Spotify is punishing artists with Apple exclusives by decreasing their visibility

We believe long-term exclusives are bad for artists and they’re bad for fans. Artists want as many fans as possible to hear their music, and fans want to hear the music they’re excited about – exclusives get in the way of both. Of course, we understand that short promotional exclusives are common, we don’t have a total policy against them, and we certainly respect the choice of artists to decide what’s right for them.

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Facebook Removes Human Curators From Trending Module

Today, Facebook announced that human curators will no longer write short descriptions that accompany trending topics on the site. Instead, the company will rely on an algorithmic process to “pull excerpts directly from stories.” The company also said it will stop using human curators to sort through the news.

White House Proposes a New Immigration Rule for Entrepreneurs

The so-called International Entrepreneur Rule , which will go into effect after a 45-day comment period, is a sort of workaround for President Obama, who has long wanted to create a “startup visa” that would pave the way for immigrant entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in the United States. But congressional gridlock has made new immigration legislation impossible, and several attempts to pass a startup visa died on the way to the President’s desk.

6 TED talks for dog lovers

These talks celebrate the special bond we form with our loyal, furry companions.

Amazon is experimenting with a 30-hour work week for certain teams

Amazon is launching a program that would give a specific team of employees a 30-hour work week,  The Washington Post reports . The employees will be a subset of Amazon's technical team, and would earn 75 percent of what their 40-hour counterparts earn, but with the same benefits package. The group will consist of "a few dozen" employees, according to the Post .

Apple Will Reportedly Kill the Home Button and That Sucks

It’s worth pointing out that the pleasing click of a physical home button could be replaced with some sort of haptic feedback. Apple is increasingly working in haptics; Force Touch on the Apple Watch and Apple trackpads already use haptic feedback to make it feel like you are pressing on a physical button. 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S uses haptics too, although the effect amounts to more vibrations rather than recreating the feel of a button press.

Report: Twitter will let you filter abusive hashtags and keywords

The filter – a result of consulting with anti-harrasment groups – will let users block out specific words (think racial slurs, misogynistic terms, etc.) or entire hashtags. The company has previously provided tools to let you report abusers, but this would be the first time you can prevent harassment without having to actually see it first.

The Google of China has unveiled its new all-electric, self-driving car

Baidu is using a Chery EQ modified with its driverless tech for testing in China, Leo Zou, a spokesperson for Baidu, told Business Insider. The car is fully electric.

You can now stream any Blizzard game live on Facebook

Starting today the live-streaming capability will be available in every Blizzard game in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, with a complete global rollout expected “soon.” It’s currently only available to PC gamers, but Mac support is also in the works. All you’ll need to do is connect your account to Facebook, and then you can stream games like Overwatch or Hearthstone directly to your Facebook page.

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'Stranger Things' is one of Netflix's biggest hits — here's how it ranks in popularity next to Netflix's other shows

'Stranger Things' is one of Netflix's biggest hits — here's how it ranks in popularity next to Netflix's other shows

Apple Photos vs Google Photos, What's Better?

Nothing is more important to us than our precious digital photos, so keeping them stored safely in the cloud is crucial. The problem is, both Apple and Google have great photo-storage services, and it’s hard to know which one is actually better. Here’s how Apple Photos and Google Photos stack up against each other.

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All the Scifi, Horror and Other Great Genre Movies Coming To Theaters This Fall

Hollywood generally considers the fall movie season to be awards season. It’s when studios start rolling out their best films as the end of the year approaches. For genre fans, though, we get that and so much more. There are also horror movies for Halloween, big exciting blockbusters, as well as wondrous fantasy for us to enjoy. Here are all the fantastic films opening this fall you should know.

Android Nougat: Here's where to get the upgrade for your Nexus | ZDNet

For supported Nexus devices, the other way to shortcut the wait time is by enrolling the device in Google's beta program, which gives access to the developer preview version of the OS. ZDNet's instructions for how to safely do that are available here .

Facebook stops employing humans to write trending topic descriptions

Facebook’s trending topics is getting an update that involves eliminating the human element when it comes to describing why something merits promotion. The company is now relying on its algorithm and programming to display subjects and topics that Facebook thinks you’ll be interested in.

Apollo Global is buying Rackspace for $4.3 billion

Apollo Global, a private-equity firm, has agreed to buy Rackspace in a $4.3 billion deal that would take the cloud-computing company private.

Happy Women's Equality Day! Here's proof media doesn't know we're there yet

Happy Women’s Equality Day! Here’s proof media doesn’t know we’re there yet

Volkswagen’s 2019 electric car said to get 300 miles on a 15-minute charge

It’s unlikely that a 2019 VW all-electric will be able to take advantage of this kind of charging tech widely, given the charging infrastructure changed required, but it would still be a big statement from the car-maker to offer the spec in a shipping car. And since the Volkswagen group is still reeling from its emission scandal, any sizeable steps it can take in the EV market will ultimately do a lot to hep it recover its reputation.

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On Women’s Equality Day, More Tech Companies Promise Change

In short, yes, signing a pledge is a good first step and a sign that these companies are willing to consciously confront the very real gender gaps that still plague American society today. But more real work is needed before years of systemic inequality can be overturned. And in 2016, after 45 whole years of commemorating Women’s Equality Day, maybe—just maybe—the public on the whole should be giving tech companies less of a pass on such an important issue. As a recent report from McKinsey showed, achieving full gender parity in the American workplace isn’t just a matter of fairness, it would also boost the US economy on the whole— to the tune of $4.3 trillion . Tech companies still cite a million different reasons  for why the needle to get to full parity is moving so slowly. But dragging their feet on fixing the problem just means more money is being left on the table, every single day.

Bioshock: The Collection: How Much Better Does it Look? - IGN Video

We compare the visual fidelity of the upcoming Bioshock: The Collection to the already released Playstation 3 versions of all three games.

The bottom line: Our quick verdict on the HP Chromebook 13

Obviously, though, the tricked-out version will cost you a little more than $499 ($1,029, to be precise). Indeed, we don't recommend most people spend that much on a machine running Chrome OS. For most people, the base level model, which has a Pentium chip, will be enough. Even then, you can expect decent speeds for everyday use, along with the same sharp screen and comfy typing experience you'd get otherwise. That caveat aside, we'd also warn you about the battery life: It's not as long as on competing Chromebooks, precisely because of that pixel-dense screen. That doesn't mean we don't recommend it -- just that it's not the all-around winner it appears to be on paper.

Apple patents technique for grabbing iPhone thieves' fingerprints and photo | ZDNet

Apple has submitted a patent application for using the iPhone's (or iPad's) Touch ID module, camera, and other sensors to grab information about whoever is using the device in the event that it is stolen.

Make a Delicious No-Bake Pie Crust Out of Golden Grahams

As a child, I was deprived of the joy that is “sugary cereal.” This denial sparked an obsession, and I am always looking for ways to cram more of the stuff into my life and mouth. I have found my next project, and it is a no-bake Golden Graham pie crust.

Progress from 'NBA 2K17' demo carries over to the full game

Game demos are awesome, but they're usually the intro section of any given game. More than that, once you actually have the retail version, you're stuck working through the same portion of the game over again before getting to the meat of the experience. Playing early is a double-edged sword. NBA 2K17 is doing something different come September 9th, though. With "The Prelude," you'll have early access to the basketball game's career mode and will be able to play college games, interact with coaches during the mini-narrative and affect how you'll start MyCareer when the game arrives.

What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in September 2016

Below is the full list of what fresh content you can see this September, and what will be leaving Netflix for the time being:

‘Spectre’ helmer is in talks for a live-action ‘James and the Giant Peach’ movie

Dahl’s original story follows a four-year-old boy named James who’s forced to live with his cruel aunts after his parents are killed by a rhinoceros. He escapes his depressing life after encountering a giant peach and the human-sized insects that live within it,. His wild adventure sees him crossing the ocean and dealing with various magical creatures on land, in the sea, and in the air.

You Should Update Your WhatsApp Settings Right Now

WhatsApp betrayed its long standing commitment to privacy when the company announced the app will now share user data with Facebook for the purpose of selling ads. But existing users have only 30 days to opt out.

Here’s how to stop WhatsApp from sharing your phone number with Facebook

Granted, many of its pre-written descriptions were laughably bland, often including phrases like "report says," but they offered important news context. Funny, I didn't think I'd miss them, but I do. With the new change, if you want to see additional information about a topic (on desktop), you have to hover over it or click on it—an extra step at a time when our brains are increasingly taxed by decisions. And instead of a pre-written description you get snippets from other sources.     

See The World's First Tattoo By A Robot

Have you ever wanted a tattoo done by a robot? Probably not, but see where technology may take tattooing in the future.

Here’s How Much Slower You Run When It’s Humid

For example, say your forecast is showing a high of 77 degrees Fahrenheit with 85 percent humidity. That’s a dew point of 72 degrees. You should expect your times to be five to eight percent longer than usual for the same distance. That means a run that takes 30 minutes on a good day will take around 32 minutes today. Or to put that in simpler terms, just look at the last two columns on the chart. They say that easy running in this humidity will be “difficult” and hard running will be “very difficult.” You may still choose to run outside, but at least you know what you’re getting into.

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A Website Full of Nothing But Blank Windows to Move Around Is Incredibly Addictive

Do you have a deadline looming in the next 20 minutes or so? Do yourself a favor and avoid at all costs because despite being a website filled with nothing but empty randomly sized windows, it’s surprisingly addictive if you try to move them off-screen and dig down to the bottom.

Where Are Trump’s and Clinton’s Biggest Donations Coming From? We Made a Map

The list of states donating the most cash to the two leading candidates reads, mostly, like a list of the nation’s most populous states. Both Clinton and Trump count California, New York, Texas, and Florida among their top sources. But Trump also drew donors from Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, while Clinton counted Virginia, Washington, and Maryland among her leading fundraising states. South Dakotans sent Clinton less than $10,000 in July, making it her least successful fundraising state, while Vermont, home to erstwhile Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, was responsible for just $6,400 in Trump donations, his lowest nationally. This isn’t surprising, as a Gallup poll last year rated Vermont one of the nation’s most Democratic states.

Hackaday SuperConference: Call for Proposals

The 2016 Hackaday SuperConference is coming. Now is the time to submit your proposal for a talk or a workshop at the world’s greatest conference about hardware creation. The SuperCon is an unparalleled opportunity to present on a deeply technical level where you can be certain everyone in the audience is following. All of those details, the war stories of production, the out-of-stock problems and board respins, the moments when you’ve bent physics to your will, these stories will be met with awe and cheers as the audience of your peers takes the ride along with you.

Reddit hosts Crackle’s first episode of ‘StartUp’, a dark drama about entrepreneurship

While the startup culture has been played for some well-deserved laughs in recent years, a new drama from Sony’s video streaming service Crackle is taking a much grittier look at the world of entrepreneurship.

The Wii U revisited: Looking back on a forward-thinking console

The Wii U wasn't supposed to go head-to-head with consoles from Microsoft and Sony -- not the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and certainly not the PS4 and Xbox One. That's evident by looking at both the system itself as well as the game selection. Unlike its competitors, which sport sleek, futuristic designs, the Wii U is understated, with cheerful rounded corners and a glossy finish -- as clear a sign as any that the Wii U was intended for families more than avid gamers. All told, it's about the size of a hardcover book, making it very unobtrusive indeed. Up front is the slot-loading DVD drive and under that a sliding door hiding two USB 2.0 ports and an SD card slot for additional storage. On the left, you'll find the power and eject buttons.

How the Hell Does Kanye's Flying Stage Work?

Last night, Kanye West kicked off his Saint Pablo tour in Indianapolis with a crazy flying stage. Instead of a boring, normal, stationary stage—you know, the kind most artists jump and gyrate all over—Kanye decided to float above the audience on a suspended platform.

DJI's new Osmo+ camera adds a zoom lens

And since action cams, by definition, are often subjected to harsh environments, DJI is offering a new extended warranty called Osmo Shield. It doubles the standard warranty to two years and adds one instance of accidental hardware damage coverage. Extended warranties can be a bit of a crapshoot, but if you're the type who damages gear more easily, this might be worth thinking about. The Osmo+ is on sale now -- and if you don't need zoom, the original Osmo is now priced at $569, a good $150 cheaper than it was when it launched.

Google is killing off the Device Assist app on Nexus handsets

Google is killing off the Device Assist app on Nexus handsets

Here's how to skip iOS 9.3.5 and just upgrade to iOS 10

Created by NSO Group — an Israeli cyberwarfare firm — the Pegasus vulnerability could potentially affect any iOS device running iOS 9.3.4 or older. Worse, the exploit has been in the wild for at least a month, so we’re really not sure how many iPhones and iPads were infected. While you’re probably safe (it’s part of an expensive software suite), it’s really better to be cautious in situations such as these.

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Why Astronaut Mark Kelly Is Now Even Older Than His Twin Brother

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year-long sojourn in space in June. His slightly older astronaut twin, Mark Kelly, stayed home as a control—part of NASA’s twin study to monitor the effects of space on the human body. But there’s a physical change that NASA might not be able to measure that easily. Mark is now even older (by about 5 milliseconds) than his space-faring twin, thanks to special relativity .

Self-driving taxis take to the streets of Singapore

By 2018, nuTonomy says that it hopes that the entire taxi fleet of Singapore will be self-driving, decreasing traffic on the city's crowded roads. At the same time, nuTonomy is working on beginning similar tests in other Asian cities, as well as the US and Europe.

Apple facing supply shortages ahead of iPhone 7 launch

In simpler terms, this is expected to be worse than last year’s iPhone 6s shortage. Yuanta Investment Consulting analyst Jeff Pu believes we’ll see about 10 million fewer iPhone 7 builds than we did of the 6s last year, which also caused a fairly significant shortage around the launch period.

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Hopsy’s Mini Keg Only Spits Out Delicious Local Microbrews

This is where Hopsy’s HomeTap makes things easier for beer lovers. The HomeTap is small enough to fit on a countertop in your kitchen (or in the breakroom at work if you’ve hit your series A round). The beer comes in special 2-liter bottles that are filled by local microbreweries who have partnered with Hopsy. Inside each plastic bottle is a bag—just like the bag inside a box of wine, though the liquid inside this bag is much tastier.

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China Telecom's future focuses on big data, IoT, and the cloud  #Tech #News #IoT

The White House has a clever plan to make it easier for foreign founders to build startups in the US

For foreign startup founders to qualify, they must own at least 15% of the startup and have started the company in the US within the last three years. There's also a requirement that the startup has raised at least $345,000 from prominent investors or received at least $100,000 in grants.

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57 Hampton Creek is facing a criminal investigation for buying back some of its own product
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76 There's Nothing Remotely Functional About an Axe Handle Made of Gummy Bears
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80 Spotify adds a full list of tour dates to artist pages
81 Stop fretting about the Note 7’s performance
82 CrossOver will let you run Windows apps on Chromebooks
83 How to Play Solitaire Inside a Google Search
84 Spiri’s on-demand carpooling service will use custom EVs and let drivers ride free
85 Frank Ocean, Apple Music, And The Headache Of Streaming Exclusives
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88 Theranos fights back
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91 Meet the private-jet startup backed by Jay Z and the Saudi royal family
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93 Homeland Security investigating Leslie Jones website hack
94 Samsung's Note 7 Pen Functions Are Still Searching For A Raison D'être
95 'Don't Starve Together' arrives on PS4 with a huge bundle
96 Belgian teacher creates Pokémon Go style game for hunting books
98 'Double Dog' is a crazy new app that's sure to get one of your idiot friends killed
99 Google Wallet debuts automatic transfers so you can skip “cashing out”
100 Uber reportedly lost at least $1.27 billion in first half of 2016