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New Rumor Says 'iPhone 7' Won't Feature a Smart Connector After All

The report comes from Mac Otakara , and states that at some point in the past Apple was indeed considering the Smart Connector, but is no longer doing so. There’s no surprise here insofar that Apple considers all types of different devices with differing features along a product’s development cycle, and it’s not a surprise that one feature got the boot (and probably many others). However, it’s worth noting that the original rumors regarding the iPhone 7 getting a Smart Connector weren’t on the most solid of ground anyway, so it’s also just as likely that Apple was never considering a Smart Connector for the next flagship.

SpaceX successfully lands its Falcon 9 rocket at sea - again

The success of today’s mission is a feather in SpaceX’s cap because it shows that the company is capable of difficult flights – the JCSAT-14 had to be placed at an altitude of 22,300 miles, which is a whole lot more than the ISS habitat delivery at roughly 250 miles.

SpaceX Just Made Its Fastest Successful Rocket Landing on a Drone Ship

Overnight, SpaceX attempted to make its most audacious rocket landing yet on a drone ship. Amazingly, it succeeded .

Watch the trailer for Battlefield 1, EA’s new World War I-era shooter

Today, Electronic Arts took the wraps off Battlefield 1 , the confusingly named fifth main entry in the wartime first-person shooter series. The game will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 21st, and the title's first trailer debuted live this afternoon on Twitch.

Did Apple Music delete these music libraries, or was it user error?

It’s true that iTunes scans your music library, trying to match your files with music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, when you use iTunes Match or the iCloud Music Library. When a song is matched, a record of that file is stored in the cloud, and unmatched music is uploaded. If your music was in a format that wasn’t AAC, this uploaded music is converted to 256 kbps AAC, according to McElhearn.

7 FCC approves $79B Charter-Time Warner Cable merger

FCC approves $79B Charter-Time Warner Cable merger The Federal Communications Commission has voted to approve Charter Communications' $79 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, an expected move that clears the way for the companies to integrate their assets. Check out this story on

The next 'Battlefield' drops you in WWI, launches on October 21st

The variety of combat styles, vehicles and landscapes all were quite impressively rendered -- it's hard to say what actually playing this game will be like just yet, but there's no doubt that the footage shown today both gorgeous and terrifying in its realism. The trailer notes that we were watching "pre-alpha" gameplay, so obviously things can change a lot between now and launch, but if Dice manages to get the whole game looking as good as the trailer did, it'll likely be worth a look just for the graphics alone.

Apple Music subscriptions will be way cheaper for students

You can sign up now on Apple’s site or through the Music mobile apps on iOS and Android. Attempting to spoof your way through to a half-off deal probably won’t work, as Apple is partnering with student verification service UNiDAY to ensure that users who are signing up for the discount program are actually enrolled at an eligible school.

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11 Lawsuit challenging Facebook’s facial recognition system moves forward

Today's decision focused on the question of whether the Illinois law is applicable to Facebook, one of the major legal hurdles facing the plaintiffs. Facebook's Terms of Service maintains that the the company is only bound by California and federal laws, and the company had moved to dismiss the case on those grounds. But today, the judge ruled that the terms-of-service clause isn't sufficient to nullify the Illinois law. As a result, the plaintiffs have a valid claim under the Illinois biometrics law and the case can proceed.

$30K replica of you is the perfect Mother's Day gift from garbage sons

In collaboration with Alabama-based 3D-printing company  SWIGRO , the deal includes travel to the headquarters to create your body’s blueprint and framework, and free shipping within the United States. It won’t likely arrive in time for actual Mother’s Day (this Sunday, May 8) but if you’re seriously considering getting this as a gift for the lady who raised you, we’re guessing it doesn’t matter when mom’s day is .

ICYMI: VR manipulation and drone delivery for 3D tissue

ICYMI: VR manipulation and drone delivery for 3D tissue

Apple is letting you create shareable Mother's Day videos for Facebook

It’s a shame that you can only share the video on Facebook – not all mom’s are up on their social media game – but you can at least right click on the rendered media to save the MP4 file. In any case, expect to see a lot of these pop up on Facebook over the next few days. If you want to make your own, head on over to

'Boaty McBoatface' polar ship named after Attenborough - BBC News

The UK's new polar research ship is to be named RRS Sir David Attenborough, despite the title "Boaty McBoatface" previously topping a public vote.

16 Building AI Is Hard—So Facebook Is Building AI That Builds AI

Mehanna and Facebook want to accelerate this. The company plans to eventually open source Flow, sharing it with the world at large, and according to Mehanna, outfits like LinkedIn, Uber, and Twitter are already interested in using it. Mehanna and team have also built a tool called AutoML that can remove even more of the burden from human engineers. Running atop Flow, AutoML can automatically “clean” the data needed to train neural networks and other machine learning algorithms—prepare it for testing without any human intervention—and Mehanna envisions a version that could even gather the data on its own. But more intriguingly, AutoML uses artificial intelligence to help build artificial intelligence.

Want more screen space on your smartwatch? Put a ring on it…

Carnegie Mellon University is a global research university with more than 11,000 students, 84,000 alumni, and 4,000 faculty and staff. Recognized for its world-class arts and technology programs, collaboration across disciplines and innovative leadership in education, Carnegie Mellon is consistently a top-ranked university.

Captain America: Civil War Is the Fantastic Avengers Movie Age of Ultron Should Have Been

The movie rights the ship from those minor gripes pretty quickly, though. Once the Captain America/Winter Solider story comes to a head, Civil War shoots off like a bat out of hell. Action scenes lead to interesting interactions, which lead to character introductions, which lead to hilarious asides and then back into the action, all of which never lose sight of the larger mystery. Using the huge cache of characters new and old, the Russos do a masterful job of presenting the audience with different tones and ideas. Each character gives the film their own thematic or philosophical depth. For example, the Vision (Paul Bettany) still doesn’t quite know how to function with his friends and humanity as a whole. Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman in his MCU debut) is stoic and intense after the tragic death of his father, representing a very specific point of view that links many of the stories. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man comes in and slays with the same kind of fanboy appreciation the audience has. The list goes on and on.

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Amazon to Fill All Racial Gaps in Same-Day Delivery Service

"Very shortly, we will be expanding Prime Same Day Service to every zip code of the 27 cities where Prime Same Day delivery is currently launched," Amazon said in the statement obtained by the caucus and shared with Bloomberg News. "We will further not launch the service in any new regions, until we are able to secure a carrier for every zip code. We are still figuring out the details and procuring last mile delivery for each of these zips, but we should have 100 percent coverage shortly."

21 Facebook to face privacy lawsuit over photo tagging

Facebook to face privacy lawsuit over photo tagging A San Francisco federal judge rejected Facebook's request to toss a lawsuit alleging its use of facial recognition technology invades users' privacy. Check out this story on

I can't wait to try this flexible, holographic smartphone

The team behind the Android 5.1-based Holoflex says the phone can render 3D images with motion parallax and stereoscopy so that whatever’s on the screen looks like a floating hologram to anyone who is within viewing range, without the need for special eyewear.

Here's Why Google and Apple Still Don't Offer Streaming TV Services

The major TV networks like CBS and NBC, however, want Google and Apple to pay up for their programming. In many cases, in fact, they actually want more for their shows than they are getting from existing distributors such as Comcast and AT&T. Why? Mostly because they are afraid that the value of their content is decreasing in an age where anything can be streamed via multiple services, and getting giants like Google and Apple to pay more for streaming rights is one way of setting a firm benchmark on their value.

Fiat Chrysler CEO: Unclear who owns self-driving cars' data

WINDSOR, Ont. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Alphabet Inc's Google have yet to determine who will own data collected in their collaboration on testing self-driving vehicles, FCA Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne said Friday.

How to Bet on the 2016 Kentucky Derby Online

Let's say you bet the minimum, $2, on a winning horse which had 7-5 odds. You would win $4.80. Hey, congrats to you! To calculate the odds, you multiply the amount of your wager (in this case $2) by the first number (in this case 7) and divide by the second number (in this case 5). Then add that number to your original wager (to reiterate: $2). Therefore, (2 x 7) / 5 = $2.80; $2.80 + $2 = $4.80.

Oh Look, Our Long Awaited Flying Car Is Almost Here Maybe

Founded in February 2015 at the European Space Agency’s business incubator, Lilium has spent the last year quietly working on a vehicle it’s billing as the world’s first vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for personal use. Unlike the flying cars of science fiction, which typically run on some combination of force magic and unobtanium, this one gets its juice from electric engines that have already been proven in small,~60 pound prototypes.

West Ham United signs its first FIFA eSports pro

The FIFA video game franchise has grown into a hotly contested eSports discipline. Just like League of Legends , Dota 2 or Counter-Strike , players travel around the world to compete for coveted titles and cash prizes. Now, FIFA professional Sean "Dragonn" Allen has been signed by a legitimate football (or "soccer," as my American colleagues like to call it) club -- West Ham United, the same team that has Dimitri Payet and Cheikhou Kouyate among its ranks. Of course, Allen won't be competing in the Premier League -- he'll be representing the club at FIFA tournaments instead.

Skydivers make 'Harry Potter' dreams come true by playing mid-air Quidditch

Skydivers make 'Harry Potter' dreams come true by playing mid-air Quidditch

Uber's China Rival Close to Raising $2 Billion in New Funding

Didi Kuaidi is close to raising about $2 billion in its latest round of funding, as China’s largest ride-hailing service battles Uber Technologies Inc. for dominance in the world’s biggest market, according to people familiar with the matter.

The dehumanization of Facebook Messenger

I used to answer every message. Not any more. When Messenger buzzes, now I don’t know if it will be a friend or a bot. Every chime forces me to do a little Turing test in my head. Was I expecting to be pinged by a pal? Or is it 8:11pm again and TechCrunch’s bot is sending me another daily digest.

31 Radiohead's new album is coming out on May 8th

Radiohead's new album doesn't have a title yet, but it finally has a release date: May 8th. The band  confirmed on Twitter that it's releasing its first LP since 2011's The King of Limbs and its ninth album overall this Sunday at 7:00PM BST (2:00PM ET). It also released a new single, "Daydreaming," along with a video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

5 Things Really Successful People Never Think

It's all too easy to think this, and it isn't true, Ross says. Combat this depressing thought by making a list of things in both your work life and personal life that you've accomplished in the past day, month, or year, he advises. "Big ones. Small ones. Tiny ones. Anything you can think of," he says. "This is a way to focus on yourself rather than others." Or -- even better -- instead of listing your accomplishments yourself, go talk to your friends or customers and ask them the most impressive or important thing they've seen you do. Ask them what they see as your strengths . The answers may please and surprise you.

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Lego-esque 'Braille Bricks' help blind children learn to read

Each brick, which features raised studs just like a Lego, represents one letter of the Braille alphabet. The bricks are then arranged into learning kits for students, which they can use to form words.

Trump’s plan to cut national debt? Don’t pay it all.

The shift could help Apple hone its focus on one of its chief advantages: Curation. Between its amazingly well-crafted playlists and Beats One radio station, Apple Music has made human-powered music discovery and curation one of its most compelling selling points. If it's true that Apple Music is getting an overhaul in iOS 10, don't be surprised to see more of that human touch.  JPT

10 tips to make your Mac feel like new

If your Mac acts like it needs a nap every afternoon, when you are at the height of multitasking, there is an easy way to see which of your open applications is using the most system resources. Open the Activity Monitor. Click on the CPU tab to see which apps are occupying the most system resources. If you see Chrome at the top of the list, for example, then maybe it's time to switch to Safari.

Kids, don't wear drunk goggles in the classroom

After pretty successfully walking along a demarcated line with vision impairing drunk goggles, this 14-year-old girl decides to snub authority. Though it's only by accident.

Student's service dog gets her own, adorable picture in the yearbook

Presley, a service dog to middle school student Joseph "Seph’ Ware of Monroe, Louisiana, was given her own spot in the yearbook, right by her human's side.

Microsoft OneDrive storage changes - OneDrive

It was a difficult business decision that came with careful analysis and thought. However, these types of decisions are never easy. We overcommitted with our free storage limits and we want to focus on delivering high-value productivity and collaboration experiences that benefit the majority of our users. If we continued with the current offerings, we wouldn’t be able to sustain our growth and deliver the reliable service that you count on. These changes were necessary to ensure that we can continue to offer a collaborative, connected, and intelligent service.

Littlebook puts Facebook on your Apple Watch

Facebook fiends can now take the social network everywhere they go with Littlebook, an unofficial Facebook client for the Apple Watch that will either keep your eyes glued to the wearable or rolling back into your skull.

Is Apple Music nixing its Connect tab?

The feature that lets musicians chat and share exclusive content directly with fans is reportedly getting downgraded in Apple's next iOS upgrade.

Battlefield 1 Officially Confirmed, Release Date, First Details, Collector's Edition Revealed - IGN

In a blog post , EA said Battlefield 1 contains some of the largest and "most dynamic battles in FPS history" and will include battles on land, in the air, and in the sea. "Tanks, planes, machine guns, artillery – a lot of the tech you've used in other Battlefield games was perfected during this era, letting the classic Battlefield DNA shine through," EA wrote. Locations confirmed so far include France, Italy, and the Arabian Desert.

Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley's Most Secretive Company

A trove of internal documents and insider interviews has pulled back the curtain on one of Silicon Valley’s most secretive and highly-valued companies, Palantir Technologies. Started in part with CIA money, the data-analysis company promised that its software would revolutionize everything from espionage to consumer businesses, and it has grown in both revenue and employees. But the documents and interviews show that Palantir has also lost blue-chip clients, is struggling to stem staff departures, and has recorded revenue that is just a fraction of its customer bookings.

Take 87% off WordPress mastery with the Adobe Systems Premium bundle

You’ll explore WordPress’ remarkable value as an e-commerce platform as you create an online store, outfitting it with all the proper bells and whistles such as a shopping cart with Buy Now buttons, and popular e-commerce plug-ins like WooCommerce, JigoShop & more.

After Battlefield 4 comes... Battlefield 1?

Leaks suggest this oddly numbered game is set in an "alternate history" World War I.

Forget the Echo: Lexi lets you speak to Alexa through your phone

What’s particularly nifty about Lexi is that the app supports a wide range of the Echo’s functionalities like placing orders, remotely controlling your smart home devices as well as install and turn skills from the Alexa App.

DT Giveaway: LG G5

Do you want to own an LG G5 ? As the first mainstream modular phone ever made, it’s one of the most innovative, adventurous, and exciting devices we’ve seen in 2016. We’ve been using it for the past few weeks, and it’s everything we hoped it would be. Now, we’re giving away not one, but two LG G5 smartphones.

Business Insider is looking to hire a paid news intern in San Francisco

As an intern at Business Insider, there's no getting coffee, filing, or making copies. Our interns are an integral part of our team. Many of our current writers and editors started as interns.

How You Watch TV Is About To Change Forever

Those consumers who are able to keep track of the myriad streaming options available to them will likely find ways to save money compared to traditional cable packages. It’s likely that many of the online-TV services will offer a base bundle that includes a couple dozen very popular channels and then smaller, themed bundles centered around topics like sports or kids’ entertainment. Sling TV, for example, offers channels like ESPN, CNN and Disney Channel in its $20 base package, with small expansion bundles sold for $5 each. (But you’ll still have to shell out for Internet access.)

Facebook Will Support the Republican National Convention...But It Will Be Awkward

Facebook has confirmed its participation in both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, which are scheduled for this July. The promise comes despite the fact that Donald Trump and his campaign— which Mark Zuckerberg has lobbed thinly veiled shots at before —will be front and center at the RNC.

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