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2 Forbes Welcome

“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow… Act with audacity.”

The Images From India's First Ever Space Shuttle Launch Are Astonishing

One of the things these photos underscore is the scale of the launch. NASA’s space shuttle orbiters each measured over 122 feet in length, and the cost of just one shuttle, Endeavour , came in at over $1 billion . At 22 feet, ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) is a little guy, and its $14 million price tag is similarly minuscule. Yet there’s nothing small about the launch itself. It’s a huge milestone for India and for the growth of reusable spacecraft worldwide .

Report claims billionaire investor Peter Thiel is secretly funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker

The Forbes report cited only anonymous sources "familiar with the situation." Business Insider could not independently confirm the report. And it said it was unclear whether Thiel was the only person funding Hogan's case. Request for comment from multiple Thiel-associated entities went unreturned.

Microsoft lays off hundreds as it guts its phone business

Microsoft is signalling the end of its Nokia experiment today. After acquiring Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion two years ago,  Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion last year and cut 7,800 jobs to refocus its phone efforts. Microsoft is now writing off an additional $950 million today as part of its failed Nokia acquisition, and the company plans to cut a further 1,850 jobs. Most of the layoffs will affect employees at Microsoft's Mobile division in Finland, with 1,350 job losses there and 500 globally. Around $200 million of the $950 million impairment charge is being used for severance payments.

Microsoft kills off another chunk of its smartphone activities

Down, but not out: Microsoft is laying off another 1,850 staff from its smartphone hardware business, but says it isn't leaving the market completely.

How to Keep Your Social Media Images Looking Fresh (Even if You’re Posting Every Day) - The Buffer Blog

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Google Maps is about to get a lot more ads

It seems natural for Google to offer advertisers a more prominent spot in Google Maps. Google is, after all, still a company that makes money by selling ads. And if you’re really hungry on a road trip and want to know whether the next exit has McDonald’s or Wendy’s before you pull off the highway, logos will be helpful. Only time will tell what this will mean for small businesses that can’t out-advertise the big guns.

RIP El Niño

It was called “ too big to fail ” and labeled a monster . In some ways, it never quite lived up to what were, quite frankly, unreasonable expectations . In other ways, it kept on giving , even when we thought it was all over . As of yesterday, El Niño has left us .

A Huge, Huge Deal

This morning The New York Times reported an interview with Gawker owner Nick Denton in which Denton said he had begun to believe rumors that some extremely wealthy person had been bankrolling Hogan's suit. Read the Times article for the specifics. But the gist is that Hogan's lawyers made key decisions which made zero sense if the goal were to maximize the plaintiff's settlement. Denton said he thought the person was likely someone from Silicon Valley, where you have a strong overlap between people who have virtually unlimited wealth and people who are not accustomed to the intrusive and aggressive coverage Gawker and its sister sites specialize in. It was a little difficult for me to believe something like this was actually happening. But the evidence of the legal strategy was pretty compelling. And in recent weeks, in the aftermath of the Hogan verdict, there have been a spate of new lawsuits brought against Gawker that are unrelated to the Hogan case. All have been brought by the same lawyer who handled Hogan's suit.

11 The new Pebble Core is a GPS accessory for runners and hackers

The new Pebble Core is the company's first non-smartwatch gadget. It's a small, square-shaped dongle that attaches to a person or keychain or bike or bag, with a magnetized leather clip. At first glance, the Core looks kind of like a bigger, plastic iPod shuffle; or maybe a thicker Tile, the lost-item tracker. For a while, Pebble had been exploring sensor-filled "smart" bands that could attach to Pebble watches to add more functionality. But after determining that would make the watches too bulky, the company came up with this instead.

Rumor: Xiaomi's Drone to Cost $600

That price is cheaper than drones from rivals like DJI, whose devices are about $800 on the low end.

Twitter Relaxes 140-Character Rules

"We're not giving up on the idea of Twitter being in the moment. That concept of brevity, speed, and live conversation—being able to think of something and put it out to the world instantly—that's what's most important," Dorsey said. "We're always going to look for opportunities to make tweets a lot more expressive, and enable people to say what they want to say. As long as things are fast, easy, simple, and expressive, we're going to look at what we can do to make Twitter a better experience."

Chewbacca mask video star visits Facebook

Chewbacca mask video star visits Facebook Candace Payne's viral video racked up 141 million views, making it the most watched Facebook Live video ever. On Tuesday that feat earned her a trip to Facebook to hang out with the Wookiee. Check out this story on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/1VhtwPN

Is Facebook eavesdropping on your phone conversations?

We share stories, photos, triumphs and tragedies. It is ingrained into our daily lives so deeply that studies show people check Facebook, on average, 14 times a day.  With all those eyes all over the globe dialed in and the purchasing power available, the online giant has tapped into a controversial delivery of data into its intelligence gathering.  It all starts with something that you may not even realize is enabled on your phone.

Microsoft kills what's left of the old Nokia

Last week, Microsoft sold off what remained of Nokia's feature phone business while Windows Phone's market share slid below a single percent . Now, the company has taken what's clearly the last step in correcting Steve Ballmer's decision to purchase the mobile world's former number one. The Verge has secured an internal memo from Microsoft's Terry Myerson saying that the company will cull 1,850 jobs, 1,350 of which are in Finland. The company has also recorded a $950 million impairment and restructuring charge on its balance sheet, of which $200 million will be severance payouts to those employees.

Overwatch Review In Progress - IGN

Every map is directly tied to a specific objective type, so their construction is well-tailored to the action at hand. You never get that disjointed feeling of playing capture the flag on a team deathmatch map, like you might in other multiplayer shooters where maps have to accommodate a variety of modes. The upsides are subtle, but significant. Maps are focused without ever feeling constricted; there’s never any question about where you’re headed or how to get there, because every flanking path and side door eventually puts you where you need to be. In this way, Overwatch’s map designs allow you to choose your vector of engagement without risking you getting lost where the action isn’t happening. The result is zero wasted time; you’re always in the fight, never wondering where it is or how to get there.

Twitter is changing its 140-character limit rules

It’s true : Twitter is making changes to its 140-character limit, and links to media and @replies will no longer count against the cap. That pesky .@mention is also a thing of the past.

In Quest To Organize Gig Economy Workers, Unions Sometimes Clash

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has perhaps taken the most extensive step toward organizing gig economy workers. Earlier this month, it announced it had reached a five-year agreement with Uber to create an ""Independent Drivers Guild" in New York. Through the guild, which is not a union, drivers will be able to appeal termination decisions and have access to discounted benefits. The Machinists agreed to hold off on trying to unionize drivers or have them reclassified as employees. "The labor movement now has an oppportunity to mold this gig economy in a way that reflects our value and support system," says the Independent Drivers Guild’s founder Jim Conigliaro, who has previously worked with the Machinists to organize black car drivers in New York. "If workers ask us for support, we should be able to help them regardless of employment status, regardless of work, and regardless of what economy they’re in." The agreement helps the Machinists get over at least one significant hurdle it faced when it came to organizing gig economy workers like Uber: getting in touch with drivers.

Spotify's Discover Weekly reaches 40 million users and 5 billion tracks streamed

According to the stats Spotify released, more than half of Discover Weekly users listen to 10 tracks a week and save at least one of those songs to their favorites. The company is trying to highlight the boost in listening this feature has given to small- and medium-sized artists, and noted it will be sharing data from Discover Weekly with bands to try and help them connect with their newest fans.

Mossberg: Can Apple win the next tech war?

Fifteen years ago, when the time became ripe for post-PC devices that put a premium on integrating software and hardware, Apple was the best-positioned company to lead the charge — and it did. The company's vertical integration, its attention to detail and innovation in both software and hardware, and its willingness to make big bets, gave it an edge. And it used that edge to reel off its now-familiar string of game-changing products like the iPod, the iPhone, the MacBook Air and the iPad.

Volkswagen just invested $300 million in Uber rival Gett

Volkswagen Group invested $300 million in  Gett , a Tel Aviv-based black car-hailing app that routinely needles Uber in its marketing material. The investment is a sign that Volkswagen wants to branch into the highly competitive ride-sharing market as it continues to deal with the fallout from the  diesel emissions scandal .

Of course someone's made a Keurig for weed

CannaKorp is building a machine that lets you put weed pods into a device, and vaporizes it for your consumption. There will be a selection of pods available with different pre-measured marijuana types, and everything is ready to consume in just 60 seconds.

With Trending Topics, Facebook Is Creating Its Own News Cycle

What’s more, because of its size, Facebook can’t simply extricate itself from the news cycle. If it chooses to ignore what other news outlets are covering in favor of the preferences and interests of its 1.6 billion users, Facebook effectively creates its own news cycle. The company is sending a message that its reach is so vast and its presence in people’s lives so constant that it no longer needs to look over its shoulder to see how the rest of the news industry is doing it. If a community as massive as Facebook’s is chattering about a story, then it must be important, whether or other outlets realize it. Facebook may be a rookie when it comes to news judgment, but it is a veteran at data mining. Now, it’s using those skills to its advantage.

Plaintiffs try to keep 'Error 53' lawsuit against Apple alive, say reimbursement not enough

Apple's motion to dismiss a pending class action lawsuit related to the infamous "Error 53" Touch ID issue was countered in a recent court filing claiming the company's remedial actions, which include an iOS software update and reimbursement efforts, are inadequate. Apple earlier this month filed a motion with California's Northern District Court to dismiss an amended class action complaint stemming from so-called "Error 53" problems that reportedly "bricked" an unknown number of Touch ID-equipped devices. After releasing a software update to address the error message, and offering to reimburse customers who paid to have affected devices repaired or replaced, Apple argues the complaint is moot. In response, plaintiffs claim Apple failed to properly inform users of the reimbursement program. Aside from a "vague" announcement on its official website — a Support Pages document published in April — Apple made little effort to inform customers, the document says. The company also cross referenced its records and sent out emails to users believed to be eligible for a refund, but one named plaintiff did not receive the notice.

VR the champions: Queen legend Brian May has made a rival to Google Cardboard

The band filmed its recent Barcelona concert with 360-degree cameras that zoomed around the gig on a four-point wire system suspended over the crowd -- the type of camera you've probably seen flying over arenas and sports fixtures. You'll be able to soak up the atmosphere, both on stage and from within the crowd, by watching the resulting VR experience through a wallet-friendly 3D and VR viewer developed by May himself, called the Owl.

Blizzard is offering one free Battle.net name change

To celebrate the release of 'Overwatch,' Blizzard is allowing you to erase one of your naming snafus from the past.

MacBook Pro Rumors Tease Touch ID, OLED Mini Screen

Citing KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and anonymous sources, 9to5Mac tipped a "thinner and lighter" design, with Touch ID support and an OLED display above the keyboard. That touch bar will reportedly replace the row of function keys on the next-gen 13-inch and 15-inch Pro models. No further details were revealed. But you can imagine sliding a finger up or down to adjust screen brightness and volume or tapping to launch Dashboard apps or glimpse multiple desktops.

Apple reportedly working on a rival to Amazon's Echo

While much of Silicon Valley has been duking it out with each other in the artificial intelligence wars, Apple has been strangely silent. But it might not be for much longer. The Information has just reported that Apple is working on two bold new moves to broaden its AI strategy. First, the Cupertino firm will supposedly open up Siri to third-party developers, so that the voice assistant can be used with anyone's apps, not just Apple's own. More interestingly, however, Apple is also apparently working on a smart Bluetooth speaker not unlike Amazon's Echo or Google Home . It'll have a microphone and is supposedly Siri-powered, so you'd be able to use it to turn on music, get headlines or do a variety of other tasks, just like you can on the other smart speakers. There's no official word from Apple about the news just yet, but we're betting we'll hear more about this at Apple's WWDC event in a couple of weeks.

Don't panic! 'Hitchhiker's Guide' tech jumps off the page into reality

As Douglas Adams fans the world over celebrate Towel Day, it's become clear that once-futuristic items from the author's beloved book series are now part of our everyday lives.


If you take every classic tale of about Silicon Valley and combine them into one human being, you'd get Peter Thiel.

Windows 10 'tricking Microsoft users into upgrades'

W indows 10, released last July, is a free upgrade for users, but from July 29 they will have to pay to upgrade. Microsoft is encouraging users to move onto the new software in an attempt to get as many people as possible on its latest system.

Uber's plan to get more people into fewer cars

Uber didn't start out with grand ambitions to cut congestion and pollution. But as the company took off, co-founder Travis Kalanick wondered if there was a way to get people using Uber along the same routes to share rides, reducing costs and carbon footprint along the way. The result: uberPOOL, the company's carpooling service, which in its first eight months took 7.9 million miles off the roads and 1,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the air in Los Angeles. Now, Kalanick says carpooling could work for commuters in the suburbs, too. "With the technology in our pockets today, and a little smart regulation," he says, "we can turn every car into a shared car, and we can reclaim our cities starting today."

Why I Bought a Chromebook Instead of a Mac

Chromebooks have surpassed sales of Mac laptops in the United States for the first time ever. And that doesn’t surprise me. Because roughly a year ago I made the same switch. Formerly a lifelong Mac user, I bought my first PC ever in the form of a Chromebook. And I’m never looking back.

TNW Conference Europe 2016

The TNW Hack Battle is back! We’re once again bringing together the best developers, designers and digital creatives from around the world to build some amazing hacks. Get ready for 36 hours of hacking, networking and fun!

The Flash: "The Race of His Life" Review - IGN

This episode unfortunately had the distinction of cementing Reverse-Flash is the superior villain. Zoom’s star has risen and fallen over the course of the season. Early on it was enough that he was a terrifying presence. Then he was diminished by the reveal that his main goal was to drain Barry’s speed like some sort of vampire. His characterization improved a lot in the months since then as more reveals were made and the man behind the mask was revealed. But ultimately, there was something a bit hollow about the way Zoom’s story ended. Zoom’s murder of Henry played right into the idea that Hunter Zolomon is a twisted mirror image of Barry Allen. It seems like that idea was ultimately meaningless and had little bearing on the manner in which Barry overcame his foe. It didn’t feel as though Barry proved a point or won a great moral victory over Zoom. There was just something missing there.

Only Two States Will Avoid an Absurdly Hot Summer This Year

The areas that are most likely to see hotter temperatures are on the coast (La Niña’s arrival is unlikely to have much of a cooling effect at all). Still, it’s more likely than not that the inland regions will see above average temperatures this summer with a couple of exceptions. So where are these two oases in our emerging desert, the only remaining summer paradises in which to wait out the punishing season? Nebraska and Kansas.

9 women who could be the next Bond

Weisz is married to Daniel Craig, so she may know too much about how taxing the Bond role can be, but imagine her taking over for her husband and completely slaying the role.

This Star Wars drone dogfight would be nothing without the right sound design

YouTubers CorridorDigital and Rotor Riot teamed up to make this incredible drone dogfight starring a Rebel X-Wing and three Tie Fighters. In their four-minute video, the two teams make an aerial battle that comes close to being as exciting and intense as anything that the official films produced (while also making you want to go out and battle drones somewhere in the woods). But the visuals are just one part of the action. What really makes the short work is the attention paid to the music and sound effects.

RANKED: These are the most popular tech companies in the Fortune 500, according to employees

For those interested in large companies, job search site Indeed.com  has put together the 10 most popular tech companies to work for in the Fortune 500. It went through more than 10 million job reviews by its members to find the companies that are most highly rated on overall employee experience.

The 100 Best American Movies in Film History

To make this list—which I’m absolutely sure will be totally definitive, with no need for anyone to ever debate it, right?—critics from around the world were polled by the BBC to name the greatest American movies in film history. I’ll save you some surprises: Citizen Kane was first, The Godfather was second.

OtterBox's Universe Case System is set to shake up the iPhone accessories market, one snap at a time

"We aren't worried that customers will be discouraged by the price of the Universe Case System," says Rick Case, CEO of Nite Ize, which makes a line of Steelie smartphone car mount systems and other accessories. "We believe there is value in the versatility the system provides and expect users to be inclined to purchase more add-ons than they would with a traditional case that limits their usability with only one integrated feature. This concept allows freedom to affordably expand the functions of a mobile device. When the user is ready to upgrade, they can keep all their modules and simply replace the OtterBox Universe case."

Hyperloop pods will be coated in Vibranium. No, really.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has announced a new technology that's going to raise the hackles of Marvel's lawyers. The company, in collaboration with Slovakian materials firm c2i, has created a carbon fiber composite that'll cover the inside and outside of its capsules. The only issue is that some bright spark decided to call this wonder material Vibranium. As in the Wakandan rare earth metal that helps Captain America and Black Panther beat down their foes.

Here's the ultimate texting prank for when someone asks for nudes

Here's the ultimate texting prank for when someone asks for nudes

New, thinner Macbook Pros will reportedly have an OLED touch bar

Barring a big change to the trackpad , Apple's high-powered MacBook Pro models haven't seen many major differences in recent years. That may be until now. According to 9to5Mac , which is citing both Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and its own sources, the next family of MacBook Pros (or MacBooks Pro) could not only be thinner and lighter, but may also house a new OLED display touch bar just above the keyboard. This would act in place of the narrow physical function keys found on contemporary MacBooks. Apple may also bring Touch ID into its next series of laptops.

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt admits he uses an iPhone

Is Android just not good enough for the 15-year Google veteran, or is the one-time search company CEO just keeping tabs on the competition?

Everyone's convinced ASOS' Facebook page is run by robots

"So basically since then I've had about 20 back and forth emails," he said. Like on the Facebook thread, he would get different customer service representatives asking for the same personal details over and over. With no luck, he posted on the company's wall, where the chaos ensued in public.

Overwatch is so anime

At the very least, it turns out you can make a convincing anime-style opening for it with some clever editing of the game’s cinematics. That’s exactly what YouTuber user  Kay G. Radley  did, and the result is hilarious. It has all the familiar beats: the long, one-shot fight scene, dramatic poses, and upbeat, catchy Japanese music. The video is a fun tribute to the team-based shooter, which released earlier this week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Netflix and Amazon face 20% European content quotas in Europe

The Commission published its proposals on Wednesday as part of its edict to create a single digital market in Europe. A large part of its mission is to promote the European film industry and ensure that its citizens have access to homegrown content alongside films and TV shows created in the US. Streaming services will therefore also be compelled to contribute financially to creating European works.

How You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview Questions

What you should say: A better answer is to first acknowledge that you can't speak about the merits of other candidates. From there, talk about attributes you have that aren’t listed on your resume, such as soft skills you possess that complement the role. Mavi suggests this answer: "I hope I’ve been able show you why I’m qualified from a professional achievement perspective. I can only imagine the other candidates are equally accomplished. What I can tell you is that I’m an excellent communicator and can think quickly on my feet. I’m very adaptable and don’t get thrown off balance in a crisis. This is a high-pressure role, and in addition to my five years of experience successfully turning underproducing sales teams into high performers, I think those soft skills are a critical complement."

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