, and attempting to predict what their moves and countermoves may be to any actions taken, can help address problems before they occur as well as providing a contingency plan for any future negative developments." Brzychcy also said that project managers need to be aware of what they don't know and spend the time filling in any knowledge gaps. Continual communication is an easy way to keep stakeholders emotionally invested and interested, said Nolan. There may be times when despite all efforts, a stakeholder remains disinterested in the project. "It may become necessary, ask for a new lead or point of contact on the stakeholder's team; this can re-energize the project and keep things moving forward," he said.

Weekend Streaming: 'BoJack Horseman' returns for its fourth season

Welcome back to your weekly podcast that lets you know what's new to watch in the next few days. Netflix has a tendency to release a lot of TV shows on Fridays and this time is no different. Full seasons of new series like "The Confession Tapes" and "Greenhouse Academy," plus a new season of "BoJack Horseman" all arrive on September 8.

This weed distributor is trying to fight 'big marijuana'

Flow Kana is a cannabis distributor that promotes the sale of organic and sustainable marijuana. With recreational marijuana sales beginning next year in California, the company wants to help boost local farm-grown plants over commercial warehouse operations.

Marvel and Star Wars films will ditch Netflix for Disney's own service

You'll still be able to watch Star Wars and Marvel movies on Netflix through the end of 2018, and some older movies will remain on the service through the end of 2020. "As with Disney films, US Netflix members will have access to Marvel and Star Wars films on the service through the end of 2019 and 2020 in many cases," a Netflix spokesman said in a statement. "This includes all new films shown theatrically through the end of 2018."

Asian shares firm, dollar slumps on ECB's tapering signal

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares firmed on Friday, supported by solid Chinese trade data, while the dollar skidded after European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi suggested the central bank may begin tapering its massive stimulus programme this autumn.

Create effective customer surveys with Microsoft Forms in Office 365

Microsoft Forms allows enterprises to conduct customer surveys, question trainees to determine their knowledge of procedures, confirm compliance with human resources training, etc. And it does this without having to hire specialized services or teams of application developers. If you have Office 365 Business Premium or one of the enterprise versions, Forms could be a real time-saver for your company.

The Giants of Ancient Egypt: Part II – Physical Evidence of the Giant Characters

In Part I of this Giant investigation, inspired by the report of the find of a so-called ‘giant’ Egyptian Pharaoh who stood about 5 inches (13cm) taller than the average ancient Egyptian, Hugh Newman brings to light evidence of more substantial giants in Egyptian history. Here we see some of more credible physical evidence that hints at the existence of much larger than average Egyptians.

Samsung's S Pen makes the Galaxy Note 8 a truly portable artists' tablet

The Galaxy Note 8 has curved edges, so when the S Pen reaches the sides of the screen, pressure sensitivity shifts and the experience suffers. That quibble aside, there really is nothing out now that fits in your pocket and can do what this can. 

This Jailbreak Tweak Brings iOS 11's Video Player Design to iOS 10

The tweak also comes with a couple of customization options that are available via its dedicated preferences pane in Settings. There’s not much to configure apart from enabling or disabling the tweak on demand and switching between dark and light themes. When you switch to the light theme, a whitish gray background appears behind the UI elements of the video player as opposed to the dark theme which has a black background that blends in very nicely with the video.

GoPro Surges Most in a Month on Optimistic Earnings Outlook

The stock surged as much as 22 percent Thursday after GoPro said third-quarter revenue and margins would be at the high end of the company’s forecast. The outlook signaled that the maker of wearable action cameras and drones is finally stabilizing after a push to cut expenses and update its product line.

This fashion startup wants you to customize every item in your closet

Bespoke clothing is the ultimate luxury, but not everybody can afford to get fitted at Savile Row. For several years, companies have been working to use technology to bring customization to the masses, with brands like Burberry and Tinker Tailor taking a stab at it, with  mixed results .

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Meenakshi Amman Temple: Unique Towers, Migrants from a Lost Continent, and Sacred Marriage Celebrations

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This shapeshifting pasta can help save on storage and shipping costs.

He took on TV with Netflix and now he's after cinemagoers - BBC News

A subscription idea that's a cheaper alternative for cinemagoers has angered the biggest cinema chain in the US.

Say Goodbye to the Blob. Google's New Emoji Have Arrived

This visual minutia might seem inconsequential, but Google developed its system from the ground up to ensure future designers will be able to easily update the emoji as they change. “Thirty years down the line when we still have emoji, we’re not going to have the same designers making the set,” Been says. And the emoji designs will change. Phone screens will improve, and illustrations will eventually look outdated. Meanwhile, emoji's meaning, like words, will evolve with culture, just as it's always done.

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The 'BARKBATH' from Bissell takes away all the tedious parts of cleaning your dog. It is essentially a vacuum cleaner for your pet and it's pretty amazing.

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Rockstar reveals title heading to the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda is releasing a mystery title this year, and more gaming news.

SpaceX Rocket Launches X-37B Space Plane On Secret Mission, Aces Landing - Slashdot

The fifth mystery mission of the U.S. Air Force's X-37B space plane is now underway. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the robotic X-37B lifted off today (Sept. 7) at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) from historic Launch Complex 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida . About 2.5 minutes into the flight, the Falcon 9's two stages separated. While the second stage continued hauling the X-37B to orbit, the first stage maneuvered its way back to Earth, eventually pulling off a vertical touchdown at Landing Zone 1, a SpaceX facility at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, which is next door to KSC. The Air Force is known to possess two X-37Bs, both of which were built by Boeing. The uncrewed vehicles look like NASA's now-retired space shuttle orbiters, but are much smaller; each X-37B is 29 feet (8.8 meters) long and 9.6 feet (2.9 m) tall, with a payload bay the size of a pickup truck bed. For comparison, the space shuttles were 122 feet (37 m) long, with 78-foot (24 m) wingspans. Like the space shuttle, the X-37B launches vertically and comes to back to Earth horizontally, in a runway landing.

Oracle breaks with tech industry in backing human trafficking bill

Those in favor of the bill, which seems to have more than a quarter of the support in the Senate and is backed by 100 co-sponsors in the House, believe tech giants should be helping to end child sex trafficking, not digging in their heels. They argue these companies have the resources to combat this issue and that the bill is narrow enough in scope to not leave the them open to endless legal woes.

Equifax website hack exposes data for ~143 million US consumers

The data exposed in the hack includes names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and, in some cases, driver license numbers. The hackers also accessed credit card numbers for 209,000 US consumers and dispute documents with personal identifying information for about 182,000 US people. Limited personal information for an unknown number of Canadian and UK residents was also exposed. Equifax—which also provides credit monitoring services for people whose personal information is exposed—said the unauthorized access occurred from mid-May through July. Equifax officials discovered the hack on July 29.

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Drumi is a portable washing machine that doesn't require any electricity to use. It can wash your clothes anywhere in under 10 minutes. It's small enough to be stored away and is easy to clean, too.

Google launches Drive File Stream to replace the Google Drive desktop app for G Suite users

Google today announced the launch of new desktop application for Google Drive users, called Drive File Stream, which is now available to G Suite customers. The app will serve as a replacement for the Google Drive desktop app that will be shut down for good next year – a far enough date to give enterprise customers plenty of time to make the switch.

China’s UrWork invests in Indonesia’s ReWork via $3M deal as WeWork rivalry heats up

“Southeast Asia’s economy and technology market are extremely promising with huge growth potential for both local ventures and for China based businesses. We see it as a very strategic destination and are working with Rework to further open up the market and support local and overseas companies grow through the development of collaborative work spaces,” Mao Da Qing, who is CEO and founder URWork, told TechCrunch in a statement.

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Artist James R. Eads had been inspired by Impressionism and the mark-making technique which allowed his paintings to give the appearance of movement in a still image.

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@donttrythis Q: Brain Candy - suitable for an 8-yr-old and an 11-yr old?

A clean and shiny Millennium Falcon is coming to the Han Solo spinoff film

But from the 19 minutes 41 second-mark onwards, talk turns to the Falcon. (Also, there's some NSFW language, so bear that in mind if you're in an office or with your kids.) Because the Han Solo movie takes place over a number of different time periods, we'll get to see the ship when it was new and shiny and still owned by Lando Calrissian. In fact, it's blue and white and apparently looks quite a bit like a concept sketch from Revenge of the Sith :

Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever

What's more, the 143 million US people Equifax said were potentially affected accounts for roughly 44 percent of the population. When children and people without credit histories are removed, the proportion becomes even bigger. That means well more than half of all US residents who rely the most on bank loans and credit cards are now at a significantly higher risk of fraud and will remain so for years to come. Besides being used to take out loans in other people's names, the data could be abused by hostile governments to, say, tease out new information about people with security clearances, especially in light of the 2015 hack on the US Office of Personnel Management , which exposed highly sensitive data on 3.2 million federal employees, both current and retired.

Why I still wear the Apple Watch

The starscape on view from James Ward Packard’s window in Warren, Ohio, was magnificent. In the summer, Draco, the dragon, would have wheeled above, clawing at Ursa Minor. Gemini would have ridden across Clinton Street and up the old Canal as Ursa Major reared and fell. And, with the help of his powerful, handmade, bespoke watch, Packard would have been able to plot the locations of all these constellations and more.

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The JellyTank is an aquarium designed especially for jellyfish, respecting their need for a specific habitat and introducing LED lights to add style.

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