Sea Otters Use Tools, and Archaeologists Are On the Case

For a long time, we thought of tool use as the thing that made us human, but we actually share the ability with many other primates, as well as surprising animals like crows and sea otters. Some archaeologists are interested in studying sea otters’ tools.

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Get your daily war news in a 'Star Wars' credits crawl

‘World Wars – News from the Empire’ uses two Python scripts. One fetches the New York Times’ RSS feeds, filters them to feature only those using war-related keywords, then creates a crawl based on that text. The other uploads that animation to YouTube, adding a title and description.

PSA: Do not sleep with your EE Power Bar charging next to you, this one caught fire

Sleeping with electrical equipment plugged in and charging all around us might be normal for many people, but you probably know you shouldn’t really be doing it either, just in case something goes wrong.

PewResearch Internet on Twitter

79% of parents on social media agree that they get useful information from their networks.

Liquor-sampling service Flaviar goes mobile to help you find the best spirits

Flaviar has been catering to the world’s liquor-lovin’ masses for more than three years, with a subscription sampling service that delivers an assortment of hand-picked spirits to your door every month. While Flaviar has been a Web-only affair since its inception, today sees the official launch of its first mobile app, following an extended beta period.

Vietnam's fledgling startup scene (pictures) - CNET

The country is trying to become a bigger player in the tech world by encouraging startups. CNET visits some of these Vietnamese companies during Road Trip 2015.

These 7 Tinder Clones Won't Get You Laid, But They're Still Amazing

But not all these matchmaking apps have anything to do with sex, dating or finding love. You can swipe right for baby names, new apartments, local parties and much more. Here are 7 of our favorite relationship-free Tinder clones:

Nextbit Shifts to Become a Phone Maker (Exclusive)

Nextbit also looks to leverage a bunch of the cloud-based storage technologies it previously showcased, features that allow much of the contents of the phone to be mirrored on cloud-based servers. That allows users to easily move not just apps but their place within apps from one device to another.

Trello Launches Enterprise Service With Single Sign-On Support, Brings Two-Factor Authentication To All Users

Trello is a free app that makes working on group projects as easy as using sticky notes on your whiteboard. Available on your phone, tablet, and desktop, Trello's drag-and-drop interface and visual way of organizing your tasks makes sure you always know what needs to get done and who's working on it. Whether it's your sales pipeline, new employee training program, a home renovation project, …

We're hosting a Q&A with the US Labor Secretary about the 'gig economy'

It will be moderated by our own Terrence O'Brien and you'll get answers directly from the Secretary on our Facebook page. Start thinking about what you'd like to ask him and join us here on this page (where we'll embed the post once we get started) on Monday. If you can't make it, drop your question in the thread below . And last but not least, you'll also want to read Nicole Lee's piece on the future of the gig economy .

Apple, Google join White House pledge to fight climate change

Some of the US' bigger tech firms have already made conspicuous efforts to embrace clean energy and otherwise tackle climate change , but they're reinforcing that commitment today. Apple, Google and Microsoft are among the 13 corporate giants helping the White House launch the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, which encourages companies to cut pollution and use sustainable resources. The tech industry members aren't really changing course (they're already using or moving to 100 percent energy, for example). However, they're definitely showing how their bread is buttered -- they're "setting an example" for others, and pushing for good results from the climate negotiations in Paris this year. Think of the pledge as both a publicity grab as well as a formal acknowledgment of ongoing work.

Old school boom box vs. today's wireless speakers: Which sounds best? - CNET

I never owned a boom box back in the day, but as I recall, some of them sounded decent, so I was curious to see how a vintage boom box would fare in a direct comparison with some of the better portable wireless speakers. A friend volunteered his 24-year-old JVC PC-X100 boom box, which sports a built-in CD player, AM/FM radio and a dual-well analog cassette deck.

4 yummy trail mix recipes to power you through the week

This mix is for the peeps who always order chocolate ice cream. Combine a handful of juicy prunes with some sweet banana chips (because chocolate and bananas are a definite yes) and then add some rich Brazil nuts. Now for the chocolate: Throw in some chocolate-covered goji or acai berries. Take it to the next level by adding brownie bites.

Learn to be a great project manager with this course bundle

The PMP and PMI qualifications are widely recognized by employers around the world, and the tuition in this bundle is geared toward the exam. You learn plenty of real-world skills along the way, starting with a Basics course that teaches you how to identify major shareholders, develop a roadmap, and draw up a schedule. This track also includes communication techniques and risk management. The Expert version of the course looks at goals, team building, Gantt charts, and cost estimation.

Microsoft Has Hit The Ecosystem Wall

This will be an interesting space to watch. The three ecosystems have different anchors of control. Apple with tighter HW-SW integration; Google with more open Android platform and Microsoft with new Windows 10 at its core. We are at roughly 3 + billion smart connected devices and expected to go somewhere towards 25-50 billion devices running on three OS from these three giants. It is difficult to predict where these ecosystems will evolve but it is clear that Microsoft led with PC but dropped the ball with mobile and is restarting with Windows 10. The scope of ecosystems changes with IOT and enterprise (beyond knowledge workers). So, IBM and GE also come into play as potential ecosystem players. How will we interoperate across these will determine the future shape of ecosystems.

Engadget on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Buzzfeed and iHeartRadio now in a Snapchat near you

BuzzFeed’s channel doesn’t contain the sort of lists you might have expected to see, and instead opts for short videos and images that are likely to be well shared within the app.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Windows 10 installation files already sneaking onto Windows 7 and 8 PCs

The impact on you at home:  Silently downloading updates to your machine is part of the new era for Windows. Microsoft hopes to keep its user base current with the latest feature updates and security patches by giving Windows 10 Home users almost no opportunity to delay or skip Windows updates. Instead, they will be automatically downloaded, and then installed when the machine isn't in use.

Visa Invests in Stripe at $5 Billion Valuation and Strikes Commercial Deal, Too

The tie-up comes at a time in which tech companies, credit card networks, retailers and startups alike are jostling to carve out their own power positions in digital and mobile payments. Stripe is viewed as a friend by credit card companies because its software is popular with developers and allows online businesses and app makers to begin accepting credit card payments quickly. A newly independent PayPal, on the other hand, is sometimes viewed warily because, while it processes a ton of credit cards and owns a Stripe competitor that does, too, it also tries to steer shoppers toward payments via their bank accounts that are cheaper for PayPal to process than card payments.

Pandora’s Sponsored Listening launches out of beta: Remove ads by giving brands your full attention

First opened in beta last September, Sponsored Listening is a reward-based ad product that lets users on the ad-supported “free” service remove ads for an hour by actively engaging with a brand. This could be through watching a short video or clicking to visit a company’s website.

NASA: Pluto's Surface Has Ice Flows, Atmosphere Has Haze

Pluto's atmosphere is proving far more robust than anyone anticipated. The hydrocarbon atmosphere reaches some 20 miles above the surface and is thought to be formed by ultraviolet sunlight breaking up methane gas. The atmosphere actually creates a sort of haze around the dwarf planet, as can be seen in the backlit image above. It was initially thought that Pluto would be too warm (yes, too warm) for these hydrocarbon hazes to form close to the surface, but our view is beginning to change.

Ebay Closes Delivery Service EBay Now, Will Also Shut Down Its Fashion, Motors & Valet Apps

Following its split from PayPal last week, eBay announced this morning it’s closing down a number of standalone mobile applications, including eBay Valet, eBay Fashion and eBay Motors, and is retiring its on-demand delivery service eBay Now. On the latter item, the company says that eBay Now was “always intended” as a pilot program, and while it saw encouraging results, it will instead explore other delivery and pick-up and drop-off programs that are relevant to its customer base of 25 million sellers, and that cover a wider variety of inventory.

Xbox Live's Games With Gold for August Revealed - IGN

Microsoft has announced the games being featured in Xbox Live's Games with Gold program for August.

Google Study Confirms All Of Our Suspicions About Online Ads

Google looked at a very specific, but common, type of advertisement in their study. These interstitial ads interrupted people who visited the Google+ social network on their smartphones and asked them to download the Google+ app. (You can see an example in the image above.) Many companies use this tactic to try to get people to download the brand's app when they visit a company's site on a phone or tablet.

NSA won't look at call metadata collected under the Patriot Act

The National Security Agency is apparently willing to make a clean break from the past now that the USA Freedom Act is forcing it to scale back its large-scale surveillance efforts. The organization now says that it won't analyze call metadata collected under the Patriot Act from November 29th onward. It'll hang on to that data for another three months for "integrity purposes" (that is, verifying that new collection techniques are working) and as long as civil lawsuits require, but the goal is to destroy that info "as soon as possible." This doesn't put an end to mass surveillance (that's still practical under the new law), but it will prevent the NSA from digging through historical info that many critics believe it shouldn't have kept in the first place.

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

Yet despite all the benefits to mind, body, and society, plenty of people find it hard to sit down and start reading. It seems like we just don’t have the time to read more. We have work and family commitments; we have smartphone pings and social media mentions to respond to. But both Billington and Wilkinson say you can become a more committed reader—and reap the major benefits of reading—without putting your life on hold and locking yourself in a library. Here’s how:

95% Of Android Phones Could Be Hacked With Just One Text

The hack relies on bugs in Stagefright , a media playback service that’s built into Android. All hackers need is a phone number: Once they send a photo or video MMS message to a phone, they have full access. The security flaw—present in most Android phones manufactured after 2010—allows hackers to steal and monitor the contents of a phone. In other words, the hacker has complete control—a phone owner need not even open the text for the attack to take effect.

How to create the Perfect Jailbroken iPhone

Let us know what you think about this setup in the comments! If you want to send us your setup, feel free to post it in the comments or send it to us at and we’ll check it out, and feature in our next post!

30 Beijing police shut down massive iPhone counterfeiting operation

BEIJING Police in Beijing have busted a factory that produced more than 41,000 fake iPhones worth as much as 120 million yuan ($19 million), including some that reached the United States, and have arrested nine suspects in the counterfeiting operation.

U.S. cable networks court YouTube personalities

ANAHEIM, California (Lisa Richwine, Reuters) — For the first time, cable TV network Nickelodeon staged a casting call at VidCon, a convention that draws stars of YouTube and social media like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat and their passionate followers.

Beware Jailbreakers! Lock Saver Free tweak installs a trojan on your device

Just recently, a jailbreak tweak surfaced on Cydia called Lock Saver Free available via ModMyi’s repo that turns off the power consuming features once your iOS device is locked. Surprisingly, the package has been found to contain a trojan that will still remain behind after you remove the tweak from your device.

33 How to find agility in the cloud

"We needed to move from where deployment was a post-application function to a Dev Ops culture," Juneja says. "We needed to bring in some talent that could address the leadership gap we had in cloud and in Dev Ops. The benefit of stabilizing and thinking about next-gen concurrently is we were able to do a lot of analysis of our existing stack, our existing team functions — idenfity the things we would do and not do in the new environment. This is where we identified the gaps in our skills and leadership. We brought in a vice president for cloud that had done cloud transformation for a healthcare company. We built a center of excellence for Dev Ops and brought in a leader from a major transactions company."

Gett expands beyond just taxis in London, but only if you need £50 champagne in a hurry

It’s only available between 4pm and 10pm to people located around Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, the City, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia and Kensington though. If you want one anywhere else in London, you’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way and go into a shop, or order in advance from Amazon and save yourself £10. Or Ocado , and save yourself around £20.

Is Apple's control freakery out of control?

Let's fully grok the control freakery here. The Nest Thermostat was on sale in Apple Stores for three years and, of course, it never supported HomeKit because HomeKit didn't exist. Then, HomeKit happens, followed by HomeKit support in the ecobee3, and suddenly, Apple really, really doesn't want you buying the non-HomeKit supporting the Nest thermostat.

How NSA and GCHQ spied on the Cold War world - BBC News

American and British intelligence used a secret relationship with the founder of a Swiss encryption company to help them spy during the Cold War, newly released documents analysed by the BBC reveal.

The Windows 10 Era Is Now

Core to the launch tension we just highlighted is the fact that Microsoft intends to update Windows 10 on a continual basis from today on out. That’s to say that the final bits that it sends to OEMs, or you and I, are not final at all, but merely represent where the code was that day. Again, this tears at the concept of “launch,” but we can set aside that issue for now.

Open Logic Project

The Open Logic Text is an open textbook on mathematical logic aimed at a non-mathematical audience, intended for advanced logic courses as taught in many philosophy departments. It is open-source: you can download the LaTeX code. It is open: you’re free to change it whichever way you like, and share your changes. It is collaborative: a team of people is working on it, using the GitHub platform, and we welcome contributions and feedback. And it is written with configurability in mind. Learn more below:

Falling Skies: "Non-Essential Personnel" Review - IGN

Weaver is taken hostage and an interesting relationship develops between himself and, Marty, the gunman. Even though it’s telegraphed early on that the wife and kids the gunman claims are in the other room have been dead for a while, Weaver is intent on trying to help this man come back from whatever madness has consumed him. The parallels between Marty and Weaver are telegraphed, the dead family is telegraphed, but Weaver’s need to have this end peacefully made their scenes together compelling. Tom Sizemore hasn’t been given much lately but he did a great job with what he had to work with here. He did a good job driving him Weaver’s need to save Marty. It’s also quite evident that we’re meant to weigh the difference between how Tom would handle a similar situation considering the consequences from leaving Sara are still being felt. I fear some may dismiss this story as a bit of a distraction on the road to Washington but I have a feeling Marty might pay off.

We're live from Motorola's 'Relationship' event!

Weeks of leaks and an early Moto G unveiling in India didn't keep Motorola from putting on a show here in New York (oh, and London too). And why should it? We're expecting to see a brand new Moto X take the stage this morning, and if we're really lucky, we might catch a glimpse of a shiny new Moto 360 to go with it. The most puzzling angle of all is Motorola's insistence that today will change our "mobile relationships," but hey -- it's still early and there's plenty of time for bizarre, corporate rationale. Bring it, Moto.

The Strain: "Fort Defiance" Review - IGN

Bucking the trend of recent episodes, "Fort Defiance" didn't offer up any flashback scenes. That was for the best. There was enough going on this week that any flashbacks, no matter how compelling, probably would have been momentum killers. Instead, the focus shifted back to Gus and Vaun as the two were given orders to kidnap Eldritch Palmer and take one of the Master's key players off the board. I've mentioned before that the show is really benefiting from this three-way conflict, and this episode reaffirmed as much. Rather than just being a tale of humans battling a vampire plague, it's nice that there are multiple factions of vampires with their own desires and goals.

The New Moto X Could Change How We Buy Phones

Today, Motorola’s launching two new models: the Moto X Play and the Moto X Style. The Play is a middle-ground device, with a big screen and a great camera but few of the design touches of the old Moto X. The Style is the new flagship device, the closest spiritual successor to last year’s Moto X. It’s also the only one that will be available in the U.S., under the name Moto X Pure Edition. (Which may lead you to the question, is there another, dirtier edition? No. There is only one, and it is pure as the driven snow.) There’s also a new Moto G, an upgrade to Motorola’s wildly popular low-end device, and for $179 one of the best bang-for-your-buck smartphones on the planet.

This year's Moto G feels like another cheap champion

So yes, the Moto G is finally starting to feel a little more premium -- thankfully looks are catching up too. There's still a sizable bezel running around the 5-inch, 720p screen, but the addition of a metallic accent around the 13-megapixel camera and flash adds a welcome dose of style to the thing. Oh, and there's a very good chance your Moto G will look better than ours since you'll be able to run it through the Moto Maker wringer, choosing your own colors for the accents and backplates. While I'm rambling on about the Moto G's back, it's been said that it has the same camera as the Nexus 6. Turns out that's not the full story. Yes, the Moto G uses the same 13-megapixel Sony sensor as its much bigger cousin and a similar f/2.0 aperture lens. The differences lie in the way the elements around it are constructed -- the lens is loaded up with IR-filtering coatings that help the camera handle ambient light more intelligently. I haven't spent too much time with the thing yet, but early results are pretty impressive -- it more accurately exposed a photo of me in a darkish room than a similarly priced Samsung phone.

Say goodbye: Nintendo TVii on the Wii U shutting down next month

Don’t worry: This doesn’t mean that Nintendo is completely giving up on the Wii U as an entertainment machine. The current streaming services supported on the console — Netflix, Hulu, etc. — aren’t going anywhere, and Nintendo writes that if you’re using the Wii U’s remote control features, they will continue to function as well. The dedicated TVii button on the gamepad will now launch the remote control functionality.

6 Very Cute Animals, Screaming

What begins as an adorable little squeak quickly shifts into a roaring bellow that would shake the fur off any lion. "We noticed this lone deer making strange whining sounds and thought it was pretty funny," says Gavin Shapiro, who uploaded the video to his YouTube channel. "But we could not have prepared ourselves for what happened next. Easily one of the funniest and most unexpected moments of me and my friends' lives."

IBM wants to cool data centers with their own waste heat

The THRIVE, however, uses an passive adsorption heat exchanger (which runs on heat at around 60 degrees C) in place of the condenser (which runs on electricity). This adsorption heat exchanger works kind of like a radiator. It pulls in massive amounts of vapor and compresses it within its multitude of fins. Silica gel, like that used in desiccate pouches, will be packed between these fins to improve their cooling efficiency.

Most Android phones can be hacked with a simple MMS message or multimedia file

Drake found multiple vulnerabilities in a core Android component called Stagefright that’s used to process, play and record multimedia files. Some of the flaws allow for remote code execution and can be triggered when receiving an MMS message, downloading a specially crafted video file through the browser or opening a Web page with embedded multimedia content.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra: Leaks show a super-slim screen bezel, and a super selfie cam

The Xperia C5 Ultra is the latest smartphone rumored for launch from Sony in the near future, and it may have two of the most desirable features around at the moment — an almost bezel-less screen, and a super special selfie camera. Here’s everything we think we know about the phone so far.

Firefox wants your feedback on upcoming browser features

Typically, you have to jump in with both feet if you want to shape web browser features -- you have to use early (read: buggy) releases and leap into the developer community. But what if you're happy with a stable version and just want to offer a bit of constructive criticism? Mozilla will soon have you covered. It's launching Idea Town , an opt-in program that lets you try upcoming features and offer feedback. You won't have to ditch a regular copy of Firefox, and these will only be features that are likely to show up. While this means that you won't get strictly experimental features (think Chrome's flags), it should put more of the development process in your hands.

Hawking, Musk Warn Of ‘Virtually Inevitable’ AI Arms Race

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and over 1,000 AI and robotics researchers have signed a letter suggesting a ban on AI warfare, warning of the potential for rampant destruction at the hands of “autonomous weaponry.”

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