Chart: Global Web Access Shifts to Smartphones

It’s worth bearing in mind that this data comes from TNS Germany  which, though a reputable source of information, means there may be anomalies. Nonetheless, it demonstrates one of the most important technological trends of the decade.

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Richard III bone chemistry reveals royal life of luxury - CNET

The team analysed the isotopes found in three locations of King Richard III's skeleton: his teeth, his femur, and his rib. Each showed elements related to geographical location, pollution, and diet: strontium, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and lead. As teeth and bones continue to change and develop throughout life, the team was able to map specific elements to locations and time frames.

Robin Williams will be immortalized with a character in World of Warcraft

The petition asked Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of WoW , to create a non-player character (NPC) in the game that honors Williams. “Many have expressed a wish to this character perform some of Williams best jokes within the Worlds End Tavern, so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing,” wrote Jacob Holgate, the author of the petition.

Don Bluth offered a dark alternative to Disney animation

It’s impossible to talk about Don Bluth without talking about Walt Disney. Bluth started as an animator and director at Walt Disney Animation Studios before founding a rival company that became Disney’s main competitor in the 1980s. During his roller coaster of a career, Bluth produced commercial hits ( An American Tail , The Land Before Time , Anastasia ), cult classics ( The Secret Of NIMH , All Dogs Go To Heaven , Titan A.E. ), and bizarre missteps ( Rock-A-Doodle , A Troll In Central Park ). He’s a magnetic but polarizing figure whose impact on the animation world is understood through conflicting narratives. What is clear, however, is that for two decades, Bluth’s films offered a dark alternative to Disney.

Watch one hour of The Evil Within, if you can

While investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what’s behind this evil force.

Watch the video of the New Lightning Cable with reversible USB connector in action

Sonny Dickson , the Australian-based blogger, who leaked parts of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air before it was launched last year, and had posted a photo of the new Lightning cable with the reversible USB connector, has just posted couple of videos of the new Lightning cable.

iPhone 6 to Reportedly Feature 1GB of RAM

Look at a feature set for both devices and tell me what the iPhone actually does in a RAM capacity. This is why it wastes in benchmarks every year. It’s because it actually does nothing but runs that one app at a time. No widgets, No ‘OK Google’, no multitasking, no NFC running, no eye tracking, no air motions, no live background (and no paralax doesn’t count). Absolutely nothing. So yeah, it really owns that 1 GB like a boss. Why don’t you try actually using that thing as more than a one trick pony and see what happens to your puny 1GB.

Netflix is now paying Time Warner Cable for direct access and faster streams

Netflix originally tried to address peering issues by offering ISPs access to its own content delivery network called OpenConnect . It signed deals with some U.S.-based and a number of international ISPs that led to Netflix deploying caching boxes inside the ISPs’ networks. But the major U.S. ISPs argued that Netflix was avoiding paying for the burden its traffic put on their networks and said they didn’t want to support different servers for every different internet service on the market, despite already hosting servers for sites such as Google , Facebook , Amazon and Microsoft in many cases.

The Moto 360 And Apple iWatch Will Kickoff The Smart Watch Wars Soon

Motorola’s Moto 360 , the first round-face Android Wear smart watch, is coming next month and we could see our first glimpse of Apple's Apple's anticipated iWatch less than a week later at a planned media event on September 9th. While a very limited amount of early adopters have already been getting e-mail, text and other notifications on their wrists via early smart watches from the likes of Samsung and Pebble, the Moto 360 and iWatch represent the most anticipated means of talking to your wrist since Dick Tracy.

Best Buy outs the Moto 360 price and specs: $249

So much for that September 4 Motorola event: A Best Buy product page went live over the weekend showing the price and features of the Moto 360 smartwatch. The page was pulled but the image was saved with all of the details to see.

Video preview: Bayonetta 2

In the pantheon of video game absurdity, Platinum's Bayonetta franchise stands atop any other series. A witch with guns for shoes and hair that acts as both outfit and weapon trumps pretty much any other crazy concept ever concocted in interactive entertainment history. Platinum brings its powerful action heroine back later this year in Bayonetta 2 , exclusively on the Wii U. After spending time with the game, Joystiq Editor-in-chief Ludwig Kietzmann recounts the many monsters slain, snapshots taken of Bayonetta in action and puts an age-old debate to rest: long haired Bayonetta or short? [Image: Platinum] Bayonetta 2 (E3 2013)

Y Combinator Demo Day

Fast Company's Alice Truong will report live from the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The event begins at 10 a.m. PT. on Tuesday, August 19th.

Readers absorb less on Kindles than on paper, study finds

"When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right," said Mangen. "You have the tactile sense of progress, in addition to the visual ... [The differences for Kindle readers] might have something to do with the fact that the fixity of a text on paper, and this very gradual unfolding of paper as you progress through a story, is some kind of sensory offload, supporting the visual sense of progress when you're reading. Perhaps this somehow aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to the reader's sense of unfolding and progress of the text, and hence the story."

Everything is 'OP' in Hearthstone and how Blizzard counters perceptions

Blizzard's collectible card game Hearthstone is rapidly building an audience, but it's also common for fans of the game to say "X is overpowered, when are they going to fix it?" We discussed with Senior Game Producer Yong Woo at Gamescom when they're finally going to nerf priests and give hunters back the full power of "Unleash the Hounds." "One of the advantages of [ Hearthstone ] being a digital card game is we get to see everything. How people are playing, how people are winning. What's interesting and fun for us to watch is sometimes the gap between the reality of what's happening and perception," said Woo. He also had a recommendation for anyone interested in doing statistical Hearthstone research, saying, "For players who are interested in analytics and geek out on that stuff, I would recommend they check out Hearthstats ." Woo notes that Hearthstats is a community driven effort and it doesn't have the critical mass of data like Blizzard, which means it won't be 100 percent correct, but it gives a shape to what's going on in "the meta." The meta being the analysis of the game's composition, rather than how it's played.

Claptrap learns new tricks in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

It appears that the trick to silencing Claptrap's unending stream of verbal inanity is to dress the lil' metal fella up like a pirate ship and grant him free rein to launch cannonballs at deadly space critters. [Image: 2K Games]

HTC Event

We're in a pretty swanky, but intimate event space here. Roughly 40 or so chairs for attendees. Seats are starting to fill but it's by no means crowded yet. Not sure if that's a function of it being August in New York City or the fact that HTC may be announcing more of a niche product today.

Reddit, Imgur and Twitch team up as 'Derp' for social data research

Hwang points to a Stanford paper analysing the success of Reddit’s Random Acts of Pizza subforum as an example of the sort of research Derp hopes to foster. In the research, Tim Althoff, Niloufar Salehi and Tuan Nguyen found that the likelihood of getting a free pizza from the Reddit community depended on a number of factors, including how the request was phrased, how much the user posted on the site, and how many friends they had online. In the end, they were able to predict with 67% accuracy whether or not a given request would be fulfilled.

Why Ferguson PD has no video of Michael Brown's death

Police in Ferguson, Mo., say an officer killed Brown after the teenager tried to take the officer’s gun. Witnesses say Brown never assaulted the cop and was actually waving his hands in the air before being shot six times. More than a week after Brown’s death, still nobody knows exactly what happened, because no cameras were rolling. In 2014, with HD video neither costly nor scarce, is this acceptable?

Twitter tests putting favorites into users' timelines

Twitter continues to tweak its design and feature set as it matures into its role as a publicly traded company.

David Rees Wants You To Be Psyched About Everything, And His TV Show Teaches You How

1. The Danger of Teeth Teeth are really crazy and weird and the idea I’ve heard from dentists that a problem with your tooth can kill you if it’s untreated is incredible and kind of suggests how different systems within your body interact with each other and interact with the whole in a way that you might not imagine. You get a tooth infection, it spreads, and then I don’t know what happens but you have a hemorrhage and die, your heart explodes or your feet fall off.

Chinese Hackers Stole Info on 4.5 Million U.S. Hospital Patients

The funny thing is that non-medial patient information could lead to identify type of treatments (ie hospital and/or sectors within them), regularity, and thus give access to medical informations. Payment informations too. Hospital and "non-medical patient identification data" may lead to phone access to medical informations, or enable phone spam to these patients, impersonating medical administration calls. Or impersonate a patient with it's identification informations (and insurance datas) to provides access to medical care on their behalf.

Obsidian rolls critical success, acquires Pathfinder RPG license

Obsidian Announces Pathfinder License Obsidian to partner with Paizo Inc. to release electronic Pathfinder games INDIANAPOLIS -- August 13, 2014 -- Obsidian Entertainment, the developer of Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: the Stick of Truth and the Kickstarter phenomenon Pillars of Eternity, announced that they have entered into a long-term licensing partnership with Paizo Inc. to produce electronic games based on its popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game intellectual property Obsidian's first licensed product will be a tablet game based on the highly successful Pathfinder Adventure Card game, a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. Players each have a unique character composed of a deck of cards and a set of stats. Characters have classes such as fighter, rogue, wizard and cleric, as well as numbers that define attributes such as strength, wisdom and charisma etc. Players will be able to customize their deck to better suit each individual's vision of their character. "At Obsidian we have a long history of working with the greatest RPG franchises, and we're thrilled to get to play in the Pathfinder universe now," said CEO Feargus Urquhart.

Venture firm tries telling others how to invest in private companies

Also, the venture funds could open themselves up to charges of conflict of interest if they end up recommending some of the same companies the funds already invest in, potentially driving up the companies’ and the funds’ values, the lawyers say.

The anti-Facebook: one in four American neighborhoods are now using this private social network

It was early in the morning when the flooding hit The Knolls, a neighborhood of about 500 homes in Columbus, Ohio. The sewer overflowed, dumping a foot and half of water into Chuck Totten’s basement, where his wife Deb kept around $25,000 worth of fabric and sewing supplies. A retired financial analyst in poor health, Totten was distraught and unable to climb up and down the stairs carrying all the heavy loads of soaking material himself. So he put out a call for help on Nextdoor , a private social network aimed at connecting neighbors.

Why Chinese Hackers Stole 4.5 Million US Hospital Records

This month's installment of Chinese hackers stealing your data focuses on breaches at an especially scary type of venue: hospitals. A massive hospital empire that mostly serves small towns and rural areas reports that hackers lifted 4.5 million patient records earlier this year. You might be surprised by what the hackers were after.

Your Coffee Is Getting Fancier, But Is It Getting Better For The World?

Thanks for the comment (and thanks Lynne as well)! Very valid to point out I don't address environmental sustainability above. I'd have loved to include more on that, but had to stay within word limits and focus for a single post here. Counter Culture is quite concerned with the environmental aspects of the coffee (as well as the taste), hence Kim Ionesco's title is Coffee Buyer and Sustainability Manager. She's also working on reducing Counter Culture's net carbon footprint and other negative impacts on the planet (see here: ). If you dig a little deeper in Aida Batlle's story as well, you can find that she's also concerned with the effects of growing coffee on the health of the planet.

What Apple's new content delivery network means for net neutrality, and for you

But this has shifted quickly in the last couple of years, even as the FCC has attempted to set and enforce rules requiring some aspects of net neutrality—rules that courts have largely rejected for a technicality. (The FCC has the right, one court said, but it has to redefine how it classifies Internet service in order to make these rules.) The FCC has floated offering a faster lane of Internet: every customer would get a regular “fast” lane, but companies could pay ISPs for even faster service without violating net neutrality. Apple’s new networking operations don’t rely on this not-yet-implemented option.

YC-Backed Ravti Wants To Digitize The HVAC Industry | TechCrunch

Ravti co-founder Alex Rangel walked into TechCrunch with a stack of crumpled yellow slips in his hand. “This is what the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry still looks like,” he said, showing me a stack of papers with unintelligible scrawl.

A Cheaper, Better Accelerometer for Smartphones | MIT Technology Review

Accelerometers are usually made of two chips: a mechanical device that detects movement, and a microchip that makes sense of the signal from the first chip. By integrating those components on a single chip, mCube has not only reduced the size of the device but achieved a higher-quality signal. In fact, the company says its new accelerometer is sensitive enough to replace the gyroscope in a smartphone. This could perhaps bring sophisticated motion-sensing capabilities to even the cheapest smartphones, some of which lack gyroscopes.

Don Pardo, Longtime Voice of 'Saturday Night Live,' Dead at 96

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Obama Campaign Manager To Lead Uber’s Political Crusade | TechCrunch

Uber hired Obama’s former adviser and campaign manager to direct the company’s global policy and political activities, communications and branding efforts. The company has reportedly been looking to hire a top political strategist since earlier this summer as it aggressively challenges local regulations and the taxi industry in multiple cities.

Different ways of knowing

Daniel Tammet has linguistic, numerical and visual synesthesia — meaning that his perception of words, numbers and colors are woven together into a new way of perceiving and understanding the world. The author of "Born on a Blue Day," Tammet shares his art and his passion for languages in this glimpse into his beautiful mind.

Traffic Light Study Reveals Serious Hacking Risk | MIT Technology Review

Wirelessly networked traffic lights have four key components. There are sensors that detect cars, controllers that use the sensor data to control the lights at a given intersection, radios for wireless communication among intersections, and malfunction management units (MMUs), which return lights to safe fallback configurations if an “invalid” configuration occurs. For example, if somehow every light at an intersection is green, the system might fall back to having them all become flashing red lights.

Assassin's Creed doubles down on stealth and sailing in 2014

The Assassin's Creed franchise has an established, successful record of major annualized releases, but hooded prowlers will have two notable targets this year: Assassin's Creed Rogue , which will sail chilled seas on the Xbox 360 and PS3, and Assassin's Creed Unity , a return to scaling European cityscapes on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Just because Ubisoft can add two major adventures to the series' anthology within the same year doesn't mean you have time for both however, so Editor-In-Chief Ludwig Kietzmann and Contributing Editor Sinan Kubba exchanged thoughts to help you get a sense of which may better suit your interests. If your interest is particularly piqued by Unity , you can watch a full assassination mission within its take on the French Revolution, led by Creative Director Alex Amancio. Of course, you could always trade in your wrist blades for dice. Assassin's Creed Rogue (8/5/14) Assassin's Creed Unity (7/29/14)

Destiny Writer Joins Telltale's Game of Thrones - IGN

Telltale confirmed development on the  Game of Thrones project in December , saying the game won't be a prequel to the HBO show, but instead run parallel to the series. Not much else is known about the game, but HBO announced it would be a "multi-year, multi-title partnership between Telltale and HBO Global Licensing, targeted to premiere digitally in 2014 with an episodic game series for home consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile devices. Specific platform details are yet to be announced."

Norton Goes Beyond The Box With An All-In-One Security Service

Now Symantec, which has owned the Norton line of products since 1990, is taking the brand's disparate offerings--currently including Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Mobile Security, and more--and boiling them down into one service called Norton Security. Pay for it, and you'll get access to all of Norton's products for Windows PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

The HTC One Arrives In Redmond | Gadget Lab | WIRED

The Windows Phone version of the One has the same crisp 5-inch, 441 pixel-per-inch, 1080p display, the same zippy Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core SoC, the same MicroSD expansion slot, the same better-than-most stereo speakers, and the same 2600mAh battery. All of these are good things. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone version of the M8 also has the same camera as the Android M8. It’s nowhere near as good as the superb 41-megapixel shooter in the Nokia Lumia 1020, which still holds the camera crown in the Windows Phone world. While the spec sheets for both versions of the HTC One are nearly identical, I was able to find one difference: The Windows Phone version doesn’t appear to have a barometer sensor, unlike the Android M8. So if that makes a difference to you, be wary.

All Men Must Ink: How HBO Tattooed 111 'Game of Thrones' Fans

First of all came the difficult choice of what tattoo to get. HBO offered 12 options, including the in-show slogan "valar morghulis" (all men must die) and its traditional response "valar dohaeris" (all men must serve). We've no idea who would want to get the latter, unless you're interested in showing your boss that you're really a team player.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Is Raising Money At A Valuation Approaching $10B | TechCrunch

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is a space-transportation startup company founded by Elon Musk. It is developing the partially reusable launch vehicles Falcon 1 and Falcon 9. Originally based in El Segundo, SpaceX now operates out of Hawthorne, California, USA. SpaceX was founded in June 2002 by Musk who had invested $100 million of his own money in the company as of March 2006. …

Police are still playing with fire in Ferguson

This is the second night of a midnight curfew imposed by Nixon when declaring a state of emergency on Saturday, and police appear determined to enforce the curfew — well before it even takes effect. As they did earlier this week, police claim that protests had turned violent when using force to disperse demonstrators. St. Louis County Police reported on Twitter tonight that Molotov cocktails had been lobbed at officers, but we have seen no media reports that corroborate the police's claims. To the contrary, some reporters noted that the police appeared to fire tear gas canisters on protesters without provocation. An eight-year-old boy is reportedly  among those hit by tear gas tonight.

A Review of the iPhone Infrared Camera: The FLIR One | Science Blogs | WIRED

Also, I would like to comment on this IR camera from an educational perspective (since I use an infrared camera in some of my classes).  In the past, it was rather difficult to display real time images from a traditional infrared camera.  Yes, I know that in some cases it is easy to plug an IR camera into a projector.  However, I was using one of the low end cameras (even these are expensive).  My solution was to have a video camera connected to the projector and pointing at the IR camera.  This was quite awkward.

Why Wearing The Same Thing Every Day Didn't Help My Creative Thinking

I am drinking your productivity Kool aid. I tried the 'insanely early' wake up but failed both due to a new class that ended at 1:30am (I work in Hollywood, crazy place) and got sick at the same time, so I could barely pull myself out of bed a half hour earlier (at 7) -- but the mind set was there. It helped get some writing work done but nothing innovative like I do in the midnight hours. But at least, now, I set my alarm. The 'wear the same thing everyday' was more effective. Being an actor and a fashion addict, cultivating a Pinterest worthy outfit beyond audition wardrobe and workout gear had become an obsession. And a huge waste of time. I'm not a style blogger monetizing my OOTD so who really cares. Thus, knowing that I'm going to put on my 'uniform' of a tank, jeans and boots each day - albeit different varieties of - was a welcome change, mostly because it forced me to examine my 'brand' again. With creative endeavors taking up my day, a streamlined look was a relief.

Colour Blending 3D Printer Wants To Make Your Print-Outs Less Monotone | TechCrunch

On the latter end of the 3D printer pipe, the 3D4C   is aiming to be the first four-colour blending 3D printer, which will let you print objects that aren’t monotone or two-tone but rather blend quad-colours to create multicoloured plastic print-outs.

DataGravity says it's time for your storage to smarten up already

Paula Long, co-founder of EqualLogic, is back at it again, this time applying integrated search and analytics to your storage so it’s no longer a black box.

Google Is Planning to Offer Accounts to Kids Under 13

Google plans to offer accounts to children under 13 years old for the first time, a move that will take the world’s largest Internet search provider into a controversial and operationally complex new market.

Twitter / nickbilton: In other Breaking News, Sky ...

In other Breaking News, Sky News is reporting that Julian Assange will leave Ecuador Embassy & surrender to police.

'You've Been on Your Phone for 160 Minutes Today'

After a few weeks of using Moment, I'm still on my smartphone for at least 90-100 minutes a day, but I'm trying to be more deliberate about when and why. If the app tells me I've already been on my phone for much more than an hour by the time I get home from work, I make more of a conscious effort to stay off it unless there's a good reason. If I feel the compulsion to check my iPhone during the day for no reason whatsoever, I try to think of those numbers — 120, 140, 160 minutes a day. Sometimes it works. Sometimes my hand keeps reaching for it anyway.

Thalmic Reveals Its Enterprise Play For the Myo Armband, Including Google Glass Integration | TechCrunch

Waterloo’s Thalmic Labs has begun shipping the production version of its hardware to pre-order customers already, and now the company is gearing up for its full-scale enterprise play with the help of some partner companies and with development efforts aimed at specific devices, including Google Glass. Myo’s potential for the enterprise could be much greater than its initial appeal for ordinary consumer users, as keeping hands clear of devices is a key advantage in many industrial and medical fields.

Han Solo's iconic blaster gets the Lego treatment - CNET

Regardless of where you land on the "Who shot first?" question, the fact that Han Solo wound up killing Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina is a testament to the fact that Solo was pretty damn good with a blaster. The smuggler always had his trusty blaster at his side, and you can too with this full-size Lego replica from Lego master Julius von Brunk.

HTC's One M8 now available with Windows Phone, but only on Verizon

In case you've wondered what a flagship Android phone would look like if it ran Windows Phone, it looks like you'll get your chance to find out. This morning, HTC officially announced that the One M8 is getting a twin brother, complete with Microsoft's OS. Make that identical twin: The Windows Phone M8 has the same smooth aluminum shell, same rounded corners, same 5-inch, 1080p display. Same Dot View Case . It even has the same camera setup, as well as the same Snapdragon 801 chip on the inside. The main difference -- aside from the fact that it runs Windows Phone 8.1 -- is that it's exclusive to Verizon here in the US, where it will go on sale today at noon for $99 on-contract. ( Ed. note : not bad!) On the software side, BlinkFeed is much subtler than on the Android M8 -- it's just an app here, making it much easier to ignore if you're not into it. We'll be back soon with a hands-on post, so sit tight. And if you've always wanted an M8 running Windows Phone, well, only an hour and 20 minutes until you can pull the trigger. Gallery | 5 Photos HTC One M8 for

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62 In the on-demand economy, flexibility isn't control and algorithms won't protect workers' rights
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