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“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow… Act with audacity.”

The Images From India's First Ever Space Shuttle Launch Are Astonishing

One of the things these photos underscore is the scale of the launch. NASA’s space shuttle orbiters each measured over 122 feet in length, and the cost of just one shuttle, Endeavour , came in at over $1 billion . At 22 feet, ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) is a little guy, and its $14 million price tag is similarly minuscule. Yet there’s nothing small about the launch itself. It’s a huge milestone for India and for the growth of reusable spacecraft worldwide .

Twitter drops media and @name replies from 140-character limit

Well, that was quick. A week after Bloomberg reported that Twitter was getting ready to relax its rules for what counts against your 140-character limit, the company is confirming the move today. Soon, photos and video won't be included in that tally, freeing up more space for those witty quips. What's more, usernames in replies won't count against the limit either, and you'll be able to retweet or quote your own posts. You know, just in case you need to remind everyone of that hot take you had a few months back.

Google to Start Testing Password-Free Android Logins

Google plans to test Project Abacus with banks this summer and roll out to Android developers by year's end.

Astronomers Might Have Just Solved a Key Mystery About the Origin of Life

If a massive solar storm struck the Earth today, it could wipe out our technology and hurl us back to the dark ages. Lucky for us, events like this are quite rare. But four billion years ago, extreme space weather was probably the norm. And rather than bringing the apocalypse, it might have kickstarted life.

'Rocket League' gets cross-network play for Xbox One and PC

Players around the world will be able to match up with cross-network Rocket League aficionados beginning today at 6pm ET/3pm PT. If your buddy primarily takes to their Xbox One and you find yourself gravitating to PC, you can finally play together across both platforms. This isn't the first time a platform has allowed for cross-network play, as evidenced with games like Shadowrun back on Xbox 360, Portal 2 on PlayStation 3. But it is a first for the Xbox One, tracing back to an announcement from Microsoft itself back in March. It's the beginning of an exciting new precedent where we'll be seeing Microsoft further expanding its online gaming offerings, and Rocket League is a great choice for kicking things off. "We're really excited to bring Xbox One and PC players closer together," said Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of Psyonix. "Cross-network play has been something that Xbox One gamers have been asking us for since the day we launched, and thanks to Microsoft's new cross-network policies, we're proud to give it to them."

Netflix's big exclusivity deal for Disney's latest movies starts in September

The Netflix / Disney exclusivity pact blocks subscription networks like HBO and Starz from procuring Disney's latest hits — at least during that first-run pay TV window — and it also keeps them off Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other streaming services. Netflix gloats about this a little  in a new blog post meant to stir excitement about new movies and shows that'll be hitting this summer. "From September onwards, Netflix will become the exclusive US pay TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar," said Ted Sarandos, the company's content boss. It's no doubt a significant boost in the ongoing exclusivity wars between these big streaming companies.

Apple is reportedly building a Siri speaker to rival Amazon’s Echo

Still, Amazon has succeeded in the home in part because it openly lets Alexa connect to third-party apps and services, for hailing Uber rides, playing games, and performing all sorts of other tasks Amazon can't accomplish on its own. Google hasn't announced a similar SDK for the Home, but may do so later this year. The takeaway there: these speakers and AI assistants are useless unless developers can help them do much more than their creators are capable of. For Apple to stay competitive in this space — and make up the substantial ground its ceded to its rivals — it has to make Siri more open and more powerful. From there, the company can try to bake it into a speaker customers may want to place in their living rooms.

MacBook Pros Will Reportedly Get an OLED Touchscreen Above the Keyboard

Although Kuo’s description is not as extreme as the full-fledged touchpad keyboard shown in the patent filing, it does indicate that Apple is wading slowly in the direction of a two-screen device. Whether or not a short strip of OLED technology built into the keyboard is a legitimate rumor remains to be seen, but if history is any indication, Kuo can be trusted. In the past, Kuo has correctly predicted 3D Touch on the iPhone, Apple Watch specifications, and many other features before they were released to the public. So trust this rumor slightly more than others. But remember, it’s still a rumor until Apple makes it a reality.

Apple rehires prominent security pro as encryption fight boils

SAN FRANCISCO Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ), which has resisted pressure from U.S. law enforcement to unlock encrypted iPhones, this month rehired a top expert in practical cryptography to bring more powerful security features to a wide range of consumer products.

NYC-based Gett picks up a $300 million investment from Volkswagen

It’s a trendy move as of late, with General Motors announcing a similar investment in Lyft earlier this year, and Uber partnering with a major Chinese automaker back in 2015. According to Volkswagen, the decision comes “as part of its strategy to generate a substantial share of its future sales revenue from new business models focused on mobility services.”

Taking on the big dog: Huawei sues Samsung over alleged patent infringement

Huawei and Samsung run Google’s Android operating system on their smartphones. Huawei, and several other Chinese companies, have overtaken Samsung’s previously dominant presence in its home country, and the company has been aggressively making an expansion into the U.S. The company is seeking compensation for the alleged damages.

VW invests $300M in Uber rival Gett in new ride-sharing partnership

The on-demand transportation service continues to heat up, and today the spotlight is shining on a New York startup whose business is based primarily in Europe. Gett , a cab-hailing startup with operations across some 60 cities, is getting a $300 million investment from German car giant Volkswagen . VW plans to use the investment to spearhead its own move into ride-sharing, on-demand transportation and autonomous cars.

Google's Paris HQ raided in tax probe - BBC News

French finance officials have raided the Paris offices of US internet giant Google as part of a tax fraud investigation.

SteelSeries ships its OLED-packing gaming mouse

Did you look at SteelSeries' display-toting Rival 700 mouse in January and think it was just the edge you needed for your gaming exploits? It's time to do something about it. The company's Rival 700 is now available for a pricey (though not outlandish) $100. As before, its centerpiece is a side-mounted OLED screen that both shows data (such as your in-game stats or your team logo) and helps you tweak settings without firing up software on your PC. You can also 'feel' events through customizable vibrations, and swap optical sensors when you're eager for an upgrade. Is this overkill? Probably -- but there's no doubt that you'll have a distinct gaming experience.

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Virtual Reality 101: Everything you need to know about VR and how it will affect you http://cnet.co/1U7NZB3  pic.twitter.com/7WBHovkP7W

Pebble 2, Time 2 + All-New Pebble Core

Heart rate monitor : Pebble devices with a heart rate (HR) monitor are intended to be a valuable tool that can provide an accurate estimation of the user’s heart rate. The HR monitor is designed to attempt to monitor a user’s heart rate on a periodic basis. The frequency at which heart rate is measured varies and depends on the level and activity of the user. Pebble smartwatches are not medical devices and you should not rely on the accuracy of heart rate data for any purpose, especially for medical or health purposes.

19 The MacBook Pro is reportedly getting a major redesign with a 2nd screen

Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros will apparently be updated with the new design, which is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Pebble 2 release date, news and features

It's not super slim (9.8mm), and it appears to be slighter longer than the Pebble Time 2, but it should sit a little more nicely on the wrist than the original Pebble. Nor is it premium. Polycarbonate is still the material of choice, but that at least keeps cost and weight (31.7g) down.

Hyperloop startup selects Vibranium for pods because it’s good enough for Captain America

HTT's Vibranium, though, won't be used to make any superhero flair, but rather a dual-layer coating for the company's Hyperloop pod that will provide the passengers with twice the protection should anything damage the exterior. The company boasts that its Vibranium is "eight times stronger than aluminum and 10 times stronger than steel alternatives," which is fairly standard for reinforced carbon fiber. What makes HTT's version special is the embedded sensors that can transmit "critical information regarding temperature, stability, integrity and more, wirelessly and instantly." HTT unveiled a section of its Hyperloop capsule made of Vibranium at the  Pioneer's Festival in Vienna today.

5 Hidden Windows 10 Features You Should Use

Windows 10 has officially been with us for close to a year now , but even if you’ve spent a lot of time with the OS since its launch, you may not have found everything it has to offer. Here are five of our favorite hidden features that we’ve discovered over the course of the last year, and why you might want to start using of them.

Atlassian launches Bitbucket Pipelines

Atlassian is a software company that provides innovative enterprise software solutions to a number of organizations. Originally founded in 2002 in Sydney, Australia, the company has quickly grown to establish a global presence with over 20,000 customers in over 134 countries. In addition to the effective enterprise solutions offered to its customers, Atlassian prides itself on its customer service …

The Dodge Viper is dying, but it's going out fighting

Could there be a car less "today" than the Dodge Viper? Of any vehicle found on a production lot, this two-door, two-seater is the most throwback; the most analog. It will never be associated with any semi-autonomous driving feature, it will never have a digital screen the size of a Tesla’s, and you won’t be able to summon it from your garage via an iPhone.

Paul McCartney has a new series that gives you an immersive look inside his life

Paul McCartney has a new series that gives you an immersive look inside his life

Why I Bought a Chromebook Instead of a Mac

Chromebooks have surpassed sales of Mac laptops in the United States for the first time ever. And that doesn’t surprise me. Because roughly a year ago I made the same switch. Formerly a lifelong Mac user, I bought my first PC ever in the form of a Chromebook. And I’m never looking back.

HP Enterprise shares jump more than 10% after announcing spin off plan for services business

HP Enterprise shares went up more than 10% in after hours trading on Tuesday after the company announced plans to spin off its enterprise services unit.

Update to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides lets them automatically save recent files offline

Google says an update is rolling out for Docs, Sheets, and Slides that automatically syncs recently-opened files to your device so you can open them even when you have a poor or no connection. If some files go awhile without updates, or your storage gets low, they’ll be removed from your local storage.

Only Two States Will Avoid an Absurdly Hot Summer This Year

The areas that are most likely to see hotter temperatures are on the coast (La Niña’s arrival is unlikely to have much of a cooling effect at all). Still, it’s more likely than not that the inland regions will see above average temperatures this summer with a couple of exceptions. So where are these two oases in our emerging desert, the only remaining summer paradises in which to wait out the punishing season? Nebraska and Kansas.

Breaking Down Virality: An Analysis of 4 Posts That Went Viral

In doing so, we  examined four "viral" posts  using our  competitive intelligence tool to analyze website traffic, and BuzzSumo and SharedCount to analyze total social media shares. It's also worth mentioning that we chose to focus on smaller sites for the sake of this analysis to get a better idea of how one viral post can affect traffic, reach, and page rank.

Video shows Tesla driver unconscious as car drives itself

A video posted to YouTube shows a Tesla driver slumped over—hopefully just sleeping—in the front seat, while the car autonomously navigates rush-hour traffic. Tesla's on-board computers are able to keep the car in its lane and brake to avoid obstacles , and it appears the Autopilot system worked as designed in this case. ( Autoblog speculates the video could be guerrilla marketing for Tesla.)

Toyota is investing in Uber

Toyota is expanding its ride-sharing initiatives by investing in Uber, according to Bloomberg . The publication says that the pair have "entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore collaboration in ride-sharing." Sure. In 2014 , Toyota started testing its own ride-sharing service in France, but I'm willing to bet that this new deal won't mean your next Uber will be one of those cute i-Road electric cars. By partnering with Uber, the Japanese car manufacturer is able to skip the hassles of setting up its own infrastructure -- unlike, say General Motors and its ZipCar-like Maven service -- and still be a part of the scene.

Classes and Roles - Overwatch Wiki Guide - IGN

The main goal of any Offensive character should be securing kills and clearing enemies off of an objective. Of course every class has a drawback, and some Offensive heroes suffer from a low health pool. As a character like Tracer for example, you may find yourself dead in a single shot from a Widowmaker or Hanzo. Clever use of abilities like Recall, Wraith Form and Biotic Field are needed to sustain your assault from behind enemy lines. Aggressive play is rewarded here, but you should be mindful of the enemies around you and what abilities and weapons can end your killing spree.

Multi-cloud security startup vArmour raises $41M more, led in part by Telstra

vArmour’s solution differs from some other security services in that many of the latter are focused at defending an organization’s IT infrastructure from the perimeter. vArmour, on the other hand, sits inside networks, and when it detects a problem, its software segments it off. Eades says that right now there is a bifurcation in attacks, with the biggest threats not just from nation states, but also organized crime. The latter has given rise to more ransomware attacks, he added. “It is very sophisticated and lasts a long period of time.” So to help build a better historical profile, the company also offers forensics for more advanced threats.

Mars by Crazybaby

The Crazybaby app for Android and iOS lets you adjust equalizer settings, tweak lighting settings, and toggle speaker levitation. The Mars has four EQ preset modes, including Bass, CrazyEQ, Indoor, and Outdoor, along with a fifth Custom EQ setting with a five-band manual equalizer to play with. I found the CrazyEQ preset to produce the best, and loudest, sound. You can dim the lights on the satellite, or change the number of glowing dots that spin around the edge of the speaker when it's powered on. Levitation options are minimal; you can swipe up in the app to make the speaker float above the base, and swipe down to make it land and charge, but don't expect to make it float any higher than it does by default.

Get ready for more ads on Google Maps

Another type of ad tries to take advantage of all that time people spend on phones. For example, if you search for a nearby electronics store, Google Maps can show you a "promoted pin." It will look like the normal pin that pops up whenever you search for anything on Maps, like a friend's house or a park, but instead will have a company's logo on it. That means a Best Buy promoted pin would have its yellow price tag logo on it and could show you a deal for 10 percent off phone accessories.

Startup Employees Invoke Obscure Law to Open Up Books

He recently discovered section 220 of Delaware’s corporate law, which can compel locally incorporated companies such as Domo to open up their books to shareholders. The law, little known in Silicon Valley, is a potentially valuable tool for thousands of tech workers who received stock awards to join fast-growing startups, as well as other small investors, who now question their shares’ worth.

Mushroom Cloud in Iconic Photo of Hiroshima Is Not Actually a Mushroom Cloud

Nuclear experts say this famous photo of an apparent mushroom cloud rising above the city of Hiroshima is not what it appears to be. The towering plume is actually billowing smoke rising up from the raging firestorms that followed the explosion.

Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

Eric Schmidt says he uses an iPhone, but claims to prefer Samsung's Galaxy

Bot review: Poncho, 1-800-Flowers, and CNN rated for design and usability

While I think there’s still plenty of opportunity to figure out some bot-specific design heuristics, Nielsen’s hold up pretty well. We can see that all three bots do a great job of providing affordance around error prevention and recovery, and all three provide inline help right in the bot. These go a long way toward grounding the user in the experience.

Twilio gives IoT data control back to developers

Announced today at it’s SIGNAL developers conference in San Francisco, Programmable Wireless starts with a Twilio SIM card. Billing is based on usage, too; pricing starts at $2 per SIM/month, and data charges can be as low as $0.10 per MB measured across devices.

Netflix Lineup Gets Big Boost This Fall

Netflix's roster of content is set to get a huge boost this fall. Starting in September, the streaming service will be the exclusive US pay-TV home of the latest films from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos announced in a blog post Monday.

Instagram challenge: share the things that feed your passion

Passion ripples outward, so sharing yours could inspire others to do the same. Our next photo challenge , brought to you by Mashable and Barilla , is all about that — photograph or record footage of something that feeds your passion.

Do you own the copyright to your own tech?

Creations such as graphics, web design templates, and software are all governed by copyright law, according to which the copyright owner is the creator/author of a given work. The company commissioning the work, meanwhile, has no ownership unless a written contract exists that speaks to the contrary.

Circle Medical jobs

Circle Medical Home Page

Ariana Grande picks Solo cups over champagne glasses for her 'Into You' video

Ariana Grande picks Solo cups over champagne glasses for her 'Into You' video

Foursquare’s Marsbot will tell you where to eat or drink before you ask

Right now Marsbot only focuses on places to eat and drink, but it’s likely that its location intelligence could expand to other areas such as shopping, places to see, and accommodations. This isn’t a service to help you get your laundry done or summon an Uber. It’s to help make decisions about finding sustenance so you’ll perhaps explore new places or find the perfect spot for noms.

Things Have Gotten Much Worse Since An Inconvenient Truth

In 2006, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth spread the idea of human-caused climate change far and wide in what is now considered a watershed moment for the science. But today, on the ten-year anniversary of the film’s release, we’ve made little progress toward addressing the grave planetary concerns Gore raised. In fact, by practically every metric, things have gotten much worse.

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Yoh! That phone! " @ForbesTech : Motorola could be bringing back its famous Razr flip phone http://onforb.es/1TUycpx  pic.twitter.com/BNRZxlBF9D "

Tragically Hip's Gord Downie diagnosed with terminal cancer

Since then, obviously, he’s endured a lot of difficult times, and he has been fighting hard. In privacy along with his family, and through all of this, we've been standing by him."

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