Hackers target Leslie Jones, post nude photos to her site

While it's not clear exactly how Jones fell victim to hackers or who did the hacking, it's not a stretch to imagine this all came about as fallout after Yiannopoulos was banned from Twitter. The internet is a vast and ugly place, and there are plenty of trolls still looking to punish Jones for having the temerity to be a black woman.

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Steve Wozniak to Apple: Keep the iPhone's headphone jack

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A planet orbits around the closest star to our Solar System — and it may be habitable

Proxima b’s unusually close orbit is actually an ideal location for the planet. Proxima Centauri is a cool red dwarf star, much smaller and fainter than our Sun. So its "habitable zone" — the region around a star where temperatures are just right for liquid water to exist on a planet’s surface — is much closer to the star than it is to our Sun. And Proxima b is squarely in this region. That’s important, since liquid water is a key ingredient for life here on Earth; if Proxima b has liquid water, it’s possible the planet could support life, as well. And given how close Proxima b is to us, the planet just became the top candidate in the search for alien life outside of our Solar System. Should we ever want to explore an exoplanet, we’ll probably want to visit this one.

Could life exist on Proxima b, the closest Earth-like planet in the universe?

"One side of the planet would be scorched, while the other side would be perpetually frozen. But in recent years, new models of exoplanet atmospheres and oceans suggest that heat might be distributed around a tidally locked planet, leaving the door open for habitability. Even if the newly discovered exoplanet around Proxima Centauri is tidally locked, it could still be prime real estate for life."

Proxima b, the closest Earth-like exoplanet, is real (pictures)

Astronomers have discovered an "Earth-like" planet orbiting Proxima Centauri , the nearest star to Earth besides our own sun. The planet, dubbed Proxima b, orbits nearly five times closer to the red dwarf than Mercury does to our sun. Because Proxima Centauri is much smaller and cooler than our sun, the rocky planet is still in the habitable zone where water and life could theoretically exist. Click through for more views and details on one of the most significant space discoveries since the first exoplanet around a sun-like star, 51 Pegasi b , was confirmed in 1995.

Self-driving cars aren’t going to be so great until we make our maps way better

A few months ago, the CEO of a large ridesharing company told me this is known as the "egress problem" — the way we locate buildings on a map doesn’t really describe how people move in and out of those buildings. There are probably a lot of solutions to this problem — you could add a button to the map that lets people mark the actual doors of various addresses, you could predefine set locations at each address for riders and drivers to meet, and so on — but right now it’s a real problem that most people in cities have encountered with some frequency.

Microsoft's Word Flow keyboard gets a Bing search upgrade

There are several different keyboards available for iPhone to choose from, but now that giants like Microsoft and Google have made their own options available, the vanilla iPhone keyboard seems like an afterthought, especially considering Microsoft previously acquired SwiftKey .

8 Simple Ways To Grow Your Brand On Facebook

Facebook started as a way to connect with friends, but in recent years, brands and businesses have really taken advantage of using its services in order to engage with customers.  To create a successful Facebook Page for your business, you’ll need to understand how to best connect to your users through the platform.

Uber drivers' new option: Start a retirement account through the app

Uber has teamed up with an automated investor service to offer its drivers a way to set up retirement accounts through the ride-hailing app.

8 Snapchat Content Ideas That Your Fans Will Love : Social Media Examiner

Snapchat is the rising star of social media with 10 billion video views per day, 9,000 photos shared every second, and 200 million active monthly users. It also boasts the second-highest engagement rates after Facebook, so it’s fair to say Snapchat has gone mainstream.

How to Use Snapchat Filters in Instagram Stories

But as is turns out, the similarities aren’t necessarily a bad thing, because it means you can be lazy as fuck. (In other words, the best way of living.) The trick is to upload the stories you’ve posted on Snapchat directly to Instagram—a hack made easy by the fact that you can download individual Snapchat stories to your camera roll. Not only can you steal all of Snapchat’s filters for Instagram, you also don’t have to come up with new crap for each platform. It’s simple!

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Roku Master

If you’re looking for an easy way to stream video to your TV from a phone, a Roku should be at the top of your list. Both the Streaming Stick and Roku 4 are among the best available streaming devices, and they’re super easy to use. Here are a bunch of hidden tricks you can do with a Roku to make binge-watching shows like Stranger Things even easier.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Trailer Breakdown - IGN

We're thinking this might be Velka in a more monstrous form. It seems to be punishing itself through self-flagellation, a form of punishment associated with religious rituals. But if Velka is the Goddess of Sin, why would she be punishing herself? It's possible, too, that this is a follower of Velka's. Miyazaki has said in interviews that the crow creatures in the Painted World are followers of Velka's who have been physically transformed by their devotion to her. It could also be someone Velka is punishing. We have reason to believe this is Gwynevere, who many fans believe is also the Queen of Lothric, who disappeared after giving birth to Ocelotte.

Tesla just made the quickest production car you can buy

As the name suggests, the 100 kWh battery is the largest in any Model S, and has a range of 315 miles. Tesla says it’s “the longest range production electric vehicle by far.”

How Congress, the FDA, and Sarah Jessica Parker Helped EpiPen Become a $1 Billion Business

Of course, EpiPen doesn’t have any competition, so if you go to the doctor and ask for an epinephrine auto-injector, you can guess what you’ll get. Even if a competitor entered the market tomorrow, they’d be no threat to EpiPen in the short term. And Mylan CEO Heather Bresch has acknowledged in recent earnings calls that generic competitors would probably only help expand reach. EpiPen is essentially the generic name for this product in the minds of consumers—the Kleenex of plastic tubes you stab yourself in the leg with when you think you’re going to die.

Airlander 10: Longest aircraft damaged during flight - BBC News

The world's longest aircraft - the Airlander 10 - has been damaged after nosediving on landing during its second test flight.

Baltimore police secretly using aerial camera surveillance, report says

The Baltimore Police Department has been using an aerial surveillance system borrowed from the Iraq War, according to Bloomberg.

Airlander 10: World’s largest aircraft crash lands second flight

The Martha Gwyn is an odd beast. At its most basic, it's a 92-metre (302ft) blimp filled with 38,000 cubic metres of helium. There are four propellers—two at the back, one on the front left, one on the front right—that provide vectored thrust from four V8 turbo-diesel engines. But in addition to those rather mundane elements, the envelope (the bit that holds all the helium) has an aerofoil silhouette that reportedly increases lift efficiency by 40 percent. Tucked in just below the front of the envelope is a tiny cockpit capsule with space for a pilot and a handful of personnel. The Airlander 10 will theoretically be able to carry payloads of up to 10 tonnes (thus the name), though that has never been tested. HAV has future plans to build an Airlander 50 with five times the capacity. It will be presumably be about the same size as Wales.

Shelby Carpenter on Twitter

Meet the entrepreneur who wants you to ride the e-bike wave in style http://www.forbes.com/sites/shelbycarpenter/2016/08/24/two-wheeled-dreamers-at-faraday-want-you-to-see-electric-bikes-everywhere/#66f008544dda … pic.twitter.com/wPlcMrYeaU

Inside Backstage: YouTube’s plan to bring photos, polls, and text to the video service

YouTube clearly does not expect its users to abandon services like Facebook — it plans to offer ways to share Backstage posts elsewhere — but the company will certainly benefit from keeping viewers on the site for longer blocks of time. As a result, Backstage has the potential to reshape YouTube’s classic lean-back experience into something more active; it could redefine what it means to be a modern video network, social features and all, and shield its more than one billion users from the clutches of competing social networks.

Google is going to punish mobile sites that show 'intrusive' full-page ads

But this new move will take it a stage further, and punish all kinds of pop-up adverts. Google is giving websites plenty of time to prepare and change if necessary, however; the change won't come into effect until January 10, 2017.

This MFi-certified Lightning cable can stop a bullet

While their phones and laptops continue to dazzle us, Apple’s easily torn and frayed charging cables leave much to be desired. And then there’s the Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable .

Google brings data-saving Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus phones

Starting in the coming weeks, Google is adding a new data-saving perk for owners of its Nexus smartphones. Called Wi-Fi Assistant, the feature lets your device automatically connect to millions of open and free Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to cut down on data use and optimize mobile data speeds. Prior to today, the feature was exclusive to Google’s Project Fi cell service. It will now be broadly available to any Nexus phone owner in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Nordic countries, Google says.

Tokyo Olympic medals to be made from your electronic waste | ZDNet

To harness e-waste stores, however, Japan does need to implement a better collection system. A substantial amount of e-waste is thrown away in the country every year, an estimated 650,000 tons, but many of the rare metals extracted from these products are recycled for use in new electronics or are missed entirely.

ReadWrite on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

OK Cookie is the easiest way to get horrible fortune cookies delivered

Fortune cookies are fun, but never leave the realm of general advice or predictions.

VR game developers prefer the HTC Vive, grapple with nausea

Thankfully, there's a lot of optimism. Nearly 96 percent of surveyed developers believe there's a sustainable audience for VR and augmented reality. While that's not completely shocking for a group that's already committed (you wouldn't make a VR game if you didn't think people would buy it), the data shows that creators believe there's a real, long-term audience.

Hackers post 'Ghostbusters' star Leslie Jones' nude photos, private data

Now, hackers appear to have broken into her personal website and potentially other accounts, posting personal information such as her driver's license and passport, as well as intimate photos, according to TMZ. The photos were also posted next to a video of Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla killed at the Ohio zoo earlier this year , mirroring decades-old racist commentary against black people. Jones' manager did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Leap Motion wants picking up VR objects to feel believable

The big problem, Leap Motion argues, is that traditional game engines weren't designed with human hands in mind. We move in sudden, unpredictable ways, gripping objects with different levels of proficiency. When you pick up a sponge, for instance, it should flex and compress in the places where your fingers are exerting pressure. In VR, these nuances are difficult to track and simulate. If you push a rubber ball against the floor, for instance, most physics engines will be overwhelmed and send the sphere flying in a weird, unrealistic direction. The Interaction Engine solves this issue by implementing "an alternate set of physics rules" which trigger whenever your hands are touching or "inside" a virtual object.

How big data helped raise big money on the campaign - TechRepublic

[Big data] allows campaigns to be efficient in the money they spend fundraising by targeting donor segments with messages and requests that are going to generate the largest ROI. That is a very basic explanation of utilizing data to maximize fundraising. I might add that big data combined with the advancement of the digital age has given rise to the power of small dollar fundraising. Today, there are so many digital mediums to solicit and collect contributions from: email marketing, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al.), digital ads, SMS, crowdfunding, etc. Data gives us the ability to recognize what type of solicitation is most effective in each medium and who is most likely to give through that medium. Digital fundraising is relatively inexpensive compared to the traditional forms of fundraising, like events and direct mail. Those traditional mediums are still important sources of funds, and data gives us the ability to maximize efficiency by analyzing the most effective way to conduct those operations.

The $20 fix that will end your MacBook MagSafe 2 power connector woes | ZDNet

You may not realize it, but there are some amazingly useful articles in the back issues of ZDNet. David Gewirtz shows how he solved a problem when he found one of those articles.

Wow, This New York Times Reporter Sure Likes to Yell at Brands on Twitter

When reached by phone, Goel told me that he “would dispute [my] characterization that it’s a high volume.” He added that Twitter isn’t his primary method of dealing with companies: “It’s a tiny portion of the interactions,” he said, which suggests that, somehow, there’s a lot more where that came from. In a followup message on Twitter, he clarified that he goes to Twitter “when other methods have failed or when I want to raise a broader issue that other customers are probably having.”

ReadWrite on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

I joined a bunch of LGBT techies at the White House to help tackle some world-threatening problems

Inclusivity was a focus for both Tuesday’s event and the November gathering. Organizer Leanne Pittsford, head of Lesbians Who Tech, made sure that people from significant companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook were part of the conversation. But even more attention was given to ensuring diversity, with the event consisting of more women than men, more than 50 percent people of color and 20 percent people who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming.

Fitbit can keep operating in U.S. after judge rules it did not steal trade secrets

Fitbit has grown to be the largest make of wrist-based fitness trackers in the U.S., having sold a whopping 5.7 million devices in the second quarter of this year alone. Not being able to sell its products in the country would be a massive blow to its business. Of course, Jawbone, which makes the UP fitness trackers, isn’t a small company either. It has been losing market share of late — to the point that it is no longer in the top five fitness tracker manufacturers.

Adult Swim is publishing 'ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove'

It's called ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove , and the titular aliens find themselves returning to Earth after ToeJam borrows the Rapmaster Rocketship from Lamont for an intergalactic joyride. While orbiting our planet ToeJam has Earl bump the sound system, presses the wrong button, and they crash land on Earth. Great job, guys. They find themselves teaming up with some well-meaning (but kind of strange) humans so they can get back home.

The 'flying bum' aircraft crash-landed on its second test flight

Nicknamed "The Flying Bum," the helium-filled aircraft took off from its central-England airfield last week to begin its initial testing, and was flying this morning for a second round of test flights. The aircraft completed its tasks for the day during its hour and a half flight before coming in for a landing.

Persistent Surveillance Systems has been watching Baltimore for months

“In December 2015, BCF received a gift of $120,000 from the Fidelity Charitable Fund for the Baltimore Police Foundation Special Grants Fund, one of those 800 funds at BCF,” according to the statement sent by Andrew Waldman. Waldman went on to explain that the Baltimore Police Foundation Special Projects Fund then paid the same $120,000 to Persistent Surveillance Systems. “Recent payments from this fund have been used to purchase food for community events, trophies for sports teams, and items for the city police museum.”

How the Internet of Things will affect security & privacy

Public Perception:  If the IoT is ever going to truly take off, this needs to be the first problem that manufacturers address. The 2015 Icontrol State of the Smart Home study found that 44% of all Americans were "very concerned" about the possibility of their information getting stolen from their smart home, and 27% were "somewhat concerned." With that level of worry, consumers would hesitate to purchase connected devices.

An amateur watch collector's thoughts on smartwatches

I’m also not entirely sold on the argument that smartwatches can help you be more discreet when out in public. I get about 50 emails a day on average, which means my watch buzzes at least that often – not counting texts and alerts from other apps. And just because i don’t have to whip out my phone to respond to them, doesn’t mean they don’t distract me to a similar degree. I still need to glance at my watch, read messages on a small screen and act on them with as much concentration as I’d need when using a phone.

Wil Wheaton talks growing up on Star Trek, as actor and man

Star Trek's 50, Wil Wheaton isn't yet. The man who played "Next Generation" boy genius Wesley Crusher opens up about his favorite behind-the-scenes moments and which actor he never wanted to let down.

Disable third-party cookies as a hedge against a new browser-based attack

HEIST makes use of newer, more efficient browser features and a newer form of the underlying Web protocol to make server requests it can’t read, but which it can analyze and measure to see the rough shape of what’s returned. It doesn’t matter whether the interaction is encrypted, either. By varying requests and using known information, the attack can retrieve a black box that it can shake and figure out what’s inside. Let’s say someone (unwisely) emailed you their credit card information to make a purchase on their behalf; HEIST could perform searches against your web mail host that ultimately revealed the number, expiration date, and validation code.

One of Peter Thiel's fellows created a new startup that will fund your lawsuit

In a presentation at Y Combinator's Demo Day on Tuesday, Shang argued that litigation funding is poised to become an "explosive asset class." The startup has funded one lawsuit for $75,000 and expects a return of over $1 million once the case is over. That money will then be reinvested in other lawsuits, and the process will repeat itself.

An Exclusive Look at How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple — Backchannel

Machine learning, my briefers say, is now found all over Apple’s products and services. Apple uses deep learning to detect fraud on the Apple store, to extend battery life between charges on all your devices, and to help it identify the most useful feedback from thousands of reports from its beta testers. Machine learning helps Apple choose news stories for you. It determines whether Apple Watch users are exercising or simply perambulating. It recognizes faces and locations in your photos. It figures out whether you would be better off leaving a weak Wi-Fi signal and switching to the cell network. It even knows what good filmmaking is, enabling Apple to quickly compile your snapshots and videos into a mini-movie at a touch of a button. Apple’s competitors do many similar things, but, say its executives, none of those AI powers can pull those things off while protecting privacy as closely as Apple does. And, of course, none of them make Apple products.

Apple under Tim Cook: More socially responsible, less visionary

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Tesla just hiked up the price of Autopilot

As  Electrek points out, the price increase could also hint that new hardware is being introduced to Tesla vehicles for Autopilot 2.0. However, Tesla claims the price was increased to better reflect the value of the system and that no new Autopilot hardware is being built into its cars right now.

Master Bartender Makes a Campari Clone From Scratch

Campari—the bright red liquor best known as the start of the negroni—is delicious. But what the hell is it, exactly? The few people who know have kept the recipe a secret for well over a century. That didn’t stop master bartender Hiroyasu Kayama from trying to make his own.

Macworld on Twitter

Paragon Hard Disk Manager review: Total control of your Mac’s storage devices. http://bit.ly/2bfG4Jm  pic.twitter.com/RiO4WBagjF

Edward Snowden talks how technology can improve democracy

In the short clip, Snowden touches upon a number of topics pertaining to the numerous ways in which technology impacts the current state of democracy – both negative and positive.

From Apple Watch to iPhone 7: The evolution of Apple's products under Tim Cook

The Beats acquisition also allowed Tim Cook to double down on Apple's iTunes legacy with Apple Music, its first streaming music-subscription service. The service has seen strong user growth in its first year in its quest to take down industry leader Spotify, but the app's confusing design has heralded a chorus of complaints that Apple has lost the vaunted software design mojo it had under Steve Jobs. A complete design overhaul (shown here) should help temper that criticism when it rolls out alongside iOS 10 in September.

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56 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (for PC)
57 Amazon launches the Kindle Reading Fund to expand digital reading around the world
58 Discovery of 'another Earth' revs plan for fly-by of laser-propelled spacecraft
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68 Deadly Earthquakes Turned Central Italy Into a Terrifying Pile of Rubble
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72 Why young-adult video games are thriving
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77 How you can help the survivors of the powerful earthquake in Italy
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83 Guy Tries to Build a Mini Fridge With Rubber Bands and It Sort of Works
84 Inside Zen: How AMD designed its powerful new processor
85 Asus ROG G752VS-XB72K OC Edition review: Faster than most gaming PCs (including desktops)
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89 Climate Hackers: One man’s plan to stop global warming by shooting particles into the atmosphere
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92 Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 2’s top 8 startups
93 U.S. appeals court sends BlackBerry lawsuit back to lower court
94 RockYou expands into influencer marketing with Fanbread acquisition
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96 Twitter’s new button lets you accept private messages from your website
97 Orange denies media report on deal with Vivendi on Telecom Italia
98 How big banks learned to stop worrying and love the blockchain
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