Near-Earth asteroid has its own little moon in tow - CNET

The asteroid passed by with plenty of room to spare. The closest it came was 745,000 miles away from our planet. It was still a special event since we'll have to wait until 2027 for another asteroid of this size to come within space-spitting distance of Earth (asteroid 1999 AN10, if you want to write it on your calendar). It will take a couple of centuries before 2004 BL86 and its moon will pass by as close as it did this time around.

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Create A Sound Sculpture To Track Company Performance

So here’s a novel way to track your corporate performance: Generate a multimedia sculpture. You might think that’s a little over the top, but considering how hard you work to gather and analyze all those dry, boring numbers, a sound sculpture is much more fun — and certainly more creative. At least that was the idea behind the recently released project by New York design agency, Hush Studios .

A Weekend on Bitcoin | MIT Technology Review

In only a few places did I encounter obstacles. At a souvenir shop I had to wait a few minutes for the owner to arrive, since he was the only one who knew how to accept Bitcoin. And at another shop I had some momentary Wi-Fi problems. I was turned away only once, at a small restaurant where the young woman working that day hadn’t heard of Bitcoin. The cook, who was sitting at a table waiting for customers, said, “I’ve heard of Bitcoin, but I don’t think we take it. Maybe the previous owners did?” (They were both surprised when I showed them the Bitcoin sticker affixed next to ones from MasterCard and Visa on the restaurant’s window.)

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Brought More Android Switchers, New Customers Than Prior Models

During today's earnings call covering the first fiscal quarter of 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about the sales split between the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. He declined to provide specific numbers on the split, but he did confirm that the iPhone 6 was the most popular device. "Obviously to sell 74.5 million devices, they were all popular," Cook said. "Both did incredibly well. We're really proud of them, along with the iPhone 5s and 5c." According to Cook, there was some clear geographical preference for the iPhone 6 vs the iPhone 6 Plus. Some locations skewed higher to iPhone 6 Plus preference, while others preferred the iPhone 6. He didn't specify which regions preferred which devices, but data has suggested Asian countries favored the iPhone 6 Plus. During the call, Cook also mentioned that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus brought the highest Android switcher rate over the course of the last three years and that there's still a lot of opportunity to see growth as only a "small fraction" of existing iPhone users (in the low teens) have upgraded to a new device.

This Is What a Blood Clot Looks Like Close-Up

This image looks like it could the a colorful underwater coral reef or a child's breakfast cereal strewn across the floor. But it is, in fact, what a blood clot looks like if you zoom right in.


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Pay What You Want for this iOS Designer Bundle

If there’s one thing the world’s most popular mobile apps have in common, it’s that they look great. Designing the perfect interface takes time and requires skill and practice – and our latest bundle includes everything you need to shape a beautiful iOS app.

Apple - Press Info - Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results

Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results Highest-ever revenue & earnings drive 48% increase in EPS Growth led by record revenue from iPhone, Mac & App Store CUPERTINO, California—January 27, 2015—Apple® today announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 first quarter ended December 27, 2014. The Company posted record quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion and record quarterly net profit of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $57.6 billion and net profit of $13.1 billion, or $2.07 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 39.9 percent compared to 37.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 65 percent of the quarter’s revenue. The results were fueled by all-time record revenue from iPhone® and Mac® sales as well as record performance of the App Store℠. iPhone unit sales of 74.5 million also set a new record. “We’d like to thank our customers for an incredible quarter, which saw demand for Apple products soar to an all-time high,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

International shipping finally gets its big data revolution | ZDNet

To make the system work, Freightos has developed a method that allows users to upload contracts and other data to an online reader that can handle the Excel and PDF files shippers and customers usually use. The system also incorporates data from government websites discussing fees, requirements (limitations on the kind of freight that can be shipped to or from a location, for example), and legal issues. It takes into account the criteria of customers (where and when cargo is to be shipped, who takes custody of it when it is delivered, penalties for late delivery, for example); ship location and availability (from the aforementioned Linescape site); weather data; and price schedules from shippers, ship owners, and other data. Because the system has to incorporate many different kinds of databases, Freightos also uses JProfiler, a cloud-based analysis system that extracts data from different format databases and inserts it into a single format, allowing for more efficient analysis.

How To Turn Your Personality Into Your Career Advantage

Unless you’re a second-generation dictator, genius inventor, or extraordinary entrepreneur, odds are your potential to get ahead in your career is going to depend on your capacity for getting along with your bosses, colleagues, and clients. And that requires understanding and managing your personality—coming to terms with it and being in control of it so it doesn’t end up controlling you.

The career advice you probably didn’t get

You’re doing everything right at work, taking all the right advice, but you’re just not moving up. Why? Susan Colantuono shares a simple, surprising piece of advice you might not have heard before quite so plainly. This talk, while aimed at an audience of women, has universal takeaways — for men and women, new grads and midcareer workers.

Now HTML 5 is finished, W3C boss Jeff Jaffe discusses what comes next | ZDNet

Summary: Now HTML 5 has finally been standardized, Jeff Jaffe, the W3C's CEO, wants to get people talking about what to do next. His suggestion is to build an application foundation to underpin the Open Web Platform - an operating system for the web.

The Bluewire Is A Bluetooth Headset That Can Record Your Calls

Once saved to the headset’s memory, you can access your recordings via the accompanying Bluewire app. There, you can download the file to your phone or send to Dropbox for editing and transcription on your PC. Bluewire creator Avi Gilor says he’s working on expanding the app to let users automatically send their files directly to apps like Evernote as soon as they’re received on the phone.

Omniref Adds JavaScript To Its Code Annotation Platform

The huge number of developers using JavaScript should bolster Omniref’s sign-ups, which currently hover at around 7,000. Even with a community that size, Robertson says most questions are answered within a minute or two on the site, with the exception of “more obscure stuff, like questions about older versions of code that most people don’t use any more.” In those cases, Robertson says the team will try to reach out to people they know will have the answer, but that’s becoming increasingly rare.

SkyMall's Demise Could Save American Airlines $350K a Year on Fuel | WIRED

Now, it’s easy to make fun, but that’s a real number, one that is “less than random deviations in just about everything,” says Richard Aboulafia, an aviation analyst with the Teal Group. So if it’s actually significant, why didn’t airlines dump them sooner? Well, in-flight magazines are still a thing (somehow), and their value to passengers must outweigh the expense it costs to lug them up to 35,000 feet. You can bet the bean-counters did the math on this—even if Southwest and American didn’t want to tell us about it.

But why blow up cats? Inman gives inside scoop on Exploding Kittens - CNET

Careless kittens, cards, Kickstarter and The Oatmeal combined to bust crowdfunding records. CNET chats with Matthew Inman, and it's not all SFW.

Apple Sold 74.4 Million iPhones

The first quarter results also revealed that Apple sold 5.5 million Macs (an increase of 14 percent over last year) and 21.4 million iPads (a decrease of 18 percent compared to last year).

Facebook Outage Sparks Online Snark

"Earlier this evening many people had trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram. This was not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems. We moved quickly to fix the problem, and both services are back to 100% for everyone."

Microsoft confirms Windows 10's 'Spartan' browser to get extensions | ZDNet

Spartan is not yet part of the Windows 10 Desktop preview builds. It also is not slated to be part of the first Windows 10 Mobile preview, due out in February. It will be added to both previews some time in the coming months, Microsoft officials said.

Pitch Your Startup On TC Radio On Sirius XM Indie 102

That’s what they’re telling us as a blizzard pummels the northeast. So if we can make sure that TechCrunch Radio on Sirius XM Indie 102 carries on, we will. We simply ask that you apply to be a part of the show and be around to call into the show on Tuesday at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

This Desk Knows When You've Been Sitting Too Long, And Urges You To Stand Up

If you haven't moved for a while, the desk will, like a kind of exasperated mother, sigh. It moves gently up and down, just an inch, to jar you into standing without disturbing your workflow too much (though it's certainly a surprising feeling to have your desk suddenly move beneath you). You can either tap the touchscreen to adjust the desk to standing height, or ignore it, and continue sitting for a bit longer. Over time, the desk learns your patterns and will prompt you to stand when you're most likely to want to stand. An account linked to your FitBit keeps track of your preferences, allowing you to move between two desks seamlessly (without manually logging in).

Watch people lose their minds when subjected to the Tesla P85D's 'insane' mode

When Elon Musk first showed off the Model S P85D, Tesla's high-end all-wheel-drive electric car, he said that his company wanted to reach the kind of acceleration achieved by the world's greatest supercars.  With the help of a dash camera , some unsuspecting victims, and the car's ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds, a P85D owner made a super sweary compilation video to show that Tesla was certainly successful in making its newest model shockingly speedy.

France wants to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

A 3D Model of Microsoft's HoloLens Is the Closest You Can Get For Now

You can't actually try it on to see what all the fuss is about, but the 3D model includes a bunch of interactive annotations so you can check out all the technology that Microsoft has packed into the HoloLens, including Kinect-like sensors and video cameras so others can see what you're looking at too. If you're desperate to get your hands on one after pawning your Google Glass, this should at least help tide you over until Microsoft finally makes them available to the public. Or to convince you that maybe you don't want this on your head. [ Sketchfab ]

The Mobile App-Install Ad Is Driving A Boom In Mobile Ad Spend — And Not Just Among Game Makers

These ads are becoming an essential tool for apps seeking to stand out among the millions of mobile apps on the Google Play and the Apple app stores. On top of strong performance, including high clickthrough rates, marketers like app-install ads because their value can often be accurately quantified.

Highly critical “Ghost” allowing code execution affects most Linux systems

The bug affects virtually all Linux-based software that performs domain name resolution. As result, it most likely can be exploited not only against servers but also client applications. Word of the vulnerability appears to have caught developers of the Ubuntu, Debian, and Red Hat distributions of Linux off guard. At the time this post was being prepared they appeared to be aware of the bug but had not yet distributed a ready-made fix. People who administer Linux systems should closely monitor official channels for information about how specific distributions are affected and whether a patch is available. Admins should also prepare for the inevitable reboots that will be required after installing the patch.

How to reclaim your iPhone's storage space in under 2 minutes

I have an iOS app called Battery Doctor. It has a function that allows me to clear my iPhone and iPad of extraneous data. I can also clear my cache with the app. I constantly clear mi Google app and Safari app. However, because the apps I delete are always available to restore from the app shoo free, I constantly delete games and other apps, knowing if I really need them again, I can download them and then delete them after I’ve finished with them. Another thing I do, is I regularly download docs and photos to my computer. This way I always have space. Cheers.

Apple Tops Most-Optimistic Quarterly Outlook

Apple Inc. surpassed even the most bullish Wall Street expectations for its holiday quarter with an improbable trifecta: selling more iPhones at higher prices—and earning more on each sale.

Flash Producer Spills on Reverse-Flash Secrets Time Travel Speed Force and More! - IGN

"I think part of what's keeping this next stream of episodes going is how good at hiding his villainy Wells is and how strong Tom's performance is," Kreiserg continued. "And having an episode like "The Sound and the Fury" where he really is being incredibly selfless, and yet part of you knows it's all a show; it's all fake -- but just how effective it really is. Even more so than that, how much you want it not to be true. I think that's the biggest thing we've discovered as writers. When you watch those episodes, you watch Tom in those scenes, and you see how kind he is, and supportive. Even though we know we're the ones who made him evil, we sometimes sit there and go, 'God, why? Just please be Harrison Wells! Please don't be this nightmarish demon.' But hopefully we've plotted it so that not being sure of what he was and then knowing he's Reverse-Flash but still not knowing what his full agenda is, people will continue to invest in it without feeling like they're too far ahead of the characters."

Super Bowl Emoji Sticker Set Gets You Into The Team Spirit

You may think Super Bowl Sunday is just about team spirit, house parties, sports bars and the keg. But for texting addicts on their own play-by-play, Big Emoji has come up with custom Super Bowl XLIX emoji stickers for your iOS device.

CloudBees Raises $23.5M Funding Round Led By Lightspeed Venture Partners

CloudBees , a service that focuses on providing enterprise solutions around the open-source Jenkins  continuous integration engine, today announced that it has raised a $23.5 million Series D funding round led by previous investor Lightspeed Venture Partners. Other participants in this round include existing investors Matrix Partners, Verizon Ventures and Blue Cloud Ventures.

PlayStation, Meet Spotify

We know how important music is to our community of gamers, and this partnership combines the best in music with the best in gaming. PlayStation Network users will enjoy the convenience of linking your accounts to Spotify, making it easy to sign-up with your existing ID and subscribe to Spotify’s Premium service. You can also use Spotify while playing games on PS4 , enabling you to soundtrack your gaming sessions with your favorite songs in the background. Want something heavy and rocking for an intense Destiny Raid? How about some old school hip hop while taking the field in Madden NFL? With more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists, Spotify on PlayStation Music has it covered. As we get closer to launch we look forward to telling you about some of the other great features that will be available exclusively through Spotify on PlayStation Music.

From efficiency to airflow, it’s a golden age for racing tech in our driveways

If you want to actually win on Sunday, you have to design, engineer, and build a car that’s better—for the given set of rules—than everybody else who turns up. And in the course of doing that you can learn or test things that can improve the cars you sell, particularly if the rulebook encourages this kind of innovation. Not every racing series does this, however. In some cases, the cars must be so specialized for the task in hand that any lessons learned aren’t transferable. There’s not much on a Formula 1 car, for instance, that’s relevant to what we drive on the road. Other times, the rules are so tightly controlled that much of the equipment is identical across competitors, leaving less to be learned. Every IndyCar IR12 on the grid uses the same chassis, NASCAR Generation 6 stock cars all use an identical chassis, and the same is true for the German (DTM), Australian (V8 Supercars), and Japanese (Super GT) equivalents.

​Misfit turns $50 Flash fitness band into smart home remote, too - CNET

Misfit also has more in store, targeted for a spring timeframe. The Flash will work with the Logitech Harmony API for home media and light controls. It will work with the August Smart Lock to unlock your door, if you so wish. or work with Nest thermostats to begin adjusting your home's temperature as you wake up (coming in March, according to Misfit). Double-clicking on the Flash tracker will be able to launch Spotify on a phone, or connect with the Yo app (to, you know, Yo. The Flash will also work with Misfit's Bolt connected multi-color LED light bulbs, to turn on and off the lights.

Twitter tries to up its game with group messages and native video

Until now, direct messages could only be sent to a single user, but Twitter has been talking for some time about wanting to add more features to that side of its business, and recently launched the ability to send tweets via DM. The direct message side of the business has been somewhat overlooked in the past, some users argue: the service added the ability to receive DMs from someone you don’t follow and then just as quickly removed it, and synchronization of read and unread messages across platforms has also been an on-again, off-again kind of feature. Sending links via DM has also been problematic, because Twitter’s spam and malware algorithm rejected most of them as hazardous unless they had been whitelisted.

Apple said to be selling more iPhones in China than in the US

As China’s population adopts smartphones, Apple is ready to reap the benefits. In its quarterly earnings call Tuesday, Apple is expected to announce that for the first time, it has sold more iPhones in China than in the United States.

This headset filters out ads from the real world, will make watching Super Bowl ads awkward

Corporate branding and advertisements are ubiquitous in society today and almost impossible to avoid. What if we lived in a world where consumers were blind to this surplus of corporate branding? Brand Killer is a technology demonstration that envisions a future in which consumers can use augmented reality to opt out of corporate influence. We built a head-mounted display which uses computer vision to recognize and block brands and logos from the user's view in real time. It's AdBlock for Real Life.

Twitterific for iOS Gets Multi-Image Uploads, Video Previews

Most usefully, you can finally upload multiple images – up to four at once. Similarly, you can now view up to four images attached to a tweet on your timeline. You can also now watch videos straight in your stream from sources like Vine, Instagram and GIFs.

Registration for Facebook's F8 Conference is Open Now

One of the major selling points for the conference this year is the inclusion of all of Facebook’s major properties, among them Oculus, Messenger, Parse, Instagram, WhatsApp and, of course, Facebook itself. You can see the full schedule of events here .

Why Elon Musk Wants to Launch a Space-Based Internet Service | MIT Technology Review

SpaceX and Virgin Galactic also hope to ride a different boom by targeting parts of the world where there is little infrastructure and a huge opportunity for Internet growth. Satellite services remain less economical in areas where fiber-optic networks are in place, but Musk has stated that his Internet service would be aimed primarily at providing service to remote areas of the globe.

Scary 'Ghost' vulnerability leaves Linux systems vulnerable to possession

The flaw in Glibc exposes a buffer overflow that can be triggered locally and remotely in the “gethostbyname” functions. Applications using glibc get access to a DNS resolver, which converts hostnames into an IP address, Kandek wrote.

Sling TV preview: Does this $20-a-month cord-cutter service work as promised?

So the million-dollar question (or billion, if you own a cable company) is: Can this replace my current TV setup? For now, and for me, no. I don't watch cable news or the reality-style shows that flood the Scripps family of channels that together make up the lion's share of what's available on Sling TV. Of course, my cable subscription already includes those (at a much higher cost, plus charges for equipment and other add-ons), but it also brings all of the other channels that I actually do watch, and can't currently get on Sling TV. If you're sitting on a big-screen setup and a TV addiction that keeps the DVR full from one day to the next, this probably isn't going to cut it, although you're welcome to try. There are just too many shows missing, and despite the rise of other streaming services it's not quite a competitor for the cable bundle, even given its much lower entry price

A Coffee Cup Designed to Let Astronauts Sip Espresso in Space | WIRED

The project an evolution of Don Pettit’s low-gravity cup, which he designed while on the ISS in 2008 as a means of drinking coffee in something approaching a normal fashion. It used the same principles employed by the espresso cup—an sharp interior corner angle that draws liquid upward—but was far less sustainable and scalable at that point. The Portland team began working on the problem after Italy announced it would send an espresso machine to the International Space Station later this year. No respectable espresso-drinking astronaut wants to sip brew out of a bag. The pleasure of drinking espresso comes from the inhaling the aroma and sipping the crema, the frothy, oily bubbles that sit at the top of your glass. That can’t happen when you’re drinking from plastic bags.

Alfred Remote lets you control your Mac from iOS

Yeah I almost forgot the Actions. Gave it a try years ago. The design philosophy of Actions is weird; they tend to handle everything on the remote end, instead of setting workflows on the target computer. As a result, the best thing you can hope from Actions is letting it send a bunch of hotkeys in sequence. And if you need to do something that involves more than one applications, your best bet is to set Automation script as service and assign global hotkey to it. Don’t think that’s a super brilliant approach for such purpose. BTW, It looks like the dev had abandon Actions, and switched to some new project called HoloBase.

PAX South 2015: Homeworld Remastered Looks Gorgeous - IGN

My session ended, unsurprisingly, with my entire fleet decimated. That single right click I made? The enemy mothership. I wasn't even paying attention honestly, I was just doing what I always used to back when Homeworld first came out: picking out individual ships, focusing in on them to admire all their little details, and watching happily as they streaked toward a beautiful, fiery death. Thanks to how good the Homeworld Remastered Collection looks, I can happily ogle as if it were 1999.

1Password for iOS adds one-time password tool for two factor auth, new login creator, more

The popular secure password management app 1Password is out with a big update today adding new features on both iOS and Mac . Arriving in version 5.2 of 1Password for iOS is a new login creator tool, a one-time password tool for use with two factor auth, new entry fields for pro users, and more. On the Mac side, 1Password version 5.1 was released adding a number of improvements to sync. This includes the ability to sync secondary vaults to iOS over WiFi. More on the major new features below:

Catcalling Is Never Funny Unless It's These Bros Tricked Into Catcalling Their Mothers

Athletics brand Everlast recently teamed up with activist group Paremos el Acoso Callejero (Stop Street Harassment) to teach catcallers on the streets of Lima what their mothers apparently never taught them—by using the people in the world most suited for that very task. In the viral video, which is clearly staged, although it's fun to pretend that it isn't, the Paremos team gets hold of the mothers of area serial harassers and recruits them for a guerrilla mission to end their sons' lives.

New TV tech for 2015: Improving the LCD - CNET

Alongside a host of TV announcements at CES 2015 were multiple new (or newish) TV technologies: quantum dots, HDR, MEMS and more. All of them aim to make the dominant TV tech, LCD, look better. Here's what these terms mean.

Half of Facebook's Users Only Visit On A Mobile Device

This quarter, half a billion users out of a total 1.39 billion accessed the social network using only a mobile device, making an increase of 26 percent year-over-year. That’s 37.8 percent of Facebook users that never  log in to the desktop site.

FCC issues warning on Wi-Fi blocking, cites “disturbing” trend

In the 21 st Century, Wi-Fi represents an essential on-ramp to the Internet. Personal Wi-Fi networks, or “hot spots,” are an important way that consumers connect to the Internet.  Willful or malicious interference with Wi-Fi hot spots is illegal…The Enforcement Bureau has seen a disturbing trend in which hotels and other commercial establishments block wireless consumers from using their own personal Wi-Fi hot spots on the commercial establishment’s premise.

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