Why media companies should pay attention to Medium’s native ads

In fact, many newspapers use freelancer copy for their travel section so that they can get around their paper’s rules on conflicts of interest — running pieces by writers who had all their expenses covered, etc. But this is rarely mentioned, or disclosed in a tiny footnote at the bottom. Is what Medium is doing really that much worse? At least they are disclosing who sponsored the piece up front, and letting readers come to their own conclusions.

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BBC Launches Redesigned iPlayer Radio App For iPad

The developers are careful to note that the BBC iPlayer Radio app for iPad is a ‘work-in-progress,’ perhaps still feeling the bruises from those reviews of the earlier version. They promise they ability to save things to listen later in Favourites and add tracks to BBC Playlister  will be added soon.

KineMaster Brings Powerful Video Editing to Android

Traditionally, Android hasn’t been much of a home for those who want to be really visually creative. Now that’s started to change. Case in point? Look no further than KineMaster .

Omega Skywalker: A watch for astronauts - CNET

Since 1965, when the Omega Speedmaster was NASA-certified for space travel, the watchmaker has served as the official timepiece supplier to the final frontier. On July 21, 1969, the Omega Speedmaster was the first watch on the moon. Its history spans over half a century of space travel -- continued in the watch's latest edition, the Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 -- predecessor to the Speedmaster Professional X-33.

Jury finds Apple didn’t harm consumers by adding DRM to iTunes

Well iTunes ruined my Windows Media Center. After installing iTunes, every TV channel I tried to watch in Windows Media Center said that the video driver did not support viewing protected content. Even uninstalling iTunes was no help. I ended up having to wipe out my C: drive and restore from a week-old backup. I lost a week’s worth of E-mail and other updates. I should have known better than to trust anything Apple on a PC. And the whole reason I installed it was based on a falsehood. I had read somewhere that Cold Case episodes (with Detective Lilly Rush) were available on iTunes, but that was a lie!

Google is Bringing its Songza-Powered Playlists to the UK

Like all songs and playlists in the service, they can be downloaded to your mobile device for offline listening. It’s a fun feature and users in the UK will be pleasantly surprised the next time they launch the service.

Corning Bets It Can Reinvent Glass Again | MIT Technology Review

Founded in 1851, Corning survived in the past because of its ability to keep reinventing the possibilities of glass. At about the same time that the market for fiber optics collapsed, its business selling glass for cathode-ray-tube TVs also took a steep dive. It was saved by a process it had invented for making the high quality glass needed for the transistors that control pixels in LCD displays—the very display technology that was destroying its cathode-ray business. A few years later, the company got a call from Steve Jobs, who needed tough glass for the first iPhone. Corning just happened to have a technology sitting on the shelf—the toughened glass that came to be called Gorilla Glass. Corning hopes to be ready for the next call.

IBM’s Watson is now studying PTSD in veterans

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs is working with IBM to analyze hundreds of thousands of VA hospital medical records using the Watson cognitive computing system. Improving the diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is among the areas on which the partnership will focus. More broadly, though, the VA system might be the ideal place to explore what Watson and other artificial intelligence technologies can do. They have the potential to improve patient care without blowing up tight budgets, by improving speed and efficiency rather than increasing staff count.

Singing after a double lung transplant

You'll never sing again, said her doctor. But in a story from the very edge of medical possibility, operatic soprano Charity Tillemann-Dick tells a double story of survival — of her body, from a double lung transplant, and of her spirit, fueled by an unwavering will to sing. A powerful story from TEDMED 2010.

Ultrakam Debuts 4K Video Shooting for iPhone 6

“For me, Ultrakam 4K is how I really wanted to do the original Ultrakam, but previous hardware and software limitations didn’t allow it to be,” Hassan Uriostegui, Ultrakam’s developer told TNW. “We believe that with the newest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hardware and iOS 8,  iPhoneography is receiving an amazing push forward to be a serious deal, given the advances both in image quality and disk storage.”

Messaging App Line’s Payment Service Begins Rolling Out To Users Worldwide

Line prematurely announced the introduction of its chat app payment feature earlier this month, but now it has begun rolling out to its 500 million-plus registered users.

Skype can translate spoken Spanish to English in near real-time

Microsoft started rolling out a new feature for Skype on Monday:  Skype Translator  will translate communications from users using different languages in near real-time — that is, as you’re chatting. At first, Skype Translator will work with spoken English and Spanish, as well as forty written languages over instant messaging.

Corning Bets It Can Reinvent Glass Again | MIT Technology Review

Founded in 1851, Corning survived in the past because of its ability to keep reinventing the possibilities of glass. At about the same time that the market for fiber optics collapsed, its business selling glass for cathode-ray-tube TVs also took a steep dive. It was saved by a process it had invented for making the high quality glass needed for the transistors that control pixels in LCD displays—the very display technology that was destroying its cathode-ray business. A few years later, the company got a call from Steve Jobs, who needed tough glass for the first iPhone. Corning just happened to have a technology sitting on the shelf—the toughened glass that came to be called Gorilla Glass. Corning hopes to be ready for the next call.

Twitter And Foursquare Are Partnering To Improve Location In Tweets

"Our goal is to take those learnings and scale them to the rest of the world," the Twitter spokesman stated. "There are two key components to nail: 1) Understanding where content is coming from and where the conversation is happening: a country, a city, a neighborhood or venue. 2) Understanding places you care about, whether that's the place you’re standing when you access Twitter, your home country, or some place else on the globe that’s captured your attention. Organizing the world’s public conversations in real time can offer limitless opportunities."

Michael Wolff on digital media in 2015: 'A deluge of crap'

We’ve been seeing a lot of journalists become entrepreneurs and launch their own outlets. What do you make of that trend? Who wouldn’t do it if someone was offering you the opportunity to do it? But there are no success models here. What could the success be? There is no other model but traffic. All of these somewhat-focused vertical high-end journalists going into a business where they have to produce a mass-market product? I’m a little befuddled by that. I suppose it’s because BuzzFeed does it, and they have some actual journalists. But BuzzFeed is a tech company. One which is wholly focused on aggregrating a mass audience. It has no other value beyond that.

2014's Game of the Year Nominees Revealed - IGN Video

Let the discussions begin! IGN reveals it's ten Game of the Year Nominations for this years "Best of 2014". From Dragon Age: Inquisition to Super Smash Bros., we breakdown these select games that made this year's list.

Sony's Clip-On Unit Turns Any Eyewear Into Smart Glasses

Being able to easily remove the device and add it to any eyewear you fancy could give Sony’s set up an advantage over Google Glass, but it’ll still have to overcome the creepy factor and other people’s wariness about folks in smart glasses.

Uber Accessed Reporter Data Because She Was "Late"

In Uber’s response, published by Franken’s office , the company says that an employee, Josh Mohrer, accessed the reporter’s account “improperly” while responding to emails from her and goes on to say that the same employee accessed her data because “she was 30 minutes late” and he “wanted to escort her to the meeting location.”

T-Mobile Now Lets You Save Your Unused Data for Later

Additionally, new customers are being given a 10GB data ‘deposit’ of sorts that they can use should they ever go over their monthly allotment. Subscribers can save their unused data for up to one year, and T-mobile says there is no limit to  how much data a user can save up.

Google and Verizon sign patent deal and call for action on trolls

I take issue with anyone using terms like “Johnny-come-lately owner of a single patent”. If you hold the patent, it is very unlikely that you’re a Johnny-come-lately. In fact, you are likely the person who came first.

The Navy's New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark | WIRED

True to military form, there’s a whole suite of acronyms to go along with the new toy: The UUV (unmanned underwater vehicle) has been in testing at the JEBLC-FS (Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story), and was developed by the CRIC (Chief of Naval Operations Rapid Innovation Cell) project, called Silent NEMO (actually, this one doesn’t seem to stand for anything). It was developed by the Advanced Systems Group at Boston Engineering, a Navy contractor that specializes in the development of robotics, unmanned systems and something called “special tactical equipment”. The company and Navy haven’t said much about when GhostSwimmer might be deployed or how much it would cost, but next time you’re at the beach and see a fin sticking out of the water, it might be a killer shark—or it might just be a Navy robot.

Taste the rainbow: LG will ratchet up color in its 2015 LCDs with quantum dots

Anyone shopping for a TV these days knows that the latest buzzword is 4K, but another new technology is about to steal the limelight for 2015: quantum dots. LG kicked off the quantum-dot madness in earnest on Monday with a sneak peek at its 2015 line of quantum dot-equipped TVs, which boast a broader color palette. Oh, and they’ll have 4K UHD LCD panels, too.

Fitbit says Charge skin issues aren't caused by its materials

If you'll recall, a dermatologist we spoke with last year cited skin irritation due to the build up of moisture (water, sweat, etc.) and the resulting bacterial growth as a common issue with watchbands, rings and the like. "The reactions we are seeing with Charge are not uncommon with jewelry or wearable devices that stay in contact with the skin for extended periods," Park explains. Fitbit says that it received only a handful of complaints from the "over hundred thousand" devices sold so far. The company recommends that you keep the Charge (and any wearable, really) clean and dry, wearing it loosely on your wrist and giving your skin a break from time to time. Of course, gadgets that feature heart-rate tracking need to fit snug, so you'll want to loosen those after a workout. For now, it seems the reported issues with the new tracker are minimal and unrelated to its materials, but you can rest assured we're keeping an eye on the matter just in case. You can read the full response from Park below.

Time is right to compare latest versions of smartwatches

If the wristwatch is poised for a high-tech revival, people like Ralph Jenson will have a lot to do with it. The Minneapolis man never leaves his house without his Pebble, a "smartwatch" that essentially is a small computer on his wrist. He gets email alerts on it. He can manipulate his Nest-branded home thermostat with it. When using the online Pandora music service, he can control it with his watch. He -- gasp! -- even uses his Pebble to tell time. Smartwatches aren't new. Variations on the concept have been around for decades, but sales may be about to explode with the release early next year of the Apple Watch. This timepiece, which Apple hopes will be its Next Big Thing after the iPad, is intended to be an iPhone companion. (Pebble) That automatically cuts many prospective owners out of the equation. Android-handset users look to be out of luck, for instance, since it is highly unlikely the Apple Watch will interact properly with such Google-y phones. Fortunately, there are other options. They're not perfect, but they are often affordable and, in some cases, are designed to work with more than one kind of smartphone.

The Joys and Hype of Software Called Hadoop

Even in hype-filled Silicon Valley, few buzz phrases are freighted with higher expectations than big data. Salespeople are knocking on the doors of Fortune 500 companies, promising to help them analyze a mounting flood of information from websites, smartphones, social networks and an increasing array of sensor-laden devices.

Uber CEO Says Company Wants to Make Rides Safer

BEIJING--Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive and founder Travis Kalanick says his company wants to make rides safer as it pushes into China through a tie-up with search giant Baidu Inc.

Why the Cloud Foundry Foundation Is a Game-Changer | WIRED

The amount of change in the IT industry over the last few years has been incredible. A challenge for some, an opportunity for others, a whirlwind for many. One theme runs through all of the most impactful trends causing change: open technologies.

Sony tells media to hide hacking news, but threats ring hollow

As a lawyer who has pled famous constitutional cases before the Supreme Court, Boies clearly knows the threats are empty. So why is he making them? It’s hard to know for sure, but the likely explanation is that Sony is desperate for somebody to do something  to respond to the embarrassing series of hacks, which have disclosed everything from  racist emails about President Obama to sensitive financial figures from the studio. The hackers, who want to stop the release of an impending Seth Rogen film that mocks North Korea, have also promised a “Christmas surprise.”

Fantastically Wrong: What Darwin Really Screwed Up About Evolution | WIRED

It’s hard to overstate just how brilliant and huge an idea Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection was and continues to be. It absolutely rocked Victorian England, to the extent that stuffy old Victorian England could be rocked past people just barely raising their voices in polite protest. But some folks, particularly highly religious types, weren’t too happy with the idea that nature can run perfectly fine on its own, without the guiding hand of a higher power. Not happy in the least bit .

What's Up With That: The Science Behind Why Dark Winter Days Bum People Out | WIRED

Another possible explanation has to do with circadian rhythms. Your body’s clock is set by bright light striking photoreceptive cells in your eyes. Sunlight is most effective, but in the winter a lot of us don’t see the sun for hours after we get out of bed (if at all). Because we first see the light hours after we start moving around, your internal clock gets out of synch with the time of day that you’re actually active. Studies have shown that people who work odd hours—like nurses, custodians, and security guards—have disproportionate rates of many diseases, including depression .

T-Mobile ‘Data Stash’ Lets You Roll Over Your Unused Data

T-Mobile will soon let customers roll over their unused 4G LTE cellular data from one month to the next, for up to a year.

Science-Backed Tactics For Motivating Other People

The key to getting your employees to give high performance is to understand what motivates them, he tells Fast Company . People’s motivation can be anything from "I want to be the chief executive" to "I want to climb Mount Everest" and the secret is building trust and asking questions to uncover the truth. This may seem easy enough, but the problem is, "leaders don’t ask those questions," he says. Furthermore, if someone tells you their needs, you should always be thinking about how you can help them achieve their goals. If they aren’t able to do it themselves, how can you—or the organization—help them get there?

4 Common Word Traps That Can Destroy Your Career

Malandro says words such as "everybody" and "nobody" are frequently used inappropriately, and with disastrous consequences to one’s credibility. "There are very rare situations where you can accurately use a generalization," she says. While it may be true that the majority of employees are showing up late for work, confronting staff by saying "nobody here comes to work on time" means those few employees who actually do come to work on time will feel unacknowledged for their efforts and may experience a drop in morale and enthusiasm for their job as well as a loss of respect for their boss, as generalizations can make one appear to be overly dramatic and cause them to lose credibility as a leader.

How did Al Franken learn to draw the 50 states?

U.S. Sen. Al Franken has received a bit of attention for a parlor trick: Hand-drawing the 50 U.S. states from memory. 

The hidden influence of social networks

We're all embedded in vast social networks of friends, family, co-workers and more. Nicholas Christakis tracks how a wide variety of traits — from happiness to obesity — can spread from person to person, showing how your location in the network might impact your life in ways you don't even know.

Polaroid's New Camera Prints Your Pics and Posts Them on Instagram | WIRED

The Socialmatic is a 14-megapixel camera that connects over Wi-Fi so you can post images to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (It actually runs Android, so you can download other apps or browse the interwebs on its 4.5-inch touchscreen, too). It comes with a 2-megapixel selfie camera on the back, because humans are now incapable of turning cameras around to take photos of themselves. It’s also GPS- and Bluetooth-enabled.

How To Use Holiday Downtime To Advance Your Career

For me, the most important goals for the coming year are always career oriented. I find when I’m happy with my career, personal development, and overall professional growth, everything else seems to come into place. I see more friends, have more time to exercise and focus on hobbies, and am just happier.

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know This Morning

From Baidu investing $600 million in Uber to a host of leaked emails about Snapchat.

Naruto whips up Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 on PS4, Xbox One, PC

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is heading West next year for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. Bandai Namco Europe described the coming Storm as a "final massive strike" from the cel-shaded brawler series, following last year's two million-selling entry . "The Storm series continues to be one of our most popular franchises and its leap to the new generation of hardware ensures that it won't stop now," said VP of IP Strategy Herve Hoerdt. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (1/22/13) Details are limited at the moment, and what we know won't surprise fans: CyberConnect2 is back in the hot-seat, and one-v-one mulitplayer is confirmed for both online and offline play. [Image: Bandai Namco]

Google Wallet Now Lets iOS Users Split the Check

With the latest version of Google Wallet for iOS devices, you can just enter the amount you want to split and then list your contacts and their shares of the total. The app will then send a request to each user to settle up with you, with an optional reminder of the event or purchase that was spent on.

The Guerrilla Tactics of The Racket, and How It Almost Upended Journalism | WIRED

But way back in September, and really throughout this past summer, The Racket already was going at Foer in its own quiet, yet suitably obnoxious, way. After noticing that he had fewer than 10,000 followers on Twitter, they bought him 100,000 in chunks of a few thousand at a time—although the number was in constant flux because Twitter kept zapping the bot accounts. The point to all of it was … well … They didn’t really seem to have one? Other than that Foer represented the kind of conventional thinking and anodyne voice that was at the helm of too many old media properties. So the plan, they said, was to mess with him by buying him the kind of large following the editor of something like The New Republic deserved—and then some. “We want to make him the Justin Bieber of centrist beltway journalism,” said Taibbi.

Why Child of Light is a Game of The Year Nominee - IGN Video

The IGN crew breaks down why they chose the unique RPG as one of 2014's Game of The Year Nominees.

Google’s Unified Privacy Policy Draws Threat Of $15M Fine In The Netherlands

The national data protection authority in the Netherlands has warned Google that it could be fined up to $15 million if it does not make amendments to its privacy policy by the end of February 2015, to comply with Dutch data protection law .

MongoDB snaps up WiredTiger as new storage engine option

WiredTiger is a storage engine that will be offered as an option in the upcoming MongoDB 2.8 release, expected in January. It will be the first time that MongoDB has offered more than one storage engine option, said Kelly Stirman, director of product marketing for New York–based MongoDB.

Samsung in Talks to Launch Apple Pay Competitor

For LoopPay, a Samsung licensing agreement would go a long way toward giving its technology the mainstream credibility it so far lacks. LoopPay’s technology can wirelessly transmit the same information stored on a debit or credit card’s magnetic stripe to a store’s checkout equipment without swiping a card. The company has embedded the technology, which it calls magnetic secure transmission, into a few hardware products it sells directly to consumers: A fob, as well as a LoopPay digital payment card that can be used on its own or while secured in a special LoopPay smartphone case. To complete a purchase, LoopPay users tap any of these devices near the spot on a store’s credit card terminal where a card is usually swiped.

Final Fantasy 15 English-language trailer hits the road

It's time to take another look at Final Fantasy 15 's TGS trailer -- this time, with translated dialog. The trailer above gives a brief sample of Final Fantasy 15 's English-language voice cast as our heroes embark on a fantastical road trip and square off against mammoth creatures. A demo version of Final Fantasy 15 will launch as an exclusive pre-order bonus bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March. [Video: Square Enix]

Israeli Tech Startups Attract Chinese Investors

TEL AVIV—As China scours the world for tech investments, it is increasingly flocking to Israel for the next big thing. Baidu Inc.’s investment in Uber Technologies Inc. last week is just the latest big Chinese investment in a foreign firm. But Chinese executives and investors say the tech startup hub of Tel Aviv is fast becoming a frequent stop in China’s global hunt for companies, startups and investments. They are joining American, European and Russian investors who have been shuttling in and out of Israel for...

Winning 3D-printed ornaments deck White House tree - CNET

A few talented artists get to have their 3D-printed ornaments hung on the White House Christmas tree, and they'll be on display at Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 8.0 is 'Data Stash', rolls over unused data usage

As the event winds down, T-Mobile’s latest move as the “Un-carrier” has been officially unveiled as “Data Stash.” As the name might suggest, this is a move that will see subscribers banking an amount of data every month, much like the “rollover minutes” of AT&T way back when. As part of the initiative, customers under the Magenta banner can roll over any unused high-speed data into the next month, and can do so for up to one year.

Sony hackers threaten US cinemas

Sony cancels the release of The Interview, a film about a fictional plot to kill North Korea's leader, after major cinemas decide not to screen it.

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