Electric-Car Buyers Younger And Richer Than Hybrid Owners

This would more or less reinforce the popular wisdom that hybrids, which typically cost only nominally more than comparable conventionally powered models, appeal more to family minded penny-pinchers than do the pricier EVs, which pack more in the way of high-tech luster and are often purchased as rolling status symbols (they also require a certain infrastructure – i.e. a garage with an updated electrical system for charging – and because of their limited range are usually the second or third car in a family’s fleet). “At first glance, one would imagine that consumers purchasing either a hybrid or electric vehicle would be nearly identical, but our research shows that there are slight differences between the two,” says Melinda Zabritski, senior director for Experian Automotive. “One possible reason for the disparity could be the growing popularity of the higher-end luxury electric models available.”

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Lifeline, The Early-Stage Finnish VC Firm That Backed Supercell, Closes Another Fund | TechCrunch

“We think the chances of category leadership are pretty slim,” Koponen said. “If we discover the right kinds of games company, we would be super happy to invest. But while game companies can be really attractive and I can understand why the money is flowing there, it’s not our cup of tea.”

Mailbox for iOS Gets Auto-Swipe, Dropbox Sync

Version 2.0 of Mailbox’s iOS app also introduces syncing with Dropbox, which means it can now store and align your email preferences across multiple devices. This comes after Dropbox  stepped in  to acquire the startup more than a year ago, seeking to help it scale.

Dish Network Is Partnering With This Startup To Make Cellphone Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G

The 40MHz blocks of spectrum that Artemis is utilizing will give it the capability to offer fiber-like speeds wirelessly across the Bay Area. Along with mobile data, this could represent a major opportunity for Dish's television offerings, depending on how closely the two are working together.

Roku FINALLY Releases A YouTube Channel For Most Of Its Streaming Boxes | TechCrunch

The catch: Roku says the channel is only compatible with “current generation” devices, which they define as any box launched after July 2011. Roku’s model numbering system is super confusing*, so just know that if your Roku came out in the last 2 1/2 years or so, you’re probably good. Also of note: the new channel will only work in US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.

Meet Flappy48, The Clone Game To End Clone Games | TechCrunch

In Flappy48, you’re attempting to glide your way through a series of tubes — à la Flappy Bird. Each tube you successfully hurdle, you’re presented with a number tile — à la 2048 (or, really, à la Threes! — but we won’t get into that here .)

1Password Redesigned for iOS 7, Adds Multiple Vault Support, and More

The most noticeable new thing in 1Password is the new design, which brings it in line with iOS 7's overall aesthetic. Otherwise, the app now allows you to easily switch between vaults, a new browser that's faster, and improved integration with the desktop version. The multiple vault support is especially handy for when you want to segregate your data a bit so that all your personal information isn't packed into a single area. The app's also on sale for half off for right now.

Meet the teen aiming to breathe life into global IT education - CNET

"It's an embarrassment for the UK government that a team of 16-year-olds had to do this for them," Anderson said. Though his current efforts are not to influence policy, he called UK Education Secretary Michael Gove "naive" for focusing on the "wrong policy areas," notably tougher exams for non-compulsory education, teacher pay and pensions, and a new qualification that was ultimately rejected by the UK Parliament less than a year later. At least three national teaching unions in 2013 passed a vote of no confidence in Gove's policies.

How Smartphones Are Increasingly Driving Our Cars

For developers pining after the biggest addressable market, smartphones are the biggest and best target, by far. But it's not a target to salivate over today: While there were 84 million new vehicles manufactured in 2012, a small minority of these are “app-enabled” models. According to ABI Research, there were fewer than 8 million OEM-installed connected car telematics systems in 2012. 

Netflix will raise streaming prices for new members this quarter

I understand the general gripe with this – after all, it’s a natural first reaction to finding out you may soon have to pay more than you currently do for a service. But no, this is not a shame. This is not despicable, and they’re not doing it just because “they can”. Give me a break. First of all, even paying ten bucks a month for thousands of hours of ad-free content is still a really great deal (and to those of you who still claim that Netflix has a ‘horrible selection’ – expand your horizons or unsubscribe already, would ya?). Second, as mentioned in the Netflix statement above, the increase in revenue will allow the site to bring in more content than is currently available. Is it really that much to ask? If Netflix had sent you a personal email stating that, “Hello, we’d like to make Netflix an even more awesome site than it already is, but do you think you could spare an extra $24 a year? Please check Yes or No”, you’d say “Sure” in half a heartbeat.

Sprint Will Make All Its Devices Unlockable From February 2015

For eligible devices, Sprint will unlock the SIM slot, to the extent that a device SIM slot is capable of being unlocked. It is important to note that not all devices are capable of being unlocked, often because of the manufacturers' device designs, and that even for those devices capable of being unlocked, not all device functionality may be capable of being unlocked. Specifically, devices manufactured with a SIM slot within the past three years (including, but not limited to, all Apple iPhone devices), cannot be unlocked to accept a different domestic carrier's SIM for use on another domestic carrier's network. Sprint has no technological process available to do this. In accordance with Sprint's voluntary commitment contained within CTIA's Consumer Code for Wireless Service ("Unlocking Commitment"), Sprint is working to ensure that all devices developed and launched on or after February 11, 2015 are capable of being unlocked domestically.

Twitter Says Native Ads Will Be Available To All MoPub Publishers Tomorrow | TechCrunch

This follows an announcement in December that MoPub will be testing native ads (namely, ads that are customized to resemble regular content, often appearing in an app’s content stream) with a limited set of partners. Today’s MoPub blog post quotes executives from a couple of those early partners, including Flipboard CTO Eric Feng. (That’s Flipboard in the images above.)

Withings Pulse O2 Fitness Tracker Monitors Your Blood Oxygen

Along with tracking your heart rate, the Pulse O2 keeps track of your fitness data in real time and makes sure you are getting enough oxygen to keep you from passing out. The device syncs to your Android or iOS smartphone throughout the day via Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and you'll need to check the corresponding app for a deeper dive on the data it collects about your day.

iPad sales won't grow unless device gets more 'Pro' features

Multiple analyst estimates predict that Apple will see a year-over-year fall in iPad sales in Q2 2014, with the decline ranging anywhere from 23% to 0.7%. So what’s the reason for this fall in sales? Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée thinks that the simplicity of the iPad, and its lack of Pro features is restricting the iPad’s growth.

Affirmative! 'Doctor Who' fans reenact favorite moments - CNET

The submissions run from extremely low quality (think toilet plunger as a Dalek weapon) to sophisticated with special effects (including a CGI T-Rex) and a life-size Tardis prop. No matter how professional or amateur the video submissions look, it's clear from the fans featured all over the world that the Doctor and his friends are truly universally loved.

ReadWrite At 11: Mapping The Future

It is in some ways a triumph merely to have lasted 11 years in the fast-moving world of digital publishing. ReadWrite's ambitions go far beyond that: We aim to be the indispensable resource for those trying to understand a world where technology is accessible to everyone. And we also aim to do our part in creating that world. Thanks for joining us on the journey so far, and for the years to come.

Etsy Acquires Gadget Marketplace Grand St. | TechCrunch

While Etsy may have an electronics community today, it’s fair to say that the company is better known as a haven for artists and crafters, rather than electronics-focused makers. The Grand St. deal could change that, allowing Etsy to expand into this area further while it gains a better understanding of how the maker community ticks.

The Hackers Who Recovered NASA’s Lost Lunar Photos | Raw File | WIRED

Sitting incongruously among the hangars and laboratories of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley is the squat facade of an old McDonald’s. You won’t get a burger there, though–its cash registers and soft-serve machines have given way to old tape drives and modern computers run by a rogue team of hacker engineers who’ve rechristened the place McMoon’s. These self-described techno-archaeologists have been on a mission to recover and digitize forgotten photos taken in the ‘60s by a quintet of scuttled lunar satellites.

Fans of Quibb, a content-sharing network, can now buy shares in the company on its website

Quibb, a startup that offers an exclusive content-sharing network for professional users, is experimenting with crowdfunding via an Alphaworks widget that allows users to join in a VC round directly from the company’s website

Apple Opens OS X Beta Testing To All Users With New Seed Program | TechCrunch

Before today, you needed a developer account to help test Apple’s upcoming software releases before they hit the general user population. You didn’t need to actually develop anything, but it would still cost you $99 per year to partake, and technically it was still sort of against the rules. Today, Apple introduced its OS X Beta Seed Program to make pre-release Mac operating system software available to all who want to help try it out.

Postbot: Easy WordPress Scheduling for Photos

If you’re a WordPress-using photo-blogger looking to save yourself some spadework, you might like this little tool developed by Automattic .

Man named in Newsweek's bitcoin 'scoop' thanks supporters

"I am not Satoshi Nakamoto," he said in the YouTube video. "My name is Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto and of course if I were the creator I would never use my real name. So from that point of view, I'm sure you guys would know, that Satoshi Nakamoto is not me. But Leah thinks so and Newsweek said so, but it's not true."

Apple will reportedly team up with Nike for a smartband accessory

It is being hinted that Nike’s software, which is the one seen on the FuelBand currently, could be used with this new accessory. Since Nike already makes the hardware and software responsible for the functioning of the FuelBand, it will be interesting to see Apple’s contribution to this new smartband.

Microsoft Head Of Xbox: 'We Need To Do More'

Xbox One, Microsoft Microsoft just announced last week, has shipped five million units to retailers. Any other console generation, this would be great news. It’s crushing the historical performance of its predecessor, the Xbox 360. It’s still behind the Wii, albeit with a much higher price tag. But this is not any other console generation — this is 2014, and the Xbox One’s success is necessarily tempered by how badly it’s losing to the PS4, which just announced 7 million units sold through to customers. The console war has not been won yet. But it’s being won.

Intel's next-gen Thunderbolt rumored to hit 40Gbps transfer speeds with new connector

In a purported presentation slide leaked to the Web on Monday, Intel outlines its next-generation Thunderbolt specification — "Alpine Ridge" — that will boast double the throughput of current Thunderbolt 2 interface, while bringing massive gains in power efficiency.

Apple airs new iPhone 5s TV ad 'Powerful'

The ad showcases some of the things users can do with their iPhone such as creating music, playing games on a giant screen, tracking their health, taking photos and recording videos.

Travelwide: Large Format Film Camera Offers Image Splendor in a Compact Body

It may be low-tech, but it sure is cool. Photographers seeking the visual opulence of large format images, can now look forward to the Travelwide 4×5 Camera , a point and shoot-style film camera that promises pinpoint detail and huge tonal range. It will be available this summer.

Why Isn't Grid Autosport on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? - IGN

“One of the unique things for us is we’ve got our own internal Ego technology," he says. "We built this one off the the same heritage of all the previous games have been built to this point. That means we’ve already got a ready-made engine that’s highly optimised for the current-gen hardware, but also PC can really benefit from that. If we moved that particular engine onto next-gen, it’s almost a port job and you’re not really doing a next-gen game. We’re building something that’s forced onto those consoles, that’s not naturally built for them."

Google Follows Facebook, Twitter With App-Install Ads

The search giant announced on Tuesday that it will let app developers target Google's mobile customers based on the apps they have already downloaded.

Windows 8 Start Menu set to return in August

Regardless of Microsoft’s future Windows plans, the current Windows 8.1 Update is a stop-gap towards a second update with additional functionality. If Microsoft is able to deliver the Start Menu to Windows 8 users in August it will address a key complaint from those who are more familiar with the traditional Windows desktop. Many have called for Microsoft to focus on desktop users, and the company has clearly accepted the feedback. "We’re going all in with this desktop experience," said Microsoft’s Terry Myerson earlier this month. It’s a sign that Windows is about to become Windows again.

Does Google Glass Have An Optics Problem? And Does Google Care?

But limiting the scope of the test was important to getting the product right, and that’s precisely why Google charges $1500 for a unit, Sanders says. “The high price point isn’t just about the cost of the device. We want people who are going to be passionate about it.” Just giving it away to beta-testers wouldn’t have produced the same kind of self-selection effect, he says: “We wanted people who really wanted it.”

Christopher Mims Named New WSJ Tech Columnist - Digits - WSJ

Mims, 34 years old, is coming to the Journal from Quartz, where he has served as lead technology reporter and most recently technology and science editor. As a writer, he has consistently provided provocative and insightful stories, columns and blog posts about an array of technology and science topics, from Facebook’s plan to find its next billion users to the history of the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.

In Aereo's Supreme Court Hearing, Two Sides Appear Evenly Matched

The case hinges on the question of whether Aereo’s technology constitutes a “public performance” under copyright law. (A purchaser of copyrighted material has the right to a “private performance”–watching a movie at home, for example, but not a public one, i.e. displaying that movie in a theater to paying customers.) The company previously prevailed in the face of broadcasters’ lawsuit in both the Second Circuit Court and a New York District Court. A judge in Utah ruled against the company.

Why Aereo Matters

Today, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of the television networks versus Aereo, an innovative service that lets you stream broadcasts over the internet. How it's decided could define the future of television, and how we watch it.

GitHub investigation finds no harassment, but president resigns due to 'errors of judgment' - The Next Web

The investigation found no evidence to support the claims against Tom and his wife of sexual or gender-based harassment or retaliation, or of a sexist or hostile work environment. However, while there may have been no legal wrongdoing, the investigator did find evidence of mistakes and errors of judgment. In light of these findings, Tom has submitted his resignation, which the company has accepted. Tom has been a huge part of this company from the very beginning and we appreciate all that he has done for GitHub. We wish him the best in his next endeavour.

Supreme Court: Aereo Case Could Affect All Internet Storage

Aereo works the same way as Cablevision's network DVR in that each subscriber has its own antenna and records its own copy of a program. In other words, rather than simply using a big antenna to stream to lots of users (which would be more efficient), Aereo maintains a 1:1 ratio between its antennas and its customers. Likewise, if two customers record the same program through Aereo's cloud DVR, two individual copies exist — even though it would be more efficient to just have one copy.

On Pricing, Netflix Has Cushioned The Blow, But It Can Go Even Further

The gap between today’s announcement and the effective date of the price increase was clearly intended to soften the blow: People who are angry about it won’t actually feel the pain for some time, during which they’ll likely cool down. This should limit the number of reflexive cancellations due to anger. That said, it appears that Netflix also wasn’t completely prepared with the specifics of exactly how much prices will rise and just how long current customers will be able to keep their $7.99 plans. To that end, the company might consider borrowing a page from Amazon’s playbook and consider offering annual pricing. In so doing, it could benefit customers  and itself. Consider the following scenario:

The Nest Thermostat Is Now Available Through Google Play | TechCrunch

Google’s latest toy is available for purchase on Google Play for $249. Starting today, conveniently to coincide with Earth Day, Google started selling Nest Learning Thermostat on its web store.

Inventor Creates Commercial Bitcoin Fuel Pump

Named the Bitcoin Fluid Dispenser II, the prototype was constructed from scratch by Schroder. The result is a fully functional gas pump that he says handles bitcoin’s specific requirements while following the necessary guidelines for dispensing fuel commercially.

Aereo at the Supreme Court: a guide to the biggest TV case in 30 years (and where to learn more)

If Aereo wins, and, say, Comcast decides to copy Aereo, then yeah, they could conceivably purchase 23 million dime-sized antennas, one for each user, and make the local channels available for streaming instead of through the cable. But when you talk about Comcast’s user base, I would argue that about 40% aren’t going to be comfortable enough or tech-savvy enough to want to change their habits for watching their local content. They don’t want to switch from watching Discovery via their set-top box, then grab their computer/smartphone/tablet, or switch to the on-demand menu when it’s time for Jeopardy. At least, that’s assuming the currently-deployed Comcast set-top boxes can’t live-stream, which I’ve seen no evidence they can. But I guess Comcast could possibly procure 23 million tiny antennas AND develop and deploy 23 million new set-top boxes to deploy this technology.

Aereo Is a Ridiculous Company

If you're new to ABC v. Aereo , SCOTUSBlog has a good explainer . Basically: Aereo has a warehouse with thousands of tiny antennas (pictured above) arranged in neat rows inside. When an Aereo subscriber opens the Aereo app, one of those antennas is assigned to her, and the shows it picks up (on ABC, NBC, CBS, et al.) are recorded and stored on a hard drive, where they can be either streamed live to a device of a user's choosing (with a slight delay) or played back at a later time. Each antenna makes only one copy of the shows it receives, and each Aereo user is watching what amounts to a private showing. But since it's being transmitted over the internet, and since thousands of copies of each show are being streamed at any given time, the broadcast networks consider it a public performance that entitles them to millions of dollars in re-transmission fees. The networks won initially, lost on appeal , and their case is now in front of the Supreme Court.

App Deals: Download Atomic+, The Descent, QuickFill for free

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Atomic+, The Descent, Dolmus Driver, QuickFill and more.

5 of The Biggest News Stories for April 22nd - IGN

Get ready for dragons to rule your world when Dragon Age: Inquisition hits retail this October! More release date details, a rental system for PlayStation Now, and new games are just some of the juicy news you'll hear about in today's Fix..

Netflix Launches First Spanish-Language Original Series

Netflix is making good on its promises to focus on international growth with the announcement of its first Spanish-language original series.

Report: Vice Journalist Captured in Eastern Ukraine

Update April 22, 2:45 p.m. ET : OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatović called for the immediate release of the detained journalist. “I remain deeply concerned about the ongoing negative pattern in relation to journalists’ safety in Ukraine” Mijatović said. “I call on all those responsible to stop harassing and attacking journalists and let them do their job. Simon Ostrovsky should be released immediately.” A U.S. State Department spokesperson also reportedly mentioned a "range of reports about journalists that have been kidnapped and detained in Ukraine," and condemned the taking of hostages.

Titanfall is the $37 daily deal in Amazon's Gold Box today

Titanfall delivers fast-paced, near-future warfare that gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault pilots and agile, heavy armored Titans. The Titanfall experience combines heart-pounding multiplayer action with heroic moments from traditional campaign mode

20 Signs Conan O’Brien Is The Technologist We Deserve And Need | TechCrunch

Furthermore, out of all the late night talk shows, “Conan” is the quickest to make fun of the latest tech trends, ranging from 3D printing and GoPro to bitcoin and ride-sharing apps like Lyft .

See The Hypnotic Winners Of The Saatchi Gallery's Big GIF Contest

But we've seen a growing number of institutions acknowledge their artistic merit. That list now includes The Saatchi Gallery and Google+, which not only proclaimed the medium its own genre--"motion photography"--but launched a six-category competition to recognize artists pushing the genre forward. The contest, which the organizers called the first open entry, global competition drew over 4,000 entries and judges included luminaries Baz Luhrmann and Cindy Sherman. The winner is Brooklyn-based creative director Christina Rinaldi, whose window washer "almost transcends the GIF medium by turning the soapy water into brushstrokes," according to Sherman.

Exclusive: Leaked LG G3 screens show fresh UI, confirm ‘concierge’ service, and more

A new, modern UI for LG’s upcoming G3 has been revealed in three new screenshots, obtained by Digital Trends from a trusted industry source. The screens show flatter and brighter icons, a revamped weather widget with built-in suggestions, a much cleaner looking notifications screen, and circular icons (a new trend).

The Supreme Court Loves the Cloud. It's Not Sure About Aereo.

Unlike cable and satellite TV companies, Aereo doesn’t pay licensing fees for airing local TV shows. The company says that since it is only allowing consumers to remotely record, store and watch free over-the-air TV broadcasts, it doesn’t need to pay licensing fees to broadcasters. TV station owners disagree and argue that Aereo built a convoluted system designed to evade copyright laws. A lower federal court ruled in Aereo’s favor, which prompted broadcasters to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

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64 This Startup Is Making A King-Size, Memory Foam Mattress That Folds Into A Small Box And Fits In The Trunk Of A Car
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84 The Pixies Shill for Apple in New iPhone Ad (and I'm OK With That)
85 Netflix plans to launch on U.S. cable boxes this quarter
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87 Wall Street Cheers Netflix Price Hike, Customers Shrug It Off (For Now)
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