Estimote Wants To Pioneer ‘Nearables’ With New Stickers Beacon Hardware | TechCrunch

Estimote’s Stickers are iterations on their original Beacon gadgets, which provide developers with a ready-made Bluetooth LE device that can plug into Estimote’s SDK and give apps hyperlocal awareness – letting them detect nearby devices and provide contextual information about the world around them instantly. Stickers continues that mission, paring down the size of the beacon hardware to an impossibly thin 3mm, with a smaller, more hideable footprint and battery life that still lets them work for up to a year without running out of juice. Each carries an adhesive backing, just like the first-generation devices, and they include accelerometer and temperature sensors in addition to Bluetooth radios.

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Salesforce Beats In Its Fiscal Q2 With Revenue Of $1.32B, EPS OF $0.13 | TechCrunch

Salesforce expects to lose, on a GAAP basis, $0.48 to $0.46 in its current fiscal year. Between twelve and thirteen cents of that deficit is expected for its fiscal third quarter. The majority of the difference between the company’s GAAP and non-GAAP earnings per share figures is the cost of share-based compensation. Many quickly growing technology companies discount that cost, and instead focus more heavily on the cash-based parts of their business.

Camu Is A Beautiful, All-In-One Camera App, Photo Editor And Mobile Messenger | TechCrunch

A new mobile application called Camu , launching today, is designed to serve as a lightweight replacement to the iPhone’s default camera app while also offering the ability for users to edit and share photos more easily after the fact, without having to switch between other applications. The app somewhat competes with long-time popular camera apps like Camera+ or Camera Awesome, but with a simpler, more streamlined feature set.

The New Vine: 6-Second Videos Will Never Be the Same [HANDS ON]

Vine also added a new grid overlay for composing shots. If you tap it twice, you'll find a far more useful level: A thin bar on the screen pivots on a center point. (It’s orange when the phone isn’t level and green when it is.) This is useful for creating smoother 360-degree Vines. So, before you tap the screen for the next image, line up the horizon and ensure the camera is perfectly straight. This likely means the next generation of 360-degree Vine panoramas will be smooth as silk.

A Google Car Without a Steering Wheel? Not So Fast, California Says

The rules, which take effect on Sept. 16, require a driver to be able to take “immediate physical control” of a vehicle on public roads if needed. That means the car must have a steering wheel and brake and accelerator pedals, according to Bernard Soriano, the top official developing the rules for the state.

NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs'

"You have to think about the type of people who would be able to do this and have the expertise and time to read Tor source code from scratch for hours, for weeks, for months, and find and elucidate these super-subtle bugs or other things that they probably don't get to see in most commercial software.

China Has A New High Def Imaging Satellite In Orbit

As you might guess by the name, this satellite is the second in China’s Gaofen satellite series. The first, Gaofen-1, was launched in April of 2013. The Chinese government plans to place a total of seven Gaofen satellites into orbit. The first Gaofen satellite has been used for city development and agricultural planning, according to the Chinese government. The satellite was also used to assist the search for the missing Malaysian Airline flight earlier this year.

DoubleDutch Raises $19 Million In Series D | TechCrunch

Globally, more than $500 billion is spent on events and conferences, according to DoubleDutch. “Trade shows still constitute the biggest line item on a B2B marketer’s budget, with nearly 20% of spend committed to live events,” said Laura Ramos, analyst for Forrester Research. “B2B business relationships are built on trust and personal interaction. For this reason, marketers will never be able to banish trade shows from the marketing budget,” she says.

Uber Now Integrates With United And Hyatt Apps

Though integration with United’s API is pretty straightforward this is a significant milestone on several levels. On the surface, the embedded Uber technology allows the traveler to simplify their journey through one single app.  But the marketing potential is much larger. Users of the Hyatt and United apps will now directly see the Uber logo and integration right in their apps, imprinting the brand and engendering business down the road. Hyatt and United can also boast collaborating with a bleeding edge technology, increasing their appeal to tech-forward communities.

UniPi Is A Powerful Board That Can Control Your Smart Home | TechCrunch

In the near future we will all live in smart homes. Our doors will open automatically, our air conditioners will know when we are too hot, and our toilets will understand our deepest needs. And the device to tie everything together? The Unipi .

Your keyboard might know what you're feeling - CNET

If you're happy and you know it, your keystrokes will surely show it, say researchers who've developed a program that can recognize users' emotions with a high level of accuracy.

There’s Something Familiar About the ‘New’ Instant Gratification Economy | Gadget Lab | WIRED

When I was a kid, I'd walk out the front door every Tuesday and bring in glass bottles of fresh milk from our porch. Then supermarkets and single-use containers planted a dead-end sign on our milkman's route. Cold efficiency always wins, I guess; see you at Trader Joe's, vitamin D. And what happened to milk happened to all sorts of other things that once arrived at our doorstep—when was the last time your doctor dropped by for a house call? Home delivery increasingly became a quaint relic, until the pizza guy was the last man standing on the stoop.

'Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition' Review (PS4): The Last Train To Hell

During this section of the game, gear upgrades are a bit rudimentary. You pick up new items and little green arrows pop up, showing you whether it’s a small or large improvement over your current piece of armor or weapon. If so, you flick up on the D-pad and hit X to equip it, and suddenly you’re anywhere from 5% to 100% more powerful, depending on the new item. I’ve literally had my damage double from a new weapon before, but that sort of loot won’t last forever. Eventually at max level, you’re going to have to be more selective about your gear, and actually work to make things synergize with one another as you try to form an end-game build. I wish there was more of that leading up to level 70, as for the first 20 or so hours of the game, it’s just kind of a mindless free-for-all. That may be part of the appeal of D3, but this version makes it more simplistic than ever, and a little complexity wouldn’t hurt. But why spend time designing a cool level 50 gear set when twenty minutes later, level 52 gear will make all of it useless? Unless you’ve never played the story before, it can often feel like Diablo 3 doesn’t even start until level 70.

The Ten Most Desirable Video Game Companies to Work For

With the explosive growth of the gaming industry, especially in recent years, new graduates are flooding into the field with stars in their eyes, hoping to create the next indie darling or blockbuster mega-hit. It’s a tough business with long hours and high expectations, and there are plenty of lessons to be learned from those who are already there.

With this new $10 antenna, you have no excuse not to try over-the-air TV

Reception and actual channel line-up may vary based on your location, but for $10, the ChannelMaster Flatenna is definitely an easy and affordable way to try over-the-air TV. And as a bonus, you get an antenna that can be mounted to your wall or window and that beats the looks of ugly old rabbit-ear-style wire antennas. Just remember: If you do switch from cable or satellite TV to over-the-air, you may have to adjust the settings of your TV to get access to the TV signals received by your antenna. Here’s how:

How to use OpenPGP to encrypt your email messages and files in the cloud

To use OpenPGP, you have to generate at least two keys: a public key and a private key. Keys are just very small files containing encrypted text. Your public key can be handed out to anyone to send you an encrypted message or file. Your private key is passphrase-protected, and is required to decrypt the message or file.

Ebooks Will Make Us Dumber, Or They Won't

Experiments have been conducted for decades comparing reading on screens versus reading in print. Early results suggested very strongly that print had massive advantages. But as time went on, screen reading drew closer to print reading. One theory is that test subjects were more used to the medium as more people read on screens, and that this changed the findings. E-reading is such a new technology and most of the research subjects part of the digital group were unfamiliar with it and with the Kindle device, as opposed to reading in print, which nobody is unfamiliar with.

Cross-Platform Development Platform Xamarin Raises $54M Series C | TechCrunch

As Xamarin’s CEO and co-founder Nat Friedman told me earlier this week, the company decided to raise a new round this year because the team believes that while the company has seen triple-digit growth every single year since it was founded in 2011, the time to accelerate this growth even more is now. Not only is the climate for fundraising great right now, Friedman argued, but he also believes that the company should capitalize on what he believes is a huge opportunity for Xamarin. As much of our computer usage moves to mobile, Friedman believes that the company that builds the best mobile development tools today will be able to offer the best development platform across all platforms in five years or so.

Exactly How Much And How Often You Should Be Drinking Coffee

For many of us, it may be hard to imagine how to get through our day without our daily cup of coffee. While caffeine’s stimulant effects will vary from person to person depending on a number of factors including body mass index, medication use, and existing health conditions such as anxiety disorders; knowing how much caffeine you consume daily can be the key to optimizing its positive benefits, heightening your concentration and mental alertness when you need it and decreasing it when it’s time to rest.

Leggage: A laptop case that massages your tired feet - CNET

The Leggage is a $79.99 case designed to hold a laptop, files, small gadgets, and other business-travel accoutrements. The top of it is formed from an angled surface with ridges running along it. It's like having a passive foot massager with you at all times. Slip it under your desk at work, take it when you travel, or relax around the house with it. The creators of Leggage see it as a way to help stimulate blood circulation when you've been sitting for a long time.

Yoshida: 'I hope' Tomb Raider will come to PS4

During its Gamescom press conference, Microsoft announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider would launch exclusively on Xbox platforms in holiday 2015. This came as a surprise to President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, he said in an interview with Eurogamer . "It's very interesting the way Phil Spencer said, what we are saying is, in holiday 2015 Tomb Raider is exclusive to Xbox," he said. "So it's open to interpretation. But still, we didn't anticipate something like this would happen." Yoshida said he didn't know if Rise of the Tomb Raider would launch on Sony platforms: "I hope the game will come out eventually on PS4. But how can I tell? Other than that cryptic message by Phil Spencer." Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher said that the Xbox exclusivity deal didn't mean that the studio was " walking away " from PlayStation or PC players. Still, fans' emotions ran high after Microsoft's announcement, with many decrying the move on Twitter and in comments. [Image: Square Enix]

Sleep Tracker ‘Sense’ Raises $13 Million, Without Venture-Capital Help

Proud, a native of South London, says the structure has helped him run his company the way he wants to. In San Francisco’ Portrero Hill neighborhood, Hello’s cavernous office is filled with 20 employees, half are hardware experts from companies such as Foxconn and Garmin, and the other half are software brains. Sketches of the Sense globe and complex formulas are scrawled all over the white walls. He says a small team, with equal parts hardware and software talent, has helped Hello with speed and flexibility.

A Snob's Guide To The Ice Bucket Challenge

The Perfect Ice If you picked up your ice at a gas station (-2,000 points), consider saving it for next year, when dirty urinals everywhere challenge themselves across social networks to raise money and awareness for ALS. Until then, the choice almost goes unsaid: Cube or sphere. Both are perfect pieces of geometry. But cubes (+0 points) could scratch your head--or worse, your furniture--with their sharp edges, while spheres (+10 points) will cascade down your body like marbles.

Product Hunt launches iPhone app on App Store

Product Hunt has quickly made a name for itself in the tech community as a product discovery service for finding the best new mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, tech creations and other products. Now, an official iPhone app for Product Hunt is now available.

Twitter: from free speech champion to selective censor?

In the UK, huge attention was drawn to a campaign of malicious abuse and rape threats against Caroline Criado-Perez, a journalist and feminist activist who successfully campaigned for Jane Austen to become the new face of the £10 banknote. The threats – so severe that two people were jailed for their involvement in the abuse – came in so fast and from so many sources that Criado-Perez was unable to keep pace through Twitter's convoluted harassment reporting procedures. Other women who rallied to support Criado-Perez were subjected to similar mass abuse. And this was just one incident among many.

No Mr. Brosnan, we expected you to die in GoldenEye 007

If you have former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan on your late night chat show, the only right thing to do is to put a N64 controller in his hands and make him play himself in GoldenEye 007 , however terrible he is at the multiplayer. And he really is terrible at it. [Image: Nintendo]

Why it's smart of the HuffPo to partner with Beacon Reader in crowdfunding a reporter

So where is the harm in the HuffPo fellowship? Maybe the company should hire Mariah Stewart full-time right now, and maybe it should pay all of its freelance contributors $100,000 a year, but that probably isn’t going to happen. So the choice isn’t between HuffPo hiring Stewart and using Beacon Reader to crowdfund a salary, it’s between crowdfunding her fellowship and not doing anything. If it works properly, both sides benefit and everyone learns something about whether crowdfunding partnerships are a viable alternative to traditional ad-funded journalism. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Dear Sony, Here's Why So Many People Are Buying The PS4

I agree when you said, “PS2 sales, on a relative basis, were still strong by the time PS3 rolled around.” But disagree when you said, “This time around, the PS3 is just old.” The sales of PS2 were strong on the tail end but that’s all attributed to the fact that they were selling for dirt cheap and there were tons of games (half of them not so great) But technology wise, the PS2 was a dinosaur compared to the PS3. And that gap is staggering compared to the PS3 and the PS4. The PS4 has some really great graphics and hardware but people are still playing the PS3 because it’s still a great console. There’s a reason why PS4 owners still have their PS3 besides the fact they want to keep it for some backwards compatibility aside from PS Now. The future for core gamers are still very present. The success of the PS4 sales is thanks to many NEW Playstation owners and XBOX converts. The remaining core gamers to aim for are the PS3 owners that haven’t made the leap just yet. When PS comes out with a slim version, with a reduced price, we will see another large bump in sales.

Kurtis Heimerl, George Ban-Weiss, and Other Young Humanitarian Technologists | MIT Technology Review

The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip its audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.

Vine gets advanced editing tools and now lets you import existing videos, just like Instagram - The Next Web

The option to bring in videos previously shot with a smartphone, or any other device for that matter, has been a huge differentiator for Instagram. For brands in particular, it’s much easier to shoot a video with a professional camera, apply edits with professional software and then add to a smartphone’s camera roll for the final upload. Now, that same workflow is possible in Vine.

See (and hear) Spotify's dizzying, noisy map of same-time listening - CNET

What does a worldwide digital music festival of strangers look and sound like? According to an artist at Spotify, it's a cacophonous map that swirls like it's drunk. It's fascinating, too.

Twitter Faces Free-Speech Dilemma

But Twitter is actually sticking to its basic principles. Even after a family request, it's the company's policy not to hunt for content. Instead, it relies on users to flag a tweet as inappropriate, at which point, if the tweet violates its rule, Twitter will disable the unique Web address associated with the image. But users can easily upload the image using a different account and a new address, as has happened with images of Mr. Foley's execution. Other images remain if they're not flagged.

Minecraft PS4 fails certification as August creeps to a close

It's looking unlikely Minecraft will meets its August release window on PS4 after it failed Sony's certification tests. So it's back to the fixing board for 4J Studios, and the team will have to re-submit the game for certification before it can be released. 4J's been busy fixing issues and squishing bugs throughout the month, and not just in the PS4 version but in the upcoming Xbox One and Vita releases too. We've reached out to the studio to confirm a delay, and whether that'll affect just the PS4 version or other platforms too. All three ports are currently due for release this month . Minecraft (PS3) Sony found some issues we have to fix in their final test of #MinecraftPS4 :( We're fixing, but we need to go through the process again. - 4J Studios (@4JStudios) August 20, 2014 When they do hit, the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Mojang's somewhat popular game will be priced at $20 on digital storefronts. Owners of downloaded Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be able to upgrade to Xbox One and PS4 respectively for $5 - that offer will be valid for at least a year past release date.

Sprint's new individual plan gets you unlimited everything for $60

This doesn't appear to be a limited-time option like the family plan, but there's never a guarantee that it'll stick around for long -- especially if it doesn't succeed at bringing new customers into the Now Network fold. In comparison, this is $20 lower than T-Mobile's unlimited everything plan; and as Sprint boasts, AT&T and Verizon don't have unlimited plans at all. There's a bit of fine print, however: While Sprint won't be throttling data speeds, it admits that other plans may receive a higher priority on bandwidth availability. So if the network's having a hard time keeping up with traffic, customers on higher plans will be more likely to get faster data speeds. Still, it's hard to get mad at catches like this if it helps you squeeze a few more bucks out of your paycheck.

The White House Gives Up on Making Coders Dress Like Adults | Enterprise | WIRED

By subtle measures, however, the video also shows how far things still have to go. One thing that’s even more important than the latitude to ditch a tie is the latitude to chose the best tool for the job. Fixing government procurement so developers aren’t locked into a rigid list of predefined tools will take more work. In the video, Dickerson opens up his government-issued Blackberry smartphone and discovers his password doesn’t meet government muster. “The password you have typed is too short,” he reads from a screen.

Microsoft's IE team pines for faster updates -- and respect - CNET

Five years ago, Microsoft embarked on a campaign to rehabilitate Internet Explorer, which suffered from a poor reputation as the slow, old browser that didn't support the latest standards. Nowadays IE supports many more standards, performance is better and fewer people use outdated versions of the product. What's more, Microsoft is again helping to chart the future of the Web.

Up Late With Far Cry 3’s Writer Jeffrey Yohalem - IGN

It’s 1.30am and Jeffrey Yohalem is crouched cross-legged on his couch in his Montreal apartment. It’s a nice couch and an even nicer apartment, nicer than most writers could ever hope to afford (and Montreal rent is dirt cheap). But then, most writers haven’t won a Writers Guild of America Award for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and been nominated for a BAFTA for Far Cry 3. Jeffrey’s up late. Standard. He’ll usually “write from 2 to 7am.” He’s also in his underpants. He thinks our Skype window has not deigned to extend below the waist, that I haven’t noticed, but it has, and I have. I don’t want to embarrass him but I feel I should say something. He’s on a high, though.

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (gallery)

Barnes & Noble’s selling point relies on its catalog of books, movies, games, music, and other content. The new Nook’s perks take the form of a custom homescreen and Barnes & Noble apps like the Nook Store, as you’ll see below. The hope, of course, is to sell lots of digital goods — and to rectify Barnes & Noble’s history of Nook flops.

What Snapchat Can Learn from Asian Messaging Apps

Last month, WeChat, a popular messaging app developed by Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings, launched a new service in mainland China that allows companies using the app to place ads on other companies’ WeChat accounts. For example, a wristwatch brand may place its ad on a clothing brand’s WeChat account; the ad is viewed by people who follow the clothing brand’s account. The fees are shared by Tencent and the companies that host the ads on their pages. Tencent, whose WeChat app has about 400 million active users, is a minority shareholder in Snapchat.

NFL Now for Apple TV is now available

As noted by 9to5Mac , the app is now available for Apple TV, and with it, all of the (American) football you could ask for. The app will give you a wide range of content from the NFL’s digital library, as well as recent game clips. However, you will not be able to watch live games from the app.

The New Habit Challenge: Take Daily Walking Breaks To Refocus

If you want to boost your productivity, focus, creativity, or sanity, you need to leave your desk and take a walk.

Assassin's Creed competitive killing takes a break

The dense history of Assassin's Creed starts humbly in 2007, with polarizing reviews seeing more potential than anything else in the first game. Still, big sales paved the way for Assassin's Creed 2 , which took the franchise into 15th century Italy and along an unbroken streak of bigger, annual releases. The addition of competitive multiplayer for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood drew extra skepticism around the franchise's expansion, but it endured and grew alongside new assassins - until now. With Assassin's Creed Unity injecting four-player online co-op, and Assassin's Creed Rogue sticking to single-player sailing throughout, this year marks the first break in Ubisoft Annecy's multiplayer suite since 2010. (Check out " Designing the Considerate Kill " to learn how Ubisoft made it in the first place.) Asssassin's Creed multiplayer is best known for its unique take on deathmatch, which saw players deceiving each other in densely populated markets and mansions. Appearing as computer-controlled citizens themselves, combatants could hide in plain site and perpetrate subtle assassinations – and if not, they'd earn considerably fewer points.

Ubisoft continues shift away from Wii U, Watch Dogs still coming

Making a rational business decision , Ubisoft is stepping back from whatever Wii U development it had going. With the rapid adoption of next-gen consoles and declining percentages in its portfolio of Wii U sales, neither Assassin's Creed game is scheduled for this holiday on Wii U. "What we see is that Nintendo customers don't buy Assassin's Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told Game Informer . Nintendo consoles declined from 20 percent to 14 percent of the company's portfolio over the past fiscal year. Ubisoft will shift its focus on the platform to games that sell well on it, like the Just Dance series and other similar opportunities. Guillemot insists Watch Dogs is still coming to Wii U, saying it will be "the only mature game" Ubisoft will publish for the platform. So don't expect any The Division or Rainbow Six: Siege . Watch Dogs (Review)

How Far Away is the Moon? (Video)

If the Earth were the size of a basketball and the moon a tennis ball, how far apart would they be? Turns out, the answer is not known to many.

3D Mapping Data's Future: 8 Examples - InformationWeek

3DEP is based on the results of the National Enhanced Elevation Assessment, which found more than 600 business and science uses for 3D mapping data across federal agencies, all 50 US states, local government and tribal offices, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. The program design was determined from analyzing the uses in the study and selecting the best return on investment. Based on the assessment, 3DEP will meet $690 million of the documented benefits annually if it is fully funded, Lukas said.

7 Silliest Mortal Kombat Fatalities - IGN

Stryker was always a little too clean for the blood and grime of Mortal Kombat. His Friendship finisher in Mortal Kombat 3 plays up his boy-scout image as he takes a crossing guard stance while the rest of the Mortal Kombat cast sprints by.

IPO-Bound E-Commerce Giant Rocket Internet Consolidates, Holtzbrink Takes 2.5% Stake | TechCrunch

There is some clear rationale here to Holtzbrinck buying the stake: when you think about it, the whole structure of Rocket Internet up to now has been based around the idea of creating as many different entities as it can, almost with independent profiles, so that they may potentially be more primed for making exits — and selling — to other companies. (That’s been the route that Rocket Internet took especially in its early years, as it sold companies to eBay, Groupon and others.)

Titanfall is Back on Origin Game Time - IGN

Mike Mahardy is a freelance journalist writing for IGN. He's also reading Diary of a Bad Year by J.M. Coetzee. To hear Mike's thoughts on it, you can follow him on Twitter .

T-Mobile's latest deal: Convert a pal and you'll both get a year of free, unlimited LTE data

Starting next week, existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customers can refer a friend from any carrier, and both subscribers will get one year of unlimited data at 4G LTE speeds. T-Mobile customers who already have unlimited data will instead get a $10 credit every month.

5 ways Amazon can make the next Fire Phone burn brighter

Along with Dynamic Perspective, Amazon’s Firefly is another signature feature that the company is opening up to developers. It’s also the one with the closest tie to Amazon’s core business. The more objects one identifies, the more prompts you receives to purchase that object at Amazon. Amazon poses the scenario of seeing a book that someone is reading and wanting to find out more. But Amazon should take more of a cue from Google Now, which the company has cut out of its platform, and be proactive about products that one might need based on one’s schedule and location. If it sees a kid’s birthday coming up on the calendar, Firefly could suggest buying party supplies.

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