Free Windows 10 upgrades end tomorrow

Microsoft released Windows 10 almost a year ago on July 29th, 2015. The software maker has offered its latest OS to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users as a free upgrade for the past year, but that offer is about to run out. You only have one day left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you're currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. After July 29th,  Microsoft will start charging $119 for upgrades to Windows 10 , and if you upgrade during the free period you'll also get the Anniversary Update (launching August 2nd) free of charge.

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This ultrasonic dryer will dry your clothes in half the time

Instead of the traditional heating elements, Momen and his team's ultrasonic dryer uses electric devices called piezoelectric transducers that emit sounds so high-pitched even Fido can't hear them. The sounds cause vibrations that shake the wet fabric so vigorously that all of the moisture can be extracted even in cold air. That water is turned into a mist and collected in a little tank for the user to drain later.

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The Urban Decay app is the Tinder of lipsticks--swipe to find your perfect match: …

Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton — and tickets start at $2,700

Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton — and tickets start at $2,700

It’s your last chance! This is the final day to grab Windows 10 for free

And the price for refusing to upgrade now is high. If you decide to stick with an older version of Windows, you’ll have to pay $120 for a full retail copy for Windows 10 Home, or $200 for a retail copy of Windows 10 Pro. There may be a lower upgrade price revealed now that the free upgrade is going away — but we don’t know what that would be, yet. Anyone who grabs the free upgrade will also be eligible for all the future Windows 10 updates.

Reuters: FBI is investigating another Democratic Party hack

In addition to the hack of the Democratic National Convention , the FBI is investigating a second breach at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Reuters reports that a "previously unreported incident" at the DCCC may have intended to nab donor information rather than to take money, according to sources. At this point, it's unclear if any information was actually stolen or what details may have been accessed. When a donation is made though, the person typically submits their name, email address and credit card info. It also hasn't been determined if any stolen details were used to access systems and sensitive information elsewhere.

HoloLens Hack Fools the Brain Into Fixing Itself

The HoloLens is basically doing the same thing by providing an alternate reality for the brain. As the work of Ramachandran and others have shown, there’s a profound connection between what we see and how we expect our bodies to feel and react in those perceived environments. By using the device repeatedly, the brain is provided with new, learned connections. Over time, these new pathways get strengthened.


But Windows 10 is arguably the best version of Windows Microsoft has ever created . There are some questions over its use of cloud services and the tracking of user actions, but Windows 10 is the most secure version yet. If you’re running either Windows 8 or 8.1, the free update to Windows 10 is highly recommended, as it is a refinement of the good things in the older operating system without most of the irritating ones, such as the charms bar and gestures that simply don’t work on a desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard.

Guy crashing a truck full of paint had a worse day than you

However, it’s good to remember there are always people out there having a worse time than you. This truck driver in Russia is a perfect case in point. Just driving along with a load of yellow paint.

iMessage and WhatsApp security flaw means deleted chat logs aren't really erased

“Forensic trace is common among any application that uses SQLite, because SQLite by default does not vacuum databases on iOS (likely in an effort to prevent wear). When a record is deleted, it is simply added to a ‘free list’, but free records do not get overwritten until later on when the database needs the extra storage (usually after many more records are created). If you delete large chunks of messages at once, this causes large chunks of records to end up on this ‘free list’, and ultimately takes even longer for data to be overwritten by new data.”

11 Microsoft lays off another 2,850 in phones, sales

Microsoft lays off another 2,850 in phones, sales Dismissals are part of the tech company's pivot away from smartphones after failed Nokia purchase Check out this story on

This is how much space you'll need to use PlayStation VR

"Limit your use of PS VR to within the Play Area," it reads. "Clear an area larger than the Play Area of all obstacles before using PS VR and remain seated whenever possible.

Steam puts 175 virtual reality games on sale this weekend

The library of available VR games is growing every week, but almost all of the games and applications thus far are small, indie projects, rather than highly polished games from established publishers. What's more, many carry premium prices, from $20-$40, for short, buggy, unfinished games that are often little more than beta software. That may be keeping VR headset owners from sampling more new games and supporting content creators.

Disney patent wants to stealthily track park visitors by their shoes

In its efforts to expedite lines, customize the Disney experience, and make your overall visit more enjoyable, Disney’s new patent details plans to track people by their shoes to see where they’re going around the park.

Larry the Lobster Rescued From Restaurant, Dies Getting Shipped to Aquarium

Animal rights activists were appalled when they learned that a 15-pound, 100-year-old lobster was about to become someone’s dinner in Florida. So they organized to “rescue” it and deliver it to an aquarium in Maine. They even gave it a name: Larry.

You Won't Believe What It Takes To Move A 2-Ton Satellite Across California

After seeing the satellite safely to the base and letting the launch experts prepare it for its journey ahead, Jordan went home, a little forlorn. He's been working on this satellite for six years, watching it grow and evolve every single day. Now he feels a little like an empty nester. "I think this is how I am going to feel when I send my kid to college," he says. "I've also lived with it for so long. When it was finally out of my sight, I was really sad. But on the other hand I'm glad our satellite is graduating. I'm looking forward to seeing it go off into space and achieve these great missions for science and humanity."

SwiftKey has been sharing users' phone numbers and email addresses with strangers

SwiftKey believes this error is due to a bug in the keyboard’s synchronization feature, which used to keep user data updated between disparate devices. In response, it has deactivated this feature while it remedies the problem.

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Hillary Clinton reminded delegates of America's history and how the founding fathers' lessons can help improve the country today during her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

How Mobile Games Rake In Billions

Behind a pair of recent multibillion-dollar deals in the mobile videogame industry is an expertly crafted weapon: virtual goods sold inside apps for as little as 99 cents a pop.

Facebook May Owe Billions More in Taxes

Facebook Inc. said it could be on the hook for $3 billion to $5 billion in additional taxes as a result of an Internal Revenue Service investigation into how the social network transferred assets overseas.

Search Marketing Is The Future, Right? - Search Engine Journal

Anna is the Features Writer for Search Engine Journal and an SEO-whisperer at Hello Anna & Co. Over the last 5 years, Anna has successfully developed and implemented online marketing, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes; from the Fortune 500, to startups, and nonprofits. In her spare time, she moonlights as a volunteer soccer coach.

Reports: iPhone 7 preorders to start September 9, release date a week later

Apple hasn’t officially announced anything, but as we get closer to the event the information is seemingly leaking out of every corner of the Web. According to leaks multiple sources, including Evan Blass , the notorious mobile device leaker, Apple is set to start preorders of the newest iteration iPhone on September 9. As usual, Blass didn’t reveal how he got the information, so take it with a grain of salt.

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These are the 10 emerging technologies you need to know about right now -

The World's Longest Whip Crack Puts Indiana Jones to Shame

At 238 feet and 3 inches long, Adam Winrich now officially holds the Guinness World Record for the longest whip crack in history . The massive whip he used, while completely impractical for taming lions and other large beasts, still makes Indiana Jones and Catwoman look like complete amateurs.

Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear: did Russians hack Democratic party and if so, why?

Neither the DIA nor the FBI, which has an investigation open into the DNC hack, would address whether it assesses Fancy Bear to be an instrument of the Russian intelligence apparatus. Some administration officials are unsure whether the US would make a public accusation against the Russians. But, one said, the administration is coming to the conclusion that Moscow is responsible for the hack, despite foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s protestations.

Driverless cars need Australia's coordinates to be corrected

Driverless technology and other intelligent systems like satellite farming require Australia's longitude and latitude to be corrected, scientists say.

Apple Says Supreme Court Should Not Hear Samsung's Appeal Due to Lack of Evidence

Reuters  reports that Apple has asked the Supreme Court to turn down Samsung’s request on hearing its appeal in reducing the damages the Korean company needs to pay Apple for infringing their design patents.

NASA's new satellite will look for Earth-sized planets nearby

The Kepler mission scopes out stars and galaxies thousands of light-years away to find exoplanets . NASA's upcoming planet hunter, however, will keep an eye on solar systems closer to home. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite or TESS will find planets by observing stars and looking out for shadows cast by transiting planets. It will be programmed to compute for a planet's size and the time it takes to orbit its star, because those are the information astronomers need to determine if it's habitable. Since Earth- and even super-Earth-sized planets are tiny, though, TESS will observe small bright dwarf stars only hundreds of light-years away.

The world's loudest orgasm, the world's worst speakers

Someone, somewhere decided to test out their speaker system by playing a sound clip of what appears to be the world’s single loudest orgasm.

This Tiny Router Will Kill All Your Wi-Fi Deadspots

Apart from a few hidden menus that only the power users will want to hunt down, the Amplifi app is easy to use and attractive. It’s got a built-in method of testing speeds and quickly diagnosing issues, and it connects to your phone not just via wi-fi, but also via Bluetooth. That means there are no hang ups when you first set the router up, and you can always access it, even if it stops broadcasting wi-fi.

Big data integrator Talend pops 54% in Nasdaq debut, raising $94.5M

French/American big data startup Talend made its debut as a public company today with a pop. After pricing its shares at $18 last night (above the expected range of $15-17), the company began trading on Nasdaq under the ticker TLND at $27.66, up 54% on its IPO price, giving the company an implied valuation of $537 million.

Tech deals have hit a speed bump this year, but that's set to change

Mergers and acquisitions in the sector reached about $83 billion in value in the second quarter of this year, down 3% from a year earlier, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers' Matthew Stumpf.

Sony’s PlayStation division accounted for 78% of its Q1 2016 profits

The company reported the results of its first fiscal quarter today, and it revealed that it generated $3.2 billion in revenues from its game and network services division during the three-month period ending June 30. That is up 14.5 percent from the same period in 2015. This segment of Sony’s business also brought in $427 million in operating income, which is up a massive 126.3 percent year-over-year. That makes up 78 percent of the company’s $546 million in quarterly profits. Sony has the dominant console in the $99.6 billion worldwide gaming business, and the PlayStation 4 is turning into one of its most important money makers.

Microsoft is laying off 2,850 more workers

Microsoft's mobile phone plans are a big question mark, as sales are in a free fall . The only ray of hope for Windows Phone fans (if there are any left) is that Microsoft hinted last year that it needs to make a mobile device as good as the Surface line. A "Surface Phone," however, is still nothing more than a rumor and if it does come along, would likely be aimed at Microsoft's core business market and not consumers. With layoffs now totaling 12,100 in two years, however, Microsoft seems to want nothing to do with building smartphones.

For Older Women, Election 2016 Isn’t About Hashtags. It’s About History

And yet, this election cycle, Clinton’s lack of support among young women has been the subject of much curiosity. It once seemed a foregone conclusion that young, liberal women would line up behind her. But they haven’t, insisting instead that gender alone cannot sway their votes. And so, all primary long, it has been a battle between #FeeltheBern and #ImWithHer. For many Democratic women of a certain age who flocked to Philadelphia this week, all this resistance from the younger generation is a mystery. For women like Davidson, it can feel like millennials are taking for granted the rights “the feminists” fought so hard for.

IBM steps up efforts in fight against Zika

(Reuters) – International Business Machines said on Wednesday it would provide its technology and resources to help track the spread of the Zika virus.

An Enormous Deep Sea 'Desert' Is Teeming With New Forms of Life

It doesn’t have towering canopies or jewel-toned corals, but an enormous region of the eastern Pacific that was long considered a biological wasteland is proving to be anything but. New research reveals that the Clarion Clipperton Zone (CCZ), which is being prospected for deep ocean mining, is teeming with never-before-seen forms of life.

Watch an Electric Corvette Obliterate Its Own Speed Record

The team was puttering about with its Genovation GXE in February, when it set the speed record for an all-electric, road legal vehicle at 186.8mph, taking them almost by surprise.

What Happened to WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks has hit rock bottom. Once dedicated to careful vetting and redaction—sometimes too much redaction—the “whistleblower site” is now gleefully basking in its dump of thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee—most of which are full of personal, non-newsworthy information—published with the express intent of harming Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. In this latest release, there is no brave whistleblower in sight, just an anonymous hacker believed by the FBI and U.S. intelligence community to be a front for Russian intelligence services. The WikiLeaks project has fallen far from the lofty heights of its founding a decade ago, when Julian Assange promised to “facilitate safety in the ethical leaking movement.”

Pokémon Go players narrowly escape Weston-super-Mare tide

Lifeboat launched to rescue group who became trapped on Birnbeck Island in Somerset before finding their way to safety

The struggle and resilience of the world's tigers, in photos

A 5-month-old white tiger plays with his mother at their enclosure at Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, India on March 21, 2013. The unusual coloring of white tigers makes them a popular zoo attraction. Many conservationists, however, argue white tigers are products of animal abuse, resulting from forced inbreeding between related white tigers. Activists say the practice is done purely with money as the motive, not conservation, as many white tigers have severe genetic health problems. In June 2011, the American Zoological Association instituted a ban on the breeding of white tigers.

This GitHub repo teaches you basic Web design in 4 minutes

Will you be qualified for a front-end Web developer position after your four minute tutorial? No, but you’ll have a better idea of how that type of job works. It’s pretty basic HTML stuff — there’s no way you’d be able to wrap your head around JavaScript and CSS in four minutes.

A Reddit AMA is leaking details of the Samsung Note 7

As it’s a Reddit AMA, the chances of the information being false or otherwise slightly off are high. Still, the AMA host says they’ve had their hands on the Note 7. We’re anxious to see if this info is accurate or not.

Marvel Has a New, Different Explanation for How Its TV and Movies Are 'All Connected'

I can tell you that part of the challenge of doing this sort of thing is that the movies are planned out years in advance of what it is that we are doing. Television moves at an incredible speed. The other part of the problem is that when you stop and think about it, if I’m shooting a television series and that’s going to go on over a six-month or eight-month period, how am I going to get Mike [Colter] to be able to go be in a movie? I need Mike to be in a television show.

iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Every year for almost a decade, the most anticipated gadget release has been Apple’s iPhone. It makes sense. In 2007, Apple completely changed the way we physically interact with our digital selves and went on to sell a billion iPhones across the world. Even though the iPhone is losing its luster with each passing year, an iPhone is still an iPhone.

Watch SpaceX Fire a Recovered Falcon 9 Booster

Nine Merlin 1D engines roared to life for nearly 3 minutes on Thursday as powerful restraints kept the 156 foot-tall rocket strapped to the ground. While preliminary evaluations suggest that the booster is in good shape, a more rigorous battery of tests is ongoing. Still no word from SpaceX on when any of these puppies are going to be relaunched, but it seems we’re edging ever closer to that day.

WhatsApp doesn't entirely wipe your deleted chats on iOS

iOS researcher  Jonathan Zdziarski noted in a blog post that deleted WhatsApp messages leave behind a forensic trace on your device, allowing anyone with physical access to your phone or backups of its data in the cloud to retrieve your conversations.

Inside Tesla's ginormous battery factory

The plant is strategically located about five hours from Tesla's Fremont, California, factory. That's where the car batteries will be fitted into Tesla's new Model 3 sedans. The lower cost batteries produced here will be crucial for keeping the Model 3's price down to a relatively affordable $35,000 base price. By 2018, Tesla hopes to make enough battery packs here to build 500,000 of the cars each year. The original plan had been to reach that goal by 2020 but Tesla pulled that goal forward by two years speeding up construction on parts of the factory and bringing and installing equipment earlier.

Twitter Stickers Now Available to All Users

Twitter’s stickers act as “visual hashtags,” meaning that users can tap on stickers to see a timeline of public photos where those stickers were used.

Turkish academics: Remain silent or risk all

Like many other government employees, I was asked after the coup attempt to return to my job and carry on as before. The summer holiday is cancelled for everyone. You need an exit permit for fieldwork or conference visits abroad. I don't know if I will still be able to get any of these. All university directors must submit lists of names of alleged Gülen supporters by August 5. They could then be dismissed. I'm afraid that the other researchers among us who just want to work independently will come next. Erdoğan wants religious, conservative scientists. Free research has long been almost impossible -- and not just since the coup attempt.

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