Lexus video teases a 'real' magnetic hoverboard

The website explains that it's magnetic, with liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets, made with a Lexus grille and natural bamboo -- but stops there. We've seen a $10,000 magnetic hoverboard before , but it required a special metal track to ride on, and this teaser appears to show the board on regular ground ( Update : We got in touch with Lexus, and confirmed that like the other examples we've seen, there is a metal surface underneath the skate park shown here -- it's real, but you won't be riding this thing just anywhere). That seems rather unlikely, but we'll have to wait to find out more. Lexus says it will bring regular updates in the coming weeks about its "real, rideable hoverboard" but for now all we have is a teaser video to watch and speculate about.

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U.S. top court declines to hear Google appeal in Oracle Java fight

A San Francisco federal judge decided that the Java APIs replicated by Google were not subject to copyright protection and were free for all to use. But the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit reversed that last year, saying it was bound to respect copyright protection for software "until either the Supreme Court or Congress tells us otherwise."

UberPop : deux chauffeurs en garde à vue à Paris

La préfecture de police de Paris accélère son offensive envers UberPop. Dans un communiqué publié samedi, elle annonce que deux chauffeurs, qui utilisaient l'application UberPop, ont été interpellés vendredi dans les 10e et 8e arrondissement de la capitale et placés en garde à vue. Pas moins de 200 policiers vont en outre venir en renfort afin de faire appliquer la réglementation des taxis dans la capitale. Jeudi, près de 3.000 chauffeurs de taxis en grève ont exprimé leur colère contre l'application UberPop ainsi que contre les VTC, qu'ils accusent de concurrence déloyale. Téléphones portables saisis. Le premier conducteur s'est vu saisir son véhicule de transport ainsi que son téléphone portable. Le deuxième a aussi eu son portable saisi mais sa voiture lui a été restituée.  La préfecture rappelle dans son communiqué qu'il s'agit de la deuxième saisie de véhicule dans le cadre de la répression des chauffeurs UberPop, qui utilisent une application illégale pour trouver des clients à transporter. Depuis le 1er janvier, "près de 400 procédures judiciaires" ont été lancées à l'encontre de ces particuliers qui s'improvisent chauffeurs de taxis, précise le communiqué.

Exclusive: Amazon to offer loans to sellers in China, 7 other countries

Until now, the e-retailer has offered the service only in the United States and Japan. Amazon Lending, founded in 2012, now plans to offer short-term working capital loans in other countries where it operates a third-party, seller-run marketplace business, the head of Amazon Marketplace, Peter Faricy, told Reuters.

Flag drops, BS stops: Cars Technica’s favorite rides from a Watkins Glen weekend

As one might expect, there were some extremely cool racing cars at the track. On top of that, Watkins Glen is just dripping in motorsport history, and there were lots of cool street cars to gawp at as well. We've assembled the gallery above to share some initial highlights, but we'll have more from Watkins Glen in the coming week. Hopefully these sights can satisfy your petrol appetites in the meantime—you might even see one of the gaming industry's superstars among the motorheads.

How do so many white, male indie directors leap to big blockbusters?

The exception is Black Panther . A male director of color would almost surely have nabbed this, had DuVernay not had such a landslide year. "The pipeline for women directors in Hollywood has holes all over the place," Silverstein says. "We have to patch those holes so women can keep moving up."

Google's adorable self-driving cars are now on public roads

Google announced last month that it'd be putting its prototype self-driving cars on California roads this summer, and  now they're here . When they were first announced last year, the cars were shown without any driver controls at all, but these are a bit different — there will still be a qualified driver and manual override controls available at all times, just in case a car gets out of its element. ( Data so far suggests the challenge might be with self-driving cars being too safe, not the other way around.) In this way, the cars are similar to the many self-driving Lexus SUVs that Google already has driving on and around its Mountain View campus.

Samsung's Tizen may launch on more smartphones this year - CNET

The lower-end of the space where Tizen lives, however, could prove important to Samsung. A gold rush of sorts is developing in that end of the space with competitors like Google's Android One vying for consumers in emerging markets. By launching more devices, Samsung could be planning to expand its Tizen footprint and make the operating system more readily accessible across the world's emerging markets.

True Detective: "Night Finds You" Review - IGN

Their interplay feels real. As yet, it’s not about one vying to outsmart the other, but each looking for an open door to an honest exchange. For her part, Bezzerides is legitimately invested in solving this murder and doesn’t express a pat dismissal of Velcoro as a dirty cop. Though she most certainly realizes that he’s filthy and compromised to the core. They’re sizing each other up, but their interplay registers as human. There’s a sense of, at the very least understanding, and at best respect. One gets the idea that because they’re in over their heads there’s a desire for trust despite the fact that trust is impossible for them - given the circumstances. The scenes between Velcoro and Semyon are more mannered, but there’s a cat-and-mouse edge that works, though I do hope they become more charged as things move along.

The CEO of Messaging App Line Explains Why Services like His Beat Facebook and Twitter | MIT Technology Review

How free messages can make a good business is a question that leading apps in the United States and Europe are still trying to answer. But some Asian messaging apps are already generating significant revenue by making messaging into a medium that people can use to spend money and that businesses can use to communicate with their customers. Facebook appears to be following suit, with a recent announcement that it will allow other companies to build services on top of its Facebook Messenger app.

Watch SpaceX’s Rocket Explode on the Way to the ISS | WIRED

Today, in the eternal war between SpaceX’s reusable rockets and SpaceX’s robot boat, the rockets lost again. Elon Musk’s company loaded up a Dragon capsule full of supplies this morning in what would have been its seventh mission to the International Space Station—and its third attempt to salvage the capsule’s rocket, Falcon 9, by landing on an autonomous barge. But the poor thing didn’t even get the chance to try. Less than three minutes into flight, the rocket and its cargo exploded, their disintegrating parts cloaked by a huge cloud of smoke.

Amazon makes Echo voice assistant available to the masses - CNET

After seven months of keeping its new voice-activated speaker as an invitation-only product, Amazon on Tuesday opened orders of the device to anyone interested. The Echo starts shipping out to all customers July 14 for $180, replacing the previous pricing of $199 for regular customers and $149 for Amazon Prime members.

Google given more time to reply to EU antitrust charges

The company was earlier told to respond by July 7, sources told Reuters. Neither the company or the EU competition authority had given the first deadline, but Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso confirmed the extra time given to Google.

Salem: "The Witching Hour" Review - IGN

Salem took a couple steps closer to becoming hell's new capital on Earth in this fun, pulpy season finale filled with death, rebirths, and more death. Way more than last season's finale, the show felt confident - despite its single town setting - to shake things up and twist the status quo.

'Top Gun 2' will pit Tom Cruise against drones

Cinema always reflects our anxieties back onto us, so it's no surprise to see that the Top Gun sequel will involve unmanned aerial vehicles. Producer David Ellison told Collider that Tom Cruise will return to the series that made him famous, with a story where Maverick tries to out-maneuver a fleet of drones. It appears as if the flick will depict "the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots" as the world's powers switch over to remotely-flown , computer-aided flying death machines.

Singapore teaches kids to form start-ups

Singapore teaches kids to form start-ups Creating an entrepreneurial culture is deemed so crucial to this nation's future that the government is matching venture capital investments and teaching kids in grade school how to start their own companies. Check out this story on

Microsoft adds cheaper variant of Core i7 model to Surface Pro 3 lineup - CNET

Over the weekend, Microsoft added a sixth variant to its Surface Pro 3 lineup . The new one features a 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB of memory and offers 128GB of onboard storage. The change comes in the storage. Previously, the i7 model came with either 256GB or 512GB of storage. The new model carries the same $1,299 price tag as the Core i5 edition with 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage.

Smartphones with seriously long battery life - CNET

With its 720p display and Snapdragon 400 processor, the G Vista doesn't have the most powerful hardware internals around. But for a competitively priced phablet, its battery life is ace. Between two US carrier models, the phone played continuous video anywhere from 14 to 17 hours straight. That should give you an idea of how it'll run in your area. Read the full review.

Samsung's next-gen tech could spawn smaller, supercharged batteries

The silicon shrinks back to its normal self once the battery discharges, but you need to provide more space in the battery to allow for the silicon’s increase in volume with each charge. Plus, that repeated expansion and contraction causes silicon to break down over time. Once that happens, the material loses conductivity and the battery is done—and in a much shorter time frame than current lithium ion tech.

YouTube Map Explorer is an unusual way to explore videos from around the world

The unofficial project lets you browse the vast ocean of content on YouTube by choosing where in the world you want to see uploads from. Click on any point on the world map and the app will surface a video uploaded by a user from that place.

Google's search practices come under scrutiny from leading academic Wu | ZDNet

By prominently displaying Google content in response to search queries, Google is able to leverage its dominance in search to gain customers for this content. This yields serious concerns if the internal content is inferior to organic search results. To investigate, we implement a randomized controlled trial in which we vary the search results that users are shown ­ comparing Google's current policy of favorable treatment of Google content to results in which external content is displayed. We find that users are 45% more likely to engage with universal search results (i.e. prominently displayed map results on Google) when the results are organically determined. This suggests that by leveraging dominance in search to promote its internal content, Google is reducing social welfare ­ leaving consumers with lower quality results and worse matches.

Uber Executives Detained by Police in Paris

PARIS—French police on Monday detained Uber Technologies Inc.’s top two executives in Paris, French prosecutors said, making good on the government’s promise to crack down on the car-hailing service after violent protests by taxi drivers last week.

Apple reportedly begins iPhone 6s production featuring Force Touch

This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.

Penny Dreadful: "And Hell Itself My Only Foe" Review - IGN

Speaking of Lily's intended men, John Clare's rotten luck with the opposite sex continued as Lavinia Putney turned out to be a rather treacherous rat, luring him into a cage to be one of the stars of her father's new live freak museum. A nice little twist and a splendid undercutting of our assumption that she had to be good-hearted because she was blind. She could have been playing John all along or she could have switched gears once she felt his hand a few weeks back. Whichever it was, perhaps this will put John off love completely. He'd already had his world viewed shattered by Lily and now Lavinia's turned on him as well. His line about putting a mirror inside a hypothetical Pandora's Box waxworks display was particularly telling of his state of mind.

Uber managers arrested in France over 'illicit' taxi service - BBC News

Two managers of the taxi-ordering app Uber have been arrested in France.

Facebook for Android still lets you send messages without installing the Messenger app

Granted, this won’t be a convenient workaround for many people given the restrictive conditions under which it works — if you want to avoid installing the Messenger app, you might be better off using the mobile Web version of Facebook. However, if you’re one to always work close to the storage limits of your device, then it’s a useful trick to know.

New CIOs Close Out Second Quarter

Martha and her team at Heller Search Associates specialize in recruiting CIOs, CTOs and other senior technology executives across multiple industries. Martha is the author of the book, The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership. Prior to founding Heller Search, Martha was Managing Director of the IT Leadership Practice at ZRG Partners, a global executive search firm. Before establishing her career in executive search, Martha was Founder and Managing Director of CIO magazine's CIO Executive Council, a professional organization for CIOs. She continues to engage with CIO audiences through her monthly column in CIO magazine, as author of's Movers & Shakers blog, and as author of You and Your CIO, a blog on Martha has presented on the CIO career at numerous CIO magazine events, the CIO Executive Summit, MIT's emerging technology conference, SIM, the United Nations Forum on Women and Technology, and many academic executive programs. Martha is also on the judging panel for CIO's prestigious CIO 100 award.

Top chef explains how to make the perfect prime rib

Prime rib is so hot right now. It is back as the centerpiece of restaurants and has shed its stereotype as a Las Vegas buffett meat.  To learn how to prepare and roast prime rib, we turned to Lawrence Knapp , executive chef at Smith & Wollensky . Using a few ingredients and some time to slow roast in the oven, you'll be in meat heaven.

Hot Deals Ending Soon: Last Chance to get the Summer Mac Essentials Bundle [Deals Hub]

There are so many great offers in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub that it’s easy to miss one. We try to alert you to all of the best deals around, and this is your chance to catch those savings that may have otherwise slipped through the cracks. Take a look at the best deals of the week from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. You’ll be glad you did, and your wallet will thank you, too.

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Dr. Dre's The Chronic will be available digitally for the first time ever on Apple Music …

Automakers Tackle the Massive Security Challenges of Connected Vehicles

“The unique challenge that is addressed in the CAMP security system is: Developing a system which meets the security technical requirements while also satisfying the privacy goals,” said Michael Shulman, a technical leader at Ford, and program manager for CAMP’s Vehicle Safety Communications Consortium. “Other PKI systems, such as the system in operation by the Department of Defense, do not have the same privacy goals,” said Dr. Shulman, who spoke to CIO Journal both on the phone and via email. Vehicle-to-vehicle communications, as envisioned by U.S. regulators, would broadcast the position of every equipped vehicle 10 times per second to similarly equipped cars and trucks within 1,000 feet of each other for the purposes of crash avoidance, he said.

Engineers Just Broke the Capacity Limit For Fiber Optic Transmission

As the world’s collective Internet demand continues to skyrocket, electrical engineers have been keeping pace by upping the signal that passes through our fiber optic cables, allowing us to send and receive more juicy data faster. But optical fiber transmission has certain physical limitations. If you boost the power too much, the beams of laser light that carry data start interfering with one another, until eventually, the signal degrades and information is lost.

This amazing 3D printing pen melts plastic, burns wood, and solders metal

The 3DSimo Mini is Paskevic’s second 3D printing pen, and it’s much smaller than the first model, the 3DSimo, which had a tiny fan built into it and could only work with plastics. In addition to being less than half the size of the original, the 3DSimo Mini has changeable tips and is much more versatile. One tip burns wood, and others solder metal, melt plastic, or shear through foam. It recently launched on Kickstarter with a $70,000 goal.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

High-Profile Study Turns Up the Antitrust Heat on Google

Google declined to comment publicly on the paper. But two people familiar with the company’s thinking criticized the paper for assuming that more clicks equates to better search results. For example, users searching for “the best pediatrician in Brooklyn” may be more satisfied by Google’s list of doctors with accompanying phone numbers than with links to other websites that they then have to click on and wait for as each one loads. These people also note that Yelp listings are often prominently displayed on the first page of search results and that Yelp’s business does not appear to have suffered by Google privileging its own material. Yelp’s stock is up nearly threefold since it went public in 2012. Consumers could also turn to competing search engines like Bing, go directly to sites like Yelp or open an app on their smartphone.

Zane Lowe's first Beats 1 interview will be with Eminem

Lowe seems to have no problem attracting huge stars to his show — he's perhaps best known for a pair of interviews with Kanye West — but it's possible that Beats' two founders played a role in getting Eminem. Eminem has long be on or under Dr. Dre's label, Aftermath, which is also part of Jimmy Iovine's Interscope. This is an artist who's part of Dre and Iovine's musical family, so that could be why we're seeing him kick off Lowe's Beats 1 interviews rather than someone more relevant and palatable today. Nonetheless, it seems like Apple and Beats are generally smart enough to let Lowe keep doing what he does best, so hopefully there will be a steady lineup of musicians headed his way in the coming months.

Falling Skies: "Find Your Warrior" Review - IGN

The indestructible Tom Mason is, as always, at the center of events in the Season 5 premiere of Falling Skies. The story picks up pretty much exactly where it left off last year with some unknown entity using memories from Tom’s past as a method of communication. For now the true identity of the entity remains a mystery despite fleeting glimpses of the creature. Rather than coming out and simply saying what it wants the creature uses an avatar of Tom’s deceased first wife as a method to communicate the urgency of the situation. Hopefully we eventually get an explanation as to why the entity feels the need to remain anonymous. It would actually be really interesting if its only method of communication was speaking in images.

comScore CTO shares big data lessons

Digital analytics company comScore has been using Hadoop to process its big data since 2009. With six years of experience using the technology in production, comScore CTO Mike Brown shares some of the lessons he's learned.

From Intel Capital, Hyatt And More Pour $40M Into Onefinestay, A High End Airbnb Rival

Onefinestay, meanwhile, would get more renters and potentially even hosts out of a partnership, as well as more hospitality industry guidance on building out the business. That’s something Onefinestay is clearly looking for at this stage in its life: among a long list of senior appointments that is also being announced in conjunction with the funding is the appointment of a new CFO, Tom Singer, who comes from InterContinental Hotels, where he was group CFO.

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Opa RT @verge : Uber executives taken into police custody following French taxi strike …

Wine Sulfites Are Fine, But Here's How to Remove Them Anyway | WIRED

Sulfites comprise a range of sulfur compounds—particularly sulfur dioxide (SO 2 )—that are a natural by-product of the fermentation process that work as a preservative against certain yeast and bacteria (which will quickly destroy a wine if they start to multiply). But fermentation alone doesn’t produce enough sulfite to preserve a wine for more than a few weeks or months in the bottle, so winemakers add extra in order to keep microbes at bay. Sulfites aren’t just in wine. Many, many foods ranging from crackers to coconut contain sulfites. Anything that’s at all processed is likely to contain at least some level of sulfites.

Some Evil Genius Built a Tourbillon Ride That Twists In Every Direction

I don’t really like going on upside down rides, due to my mortal fear of vomiting. But you know what? It would be worth all the puke in the world to ride this massive Tourbillon amusement park ride in Switzerland. It’s called Starlight , probably because it looks like it could enable interstellar travel.

Stretchy conductive ink puts computing power on your clothes

The current prototype for the ink, a wristband that tracks muscle movement, is pretty crude. You'd need much smaller circuitry before your apparel replaces your step counter or smartwatch. However, it only takes one step to print the ink. As such, it'd be relatively easy to produce on the large scales you need for shirts and wristbands. Smart fitness clothing already exists, but this invention would make it both more commercially viable and a heck of a lot more comfortable.

Second New York prison escapee caught, in critical condition

At the press conference, New York governor Cuomo and New York State Police Supt. Joseph D'Amico both confirmed that Sweat was spotted during routine patrol by a state police officer who gave chase after Sweat refused to answer his verbal challenge. As Sweat approached a tree line, according to D'Amico, Cook fired at Sweat, striking him twice in the torso.

Out of the shadows, China hackers turn cyber gatekeepers

In May, China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team, a non-profit agency, said it had recorded 9,068 instances of data leaks in 2014, three times as many as in 2013, reflecting the "grim challenges" of Chinese cyber security, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Man with HIV challenges people to touch him - and they do

For a social experiment, a man named Janne stands in a busy square with a sign on either side of him reading "I am HIV-positive — touch me!" He closes his eyes against the sun and reaches his arms gently out to his sides.

Main Quests - The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki Guide - IGN

The Elder Scrolls Online is a vast  Universe  with faction-specific and zone specific stories. However, the central plot that drives each character is independent of their  Alliance  or  Race . You will start out in  Coldharbor , an extradimensional realm ruled by the  Daedra   Molag Bal . This tyrannical ruler has enslaved people by capturing their souls and you have been imprisoned in this frozen hell. When you begin, you are in the middle of a prison break and you level up first as you escape.

Last chance: Pay what you want for the iOS Designer Bundle

If there’s one thing the world’s most popular mobile apps have in common, it’s that they look great. Designing the perfect interface takes time and requires skill and practice – and our bundle includes everything you need to shape a beautiful iOS app .

Apple Music Is Coming to Sonos Speakers

Apple Music is coming to iPhones, iPads and Macs on Tuesday. And before the end of the year, Apple’s new service will be streaming on Sonos systems, too.

Is Skynet real? 'Terminator: Genisys' stars agree: We're screwed

Mashable entertainment editor Josh Dickey was on the steel-gray carpet for the Terminator: Genisys premiere on Sunday evening in Hollywood, and asked the cast and crew about whether we should be worried about the machines rising up against us.

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