7 Hurdles Female Entrepreneurs Need To Overcome

When it comes to catching up with their male counterparts, women have made great strides in the business world over the years. But there's no doubt about it: Today's female entrepreneurs are still up against a few major obstacles. Seven women shared the biggest challenges they and their fellow female business owners have to face in the modern world, and give advice on how to best overcome them.

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Timbuk2: 25 years of sewin' bags in San Francisco | Cult of Mac

Timbuk2’s non-customizable bags — which it calls its “in-line products” — make up 70 percent to 75 percent of the company’s business. These items get produced at factories in Vietnam, Indonesia and China. But the custom bags, which fetch a 30 percent premium, all come out of the San Francisco warehouse, which used to be a carpet factory and then an auto mechanic shop. Now there’s a disco ball hanging from the ceiling in the front part of the building.

What happened to all of the women coders in 1984

In 1984, women stopped pursuing Computer Science majors at American universities. From 1970 onward, women had composed an increasing percentage of Computer Science majors, but something happened in 1984 and that number began to drastically fall, an occurrence at odds with other tech fields. This trend has continued into the 2000s, and today women make up roughly 20 percent of Computer Science majors, as opposed to the 1984 high of about 37 percent. NPR's Planet Money team of Caitlin Kenney and Steve Henn dove into the data to uncover what went down in the mid-80s to drive women out of the field. "There was no grand conspiracy in computer science that we uncovered," Henn said. "No big decision by computer science programs to put a quota on women. There was no sign on a door that said, 'Girls, keep out.' But something strange was going on in this field." Kenney and Henn noted that society in the 80s could be broken into the computer haves and have-nots – and because of a targeted advertising culture, men tended to have computers. This gave men a leg-up in the classroom.

SOSVentures Takes On Y Combinator With A Pure Biotech Accelerator | TechCrunch

More than $3.9 billion has been poured into U.S. life sciences companies this year and we’ve seen biomedicine making some truly remarkable breakthroughs as well. Tack on the use of laboratory robotics, machine learning, cloud computing and reduced costs and you get a much more lucrative investment with some nearly miraculous results. Breakout Labs , an investment fund out of the Thiel Foundation, has made it a mission to find and fund early-stage startups involved in biomedicine and food science. Google Ventures, Founders Fund and several other VC firms have started to take a keener interest in biotech investments in the last year as well. That sent a signal to co-founder of IndieBio and SOSVentures partner Arvind Gupta that it was time to take on YC with a separate accelerator that could be devoted solely to biotech.

Get 5x The Scratch & Impact Protection For That Expensive New Toy + Free Shipping!

These sapphire screens do add a new level of scratch resistance not seen by other iPhones, but are actually more susceptible to breaking due to impact and drop damage. Let Rhino Shield save you the hassle of replacement while keeping your original screen in one piece so you can slide and play for years to come!

Person of Interest: "Prophets" Review - IGN

"Prophets," which guest starred Jason Ritter as a wunderkind pollster named Simon, was the best episode of Season 4 thus far. With Reese practically handcuffed to his desk, Team Machine came face to face with their limitations as protectors as they tried their best to protect Simon from the full force of Samaritan's micro-manipulated death traps. So tricks of the trade this week included blind spots, blocked calls, car crashes and - finally - Root having to pop out in the open and go toe-to-toe with Martine in guns blazing "God Mode."

In Which States Are Gasoline Prices Falling Fastest?

Thanks to falling oil prices, America’s motorists are enjoying gasoline prices about 20 cents per gallon cheaper than this time last year. The big move has come since July, with prices down about 15% nationwide — or nearly 50 cents — to an average $3.14 a gallon, according to data from Gasbuddy.com (find your state on our map below). Naturally, this has a stimulus effect on the U.S. economy — saving us about $100 billion in annualized fuel costs, according to economist Ed Yardeni. That works out to about $300 in annual fuel savings for every American. Just in time for the holiday season.

Google launches new email service dubbed 'Inbox'

@JustProduce – Have you read Google’s new book yet? If not, it’s quite an interesting read. This is really what Google is all about, trying new “things” out in the open regardless of similar systems already in use and not really following any strict product evolution cycle. We may even see more replicated email services. :)

Pandora Now Offers Audience Data To Musicians | TechCrunch

Type in the name of an artist or song to get started with your own customizable internet radio station. Although stations start with a single artist or song, users can add additional songs and artists to tune their stations to their liking. Avid users advocate using at least a few artists/songs for any one station to receive the best results. Click the thumbs up on a song if you like it and want …

Some Bank Of America Customers Claim Apple Pay Is Double-Charging Them

Some Bank Of America customers were being charged twice for payments made with Apple Pay, according to alerts from Bloomberg.

Twitter Launches Digits, A New Way To Sign In To Apps Without Using Passwords | TechCrunch

Digits, which is launching now in 216 countries and 28 languages, represents a serious move in terms of owning a piece of the mobile landscape. It’s also a big bet on Twitter functioning as something that powers mobile applications under the hood, as opposed to solely functioning as a standalone social network of its own, where it’s struggling to get a relatively passive audience to not just read the tweets of celebs and other notable people and organizations, but also tweet themselves.

Foundation: Biz Stone On Moving From Artist To Entrepreneur | TechCrunch

In our latest Foundation interview, I sat down with Jelly CEO and co-founder Biz Stone. We discussed his entrepreneurial roots, leaving college to jump into the world of art and design, and embarking on a social startup in the early days of the web.

Canadian Soldier Killed in Shooting Near Parliament

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

China Isn't Jazzed That Kenny G Showed Up at Hong Kong Protests

Protests in Hong Kong began in late September. While the crowd size has dwindled over the weeks, demonstrators have grown more organized — not to mention more comfortable. At the heart of the movement is the 2017 election for the city's next chief; China regained control of Hong Kong after more than 150 years of British rule in 1997 and has allowed its financial and legal systems to operate independently.

Apple Pay’s First TV Ad Is A World Series Spot From MasterCard And MLB | TechCrunch

Apple’s new payment system is live, and Apple Pay has already garnered more attention than most mobile payment efforts to date. It also has a new ad, which aired yesterday during the opening game of the 2014 World Series, from payment partner MasterCard.

Progress Software to Acquire Telerik for $263 Million

Progress Software Corp. agreed to acquire privately held Telerik AD for $263 million, a deal the company says will allow it to form a comprehensive cloud platform for developers to create applications for any device.

Apps to manage your phone's battery life - CNET

It might seem counterintuitive to run an app on your phone or tablet that pinpoints which other apps are hogging all the battery power. But that's the easiest and most efficient way to find out. Battery Doctor is a free iOS and Android app that offers users a complete set of tools to manage their phone's battery life. It'll point out which apps are the biggest power sucking offenders and advise you when it's best to recharge. Battery Doctor will also offer tips for saving battery life. For example did you know that disabling automatic time-zones on your iPhone can boost your battery life by as much as 30%. If an iPhone user wants a simpler experience try the 99 cent Normal app. After running in the background of your device for a few days it sends usage data to its servers to be compared against other phones. Then you'll get a detailed report about the biggest energy draining apps on your phone, and how much more time you'd gain if you close them or deleted them all together. In San Francisco, I'm Kara Tsuboi, cnet.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]

Fake LED Flames Indicate How Hot Samsung's New Induction Stove Gets

Induction stove tops might be more energy-efficient than electric or gas burners, but many chefs miss the obvious visual cues about what temperature they're cooking at—a red-hot burner is hard to misinterpret. So for its new Chef Collection Induction Slide-in Range, Samsung is introducing a clever new feature that uses LEDs to project fake flickering flames onto the side of a pot.

The 'Internet of Things' Will Be The World's Most Massive Device Market And Save Companies Billions Of Dollars

The 'Internet of Things' Will Be The World's Most Massive Device Market And Save Companies Billions Of Dollars

Take A Rare Peek Inside The Massive Data Centers That Power Google

But not Google. The search giant has shared with the world photos that lift the veil off its massive and beautiful data centers around the world, in places both domestic, including Iowa, Oregon, Georgia, South Carolina, and Oklahoma, and abroad, in Finland and Belgium.

iPad Air 2 review

I'll get onto the design in a moment - but it's worth noting that the design alone is a good reason to pick up the new iPad Air 2. It's super light, amazingly slim and will delight over and over again for the first fortnight of ownership, before you slip back to the standard tech nonchalance that creeps over us all eventually.

Glamsquad Raises $7 Million For On-Demand Hair Styling And Beauty Services | TechCrunch

New York-based Glamsquad , an on-demand beauty business now headed by Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson who joined earlier this year as co-founder and CEO, has now raised $7 million in Series A funding in a round led by SoftBank Capital. The company launched in January of this year in New York, and is now one of several services that bring professional hair stylists and makeup artists to wherever the customer is – at home, at work, at your hotel, or elsewhere.

Fitness Tracker Moov Raises $3 Million For Its Wearable A.I. Coach | TechCrunch

The crowdfunded fitness tracker  Moov , built by former Apple engineer and HALO game designer Nikola Hu, Microsoft Research vets Meng Li (now Moov CEO) and Tony Yuan, has raised $3 million in new funding in a Series A round led by Banyan Capital. The additional capital follows Moov’s earlier raise of $1 million via a crowdfunding page on its own website.

Former NASA Engineer Uses iPhones To Make Creepy Halloween Costumes

Mark Rober, the man whose iPad "hole in the chest" costume (above) went viral a few years ago, has quit his job as a NASA engineer and devoted himself full-time to making costumes that use smartphones and tablets. To create his original designs, Rober teamed up with Gregor Lawson of MorphCostumes -- the retailer of the full-body spandex suits you may have seen college kids wearing at sports games.

Boostable Gets $3.2M, Its Ads Get More Sales For Your Event, Crowdfund, Or Online Store | TechCrunch

Boostable doesn’t have to sell its ads. Marketplaces sell them for it. Ticket, crowdfunding, and ecommerce marketplaces make money when their users sell things, so they’re incentivized to route traffic to the listings they host, which is exactly what Boostable’s easy-peasy ad-buying tool does for marketplace sellers do. So the marketplaces do the legwork of recommending Boostable’s ads to their sellers, the ads drive sales, and everyone makes money.

Spot.IM Turns Any Site Into A Social Network | TechCrunch

Facebook and Twitter are essential tools for social marketing, but user engagement on those networks doesn’t necessarily translate into more visitors to a site. Created by the founder of a former TechCrunch Disrupt winner, Spot.IM wants to solve that problem by making it possible to turn any site into a social network with two lines of code. The company says this gives site owners more control over the management and monetization of their traffic.

Intel Capital dishes out $28M to Chinese wearable, mobile makers | ZDNet

According to Intel, among the companies that received the first batch of investment include EyeSmart Technology, which manufactures iris recognition products and technology for mobile terminals, smart phones, wearables, and mobile payments, among others. IoT market player, Shenzhen Fibocom Industrial Development, also received funds as well as Guangdong Appscomm Digital Technology, which specializes in smart wearable devices and cloud applications in elder care, health management, and fashion. 

Tim Cook meets with Chinese vice premiere Ma Kai to talk about protecting users' information

It is no secret that the Chinese government employs a specific firewall to not only block some sites outright, but also redirect visitors from sites the government does not approve of to ones that it does. The previously reported phishing attack on Apple’s iCloud website saw visitors being redirected to a faux iCloud website that looked almost identical to the original, where user IDs and passwords could be logged by those behind the attack.

The Evolution of Women's Workwear Through the Decades

Clothes say a lot about women's evolving roles in the workplace. A history of 20th century office fashion in photos.

Drones are going to be a part of your day-to-day life very soon. And you'll be bored stiff by them - Telegraph

We've reached a tipping point – overexposure to groundbreaking technology has made the extraordinary very ordinary . While working on my last piece about robots, one robot designer at the University of Leeds idly said to me as his creations scurried about, "We only call things robots when we're afraid of them. A dishwasher is a robot in your home, but no one thinks it's unusual." The particular robot he was working on was one which aimed to help the disabled grab, lift and manipulate things. You could take one look at it and see how it would improve people's quality of life. But it wasn't a "wow" moment – just a helpful application of a proven technology.

Zoho’s Latest Service Targets Subscription Economy | TechCrunch

Zoho.com has been delivering online applications since 2005. That’s long before most of us were calling it the cloud, and today it has over 30 applications, most of which to this point have been aimed at the front office with applications such as an office suite, email, CRM and project management. But Zoho.com wants to begin focusing on the back office more –and today it announced a new subscription management service called Zoho Subscriptions that is tightly integrated with its accounting package, Zoho Books.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC requirements

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the next multiplatform chapter in Activision's long-running Call of Duty series, due to launch in November 2014.

Illumio, exiting stealth, aims to secure both your data center and the cloud

The startup’s security technology is like an access management tool for enterprise workloads. Whereas a startup like Conjur provides access management for companies with a lot of cloud infrastructure so that users can make sure that only the right person can get to a particular server or directory, Illumio applies that same idea to individual workloads; users can run Illumio to ensure that the right workloads only get transmitted to the appropriate servers.

Sprint undercuts AT&T, Verizon with $20, 1GB family data plan - CNET

The move is part of Sprint's "double-the-data" campaign and the latest step in its plan to draw attention to its services through lower prices and an offer of more data than the competition. The company, which has been bleeding customers for the past several quarters, has been hampered by a network that's not yet up to par with those of its rivals. New CEO Marcelo Claure has been charged with turning things around.

IFTTT’s paid premium services will appear in the “coming months”

Tibbets, whose company picked up $30 million in Series B funding a couple months back, said IFTTT hoped to “charge consumers for premium services on top of what we do now,” and intended to start doing so in the “coming months.” He also said IFTTT saw opportunities “on the channel side,” though he didn’t go into much detail. He previously hinted at paid-for plans in a New York Times interview.

Little Girls Drop F-Bombs for Feminism in New Fckh8 Ad [VIDEO]

"It seems like this censorship ... is because of user complaints about kids saying fuck," Montgomery told Mashable via email. "The video does not violate any user guidelines and with all the sexist content on both sites that is allowed to stay up, as well as content that uses this simple four-letter word, we are surprised that they chose to censor it. This censorship gets to the exact point that the girls in the video are making ... that society finds it more offensive for a girl to say fuck than they do the fact that 1 out 5 women are sexually assaulted and raped."

Lessons from the CEO of Sonos on how to build a billion dollar hardware company

“Hardware is, as everyone says, hard,” said MacFarlane. He explained that hardware makers have to stay on top of the supply chain, and the quality of the supply chain, at all times. Before Sonos he worked at a software company. Sonos makes connected wireless speakers and audio devices.

Red Cross: Ebola Could Be Contained Within 6 Months

BEIJING — A top Red Cross official said Wednesday that he is confident the Ebola epidemic that has killed thousands of people in West Africa can be contained within four to six months.

What’s next for wearables. No, it’s not the “internet of thongs”

Sensors might soon be embedded into everything from our socks to our hospital stretchers, which could be good for collecting data but will certainly change consumers’ interactions with technology. Getting it right might require a delicate balancing act between seamlessness and conspicuousness.

Yahoo: Tumblr to Make Over $100 Million in Revenue Next Year

Tumblr is expected to generate more than $100 million in revenue in 2015 thanks to a growing user base and a successful introduction of sponsored advertising, Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said Tuesday.

Android 5.0 Lollipop to launch November 3 -- report - CNET

Of course, not all eligible Android owners will receive Lollipop first thing November 3. Given the number of players involved in pushing out an Android OS update, the rollout will instead play out overtime. Typically, Google sends the latest Android update to its own Nexus devices. Then the other mobile device makers start to prep the updates for their own devices. And that may take some time.

Taylor Swift is #1 on Canadian iTunes chart with eight seconds of white noise

Last night, Taylor Swift used Canada in a test of her power. Be it an accident or just a show of force, the singer released eight seconds of white noise for $1.29 — and subsequently topped Canadian iTunes charts. Number one. You can listen to the song in its entirety above.

Amazon Gets More Enterprise-Friendly With Launch Of AWS Directory Service | TechCrunch

The second option provided with the new AWS Directory Service is a Samba-based directory in the cloud, which is set up via the “Simple AD” directory option. This supports common AD features like joins to Windows domains, management of Group Policies, and single sign-on to directory-powered apps. This option would let system administrators and developers sign into the AWS Management Console with directory credentials to manage resources, and it would allow for the administration of EC2 instances running Windows to be managed en masse. Zocalo and WorkSpaces could also take advantage of the directory, in this case.

Apple-1 computer fetches over £560,000 at auction - Telegraph

The relic, which sparked a revolution in home computing, is thought to be one of the first batch of 50 Apple 1 machines assembled by Wozniak in Job's family garage in Los Altos, California in the summer of 1976.

Costume Quest 2 - Candy Corn One-Liner Montage - Costume Quest 2 - IGN Video

Candy Corn isn't much help in a fight, but he's always got something to say about it.

PSA: There is no beta for GTA5 on PC, PS4, Xbox One

Heads up: if someone claiming to represent Rockstar offers you beta access to the upcoming PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 , they're trying to scam you. Rockstar has officially stated that it has no plans to offer a public beta test in the weeks leading up to GTA 5 's next-gen console debut. "Please note: There is no pre-release 'beta' test for Grand Theft Auto 5 ," the developer's statement reads. "If you see ads or solicitations to join a beta program, beware as this is likely some type of online phishing scam." It's an understandably tempting offer, and scammers are likely hoping that the game's notoriety will cloud player judgment. Stay safe out there, folks. Grand Theft Auto 5 will hit the Xbox One and PS4 on November 18 , and a PC release is slated for 2015. [Image: Rockstar]

Travelers to the UK Can Get Free Wi-Fi — if They Have a MasterCard

“The App The Cloud has developed allows our cardholders not only to benefit from free Wi-Fi when they travel to London, but also access a wide range of offers and experiences available on the Priceless London program,” Charles Clement-Cottuz, MasterCard's digital marketing program manager in Europe, said in a statement .

The Most Beautiful Products for Unwinding After Your Work Is Done | WIRED

If a home is a reflection of its dweller , make sure yours says something good about you. We know, we know—that’s easier said than done. Outfitting your pad can be a daunting task, but lucky for you, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. For our Design|Life special issue, we rounded up 31 of the most stylish goods you need in your home. In the slideshow above, we’ve included everything from the perfect chef’s knife to a ridiculously comfortable couch. Now all you have to do is enjoy.

A Bluetooth Speaker for People Who Hate Bluetooth Speakers | WIRED

Bowers & Wilkins has released a few AirPlay and dock-style speakers for Apple’s iDevices in the past, but the T7 will be the first platform-agnostic wireless speaker in its lineup. It’ll handle any Bluetooth streaming source or 3.5mm jack-connected component, but due to the T7’s AptX support, it may offer audio-quality benefits if you don’t use an Apple device. The sound-enhancing AptX codec requires an AptX-capable streaming device, and Apple’s devices don’t do AptX.

Apple Stock Hits All-Time High

Two days after reporting strong fiscal 2014 fourth-quarter earnings, Apple 's stock price hit a new all-time high of $103.99 on Wednesday, topping the previous high of $103.74 on Sept. 2. The movement came after a rare 7-to-1 stock split in June.

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