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Frontman for pop supergroup The Black Eyed Peas (selling 33MM albums and 58 million singles worldwide), will.i.am is a multi-faceted musician and entertainer.  will.i.am’s latest album #willpower has already charted a top 10 hit single and will feature artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Nicole Scherzinger, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Baby Kaely and Miley Cyrus.  Throughout the course of his career, will.i.am has won 8 American Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and 1 Billboard Music Award.  Bring the action.

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Like any gadget, the Apple Watch will work well for some people, and disappoint others: http://onforb.es/1rnwFld  pic.twitter.com/SIuUvH9fzn

Netflix Orders The Punisher Series - IGN

“We want to thank the fans who are clamoring for more of Jon’s stunning and powerful performance as Frank Castle from Marvel’s Daredevil,” said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb in a press release, “Now combined with Showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s compelling writing, we’re thrilled to bring Marvel’s The Punisher to Netflix.”

Rovi is buying TiVo for $1.1 billion

Thomson ReutersA Tivo Bolt is displayed during the 2016 CES trade show in Las Vegas Rovi is buying TiVo for $10.70 per share in cash, or about $1.1 billion.

Supreme Court moves to expand FBI’s hacking authority

The Supreme Court approved hotly contested amendments to federal criminal procedure today that, if accepted by Congress, will expand the FBI’s ability to hack into computer networks.

Belgium Is Giving Its Population Iodine Tablets in Case of Nuclear Disaster

Maybe the Belgians known something we don’t. The country has just decided to give everyone iodine pills for the event of nuclear catastrophe.

7 Microsoft restricts Cortana on Windows 10 to Bing and Edge

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Google Now and Apple’s Siri digital assistant. It’s built right into Windows 10 and, while I’ve generally not found it all that useful, it’s a core component of Microsoft’s attempt at making its operating system smarter. Starting today , whenever you use Cortana to do a search on Windows 10 that would typically take you to a search engine in a web browser, you will only be able to use Microsoft’s Bing search engine and its Edge browser.

Snapchat Scores Deal With NBC to Showcase Olympics

The deal covers only the U.S., where Comcast paid about $1.23 billion for broadcast rights. Snapchat isn’t paying for access. Instead, the companies will share revenue from advertisements paired with the content, which NBC will take the lead in selling. The content BuzzFeed creates won’t be exclusive to Snapchat, which is looking for other Olympics partners internationally.

Man builds working homemade hoverbike, doesn't die

Although it's not getting too far off the ground, Furze's hoverbike does legitimately hover for short periods of time. Furze also made a few behind-the-scenes videos detailing how he built the hoverbike, but you probably shouldn't build one yourself — few things are worse than having your family explain how you "died doing something they saw on YouTube."

Amazon stock soars more than 11% on Q1 revenue of $29.1 billion and record profit

It’s that time of year again when investors wonder: “How’s Amazon doing?” and then Amazon tells them.

Microsoft leaks Flow, its IFTTT-like tool for automating actions across apps | ZDNet

Microsoft accidentally announces Flow, a new tool for business users to automate messaging and data-sharing between Microsoft and third-party business apps.

Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street's Renegade Blog

A former “director of contributor success” at website Seeking Alpha, Lokey said he joined Zero Hedge for $6,000 a month and received an annual bonus of $50,000, earning more than $100,000 last year. His salary helped pay the rent on a “very nice” condominium on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island, he said. Despite the compensation, he contends that he left because he disagreed with the site's editorial vision. “Reality checks are great. But Zero Hedge ceased to serve that public service years ago,” Lokey wrote. “They care what generates page views. Clicks. Money.”

Google reportedly faces first EU fine in 2016 with no deal on cards

(Reuters) – Google is likely to face its first European Union antitrust sanction this year, with little prospect of it settling a test case with the bloc’s regulator over its shopping service, people familiar with the matter said.

The FBI might soon be allowed to hack any computer in the world

The US Supreme Court has approved a change in Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, so judges across the country now have the authority to issue warrants for remote electronic searches outside their district.

John Romero puts Blackroom Kickstarter on hold to finish gameplay demo

In a backer-only message, Romero revealed that the campaign — which was looking to raise $700,000 to fund development — is being put on hold so that studio Night Work Games can create a gameplay demo. Romero says that while the campaign created a lot of interest, that didn't translate into a lot of backers, and he believes the lack of a gameplay demo is the reason. When the initial campaign launched, details on the game were relatively slim; there was no trailer or screenshots, for instance, only a few pieces of concept art. Prior to being cancelled, the  Blackroom Kickstarter raised more than $130,000 from just over 2,200 backers.

These Are the Most Serious Catastrophic Threats Faced by Humanity

Oxford’s Global Priorities Project has compiled a list of catastrophes—both natural and self-inflicted—that could kill off 10 percent or more of the human population. It’s a real buzzkill of a report and it says that any of these catastrophes could happen within the next five years.

'Captain America: Civil War' is the best Avengers movie yet (no spoilers)

"I knew I wanted to show the actor's faces," said Rachael, "as Marvel has always put as much focus on the characters behind the masks as they do on the action, in their comics and in the films. It's also a brilliant part of the rich shared film universe they've built up, so when you're watching 'Civil War' it's not just Cap and Ol' Shellhead throwing punches at each other, but two people with rich, separate histories we've watched develop over several years now. It raises the stakes, and adds so much extra weight and emotion to this clash of ideals."

Shay Mitchell has some crucial social media survival tips for moms

So Mashable asked Pretty Little Liars actress and all-around social media superstar Shay Mitchell to help us teach moms how to be the fiercest smartphone-carrying, oversharing warriors they can be.

End of an Era: Fable Developer Lionhead Closes Today - IGN

In more recent years, Lionhead released the last core entry in the Fable series, Fable III, in 2010. Then, after a change of pace, Lionhead headed into the Xbox Live Arcade space in 2012 with the co-op hack-‘n’-slash Fable Heroes. After that, Lionhead entered the Kinect space with 2012’s Fable: The Journey , before 2014 saw a remastered version of the original Fable in Fable: Anniversary.

The curious case of 'Quadrilateral Cowboy'

A lot of the buzz stemmed from Quadrilateral Cowboy 's unique gameplay mechanic: coding. It's set in the clunky cyberpunk world of 1980s computer hacking, and players complete missions using a "top-of-the-line" rig with a 56.6k modem and a "staggering" 256K RAM. You'll solve puzzles by lugging the portable hacking deck to various locations and typing in lines of code to switch off alarm systems, open doors, deactivate lasers and generally sneak around collecting sensitive intel for clients. It's a mixture of a puzzle game and a quick-and-dirty programming lesson, set in a blocky, retro-tech world.

Hear AI play Beethoven like The Beatles

Here’s what it sounds like when artificial intelligence learns to play “Ode To Joy” in the style of EDM, Brazilian guitar, and The Beatles’ “Penny Lane”:

IBM launches new cloud services for blockchain

NEW YORK IBM on Friday announced new services to help companies design and develop blockchain technology in a secure environment in the cloud, a network of computers where users are increasingly storing their data and computing work.

Review: Razer Blade Stealth is a svelte machine with potential

It’s hard to figure out what the Blade Stealth is for, since it’s an ultrabook that really wants to be a gaming machine, but at first, can’t. With no real gaming capabilities other than the Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, on its own I’m restricted to all the things that “normal people” do on computers. You know, word processing, watching videos, Internet and communications (younger people call that “social media”).

Rovi Buys TiVo for $1.1 Billion

Concurrent with the approval of this transaction, Rovi’s Board approved the adoption of a Stockholder Rights Plan (the NOL Rights Plan,) designed to protect Rovi’s $1.2 billion federal Net Operating Losses (NOLs) from the effect of Section 382 under the US Internal Revenue Code, which can limit the use of the NOLs. The completion of the TiVo deal would move Rovi significantly closer to the 50 percent ownership change outlined in Section 382 and increase the likelihood of a loss of Rovi’s valuable NOLs. Rovi believes that its tax attributes represent an important corporate asset that can provide long-term stockholder benefits and should be protected. The NOL Rights Plan is similar to those adopted by numerous other public companies with significant tax assets. The NOL Rights Plan is set to expire at the earlier of completion or termination of the TiVo transaction. It is proposed that the certificate of incorporation of the new holding company will include a provision that would prohibit transfers of the holding company’s common /”> common /”> common /”> common /”> common /”> common /”> common /”> common stock that would adversely affect the holding company’s NOL tax asset following the closing.

Musical Melee

Who knew Armada was such a talented musician?

It Costs Millions of Dollars to Protect Mark Zuckerberg

“Because of the high visibility of our company, our compensation & governance committee has authorized an ‘overall security program’ for Mr. Zuckerberg to address safety concerns due to specific threats to his safety arising directly as a result of his position as our founder, chairman, and CEO,” Facebook says. “We require these security measures for the company’s benefit because of the importance of Mr. Zuckerberg to Facebook, and we believe that the costs of this overall security program are appropriate and necessary.”

Google predicts the future: Go big on artificial intelligence

In his first-ever letter to shareholders, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the next wave of computing is all about machine learning. And a computer that can beat you at a 2,500-year-old board game.

The dancer, the singer, the cellist ... and a moment of creative magic

Legendary dance choreographer Bill T. Jones and TED Fellows Joshua Roman and Somi didn't know exactly what was going to happen when they took the stage at TED2015. They just knew they wanted to offer the audience an opportunity to witness creative collaboration in action. The result: An improvised piece they call "The Red Circle and the Blue Curtain," so extraordinary it had to be shared ...

This Rumor About Senator Barbara Boxer's Views on iPhone Encryption Is Too Amazing to Be True

The complex battle between Apple and the FBI over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone was tough for most people to fully grasp. But for Senator Barbara Boxer, who represents Apple’s home state of California, it’s as easy as swiping her finger across her phone.

Microsoft has quietly launched an IFTTT competitor called Flow

Microsoft has quietly rolled out a new service called Microsoft Flow that people can use to create workflows that automatically take action in response to certain events.

Keep Your Uber Driver Waiting? Get Ready to Pay

Uber on Wednesday said customers in certain areas will be charged an extra fee if the driver is still waiting two minutes after arriving at the pick-up location. At this point, the app-based car service is testing this new penalty in Dallas, New Jersey, New York, and Phoenix but may roll it out more broadly in the future.

Benchmarks never tell the whole story

I readily admit that this headline could have been and probably was written around the turn of the century, when 3DMark was a dominant topic of discussion among PC gamers. But it's 2016 now and it seems we need to revisit the matter of benchmarks as they start to proliferate on mobile devices. DxOMark's cameraphone test has grown into the 3DMark of the mobile world — a multifaceted, widely used performance exam that churns out a definitive scalar score — and it's producing similar effects. Phone geeks are comparing and disputing scores while manufacturers are taking notice and actively optimizing their cameras to produce higher DxOMarks. Not better images, higher marks.

Baby helps dog find treat at the end of a long struggle

Some dogs try so hard to get treats, and adult humans love nothing more than watching them struggle. But the baby in the video below has had enough. She's tired of watching this pup struggle, second after second, sniff after sniff, paw after paw.

ICYMI: 3D-printed instrument, Humanoid diver and more

ICYMI: 3D-printed instrument, Humanoid diver and more

Here’s the Most Beautiful Pot Paraphernalia You Ever Did See

That prompted Jenison and a friend to launch  Sweetflag , a woman-owned online retailer of gorgeous high-end pot paraphernalia with a feminine bent. You’d find some of the stuff in any headshop, but Sweetflag also offers an assortment of pipes and accessories made by artisans who work with porcelain, wood, quartz, and horn. “They’re not something you’re going to hide away in a drawer,” Jenison says.

PCMag on Twitter

Today at 10am EDT we're doing a live demo of @Mojang 's newest game. Watch here: http://fb.me/pcmag  pic.twitter.com/uWsjhRqdzt

This investment bank presentation helps explain the complicated digital marketing industry for normal people

LUMA Partners has kindly allowed us to publish the presentation and commentary, which covers topics including the huge amount of mergers-and-acquisitions activity, the limited number of ad tech and marketing tech initial public offerings, and the newest digital marketing trends.

CNET on Twitter

PayPal's Venmo service is currently under investigation by the FTC http://cnet.co/1Ta3F6D  pic.twitter.com/5ZXppddbSW

Delta hopes $50M RFID investment is the answer to lost bags [Update]

Delta Airlines today announced it will be investing some $50 million in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to avoid losing any of the 120 million bags it handles each year.

Twitter killed Magic Recs, the only useful bot there is

Twitter has discontinued Magic Recs, its bot that alerted users via DM about trending posts and popular accounts.

The 'Mass Effect' theme park attraction opens in May

Mass Effect is traveling to a strange new world: California's Great America theme park. The Mass Effect attraction opens on May 18th at California's Great America in Santa Clara, featuring an interactive 3D presentation with 4D effects, all hosted by a live performer. Riders will travel to "a distant planet" to make a stand against "larger-than-life foes," though there's no word on which characters will make an appearance in the experience. The ride is made in conjunction with Mass Effect publisher EA, and developer BioWare announced it back in September .

re:Work - How the “what’s your current salary?” question hurts the gender pay gap

When it comes to making pay decisions, we anchor too much on someone’s current salary instead of what the job is worth. Imagine hiring two accountants. One (call her Eliza) currently makes $50,000 and the other (Alexander) makes $58,000. And let’s say the average accountant in your company makes $60,000. It feels natural to offer Alexander a salary of $60,000, just like everyone else gets. But for most managers, it feels wrong to give Eliza the same salary. After all, that’s a $10,000 raise! Wouldn’t that be unfair to Alexander, who only got a $2,000 raise? And why not save a few bucks by paying people based on their past salaries?

GM design chief Ed Welburn on his 44-year legacy and the high-tech future of the connected car

As our chat wraps up, I mention the Buick Avista , the gorgeous concept coupe that some people (myself included) thought won NAIAS in January. What sucks is that — like far too many beautiful concept cars — the Avista doesn't seem to be in the production plan, and I was desperate to get Welburn's take on it. "When we developed [the Avista], naturally it was not in the plan for production," he insists. "It was really a labor of love within the Buick studio to create a vehicle, a vision of what's possible for the brand, a vision of the evolution of the design language of the brand — the grille shape, the lamp shapes, the body side, the interior — all those elements came together in really this labor of love in the studio to express the future face of Buick design. And they did it in a very well-executed way. So if in fact there's a possibility of going into production, you could do that. It has been very valuable for the studio team, and every production vehicle that is under development in the Buick studio has been impacted by that car."

3 disastrous HR mistakes your startup should avoid at all costs

New employees only see what is placed in front of them when they join your company, so if you want to attract the best talent, and get them to really engage with and advance your company, then you need to have the basic HR systems in place to make them feel at home.

Incredible Touchscreen Mirror Will Even Hail You a Cab While You Get Dressed

The craziest part of all is that the mirror seems to work like a giant iPad, capable of distinguishing between one- and two-finger gestures. We see Nelwan tap to open a YouTube video, but slide two fingers up and down to adjust volume. (The smudges must just get out of control, though, right?). He also claims in a Reddit post that window scaling is possible with two fingers.

The 'Dark Souls' franchise is over... for now

When speaking with GGN Gamer , Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that the studio is already working on a brand new IP, saying " Dark Souls is over" and "development of a new IP has already begun." This isn't a brand-new revelation by any means. Previously Miyazaki had announced that Dark Souls 3 would be the final game in the series, so fans have had time to come to terms. In previous interviews he's also expressed the desire to move on and "try new things." But despite his seemingly black and white statement about the series' future, he's not averse to returning to it at some point. "There's absolutely no plan right now for any sequels, spin-offs or tie-ins. But I can't say for certain the possibility is zero percent," he explained, stressing that what's "certain for now" is that to him personally that Dark Souls is over. As far as support for Dark Souls 3 , however, Miyazaki did confirm that two additional DLC packs will be available later this year and early 2017. The Dark Souls franchise may have drawn to a close for now, but it's certainly ripe for a return for some easy money five years down the road.

Cute robotic monk knows the meaning of life

Xian'er's touchscreen chest gives him a way to answer questions, such as "What is the meaning of life?" To which he'd reply: "My master says the meaning of life is to help more people finally leave behind bitterness and gain happiness." He also has a WeChat account under the name 贤二机器僧 where he talks with people who can't go to the temple, though we couldn't seem to find and add him when we tried. The temple's human monks have no plans to mass produce Xian'er, but they're already working on a smarter, more advanced robot that might be able to impart more wisdom.

America Is Still Great—Just Look at Yellowstone’s Majestic Creatures

Glenn’s photographed 26 animals in three states and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He hopes the images instill a sense of appreciation for the animals, and for a park that’s protected them for 144 years. “All of these animals live in captivity, but I want them to be symbols of their wild cousins,” he says. “I hope that they also give people another way to appreciate these beautiful creatures and realize why it’s important to protect their habitat.”

Weasel Apparently Shuts Down World's Most Powerful Particle Collider

"We had electrical problems, and we are pretty sure this was caused by a small animal," says Arnaud Marsollier, head of press for CERN , the organization that runs the $7 billion particle collider in Switzerland. Although they had not conducted a thorough analysis of the remains, Marsollier says they believe the creature was "a weasel, probably." (Update: An official briefing document from CERN indicates the creature may have been a marten.)

Google predicts the future: Go big on artificial intelligence

In his first-ever letter to shareholders, Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the next wave of computing is all about machine learning. And a computer that can beat you at a 2,500-year-old board game.

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