Why emotion and personal connection are the key to wearables

There is a fair amount of perceived innovation in wearable technology that is actually static reproduction of what’s already out there — with many recycled ideas lacking in originality, foresight and plausibility. So how do you break into that market and do it successfully?

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Google Tone Sends URLs to Nearby Computers Using Sound

Google has published a Chrome extension that allows you to share URLs in an interesting new way. Click a button and a simple chirrup from your computer’s speakers sends the link to other devices in earshot.

Applause App Automation wants to make testing apps quick and easy

Applause isn’t moving away from manual testing; it employs over 175,000 testers across the globe to run apps through more acute testing and find bugs a script might not. Applause says it’s better to consider App Automation as a quick means to test features during the process of updating an app.

The Top Tablets for Your Kids

But the iPad is not the only tablet on the market that will appeal to your tech-savvy toddler, tween, or teen. There are a number of Android-based slates that won't break the bank, Amazon has a kid-focused Kindle Fire, and toy manufacturers are turning their attention toward rugged tablets that can withstand a few drops, crashes, or throws.

Lenovo Shipped Record 18.7M Smartphones in Q4 2014, But Profit Dropped 37%

That figure included 7.8 million smartphones from Motorola, and represented an increase on the 16 million devices that Lenovo shipped in the previous quarter. For its entire year, the company said it shipped a best-ever haul of 76 million smartphones.

Microsoft releases Xbox One TV tuner in the US and Canada today

The add-on, manufactured by Hauppage, costs $59.99 and can be linked up with any HDTV broadcast antenna to give you access to over-the-air TV.

If Your Shark Photos Aren’t Good, You’re Not Close Enough | WIRED

That isn’t to say Hauser hasn’t had the occasional close call. Once, while photographing tiger sharks in the Bahamas, one of the fish managed to creep up and bite his camera. Hauser stayed calm, pull his gear from the creature’s mouth and gently closed its jaws without incident. It was a different story when he tried to shoot American saltwater crocodiles near Banco Chinchorro, an atoll off Mexico’s southeast coast. The crocs charged at him with open mouths, but Hauser stuck around (albeit out of reach) until they finally got used to him. His scaly subjects weren’t so amicable the next day, however, so Hauser felt it wise to be prudent. “We decided to leave those grumps alone,” he says.

Someone just pitched their Apple Watch app to Patrick Bateman

Still, 10/10 for effort, and to any other PRs hoping to get Patrick’s attention: This is a one-time deal. He’s too busy returning video tapes to handle any more pitches.

Facebook acqui-hires and shuts down payment startup Tugboat Yards

The startup’s website and embeddable widgets gave people who made podcasts, magazines, and other content a way to receive tips and payments. Some thought that it could help content creators make a living without forcing them to build complex payment systems for their websites.

Apple's planned iOS 9 ‘Home’ app uses virtual rooms to manage HomeKit accessories

Apple’s plan to manage upcoming HomeKit-compatible accessories could revolve around a new iOS app called “Home,” according to sources familiar with the app. Introduced at last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, HomeKit is an Apple initiative designed to encourage accessory makers to integrate “connected home” accessories such as Wi-Fi garage door openers , smart thermostats akin to  Nest’s Learning Thermostat , and wireless door locks with iPhones and iPads. Using Siri or the Home app, users will be able to remotely control parts of their homes directly from iOS devices…

Comcast Now Supports HBO GO And Showtime On Amazon Fire TV Devices

Though NOW is still somewhat restricted as well – it only works on iOS devices, Apple TV, Sling TV, and the web, the larger goal for HBO NOW is to be a cross-platform service. As HBO expands access to its solution for cord cutters, there will be less incentive for customers to buy a cable tv package – like one from Comcast – in order to watch HBO programming.

Invite-only social reading service 'This' now has an iPhone app

The new iOS app makes it easy to read articles shared by members on the service from your phone, post your own, follow others and share interesting links directly to social media.

Neal Stephenson Is Here To Answer Your Questions

Seveneves asks and answers the question What would happen if the world was ending? But we know you have even more questions for Neal Stephenson, master scribe of science fiction, cyberpunk, post-cyberpunk, scientific histories, mathematics, cryptography, and all-around technological badassery. Ask away in the comments below!

Using Lasers to Reveal the Secrets of Lost Civilizations | WIRED

The caves and shelters of Laas Geel, in Somaliland (an autonomous region of Somalia) contain some of the earliest known and best preserved, cave paintings in the Horn of Africa. The figures, believed to have been created between 3,500-2,500 B.C. show cows and human figures in rich colors. CyArk captured this point cloud with a LiDAR scan of a formation known as the Royal Chambers.

Twitch adds on-demand videos to mobile app

Owners of iOS devices just have to update the app to enable the new feature. But Android users have a bit more legwork. Twitch had to make some changes to the Android version to “address a possible security vulnerability,” so you have to delete the old app and install the new one from the Google Play store .

Can You Solve This Vietnamese Math Puzzle for 8-Year-Olds?

If you thought the Singaporean logic puzzle was tough , brace yourself for this math problem that was originally set for eight-year-old students in the Vietnamese town of Bao Loc. It’s apparently even stumped someone with a doctorate in economics with mathematics.

7 Ways To Gracefully Exit A Conversation

Much of the stress of ending a conversation comes from knowing there are other people you should meet or say hello to. So look at the attendee list ahead of time, and figure out who these people are. Do what you can to meet them first. Hang out by the name tags if necessary. Also, knowing who you wish to speak with offers an easy end to a conversation: "Excuse me, I see my old colleague and I need to say hello."

Win a premium Android phone

Some of the world’s best phones run on Android, which also happens to be a brilliant operating system. To help you make the most of this matchup, we are giving one lucky reader the chance to pick from three flagship handsets.

New Windows 10 preview for PCs now available with Microsoft Edge, changes to how default apps are handled

Last but not least, Microsoft has changed how Windows 10 handles default apps. In Windows 8.1, Win32 applications (those not in the Windows Store) could invoke a prompt asking the user to change their default settings. Windows Store apps could not do this, and instead a “new apps are available” notification banner appeared after installation, and clicking on it would let the user change their default settings.

Huawei launches its own IoT platform

The Agile network will act as a platform for companies to build their IoT infrastructures.

Windows 10 upgrades won't be free for everyone: Do you qualify? | ZDNet

Ed Bott is a freelance technical journalist and book author. All work that Ed does is on a contractual basis.Since 1994, Ed has written more than 25 books about Microsoft Windows and Office. Along with various co-authors, Ed is completely responsible for the content of the books he writes. As a key part of his contractual relationship with publishers, he gives them permission to print and distribute the content he writes and to pay him a royalty based on the actual sales of those books. Ed's books have been distributed under several imprints: Que Publishing (a division of Pearson Education); Microsoft Press (with production and distribution by O'Reilly), and Fair Trade Digital Exchange, where he was briefly a partner. On occasion, Ed accepts consulting assignments. In recent years, he has worked as an expert witness in cases where his experience and knowledge of Microsoft and Microsoft Windows have been useful. In each such case, his compensation is on an hourly basis, and he is hired as a witness, not an advocate. Ed sometimes receive fees and/or travel expenses for live speeches and webinars from companies and organizations.

Google now displays real-time tweets in mobile search results - CNET

So how does the new feature benefit the companies and searchers? Twitter, of course, may lure more users to its own service, which has been growing though not fast enough to please investors. Google, meanwhile, gains access to real-time updates, potentially drawing in more searchers. And for searchers, real-time tweets may offer up-to-date information that may not otherwise appear in Google's search results

The Surprisingly Complicated Physics Of A Light Bulb

How a Hacker Could Hijack an Airplane From Their Seat

Although insulated, the two networks in a plane are connected as they share common information about velocity, direction and weather. By monitoring just one network and comparing its traffic to the real world events, it would be very difficult to work out which network signals corresponded to which pieces of information. But by looking at the networks for signals that appear in both at the same time, a hacker may be more likely to infer how the data relate to physical changes.

Thank God: There’s Finally a ‘Fireplace’ for Private Jets | WIRED

Having a private jet is largely about having it all, so limitations are not welcome. That makes the safety regulations that ban working fireplaces on aircraft a real problem. Thankfully, Lufthansa Technik—the aircraft services division of the German airline—has created a “Fireless Fireplace” to make business jets feel as cozy as a living room on the ground.

Justin Timberlake Wants You To Listen To Higher-Quality Music

AfterMaster isn't the only company trying to tackle this problem. Throughout the music industry, people are trying to improve the quality of music at different stages in the process. Three years ago, Apple launched an initiative called Mastered by iTunes to improve the quality of audio for digital downloads through the iTunes platform. Around the same time, Chris Estes, a Nashville-based entrepreneur, developed a new approach called CLASP that allows artists to record music on analog tape, then convert it digitally to retain more of the sound spectrum. AfterMaster's technology is distinct from these other approaches because it can be incorporated into any existing electronic device at a relatively low cost.

Silicon Valley Takes a Trip to the Farm Belt | MIT Technology Review

When Larrabee began using such sensors, he had to walk into the fields to read each one individually—a process so laborious that he sometimes did it just once a week. But now, every 15 minutes, readings from the 25 sensors are fed into a network of solar-powered information-gathering stations scattered through the orchard. One of the stations transmits that information to a main database via cell signal. Larrabee uses his smartphone or tablet to log on to see that data, which is available almost instantaneously. Using a software platform called PTC ­ThingWorx, he sees two color-coded gauges for each sensor—blue means too much water in a given location, red not enough. Combined with data from weather stations around the property, the information helps ­Larrabee decide when to irrigate, where to do so, and how much water to use, either to maximize growth or to avoid frost. “Everything we do, every time I turn a pump on, everything costs money,” he says. “If I can manage my irrigation to exactly what I need, I’m not running the risk of overdoing it. I’m managing the health of the orchard better.

KFC's food tray keyboard saves your phone from greasy fingers

Using your smartphone while scoffing fast food will leave your shiny display covered in grease and grime, but thanks to KFC, there’s a better way to live-tweet what you’re eating.

74% off lifetime subscription to Blur Premium privacy protection

It means you can avoid nuisance calls and spam, while the credit card accounts can be set to self-destruct after a certain time to prevent fraud. To make using the masked details easier, Blur offers to auto-fill forms and automatically log in to recognized sites, and there are iOS and Android apps available, too.

Flare Audio R2PRO headphones: Brilliant sound and nothing more

Once in, I was surprised by just how comfortable they were. I barely noticed they were there. I managed to sit at my desk with them in for eight hours and never once needed to take them out because my ears were aching. The headphones did start to itch after four hours, but that would be classed as excessive use. Most people would actually step away from their laptop at some point during that time.

Read Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Emails Right Here

Since the State Department’s taking its time making public information public, The New York Times just released about a third of Hillary Clinton’s private, Benghazi-related emails. Read up because it’s transparency America’s been denied—plus it’s just fun to read politicians’ private correspondence.

Xbox One Over-The-Air TV Tuner Now Available

The OTA TV support for Xbox One means you can pair the new tuner hardware with an HDTV broadcast antenna (like the Mohu Leaf 50, which is available in a bundle with the new USB tuner for $100 direct from Microsoft) or whichever you might have to be using in your area currently. Live TV features include full HD signal support, as well as compatibility with Snap for side-by-side TV and gaming, Kinect for voice control, and streaming to other devices via the Xbox and Xbox One SmartGlass apps on Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android – even if the console’s being used for gaming by someone else in the house.

Google Fiber said to be a conduit for piracy fines - CNET

We have not shared any information about you with the complaining party, nor will we unless we receive a subpoena or are otherwise required by law to do so. Please be aware, however, that our Terms of Service forbid the use of your Google account for unlawful activities [..] repeated violations of our Terms of Service may result in remedial action being taken against your Google Fiber account, up to and including possible termination of your service."

Destiny: How To Dominate in the Trials of Osiris - Best Way to Play - IGN Video

Here are a few high level strategy tips that will help you win the best armor and weapons in the Trials of Osiris.

Algolia Grabs $18.3 Million From Accel For Its Search API On Steroids

Moreover, Algolia is very easy to implement on your website as the company opted for a SaaS strategy. It means that you can implement the company’s search engine for database objects in just a few lines of code thanks to its hosted API, feed the service with JSON-formatted data, and customize it to your needs. After that, your users can start searching right away. They will interact with Algolia’s servers without ever leaving your site. With 12 different data centers across the world, Algolia tries to make the experience as responsive as possible for its users.

Well, look at that: Spotify launches video - CNET

However, making Spotify a source for more diverse entertainment risks confusing consumers unfamiliar with the new model of charging a monthly $10 subscription for all the music they want to hear. Spotify identifies its core users as tech savvy early adopters and people who are dogged music fans -- but that leaves a wide swath of mainstream consumers untapped. Will those potential new customers be confused about what they're being asked to pay for if Spotify has comedy clips from Comedy Central shows and news segments from Vice News?

This Is What It Looks Like To Break The Rules At Work

Rules, you may have heard, are meant to be broken. And whether it's smashing your boss's office window ( Charlie Wilson's War ), or eating the inventory ( I Love Lucy ), or lighting a desk on fire ( Tommy Boy )—no one breaks work rules as thoroughly as the stars in these amazing, brazen clips of questionable on-the-clock behavior. We're not suggesting you act in similar fashions—though that paper-jam-inventing printer had it coming ( Office Space )—but as we explore The New Rules of Work this week, it's helpful to have a visual on what a cubicle-busting iconoclast really looks like. And . . . action!

Reports: Apple Maps to finally add transit directions in iOS 9

So what took so long? Well, according to a Thursday scoop in 9to5Mac , Apple was prepping a Maps overhaul for iOS 8, but pulled the plug prior to last year’s WWDC for a whole mess of reasons. The company reportedly didn’t have enough cities’ transit information ready to go in time, and the data it did have wasn’t completely accurate. Those problems have apparently been fixed. Apple is also working on indoor mapping, but that might not be ready to go in time for iOS 9’s rollout.

ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi review: thinner than air, but at what cost?

In the plus column, the Chi's all-aluminum casing feels solid, even if the full package is on the heavy side. I also like how the 12.5-inch screen has the tiniest of bumpers lining the edges; for all intents and purposes, it looks like edge-to-edge glass. Speaking of the sort, though the Chi is available at the lower end with a 1,920 x 1,080 display, I tested it with a higher-end, 2,560 x 1,440 panel, with a pixel density of 235 ppi. Particularly at $899 -- what my particular configuration costs in the real world -- this is a great screen: vibrant and crisp, with wide viewing angles, thanks to the IPS panel. In addition, there's an active digitizer inside, allowing it to recognize 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, whether through pen or finger input. That puts it on par with the Surface Pro 3, with one difference: The stylus pen here is sold separately, for $40. Unfortunately, I didn't get to test it out as part of my review, so I can't vouch for pen performance, except to say that having a pressure-sensitive screen at this price is already a plus.

Spotify will match music to your running pace

Spotify's surprise announcement is all about fitness and running. The company has built an all-new user experience that's designed for runners. Spotify unveiled the new feature at its event in New York City today. With the new feature, Spotify will now use your listening history and preferences to find the perfect soundtrack for your run. The app will use the hardware in smartphones (accelerometers, etc.) to determine your pace and play back songs that precisely match your performance. Here's how the company describes it:

How Facebook Turned The Social Graph Into A Hacker Alarm System

"You have a piece of malware talking to a domain—that’s two nodes with an edge between them. That domain’s hosted on an IP [address]—maybe that IP has hosted other domains," says Hammell, describing the detective work involved in identifying threats. Graphs are also a familiar enough family of data structure that security experts outside the company can quickly grasp how the system works, he says. "The interest and engagement in ThreatExchange from a range of industries has far surpassed our expectations." (Other companies can apply to join the network through an online form .)

Experts bust Android security myths

"This research shows that mobile malware in the Unites States is very much like Ebola – harmful, but greatly over exaggerated, and contained to a limited percentage of the population that is engaging in behavior that puts them at risk for infection," said Charles Lever, a Damballa senior scientific researcher, in a press release on the company's website.

Apple upgrades some 27

We all know Tim Cook is the logistics master of the supply train. �I believe the average shelf life of an Apple product is somewhere around the 5 day mark.. which is incredible considering they sell almost a billion products annually. � After what was a totally fumbled launch of the Apple Watch & new 12" Macbook, this premature update to the iMac and 15" rMBP seem to underline that Apple is more focused on having newly announced products ready to ship on/before the promised launch date. �I'd take this anyday over hearing publicly from droves of frustrated customers who placed pre-orders and have to wait months for actual shipment. �I'm one of those customers as it took almost 4 weeks for my launch-day 12" Macbook to ship and I'm still waiting to receive my Apple Watch Sport.

Mark Shuttleworth: Why Ubuntu mobile really matters | ZDNet

Summary: A smartphone that can work as a desktop may be a long shot but the pursuit of mobile technology has brought many benefits to Ubuntu, according to Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth.

1/ Some Personal News

However, I’d like to be involved with this fantastic blog as much as  Verizon Aol  Matthew will let me. I will always be a resource, collaborator and friend to our readers and those in the community who have given me their wisdom and trust but most of all a chance: Especially Mike Arrington, Heather Harde, Eric Eldon, Leena Rao, Susan Lyne, Jay Kirsch, Fara Warner, Susan Hobbs, Kara Swisher, Ned Desmond, Tim Armstrong, Ryan Block, Luke Beatty and my current co-editor Matthew Panzarino.

Could a 'super-Earth' be even more habitable than our own planet? - CNET

In fact, a pair of scientists have been looking into the possibility that there might be a distant planet (or a couple of them or maybe 3 billion) out there more suitable to supporting life as we know it. They even describe what such a "superhabitable" planet might look like -- a super-Earth with a mass double or triple that of our planet, orbiting in the habitable zone around a K-type dwarf star several billion years older than our sun.

Phree smartpen is designed to work on any surface, including your face - CNET

The laser-guided, connected input device will let you take notes or draw on any surface, according to its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign.

Los Angeles' minimum wage on track to go up to $15 by 2020

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday backed a plan to raise the city’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, joining a trend sweeping cities across the country as elected leaders seek to boost stagnating pay for workers on the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder.

The $200 Million Startup That Brings Happiness To Your Workout

ClassPass, a fitness class subscription service startup based in New York City, was recently valued at more than $200 million. Here the company's CEO, Payal Kadakia, discusses what drives her, the challenges of scaling up, and how her love of dance moved her to launch a brand.

Salesforce Pops 3% On Revenue, Earnings Beat In Its FQ1

Salesforce today  reported adjusted profit of $0.16 per share on revenue if $1.51 billion in the first quarter of its fiscal 2016. The market had expected the SaaS firm to report $0.14 in adjusted, per-share profit on revenue of $1.5 billion.

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