Uber is at a Crossroads

However, it’s also difficult to assess the extent of any PR damage so soon after the storm. Though the incident has broken from the confines of Twitter and tech blogs and made headlines in the mainstream media, Uber is ultimately a popular service with millions of travelers around the world. The long-term fallout is likely to be minimal for the company.

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Super Smash Bros. For Wii U Review: Nintendo’s Signature Fighter Triumphs

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U doesn’t stray far from previous games in the series when it comes to the basics – in fact, the Nintendo GameCube gamepad is still the best way to play. It may be the best, but it’s far from the only way to control your fighter in SSB: This game supports more input methods than you can shake a Wii U Remote (which is also supported) at, including the Wii U’s gamepad with its built-in display, and Nintendo’s 3DS portable devices. The 3DS can act as a controller when you have a Super Smash Bros. for 3DS cartridge to go along with it.

Google Rolls Out Merchant Promotions Internationally

Two years after Google launched its Merchant Promotions product to US retailers, the internet giant has announced it’s rolling the program out internationally this week, kicking off with the UK, Germany, France, Australia and India.

Overcoming the Woes of the Latin American Tech Entrepreneur

While there is no doubt that Latin America is experiencing its own wave of new tech. startups and entrepreneurial ventures, the challenges inherent in doing business here contrast starkly with the rolling hills of Silicon Valley.

Samsung Will Release A Crazy, Bendable Smartphone Next Year

Specifically, Samsung says it will be making between 30,000 and 40,000 flexible displays per month by the end of 2015. The first device to use this bendable technology will launch by the end of next year, but Samsung says that "nothing has been decided on the finished product."

Why my family started the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The rest is history

When 27-year-old Pete Frates injured his wrist in a baseball game, he got an unexpected diagnosis: it wasn’t a broken bone, it was ALS. Better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS causes paralysis and death—there is no cure. And still, Pete saw an opportunity to drive awareness about the disease. In a brave talk, his mom Nancy Frates tells the story of how the family developed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and took great pleasure in seeing everyone from Justin Timberlake to Bill Gates take part. If you accepted the challenge, please take the next step: share this talk as you did your challenge video.

Basis Peak Now Shares Heart Rate Data With Third-Party Apps

To that end, the company announced today that the health tracker will now share heart rate data with third-party fitness iOS apps like Strava, RunKeeper and Endomondo. Unlike other health trackers or smartwatches, the Peak constantly monitors your heart rate without the wearer having to enable the feature.

O2 Launches Shared Data Plans For Multiple Devices

Good news if you carry multiple devices or want to share a data plan with your family: O2 UK has launched two new data sharing plans. The Sharer and Family Sharer contracts give you one data bundle of up to 8GB to share across multiple devices.

Why is Spider-Man wearing a ruffled neckpiece? - CNET

All your favorites are there, including superheroes Batman and Robin, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, as well as Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, C-3PO, Princess Leia and Chewbacca from the "Star Wars" universe, among others. Each portrait is done in the traditional portrait style of the time, where characters would stand or sit still in a studio while an artist painted their image on canvas.

The Ugly Battle Over Who Really Discovered the First Earth-Like Planet | WIRED

No one knows what the planet Gliese 667Cc looks like. We know that it is about 22 light-years from Earth, a journey of lifetimes upon lifetimes. But no one can say whether it is a world like ours, with oceans and life, cities and single-malt Scotch. Only a hint of a to-and-fro oscillation in the star it orbits, detectable by Earth's most sensitive telescopes and spectrographs, lets astronomers say the planet exists at all. The planet is bigger than our world, perhaps made of rocks instead of gas, and within its star's “habitable zone”—at a Goldilocks distance that ensures enough starlight to make liquid water possible but not so much as to nuke the planet clean.

Gecko-Inspired Grippers to Let You Scale Buildings | MIT Technology Review

To make the climbing system, the researchers started with an existing adhesive based on molded microwedges made from a polymer material called PDMS. They attached tiles of this material to a flat, hexagonal, hand-sized gripper. Each gripper was backed with a spring that distributed weight across the pad, and absorbed some of the force involved in climbing. To make climbing easier, the researchers also linked the grippers to platform for a person’s feet, thereby transferring the work of climbing to the legs.

Flickr Now Lets You Buy Wall Art From Professional Photographers And Creative Commons

Flickr today is expanding its Wall Art print service to include access to images from Flickr’s licensed artists and Creative Commons. The expansion comes only a month after the launch of Flickr Wall Art , which initially allowed users to turn any of their personal photos into canvas prints. Flickr also previously launched a photo book service , again for personal photos.

13 Values and Culture – AVC

But Uber makes it so damn easy. The win at all cost approach is so deeply ingrained in the culture that they take that attitude with the media as well. And that’s not a winning strategy with journalists. I prefer the “turn the other cheek” approach when it’s my turn to get savaged. You just have to take the heat and move on. Fighting back will get you nowhere but a world of hurt.

5 Steps for Making a B2B Blog Run Smoothly

A highly trafficked business blog is a godsend. It’s a marketing channel entirely within your control. If you look at your other online marketing options, they aren’t as appealing.

Google’s New Bookmarking Interface, Formerly Called “Stars,” Goes Live In Chrome Beta

Last month, Google quietly launched its new bookmarking service previously called Stars on the Chrome Web store as a free download. Today, the company says it’s integrating the feature into the Google Chrome browser. Starting immediately, a Chrome Beta browser update will introduce the new look-and-feel for bookmarks, which are now displayed in a more visible fashion, include a more powerful search feature, and are automatically tagged to help users keep their bookmarks organized.

Regeneron Builds a Database of Human Knockouts in Search for Drug Clues | MIT Technology Review

Rapidly expanding databases of human genomes mean researchers can now find knockout people instead. To scientists, that’s going to be a valuable shortcut to determine what human genes do. What effect does missing a gene have on a person’s body? To drug companies, these individuals promise living, breathing answers to some of the biggest questions they face, like whether their drugs will actually work, and whether blocking a given gene would be safe to do, or instead cause problems. “It’s a huge emphasis for us because these are incredibly informative natural human experiments,” says Aris Baras, director of R&D initiatives for the company.

Strangely Beautiful Photos Capture 1906 SF Quake Devastation

Sometimes viewing a historical scene of utter devastation can serve to steer the creative process in a new direction. And while there’s nothing good about how this collection of nine photos of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (estimated 7.8 magnitude) came about, these images are remarkable not only for their stark and soulful beauty — but also for their storytelling power.

Introducing Visual Studio Community 2013 (Channel 9)

Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new, full-featured, and FREE addition to the Visual Studio product lineup. View demos that highlight multi-device apps across Windows, Android, and iOS, and that show how Visual Studio Community can be extended to support additional languages like Python. Join Scott Hanselman, Dmitry Lyalin and members of the product team to see how this community edition includes capabilities that are perfect for individual developers, students, open source contributors, and small teams.

Apple Relabels “Free” Download Buttons On iTunes And Mac App Store To “Get” Following Pressure from EC

Across the iTunes and Mac App Stores today, a minor but also notable change is taking place with regard to how Apple is marketing its iOS and Mac applications. Instead of free apps being labeled as “FREE,” the download button now reads “GET.” The change likely has to do with increased pressures from the European Commission, which this summer , succeeded in forcing Google to relabel apps that offer in-app purchases.

Geeky Apple Watch details buried in WatchKit | Cult of Mac

The official release of Apple Watch is months away, and while there are still details we don’t know about the new timepiece, like price and battery life, Apple’s release of WatchKit this morning adds some new light to its most personal product ever.

21 Senator Al Franken asks Travis Kalanick for answers on privacy and targeting journalists

Sen. Al Franken asks Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for answers on privacy, God view tool, discipline for Emil Michael, and tracking journalists

Inside the Weird Brains of Real-Time Translators

Given that the Geneva research is based partly in a department tasked with training interpreters, it's natural to wonder if their scientific findings might eventually find a direct practical application. Moser-Mercer and her colleagues are careful to avoid extravagant claims, and rule out suggestions that brain scanners might be used to assess progress or select candidates with an aptitude for interpreting. But even if studying simultaneous interpretation doesn't lead to immediate applications, it has already extended our knowledge of the neural pathways that link thinking with doing, and in the future it may help neuroscientists gain an even deeper understanding of the networked brain. The Geneva team wants next to explore the idea that some high-level aspects of cognition have evolved from evolutionarily older and simpler behaviours. The brain, they suggest, builds its complex cognitive repertoire upon on a lower level of what they call "essential" processes, such as movement or feeding. "This would be a very efficient way to do things," Moser-Mercer and her colleagues tell me in an email.

Code Black Drone + HD Camera Pre-Order (Now Worldwide!)

Whether you’re looking to gift or buy your own first drone for some outdoor R/C action, there’s never been a better looking choice than the sleek Code Black Drone. Finished in stunning matte black, the Code Black Drone features beginner and expert flight modes so you can execute simple flight patterns and tricks right out of the box, and more complex maneuvers once you’ve got in some practice.

Soon to Be Single, eBay Gets Back to Shopping

After resisting calls to split itself in two, eBay Inc. in September announced it would create two new companies, splitting off fast-growing payments unit PayPal, which investor Carl Icahn referred to as “the gem” of the business. Once the firms’ conscious uncoupling is complete late next year, eBay will have to prove it can remain a dominant e-commerce player. Devin Wenig, president of the eBay.com marketplace and the stand-alone...

Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire review: A real gem

It's been 18 years since Nintendo first introduced humanity to a world of adorable monsters that would capture the hearts of millions and grow into the sort of media juggernaut that usually involves a teenaged British wizard or an especially smug Robert Downey Jr. Despite nearly two decades of success, the series' core - the handheld Pokemon role-playing games - have remained perennially good, if not particularly revolutionary. The biggest leap in series history arrived last year with Pokemon X and Y , and while our review of those games was glowing, they weren't without flaws. Now, developer Game Freak is ready to take another shot at it, using the same enhanced graphics technology, but leaning on the existing plot found in the 2003 GameBoy Advance releases Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It might seem lazy to rehash these old storylines, but after working my way through the remakes, it's clear that it was a wise decision that allowed the developer to forgo writing a new plot and instead focus on the aspects of Pokemon games that truly matter to players: combat, the expansive world and, of course, the Pokemon themselves.

Paul McCartney releases Jaunt's First 360-Degree VR Video

The results are amazing. I’ve never been a huge fan of concert footage, but getting a 360-degree view from on-stage is another experience altogether. Being able to turn your head to watch different parts of the scene adds an important feeling of presence. I did, however, prefer the fidelity on the Oculus Rift version I tested to the Google Cardboard version on a Nexus 5.

A Chinese Urban Experiment | MIT Technology Review

If it succeeds, Tianjin Eco-City would become a model. The country has 171 cities with populations over one million, and its total urban population is projected to rise to about one billion by 2030. By that time, close to 70 percent of China’s population will be living in urban areas. China’s cities can be difficult places to live. Beijing’s smog has become internationally famous. Water is an issue too. According to China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, 57 percent of the groundwater in 198 cities tested in 2012 was rated either “bad” or “extremely bad.”

Nielsen to Measure Netflix Viewing

Even as Netflix Inc. and other streaming-video providers have expanded to reach 40% of American homes, they have largely remained black boxes. They have refused to share data on how many viewers watch TV shows on their services, and there has been little independent data.

Apple Obsesses over Watch App Details | MIT Technology Review

Apple also wants to make sure that developers pay attention to how their apps work with corresponding iPhone apps—like most other smart watches, the Apple Watch requires a smartphone to function, in this case an iPhone. In the guidelines, the company stresses that any app on the wrist “complements your iOS app; it does not replace it.” This could encourage developers to think about how they can bring functions to Apple Watch apps that might be more appropriate on the wrist than on the smartphone screen, such as certain kinds of context-aware alerts.

WIRED on Twitter

“ @WIRED : Here's your first look at the "Game of Thrones" videogame trailer http://wrd.cm/1xH3slI  pic.twitter.com/SNalSn2vlo ” OMG

Corning unveils the 'tougher' Gorilla Glass 4

This fourth generation of Corning's ultra-thin glass, though, is potentially even stronger than previous generations. And to get to that point, Corning had to look at hundreds of new and broken smartphones. According to Cliff Hund President of Corning East Asia, the company analyzed the fracture patterns on these phones, looking for the primary cause, which often turned out to be "the result of sharp-particle contact" often on, yes, asphalt and concrete.

Netflix is expanding to Australia and New Zealand in March

Finally, viewers down under won't have to rely on proxies and other intermediaries to get their streaming video fix, as Netflix announced it will launch in Australia and New Zealand next year. There's no word on pricing, but the service will arrive in March with its slate of originals (including Marvel's Daredevil , shown above) and 4K video support. We'll have to see what the library looks like to know if residents will be happy with just what they're offered locally, but for now it looks like ISPs will have to offer more than a " Global Mode VPN " to attract customers.

Tyba Pulls In Another $3.1M To Scale Up Its Graduate Recruitment Platform

Tyba – a “junior recruitment market” aimed at allowing companies like tech startups to more efficiently hire university and college graduates – last year raised $1.3 million in an investment round led by Sunstone Capital. It’s now raised another $3.1 million, once again from Sunstone Capital and a new investor, the VC fund Impulse, which is part of the Kuwaiti Investment Authority (KIA), the world’s seventh largest sovereign wealth fund.

Inhale Oxford's Word of the Year: 'Vape' - CNET

Slang terms "clickbait," "normcore," and "mansplain" lose to "vape" as Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year, which proves electronic cigarettes might not be a drag.

Apple Changes Freemium Wording in the App Store to Avoid Getting Sued | WIRED

Screenshot: WIRED Up until yesterday, when you visited the App Store on iOS and browsed through free apps, the download button on the far right said “Free” in all caps. It made sense: The app is free to download, after all. But if you visit the App Store now, that “Free” button now says “Get.” This is being done to avoid confusion, and potential litigation, around apps that actually include in-app purchases.

Senator Al Franken Asks Uber’s CEO Tough Questions On User Privacy

“I am especially troubled because there appears to be evidence of practices inconsistent with the policy [Uber spokesperson] Ms. Hourajian articulated. It has been reported that a tool known as ‘God view’ is ‘widely available to most Uber corporate employees’ and allows employees to track the location of Uber customers who have requested car service. In at least one incident, a corporate employee reportedly admitted to using the tool to track a journalist. The journalist’s permission had not been requested, and the circumstances of the tracking do not suggest any legitimate business purpose. Indeed, it appears that on prior occasions your company has condoned use of customers’ data for questionable purposes,” wrote Senator Franken.

The Retailers with the Best Black Friday Deals

You're better off shopping online on Thanksgiving or any other day next week, but there are deals to be had on Black Friday . WalletHub's survey of 2014 Black Friday ads from 21 of the biggest retailers reveals which stores will offer the biggest discounts and how much you should aim to save.

Developers In China Can Now Make Money Via Google Play Apps (But Not In China)

As it stands, Android developers in China can make money from their apps, but they need to use third-party app stores (which are popular in China since Google’s app store is not pre-loaded on Android devices in China), or an overseas-registered Google developer account.

A Note to Re/code Readers

The biggest change for some of you, however, will be that we have decided to remove the commenting function from the site. We thought about this decision long and hard, since we do value reader opinion. But we concluded that, as social media has continued its robust growth, the bulk of discussion of our stories is increasingly taking place there, making onsite comments less and less used and less and less useful.

The Secrets To Successful Networking From The Most Connected Women

Her secret to making useful connections is that she never turns down a meeting request. "The most common rule in the book that we were taught when we were young is to be nice to everyone and keep your ego in the back seat," she says. "I truly take every meeting … I never go into a scenario thinking, 'how can this person help me?' It's just keeping the person in your back pocket so that you can call them any time. You just really never know when you’re able to help somebody or when they’re able to help you."

What It's Like To Be An Entrepreneur With OCD

As Schottenstein got better about managing his OCD, he was more able to let go of aspects of Viewabill, when it was for the good of the business. “I had to recognize that it was not good for the company to have me interfacing with the law firms,” he admits. “So I took a big step down, and I decided to channel my energies in ways that are more helpful—on the client side of things.” Now, a year and a half after that decision, Schottenstein says that nearly 100 law firms are connected on Viewabill. Some of them are even taking an active hand in suggesting ways Viewabill might improve the product to make it more appealing to firms, by enabling them to track their own attorneys’ time internally, for instance.

Roadmap 2014 live coverage

How do you know if a company has invested heavily in design? You don’t notice the design.

Hey, NPR: Stop trivializing eSports scholarships

On Monday, NPR's All Things Considered host Robert Siegel talked to New Tech City podcast host Manoush Zomorodi about Robert Morris University's new athletic scholarship program , the first of its kind in the United States – scholarships for League of Legends players. The hosts rattled off the stats: $500,000 for 30 scholarships, similar to some football scholarships the school offers. Zomorodi noted that 32 million people watched the final League of Legends championship game this year, more than watched the last game of the NBA finals. After talking to Robert Morris University's Associate Athletic Director Kurt Melcher, this happened: ZOMORODI: And from what I saw, Robert, it really was just like the football team or the track team - a tight-knit group. SIEGEL: (Laughter) So what's it like to be a collegiate e-athlete? Laughter. That's pulled directly from NPR's transcript of the broadcast, and you can listen to it here (this conversation at 3:08). During the final minutes of Siegel and Zomorodi's talk, there were titters and chuckles at factual information about the League of Legends scholarship.

This Is What Texting Does to Your Spine - NBC News

A new study shows that looking down at your cell phone is the equivalent of placing a 60-pound weight on your neck.

Oxx Coffeeboxx Preview - CNET

If you had any doubt about the durability of the Coffeeboxx, taking a gander at the company's website will likely dispel these fears. It's filled with glossy images of the square gadget sitting pretty behind brick walls, in the laps of burly construction workers, even propping up the weight of trucks (specifically a 3,700-pound Jeep). The Coffeeboxx's industrial design also conveys the aura of strength, survivability, and dare I say masculinity. This isn't by accident, either; Oxx itself describes the Coffeeboxx's buttons as large and, "designed for man-sized hands -- with or without gloves."


“Fire TV Stick has been our most successful device launch ever,” Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices, said in a statement. “We built a ton of these, but customer demand still outpaced our supply. We’re excited by the overwhelming customer response and the team is working hard to build more as quickly as possible.”

Grand Theft Auto 5 review (Xbox One, PS4)

Below, we have republished our original Grand Theft Auto 5 review, with added evaluation of the new material found in the Xbox One and PS4 version. The updated text is based on a retail PS4 copy of Grand Theft Auto 5, provided by Rockstar. With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto has never looked so good and, thanks to the new first-person mode, the series has never been more gruesome. The addition of the (optional) first-person mode makes this more than a simple HD port of the original release, giving you an excuse to explore Los Santos and its surrounding areas once again. GTA Online and its multitude of content updates are also included at launch. GTA 5 is presented in full 1080p with high-def texture resolution and increased draw distance. Lights show natural reflection from impressive-looking water sources, including puddles that form after inclement weather. Geometry appears more vivid with proper texture from tessellation. Characters haven't been remodeled, but the game's graphical boost makes existing citizens look sharper and more detailed than before.

Male Startup Founders Want To 'Enable Women To Change The Way Their Vaginas Smell'

Two startup founders, both men, are previewing plans "for a new probiotic supplement that will enable women to change the way their vaginas smell," according to Inc. Magazine.

Doxxing defense: Remove your personal info from data brokers

Intelius is the parent company of many data brokers including PublicRecords360 and ZabaSearch, each of which must be opted out of individually. Fortunately, the process for each is similar. Unfortunately, it's the most onerous and aggressive process of any broker on this list, requiring a copy of your government-issued ID. You can block out your photo and driver's license number—only your name, address and birthdate are needed. But this means you can opt out using only the address on your current license; if your license is outdated, or if you want to remove an older address from the Intelius database, you're out of luck.

Twitter Launches Sharing Public Tweets in Direct Messages

Twitter is moving towards making DMs (Direct Messages) more like the messaging apps that have captured the globe. But first, it wants to make sure you can share public tweets privately with your friends.

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53 Amazon Robots Get Ready for Christmas
54 PSN Store Update: Stop He's Already Dead Edition
55 The Day He Found His Stolen Bike on eBay
56 CIOs make progress, but still get no respect | ZDNet
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62 Why Business Books Are Blue (And Other Tricky Marketing Techniques)
63 iPhone 6 Plus: 5 Compelling Reasons To Buy One
64 BMW i3 first electric to win Green Car of the Year - CNET
65 BitTorrent Plans $40/Year Pro Tier For Sync File Sharing, Plus A New Mobile App To Send Large Files
66 Apple Could Include A Re-Branded Beats Music On Every iPhone
67 Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time
68 Investors Are Massively Underestimating The Apple Watch
69 Xiaomi And Shunwei Capital Make $300M Strategic Investment In iQiyi, One Of China’s Largest Online Video Platforms
70 Nvidia's new jaggy-killing MFAA technology hits GeForce GTX 980, GTX 970
71 Bellhops Hauls In A $6 million Series A To Expand Moving Help Platform
72 Amnesty, EFF, Privacy International Put Out Free Anti-Surveillance Tool
73 A $170M Floating Park Designed for NYC's Hudson River | WIRED
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75 Next iPhone will have 'DSLR quality' camera - Telegraph
76 Ma says Alibaba will set up international version of Taobao marketplace
77 5 enterprise startups to watch from DEMO fall 2014
78 Trip Advisor couple fined $150 by hotel for negative review
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82 Microsoft's Black Friday deals include $150 off the Surface Pro 3
83 Walmart’s price-match backfires as people use fake Amazon listings to get super-cheap PS4s
84 How To Make To-Do Lists Better, Faster, And More Fun
85 The Flash: "The Flash Is Born" Review - IGN
86 Eric Schmidt’s Farm2050 Collective Will Back Agriculture Tech To Feed Earth’s Growing Population
87 Apple to repurpose sapphire plant in Mesa, Arizona to preserve jobs
88 Apple is about to change streaming music—and Spotify should be worried
89 Yahoo to take over search on Firefox
90 Chat App Kik Raises $38M And Buys GIF Messenger Relay In First Acquisition Deal
91 Whose Privacy Will Uber Violate Next? Why Its Latest Bad Behavior Matters | WIRED
92 How the Dark Web's New Favorite Drug Market Is Profiting From Silk Road 2's Demise | WIRED
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94 Mozilla Dumps Google, Taps Yahoo as Default Search Engine
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96 Managed By Q, The Platform For Office Management, Closes $1.65M Seed Round
97 Far Cry 4 creative director sends a message in a bottle to pirates
98 Supercharge your PC's storage with a RAID setup: Everything you need to know
99 “You Can’t Bootstrap This Business” Says Marley Spoon CEO, After Recipe-Kit Service Scoops Up $5M Series A
100 Square takes point-of-sale platform Register to businesses worldwide | ZDNet