Don't forget: The one-day Google Glass public sale starts soon!

Your taxes are (hopefully) done, you've had your first cup of coffee... now what? Google wants to jump-start your Tuesday by offering even non-Explorers its Glass wearable for $1,500. As many of you said yesterday, that's kinda steep, but today marks the first day the product is open to the public -- until supplies run out, that is. Google Glass will go on sale at this link starting at 6AM PT/9AM ET, and we recommend showing up on time.

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Want to Just Rent Your Gadgets? This Startup Has You Covered | Business | WIRED

Ramamurthy then quit Netflix. When True&Co moved into manufacturing, Ramamurthy, a programmer, left to refocus on software. She came up with Lumoid during a stint as an entrepreneur-in-residence at VC firm Battery Ventures. It idea took hold when she realized her friends in the consumer electronics biz kept inundating her with links to cool gizmos on the crowdfunding sites Indiegogo and Kickstarter. After awhile, they just got lost in the noise. She thought there had to be a better way for consumers to use gadgets, and for companies to market them.

Maker Has Already Accepted Disney's Acquisition Offer

As per the announcement made on March 24, Maker Studios has entered into a merger agreement with The Walt Disney Company. The agreement has been approved by Maker Studios’ Board of Directors and the majority of its shareholders and is expected to close in the next few weeks, subject to regulatory approval.

Google buys drone heavyweight Titan Aerospace

Titan's atmospheric satellites, which are still in development and not yet commercially available, can stay in the air for as long as five years, according to reports. Before it was updated Monday to reflect the acquisition, Titan's website cited a wide range of uses for the drones, including atmospheric and weather monitoring, disaster response and voice and data communications.

Facebook Is Reportedly Near Approval For E-Money Service In Ireland

The report cites sources as saying that Facebook is weeks away from getting regulatory approval in Ireland for a service that lets users store money on Facebook and use it to pay others — what’s known as “e-money”. This means that Facebook will be able to issue units of stored monetary value that represent a claim against the company, and the e-money can be used throughout Europe in a process known as “passporting”.

Our Favorite New Features in Windows Phone 8.1 | Gadget Lab | WIRED

Cortana The most anticipated (and most talked about) feature in Windows Phone 8.1 is without a doubt Cortana, Microsoft's new virtual assistant. Cortana manifests herself as an app that you can pin as a Live Tile to the home screen. When you speak to her, or she's processing a query, Cortana's graphic of concentric circles (colored to match the theme you picked on your handset) expands and contracts until she pulls up the results. To access Windows Phone's assistant, you just tap the Live Tile, then tap the speaker button to voice a query or type out a question. When you first open Cortana, you can begin teaching her some of your interests. I told her I was interested in technology, science, and news, gave her my name, and gave her permission to read through my emails. I also synced up access to Facebook. But this is a lot of trust for a first date with a personal assistant. Microsoft is sensitive to the fact that you may not want to give Cortana access to your whole digital life up front. As such, it gives you granular controls over your interests, as well as what personal data she has access to.

Does 1648 Poem Contain the World's First Emoticon? Probably Not

Now, a new discovery from a poetry fan reveals that the smiley may date as early as 1648, when it appeared in a poem called "To Fortune" by Robert Herrick. Found by Levi Stahl , publicity manager for the University of Chicago Press, and first reported by The Atlantic , the poem has a smiley face next to the words "smiling yet."

AngelList’s Newest Experiment: a $25 Million Fund to Invest in Angel Investors - Digits - WSJ

Mr. Ravikant, an entrepreneur and angel investor whose early bets include Twitter Inc. and Foursquare Inc., has sought to create more transparency and efficiency to startup investing ever since he founded AngelList in 2010. His mission stems in part from a spat earlier in his career in which he and other founders of sued two venture firms, claiming they were misled about the value of the company and cheated out of tens of millions of dollars. The suit was settled for an undisclosed sum in 2005.

Xbox One update rolling out with Kinect improvements and friend notifications

Microsoft  seems to be improving its Xbox One software on a  monthly basis , and April is no different. Starting today, the software maker is rolling out its latest update to Xbox One consoles, bringing some new features and improvements along the way. Xbox 360 owners will be familiar with friend notifications when players arrive online, but the Xbox One strangely lacked this feature at launch. Today’s update brings the friends notifications back, along with the ability to identify friends who are playing multiplayer games.

Play Nintendo DS Games on iPhone without Jailbreaking using NDS4iOS

Nintendo has no plans to bring its games to the App Store , but if you want to play Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad, you can do it now without jailbreaking thanks to a new emulator called NDS4iOS .

Antenna implanted in cyborg's skull gets Wi-Fi, color as sound - CNET

Artist and cyborg advocate Neil Harbisson has an "eyeborg," a device implanted in his skull that lets him hear colors. Friends can even use an app to beam images to his brain. Crave's Michael Franco talks with him about cyborg advocacy, turning music into clothing, and life with a new sense you can never shut off.

The Pulitzer Prizes Are Worthless

The nomination deadline for the 2012 Pulitzer Prizes is five days away. Newspaper editors around the county are busy crafting nomination letters, putting together elaborate packages showcasing their best work, and forking over $50 entry fees for a shot at winning journalism's most prestigious prize later this Spring. No one will care.

If You Have A Mac, Memorize These 13 Keyboard Tricks Now

If you're going to spend your life with your hands hovering over a keyboard, you might as well do it right. Or at least make the experience as tolerable as possible.

Scientists Identify When Innocent Bacteria Became Flesh-Eating Horror

Bacterial diseases cause millions of deaths every year. Most of these bacteria were benign at some point in their evolutionary past, and we don't always understand what turned them into disease-causing pathogens. In a new study, researchers have tracked down when this switch happened in a flesh-eating bacteria. They think the knowledge might help predict future epidemics.

Windows Phone 8.1 review: A magnificent smartphone platform

After the Windows Phone 8 release that didn't really add any big user-facing features, it's about time that Microsoft had a real feature release. Windows Phone, while livable day-to-day, still has gaps compared to iOS and Android. And while it does have some striking features (most notably its eye-catching appearance), it hasn't really had anything to make people who don't follow smartphones or Microsoft take notice.

Yahoo Expands Partnership With Vevo, Bringing Music Videos To Yahoo Screen In U.S., Canada And Germany | TechCrunch

Yahoo and music video streaming service Vevo are expanding their partnership, the companies are announcing today, through a deal that will bring Vevo’s videos, live concert events, and other original programming to Yahoo’s own video streaming service, Yahoo Screen.

Inside Microsoft’s New Platform And Services Strategy | TechCrunch

So while Gallo is correct that Windows Phone is modest in size, when lashed to Windows 8.x’s app download figures, the value proposition — even if still smaller when combined than the upper echelons of Apple and Google’s platforms — makes more sense. It’s an open question as to how much this will help. The strategy’s effectiveness will be vetted by the rising, or falling download and development rates. It should be considered a positive sign if an acceleration of development work is realized once universal apps become the developer standard for the Microsoft platform world.

Anti-Glassholes: Understanding the growing movement against Google Glass

It’s easy to shrug off these issues as barriers to the advancement of technology, but no one really wants to be recorded without their permission. If you imagine someone sitting in a bar holding their smartphone up and pointing it at you, it’s not hard to see how it might make you feel uncomfortable or even angry. Right or wrong this is how some people feel about Google Glass right now.

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.1 for devs but you can get it early too

After seeing Windows Phone 8.1 shown off earlier this month , developers can now get their hands on the software. Engadget saw that Microsoft released the update on Monday for any Windows Phone 8 device. While the software is meant for those who make Windows Phone applications, anyone can technically download and install it either by registering as developer for $19, register for free using Microsoft’s App Studio software or follow a process to developer unlock their handset .  The new software includes Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-centric assistant, personalization tools and support for Universal Windows Apps to name a few functions.

Sequoia-Backed Chinese Retailer Jumei Files For $400M U.S. IPO | TechCrunch

Beijing-based online retailer Jumei plans to hold its initial public offering in the U.S. In its SEC filing over the weekend Jumei, which offers daily deals on fragrances and cosmetics, said it wants to raise up to $400 million, but did not disclose which exchange it will list on. The company was founded in 2009 and its investors include Sequoia Capital.

NSA denies it knew of Heartbleed bug

"[The] NSA was not aware of the recently identified vulnerability in OpenSSL, the so-called Heartbleed vulnerability, until it was made public in a private-sector cyber security report," NSA spokeswoman Vanee Vines said in an email, adding that "reports that say otherwise are wrong."

A total lunar eclipse is happening tonight, and here's how you can watch

You may have a good excuse to stay up late tonight. A rare total lunar eclipse, where the Earth casts a shadow over the entire Moon, is due to start at 12:53AM Eastern. Our celestial neighbor should be completely enshrouded by 3:06AM, producing an eerie coppery glow as it's bathed in refracted light from Earth's atmosphere. And unlike a solar eclipse, there's a good chance that you'll get to see this event if you're reading this -- most of the Americas will get the full effect, while partial glimpses will be possible as far as Australia and western Africa.

Appellate Court Reverses Conviction Of Hacker “Weev”

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in New Jersey chose not to address issues related to the CFAA raised in Auernheimer's appeal, and instead vacated his conviction on the simplest possible grounds—that he was tried in the wrong court:

LIVE: Yahoo Soars On Earnings

The rest of Yahoo continues to move sideways, however. This was, notably, yet another call on which Mayer trumpeted her editorial and mobile app moves while moving swiftly past the elephants in the room: The fact that topline GAAP revenues actually declined 1%, and the fact that the company still can't announce any revenue from Tumblr, the social media platform it bought for $1 billion a year ago. In the earnings release there is — again — no mention of revenue from Tumblr . At some point it would be nice to see a financial logic for that deal to appear in Yahoo's numbers.

'Game of Thrones' Sets Piracy World Record, But Does HBO Care?

“Basically, we’ve been dealing with this issue for years with HBO, literally 20, 30 years, where people have always been running wires down on the back of apartment buildings and sharing with their neighbors,” he said. “Our experience is, it all leads to more penetration, more paying subs, more health for HBO, less reliance on having to do paid advertising… If you go around the world, I think you’re right, Game of Thrones is the most pirated show in the world. Well, you know, that’s better than an Emmy.”

Blood moon: A total lunar eclipse viewer's guide - CNET

Late Monday night, the moon is going to bleed in a crimson hue as the night sky attempts to swallow it whole. At least, that was the 16th-century interpretation of a total lunar eclipse. Those in North and South America are in for a treat.

Sarah Lewis, Author of The Rise, Discusses the Connections Between Art and Innovation | MIT Technology Review

Few people recognize that when they’re moved by a work of art, they’re moved by an artist’s ability to solve a problem that is often a long-standing, timeless one. For Cézanne, it was how to realize nature in paint. He didn’t sign 90 percent of his paintings, because he didn’t feel he had yet solved the problem. For Beethoven, it was how to innovate with sound that was new. All these different works are solutions to problems. For some people, there’s no differentiation between finding something new in paint and finding something technologically.

Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now: An early look at how Cortana stacks up (hands-on) - CNET

Like Siri and, to a lesser extent, Google's voice actions, Cortana is a personable (or vaguely person-like) voice-activated system for taking dictation, looking things up, and opening apps. (Yes, Halo fans -- Cortana is named for Master Chief's AI companion, and even voiced by the same talent: actress Jen Taylor.) Even in its early beta stage, Cortana mostly keeps pace with its rivals, and introduces one or two minor innovations that Apple and Google can learn from.

Mozilla appoints Chris Beard as interim CEO

The former chief marketing officer steps up to fill Brendan Eich's shoes, who was forced to resign just 11 days in the job

BTC China Launches ATM Web App | TechCrunch

To use Picasso ATM, bitcoin owners first load the currency into BTC China’s Picasso Wallet and then sell it through the Web app. Buyers can then immediately confirm transactions on their smartphones. The app is targeted at casual bitcoin users as well as businesses and store owners, who can set their own profit margins on the currency like owners of physical ATM machines.

How To Edit And Delete Emails Even After You Send Them

The free program syncs with your inbox and lets you accomplish four specific tasks: set expiration timers on messages, unsend emails, add read receipts and edit sent messages before someone else opens them.

Microsoft Announces New Tools Bringing The Cloud To The Internet Of Things, Uniting Hadoop And SQL | TechCrunch

This morning in San Francisco, Microsoft announced several new data-focused tools in front of a cadre of customers and partners, not to mention a decent-sized grouping of press. The two new tools worth noting are Azure Intelligent Systems Service and Analytics Platform System.

App Deals: Download Help Me Fly, Printer Pro, Thunderspace HD for free

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Help Me Fly, Printer Pro, Thunderspace HD and more.

Google spells out email scanning practices in new terms of service

Users of Google's Gmail email service have accused the company of violating federal and state privacy and wiretapping laws by scanning their messages so it could compile secret profiles and target advertising. Google has argued that users implicitly consented to its activity, recognizing it as part of the email delivery process.

Twitter Acquires Longtime Partner And Social Data Provider Gnip | TechCrunch

Twitter has acquired Gnip , the social data provider that has long provided access to public Twitter data, and that has deepened its relationship with the social network over the years through a series of product and partnership announcements. The acquisition will lead to Twitter offering even more of its data to Gnip’s customer base, and existing customer relationships with Gnip will continue unchanged.

Keep People From Knowing When You Read Their WhatsApp Messages | Gadget Lab | WIRED

On Android , things are a bit more complicated. One way to trick the app is to switch off your phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular connection (or just putting it in Airplane mode). Next, open WhatsApp to read, compose, and send messages, and then close the app and turn on your phone’s connectivity again. WhatsApp will sync with its servers, sending your messages, sans time stamps.

Bike-mounted 3D printer turns trash into twinkling tokens - CNET

Once the cups are in hand they're turned into a powder by a grinder on the bike, which the 3D printer then melts and uses as "ink" to produce gear-shaped tokens. The tokens are fitted with a flashing multi-colored light, creating a device that's meant to attach to the spokes on a bike. They're free to anyone who brings their own plastic, but those who want to turn their trash into a token have to wait about two hours for the machine to do its thing.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Fitness

For evolving the way technology is used in gyms. Imagine walking into a gym with no weights or treadmills and walking out in the best shape of your life--and for a drop-in price of $35, only a fraction of the cost of a personal training session. That's the concept behind Fitwall, a company started by a scientist and former martial arts champion. With locations in California and Wyoming, the "gyms" are filled with walls that are 7 feet high and 30 inches wide. Each class is monitored by iPads mounted on the walls, which track performance via an algorithm that factors in all your personal variables (like height, weight, and sex) to ensure that every workout is designed to push your body as hard as possible--but allow you to progress at your own pace. Fitwall is expected to add more locations in 2014.

These Sites Tell Which Of Your Accounts Have Been Hacked

First, very cool. Thanks for sharing. Second, thing, I agree we need to change passwords for accounts if we show up in a list. But I was kind of curious about how the term “compromised” is defined, so I looked at to see how they were using the term (I didn’t see how the others defined the term). PwnedList define compromises as …”an email address has been found in a data leak with an associated password.”Sounds start forward enough. The email I used for Forbes, like Adam’s also showed up. However, I suspect that the password assocated with the account was the one associated with accessing Forbes, not for accessing the email account itself. I use the email account but the password for logging into Forbes is different then the password for accessing the email account. (Another reason to use different passwords for different accounts). Now I changed them both anyway but the email likely wasn’t compromised just the Forbes account. If I had used the same password I would have been clearly pawned. That said, very cool info. Thanks.

Here are 3 ways Aereo will tell the Supreme Court that it's legal

Aereo’s side of the story, set out in a 100-page Supreme Court brief filed last month, is a double-barreled appeal to both the past and the future. The brief (embedded below) casts its technology as a natural evolution of the VCR, which the court declared legal three decades ago, while also claiming kinship with the emerging cloud computing industry — an industry Aereo says will suffer if the broadcasters prevail. While making those appeals to policy principles, Aereo also makes a third argument about the letter of the law and companies’ right to rely on it when building their business.

This is Amazon's smartphone

At a distance, Amazon’s upcoming flagship phone looks much like any other touchscreen phone on the market. But the company has spent years creating a unique and, at times, novel user experience that has two main focuses: Amazon products and services, and a custom 3D interface unlike anything we have seen before on a smartphone.

Harrison Ford talks 'Star Wars,' 'Blade Runner,' and Indy on Reddit - CNET

On funny stories while filming Indiana Jones: "We were shooting in Tunisia, and the script had a scene in which I fight a swordsman, an expert swordsman, it was meant to be the ultimate duel between sword and whip. I was suffering from dysentery, really, found it inconvenient to be out of my trailer for more than 10 minutes at a time. We'd done a brief rehearsal of the scene the night before we were meant to shoot it, and both Steve (Spielberg) and I realized it would take two or three days to shoot this. It was the last thing we were meant to shoot in Tunisia before we left to shoot in England. The scene before this in the film included a whip fight against five bad guys that were trying to kidnap Marian, so I thought it was a bit redundant. I was puzzling how to get out of this three days of shooting, so when I got to set I proposed to Steven that we just shoot the son a bitch and Steve said 'I was thinking that as well.' So he drew his sword, the poor guy was a wonderful British stuntman who had practiced his sword skills for months in order to do this job, and was quite surprised by the idea that we would dispatch him in five minutes.

Automattic raising more than $100 million - Fortune Tech

FORTUNE -- Automattic , the company that runs blogging platforms and WordPress VIP, is out raising between $100 million and $150 million in new venture capital funding, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

Alleged iPhone 6 manufacturing mold also points to a 4.7 inch display

It has long been rumored that the iPhone 6 will come with a 4.7 inch display. And a new leak which has surfaced over the weekend brings confirmation of that. What you see above is a manufacturing mold which is allegedly being used for the shaping of the new iPhone. The image shows a comparison with the iPhone 4s revealing the slot for a substantially larger device.

Facebook Prepares A Money-Transfer Service, But Still Needs Trust

I track people who are disrupting the world of mobile technology. Non-conformists, innovators and agitators are this blog's unsung heroes, from entrepreneurs to scientists, to rebellious hackers. I'm the author of "We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency" , (Little Brown, 2012) which The New York Times called a "lively, startling book that reads as 'The Social Network' for group hackers." I recently relocated to Forbes' San Francisco office, and was previously Forbes' London bureau chief from 2008-12, interviewing British billionaires like Philip Green and controversial figures like Mohammed Al Fayed; I wrote last year's billionaires cover story on Russia's Yuri Milner, and have broken stories like the Facebook-Spotify partnership in 2011. Before all this I had stints at the BBC and as a radio journalist. You can watch me on 'The Daily Show' here . If you have a story idea or tip, e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter: parmy .

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 review: Major upgrade closes the gap with iOS and Android | PCWorld

Windows Phone 8.1 wants to be your personal operating system. Live Tiles will peek through a screen background of your choosing. The new Cortana digital assistant adjusts itself to your needs and priorities, even screening your calls. And when something of import crops up, a notifications pull-down screen summarizes what you need to know. That barely scratches the surface of the upgrade, but the sum of all the parts is this: a palpable warmth about Windows Phone 8.1 that truly sets it apart.

T-Mobile says it's ending overage charges for good

T-Mobile plans to abolish overage charges across its US consumer plans starting May 1st. The latest "Uncarrier" move isn't as drastic or game-changing as it initially sounds, however; T-Mobile already phased out most overage charges with the introduction of its Simple Choice plans. Rather than hit subscribers with extra fees, the company instead slows down data speeds once customers run past their monthly allotment — a practice known as throttling. Still, today's announcement could benefit customers on some of the carrier's legacy plans, as CEO John Legere notes that the new policy applies to all consumer plans, not just Simple Choice.

Twitter CEO, co-founders not to sell shares after lockup ends

(Reuters) - Twitter Inc co-founders, Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, and Chief Executive Richard Costolo have informed U.S. regulators that they did not plan to sell the microblogging company's shares after post-IPO restrictions are lifted in May.

49 Pays $3.2M To Buy Digital Marketing Marketplace, Warrior Forum | TechCrunch

It confirmed today it’s spent $3.2 million to buy the 732,000+ member strong marketing community site, Warrior Forum, where marketing professionals swap intel on topics including SEO, mobile marketing, social media, ad networks and more. More than 7.2 million postings have been made to the forum since it was founded, back in 1997.

How to tell if your Android device is vulnerable to Heartbleed - CNET

The good news is Google has already sent a patch to its Android partners. The bad news? Now we have to wait for those partners to implement it, followed by carriers testing and pushing out the update. Android users know how slow this process can be. Hopefully with the critical nature of the Heartbleed bug, and the attention it's received, these partners and carriers will work quickly to get the fix out.

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87 ‘Airbnb For Retail’ Startup Storefront Raises $7.3M From Spark Capital, Expands To LA | TechCrunch
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90 US Airways Posts Extremely NSFW Photo on Its Twitter Feed
92 Maths teacher faces £2,600 phone bill - for downloading a Neil Diamond CD - Telegraph
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96 300M downloads and $600M in revenue say Google is the 'loser's choice' in mobile games monetization
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