Comic-Con International is a convention dedicated to comic books, movies, TV shows and video games, the largest of its kind in North America. The event will take place in San Diego, July 21-24, 2016.

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Comic-Con International is a convention dedicated to comic books, movies, TV shows and video games, the largest of its kind in North America. The event will take place in San Diego, July 21-24, 2016.


Comic-Con International is a convention dedicated to comic books, movies, TV shows and video games, the largest of its kind in North America. The event will take place in San Diego, July 21-24, 2016.

The Killing Joke Movie Is a Disaster, Right Down to Its Comic-Con Panel

We thought if we were going to expand this to feature length, we didn’t want to just pad out the original story... So we took that opportunity to basically tell a Batgirl story, which we don’t often get a chance to do these days. And it was great, because we could spend more time with her as a character and get to understand what she’s all about and how she’s similar to Batman in some ways, and really different in others. .... The good side of that is we get to spend more time with her and learn that she’s an interesting character. The bad side of that is that we get to like her so much that when The Killing Joke part of the story happens, it’s, like, “Oh, no!”, because we really like her.

Seagate Reveals 10TB Hard Drive for Your Home Desktop

"Whether it's dominating in the latest game, producing compelling multimedia content, mining data to help create new apps and business services, helping to protect people and places around the world against new threats, and more, the Seagate Guardian Series is designed to preserve your most critical data and move it where it's needed fast so you can make the most of it," Rutledge said.

Transistors Will Stop Shrinking in 2021, Moore’s Law Roadmap Predicts

The new report embraces these trends, predicting an end to traditional scaling—the shrinking of chip features—by the early 2020’s. But the idea that we’re now facing an end to Moore’s Law “is completely wrong,” Gargini says. “The press has invented multiple ways of defining Moore’s Law but there is only one way: The number of transistors doubles every two years.” 

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Miss the most important AI conference this year? Don't worry, here's video -  #EmTechDigital

Mossberg: I just deleted half my iPhone apps — you should too

Over the past few days, I’ve methodically deleted 165 apps from my iPhone, about 54 percent of the 305 apps I had on the phone when I started culling the herd. When I was done, I had significantly decreased the phone’s clutter: I’d gone from 15 home screens to eight, and reclaimed nearly 8GB of free space, about a 24 percent gain in my case.

Pokemon Go Isn't The Solution to Nintendo's Problems

Also of note is the much-ballyhooed “ NES Classic ,” a tiny version of the original 8-bit Nintendo console. It will feature 30 megahit games of the 1980s and cost 60 bucks. Tiny, plug-and-play, idiot-proof consoles packed with games have been around for more than a decade, but Nintendo is only now figuring it out. The company has so far preferred so far to keep its classic titles as premium content sold for $5 through its own consoles.

Watch the first full trailer for Marvel's Doctor Strange

Marvel's already had quite a Comic-Con thanks to  its three upcoming Netflix series — and that was all before Marvel's panel actually started. Now it's rolling out the the big names, and one trailer that's getting shared outside of Hall H is for  Doctor Strange .

Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Essential Android Apps

Boomerang has been one of our favorite apps for powering up your email for a while. You can schedule messages, snooze them for later, and even set up recurring messages. Google also offers a similar app that works directly with your Gmail account called Inbox. This app allows you to bundle related emails together, snooze emails, or pin them as to-dos. It also surfaces important information in your emails like links to package tracking info, reservations, and more. Inbox also plugs into your Google account to show you your Google Now reminders directly in the app. Inbox is an entirely different way to approach email .

5 Creative Ways to Use Snapchat Geofilters for Business : Social Media Examiner

Social media marketers want to engage, inform, and excite their audiences. By using Snapchat geofilters, a small investment can go far. These five examples show the variety of ways you can use Snapchat geofilters to expand your brand and inspire your community.

Verizon and Yahoo set to announce exclusive $5 billion deal, as other bidders drop out

Verizon and Yahoo are set to announce that they are striking an acquisition deal, according to sources close to the situation. The news is expected by Monday, although that could come earlier or later.

26 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

These numbers are based on visitors to W3's site, so they aren't a definitive representation of the greater population; Net Applications gave Chrome about 35 percent of the global browser market share in January, for example. But numbers aside, Chrome is a popular browser, and if you're not using it, you should at least consider checking it out.

Space Emerging from Quantum Mechanics

No only do “We human beings, even those who have been studying quantum mechanics for a long time, still think in terms of a classical concepts.” but we tend to concretize things. Not only are wave functions mathematical abstractions, but they are one or more steps removed from any kind of reality at all. Using wave forms to describe electromagnetic waves has lead people to think the “waves” are objects rather than the fluctuations between two kinds of charges. I tried with college freshmen to do a thought experiment in which they were an electron and they would be grazed by EMR, being attracted and repelled in quick succession but even that got concretized. The waves were real to them as if the ether were back somehow and the idea of a supportive abstraction not connected to reality hadn’t yet become possible for them. It’s true for the gen pop, too I am afraid.

Sunlight powers an aviation milestone

The Solar Impulse is on an impossible mission flying around the world without using a single drop of fuel. Not exactly nonstop, and not without a hitch. But it's only one flight away from completing its journey.

The US May Finally Get a Cheap Alternative to the $70 Million V-22 Osprey

So while it’s no direct threat to the Osprey, the Marines might soon envy their colleagues. For less than a third the price of each $70 million Osprey, the Army will get nearly the same performance, along with a slew of benefits any military operation would savor.

Star Trek: Discovery Officially Takes Place in the Prime Universe

In a packed panel during San Diego Comic-Con, the name of the new Star Trek series—which, in the grand tradition of Star Trek , is also the name of the ship—was revealed. In a press conference after the panel, executive producers Bryan Fuller and Heather Kadin gave just a few more details about the show.

It's Official: Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe finally has its first female lead. It’s Brie Larson, who’ll play Captain Marvel in a movie that’s coming out July 2018. It’s news we heard rumored months ago but Marvel waited until Comic-Con to officially confirmit.

Comic-Con 2016: Marvel Gives Deadpool a Shakespearean Makeover - IGN

There's no end to the sorts of crazy adventures Deadpool can get into in his spare time. Today at the Diamond Comic retailer Presentation at Comic-Con, Marvel revealed their ambitious plans for October's Deadpool #21. Not only will this issue feature a standard-length tale from regular writer Gerry Duggan and artist Matteo Lolli, it'll also include a 60-page backup story that drags Deadpool back to Shakespearean times. Deadpool will try his hand at iambic pentameter and bump elbows with plenty of familiar faces.

5 old school social media tactics that are no longer effective

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look back at tactics that may have worked in 2012 or 2013, but aren’t quite so effective nowadays.

There Will Be No Blanket Ban on Russian Athletes at the Rio Olympics

On Monday, the Worldwide Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) released an independent study that supported the Russian doping claims and called for a blanket ban of all Russian athletes. But with the Olympics less than two weeks away, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled that it wouldn’t be imposing the ban, mostly due to the time constraints.

Sound Art Shows You What Musical Notes Actually Look Like

Louviere vibrated the water with the amp by adjusting the generator’s frequency. As he did so, he used his tuner to seek out the frequency of each of the 12 notes—A, B, C through G, plus the five halftones. While Louviere dialed the knobs, Brown stood on a ladder above the contraption illuminating the water with a ring light, her camera in hand. When the tuner registered a note—reading 220 hertz, the frequency that produces an A, for instance—Louviere stopped adjusting. As each note’s unique vibration induced its characteristic pattern into the water, Brown captured it with her camera. The pair worked together to obtain a “portrait” of each of the 12 notes.

The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix

It actually happened. The Kickstarter not only resurrected the show, but there was o much support (and cash!) for the beloved puppets-makin’-fun-of-cheesy-movies that Netflix has acquired the new series. But that may not be all.

Barbara Krasnoff on Twitter

Moto Z: Is this the Droid you’ve been looking for? | Computerworld 

Why Do Humpback Whales Protect Other Species from Killer Whales?

There have been instances of humpback whales coming to the aid of seals being attacked by killer whales, and scientists are baffled. Interspecies altruism is adorable when it’s framed as a “cute animal friends” special on Animal Planet, but in the wild, it’s rare. Even so, there have been multiple sightings of humpback whales getting into fights with killer whales when there’s a seal present, making it seem like they’re actually protecting the seal.

Microsoft: Windows 10 won't hit 1 billion devices by mid-2018 | ZDNet

Microsoft isn't going to make its self-imposed deadline of having Windows 10 installed on 1 billion devices by mid-2018, company officials have conceded.

Goodbye, Object Oriented Programming

I’ve been programming in Object Oriented languages for decades. The first OO language I used was C++ and then Smalltalk and finally .NET and Java.

Soylent CEO could face criminal charges for hilltop 'experiment'

The Soylent CEO did not want to comment on the possibility that he might face criminal charges, but says he's frustrated by the city’s permitting system. "In the city of Los Angeles one may not install a garbage disposal without seeking a permit," he says. "I feel like I'm living in the movie Brazil ."

Judge Orders Yahoo to Explain How It Recovered ‘Deleted’ Emails in Drugs Case

As part of the operation, a collaborator in Colombia would log into the email account “” and write a draft email. An accomplice based in Europe would then read the message, delete it from both the “draft” and “trash” folders, and write his own draft, in an effort not to leave behind any messages that could later be read by law enforcement.

Comic-Con 2016: Joss Whedon Would Direct a Black Widow Movie if Marvel Asked - IGN

During an interview with IGN, Joss Whedon said he would be down to direct a Black Widow solo film. He developed and fleshed out the character over the course of two Avengers movies, there's been a huge surge of fans wanting to see her get a solo feature, and he recently said if he ever came back to Marvel that it would be to do something female-driven, so it seems an obvious fit.

Comic-Con 2016: What We Saw from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - IGN

And he is. Yondu and Rocket ask the mute Groot to retrieve a prototype weapon for them so they can escape, but Groot doesn’t quite seem to understand, as he keeps bringing a series of very off-the-base objects back to the duo (even dragging a desk in to the cell area at one point). But finally Rocket is able to communicate with his old partner (or is this the offspring of the original Groot?), and the weapon is delivered. Fans of the old Guardians comics will immediately recognize the device: It’s a mechanical version of Yondu’s Mohawk, which he puts on his head, breaks out of the jail, and immediately starts taking out Ravagers using the thing’s enhanced ability to control his deadly space arrow.

Star Trek's William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy: 'He was my brother'

Star Trek has been one of the biggest draws at this year's convention, as the iconic sci-fi property celebrates its 50th anniversary. Aside from the new film's premiere -- where organizers went all out with a fireworks show and a concert from the San Diego Symphony Orchestra, which played the movie's score -- there have been several panels and exhibits on the show. Those included a panel on the science of Star Trek and an exhibit of artwork commemorating its characters. One brewery even debuted an official Star Trek beer .

Apple Helps Feds Bust KickassTorrents

Artem Vaulin of KickassTorrents (KAT) was detained Wednesday in Poland and charged with criminal copyright infringement. He is "responsible for unlawfully distributing well over $1 billion of copyrighted materials," Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said in a statement.

How to Re-Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 - iOS 9.2 with Pangu after Rebooting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The Pangu jailbreak released for iOS 9.2 – iOS 9.3.3 is semi-untethered which means that you’ll have to run the jailbreak app on your device every time it is rebooted. The tweaks that you’ve installed will still remain but won’t function until you’ve jailbroken your device again. This is the primary difference of a semi-untethered jailbreak from a tethered one.

Tim Armstrong may be falling into the same trap that’s ruined every Yahoo CEO

Like all the other previous Yahoo CEOs, Armstrong has a great reputation. But every CEO that's taken the job to turn it around has been burned as well. Is he about to ruin it all by falling for the same delusion as all the others before him?

Four official ‘Star Wars’ drones are arriving this fall

It was just a matter of time, really. With the new slate of Star Wars films on an annual schedule, and drones invading the skies all around us, the timing was right for this kind of synergistic force push. RC toy maker Propel is launching a quartet of drones modeled on some familiar modes of transportation from a galaxy far, far away.

Verizon closes in on Yahoo deal: Report

Verizon closes in on Yahoo deal: Report Verizon, long considered front-runner in the Yahoo asset sweepstakes, is closing in on a deal to take over the troubled Internet pioneer for about $5 billion, according to a published report Saturday. Check out this story on

CBS unveils Star Trek Discovery and a first look at its ship

At long, long last, Star Trek is making its way back to TV, and today we're getting a first look. Alongside this afternoon's  Star Trek panel at Comic-Con, CBS put out a teaser showing the new series' subject: a new Starfleet ship called the USS Discovery. The show is also getting a proper name today, Star Trek Discovery.

How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users

In terms of what Messenger needs now, Marcus says “The biggest thing is time. You need people to start shifting how they’re thinking about Messenger. For a lot of people, it’s how you message your Facebook friends you don’t have the phone number for. We have a lot of work to do to shift the mindsets of over 1 billion people. But gradually, the numbers are pointing in the right direction.”

What happens to those free Windows 10 upgrades after July 29, 2016? | ZDNet

We're nearing the end of Microsoft's unprecedented free upgrade offer for Windows 10. The offer officially expires July 29, 2016, on the one-year anniversary of the operating system's initial release. But what happens then? [Updated]

42 How to track and find rare Pokémon in 'Pokémon Go'

These apps are a relatively new tool in helping trainers catch rare Pokémon. The most popular, Poke Radar , jumped to the No. 2 spot in the U.S. App Store just two days after it was released. It lets users map where they've found certain types of Pokémon in a given city and allows other users upvote or downvote submissions as quality control. The methodology here is that certain Pokémon tend to reappear in the same spot after a given time period. While this method may be new and untested, it certainly can't hurt in your quest to find Snorlax.

Exclusive: Mark Zuckerberg on the next 10 years of Facebook

This was the first test, and it was really successful. We intended to fly it for 30 minutes, and it was doing so well that we actually kept it up for 90 minutes. One thing that really excited the team and me is that the design ended up being even more efficient than we’d guessed, and it used even less power to stay up than we thought. We did pick up a lot of telemetry and data, and there were some things that we want to tweak. We’ll do another test flight, and at some point soon we’ll test the solar-powered plane with the communications payload in it. That way we can test it actually beaming down connectivity. We’ve tested that piece separately — that’s a lot easier to test without the plane. That whole side of things is really awesome, too. We have this laser communications system which can beam data at tens of gigabits per second, which is 10 times faster than anything that’s existed before.

Twitter now lets anyone request a verified account

Twitter is opening the blue checkmark to everyone. Starting today, the company will let users request a verified account on its website by  filling out a form with a verified phone number and email address, a profile photo, and additional information regarding why verification is required or helpful. In defining who will get approved, Twitter still says "an account may be verified if it is determined to be of public interest." Prior to today, Twitter tended only to verify public figures, brands, and people in media, politics, sports, business, and other high-profile sectors.

Please Do Enjoy This Game of Thrones Blooper Reel

The 69-year-old filmmaker noted that he filmed a cameo featuring Trump for the 2010 film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps , and it sounds like it was kind of a yuge ordeal. “I swear to God this is true—and I love the man, in a weird way—but after every take, he jumped up and said, ‘Wasn’t that great?'” Stone recalled. “I said, “Honestly? No!’ [His] confidence is unbelievable—that’s what’s allowing him to run. I’d say, ‘Donald, I think it’s great, but I think we can just do a little better here, or do this.’ And we tried like nine takes.”

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 - IGN Live (Day 3)

DC Films Sets Its Sights on San Diego Comic-Con - IGN Keepin' it Reel, Episode 332

4 Business Meetings You Should Never Take

These are probably the most prevalent of potential meetings and, therefore, you must pay particular attention to them. The story goes like this: You’re at a friendly gathering, chatting with a few friends about business and enjoying a nice cold one when someone says to you, “Hey, I have a good friend that you should really meet. I think you guys would hit it off.” Your natural response should be, “great, thanks,” but in reality you should never take such a meeting, as the likelihood of it resulting in anything productive is almost zero.


There is, of course, no guarantee that you’ll become the best at what you choose to do, or that even if you do you’ll find practical ways to extend your reach enough to earn a big paycheck. But by choosing to concentrate on a task you love, you’ll enjoy the considerable proportion of your life that you spend at work, which is much more than billions of others can say.

49 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Reveals Who Star-Lord's Dad Is, and It's Stupendous

Both a clip and a new trailer were shown, but the trailer had the good stuff. It’s set to “Break the Chain” by Fleetwood Mac and begins with the team trying to kill a huge galactic being. Then they’re in front of Iesha, one of the film’s new villains, and Rocket makes fun of her. Not a good idea. It then cuts to the rest of the team, showing them in their new looks. Yondu is now a member of the team, as is Nebula. We see Sylvester Stallone as a member of the Nova Corps, then a strange ship comes down. It’s Kurt Russell as Ego—better known in Marvel Comics as the Living Planet. And he’s Star-Lord’s dad, too.

US 'Pokemon Go' Player Caught 'Em All

Brooklyn-based Nick Johnson collected each of the 142 characters in the North American Pokedex. As head of platform at start-up Applico, 28-year-old Johnson works 50-plus-hour weeks. But after a long day at the office, instead of going home or meeting friends for happy hour, he took eight-hour walks around New York City, according to Business Insider .

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56 Tourist told us he wants a world with no emoji at Panorama
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64 'Star Trek: Discovery' is name of new Trek series, featuring a new ship, the USS Discovery
65 Twitter gives internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos the axe, bans him permanently – as it should
66 The Flash Season 3 Trailer Reveals How Badly Barry Messed Up Reality (It's a Lot)
67 Sous Vide Showdown: The Anova vs. The Joule
68 Comic-Con 2016: Debut Trailer for X-Men TV Show Legion Released - IGN
69 FX's Mutant TV Spin-Off Legion May Be Crazy, But It's Definitely Fascinating
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