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Microsoft Lowers Its Expectations for Phones

Microsoft Corp.’s expected launch of new smartphones this week will mark its latest stab at a winning mobile strategy. The new approach boils down to two words: Redefine success.

Top 22 3D Touch tips and tricks iPhone 6s users must know

Similar to Force Touch on the Apple Watch, Apple added 3D Touch to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 3D touch combines a pressure-sensitive display with haptic feedback to provide an all-new user interface element for both stock iOS and third-party apps. Because it is so new, 3D touch is not universally available in all apps. Instead, it is scattered throughout iOS. Here are some tips on where it works and how you can use it to increase your productivity.

Smart Batteries Could Make Gadgets and Electric Cars Last Longer | MIT Technology Review

One test was intended to determine how a smart watch could benefit from having a flexible battery in its strap as well as a conventional battery in its body. Bendable batteries are not very efficient at providing a lot of power at once. So the researchers programmed their software to carefully balance the work of the two batteries during a simulated day of activity that included checking messages and going for a run. In the test, that balancing act extended battery life by more than an hour.

How To Get Over Your Fear In New Situations

If that describes you, it isn't entirely your fault. We've partly inherited this performance-based mind-set from our ancestors. For most of human history, our survival and reproductive success was largely based on our performance—how well we could hunt, gather food, and fight. In a world of limited resources, we competed within our groups for status in order to gain and maintain access to food, shelter, and mates. And our brains evolved accordingly.

The After Math: Long-distance trips, iPhone issues and Twitter n00bs

The After Math: Long-distance trips, iPhone issues and Twitter n00bs

Apple pulls iFixit’s iOS app and developer account following Apple TV teardown

Apple has a policy against developers divulging details on products that aren’t yet freely available on the market — the $150 4th generation Apple TV isn’t expected to ship to consumers until late October. By pulling apart the Apple TV developer unit and publishing its findings, iFixit quoted Apple as saying, its terms and conditions had been violated, and iFixit’s actions “may hinder the performance or intended use of the App Store, B2B Program, or the Program,” said Kyle Wiens, iFixit cofounder and CEO, in a blog post .

10 TED Talks from inspiring teachers

What do rap shows, barbershop banter and Sunday services have in common? As Christopher Emdin says, they all hold the secret magic to enthrall and teach at the same time — and it’s a skill we often don't teach to educators. A longtime teacher himself, now a science advocate and cofounder of Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S. with the GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Emdin offers a vision to make the classroom come alive.

Control your lights with Siri using Philips Hue Bridge 2.0

With the new Bridge 2.0, there’s also a new version of the accompanying app. Once you’ve downloaded the app and set up your box, you’re ready to start letting Siri take over. You can set up various scenes that you like, so maybe “chill out” for the evening or “romantic” for a dimmed effect.

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The one feature every iPhone and iPad owner should use regularly | ZDNet

If you're like most people you frequently use your iPhone and iPad to surf the web. That usually means using Safari in iOS. If so, there is a feature that's been in Safari for a while -- but has been improved in the latest version -- that can make reading articles on the web easier and free of distractions. NYT Article

Stop Calling My Daughter’s Death a Car Accident

How could a DMV judge throw out the tickets for the SUV driver who killed my daughter? I believe that the use of the word “accident”—by DMV officials, the media, and general public—is a big part of the problem. When we say “accident,” we are basically throwing up our hands and saying that the deaths of children like Allison are inevitable, something no one is responsible for, like bad weather.

How to use Split View with OS X El Capitan

To exit Split View, tap on the green icon again. Pressing the escape key will only work when you have one item in full screen mode. And this is where closing out of Split View can get clunky. When you have two windows split and you close one, the other Window will automatically jump to full-size. You then have to either close the window out, or hit escape to exit fullscreen. This can get pretty annoying if you use Split Screen often.

With Winklevoss Bitcoin Exchange, Digital Currency Grows Up

Bitcoin promises to provide an easier way of sending and receiving money free of the usual restrictions of national currencies and boundaries. Though it has achieved some of that promise, its progress into the mainstream has slowed after the implosion of Mt. Gox in particular. At the same time, the technology itself is moving forward. In addition to providing a way of moving money across the `net, it can provide a way of moving, well, just about anything of value. Multiple outfits, including the company behind the NASDAQ stock exchange, are using the blockchain, the online ledger that underpins bitcoin, to create online systems for more efficiently and transparently trading stock.

How Raytheon Is Using Hollywood Animators To Showcase Big Military Projects

That explains why Raytheon , one of the world’s largest defense and security contractors, has built an in-house team of former Hollywood and video-game industry animators, graphic novelists, and other illustrators, whose job is to create animated visualizations of many of the company’s projects.

16 How to use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Since the home screen now incorporates 3D Touch. Pressing and holding on an app to toggle deletion is no longer the go-to method for removing apps. In order to avoid triggering Quick Actions when deleting apps, you now have to hold your finger on an app to bring up the deletion toggle. No need to press in anymore. However, the old method still works on Folders.

8 Habits of People Who Always Have Great Ideas

Eureka moments are rare. The backstory behind great ideas is often more complex and winding than having an apple fall on your head. But the best part is that creative ideas aren’t reserved for a special group of people; they can come to anyone if you change your mind-set.

18 The Apple Watch Hermès is now available

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Butt dials are wreaking havoc on our 911 system

While this might at first seem amusing, when you dig into 911 protocol, it becomes clear how much a burden this is on operators. Operators can’t easily tell the difference between a butt dial and a situation where someone has gotten the phone knocked out of their hand by an attacker, or are somehow incapacitated.

Microsoft acknowledges Office 2016-El Capitan crashes but lacks ETA for fix

Microsoft has acknowledged that users of its Office for Mac 2016 application suite are encountering frequent crashes and implied that it's working on a fix, but offered no timeline for delivering an update.

Amazon bans sale of Apple TV and Chromecast because they don’t feature Prime Video

Apple TV and Chromecast do not easily stream video from the Amazon Prime Video service. The market-leading streamer from Roku easily streams Amazon Prime, so it can still be sold at Amazon. The same goes for Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.

Google unveils Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

The LG Nexus 5X is the cheapest of the two handsets unveiled today, and features a 5.2-inch 1080p display. The handset also houses front-facing stereo speakers located at the top and bottom of the display. Under the hood, the Nexus 5X is powered by a 64-bit hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipset clocked at 1.8GHz, 2GB LPDDR3 RAM, and 16/32GB storage. Unlike previous Nexus devices, Google has also laid special attention on the camera of the handsets this time around. The Nexus 5X comes with a 12.3MP shooter at the rear with 1.55um pixel size. Additionally, it also features a LaserAF sensor to reduce the autofocus times and a dual-LED CRI LED flash. The front of the device houses a 5MP selfie shooter.

NASA Astronauts Can Already Farm On Mars

NASA's vision is to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind. President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in 1958, partially in response to the Soviet Union's launch of the first artificial satellite the previous year. NASA grew out of the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics …

Weekly Roundup: 6 new and noteworthy Jailbreak tweaks of the week (Oct 4)

In case you were busy last week and didn’t get a chance to take a look at  Cydia , don’t worry as we have compiled a list of all the new tweaks that were released in the week which are worth checking out. Compared to last week, the jailbreak community seems to have slowed down substantially this time as we saw the release of only six new jailbreak tweaks.

How to identify and thwart insider threats

The answer to the question of why some companies would have no special protection against insider threats is an easy one: leaders and managers who make those decisions are people too and given to naturally positive human assumptions and ignorance. “Some organizations maintain a ‘not in my backyard’ mindset, stemming partially from culture (‘we hire great, trustworthy people so we won’t have a problem’) and partially from the lack of a known incident (‘we’ve never had an insider attack so we must be doing OK’),” explains Mikey Tierney, COO, SpectorSoft. Ultimately the organization cannot foretell what any employee will do or become once they are part of the family, so-to-speak.

Octopus Launches $140 Million Growth Fund For Later-Stage Euro Startups

London-based Octopus Ventures , which last year revealed it had a $91.3 million early stage fund, is today launching a new, separate, $140 million fund designed to providing growth capital to “successful fast-growing later-stage companies across Europe”. The Octopus Zenith Opportunities II LP (“Octopus Opportunities fund”), will also provide much-needed follow-on investments into existing companies within the Octopus portfolio and invest between £250,000 and £25 million.

How Parents Can Make Their Nightly "Third Shift" Less Horrible

So your job, Modern Worker, is to make the third shift work for you, and not the other way around. "If this is an outlet valve that allows employees to create time for a life during regular working hours, than it's absolutely a good thing," says Professor Scott Behson, who teaches management at Fairleigh Dickenson University and whose first book, The Working Dad's Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home came out this summer.

Does Facebook even belong in the enterprise?

Sure, it may seem like your staff is spending far too much time checking their news feed, or ‘liking’ viral videos. But, beyond the privacy concerns, security risks and productivity issues, there are good reasons to allow Facebook in the office. Right?

Yale Just Released 170,000 Incredible Photos of Depression-Era America

The photos taken by Farm Security Administration photographers in the 1930s are some of the most iconic images in American history. We’re all familiar with some of the snapshots of craggy-faced farmers, but unseen photos in government archives tell a more complex story of a struggling country. Yale just released a terrific database of 170,000 of them.

The perils of single sign-on

I’m also wary about going with an SSO service that offers an application portal, which gives employees point-and-click access to all the appropriate corporate applications and even personal applications, such as banking, Amazon and eBay. No need to remember passwords for any of them, or even to bookmark them. For employees who travel or work from home frequently, it’s a great feature. I, however, always see danger when I think about employees using public PCs at an Internet kiosk or hotel lobby; if they don’t log off properly and leave that portal up, anyone could get access to sensitive corporate information. For that reason, I would want the login to such a portal to be protected by two-factor authentication and encryption. And the inactivity and session timeouts need to be set to mitigate the risk that arises when a user walks away from an untrusted public PC.

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A new HDMI certification program will make it easier to avoid crappy cables.

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Want to learn a language? Try living here

The country’s official language is Indonesian, and it helps to at least have a rough grasp of it in order to communicate in Jakarta. “I often hear people say that Indonesian is an easy language to learn. It's not. The truth is that Indonesians will let you butcher their language in the interests of communication,” McGuire said. “The result is that you can get away with very basic Indonesian. No one is going to laugh at you or correct your grammar. Most, if not all, Indonesians will be thrilled that you had a go at their language.”

Here’s How to Solve the xkcd Velociraptor Problem With Code

For this problem, I am going to solve it using some python code. Why am I using python? I’m using it because this is a great time to show you how awesome python can be. Is it cheating to use python instead of just creating a solution using a bit of algebra and a piece of paper? I don’t think so. Both the numerical method (using python) and analytical method (with algebra) can give valid solutions. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Since many people might already be familiar with an analytical solution, I am going to focus on the numerical.

Streaming Stick Showdown: Chromecast vs. Roku vs. Fire TV

After Google introduced the first Chromecast two years ago, HDMI dongles quickly became one of the best cheap ways to stream the internet to your TV. Now, the competition is hotter than ever. We compared the Roku stick, Fire TV stick, and the latest version of the Chromecast to find out which one belongs in your living room.

Instagram blames Apple for strict anti-nudity stance

It's worth noting, however, that photos showing men's nipples don't get deleted, and a quick search on the app using the right keywords will surface truly pornographic posts. Mic also pointed out that Twitter's full of porn accounts and posts despite its 4+-year-old rating, but Apple hasn't kicked it off the App Store yet. A number of celebrities helped the #freethenipple campaign take off on Instagram, some even posting topless photos of themselves. They include comedian/host Chelsea Handler, pop star Miley Cyrus and models Chrissy Teigen and Naomi Campbell, whose magazine photo with fully visible nipples stayed up for 20 hours before the app pulled it down .

Rick and Morty: "The Wedding Squanchers" Review - IGN

It was also great seeing the entire Smith clan united in one storyline. I'm always glad when Beth and Jerry aren't merely relegated to having some mundane, Earth-bound adventure, but rather are forced to confront the weirdness of Rick's world firsthand. The two were basically thrown in the deep end as they found themselves attending an alien wedding ceremony and learning the finer points of communicating in Squanchy's native language. Jerry entertained in the same way he usually does - trying his damndest to fit in and failing miserably. But with Beth, there was a deeper conflict at play. The show has regularly touched on her abandonment issues and the way she clings to her father out of a fear of losing him all over again, but rarely has that element been such a focus. That focus paid off by the end as Beth's worst fears about her father essentially came true.

Here’s How Easy It Is to Make a Facebook Profile Video

If you are lucky enough to have access to the new Facebook Mobile Profile , that means you can get rid of your boring old static image and upgrade to a looping video. It’s easier than easier—and we’ll take you through the process.

A Facebook page is helping lost pets find home during South Carolina flooding

"As the flood waters recede, we see that animals have discovered outside cats that have disappeared and dogs that have been scared off from their territories. However, as the hours go by, the rivers will begin to swell now as the flood waters run from the mountains to the midlands and to the coast; we expect that more pets will be affected as these conditions begin to worsen in a new, horrible way."

Mark Zuckerberg’s year of books: William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience

Mark Zuckerberg’s 16th pick for his Year of Books is William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience. He makes the case that religious experience is simply human experience, and has substantial potential to change our perspective, learn, and heal.

10 signs it's time to stop adding product features

When your customers stop paying you for your new services/features, it’s time to make your core product or service a lot better. Your customers not paying, or not paying more for extra features, doesn’t help you pay your bills. Focus on what’s important to your customers and only build features that they are willing to pay for. For example: When I was building out the freelancer section of Due, we had 200+ customers request a couple of features, so we built them. Turns out only three of the 200 people were willing to pay $5/month more to get that feature. Don’t let that happen to you. –  John Rampton ,  Due

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We've got gameplay footage from every mode available in the Star Wars Battlefront beta:

ISIS destroyed a 2,000-year-old arch in ancient Palmyra, Syrian activists say

Syrian activists said late Sunday that ISIS militants have destroyed a nearly 2,000-year-old arch in the ancient city of Palmyra, the latest victim in the group's campaign to destroy historic sites across the territory it controls in Iraq and Syria.

GoogleGIFs plugin will auto-play GIFs in your Google search

Google Image Search is a great tool, but using it to find GIFs can be a little frustrating as they don’t show up as animated unless you click on each one.

10-micron-wide flowers can bloom just like the real thing

A team of researchers from the RMIT -Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Research Centre has developed a technique to create 10-micron-wide flower-like structures that bloom like the real thing. The group mixed two ingredients in water to make that happen: NDI-bearing phosphonic acid and melamine. As the water evaporates, the components undergo a chemical reaction that resembles a flower blooming. It takes three hours for the combination to fully form, which you can see below the fold. Note that each "flower" is so small, the researchers say you can fit ten along the width of a single human hair strand.

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The New Android Marshmallow Features to Check Out First

Before we get started—and before you get too excited about the prospect of some of these new tweaks—a quick note on availability. While Nexus 5, 6, 7, and 9 devices already in the wild will all get an over-the-air update in the next day or two (timing depends on your carrier and your specific device), it’s going to take a bit longer for it to reach non-Nexus Android phones. Exactly how long is between you and your Motorola, but for context, know that Android 5.0 came out last November, and after those 11 months only 21 percent of Android devices have leveled up to Lollipop. That’s including Nexus hardware.

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Did #FeartheWalkingDead 's first season end well? Our finale review:

Why I ditched Apple Music for Spotify - CNET

Apple Music's For You tab is a hub for music recommended for you. If you're ever unsure of what to listen to, it's the place to check first. However, in my initial testing of Apple Music, I found the recommendations got stale quickly, showing the same albums and playlist themes over and over. Even worse were the introductory playlists to artists I had already told Apple Music I loved. After telling the app when I signed up that I was a fan of Jimmy Eat World, I was recommended an "Introduction to Jimmy Eat World" playlist. I'd rather get recommendations for artists similar to them, instead of playlist with the band's greatest hits that I already know and love.

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59 Why the Mayo Clinic Modeled Its New Lab on a Stuffy Office
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63 Princess Leia's iconic gold bikini fetches $96,000 at online auction
64 500 Startups creates a $15M microfund to invest in Turkish startups
65 YouNow, A “Live” Social Network, Raises $15 Million in Fresh Funding
67 Q&A with Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun on China’s Smartphone Battle
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69 Horus: An Interactive Tool for Designing Quadrotor Camera Shots
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72 Over 8,400 images from NASA's Moon missions are now on Flickr in high resolution
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