Gorgeous Aurora Borealis puts on show over Scotland in timelapse video

Spectators hoping to see the aurora borealis were handsomely rewarded on Wednesday night across the UK and Ireland. This stunning timelapse shows the phenomenon lighting up in the skies over Ardersier, a small town in Scotland. [Additional reporting by Storyful]

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How Does Life For Working Parents In Finland Compare To Those In The U.S.?

Donna Morris, Adobe’s senior vice president, global people and places, says, "It’s pretty sad to hear stories of the average American working somewhere who has a child and is back to work in six weeks after giving birth. As a mom myself, it would be pretty hard to rebound after six weeks and be back at work. What we want to do is support our employees so that they are really able to be at their very best, and I think it is hard to be at your very best in the event that you just brought a new baby home."

Here’s Every New Device Microsoft Announced Today

NEW YORK—Microsoft released a bevy of Windows 10 devices at Tuesday’s media event here. We saw a new Surface Book laptop , new phones , a new Surface Pro 4 , and an update to Redmond’s motion-tracking fitness wearable, Microsoft Band . Oh yes, and the crazy crazy HoloLens . Here are the photo highlights from the event.

Marketing people are generally bullish on Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter

The appointment of Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter makes a difference to marketing people, as many believe he represents their best hope for a more brand-friendly platform.

HP rebrands its music streaming service, but it won't be challenging Spotify any time soon

And while it’s brave of HP to throw its hat into the ring when  Spotify and Apple Music have almost monopolized the streaming space, I can’t see its effort becoming a real competitor anytime soon. Stats on the site show that most of the albums and tracks featured on the homepage have had less than five plays.

Lightroom mobile app for iOS is now a standalone image editor free for everyone

Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app for iPad and iPhone has generally been known as a companion app for the company’s desktop photo management tool. While it was always available free for download, it required the desktop app — and a subscription to Creative Cloud — to achieve a meaningful workflow.

The City-Sculpting Buildings of Chicago’s Biggest Architect

Just look at Gang’s Aqua tower. The 82-story high-rise looms over the Cultural Center, its undulating concrete balconies serving not only as a sculptural statement, but as a multi-tiered venue for outdoor socializing among neighbors—including ones on different floors. Down the street she is planning Vista Tower, which is actually three adjacent undulating skyscrapers (the tallest is 93 stories), stepping down like cell phone bars and clad in a progressing gradient of glass patterns, each responding to the buildings’ varying floor plates. She’s moving ahead with a 400-foot skyscraper next to San Francisco’s Embarcadero, with projecting bays shifting from floor-to-floor to disperse views and form a spiraling shape. She’s got an 180,000 square-foot office tower in construction in New York with a faceted glass skin whose shape was carved out dramatically to receive adequate sunlight while also not crowding the adjacent High Line. And she just opened Northerly Island, a former man-made peninsula on Chicago’s lakefront that she helped transform into a vibrant park incorporating several types of habitats and cultural facilities.

Everything Amazon announced at AWS re:Invent 2015

AWS today announced the launch of new database tools to run production databases on its public cloud. There’s now a Database Migration Service that allows companies to easily move databases to AWS that takes 10 to 15 minutes to set up. The promise here is to run the same databases in the cloud at a lower cost. But databases are complicated pieces of software. To make things simpler, AWS today introduced a free Schema Conversion Tool that automatically changes up schema and database code so that existing databases can work with the ones available on Amazon’s public cloud.

Can We Shape the Robot Revolution? | MIT Technology Review

“It meant one person could produce 50 pounds of cotton per day instead of one pound,” Brooks said. “That made cotton a worldwide export business in the U.S., and it has been well argued that without the invention of the cotton gin we never would have had the civil war, and slavery would have died out much earlier.”

Amazon Snowball will physically transfer up to 50 terabytes of data to the cloud

The execution of Snowball transfers is dead simple: create a job in the Snowball management console, and Amazon will send a 45-pound unit that can transfer up to 50 terabytes(!) of storage at a time. Customers can move up to one petabyte of data to the cloud per week.

Eerie Photos Trace the Strange History of Nukes

Photography was vital in the development of nuclear weapons, helping scientists understand how they behave, and what impact they have. Images were also important in gaining widespread public support for nuclear testing. In 1947, the US Department of Defense hired the Hollywood production company Lookout Mountain Studios to record its activities. Photos of the tests were published in Life  magazine, and one detonation was even broadcast live in 1951. “Nuclear tests [were] almost always represented as spectacles of transcendent nature—divine and benign—rather than as planned events that include scientific evaluations of manufactured weapons produced by human engineering,” O’Brian says.

Exclusive: Uber checks connections between hacker and Lyft

After Uber discovered the unauthorized download, it examined the Internet Protocol addresses of every visitor to the page during the time between when the key was posted and when the breach occurred, according to court documents. The Uber review concluded that "the Comcast IP address is the only IP address that accessed the GitHub post that Uber has not eliminated" from suspicion, court papers say.

Samsung may be ruining your iPhone 6s' battery life | Cult of Mac

Based on some early metrics, it appears that nearly 70 percent of iPhone 6s Pluses have a TSMC processor, while only 40 percent of iPhone 6s units have the TSMC A9. Apple’s website claims that iPhone 6s users can expect 14 hours of talk time on 3G and up to 11 hours of video playback. However, it fails to mention that your battery experience could be radically different based on which processor you randomly receive.

Video game voice actors union SAG-AFTRA approves strike in a vote

At issue is a collective bargaining agreement that's been in place since the 1990s. The union feels that this agreement is outdated, and doesn't appropriately address the modern-day realities and stresses of video game voice acting. Among SAG-AFTRA's proposed changes is stunt pay for recording sessions that put a strain on the actor's vocal chords and a desire to have a stunt coordinator available during performance capture sessions.

Here's why some iOS apps may be missing from your 'purchased' history

If you’ve noticed older apps aren’t available in your purchase history for iOS, you’re not alone. Apple has confirmed titles that a developer has pulled from circulation will no longer be available for download.

Designers can now find freelance work via Toptal, just like developers have been

Toptal , which pairs freelance software developers with businesses that can use their talents, has added designers to the mix.

Get AMP’d: Here’s what publishers need to know about Google’s new plan to speed up your website

But that success comes with tradeoffs. For most publishers, you’re being asked to set up two parallel versions of your stories. (Unless you really think you won’t need to ever do anything outside what AMP allows on any page, which is unrealistic for most.) That takes significant time and resources. You’re being asked to set aside most or all of the ad tech and analytics that you use. You’re trading in open web standards for something built by Google engineers who, despite what I don’t doubt are the best of intentions, have incentives that don’t line up perfectly with yours. And you’re becoming an disempowered actor in a larger Silicon Valley battle over ad tech. (Google advocating something that blocks enormous slices of contemporary ad tech can’t be viewed in isolation from the fact Google is the dominant force in online advertising, and as interested as any company is in extending its power.)

Facebook now lets you doodle on photos

Facebook has launched a new feature for its photo-editing suite of tools that gives you the ability to scribble right on a photo before publishing it to the social network. In a way, it’s reminiscent of what people could do already within Snapchat — minus the ephemerality, of course.

Brace yourself: Verizon is ready to show off its sexy side

The fall TV season just kicked off, but people under the age of 25 seem not to have noticed. The ratings for that crucial demographic  dropped 20 percent compared to last year, just another data point in a much broader sea change that has seen the audience for traditional TV unravelling at a rapid pace. Verizon, which sells a lot of cable TV subscriptions, knows this all too well. And while it's not exactly a youthful brand, it does provide the mobile data network that powers the smartphones of millions of millennials. In an attempt to evolve, Verizon has just launched a new service called Go90 , a mobile video app it hopes will appeal to the generation that is leaving traditional television behind.

These FX Wizards May Have Solved VR Films’ Biggest Problem

What Marino has managed to do, along the rest of his fledgeling VR company Uncorporeal, is solve in a very real way the cardinal problem that plagues the prospects of virtual filmmaking. And what’s even more astonishing is that he and his two co-founders—whose careers encompass decades of wizardry at Lucasfilm/ILM, WETA, the Euro Space Agency, Google X, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts—have done it in stealth mode. They provided the company’s seed funding themselves, they’ve never shown up at a VR conference, and they’ve used email accounts belonging to a holding company so that no one caught wind of the name Uncorporeal. “The number of people that have seen our stuff,” Marino says, “you can count on your fingers and toes.”

Fantastical 2 for iOS now supports 3D Touch and split-screen mode

Fantastical 2 is again distancing itself from the competition. With updates to its iPad and iPhone apps, users are getting access to 3D Touch and multitasking features, as well as a new Apple Watch complication.

Neurosurgeon Emad Eskandar Thinks He Can Cure Complex Psychiatric Disorders Using Implanted Electrodes | MIT Technology Review

Deep brain stimulation has been used for almost two decades to treat patients with severe forms of Parkinson’s (and since 2009 to treat a far smaller number of patients with OCD). As many as 125,000 people are living with electrodes implanted in their brains. As part of President Obama’s Brain Initiative, Eskandar is co-leading a team of doctors, scientists, and engineers that is one year into a five-year, $30 million effort to use DBS to treat severe psychiatric disorders, most of which have been considered too complex and mysterious for any such system currently on the market. Conditions like schizophrenia, PTSD, and depression are characterized by unpredictable changes in the brain that lead to intermittent episodes. Taming them will require a new kind of device capable not just of stimulating the brain but of monitoring brain activity in real time and detecting anomalies that, in many cases, neuroscientists have not yet identified.

How video games improve your interaction design

Game designers are well versed in the psychology of time wasting. They use badges, medals, levels, progressive stat increases, suspenseful storylines, and all sorts of other fantastic bits of design technique to highjack your mind’s reward systems and trick you into spending hours leveling up your character for approximately zero utilitarian value.

Ad-block software is approaching 200 million users — here's how publishers are reacting

That represents a big uptick in ad-block usage from just one year ago. The software, which blocks ads from appearing on websites, search, and social networks, is also catching on in the US. Ad-block MAU totaled 45 million in the US as of June 2015, increasing nearly 50% from last year, according to PageFair and Adobe.

Hackaday SuperCon : Call for Proposals

We like topics that revolve around real world hardware: lessons learned from things you built or techniques you can teach to others (based upon the things you built). The overarching theme of all talks/workshops should be about HARDWARE CREATION. Here are some example topics (dry titles given only for clarity):1. Challenges encountered when designing with a System on a Chip like the Zynq-70002. Soft robot project that uses force and haptic sensors to mimic movement in surgery 3. Open source tool chains that are easy to use with custom hardware4. How to quickly create an Android/ iOS app to interface and test your hw projectWe are excited to read your proposals and to have you join us! Please get your proposal(s) in by October 10th. We'll be letting you know if yours was accepted shortly thereafter.*Travel stipends may be available for some proposals, so if you are far away please apply.

A trans man took a selfie each day for 3 years to show how he's changed

Jamie Raine, a 21-year-old transgender man, has documented his transition by taking a selfie every day for three years. His timelapse, released as part of Channel 4's "Born In The Wrong Body" season, uses 1,460 photos and shows the incredible effects that access to hormones can have on a transgender person's physical appearance. Who would have thought that a bunch of selfies could be so powerful?

Check out this 'death ray' that shoots drones out of the sky

As the FAA tightens drone regulations, this type of thing may not be necessary for consumers. But if there’s a job at my local airport that requires me to shoot down drones with an invisible laser — they can expect my CV.

A to Z: Google just bought the ‘full alphabet’ dot com

Google has acquired a new 26-letter domain name, but this one shouldn’t be too tough to remember. Yes, the Internet giant has bought abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.com , according to Whois records .

PHP pioneers Zend Technologies acquired by Rogue Wave Software

“Our technologies are incredibly well-aligned,” said Suraski, cofounder and CTO of Zend. “With the combined Rogue Wave products, we can offer customers capabilities ranging from prototyping to DevOps to production. This is a continuation of our vision to support the PHP community and make PHP use easy, accessible, and secure in demanding environments.”

The 9 Email Mistakes That Make People Ignore Your Messages

Schwalbe also says it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules about who should respond to messages. Typically, a good rule of thumb is if you’re in the "To" line, feel free to answer. If you’re in the "CC" line, your response is not needed. And while you’re at it, establish some ground rules for copying coworkers, since not everyone needs to be copied on every email. It just clogs up inboxes. That goes for replies, too—don’t use the Reply All button unless it’s truly necessary, and feel free to write, "No reply necessary," if you’re sending a message that doesn’t require one.

Your tweets are being used by scientists to track earthquakes around the world

Twitter is one of the best places to keep on top of breaking news stories because of its massive user base and constant flow of traffic. And now all of that data is being harnessed to track earthquakes. Yes, in between those memes and opinions, there is genuinely useful data.

In Defense of Apple Pay and Its Promise to Change Buying Habits | MIT Technology Review

Apple’s focus on chain stores such as fast-food restaurants and grocery stores where people shop frequently could pay dividends, too. Once people build up a habit of using Apple Pay every day, they may increasingly try it at other stores as checkout terminals get upgraded—or shop instead at stores that do. The company also has been focused on small businesses, which are starting to come on board in bigger numbers. On the company’s third fiscal quarter conference call in July, CEO Tim Cook said Apple Pay was adding 80,000 small and midsize businesses a month. That could accelerate as less expensive terminals start to roll out, such as Square’s $49 wireless reader.

Mozilla promises to drop NPAPI plugins for Firefox by the end of 2016

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have already dropped support for NPAPI plugins, so Mozilla is playing a bit of catch-up here. For those of you who want Flash to die, no luck this time — Mozilla says it will still support Flash for Firefox ”as an exception to the general plugin policy.”

23andMe And The FDA Reach A Pivotal Genetic Testing Agreement

Not only does has the FDA cleared 23andMe's Bloom syndrome report, it also says that the whole category of diseases like Bloom syndrome—autosomal recessive disorders which require one copy of the abnormal gene to be present in each parent in order for the disease to manifest in their child—will no longer require pre-market review. Other diseases in this category include cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease. The FDA's statement in February announced it's intention to declassify these carrier tests, but today's decision summary clarifies the full scope of tests 23andMe is allowed to market going forward. Currently, 23andMe is still not allowed to issue reports relating to illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or for BRCA genes that predispose carriers to breast cancer.

Amazon launches QuickSight, a cloud-based business intelligence tool

The tool is meant to be very easy to use — providing visualizations in as little as 60 seconds, Jassy said — and comes powered with Amazon’s new proprietary Super-Fast Parallel In-Memory Computation Engine (dubbed SPICE). The tool can automatically figure out which type of visualization to show first. And of course, it’s integrated with other AWS services. “As soon as we recognize an AWS customer and we take all of their data and store it in the various AWS stores,” Jassy said, “we move it to our query engine.”

The first private moon-landing moves a step closer as Google Lunar Xprize dishes out its first contract

While SpaceIL is the first of the Lunar Xprize contestants to win a “verified launch contract,” there may be more to follow. The competition remains open to 15 other Google Lunar Xprize participants from around the world, who have until the end of 2016 to win their own contracts. However, all missions must be complete by the end of 2017, which doesn’t leave an awful lot of time.

Mobile Search Tops at Google

The smaller screens of mobile gadgets leave less room for keyword-based ads, which is why Google earlier this year rolled out a new crop of mobile-friendly ads that rely on data, such as images, product specs and prices, rather than keywords. When users search for something, Google increasingly shows a panel, or carousel, of listings from advertisers at or near the top of mobile search results.

Windows 10 will start rolling out to phones in December

Microsoft's new Windows 10 flagship phones, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL , are coming next month — and they'll be the only way to experience the mobile version of Windows 10 for a while. In comments on the official Lumia Facebook page, Microsoft says that Windows 10 will begin rolling out to phones in December. How long that process takes is likely to depend on carriers as much as Microsoft.

Dremel's New Rotary Tool Is Cheap Because It's Powered by a Vacuum Cleaner

So why would you ever opt for a standard Dremel rotary tool then? While the company claims the VRT1 can still hit speeds of up to 35,000 revolutions per minute, the torque on this tool will still pale in comparison to a Dremel with its own electric motor inside. So if you’ve got some heavy grinding or sanding to do, and don’t have access to a jet engine to provide a significant source of airflow, you’ll probably find its performance lacking. But that’s why Dremel is selling it so cheap.

'Back to the Future' gear for right now (pictures) - CNET

It's a big year for "Back to the Future Part II" geeks, so start your celebrating with a cold glass of Pepsi Perfect, a pair of Nike Mag replicas and a working hoverboard.

Lumo Run shorts will coach you to avoid injury on-the-fly

Wearable company Lumo is on a mission to better our physical wellbeing with its new smart running shorts that aim to help runners improve performance avoid injury.

Twitter Moments joins a long lineup of attempts to curate the news

Nuzzel: This app has been getting a lot of press lately, first because Twitter investor Chris Sacca suggested that Twitter ought to buy it . It’s not a bad idea: Nuzzel  actually makes Twitter useful for news by looking at the URLs that the people you follow are tweeting. If enough of them tweet the same URL, it puts that story in your news feed on Nuzzel; if even more people tweet it, Nuzzel will send a notification to your device. That’s handy if you have interesting people in your Twitter feed who tweet about news you’re interested in, but Nuzzel also offers some curated lists that can augment that, and may be expanding its curated feeds soon . I like the Nuzzel experience a lot, even if its algorithm is relatively basic — showing that you don’t necessarily need high-order artificial intelligence to extract the news from Twitter.

Self-driving cars will change ridesharing, and Wadeeny is ready

It’s Wadeeny’s plans for the future that are most interesting, though. The service in its current form is a testing ground for where it wants to be, which is a booking platform for fleets of autonomous vehicles. So, you could book a car that would pick you up at a set time and then take you to work, picking up and dropping off others along the way, all with no driver involved.

Don't Put Pictures Of Your Boarding Pass On The Internet

The data, in addition to the flyer's first and last name, also includes the traveler's origin and destination airports and frequent flyer number -- and all it takes for an enterprising thief to access it is a quick visit to a free online barcode reader.

Amazon's Snowball is a smart box for shipping tons of cloud data

You probably aren't going to use Snowball unless you're with a company that uses AWS, and it'll probably be a big company at that. That's doubly true when it'll cost $200 plus shipping every time you want to move terabytes of data across the country. You might notice its impact even if you never see it in person, though. You may spend less time waiting for your favorite cloud service to roll out updates, recover from outages and otherwise keep itself in top shape.

Netflix Raises Price of Most Popular Plan by $1 per Month

Netflix Inc.,  the world’s dominant paid online video service, is raising the price of its most popular streaming subscription by $1 a month to $9.99 for new customers in the U.S., Canada and parts of Latin America following a similar move in Europe this year.

The Not-So-Far-Off Future

This is the most exciting time to get in, before anyone has figured it out—not just the storytelling but the design, interaction, navigation, interface, all of it. There are more developers working in VR now than ever before. There are teams all over the world, from people who left Pixar to join Oculus Story Studio— they’re doing real-time animation and character-driven storytelling—to a two-man outfit in the Czech Republic with no previous VR experience but who think natively in VR. They’re not waiting for someone else to lead the way.

Watch Our Supercut of The Most Creative Ways To Kill Zombies On "The Walking Dead"

Whenever I watch a zombie movie, I like to do a fun mental exercise called How Long Would I Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? The sad truth: not very long. Probably not even to the end of the opening credits, when the world's first group of witnesses to hostile undead activity start stampeding away. That's when I'd trip and fall, impaling myself on something quite sharp, which a more resourceful person would hopefully go on to use to take out a couple of skin-sacks in my honor. But that's just me. The stars of your average zombie movie seem to fare far better at extinguishing brain-eating threats, while the gradually dwindling main cast of The Walking Dead have gotten zombie-slaying down to a science.

Andy Rubin’s Playground incubator has closed a $300 million funding round

Former Android chief Andy Rubin has a new incubator called Playground Global, and says the firm has now closed a $300 million funding round and will be investing in new hardware startups.

A Brief History of the End of the Comments

What’s going on here? For years, comment boxes have been a staple of the online experience. You’ll find them everywhere, from The New York Times to Fox News to The Economist . But as online audiences have grown, the pain of moderating conversations on the web has grown, too. And in many cases, the most vibrant coversations about a particular article or topic are happening on sites like Facebook and Twitter. So many media companies are giving up on comments, at least for now. So far this year, Bloomberg, The Verge , The Daily Beast and now Motherboard have all dropped their comments feature.

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