Adobe ditches the Creative Cloud requirement for Lightroom mobile

Adobe's Lightroom mobile apps were already free to download. However, the software still required a Creative Cloud login or for you to own the desktop version to get any real use out of it. Well, that's not the case anymore. Adobe nixed the membership requirement for Lightroom on iOS this week, and it'll soon to the same for the Android version that debuted earlier this year . Now that the photo-editing app is really free to use on your phone or tablet, you're free to add it to your photo-editing arsenal. There's a smattering of new features as well, including a Dehaze filter to improve photo quality, Targeted Adjustment tool for focused tweaks, an in-app camera for snapshots and more. As we previously reported, you can also select photos for retouching in Photoshop Fix before easily returning to Lightroom thanks to the newfangled Creative Sync technology. New versions of both Lightroom mobile for iPhone and iPad are available in iTunes now.

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Netflix Raises Price of Most Popular Plan by $1 per Month

Netflix Inc.,  the world’s dominant paid online video service, is raising the price of its most popular streaming subscription by $1 a month to $9.99 for new customers in the U.S., Canada and parts of Latin America following a similar move in Europe this year.

Adobe gives a sneak peek of new features in its app publishing tool

“Publishing and storytelling are core to what our brand means from both a brand and a business standpoint. That differentiates us from everybody out there that wants to do native publishing and content. For us, it’s not just branding but a major part of our business.”

Trove uses 3D printing technology to create customized jewelry

It’s easy to write off 3D printing as an enthusiast’s hobby — one that is reserved for those with enough skill to work in design software or enough of a budget to purchase their own printer. But the cool thing about it is its consumer applications, and the way it makes objects accessible to a mainstream audience.

Google Search now indexes iOS 9 apps with deep links, Safari will show app content by end of the month

In May, Google began allowing iOS developers to implement App Indexing so signed-in users can open content surfaced from mobile apps directly in Google Search (via the main Google app and via Chrome, or even installing iOS apps if they don’t have them). These indexed links were made available to “a small group of test partners initially,” and now the company is expanding that by making the feature compatible with HTTP deep link standards for iOS 9. Google expects iOS users will start seeing app content in Safari by the end of October.

Unicorn poop and squatty potties: the greatest viral ad in Internet history

Squatty Potty is a $28 footstool that slides away under your toilet; you use it to bring your knees up to a squatting position while you poop, which makes pooping much, much easier. But advertising a poop-related product is tricky. Think of all those elliptical commercials for anti-constipation/diarrhea products, the actors' awkward grimaces, the cutaways to line-art diagrams and dudes in labcoats... For its ad, Squatty Potty took the unicorn by the horn and squeezed . In an era of 6-second Vines, they recorded an unthinkably long (nearly 3 minutes!) video in which a Ren Faire bard of some description stands beside a unicorn whose poop is rainbow-colored soft-serve ice-cream, and describes how the Squatty Potty unkinks its colon so that it enjoys good flow and doesn't get any more sparkle-causing hemorrhoids. There are about ten laugh aloud moments in this one, and the underlying product is definitely sound -- getting your knees/pelvis into a squat position really does make pooping a lot quicker, more comfortable and more thoroughgoing. As oblique metaphors go, a soft-serve-pooping unicorn puppet is sheer genius.

Alibaba launches portal to introduce its business to the world

The site also highlights China’s market opportunities, with stories of how various entrepreneurs and consumers in the country are using Alibaba platforms to reach a large national audience.

You can now change the avatar for your group DMs on Twitter

Further iterating on its Direct Messaging feature, Twitter now lets you change the image associated with a group DM.

The 9 Email Mistakes That Make People Ignore Your Messages

Schwalbe also says it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules about who should respond to messages. Typically, a good rule of thumb is if you’re in the "To" line, feel free to answer. If you’re in the "CC" line, your response is not needed. And while you’re at it, establish some ground rules for copying coworkers, since not everyone needs to be copied on every email. It just clogs up inboxes. That goes for replies, too—don’t use the Reply All button unless it’s truly necessary, and feel free to write, "No reply necessary," if you’re sending a message that doesn’t require one.

Google Docs is down, what are we going to do, you guys (Update: It’s back)

Update at 12:04 p.m. Pacific: my VentureBeat Google Docs is loading again, albeit a bit slowly. The activity error message on my personal account hasn’t gone away yet. On both, the Recent and Trash pages are very slow. And good luck composing a new file in Google Docs. Trying to make a new spreadsheet with Google Sheets? You might see this: “Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.” As for Google Slides, it’s working more reliably.

How to check if your iPhone 6s has TSMC or Samsung A9 chip

Few days back we had shown you how to identify if your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus has a TSMC or Samsung A9 chip . Unfortunately, that method is not longer viable as the developer has taken down his app, as it probably was violating Apple’s App Store policy for misusing the Enterprise certificate and has instead released the source code of the app. So you would need to use XCode to compile the app, and install it on your iPhone, but it is only possible if you have a valid iOS Developer account.

Apple TV & iPad Pro to hit stores early November after late October online launch

The revamped Apple TV set top box and iPad Pro will both begin showing up in Apple Retail Stores for sale during the first week of November after going on sale via Apple’s website in late October, according to reliable sources. It is also likely that the first online orders of both products will reach customers in early November.

The Vergecast 174: Microsoft, Twitter Moments, and Steve Jobs

Dieter Bohn, Nilay Patel, Casey Newton, and Kristen Frisina on the hype seat caress your brain with knowledge about Microsoft's new confident and purposeful direction, whether Twitter Moments is useful or not, Google AMP's benefits for the internet at large, and how the Steve Jobs movie is a great film but also a castle of lies. Thought of the 'cast: If you die in HoloLens, do you die in real life?

Lyft amps up partnerships to keep drivers happy

Lyft is angling to be the most flexible, benefit-focused ride-sharing platform out there. Their ‘kill them with kindness’ tactic to woo drivers away from competitors has gone next-level today, in a live announcement from the company’s San Francisco office.

Dell brings its edgeless display to the powerhouse XPS 15

Meanwhile, the company is also releasing the convertible XPS 12, which fits a ridiculously high density 4K display into a 12-inch panel with small bezels. It’s also refreshing its XPS 13 with Skylake CPUs and more storage and RAM options. Better yet, Dell claims the battery can last up to an insane 18 hours with the 1080p screen.

5 Great Free Gmail Add-Ons To Make You More Productive

If you’re only going to try one Gmail add-on, try Boomerang . It lets you temporarily clear messages out of your inbox, to return at a time and date you specify. It’s a dead-simple way to turn messages into individual reminders. You can also use it to prewrite messages and schedule them to be sent later. Want that client to think you’re working hard on their big, important project? Schedule an email to send out at 3:30 a.m. even though you’re writing it at 2 p.m. They’ll think you’re burning the midnight oil, even though you’re really burning a grilled cheese before a Netflix binge. The free version lets you play God with 10 messages each month; paid versions add mobile access, recurring messages, and other goodies.

15Five now works with Slack so managers can seek feedback from employees

15Five can also be used to brainstorm new initiatives, or get feedback on a product in testing. Whatever it’s used for, the purpose is to bring employees and their managers a bit closer through a more open line of communication.

Arrow: "Green Arrow" Review - IGN

Given the terrifying nature of Damien Darhk and his H.I.V.E. agents, it’s impressive that this episode was able to juggle the light and dark elements so well. On one hand, we saw clearly just how badly the city is suffering. The population is dropping, businesses are shutting down, and there’s a general sense of desperation in the newly christened Star City. Yet there was also a sense of optimism that came with the emergence of Green Arrow. As stupid as it is that Ollie is trying to convince the city that he’s a different vigilante from that other guy, I’m glad to see him falling more in line with the classic incarnation of the character. He’s stepping out of the shadows and becoming more of an inspiration to those he defends. Even his costume is sleeker and more comic accurate. Now he just needs that goofy Robin Hood goatee.

Google's new Android app helps Delhi's commuters get around

Google has launched Delhi Public Transport Offline an Android app that helps users in the Indian capital of New Delhi get around town using public transport, without the need for an internet connection.

A Supercut Of The Craziest Zombie Kills On "The Walking Dead"

Since 2010, The Walking Dead has been shambling across our television screens as an incredibly successful horror drama series. The characters are pushed to their wit's end, forced to deal with a zombie outbreak that gives them no choice but to get creative. From screwdrivers, to car trunks, to the classic boomstick, characters like Rick Grimes and the ragtag group of survivors are willing to use anything at their disposal to stay alive. Watch this supercut and see the most innovative ways the zombies of The Walking Dead have been taken down.

YouTube now uses deep learning to pick better video thumbnails

Google is back at it, using its artificial intelligence know-how to improve its products. Today the beneficiary is YouTube’s little video thumbnails. Google has begun to use a type of AI called deep learning to automatically create the best possible thumbnails when people upload videos.

Medium Doubles Down on Mobile With New App And Commenting, Sharing Tools

Medium knows that its readers and writers like to give and receive feedback. Now, it has launched a new feature known as Highlights. With this, anyone can select a passage of text, which then appears green to anyone else who encounters it. By clicking on the section, you can see who left the highlight. As well, writers are automatically notified whenever someone highlights their writing.

Inside The Bizarre Battle To Make Marijuana Legal In Ohio

The plan, designed and spearheaded by an Ohio political consultant named Ian James, would work like this: An amendment to the state constitution would permit commercial marijuana growing on 10 predetermined plots of land, each owned by a different company. The companies would be competing with each other, but together they would have exclusive access to a market that ResponsibleOhio estimates will top $1 billion annually. To get in on the action, each company had to contribute $2 million to ResponsibleOhio’s campaign to get the proposal on the ballot—it needed more than 300,000 signatures—and be approved by voters. (This provides the bulk of the campaign's funding, though they've received contributions from other supporters.)

10 enthralling visions for the future of computing

Nevertheless, Microsoft is trying again with the upcoming Surface Hub . This 84-inch, 4K business-focused touchscreen looks like an amazing device to play around with. It runs Windows 10 and can be used for pretty much anything you use a PC for today, including video conferencing and presentations. Microsoft’s aim here is not just to make a big PC, but to digitize the whiteboard and take advantage of all the possibilities such a concept entails.

El Capitan beta code hints at new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2

Several websites, including 9to5Mac and French site Consomac , have spotted code in OS X 10.11.1 beta 3 suggesting that Apple is planning to release a Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2 in the coming months. The 10.11.1 beta 3 was originally released to developers this week, and 9to5Mac has confirmed that the Magic accessories code is not present in the current OS X 10.11 release.

The BBC will stream the League of Legends World Championship online

The League of Legends championship tournament is spread out across multiple European cities this year, and for the next leg — which takes place in London's iconic Wembley Arena — none other than the BBC will be streaming the proceedings. Starting October 15th, BBC Three will be offering live coverage of the quarterfinals online. This portion of the tournament will last for four days, and the broadcaster has enlisted the help of League casters Leigh "Deman" Smith and James "Stress" O'Leary, who will provide commentary during the matches.

Amazon Wants to Know How Its Employees Feel Every Day

Dubbed Amazon Connections, the internal system poses questions daily to employees to collect responses on topics such as job satisfaction, leadership and training opportunities, people with knowledge of the initiative said. The company started the program at its fulfillment centers staffed mostly with blue-collar workers last year and has been rolling it out to other departments since then, first hitting the corporate ranks this summer.

Why unikernels might kill containers in five years

Traditional operating systems are monolithic and bulky, even when slimmed down. If you look at the size of a container instance – hundreds of megabytes, if not gigabytes, in size – it becomes obvious there is much more in the instance than just the application being hosted. Having a copy of the OS means that all of that OS’ services and subsystems, whether they are necessary or not, come along for the ride. This massive bulk conflicts with trends in broader cloud market, namely the trend toward microservices, the need for improved security, and the requirement that everything operate as fast as possible.

As it Turns Out, Pluto Has Blue Skies, Too

In addition to the Plutonian sky finding, NASA announced that New Horizons has detected "numerous small, exposed regions of water ice" on Pluto. Unlike the recent discovery of flowing water on Mars , this water discovery isn't a huge surprise; we've long known that other Kuiper Belt Objects, such as comets, are extremely rich in water. However, scientists are currently trying to figure out why the ice is only exposed in very specific locations (i.e. there are no large ice planes) and also appear red—probably from the aforementioned tholins.

It Just Got a Lot Harder for Big Tobacco to Defend Itself

But this week, the Trans-Pacific Partnership—the largest regional trade agreement in history—slapped tobacco back down. The TPP, which includes the US and 11 Pacific Rim countries, singles out tobacco as the one industry in which ISDS rules no longer apply. Tobacco companies won’t be able to use the the TPP to block public health-minded tobacco regulations.

Burner's disposable phone numbers save everything in the cloud

Thanks to The Wire (one of the greatest TV shows ever), we know all about burner phones. These cheap and quickly discarded phones are an easy way to communicate without sharing your permanent number with random folks (or the police). The Burner app for iOS and Android works under the same concept. It creates temporary numbers to hand out to people while keeping your main digits a secret. To add value to those short-term (and in some cases long term) numbers Burner is adding integration with Dropbox, Soundcloud, Evernote and Slack. Linked numbers can auto-save texted photos and voicemails to Dropbox. Slack can route messages from a channel to a number and accept replies. While Evernote can create an auto-response bot that replies to texts with pre-determined messages.

Fantasy Sports’ Scandal Shows Size Doesn’t Equal Success

The scandal has finally brought scrutiny to a young industry awash in money and attention—neither of which it quite knows how to deal with. After several rounds of funding, DraftKings and FanDuel are now full-fledged “unicorns,” the startup world’s lingo for companies valued at more than a billion dollars. And their collective story is much like the story of every other unicorn fixated on rapid growth above all, regardless of the cost. It’s a trajectory that’s become familiar thanks to the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and others: The more obsessed you become with growth, the more likely you are to hurtle forward, even if you’re operating in the gray areas with the potential for abuse.

Andy Rubin’s Playground incubator has closed a $300 million funding round

Former Android chief Andy Rubin has a new incubator called Playground Global, and says the firm has now closed a $300 million funding round and will be investing in new hardware startups.

Apple starts sales of SIM-free iPhone 6s, 6s Plus handsets

These are the same phones that are already being sold in U.S retail stores since the launch. The model 1633 and 1634 is the same phone as the iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus currently sold with AT&T chosen as the carrier. The 6s model phones are all already unlocked coming from the factory. The other model used is for Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The original use of the different model for AT&T is because AT&T uses an extra frequency band #30 for enhanced LTE service available only on their network.

A Brief History of the End of the Comments

What’s going on here? For years, comment boxes have been a staple of the online experience. You’ll find them everywhere, from The New York Times to Fox News to The Economist . But as online audiences have grown, the pain of moderating conversations on the web has grown, too. And in many cases, the most vibrant coversations about a particular article or topic are happening on sites like Facebook and Twitter. So many media companies are giving up on comments, at least for now. So far this year, Bloomberg, The Verge , The Daily Beast and now Motherboard have all dropped their comments feature.

One week with Google’s new Chromecast: A slicker dongle, but no rush to upgrade

If you don’t already have a Chromecast, then it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to procure the second version of the device — it’s the same price and generally slicker than its predecessor. However, I’ve not identified any real discernible difference from a usability or functionality perspective. Of course, if you have issues with buffering on your current Chromecast, and have 802.11ac Wi-Fi in your home, that alone may make an upgrade worthwhile.

Why Paul Thomas Anderson's New Film Is On A Streaming Service You've Never Heard Of

It’s not that choice is bad, it’s that Cakarel wants to position his company as valuing quality over quantity and as sort of a side kick to Netflix, which is part of the reason MUBI’s subscription rate starts at only $4.99 per month. How MUBI curates its content is a mix of data and manual input: Analyzing what kinds of films people in different countries are watching generates a bulk of titles, and from there, MUBI’s editorial team whittles down the list. Cakarel explains that the curation process can become hyper-localized and is always fluid—MUBI’s editorial team is expected to keep in mind and contextualize current or historical events that can translate into films.

Google’s AMP project: Better than Facebook, or just a different walled garden?

Gingras says the rise of ad-blocking software has made it increasingly obvious that many users hate the kind of slow-loading pages many publishers are putting out, the ones that are filled with megabytes worth of tracking scripts and popup ads. AMP would solve many of those problems, Google says, and — although the company doesn’t come right out and say this — it would do so without forcing publishers to embrace a proprietary solution like Facebook’s or Apple’s.

Get Excited: The Sherlock Christmas Special Trailer Is Here

Attention Steven Moffat acolytes! The fourth season of Sherlock won’t arrive till at least early 2016, but the one-off Christmas special set in Victorian England is real enough to have a trailer. See the period-appropriate mustaches! See horse-drawn carriages! See Watson (Martin Freeman) give Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) guff for not wearing the damn deerstalker hat! It’s the same 221B Baker Street you’ve always loved. It’s just got a lot more candlelight. Plot details for the special have not yet been disclosed, so we don’t know if it will be based on a classic story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or if it’s a new adventure entirely for our intrepid sleuths. Either way, this will make for a merry Christmas indeed.

Sam Altman commits $10M to start Y Combinator research lab

When we spoke with Altman and Y Combinator cofounder Jessica Livingston earlier this year, one of the central themes was this constant desire to help startups. “We always wanted to fund the best startups,” Livingston said at the time. “We wanted to help startups at whatever stage they’re in become a billion-dollar company.” It’s quite possible that by addressing long-term problems and open-sourcing the solution could result in more startups being born. And that’s not a bad thing in Y Combinator’s book.

How to be awesome on Twitter in 5 steps

Not everyone is going to have your tolerance for sharing details of their whereabouts, how they look that day, or who they’re out with. Take your cues on what’s acceptable from their own Twitter streams. If these folks don’t share a lot about get-togethers, now is not the time to include them in your tweet about tripping balls at Burning Man.

Apple invention brings inductive charging to iPhone without extra hardware

According to a patent application published on Thursday, Apple is actively investigating the integration of inductive charging technology into its devices using multi-mode versions of electrical coils already found in speakers, microphones and haptic engines. Source: USPTO In the application, published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as "Inductive power transfer using acoustic or haptic devices," Apple describes a common two-coil inductive charging system in which a dedicated transmitter coil interacts with a receiver coil in a consumer electronic device, like an iPhone. Unlike current solutions the invention does not require additional hardware, instead using existing coils from audio or vibratory feedback components. In some implementations, the device-side coil operates in two modes, one being the operation for which it's designed and another for inductive power transfer. Exemplary components include voice coils commonly used in conjunction with magnetic elements to produce sound in a speaker by exerting force on an acoustic membrane — or detecting force to capture sound in dynamic microphones — and haptic systems like Apple's Taptic Engine.

43 Psychologists Push For Smartphone Warning Labels

The researchers flagged 11 male and female respondents (all between the ages of 19 and 35) whose survey results suggested that they were addicted to their devices and who indicated interest in the warning labels. They also flagged four people who did not think warning labels would be effective. Through 30-minute interviews with each participant, the researchers identified ways to maximize the effectiveness of the warning labels for consumers. 

Look Out GoPro, Drone Giant DJI Is Getting Into The Handheld Camera Business

The 6.4-inch-long, fixed-aperture, Osmo, which weighs less than half a pound, is a 4K camera mounted atop a handheld stabilizer. It is designed to allow users to shoot smooth, high-quality video no matter how they hold it or move it. The 12-megapixel camera itself, the Zenmuse X3, is the same as the one that comes integrated with DJI’s Inspire 1 drone .

Photographer says iPhone 6s shoots better video than a DSLR

The iPhone 6s takes incredibly photos , but it still has a long way to go before it can compete with a professional camera for still images. When it comes to video, however, it has no problem beating a $3,000 DSLR, according to professional photographer Lee Morris.

New Prizes for Expanding Economic Opportunities | MIT Technology Review

In hopes of creating more opportunities for workers who are being left behind by today’s high-tech economy, MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) and Innovation Initiative have announced prizes for projects meant to promote wage equality, improve job prospects, and help people acquire new skills. Erik Brynjolfsson, director of IDE, says the competition is particularly meant to support efforts that will benefit low- and middle-income workers.

Dell refreshes XPS 13 and XPS 15, and debuts XPS 12 tablet hybrid

Dell's new XPS 12, which replaces the company's older, "flippable" convertible laptop , attempts to make a product like Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 even better. In the early stages of the XPS 12's development, Dell says it asked its customers if a 2-in-1 could be improved—most of them said keyboard experience is paramount. Since most of them also claim to primarily use 2-in-1s as laptop replacements rather than tablet replacements, Dell decided to focus on making the XPS 12's keyboard as solid as possible. Developed from the company's corporate Latitude line of notebooks, the keyboard has a full layout design, with a solid 1.9mm of travel between the keys, as well as a Precision touchpad.

Twitter copies YouTube by monetizing creator and publisher video

Twitter is expanding its Amplify offering in a move that will help creators monetize their work, while also making it easier for advertisers to get placement and reach for their brands. Starting today, video ads can be run against preferred content categories, instead of relying sponsorship deals with select publishers. This solution is available in beta right now for select publishers and advertisers in the U.S.

Dow Jones reveals it was hacked, says up to 3,500 accounts were exposed

American publishing and financial information firm Dow Jones has revealed it was subject to a cyberattack over a three-year timespan that resulted in “unauthorized access” of payment card and contact information for up to 3,500 individuals. The company said no direct evidence exists to suggest the data was stolen.

Ultimate duckface: Diji unveils 4K steadicam selfie stick

The camera is, more or less, designed to replace the one you have on your smartphone, even if your phone already takes 4K video and can handle panoramas. Osmo has the 4K covered and will automatically shoot panorama when you take a picture, but instead of you moving, the Osmo camera head automatically pans and takes a, the company claims, perfectly level set of photos that it then stitches into a panoramic shot. Osmo can also shoot slo-mo video, which should benefit from the gimbal stabilization, but it's only at 120 fps. An iPhone 6S plus will shoot at 240 fps, but only offers digital stabilization.

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